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u/daKEEBLERelf · 21 pointsr/functionalprint

you're about to put these guys out of business XD

u/aisle-is-closed · 10 pointsr/GenderCritical

Avery makes full sheet sticky paper. If you have a Staples or other big box store, they usually carry it.

Avery Sticker Project Paper, 8-1/2 x 11 Inches, Pack of 20 (44383)

u/becccaaaxoxo · 8 pointsr/UnexpectedMulaney

am not op and would not spend money to get these professionally printed (i do respect the commitment tho, props) but u could probably get a similar result printing them out on sticker paper like this!

u/odd84 · 5 pointsr/lasercutting

To find some to buy, "paper transfer tape" are your keywords. Amazon has lots, typically with "vinyl" in the name because the main buyers are vinyl sign makers, not because the tape contains vinyl. Make sure it says "paper", as there is also transfer tape made of plastic and you want the paper kind, which is basically 12" masking tape. It leaves no residue behind.

I almost never put a piece of wood or acrylic in my laser without that tape on it. Here's a photo of something I engraved with that tape over it, so you can see how there's no scorch marks anywhere outside the engraved area, with no cleanup to get it that way:

Sign making suppliers will have lots of it to buy as well:

u/albie26 · 5 pointsr/weddingplanning

Sure thing! Here's the full process:

To prepare the champagne bottles I soaked them in a dish tub with a scoop of oxyclean and room temperature water for about 30-40 minutes. The oxyclean is REALLY helpful in getting the labels to slide off, but be careful not to get it near the top/under the foil. Then I rinsed them under cold water and used the scrubby side of a sponge to get off any remaining adhesive. I let them air dry on my countertop.

To make the labels, I used 3.5'' x 2.125'' weatherproof laser labels. This takes a few steps- first I had to print the dots on to the label in solid black toner, then run them through a laminator with the minc foil transfer sheets (link is to amazon, but I got them at Michael's with a 50% off coupon). Then I had to print the text on to them. I used fonts that I downloaded online.

Then, I just applied the labels to the bottles, tied a paper straw to each, and voila!

u/ainulil · 5 pointsr/cricut

Kind of same boat. Knew i wanted a Cricut, but did not know what i would need/what projects i wanted to do/how exactly i would use it. My husband got me the Maker with the extra blades and mats for my birthday a few weeks ago.


So far I used card stock to make zombie silhouettes for Halloween, cardstock to make a birthday banner, little craft foam tape to give the banner dimension, weeding tools are helpful, permanent vinyl to make a wine glass for my friends birthday, heat transfer vinyl to make her a custom koozie for her birthday.... the possibilities are endless, really.


You can browse her pinterest pins and see what she wants to make and that can help with what to purchase. If she wants to make wood stuff - the cheapest/best option i found for balsa wood (the 1 of, i think, 2 types Cricut can cut) was on Staples website (and i picked up in store).


There is a stencil vinyl i purchased to -- so she can have infinite stencils to then paint on to wood for decorations. Or she can just use the permanent vinyl on any wood (Hobby Lobby, as much as i dislike them, has an amazing variety of choices of wood pieces you can decorate and for cheap...and theres usually a coupon online; check Retail Me Not and others).


I have had a lot of fun so far with my Cricut and have so many more projects lined up. Going to make a felt garland for the holiday too. Michaels has cheap tshirts to use HTV on. I also got extra markers in all different colors, since Cricut can draw beautifully. I bought probably like $200 worth of supplies after my Cricut arrived. There are just too many things that can be done with this machine.


Here are some of my links if you like:


Balsawood from Staples:[PRODUCT]&akamai-feo=off


Cheap, but quality koozies, in a variety of colors for you to decorate with heat transfer vinyl :


Acrylic, bpa-free, tumblers for you to decorate with permanent vinyl:


631 vinyl (temporary; decals, for walls, cars, etc):


Heat Transfer Vinyl: so far have only tried the Cricut brand and liked it 


Permanent vinyl is 651: this is the one i bought ... no problem with it so far. i have read tips that say to blast your creation with a hair dryer afterward.... and its a 24 hour cure time.


3D crafters foam tape:

u/PriceKnight · 5 pointsr/VinylDeals

Price History

  • ORACAL 651 Permanent Vinyl 1 Pack Matte Black ^PureLink

    Don't make a Rookie mistake, check the prices.
    ^(Developer) ^| ^(Inquiries) ^| ^(Support) ^| **[^(Report Bug)](/message/compose?to=The_White_Light&subject=Bug+Report&message=%2Fr%2FVinylDeals%2Fcomments%2Fb87nfd%2Fvinyl480%2Fejwapu3%2F%0D%0A%0D%0A
u/LevelReward · 5 pointsr/HelpMeFind

It's one of these surprise boxes but you fill it with your own stuff --
Here's another example --

u/mimimoone · 4 pointsr/relationship_advice

Exploding Picture Box

Honestly this would be something pretty cute to do along with a piece of jewelry or flowers.

u/wtfeagle · 4 pointsr/Sneakers

Here's the link, I just laid it over the top of each stripe in strips and cut it with an exacto knife.

u/dapperscientist · 4 pointsr/Sneakers

I purchased mine from a local hobby store quite some time ago. However, something like this vinyl or even cheaper ones should do the trick.

u/studystack · 4 pointsr/YangForPresidentHQ

People have been asking on Twitter how I made this so here's what I did.


  1. Ordered and from Amazon
  2. Took a large cardboard box and cut it up until I had the desired shape for my car. This was my prototype so that I knew what size I needed.
  3. Bought and cut it to match my cardboard prototype
  4. Grabbed this image
  5. Alter image to just contain an outline of the image
  6. Printed a scaled version spanning multiple sheets of paper and taped them together.
  7. Carefully cut out the letters so that I had both letters and the outline/stencil.
  8. Took these letters and traced them all onto the vinyl sheets from step 1 and cut them out.
  9. Used the stencil to make some marks on the white shade so that the letters were positioned properly.
  10. Carefully peeled the vinyl letters and attached them to the finished shade.

    Total cost of materials was about $15.
u/Charlie24601 · 4 pointsr/InfinityTheGame

I love that site. You can choose exactly how many of each marker you have instead of paying for a big set that is mostly unused.

I printed all mine at 1 inch, bought a 1 inch hole puncher, then used these ( to give them some thickness.

For larger tokens, they sell larger epoxy stickers too.

u/PrincessKitty1 · 4 pointsr/littlespace

They sell sticker paper and you just print on it like printer paper. Then just cut it out. Anything can be a sticker! Imagine the possibilities. lol sticker paper!

u/supadoggie · 3 pointsr/Breath_of_the_Wild

This is $10 for 10 pack

I used these amiibo nfc tags and have no problems with the game or Nintendo account.

u/TheMooseK · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


cat stickers!

fake anecdote of the day: i threw a boomerang a few years ago. now i constantly live in fear.

u/honey593 · 3 pointsr/GiftIdeas

I think a nice pair of earrings is a great gift! Since she likes things pertaining to your relationship, check out boxes like these. You can personalize them with pictures, writing, etc😊

u/OneOfTheLuckyOnes · 3 pointsr/weddingplanning

I'm not a huge proponent of the extravagant bridesmaid proposals but I did want to "officially" ask my girls in some way so I decided on a super easy DIY proposal on wine. I chose each girl's favorite kind and measured the label to find the dimensions that would fit all of the bottles. I created the wine labels in PhotoShop and printed them onto this sticker paper. It was super easy and the girls loved it.

u/fut- · 3 pointsr/ResinCasting

Probably worth noting that water clear polyurethanes will be more expensive and more finicky (especially on the mercury-free end), so epoxies may be a reasonable starting point if you don't want to overspend early on.

You could try:

...or: (people say that this one is a bit slow to cure)

Other than that, you just need some disposable cups and gloves and mixing sticks (tongue depressors, chopsticks, etc) - so you can do fine without buying a kit. Eye protection is prudent, too.

u/Jofarin · 2 pointsr/boardgames

A couple suggestions:

  • Get similar game pieces from another game or buy the base version again and then print on sticker paper, cut and stick to the other token.

  • Use epoxy bottle cap stickers on round tokens you print on normal paper:

  • Get a random old game with a board in a garage sale for a buck or two, then cut the board into tokens and use printable sticker paper.

  • Use coin cases for your original token and the proxies too.

  • Use cheap foreign coins or Poker chips as base

  • 3D print

    You have the same quality over all your pieces if you replace the original ones with self made too.
u/--Jester-- · 2 pointsr/foamcore

I guess it depends on what you consider 'ridiculous'. I haven't used this kit, but I was looking at it and considering it. Foamwerks

u/Jalter_x · 2 pointsr/oddlysatisfying

Toner is the ink used in laser printer. It will not work on regular inkjet! You can use any laser printer, does not have to be anything special (library printers are generally laser printers && black/white printing is cheap) -- what you want to make sure is that the settings for printing is set to TEXT (no grey areas, must be solid black prints) for the foiling to work perfectly.

You will also need foil paper, such as this foil via Amazon!

Hope this help, let me know if you have any questions :)

u/Griefstrickenchicken · 2 pointsr/lasercutting

I use this stuff. It sucks as a transfer tape but sticks just enough to mask pieces for cutting. Since it’s so wide, it’s easy to cover entire sheets of material.

u/dumb_ · 2 pointsr/graphic_design

If you're not concerned about quality you could use printable sticker paper and DIY

u/Malarkey90 · 2 pointsr/cricut
u/JuneTheCat · 2 pointsr/planners

Rock Paper Scissors Removable is the best I've tried. The first paper I tried was hard to cut and not reposititionable at all. This cuts easily and I can peel it up without tearing my planner paper.

u/talking_walko · 2 pointsr/CraftyTrolls

I used this vinyl. Then let it cure for 24 hours.

The unicorn head glitter was from a different place on amazon.

u/dubdubohh · 2 pointsr/cricut

I had the "engineer" design on a mug that I ran through the dishwasher a few times a week. It lasted probably about a year, maybe a little longer. If you're worried about it, I would always recommend hand washing. Since I can just remake it whenever I need to, I felt that lasting a year through the dishwasher was reasonable enough for me.

Using Oracal 651 is the general consensus for best results, but below is a link for what I used the first time around (and what the orange vinyl is) I'm trying out the cricut adhesive foil for the "engineer" this time. It seems like it's on there pretty well.

Edit: spelling

u/Thedapperpappy · 2 pointsr/WearOS

I have a 3/4 sleeve, and had my 1st and 3rd gen apple watches work on my darkly tatooed wrist. Why it works, I dunno.


Check this >>


It is pretty much putting a clear "bottle cap sticker" over the sensor on the back. Did it to mine, and just removed it each day when I had to charge it. Can get a big pack for about ten dollars on amazon.



I used my apple watch to track my bike rides, spin class, and runs, and it worked fine. HR was perfect as well. I am going to give it a shot on my Explorist later this month.

u/lizardgurl · 2 pointsr/Sims4

if you have clear resin you could put the spider into a mould with the clear resin like those magazines do that give out bugs in resin I once used this stuff

u/SirCasey · 2 pointsr/DIYGear

I've seen other UK people's epoxy resin projects using this brand from

u/SolidPlatonic · 2 pointsr/Pathfinder_RPG


I bought the corner rounder and photo paper similar to this.

Printing on photo paper did the trick: no need to do the gloss spray, and it came out in quality easily as good as the Pathfinder Pawns quality. VERY impressed and VERY highly recommended.

The corner rounder didn't work so well. The one I bought for $10 with a 10mm radius didn't cut through the 2mm board that I used. It was basically the same rounder that Vynx used, but they were cutting much thinner board.

I am debating whether or not I want to get a heavy duty corner rounder or not.

EDIT: Got the heavy duty rounder, worked pretty well. Instructions have been updated.

u/MissBananaBeak · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/bunbunfriedrice · 2 pointsr/Pauper

I bought this pack of sticker paper.

I gathered images from I rescaled them a bit after testing on regular paper. I think it was plus or minus around 10%, can’t remember.

If you’re adept with Photoshop or the like (I think I just used Preview), you can crop out just the images to fit more on one page to save sticker paper.

To print, make sure to adjust your printer settings. The first sheet I printed smeared a ton and had white specks everywhere. In printer settings (varies by printer), you can select different types of paper. I didn’t see a sticker paper option so I chose Matte finish and the thickest option it had. Worked great!

I then whipped out some scissors, and that’s it!

u/kwon130 · 1 pointr/ElectricSkateboarding

I didn't really like the gold motors. So I simply used a black sticker I bought from amazon ( and now it looks like this. Not bad. Also didn't like the 97mm evolve wheels at all, so I decided to change it to abecs11 from my old BGT.

u/NoDrinks4You · 1 pointr/cocktails

It is an arts and craft machine designed to cut out patterns and print drawings; hooks up to your home computer like a printer. Check out:

Cameo on Amazon

After I selected what I wanted cut out on the plastic stencil material, I fed that sheet into the machine and it cuts out the design. My wife uses it to cut out vinyl to apply to T-shirt’s, things like that.

u/pixelationnation · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. I recommend this toaster from personal experience but unfortunately it's $60. :/ My mom has this toaster and swears by it, and it's only $40 though!

  2. As for stuff to hang... Ive got a lot of ideas because Ive been looking for me too!!! i love really interesting pieces like this and this. these are really cheap and popular around here (i think theyd be super adorable on the fridge!) I had chalkboard in my old office/kitchen and I loved it. This is kind of silly but Ive always wanted one, haha. You'll probably need a clock, too.

    ...sorry if i put too many. I love looking at this stuff. If thats cheating, feel free to only count the first haha

  3. Hard to pick an item without knowing price range! Haha
u/melvinrdrgz · 1 pointr/FixedGearBicycle

I used Oracal vinyl and a paper cutter for the angles/straight-edge cuts.

I watched this video and it really helped me out + gave me direction with applying the vinyl, even though it was my first time messing with it on a bike.

Before cutting the pieces out of the vinyl roll, I used paper to help create a template. I didn't take many photos of the process, but I did create a "highlight" on my Instagram account (same username), showing a few pics/vids that I took during the process.

u/insomniatica · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Here's one that has good reviews, comes in purple or grey, has extra wide slots, and has bagel and frozen and other settings

I suggest getting a wall decal! Theyre cheap and awesome. Like this one that's Dr Seuss, and inspirational... or this one that gives you areas to place pictures. But you can also get 3D butterflies and chalkboard sheets.

As for gift, what I'd really like is some new watercolors (either cakes or pencils) and I need more paper. Probably one of the mixed media visual journal booklets as they're the best bang for the buck. Or you can look thru my lists (sorted by price) to whatever your budget is and find something with a "high" or above ranking if you like.

Hope I helped!!

(Edit: a bot commented on this with all the non-mobile versions of my links, so feel free to check that out if you're on a desktop)

u/KiltedCajun · 1 pointr/ClayBusters

Here's all the files you'll need.

For the paper, I just use standard 8.5x14" Legal paper. My printer has a duplexer, but it won't duplex legal, so I had to do a manual duplex (flipping the paper over by hand and printing everything again). The cover is 65lb Bristol Board and was manually duplexed as well.

My books have 10 pages in them, which is made by two sides of 5 sheets of paper. The pages print 2-up per page and they are cut down the middle long-ways, that way when you fold them in half, the score sheet appears on the front page and the notes page ends up on the back of the score sheet. 5 sheets of paper make two books. I have a paper cutter that can cut the full length of the legal sheet, but if you don't, you can simply use a straight edge and a razor blade, or if you have a regular paper cutter, you can just fold the pages in half on the short edge, then cut them in half on the long edge.

Once everything is stapled, I round the corners using a corner cutter. Here's a cheaper corner cutter, but it can't handle the whole book at once. I have both of those corner cutters, and the cheaper one comes in very handy for other projects I do.

In that link is both Trap and Skeet books. I have a doubles sheet, but I need to finish the cover. Once I get done with it, it'll be in that link as well.

u/cercat · 1 pointr/silhouettecutters

I bought the machine brand new about 2 weeks ago and have only used it for one prior project (also vinyl stickers w/ laminate) and had the same problem then. I used a different laminate on the last project ( but the vinyl was the same.

I will say that the one thing that's constant is that if I don't do a 2x cut, the cut will always be a kiss cut and won't cut through much of the backing paper (it may cut all the way through slightly in a few places). I'm not super familiar with how these die cutters determine how deep to cut, but my layman's assumption was that the backing paper stopped the cut or something.

u/LittleHelperRobot · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/JadedOne · 1 pointr/crafts

I find it surprising you're unable to get even cuts with your straight edge cutter. What kind are you using? I have a Fiskars paper cutter and it works well. To round the corners, you could get a 1/4" corner rounder.

u/CreamPieSatan · 1 pointr/Wishlist

I have These, These, and These on my child/baby and my son go nuts for stickers!

u/invinoveritas10 · 1 pointr/AskWomen

I have 7 wishlists, because being organized is awesome.
On my general one, I have bluetooth earphones, this tea/mug set, a Silhouette Cameo 3, BOSU ball and various other workout equiptment, a BaBylissPro Titanium straightener, and an essential oil diffuser.

I then have a bedroom redo list with a couple items, a book wishlist with like 100 books, a list for gifts for my family as I come across possible things to get them for holidays and their bithdays, a kombucha wishlist with new jars and other fun kombucha things, potions and powders for smoothies and matcha lattes at home, and a vegan list where I keep my vegan snacks, plant protein, and other plant-based items.

u/agatha361 · 1 pointr/manga

I guess I wasn't thinking small-scale enough. Thinking about cutting multiple layers at once.

So basically 300$ and off you go. I guess.

u/ScarletJBun · 1 pointr/sticker

Hey thanks for replying! So I’ve tried about 3 vinyl paper in which all three harbor the same results, “Cricut Vinyl Paper”, PPD Inkjet Glossy Creative Vinyl Stickers , and Neato Blank White Full Sheet Printable Labels .
I’ve tried 2 laminates, XFasten and StyleTech

All can be found on amazon

u/aresfour · 1 pointr/wyzecam

Don't spend that much, that's automotive grade. Oracal is high quality, used for permanent stickers:

If you know someone with a Cricut or other vinyl cutter you could get a precision cut...