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u/WhatHappenedToMusic · 37 pointsr/sixers

Its Nick Young N Y and then 1 the number he wore.

link to similar ball on amazon

edit: actually idk if the last part is his number it changes a lot

u/ericrs22 · 13 pointsr/SFGiants

Matt Cain items are starting to be sold off pretty cheaply.

I know he's not been good the last couple years but for a decade the dude was our horse.

I've already stocked up on autographed jerseys and other stuff for less than $50 each.

u/theatre_kiddo · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/ibechainsawin · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

-Now THAT's fancy.

-For a ball joint? Over 10K? Fancy!

-Not as fancy but still fun!

Thanks for the contest!

u/rafibomb_explosion · 2 pointsr/Cardinals
u/spittingblood · 1 pointr/mlb

Specifically I'm debating between these two. I like the WS print on the ball but I'm confused about the authentication.

Ball 1

Ball 2

u/killerbuddhist · 1 pointr/CFB

You should alert the basketball team

It might be out of favor now but Michigan has definitely been known as Big Blue in the past. But don't worry, there was some disagreement between Auburn and Michigan over who was the true Big Blue when they played in the 1984 Sugar Bowl and Auburn doesn't use the name anymore either. Still, it's part of Michigan's history whether current fans like it or not.

u/vegetables1292 · 1 pointr/SFGiants

edit: A single amazon search turned this up...

$150 for a signed WS baseball with the man's name on it.

if you want to really surprise your friend, they have mint cond. Buster Posey rookie year baseball cards on Amazon and those are almost certain to appreciate with time.

I will stop just short of promising you, you will not get a buster posey autograph at a game. fan fest would be really tough and a wait until next spring.

tbh, get him a signed ball or shirt on amazon. there are loads of them. you could probably get two pieces of signed memorabilia (cheap stuff like balls) fro $200. Might not be buster posey, though.

sorry if this is getting too long to make this point, but the guy knows how valuable his name is now.

u/everynamewastaken_1 · 1 pointr/eagles

I see a lot of issues in that signature. I am not an expert, just making observations comparing this to other signed balls, helmets and pics for sale.

  1. The B in Brian. His other signatures don't loop back to the front.
  2. There's an extra line through the b in Westbrook. That makes no sense. He makes one long line through the t, not this errant second line.
  3. The 3 is usually more round.
  4. The top right of the W usually curves to the right instead of ending like that.
  5. The o and k at the end of Westbrook look similar but not the same as others.

    Edit: some links to authentic signatures

    Edit 2: the W is wrong. I can't find a signature that ends like that. It curves to the right at the top on every signature I'm finding.
u/ssk417 · 1 pointr/baseballcards

Tom Robson, maybe? The drop in the last leg of the m is distinctive. Here’s a link to one I saw on Amazon that looks similar.