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u/mach18 · 37 pointsr/TheMaskedSinger
u/Emperor-Commodus · 3 pointsr/aafb

> I would think the AAF would at least want to sell their remaining product, right? Stores went down almost immediately, it seems.

Assuming the stores were being directly run by the AAF and not outsourced to a third party, there's a good chance the employees running the stores fucked off the second the "cease operations" news came out on April 2nd and they realized they weren't getting another paycheck.

In addition, who's going to pay for servers if the company literally has no money? I can also see the company intentionally shutting everything down before letting employees go to maximise the amount of capital they have left to sell off during bankruptcy.

How ever, I would assume that any merchandise owned by the AAF would probably get sold to other companies during bankruptcy auctions, so some other company will probably get them and start selling them eventually.

EDIT: lol you can get Hackenburg Memphis Express "baseball cards" on Amazon for $4. Probably the most worthless pieces of cardstock in the whole world

Also the site just loaded for me, I'm a charlatan and everything I said is a lie

u/Kamelasa · 3 pointsr/SandersForPresident

Hah, a politician with sleeves rolled up, in a barn or other rural setting where it's not a fake foto op, like with Beto and Tom Steyer - who?.

u/quick_quip_whip · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/suxesspool · 2 pointsr/baseballcards

Baseball MLB 1987 Fleer #322 Wayne Krenchicki Expos

u/rafibomb_explosion · 2 pointsr/Cardinals
u/jdtn1977 · 2 pointsr/whatisthisthing
u/maddiethehippie · 2 pointsr/Isuzu

I am working on a 98 Amigo v6 5sp 4wd right now! were almost at pass inspection time. But since you have the earlier generation you should totally pick this up:

u/syncopation1 · 2 pointsr/baseballcards
u/arkain123 · 2 pointsr/hearthstone

> But there's just no justifying the blatant exploitation of kids through psychological carrot and stick in my mind

I know people have only been reading about behavioral science as it applies to reinforcement for a few weeks since this loot box thing became big, but if you think these games are the first industry to take advantage of intermittent reinforcement, they're really not.

Remember these?

What about these, ever buy your kids one of those?

Ever promise your kid dessert so he'd eat his broccoli, and not tell him it's fruit salad?

Everyone uses this. The whole entertainment industry is built on the back of intermittent reinforcement. We use it to train out dogs. We use it to educate our kids. We use it to reward good work, in big companies (sell x of y product and win a trip, to be revealed soon!).

Casinos are just the most obvious, most direct way of doing it.

u/Undsputed · 1 pointr/Nationals

Some cool ideas:

  1. Game Ball
  2. Signed Game 7 HR photo from Howie Kendrick
  3. Decals - Simple and cheap yet pretty cool
  4. Blu-Ray Set of the entire WS
u/SkiLodgeCinemaPodcst · 1 pointr/MLBTheShow

Aaron Judge (New York Yankees) MLB The Show 19 Surprise Limited Chase Figure - Gray Uniform

u/bobbyb9827 · 1 pointr/NYYankees

Loaisiga straight up does not look like the same dude in his Topps rookie card link

u/kpp1252 · 1 pointr/AAF_Football
u/dit_le_renard · 1 pointr/AAF_Football

Amazon has them if you don’t mind paying the extra $3! 2019 Topps Alliance of American Football 10ct Blaster Box

u/TheMightyDingo · 1 pointr/whatisthisthing

looks like this mini helmet on top. The font is a little off but I think it's sitting on top of a soft foam beer koozie like this one. It seems like the thing under the helmet is bending in slightly at the top from the weight on top which leads me to believe its some material like the softer foam in a koozie. Given the font is not exactly like the one I linked, there's probably a good chance it's not an officially Nascar licensed product, unless Earnhardt changed the font on his #3 at some point in his career.

u/Lurkingnopost · 1 pointr/AskMen

I havent. I collected the Marvel Cards put out in 1990 and garbage pale kids. Fucking have thise stashed in my garage. I labeled the box "porn stash" so wifey wont go near them.

u/BakeSneerPlot · 0 pointsr/hockey