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Top Reddit comments about Sports Fan Auto Accessories:

u/I_EAT_GHOTI_DICKS · 56 pointsr/nfl

Alright shit kitties. You wanted this. You couldn't put yourselves in a position to control your own destiny and needed help from your overlords in the sky. Well, we delivered. Like fucking Santa Claus we brought that shit straight to you.

Only now, we're going to rip it right from your declawed little paws (Unless you do it for us). Because this title is ours, motherfuckers. No team gets back to back championships in the NFC South. NO ONE. THIS IS NOT YOUR SHIT HEAP. AND DAT'S THE TRUF.

That's why when your team loses on Sunday, you're going to buy this and put it on your driver side door. And it will stay there in all it's glory until after the Super Bowl. At which time you will send it to me. You will provide pictures once a week in /r/falcons with your car in different places to prove you're actually riding around with this in all its greatness.

If by some miracle you cute kitties actually manage to become king of Shit Mountain, I'll get this one and do the same.

But honestly, why not save us all the trouble and as Matt Ryan puts it...

u/Eternally65 · 30 pointsr/whatisthisthing

It is a non-slip pad for putting your cellphone on, I think.

u/Pepperoni_Admiral · 18 pointsr/SubredditDrama

If you want to publicly display your position in American politics, can I recommend this fine sticker?

u/yaverageyouzer · 18 pointsr/pittsburgh

This is way better than that eyesore that everybody has.

u/DPSnacks · 10 pointsr/SquaredCircle
u/DarkFlounder · 9 pointsr/SanJoseSharks

WinCraft NHL San Jose Sharks Logo 6" x 6" inch Outdoor White Decal

I’ve had this on the back window of my wife’s car for at least 3 years now. Still looks like new, no yellowing or cracking.

Only wish they still made the large version.

u/yungricebowl · 4 pointsr/coys

Here is the link to the license plate frame:

I have found it goes out of stock but WinCraft restocks it occasionally. I have not found it on the official Spurs shop unfortunately. :(

u/Undershoes · 3 pointsr/pics
u/Cukimonster · 3 pointsr/Wishlist

This 😜

u/zombie2547 · 3 pointsr/Tools
u/gregtwotone2 · 3 pointsr/gratefuldead
u/Sofa_King_Chubby · 3 pointsr/minnesotavikings
u/Joryxd · 2 pointsr/BostonBruins
u/Sephryne · 2 pointsr/INEEEEDIT

There’s some variation of it on Amazon for $6.99

u/DrSushi · 2 pointsr/DenverBroncos

Are you talking about this: Denver Broncos Official NFL 4"x4" Die Cut Car Decal

It looks like just another type of decal to me!

u/poweredbyanxiety · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I think you would like this

This thing is SUPER COOL

And since you love the broncos

Becca, you will LOVE this

u/OMEGA5_ · 2 pointsr/minnesotavikings

Here is where I got it if anyone is interested.

u/Isneezepepsi · 2 pointsr/Vaping
u/eatthebear · 2 pointsr/gratefuldead

Here's a sticker I got. Looks great, but I haven't put it on anything yet so I can't speak to it's quality as a sticker.

u/Lavagasm · 2 pointsr/gratefuldead

It's on Amazon. I want to see how it looks on your tele when you get it!

u/TwistedEnigma · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

this for my best friend Jason. Jason is really helping me through the whole house buying process and he is my favorite person right now!

u/dirty_drunk · 1 pointr/goldenknights

Something like this?

u/juliet1484 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Bea, go to sleep. No seriously, go to sleep :)

u/losthumans · 1 pointr/DIY

Sorry I'm on mobile but I picked up these: link

u/copacetic1515 · 1 pointr/whatisthisthing

Keeps your phone from sliding off your dash, I think.

Edit: Yep, or keys.

u/LocalAmazonBot · 1 pointr/BostonBruins

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Link: Floor mats


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u/Algoresball · 1 pointr/longisland