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u/UnicornToots · 19 pointsr/Parenting

Regarding the walking, is she around other children her age? If not, going to play groups or a pre-school could help as she would see other children her age walking and will want to copy them.

Regarding the diaper thing, spanking is not the answer. (This should be obvious, as it hasn't helped you so far!) So, definitely stop doing that entirely. You say you've tried putting her in clothes, but have you tried overalls or a jumper/romper? I can't imagine a toddler being able to figure out how to take something like this off.

u/rderekp · 13 pointsr/nfl

For some reason, I immediately pictured you wearing this.

u/LazerMcBlazer · 5 pointsr/hockey

Then don't wear a jersey. Here, this is probably a better option for you.

u/animalsciences · 5 pointsr/Flyers

[Amazon has stuff like this](Philadelphia Flyers 3pc Baby Creeper Bodysuit Set (0-3 Months)

I searched "Philadelphia Flyers Infant"

Outside of that i would avoid ebay, I treat ebay clothes like I do flea market clothes. After you look past the lizard meat "chicken sandwich", you see all those kinda ok looking shirts that are probably filled with asbestos. Since its for a baby I would probably stick to Amazon and actual stores.

u/Viva_Metro · 5 pointsr/NYKnicks

Yes. He is 15 days old. And I’m starting him young, but properly.

u/LacyMuffin · 4 pointsr/littlespace

I know Lil Kink Boutique does a bunch of custom stuff. I don't think she makes onesies from scratch, but she does have a looooooot of stuff, and a lot of it she can customize. Like here's her custom pacis link. She has a lot of cute ones, but she also has and can make other kinds. Here's her onesies link. She has black onesies and I know she can add things to them. Also, hairbows.

Sippy cups, I think if you want something like that, you might have to settle for large stickers and careful handwashing? Like, I found this cup or this one and this sticker ... I mean, that kind of vinyl sticker would probably stay on pretty well. You could cover up the words and picture on the black sippy cup.

u/doihavetowearabra · 3 pointsr/hockeyjerseys I would die if you put him in this, just cut a hole for his tail

u/MrRogue27 · 3 pointsr/angelsbaseball

This onsie

u/RichardCFC · 3 pointsr/NewYorkIslanders

Thanks! Here’s the link they have a few on there. Also grabbed a Lee one.

u/DaisyNYC0311 · 2 pointsr/nyjets

Got this two pack for our little jets fan-to-be:

u/phelinephile · 2 pointsr/angelsbaseball

Congrats on your new baby! I this Angels baby onesie set that is so cute:

u/elyasafmunk · 1 pointr/Cardinals

Amazon actually has some really cute clothing MLB St. Louis Cardinals Boys Infant My Team Onesie 3-Piece Set, White, Newborn 0-3 Months