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u/aflgafl · 6 pointsr/motorcycles

Foldable Backpack

For the time being you can use the coupon code JW6BIZJX to get $5 off it. Only on the dark green color (looks aqua/teal/blue-green in the picture). I just bought it when I saw the deal on /r/DealsReddit.

u/riddle3master · 5 pointsr/backpacks

How many external compartments are you looking for?
Here are some I found that fit your description:

u/bigsnarf149 · 3 pointsr/EDC
u/impulsivecactus · 2 pointsr/EDC

> Can't buy certain things in the UK, like antibiotics or anything you'd inject. Things like that are very tightly controlled by the NHS. I'm getting a tourniquet, saline solution, gauze and low adherent pads.

I totally get that. I would suggest looking into "animal pain killers." The often aren't regulated the same way those made for humans are but (from what I understand) they are simply the generic version of a drug in a less regulated facility.

> Everything in that FA pouch is very thin and fits very comfortably in the flat pocket at the back of my bag. I could remove the water purification pills, but they weigh about 100mg, so it having it isn't a downside at all.

I understand that it weighs next to nothing. But a dozen next to nothings adds up to something. The point of an "every day carry" is to demonstrate the equipment that you carry on your person and use everyday. This sub just takes it a step further and is often used to display EDC's in a "cool" format. Try and cut it down to things you actually need. My first few go bags and hiking bags I had were cumbersome and I often carried things I didn't need because I wanted to be ready for everything. Try and be ready for what is feasibly possible, not for trying to triage a plane crash.

> I can't drive, so another secondary bag isn't really in the equation yet. I agree having a small notebook is a good plan, but I feel like anything I need to note down I can do on my iPhone. Everything other than the first aid stuff, I use every day, or need to have with me. The pack has enough pockets that everything is always where I expect it to be. If you look at the picture I put up of me wearing it around the back, I can get anything I need to without looking, so swinging it round the front or just taking it off would make it stupidly easy to find stuff.

You don't have to drive to keep a medical bag somewhere feasible. Ask your employer if you can store it on site or simply just keep it in your backpack with our lunch or something. You can still keep all of the medical stuff like bandages in there. Things like tourniquets are going to have a very low chance of ever being used and its obviously great to have it and not need it then need it and not have it. But even a quality tourniquet can wait 2 minutes while pressure is maintained so that you can grab your bag.

If you plan on carrying more, it is going to make it harder to find the things you need without dumping everything on the group. Which you don't want to do if you're having to move around. I suggest getting a different bag, something like this would offer a greater carrying capacity and the ability to add/remove bags to fit your needs.

u/alt-box · 2 pointsr/baseball

So this isn't allowed, but if it had a single strap it would be fine. Got it.

u/JsterJ · 2 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

I like going with a clear bag, maybe like this. It might not be the most durable bag, but it makes bag checks a bit faster.

u/ReactorCritical · 2 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

I like to be able to carry some supplies, but the bag is small enough to take on rides without an issue. This time, my wife and I will be taking our 2 year old, which means more supplies and I'm bringing a GoPro to document the highlights. Of course, she'll probably bring along her Kavu bag to carry some stuff as well.

Most sling bags I've ran across are either too big, ugly as hell, or girly.

Under Armour makes [this](Under Armour Compel Sling 2.0 Backpack, Black/Black, One Size bag, which looks great but I'm worried it's too big. Idk.

My original bag (as shown in the pics) is ok. But it is pretty small, not to mention that it doesn't fit snugly (it flops no matter how you adjust it), and it's not all that attractive (looks awkward in pics).


u/Mrs_partyrocq · 1 pointr/xxfitness

I use one close to [this] ( I like that it has a few compartments to hold all of my stuff and it is comfortable to wear.

u/Cowboy124aa · 1 pointr/UMF

When they mean clear bags they mean it. With all that has been happening with shootings in Miami and around the United States they are cracking down. Security it's going to be tight especially after the bar shootings and the airport shootings. Spend the extra few bucks and buy a clear bag off of Amazon or whatever sight you get your gear from.
Travel Sport See Through Transparent Clear PVC Vinyl One Shoulder Sling Backpack / School Bag / Hiking / Traveling

u/JessieAnonymous · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This backpack and this Headband are both super dumb because I can't even use them. I mean, who wants to be pretty or trendy, right? that's for losers and wannabees. And I am CERTAINLY not a loser or a wannabee. UGH!

u/Bartman383 · 1 pointr/AirForce

It was just like this, except Jansport. It was the only backpack I used in tech school. I still have it somewhere stashed in a closet.

u/kathompson · 1 pointr/AskSF

I bought an Under Armour sling backpack for walking around the city, and it's been on of the best bags I've had. It holds quite a bit and is comfortable.

That and a light jacket...those are the 2 things I tell friends who are visiting SF to bring with them.

u/BeastMode253 · -2 pointsr/3DS

> I guess my point was I don't think it's a good fit for someone who is very mobile with their system.

I don't see why a pants pocket is the only way to be considered "very mobile." When I have my 3DS with me all day, which is a few times a week, I carry it in one of these, along with everything else I might need at the time.