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u/kewine · 5 pointsr/CHIBears

NFL Men's Chicago Bears OTS Challenger Adjustable Hat, One Size, Legacy

u/BurgherMurse · 3 pointsr/steelers

New Era Mens NFL 2018 Salute to Service 39Thirty Flex Fit Hat (Small/Medium, Pittsburgh Steelers)

u/caffinatedhobbit · 3 pointsr/KCRoyals

I found something for all you hat nerds. This has been your daily baseball Xmas Buying guide.

u/RogueEyebrow · 3 pointsr/CHIBears

I have an average sized head. I wear both men's hats and my wife's ballcaps just fine. [Edit:] Here is the sizing chart for a men's hat that looks just like OP's hat. It's one-size-fits all for men (OSFM). They don't make a women's version of that hat, but if they did it would be a whopping 2 cm smaller than the OSFM hat. [Edit2:] Linked hat isn't an exact match of the OP, but it's close enough.

u/2thenines · 3 pointsr/goldenknights

Looks like it’s sold out for now...

Vegas Golden Knights United Adjustable Snapback Hat

u/briangig · 2 pointsr/redsox

you talking about this?

u/linkplur · 2 pointsr/losangeleskings

I didn't see that tonight, but I saw him wear this hat last year, if this is the one you're talking about. I actually bought it before I saw him in it, great hat.

u/jaynap1 · 2 pointsr/falcons

NFL Arizona Cardinals Woodford OTS Challenger Adjustable Hat, Dark Red, One Size

Apparently I need the "Woodford" OTS Challenger style.

u/BubbleBathBetch · 2 pointsr/actuallesbians

Standard baseball caps usually feature a curved brim, are smaller, and have either velcro or buckle adjustable straps. Snapbacks have a flat brim, are generally larger in size, and almost always have the "snap" adjustable plastic strap. There's also a third type of hat which we can call "fitted" or "one size fits all," but they really mean one size fits all MEN (because they are usually way too large for the average female skull).

I've always preferred standard baseball caps because they fit properly around your head, while snapbacks have a tendency to either sit on the top of your head or come off as square-shaped.

As an example, compare this Yankees cap to this Yankees snapback.

u/SkiMonkey98 · 1 pointr/TeamItUp

This hat isn't exactly the same, but it looks similar. Do you remember what brand yours was?

Edit: what about this one?

u/dead9er · 1 pointr/49ers

RED Snapback San Francisco Montana Joe Cool Hat

u/soursurfer · 1 pointr/Colts

At the draft this year they had hats based on flags for all the teams I believe, I remember really liking San Fransisco's. So maybe that information could help you on your search? Or maybe you already knew that.

u/markamusREX · 1 pointr/angelsbaseball

I have one and bought it on [Amazon](American Needle California Angels MLB 500 Series Cooperstown Cap - Navy/Red It's not a fitted cap though, it has an adjustable leather strap on the back.

u/realhotwc · 1 pointr/FloridaGators