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u/troll_herder · 12 pointsr/loseit

I have/had huge issues with them aswell, here's three things I learned:

a) The go away eventually - for me they were one of the last things to start going though, hello paper towel analogy.

b) When the fat in the moobs is gone, you might be left with some sags of skin there. Muscles fill and shape those quite nicely ;)

c) Until the muscles are enough to do the job and/or the skin tightens, compression shirts help keep things where they're supposed to be and actually make them look like pecks. I wear them daily as base layer and get a lot of compliments on my muscularity (and a lot of attention from women ;-)). I can recommend those:

EDIT: If you go for compression, you can safely order a size smaller than you actually wear (I wear XL shirts on top layer, L compression shirts - with the compression I could actually wear L on top aswell, but XL compression doesn't compress enough for me).

u/iamzombus · 10 pointsr/wildhockey
u/mazobob66 · 10 pointsr/GreenBayPackers

My "Air Jordy" T-shirt. It is a take on the Michael Jordan "Air Jordan" theme.

u/kethomas80 · 5 pointsr/stlouisblues

St. Louis Blues Adidas NHL Men's 2017 Authentic Pro Hooded Sweatshirt

u/pneumomaniac · 3 pointsr/sabres

Some still left from here. I ordered mine from them and seems fine. They are a store out of Ohio. Only larges and extra larges left

u/paulbrochill1 · 3 pointsr/teamliquid

Amazon has liquid hoodies

'47 Esports Team Liquid Men's Two Peat Headline Pullover Hoodie, X-Large, Team Color

u/tlott · 3 pointsr/Braves
u/BeardedNino · 3 pointsr/DetroitRedWings
u/danielbln · 2 pointsr/running

Sure thing!







(last two are links, as doesn't have it)

u/-JosephBroseph- · 2 pointsr/GreenBayPackers

It's also available on Amazon

u/Jaguardeer · 2 pointsr/TheMassive

Not sure where replicas are 185, going price is around 80. Here's a link to Amazon -

u/STLBooze3 · 2 pointsr/hockeyjerseys

Someone found it for me, 49.99 on amazon for anyone interested. They have a lot of other teams as well

u/SlurmLoco · 2 pointsr/hockeyjerseys
u/thef1nest · 2 pointsr/borussiadortmund

According to their descriptions(gtc) yes, you'll have to try. Seems like British Amazon has them on sale too.

u/Box_of_Shit · 1 pointr/pics

If you too would like to pay for the jersey without earning it...go here

u/shirttalk · 1 pointr/Detroit
u/krylush · 1 pointr/instant_regret

The guy at the end is wearing a Mighty Ducks Jersey from "The Mighty Ducks"

u/Mgeezy333eezy · 1 pointr/stlouisblues

The link below on Amazon has one size 46 blank left (I just bought one :) ) Based on an older post on r/hockeyjerseys, the seller is the same company as

u/WalterJrsBreakfast · 1 pointr/AnaheimDucks
u/laikapants · 1 pointr/Braves
u/mobile_monster_ · 1 pointr/BostonBruins
u/biffpz · 1 pointr/BostonBruins

Nice ugly sweater flair. Trumped.

u/justinsane15 · 1 pointr/hockeyjerseys


So Amazon is running a $8.62 off of orders $50+. This was the first listing that popped up for Stars jerseys. $90 (incl the shipping) for a Premier blank seems really low, but still high enough to be plausible. Unfortunately the images are stock so no clues there. Anyone have experience with buying from "NHL Jerseys" on Amazon?

u/desktop_monster · 1 pointr/TheMassive