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u/onken022 · 21 pointsr/nfl

We can use these: NFL Minnesota Vikings #1 Oven Mitt

Except instead of “#1 Fan” it can say their PFF rank and position.

u/jazzwhiz · 13 pointsr/DetroitRedWings

Is that this?

u/OleanderSalad · 9 pointsr/wildhockey

Thanks Smakin', I'm also a new-ish fan. I hadn't seen a pro hockey game in about twenty years, but last year I became a Minnesota Wild fan as a sort of self-help project focused on managing my own expectations. Here are a few things that "helped" me to quickly become an obsessive compulsive follower of the Minnesota Wild.

  • Involvement: Check r/wildhockey at least once a day. I post a lot, but I also read every single post and comment (unless it's a twitter redirect). r/wildhockey has a Great mix of news, stats, and exactly the sort of low-brow humor that keeps me interested in stuff. I also check r/hockey every once in a while, but I think it can be safely ignored. I don't post there because every time I do, the mods chirp at me for breaking some weird-assed rule I could only have known about had I taken the time to read the rules.
  • Investment and Commitment: Buy this spatula. Lot's of people have hats and shirts, but buying a team spatula obligates you in a way that other sports merch never can. Of course, buy hats and shirts too, but don't put bumper stickers on your car---Sheesh! What kind of fucking hillbilly ARE you?
  • Community: Go to a hockey bar and ask them to put the Wild game on. This is hard for me because I live in South Texas where asking to put on a hockey game at a bar is like asking them to put the chess tournament on TV; they WILL, but you gotta tip well, early, and often.
  • Indoctrination: Find friends and family members who know less about hockey than you do, then ask them to watch games with you. Show them your spatula. Buy them some fan merch targeted toward their personalities. They will ask you questions for which you will have to look up answers---always answer them. I converted our "family pit" into something like a dive sports-bar, and during most Wild games you'll find everybody (including the dog) decked out in jerseys, noshing on a cheese try, and screaming at the flat screen.
  • Wisdom: Embrace disappointments (vodka) and celebrate victories (bourbon).
  • Attendance: Go to or watch every game you can, and be sure to watch other games with rival teams every once in a while, especially when it's likely they will lose. (schadenboner)
  • Rivalry Cultivation: I started this spreadsheet (here is the archive) to understand how the regular season worked, but early on, I started making little notes about rival teams. There is a surprising amount of controversy surrounding what exactly constitutes a rival, so the column on the left of the S/S shows a mix of the accepted cannon (flame icons), along with few personal grudges (Just Real Dicks)
  • Personality Integration: Everybody is different. People tell me I'm extra different---you can probably deduce a few things about me from the above. Look deeply into Lake You, and try to align your hockey habits with your existing character assets and, most importantly, with your character defects. Sure, there are some character flaws you probably don't want to reinforce or aggravate, but if you can align your efforts with a few mild peccadilloes like good-natured malevolence or recreational alcoholism you stand a much better chance of fully integrating hockey into your daily life and submersing yourself into following the Minnesota Wild at a sustainable level.

    Let's Go Wild!
u/angryformorebacon · 7 pointsr/ketocirclejerk

You dummy! Next time you start your burgers and decide to take a run, strap on your grill and take it with you!

u/MistaBanks · 5 pointsr/Seahawks
u/Lyzdog · 4 pointsr/hawks

I received this for christmas, very high quality, really nice.

edit: Amazon link

u/xSkank-Hunt42x · 1 pointr/UtahJazz