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u/windycitywizard · 11 pointsr/CHICubs

My MIL bought in after Christmas sales last year. Amazon still has a few left if anyone wants one:

u/therealcaptainweenie · 5 pointsr/Jaguars

For those of you too lazy to internet search. Amazon has them.

u/altoid2k4 · 3 pointsr/Seahawks

Not quite the same but here are some others:

Superbowl champs ornament

superbowl ornament

Wilson ornament

Edit: had to add one more because it's awesome
Crystal superbowl winners ornament

u/lacro_kuder · 3 pointsr/yankees


Framed 10 inch x 20 inch Derek Jeter "The Captain" Framed Subway Sign Wall Art with Game-used MLB (Major League Baseball) Authentic Yankee Stadium Game Used Dirt (MLB Authenticated)

MLB New York Yankees Mariano Rivera Frame Retirement Subway Sign with Game Used Dirt

u/TeresaLyn · 2 pointsr/Wishlist

My grandson is due Dec 20 and this ornament would be perfect for him!

thanks for contest

u/CyphyZ · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Yes but it's only available in the uk metal sign on amazon

In the US you can get it as a print us version

EDIT: It looks like the sign is official merch, but the print is likely someone stealing the signs art and printing it

u/PackerBacker50 · 2 pointsr/GreenBayPackers
u/EddieDean18 · 2 pointsr/Pmsforsale

I would kill for a Flyers silver round. Something like this, but actual silver.

u/Pizzapizzapocket · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is fun FANMATS NHL Columbus Blue Jackets Vinyl Door Mat by Fanmats


u/infiniteshadow · 2 pointsr/BlueJackets

I have a banner, pennants, pucks and other assorted memorabilia.

u/Prisaneify · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I have been collecting post cards/cards/random letters from people on reddit for a little over a month now. I would love a post card from you.

And it wouldn't be Erin/St. Louis style without The Blues

u/kevler9oh · 2 pointsr/stlouisblues

You should put a place for all of us to sit.

But seriously, I have a Cleveland Browns one of these and it's pretty awesome looking. I plan on buying that Blues one to go on the other side of my TV.

u/Adolph_Stalin · 1 pointr/BeachCity
u/ardent · 1 pointr/GreenBayPackers
u/Jaximumpower · 1 pointr/comedyheaven
u/jax885 · 1 pointr/comedyheaven
u/DearDeanna4 · 1 pointr/Assistance

I know how you feel. Mother's day recently passed and it was rough on me. I lost my mother at age 12. If you ever need somebody to vent to or just relate to, I'm here. We don't know each other but that's okay with me. We still share something very intimate.

I won't tell you that I won't have money to get him ANYTHING. I will do whatever I can do whether that be make him a card or build something by hand. He will not go without during this holiday. However, gifts are always nice and I'm sure he'd love it! My entire life, my father has been dedicated to Nascar. Ever since I can remember, we've been going to races together. As a kid, the only thing I was ever interested in was the noises and whatever driver my father (or mother while she was alive) was rooting for. As I've grown older, I learned to appreciate Nascar for what it is. I know it's an unpopular opinion and most people can't stand it but please understand that races are what he lives for and it's a way for him to bond with whoever he brings and genuinely enjoy his life, something he feels like he doesn't get to do often.

Anyway, my father got me into it, of course. Jimmy Johnson is my guy, Jeff Gordon was his, Dale Earnhardt was my mother's. When I started working at the same company as he does (FedEx), they offered Nascar tickets to the Dover, DE race (which was 3 days ago) for $11 and he bought me a ticket. We went and we had the time of our lives, throwing every care and worry out of the window even if just for a day. Being able to see my father in that state is what makes me happy. In turn, I'd like to be able to get him a gift that relates in some way to Nascar. Not the cheap cars you can get at Walmart that he already has 1000 of but something with some meaning. Maybe something he can look at and it just takes him down memory lane, spreading a huge grin across his face every time he looks at it.

If you're a fan of Nascar, you'd know that Jeff Gordon has retired (though he is now announcing for Nascar). As I mentioned, that's his favorite driver. I found the perfect gift he'd definitely cherish for the rest of his life!

Thank you for taking me into consideration and Happy Father's Day (when it comes, though thank you for doing what you do all year round!) to all of the amazing father's out there. And thank you personally for doing this, I think it's wonderful.


u/0001000101 · 1 pointr/EdmontonOilers

Rico NHL Oilers Car Flag, Orange, 8 x 1-Inch, Logo Color

I got prime so it comes in 2 days

u/lazymetalhead · 1 pointr/reddevils
u/LittleGlaze · -6 pointsr/videos