Best sports fan memo boards according to redditors

We found 4 Reddit comments discussing the best sports fan memo boards. We ranked the 2 resulting products by number of redditors who mentioned them. Here are the top 20.

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u/jfiddelke · 3 pointsr/fantasyfootball

I believe this is the one that we are using this year. We are also using a laptop w/projector to keep the CBS Fantasy info on the wall. Good luck and remember to try to keep people involved the best you can!

u/jmaddox28 · 2 pointsr/fantasyfootball

We went with the official NFL draft board this year available on Amazon for 2 day shipping if you have Prime.

u/silky_johnson · 1 pointr/fantasyfootball

I usually get the ones from UPI Marketing, this is this year's.

I usually leave it hanging in my living room wall throughout the season. It's a good conversation piece when people come over haha. But yeah, I'm just not digging this year's generic design.