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u/cypherreddit · 9 pointsr/WeWantPlates

it is flat on the bottom. These used to be included in boxes of cereal

you can see the flatness in the closeup

u/manofmonkey · 5 pointsr/guns

I am lucky to have a very talented gunsmith friend that loves to go along with my ideas so it was easy to be picky and specific about the design and still have it come out right. Its heavily inspired by the Navy Football helmets which is so clean, tasteful, and ties 1911/2011 into the theme.

u/skinsballr · 4 pointsr/nfl

FYI, for those looking at Secret Santa gifts, I highly do not recommend purchasing any of the faux LEGO brick helmets (like this one), or anything made by the Brxlz company, as these fake-LEGO pieces are extremely tiny; the instructions poor (not going as step-by-step as LEGO does), and nearly impossible to put together (due to the tiny size of the pieces). They look cool, but are terrible to assemble.

Just wanted to get that out there, FWIW.

u/cajunaggie08 · 3 pointsr/CFBOffTopic

mini helmets always work with me.

u/Khaluaguru · 3 pointsr/lootcrate

I got a Megaman Replica Mini Helmet at New York Comic Con 2015.

Looks like this:

Although the price is pretty bogus. It's typical lootcrate $9 swag...pretty cool in my opinion

u/ChCoOhWeNeCo · 2 pointsr/RandomKindness

This would be awesome to get. Pigfarts.

u/VictoryGreen10 · 1 pointr/DallasStars

So I went looking for it, and I found an option. It's not a star, but it's the closest thing I could find.

This is a mini-helmet, but one of the reviewers said it made a good tree topper:

Best of luck in your search.

u/seariously · 1 pointr/huskies

Looks like Franklin Sports is the source that other outlets use and they seem to be out at the manufacturer level: You might try emailing them and ask when they'll be back in stock.

There are a ton of full sized replica helmets available:

For example: It says no pads but for a kid you'd need extra padding anyway and that way he could grow into it.

Be careful because some of the items say "Helmet sold for display only. All NCAA helmets must include a no-wear safety device inside." Not sure if the device is removable or not.

If you're in a pinch, maybe just buy a kid's helmet and use spray paint and a logo sticker?

u/tgame14 · 1 pointr/minnesotavikings

Here are the links to the items I bought and used:

NFC Helmets

AFC Helmets


u/SpaghettiAndWatches · 1 pointr/Gifts

If you know his favorite football team you could get him a lego helmet .

This inflatable football target also seems cool.

I would say you couldn’t go wrong with any football themed game. Also a nice pair of earbuds or cool colored headphones are not a bad idea.