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u/JJMcGee83 · 2 pointsr/flashlight

I carry a gun where I can. Most college's won't allow this so it's out of the question. You'd need to get good with it for it to really be effective anyway.

Check knife laws. Most people won't bat an eye at a pocket clip if the knife is small enough though so maybe you can carry on regardless? Check out the Ontario RAT II. It's like $25 and decent enough knife that will spoil you at that price point by being better than some knives that cost $70 or more.

Someone else here mentioned Kubaton, I'd recomment a S&W M&P Tactical Pen (2nd gen) like this one
Because it's a kubaton that happens to be a pen. The 2nd gen is better because the cap screw on and and screws on the tail. It's kind of a hassle to take the cap on and off because of this but it makes it a rock solid sturdy last ditch self defense weapon that no one can ever question in a class setting. (Is that a weapon sir? What no it's a pen a pen!) Plus then if you have to use it to defense yourself you can make the awesome self defense quip "The pen truely is mightier than the sword" after you billy bad ass some thug.

For pepper spray I was told anything by Fox Labs is the shit. The two questions you have to ask is how large of a can are you willing to carry? And do you want stream or mist? Stream goes further and fairs better in wind but mist covers a larger area so it might be easier to hit the target under stress.

u/mlsteryi · 2 pointsr/EDC

Honestly you should get one of these
Ive had an investigator pen and I love this thing wayy more. 24$ is extremely reasonable for aircraft grade aluminum shaped super ergonomically and it writes like a wet dram. Happy with my purchase jus got mine a week ago

u/schmarty · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Cheepy Cheepy

KABLAM! I mean, what a deal!

u/dawggg63 · 1 pointr/CCW

I haven't used any others, but I have no complaints with my S&W tactical pen

u/_Asbestos_ · 1 pointr/pens ojore pen s&w Pen

Benchmade tactical pen(it's on there website)

Hinderer investigator

Crkt Ruger pen

Gerber impromptu

I'd recommend just carrying a gun, knife or pepper spray unless you live/go to in places where the constitution doesn't apply(not America, California, colleges, etc) also idk if they all take the refills but you should look into Parker refills since that's what most tacticool pens use.