Best sports fan pet bandanas according to redditors

We found 5 Reddit comments discussing the best sports fan pet bandanas. We ranked the 5 resulting products by number of redditors who mentioned them. Here are the top 20.

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u/Yamez9 · 3 pointsr/buffalobills

Yeah it's mesh! Figured with how dirty he gets it would hold up better than cotton. I got it on Amazon [here](Hunter MFG Buffalo Bills Mesh Dog Bandana, Large but watch out because we got a large and it was a little small to tie on him so we sewed velcro to it for him :)

u/Traubz · 2 pointsr/Tennesseetitans

I’ve also been looking for one, but haven’t found one that I really love. This is probably my favorite one I’ve found but I haven’t bought it yet.

u/b-money1994 · 1 pointr/Seahawks
u/_paddy_cakes_ · 1 pointr/knifemaking