Best sports fan pet collars & harnesses according to redditors

We found 3 Reddit comments discussing the best sports fan pet collars & harnesses. We ranked the 3 resulting products by number of redditors who mentioned them. Here are the top 20.

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Sports fan pet collars
Sports fan pet harnesses

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u/ChefBT3K · 2 pointsr/49ers
u/imatworknonsfw · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I normally dont really have a wish list but if i was too go and buy something right now this would be it for sure.

image #6 would be great for the wife and her sewing endeavors.

Thanks for the contest!

u/aMinnesotaBro · 1 pointr/hockey

My Secret Santa was the shit and got me a MN Wild one and Vikings one.

Guessing they got it here: