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u/ztherion · 8 pointsr/motorcycles
  • Bondhus folding allen keys, available in both standard and metric
  • Leatherman Skeletool, my daily carry pocketknife
  • A grunge brush to make chain maintenance easier
  • Tank pads
  • A nice, accurate tire pressure gauge
  • A cargo net
  • Novelty keychains
  • SK68 flashlights
  • Water bottles
  • If they have GoPros: Batteries, mounts, microSD cards
  • Battery tenders
  • These wonderful cloth scarf things that I use to keep my lips from being chapped in the morning
  • Glow fuses
  • Sunscreen!
  • If they're into touring, toiletry supplies for the road!
  • A grip-lock
  • A cheap bluetooth - I have one of these, Sena is way nicer but these are good if you are on a budget
  • Warm layers to wear under the riding jacket
  • Comfortable socks and underwear
u/Maggiemayday · 7 pointsr/AskWomen

These handy, useful, fun magic scarves. They're essentially a buff or gaiter, a tube of stretchy fabric which can be worn a dozen ways. We use them as dust masks, to keep our necks warm, our hair our of the way during fire practice, and so much more. Better yet, the pack of nine is usually a ten pack. They make terrific gifts for anyone who camps or hikes.

u/knarklurkaren · 4 pointsr/sweden

Thats basically the only one I found. Thank you for supporting our team, Canada is like our big brother. Hugs and love to you guys <3

u/rmira · 3 pointsr/Dreadlocks

I got these headbands and like them a lot. They are soft, washable, keep my hair back off my face and there are lots of color options.

u/losingwithleeah · 2 pointsr/curlyhair

This is the one I bought:

Only downside is the bottom rolls up, but it's not too bad.

u/SoCalLemon · 2 pointsr/HelpMeFind

No idea about umbrella, but try AliExpress.

The "fandana" is also called a million other things, including a magic scarf. Here is Amazon link

u/dutchie727 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

The Spirit of Detroit says that you will need [this] ( You will be there in December, after all, and that is football season in Detroit! GO LIONS!
EDIT as a Michigander, I just wanted to say I hope you enjoy your trip!

u/sadaye · 2 pointsr/SanJoseSharks

Amazon has a similar style, but it isn't an exact match. Sorry!

u/Belskirnir_ · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

IM BLUE DA BA DEE It is called blue and the artwork is blue! what more could you want!!! its the bluest thing in the world! da ba dee da ba diiii

Summer Rae Her wwe ring name is Summer Rae, which is like summer rays which are what tan us whilst chilling in the summer. She is also hot like the summer!

Watermelon Slicer its like an apple slicer but freaking massive!!! not seen anyone ever use them but i need one in my life for the perfect melons

Elvis Searcher CD this would be for my dad, we havent always had the best of relationships but we are starting to really get along right now, would be nice to treat him with the newest album of his favourite artist that we both love, after all he has done for me recently

Karl Pilkington Book this series was one of the funniest tv shows i have ever seen and this book is just as funny, its a diary of the events and its just so stupid in places that it is sidesplitting!!!

Guitar Picks They are the best pick because they literally are picks ;)

Star Wars Doggo Costume! This is a costume for dogs and fits all sizes! You know it will be funny and cute to see the doggo walk around with a stormtrooper on him!!! ( or her)

Banana Armour I think this is useless because who puts bananas in positions where they are unarmed and need to be protected! i do need it tho

Mulan It is one of the greatest films in the world, it promotes feminism, there is romance, guilt, family honour and values, the moral of not judging a book by its cover as well as you being able to achieve anything you want, its soundtrack is a masterpiece and helped launch the career of Christina Aguilera AND it has Stevie Wonder and Donny Osmond, a panda, a cricket, batman references, a homosexual subplot, and a talking fucking dragon voiced by Eddie Murphy... what more do you want

DIY Enema kit it would be helpful because not only can it make sure your bowel movements are okay, it can be used for sexual pleasure, to help with drug or alcohol intake, it can be used for a punishment on someone who has wronged you and im 90% sure it can be used in some way to benefit the population and aid in childbirth

Nutribullet!!! to help me get healthier and lose weight before my university graduation and cousins wedding in india

Pesky Penguin Bottle Opener Its an add on and its something that Benedrillt Cumberpatch cannot say!

Tottenham Hotspur Scarf! THEY ARE THE BEST AND I LOVE THEM!!! im going to guess you are a fan of the spurs! because tottenham are also called spurs! get it?! sorry im bad at this stuff aha dont know any american teams really

Some rare pokemon haloween plush for this price i hope this is super rare and something that is signed by pikachu himself

Unicorn Poop This is special candy! real unicorn poop, trust me, its real... i promise... i think... i lied

Sweet Candies Yankee Candle this is my fav scent! its what i imagine the wonka factory smells like!!!

Pokedex!!! pokemon was my fav growing up and i used one of these bad boys to go round and try to hunt them down!

The Hero with a thousand faces book this is a book that really shows the basic outline and plot for most films and characters that the world loves! it hellped my dad and his friend when they were writing a screenplay and i feel like its a great place to start and look at !

WWE Seth Freaking Rollins Funko Pop! this is a combination of 2! i love wwe and wrestling and Seth Rollins is my current favourite wrestler! i actually wanan try to become a wrestler! and also funko pops! i am a huge collector and obsessed with them!

Random Ass Bollywood Vinyl This is one of my fav bollywood films and has a banging sountrack, just is funny that it is on vinyl!

This was a lot of fun! thankyou for this!

EDIT: Sorry still getting used to this new reddit and didnt realise the linking has changed!

u/Bwignite24 · 1 pointr/OCLions

I bought this split logo knitted scarf on amazon for $20 a month back, I am not sure if there are any left
Edit: Yup there are about 4 left

u/CyphyZ · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. Blue BlueTooth It's blue and bluetooth! And happens to be the blue version of the speaker I use all the time. (frys sells it refurbished at an epic discount from time to time)

  2. Summer kids Summer dress It says summer AND it's for summer! I don't know what strawberrying summer means though...

  3. disgusting egg seperator It's food related. It's seriously weird.

  4. German Shepherd Umbrella I want to get this for my mom. It looks like a pup we had and she never buys happy things for herself.

  5. Sharon Shinn 12 Houses Series Fantasy world with magic and swords by one of my favorite authors.

  6. A spot of bother Ebook I kept meaning to put on my kindle because $1

  7. Leather Dog Collar with German Shepherd Faces Making that one easy for me! I've been eyeing that for my GSD

  8. Skull Art I just love staring at it, but have never found an excuse to get it. So I figure that counts. I tend to focus more on useful things in general.

  9. V for Vendetta Great movie, and a pretty amazing message about what can happen if a society becomes complacent.

  10. Tactical survival kit Being able to cut wood, start fire, etc will be pretty important. Never underestimate the ability to cut and carve spears.

  11. Slideboard Trainer I am trying to get back into rollerblading, but my heart is making that difficult. I've been eye one of these for a while because I could train in the house for bad health days/weather/ to find out how far I can go now and hopefully improve it without crashing out halfway through a park.

  12. Add on Betta Plants Because fish are cool

  13. Sharks! Because sharks. Is it sharks? Cuz I like sharks.

  14. Standing Wheelchair They should be cheaper because they seriously improve the health of wheelchair bound people. A sibling company to one my husband and I used to work intended to get him one through their charitable side, so this one was an easy find for me.

  15. More sharks!!! I hadn't seen this before, might be nice when I am vending. Why you gotta go make me look at stuff? LOL

  16. vanilla essential oil I use this. It is amazing. Almost like baking vanilla, warm and lovely.

  17. Fashion Plate Kit Not the exact one I had, but the same idea. It was a lot of fun, and I design and sew now so...

  18. Writers Toolbox Something to help with the inevitable writers block, to relax, and play with ideas.

  19. Super Wide angle lens I've been photo obsessing for almost a year now, and am now trying to sell some prints when I vend at fairs!

  20. Octopus TP holder Hes got 8 arms, so why not? Makes me giggle.
u/Tasnin · 1 pointr/LiverpoolFC

Getting one in the states can be difficult/expensive; partly because of shipping. I got this one from Amazon to hang in my office.

u/apatterson84 · 1 pointr/kitsell

This is the same as the one I have, brand new.

u/Aeosteleth · 1 pointr/swanseacity

I got this one off amazon. It came much quicker than anticipated as well.

u/Zorrya · 1 pointr/xxfitness

JUNK! i can't recommend them enough!

if that's to rich for your blood (they're not cheap) these

buff style knockoffs ore my next recomendation

u/ACrusaderA · 1 pointr/securityguards

I didn't have a problem with the exam, it is mostly common sense and you shouldn't have any problems if you keep reading your guidebook.

Depending on how large the company is, they may or may not supply you with pants.

But it is always best to go out and buy your own so you know you have some that fit.

The industry standard is black cargo pants, but less intense positions will let you get away with black workpants, slacks, or even black jeans if you aren't interacting with people often. You can find these virtually anywhere, I prefer Mark's Work Warehouse because their cargo pants are almost like canvas and don't wear out as easily.

I would also drop by any dollar store and get pick up a few packs of black pens. I also keep a personal notebook with me for recording any problems with your work area that aren't worthy of the work notebooks you receive (if your co-workers are leaving the office messy for instance), or any interactions between yourself and your coworkers/superiors.

Flashlights can be bought virtually anywhere. I bought a $25 multi-tool and it came with a free penlight which while not ideal, is serviceable if my actual flashlight dies on me.

I would buy a buff if you are working outside in the winter. Though I would talk to your employer about wearing anything that could obscure your face.

Also get a good pair of steel-toe boots. Most every site will require them and those that don't will usually require plain black shoes which the boots still qualify as. And good in-soles, your feet are important and you need to take care of them.

A multi-tool or pocket knife will be handy at most sites. Especially if you are doing any sort of maintenance such having to put up signs, tie any gaps closed in a fence, etc. Again ask your employer before bringing one to work.

A Bluetooth headset is also handy. Whether it he for taking calls, or so you can discretely listen to music/podcasts.