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u/UnblockableShtyle 路 32 pointsr/steelers

It even has a buttflap. It can鈥檛 get much better. I got it from here: 馃檪

u/fn96_ 路 5 pointsr/xboxone

> I never get that speed even when I'm wired in

If you're talking never getting around 1000 Mbps when downloading games, then you never will because Xbox have a bandwidth cap so their servers won't get overloaded.

If you want a gaming router then I'd recommend any of the Netgear Nighthawk routers that use the Netduma software. Either the XR300, XR500 or XR700

The 'Geofilter' feature will benefit you a lot if you play games like Call of Duty where being closer to the host will give a better online experience.

There are more features of the router which may benefit you as well.

u/HockeyFan_37 路 5 pointsr/devils

Here you go

I have Prime so I don't know if that makes a difference. Should only matter for free shipping.

EDIT: If you like a looser fitting sweatshirt like I do you can buy this one a size up without fearing it being too baggy.

u/lituus 路 3 pointsr/Columbus

I'd browse amazon and look for the ones with free returns. Check them out in person and send back what you don't want. Sounds like you have plenty of time so no harm sending things back and forth.

u/paulbrochill1 路 3 pointsr/teamliquid

Amazon has liquid hoodies

'47 Esports Team Liquid Men's Two Peat Headline Pullover Hoodie, X-Large, Team Color

u/actionjackson5050 路 2 pointsr/Jaguars

Click 鈥淣FL Team Apparel鈥 above the item to see the matching pants cheap in big sizes

Also this basic 4xl hoodie for 8$:

NFL Team Apparel NFL Jacksonville Jaguars Men PULLOVER HOOD W/CREW, GRAY HTHR, 4X

u/z0mbiegrl 路 1 pointr/badwomensanatomy

Boomboom Juniors Girls Casual Stripes Cold Shoulder Loose Sweater Shirts Blouse(Brown,S)

Note that it looks like a knit/sweater in this picture, but more like stretchy spandex type material in the others.

u/Max_W_ 路 1 pointr/KansasCityChiefs

You could have shared it for us.

$45.xx for a large.

Direct link:

u/DTMF223 路 1 pointr/Patriots

New England Patriots NFL Adult Onesie (Medium)

u/GoldieRojo 路 1 pointr/KansasCityChiefs

This seller (NFL Team Apparel) on Amazon has big and tall, I ordered not realizing and couldn't believe how long it was

Also, it was a lot cheaper in August.