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u/wishIknewwho · 13 pointsr/DAE

I put these rubber laces on all my shoes. I can't go back now. They slip on and off, but still stay snug when they are on. It's great.

u/OctopodesoftheSea · 12 pointsr/fatlogic

I don't know if you've already seen this or not, but I came across these the other day while I was looking for a way to deal with shoelaces that were too long and unsightly. They turn any shoes into slip-on shoes and don't look very different from normal laces. Might help?

u/your_spatial_lady · 3 pointsr/autism

So, I’m just lazy and don’t like to tie my shoes. I found these a year or two ago. Now all my shoes are slip ons.

u/diggsalot · 2 pointsr/Truckers

I take my shoes off a lot in my truck so I got these no tie shoelaces

u/maskheathen · 2 pointsr/Vans

Found them for you!

HOMAR Adult Elastic Athletic Flat No Tie Shoelaces - Best in Sports Outdoors Fan Shop Footwear Shoelaces - Once All Silicon Shoe Laces Perfect Sneaker Boots Oxford Casual Shoes - Black

u/Bomb_Named_Dom · 1 pointr/dyspraxia
u/burritojudge · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

For my first pregnancy I bought something like these for my current runners.

Worked well for me although occasionally the tongue didn't cooperate.

Homar No Tie Shoelaces for Kids and Adults - Waterproof Silicon Flat Elastic Athletic Running Shoe Laces with Multicolor for Sneaker Boots Board Shoes and Casual Shoes, Adult Size Black

u/_hardliner_ · 1 pointr/pics

Regarding tying your shoes. If it is something you'd like to continue to do, awesome, but if not, I'd like to recommend something I use now that's made my life easier.

Those are No Tie Shoelaces. If you want or have a friend to help you out, I think it'll make a huge difference for you. May have to work on the proper size of the shoelaces for which ever foot/shoe but I slip my shoes on in 2 seconds and they are comfortably snug to my feet so they never feel like they are going to come off.

u/klxz79 · 1 pointr/onewheel

DIAGONAL ONE No Tie Shoelaces for Kids and Adults - Elastic Silicone Shoe Laces to Replace Your Shoe Strings. 20 Slip On Tieless Flat Silicon Sneakers Laces (Black)

They’re a little tight getting them through the holes but a pair of pliers helped a lot.

u/Mor-Rioghan · 0 pointsr/Advice

I'm almost 23 and I never learned to tie my shoes because I was born with an upper limb amputation. Honestly it used to really upset me when I couldn't tie my shoes and others could. Honestly, though? I only have one singular pair of shoes that even HAVE laces, and they zip up the side. As an adult I stopped wearing standard tennis shoes and switched to slip on ones with elastic straps that don't tie but look classy. I started wearing more boots, dress flats, and so on.

That being said, you've got several options.

  1. There are such things as no tie laces. To the untrained eye they look exactly like normal laces and you wouldn't know any different.

    There are these:


    And so many others. There are magnetic options, ones that pull to tighten, etc. Back when I was a kid they were uncommon so I didn't use them but these days they are super popular, heavily marketed, and extremely common in athletic markets.

  2. You can get sneakers like mine that look like they are laced but are actually elastic.

    Like this:

    And this:

    There are tons of styles and choices.

  3. You can look into resources aimed at adults to teach you. One thing to understand is that you are not alone in this dilemma. MANY people actually have this problem, in fact some things like Dyslexia can actually cause difficulty in learning to tie shoes. You can find sources online that are much more adult friendly and not childish and patronizing by searching for sources geared toward stroke victims, surgery rehab, dyslexia, etc. Don't get stuck on just one method of tying them. The bunny method works for some and not others and the same goes for other methods. Just find what works for you.