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We found 105 Reddit comments discussing the best sports fan souvenirs. We ranked the 79 resulting products by number of redditors who mentioned them. Here are the products ranked 21-40. You can also go back to the previous section.

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Top Reddit comments about Sports Fan Souvenirs:

u/cypherreddit · 9 pointsr/WeWantPlates

it is flat on the bottom. These used to be included in boxes of cereal

you can see the flatness in the closeup


u/Stylemys · 5 pointsr/boardgames

For Devastation of Indines, I use an UltraPro 25ct 2-piece plastic card box for each character. That side will fit all of the cards as well as that character's tokens/counters/standees. My LGS had them for $0.50 a piece. A few of the more component-heavy characters may require 50ct boxes, but for the most part the 25ct boxes do the trick. It's wonderful being able to just grab a box and have all of that character's stuff good to go.

u/manofmonkey · 5 pointsr/guns

I am lucky to have a very talented gunsmith friend that loves to go along with my ideas so it was easy to be picky and specific about the design and still have it come out right. Its heavily inspired by the Navy Football helmets which is so clean, tasteful, and ties 1911/2011 into the theme.

u/Sergeant_Gray · 5 pointsr/rpg

Bring two decks of cards. It really slows down combat when you have to reshuffle the deck because someone drew a joker. Have a player sitting next to you shuffle the extra deck in exchange for a bennie.

Get yourself some high-visibility cards such as these. It's so nice to be able to read those cards from across the table.

Savage Worlds is best when it's fast, furious fun. Don't slow things down. Ever.

Don't spend your bennies keeping the bad guy alive, unless they haven't had a chance to get an action off yet. It just slows down combat and bores your players. Spend them to get multi-action turns off. i.e. The bad guy taunts you, disarms you and then stabs you with your own knife. Each action is at a -4 because of the multi-action penalty, but I've got a stack of bennies here, and I'm going to make it happen.

Reward your players often by giving them bennies. Did they arrive on time ready to play? That's a bennie. Did they role-play their hinderances? That's a bennie. Did they figure out the bad guys plans? Bennie. Did they come up with a plan that bypasses everything you spent the past week preparing? Damn right they get a bennie for that.

u/cajunaggie08 · 3 pointsr/CFBOffTopic

mini helmets always work with me.

u/Khaluaguru · 3 pointsr/lootcrate

I got a Megaman Replica Mini Helmet at New York Comic Con 2015.

Looks like this: http://www.amazon.com/Megaman-Mini-Helmet-Replica-Rush/dp/B00X4074PM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1451426191&sr=8-2&keywords=megaman+mini+helmet

Although the price is pretty bogus. It's typical lootcrate $9 swag...pretty cool in my opinion

u/Yamba1 · 3 pointsr/realmadrid

Real Madrid Metal Keychain https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B50NAN8/ref=cm_sw_r_other_awd_fxzEwbYF82N5N

I got the Barcelona one from the same Seller. It's a pretty great quality for the price actually. Hope that helps.

u/piratesteelinpenguin · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Fun stuff indeed! I have lots of new things too... I moved to a new city with a new car and a new job, it's all going wonderful right now. Also, I'm starting a fiction novel, started taking classes at a local gym, am meeting SO Many new people, blah blah could continue forever really. I hope you enjoy your new job and car like I am so far!

Item: http://www.amazon.com/Pittsburgh-Penguins-Round-Metal-Magnet/dp/B00D21RCQO/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_S_nC?ie=UTF8&colid=2C0S6E790OHSV&coliid=I16M0PJ9COPSHC

u/c14ret · 2 pointsr/running

Could well be the cold. I've heard of a few people who complain about their phone shutting off in the cold. Do you wear it in a sleeve or in a pocket? My suggestion would be a thin sleeve type holder that keeps it as close to your skin as possible, allowing your body heat to keep its temp normal and one that allows you to wear it under a jacket, protecting it from the elements a little more.

I use one of these and have never had any problem running in temps between -9C and 30C+.

The trick is getting your phone in the thing to start with. I've learned to use the delay start timer feature on MapMyRun and I don't listen to music but if I did I could easily snake the headphone cable in the top.

Hope this helps :)

u/King_Of_Bel · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

I've been thinking about something similar using something like this,


It won't hold that many, but it might work decently.

Alternatively you could double sleeve the cards and glue the outer sleeve to a poster

u/poleosis · 2 pointsr/SakuraGakuin

gotcha. heres the ones i always see on amazon


bonus keychain

u/alc59 · 1 pointr/trailcam

the ones i've had all have a test setting so you can walk around in front of the camera to see when it goes off
i have my cameras on a camera tripod, because there isn't always a tree where i want to put it, makes it nice to adjust the height and angle
i also have a card viewer that i use when i go to change the sd cards, then i can see if it needs adjusted

u/tgame14 · 1 pointr/minnesotavikings

Here are the links to the items I bought and used:

NFC Helmets

AFC Helmets


u/azathothianhorror · 1 pointr/LARP

A half circle cloak is fairly easy to make yourself. I've followed this guide a few times and found it fairly easy to do, though it wastes a fair bit of fabric.

The easy way to do it is to make a sagum, a type of Roman cloak that is just a rectangle. u/notduddeman suggested buying an army surplus blanket and that's probably a good way to go. If you are going to go for the rectangular style, I recommend buying either a penannular brooch such as this one on Amazon.

u/RichieW13 · 1 pointr/LosAngelesRams

I hate when people call this color gold. It's not gold. It's yellow.

If you call that color gold, then what do you call this color or this color?

u/notmaisiewilliams · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Haven't watched that movie in sooooo long! I used to play the video game like crazy.

This lightsaber keychain is adorable and everyone should have it in their life.