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We found 49 Reddit comments discussing the best sports fan sweaters. We ranked the 44 resulting products by number of redditors who mentioned them. Here are the top 20.

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u/KneadSomeBread · 6 pointsr/DenverBroncos

Okay folks here's some links to some sweaters.

  • Link. OP.

  • Link. My personal favorite. Pretty solid for every team. Honorable mention to the Bears, Vikings, and 49ers.

  • Link. I would be all over this if I were a Bears fan. Hands down, best team/sweater combo. Very Ditka.

  • Link I agree the title. Almost not ugly but still ugly enough to be ugly.

  • Link. So bad it's good.
u/broccolibush42 · 6 pointsr/Tennesseetitans

NFL Tennessee Titans Patches Ugly Sweater, Blue, Large

u/kethomas80 · 5 pointsr/stlouisblues

St. Louis Blues Adidas NHL Men's 2017 Authentic Pro Hooded Sweatshirt

u/zigmus64 · 3 pointsr/HuntsvilleAlabama

They don't exactly have jerseys but you can get him something like this in time from Amazon.

Enjoy the game!

u/BeardedNino · 3 pointsr/DetroitRedWings
u/arandomwhiteguy37 · 2 pointsr/ASU

Found this... but they’re all out of the ASU style. So congrats OP, got yourself a limited edition.

u/Neilybooty · 2 pointsr/CHIBears
u/STLBooze3 · 2 pointsr/hockeyjerseys

Someone found it for me, 49.99 on amazon for anyone interested. They have a lot of other teams as well

u/Baltimorgan_ · 2 pointsr/TampaBayLightning
u/RussChival · 1 pointr/Patriots

You need to get and wear this Patriots sweater with blinking lights for your first holiday get together with them...

u/barefootBam · 1 pointr/49ers

bought this ugly 49ers sweater today for the xmas eve game vs the jags

u/inspyre · 1 pointr/GreenBayPackers

Close to half the price depending on size @ Amazon