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u/pavemnt · 22 pointsr/magicTCG
u/Mask_of_Ice · 16 pointsr/pokemon

There are specific boxes for storing your decks in, and the starter deck might even come with a cardboard box that is designed for that (but it’s usually cheap). No need to go all out on accessories, but if you want you can find pretty cheap Ultra Pro deck boxes in a variety of colors. Here is an example of the generic Ultra Pro box: Ultra Pro 80 Card Deck Box - Black

Another thing I might recommend is card sleeves. These protect your cards in your deck from getting damaged, and generally makes shuffling easier. They can be slippery at first, but once you play with them more they work well. They also come in a variety of colors, which makes it a fun way to personalize your decks! Only use 1 color per deck to avoid obvious cheating though haha: Ultra Pro UPR85604 Eclipse Standard Matte Card Sleeves

u/l2ampage · 13 pointsr/boardgames
u/shadowcentaur · 10 pointsr/mtgcube

You are looking for Ultra Pro Team Bags . I just bought some recently. I haven't drafted with them yet so I can't say if they work well or not. I put a token at the front of each pack so you can't see what the first card is.

I pre-make my packs, it is totally worth it, it speeds up the draft a lot. It gives you the option of doing some construction (like putting 2 of each color in each pack, or a land in every pack, or whatever). It takes a little bit of time, but I just do it while watching TV, it doesn't take a lot of mental power to do.

u/kodemage · 9 pointsr/magicTCG

So, here's all the details on how people store Magic cards meant to be played, with links.

The gold standard for the number of Magic cards to store is 75 or 100 double sleeved cards. As long as your container can store this many cards in one section it will be at least useful to the owner. Additionally, no one really likes storing their cards flat like your current box. Cards are much, much easier to retrieve from the container if stored edge on (top or sides exposed as opposed to your front or back, look at the pictures below).

The Boulder deck box by Ultimate guard holds exactly the preferred number of cards, down to sub millimeter tolerance. 100 cards and 75 cards

Ultra pro makes a pretty ubiquitous soft plastic box for 75 cards and 100 cards which does offer a little more wiggle room.

Ultimate guard makes nearly identical boxes. 75 cards, 100 cards.

They call their 75 card boxes 80 card boxes but that's referring to single sleeving and even single sleevers tend to appreciate the extra space for a few ancillary cards like tokens.

Also, we do not double sleeve with penny sleeves but inverted(open end at bottom of card) perfect^1 fit^2 sleeves and with regular^1 sleeves^2 over that.

Being able to hold cards is great but there is also some benefit to being able to hold a whole deck box. The Arkhive is a popular example. It holds snugly 5 x 75 card boulders and 4 x 100 card boulders. It also holds soft plastic boxes but less precisely.

When storing dice they are stored separately from cards. Ultra Pro, Ultimate Guard

u/throwing-away-party · 9 pointsr/magicTCG

They totally exist. BCW makes a bunch of different sizes of them. I use one for my cards, 3 rows.

u/SB62 · 8 pointsr/panthers

Amazon link. I just bout myself a set, can't wait to display them on my desk!

u/damagedirect · 8 pointsr/mtgcube

Ultra-Pro Team Bags are often recommended:

u/dougburr · 7 pointsr/nba
u/haletothechief · 6 pointsr/Showerthoughts

I keep mine and my birth certificate in plastic sleeves meant for trading cards. Like this!

u/meho7 · 6 pointsr/reddevils
u/creedfeed · 6 pointsr/cardsagainsthumanity

I've been out of box space for a while now with the Crabs Adjust Humidity sets... I ended up buying a three row cardboard box off of Amazon for $9 or something.

Edit>> here's the box I bought. I've got it about 2/3rds full right now with all of the official CAH and Crabs sets that have been released, plus a few of the other promo sets (like PAX East). I can post pictures when I get home if anyone's interested.

u/xness151x · 5 pointsr/grandorder
u/Justx2 · 5 pointsr/LOONA

Everytime I bought a PC from ebay they were shipped in hard plastic sleeves. Wrapped up again too.

These are cheap around 4 bucks for 25. I bought them to store my own photo cards and they're great. Pretty thick. Definitely not gonna get damaged.

u/Threeedaaawwwg · 5 pointsr/cosplay

you could get a deck box for that thingy on magma girl's hip.

u/stinstmaster42 · 5 pointsr/MLS
u/IamNabil · 4 pointsr/CCW

Thanks for the shoutout. I'll be honest, it was sort of a mix of his idea, and my want to train in the living room before his bedtime. Train like you fight, and all that. I got a set of these ( for really cheap in exchange for an honest amazon review, and opened them while he was working on his homework. He asked about them, and I explained what they were for. He immediately asked if we could use them, and I couldn't say no.

u/TaquitoBandit · 4 pointsr/Netrunner

I had binders for a while, but got really lazy about keeping it organized. Now I switched to a cardboard box and am much happier. I keep everything sorted by faction and alphabetically and can find things quickly with ease. Since my collection doesn't completely fill up the box, I also store my Lord of the Rings LCG cards in there, too.

u/CD84 · 4 pointsr/magicTCG

I'd recommend something like this.

u/WeOweIt · 4 pointsr/Tennesseetitans

Same. We are 2-0 since my brother bought me one of these just before the jags game.

u/Jude2425 · 4 pointsr/CCW

A really good tool for scenarios are the Dry Fire Training Cards. They give you manipulations and drills to work on at the same time. I've really liked using mine.

u/bubbafry · 4 pointsr/PucaTrade

My preferred methods:

  1. Put unsleeved cards in a Team Bag. Place a top loader on the front and the back (the cards are sandwiched between the 2 toploaders). I use two pieces of Painter's Tape, one wraps around vertically and one wraps around horizontally. I send cards like this to buylist and seems to work well, since most vendors do not like individually sleeved cards.

  2. Put cards in perfect fits, then put them in a Clear Hinged Box. They make different sizes depending on how many cards you need to send. I like to put them in sleeves because the cards rattle around in the boxes. Not sure if it actually causes any damage, but the sleeves make me feel better.

    I am not a big fan of shoving a bunch of cards in a penny sleeve, which is another common solution. I've received cards like this, and one thing that happens is that either the front or the back card slips out a little, then the pressure from the other cards creates an indentation in the card. It's happened to me more than once.
u/uckTheSaints · 4 pointsr/MLS

Wow that's pretty ridiculous haha. Heres a link to some of the stuff I'm talking about. Toronto scarf for $3.31. Hopefully its the same price for you on Canadian amazon

u/fastattaq · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Ultrapro Deckboxes. I think they're the perfect size.

They look like this and come in a variety of colors.

u/4_jacks · 3 pointsr/playingcards
u/mcslackens · 3 pointsr/Coyotes

That's the one. Save $10 by ordering from Amazon

u/c19jf · 3 pointsr/mtgcube

They were made to hold team sets of baseball cards but are great as cube packs

u/aaronito2014 · 3 pointsr/steelers

I got this as a present so I can’t say where it was bought from, but here are a few different places it looks like you can buy it.

Bed Bath and Beyond



I’m on mobile, so I apologize if these links don’t work.

u/Bath_Time_Kraken · 3 pointsr/Pathfinder_ACG

The “base” box is pretty easy to find, my local comic store has them sometimes but you can also find it here 3200 Count Box

For the small dividers within each row we cannibalized an older box of similar type, though most any other cardboard /box could work. (We had several of these 500 ct Box)

While sleeving is costly, it protects the investment (plus some of us have young kids that like the pictures :p) and also has a nice side effect of having a TON of empty sleeve boxes that make perfect “holders” for stuff.

Have fun making your box!


u/Ryidon · 3 pointsr/magicTCG

If you're look for some plastic baggies for cards, you can get something called "team bag". something like from ultra pro. They are also good for shipping cards.

u/MrFluffyThing · 3 pointsr/magicTCG

A good pack of team bags (sell for far less in local stores) will work great in combination with toploaders. They are just the perfect size to seal a toploader without the use of tape, and the toploaders can be reused without any residue. Masking tape is the next best alternative, and I use that when I'm out of team bags.

u/retinarow · 3 pointsr/PS4

You can grab a used copy on Amazon for about $30. '15 won't be for another 6 months or so, so I'd say it's definitely worth it, it's tons of fun.

u/obtusepunubiris · 3 pointsr/dominion

Take two of these, cut one row off of one of them, then put them in one of these. You may want to add a little padding to top and bottom to make sure everything fits snug. It's a little large, but manageable. I've got room for the new expansion and easily two more of the same size.

If you're interested in more info, see my post here.

u/eyeoftheliger101 · 3 pointsr/boardgames

I purchased a cheap BCW storage box off amazon. It arrives flat and takes about 5 minutes to set up. To help with organizing the cards, I used these dividers from BGG. I printed them on cardstock, then inserted them into sleeves.

Some pics:



The cards in the first column are all the cards from 1 core set, plus all the player cards from an additional core set. The extra scenario cards in the third column are unused. As you can see, there is still plenty of room for expansions.

u/johnjust · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

Thanks, I'm using Ultra Pro Team Bags - they've been used 7-8 times at this point, and they're still good for plenty more uses before being replaced. A pack of 100 should hopefully last me a year, maybe longer.

u/voltar · 2 pointsr/PS4

FYI it's $42.79 on [amazon] ( right now. Does that help?

u/zzollazz · 2 pointsr/gamecollecting

Yeah it’s been out for a while. Funko Pop! & Buddy: Spyro The Dragon - Spyro & Sparx, Multicolor

u/Sleepinismy9to5 · 2 pointsr/WarCry

I have a hardback notebook I use for list building and campaigns. The back cover has a pocket that fits the ability cards perfectly. I have a normal ultra pro card holder for the unit stats.

This card box

This notebook

u/arkofcovenant · 2 pointsr/dominion
u/swanky_bubbles · 2 pointsr/SanJoseSharks

It has a little remote I have to hit manually, in the off season I am going to set it up with a raspberry pie to make it automatic. It's [This one] ( hooked up to a 2.1 system

u/Berksmb · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

I have a Pelican 1170 case with 3 Dragon Shield Gaming Boxes in it, 2 ultra pro plastic deck boxes, tokens, commanders in top loaders, and a set of dice all fit snuggly, as well it is waterproof.

u/spikedzombies · 2 pointsr/pkmntcgcollections

They start as small as like 200 or something and go out to thousands.

u/relik182 · 2 pointsr/baseballcards
u/atouchofyou · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm not sure how you're handling add-ons, but I could use a new deck box!

I'm not big on horror because I scare easily. Does Nightmare Before Christmas count?

u/ShrimpyChimp · 2 pointsr/CasualMTG

Making boxes is pretty easy, all you need is a showbox, some cardbox and maybe glue or a stapler for a decent low budget box. Take a shoebox and cut some cardboard stripes as long and high as the shoebox. Attach them them to the ground of the box so that you get lanes that are wide enough to keep Magic cards.

Should look like one of these:

u/SaxSoulo · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Aside from the actual boards, you could probably organize almost everything into something like these. The 4-row box will fit on the Kallax shelf nicely. I do this for all of my games that are almost entirely cards. Bag the chits in there with the cards. You could easily fit 4-8 games in one of these boxes as long as it doesn't have any really large components. Write what games you're storing in there on the boxes. Then file all the boards alphabetically with some kind of tab divider.

u/russellvt · 2 pointsr/SanJoseSharks

It's often cheaper on Amazon. I have two of them above my TV that we use during games... I'm still working on the triggered IR signal from the Raspberry PI, though.l

u/waflman7 · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

I moved a 30,000 card collection from America to South-East Asia and back using boxes like these:

I used twine to tie the lids on and it didn't cause any issues. Just have to make sure there isn't free space to allow the cards to slide. I used deckboxes and legos to fill in the free space.

u/CLMF · 2 pointsr/pkmntcgcollections

team bags for toploaders

You can probably find them for cheaper at your local game store.

And the size for the PSA ones are different.

u/kygr89 · 2 pointsr/mtgcube

I used ultra pro poly team bags. They come in a pack of 100 and can reseal.

u/Goatburgler · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

I think you might be talking about team bags, but they fit closer to 20, maybe 30 cards at a time.

u/Z0na · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

A couple of these will do you good.

u/poortj · 2 pointsr/Yugioh101

Depending on your budget, 3 of either the Pendulum structure deck, Salamangreat structure deck or Zombie structure deck (links below). The key is to get 3 of the same one so he can learn to build a semi consistent and decent deck. I would also suggest a small deck box and a pack of sleeves. If your budget isn't towards the $40 range (roughly what 3 structure decks, sleeves and a deck box would run you after tax) then I would just get 1 structure deck along with the sleeves and deck box.


Also those sleeve and deck box prices seem high to me so ideally you'd find them cheaper. Just make sure you find yugioh sized sleeves.

u/phredgreen · 2 pointsr/boardgames

The term you want to Google is "card deck box." You'll see plenty of options for boxes which hold fewer and more cards to meet your needs.

Basic example:

u/PatheticPsycedelic · 2 pointsr/Gunners
u/Kekoa_ok · 2 pointsr/Spyro
u/theDrWho · 2 pointsr/boardgames
u/Crixler · 2 pointsr/Gloomhaven

One of these for each class:

And then another 4 in different colors for each player. Store your unlocked abilities/perks in your player box, locked ones stay in the class box. You can even fit your mini box in these. Except Two-Minis, of course.

Check your local game stores, or even Walmart, first, as it will probably be a lot cheaper there.

u/CanadianBacon999 · 2 pointsr/Magicdeckbuilding

I have had over the years several different ways, but the one I use today consists of several portfolio books/binders, three ring binders and ultra pro 9 card pages and two 4k card boxes.

  • In the first small portfolio book like this: Ultra Pro 9-Pocket Black PRO-Binder I keep the true collectors items. These are the special, rare printings or just personally nostalgic cards I've collected over the years. These are NOT for play, I'll proxy the card and play with those. (Ex: Alphas, Betas, Unlimited, Promos, special foils, cards over $100, etc. It's really up to you and what you find meets your collector criteria)
  • In the second small portfolio book (like above) I keep a copy of bench-marking cards. These are cards that I use to compare to others for fakes. I typically try to get two cards of each color, from each set, of those cards that often get proxied and pawned off as real. I take these and a jewelers loupe with me when I am purchasing a collection that I suspect and perform comparisons.
  • In a large portfolio book like this: 12-Pocket Z-Folio LX Trading Card Albums, Black I dedicate to valuable lands (duals, shock, pain, filter, Scars, fetch, strip mine, tron lands, Urza's saga, cabal, man lands, etc etc. you get the idea). I only separate these because I place a high value in collecting lands for every occasion and pride myself on getting a full play set of each.
  • In my three ring binder I have the rest of the rares and valuables I might play with. Example
  • For all other cards, sleeves, counters, dice, etc. I have the 4k bulk card boxes 4 Row I separate by color, artifacts, tokens & gold/multicolor cards, and then divide by commons and uncommons. I keep sections for full art basic lands, foil lands, non-basic lands, etc.
  • I have a 1k Card box for all the basic lands, I try to keep these to a min.
  • I have an old school 1997 multiverse 1k Card box for decks Image, and just expanded in to a second one.

    I no longer maintain a trade binder. I did when I was younger and played more and frequently visited FNM and game nights. But now that I have moved in to more of a collector role I only play with close friends maybe once a month, so I don't really trade anymore (not sure if the kids still do these days). My trade binder disappeared when I really embraced selling off unnecessary items and started using buylists almost exclusively.

    Since these days I do more buying of collections and selling to fund my own collecting I have a great deal of extra boxes, 5k card storage boxes and binders. These are just to organize the sales. Most of the time I sell them with the bulk and replenish with each purchase. From the collections over the years I've acquired a great deal of starter boxes, deck boxes, dividers, stickers, foam inserts, etc that I use in my own collection and to help organize the purchases. These have been some of the most interesting finds, just seeing what other people use to organize is interesting.

    I've also purchased shelving from Home Depot to store my collection and the purchases I have going on. Each shelf is dedicated to shipping materials, empty boxes, my stuff or a purchase.

    What I see mostly from the collections I acquire is that most use three ring binders for rares/mythics and either separate by color or just leave it to utter chaos (the latter being the worst as its usually shoes boxes and random plastic tubes full, which damage cards).
u/ford_contour · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Here's the box I got. Don't be tempted by the 5 row version, it is too big. Four rows is a lot of space, and still mostly fits on the a shelf.

You can get fancy with printable dividers online, but I just cut some simple dividers out of card stock, and labeled them in pen.

u/AdamHorton · 2 pointsr/dominion

I'll link my storage solution because maybe someone will get some use out of it ( /u/TLan718 ?) but I'm not sure it will be a great fit for you.

On the other hand, one of the components I use (the cardboard boxes) may work just fine for your needs:

You might not need to order these exact boxes from Amazon. Most local game stores will sell you similar boxes of varying sizes for pretty cheap so this may work out better for you.

u/Etholing · 2 pointsr/EDC

Full brass spinner I've seen here on a few posts. I just ordered it for myself

u/srbman · 1 pointr/smashup

One neat thing i find with the standard UltraPro deck boxes is that they hold one (sleeved) expansion per box, so you can sort them quite nicely. They also come in a bunch of colours. You'd need a separate case to actually hold the deck boxes though.

u/Luxray · 1 pointr/Ebay

What price do you normally start tracking at? I was thinking anything over $10.

I've been putting my cards in something similar to this when shipping.

u/pander69 · 1 pointr/baseballcards

Ultra Pro Clear Thick Card Sleeves | Holds cards up to 130-Point | 100-Count

Tobacco Card Sleeves 100 Count

BCW 1-TLCH-TBC-25 Tobacco Card Topload Holder

They could be cheaper elsewhere, but these came up quick for me.

u/BlooregardQKazoo · 1 pointr/nfl

i like that all of these are true except when he played NE. against NE we got things like "when you go into the middle of our field and you start doing the dance that Shawne Merriman is known for, that’s disrespectful to me." and this.

u/ewells35 · 1 pointr/playingcards

this may help

its probably not what you are looking for, but its a start. playing cards can fit into this as well. ive seen these things at Walmart as well

u/klausterfukken · 1 pointr/hockey


might be slightly cheaper on Amazon though

edit: yup

u/skinslip1 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My genius storage solution is to use a 4 row card box and removing two dividers. Fits NES, SNES, and N64 cartridges perfectly (width and height for SNES and N64, width only for NES)

u/Dakftw · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon



u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/magicTCG

what kind of deck boxes do you use? that product holds 6 of these and 3 of these at once. 9 decks is kind of a lot to carry around in one case. Good luck finding something that will carry more.

u/minusthebrett · 1 pointr/PokemonTCG

BCW Monster Storage Box, Holds 3,200 Standard Sized Trading Cards | 200 lb. Test Strength | (1-Count )

Big fan of this one. Simple but effective

u/thewookie34 · 1 pointr/PokemonTCG

Here are the pages I use:

Ultra Pro MLB 3-Hole Side-Load 9 Pocket Pages (100 Count)

I use side loading pages with a perfect fit sleeve and a thicker plastic one(like the ones that come in the ETB) and put it the page. Side loader reduce dust.

u/pinkmagedon · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

It's cheaper and free shipping from third party sellers.


u/Dmbb1239 · 1 pointr/mtgcube

Hey bud, I have an innistrad plane cube for drafting thats pretty sweet. I can go over what I did if it helps at all.

I started with only Innistrad, great Draft environment to use as a base. Then I replaced all of the vanilla creatures or unplayables with another card from DKA, AVR, or SOI that fit the same role but had a relevent ability or stats. (Ex. a 2/2 zombie for 1b that had no abilities was replaced by a 2 mana zombie in the same rarity with more relevent abilities)

Right now the cube is about:
50% INN
20% DKA
10% AVR
20% SOI

Im trying to recreate a draft environment so I manueally create packs and put them in team bags ( to have them ready for each draft.

The slits for common, uncommon and rares is (5/3/1)
I keep flip cards seperate, the are split (3/2/1)

When I make packs I shuffle all the commons together, then repeat for uncommons, rares, and Flip cards.
Each pack is 9 Commons,3 uncommon, 1 rare, 1 flip card, and 1 land. The land could be any nonbasic land from any Innistrad set, put in for fixing and utility.

Right now my rares can be from any set and are pretty balanced, nothings unbeatable.

I also keep the flip cards in clear hypermattes while drafting and playing, but I have a checklist for each in a black sleave for proxying in the deck.

It is alot of sleaves and the cube fits a normal 2 row. But if you buy bulk, its not too bad. Heres where I got mine (,

If you have any questions or I wasnt clear just let me know.

Sorry about the formatting in advance!

u/TommyNookah · 1 pointr/AGOTBoardGame

Do you mean one sleeve specifically to store 7 cards between games?

That's pretty specific; I'm not sure I've ever seen anything like that. If you want to protect your cards you might consider getting deck protectors for each individual card and then getting a box to store them in, although I'm not actually sure if the house cards fit into deck protectors.

Hope this helps.

u/preblecw · 1 pointr/Gloomhaven

I think you could use some of these to store your sleeved cards in. These are used with sports cards and trading cards to store multiple sleeved cards at once. Hopefully this is a solution you are looking for.

u/watsoned · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/halflife_3 · 1 pointr/PS4

its good but they are not discounted

what about these :

u/wantonviolins · 1 pointr/pkmntcgcollections

Well, I use these and fill in the gaps with deck boxes and similarly sized/shaped objects so cards don't fall over or move around too much.
Edit: Oh, and I have about ten of these boxes. I really ought to finish sorting and sell off a lot of my bulk. Nobody needs 32+ copies of Fossil Grimer.

u/Hunterx1034 · 1 pointr/pkmntcgcollections

Those are the plastic bags or whatever you'd like to call them. I think the ones in the videos are a bigger size though.

This is the video on Instagram that you can see where I saw someone wrap the booster pack.

u/jangerhofer · 1 pointr/hockey

I'm not sure I'll be able to maintain a Python codebase, but I'd love to see what you wrote! You're talking about this, yes?

u/lgrw40 · 1 pointr/DetroitRedWings

This championship banner has always been hanging up in my room: NHL Detroit Red Wings Wool Dynasty Banner

I'd also recommend getting a goal light like this: NHL The Goal Light and Horn with 30 Team Labels or something like that during games.

Fathead's are good poster replacements.

Jerseys are always a good idea.

And here's a redwings border for the top of the room:
Detroit Red Wings Licensed Wallpaper Border

u/Asmor · 1 pointr/KeyforgeGame

Yeah, $2 a piece.

Same price on CoolStuffInc

For whatever reason they seem harder to find at brick and mortar stores, who seem to prefer stocking opaque boxes, but the prices at brick and mortar stores are generally in the $2.50 - $4 range.

u/Lordburke81 · 1 pointr/magicTCG

My preferred way to store cards is in 4-Row boxes.

Seen here:

I only keep 4 of any given card, aka a ‘playset’. So I sort the cards by card number, which just so happens to be by color. I label the front of the 4-row box and also sort by set by date. I keep all of the commons, uncommons, lands, and tokens separate from the rares and mythics., that way the more valuable stuff is in one place. Therefore, if I need a specific card, I know exactly where it is.

I keep all of my trades that are above $1 in binders, keeping standard cards separate from modern/legacy/commander. I keep all bulk rares, that are not in standard, in a box, as it usually isn’t a good idea to carry around bulk to trade.

u/nhuloan · 1 pointr/Saints

They sell these on amazon is the drew brees one for $12:

I just bought all the elite qbs "action figures" .. Sweet! :

Brees, Manning, Brady, and Rodgers

u/muddkipz420 · 1 pointr/FidgetSpinners

If you're looking for a torqbar clone usually it's the least expensive. I know if you go to Amazon, search "fidget spinner," and filter by low price they have it for about $2 (Amazon link). You might be able to still find it on eBay, price may vary.

The terminology I use is 2-arm/bar spinner for the torqbar.

u/reversezer0 · 1 pointr/boardgames
u/xxxJakkxxx · 1 pointr/boardgames

These are pretty helpful for large amounts of cards.

u/jawells630 · 1 pointr/boardgames

This one. Just a warning if you order it from Amazon. They ship it unassembled and flat so it arrives in a box that could fit a person, comfortably (not that I would recommend shipping a person in it)

u/Copernican · 1 pointr/boardgames

Assuming everyone knows how to play, I second race. It's very portable. What I did with just the base set is bought deck box from my local trading card shop. You can fit all the cards into one box plus a few folded player reference sheets. For the chips you can grab any old container to bring them along.

u/Gideon-Jura · 1 pointr/magicTCG

Since you've already gotten the answer you were asking, I thought I'd answer the question you weren't asking:

This is the solution to your problem

Super cheap and will allow you to scale up and store as many cards as you need in a binder. You're right that the fancy UltraPro binders with fancy artwork on the cover can be expensive, but you can buy 100 ultra-pro sheets (5x the number of sheets in a big binder) for half the cost (of said binder).

u/zachalicious · 1 pointr/baseballcards

If you plan on collecting for a while, I'd order an assortment. If you get some 55pt, 75pt 100pt, 130pt, and 180pt, that should cover most sizes. If you tell us exactly what the cards are, someone might even be able to tell you what size you need. As for the penny sleeves, the ultra pro 130pt sleeves can fit cards closer to 180pt in my experience.

u/kr1mson · 1 pointr/EDH

I use these for my EDH decks, and whatever color of these for my regular sized decks..

I also found this awesome metal case with a handle on it outside my apartment's dumpster that had an old ass VHS camcorder in it. It is all foam on the inside, and there are moveable dividers so I can make perfectly sized spots for my deck boxes, dice bags, playmat, etc... I look like a tool, but whatevs.. it beats carring a stack of carboard boxes, or stuffing everything into a backpack.

u/gsparker · 1 pointr/FidgetSpinners

ebay link

amazon link

Regarding the Amazon post, looks like they either updated it or I recalled incorrectly. It says its a stainless bearing now.

I think copper with a ceramic bearing is what's in use on the spinner with the highest spin time (the Rotablade Stubby), but the brass doesn't affect the smoothness of the bearing, just the weight. I believe the ceramic bearing is the smoothest, but I could be wrong about that. As far as what's most 'popular', it depends on how you measure that. It's probably not the most widely distributed, but is perhaps the 'preferable choice.'

u/reaper527 · 1 pointr/PS4

mlb is currently $40 shipped from amazon

as such, i personally would say that no, paying more to download digitally while losing the ability to resell the game is not worth it.

u/burgaboo · 1 pointr/magicTCG
u/mobile_monster_ · 1 pointr/baseballcards
u/brulosopher · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

After thinking about it, I guess you could organize the hops by using some long, slender containers in the freezer then put labels between each variety. Hmm... now I'm thinking...\

These would probably work great... or this!

u/fateislosthope · 1 pointr/hockey

50 bucks on Amazon

Its not going to go off automatically but it comes with a puck remote control

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BCW storage boxes are pretty fantastic when it comes to storing cards. I usually just mark off a row for sleeves and store them by color and manufacturer.

They can be found in a ton of places, but if you want to buy in bulk, their main site is definitely the place to go.

These boxes are cheap, sturdy, stackable, and hold a ton of cards. Also, they come in a lot of sizes.

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/r/creedfeed, your post was automatically removed by Reddit because you used a URL shortener. The site doesn't allow them, since it can lead ANYwhere while deceiving the user into thinking he's going to a particular other place.

OP, what creedfeed said was, "I bought this box from Amazon and it works great for my sleeved cards." Here's the link using a standard URL, no shorteners:

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I recently went through the same exercise. One of these and one of these was enough to store all of the cards snugly. The thickness of your sleeves might make it too snug though, so ymmv.

Don't forget that you can also laminate the player mats for a couple bucks. Since this one's hard to find, I did that down at Office Depot.

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I'm not sure, but it looks like a baseball card organizer box. Comic book and Baseball Card stores should have them.
Something like this, possibly.
Looks like they have different lengths of one row boxes all the way up to 5 row boxes.

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Seriously need to know if this is PS3 only or PS4 as well..this looks like it is for PS4 too

Edit: It does seem like it works with PS4 version :D

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Congrats on the gifts and Merry Christmas, /u/elreydelasur I saw a similar puzzle a while back on Amazon. Is this the puzzle you received?

I thought about buying it, seemed fun to do, but the 7+ age recommendation seemed a little too young for me and I didnt want to spend $32 on a puzzle that I would finish in an hour. Is it an easier puzzle or will it be more of a challenge? Thanks!

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pffft, after sleeving I can barely fit everything in the box if I use dividers with that insert and separate everything out. Not sure why everyone was excited because they "finally made a decent insert". For an LCG, LOL. It's as pointless as buying a one bedroom house before having triplets. And fostering several dogs. While your brother moves in. And you bought a pony.

Gonna go the same route I did for Lord of the Rings: A binder for each aspect and then card boxes for heroes and villains.

[edit] y’all can downvote all you want. The number one most useless thing to a living card game is what kind of insert came in the base box. Its pointless

Lord of the rings. Box is unsleeved. One binder per sphere for sleeved player cards, three cards per insert pouch. Releases werent once per month.

But goddamn that base box ditch insert sucked.

Netrunner complete collection sleeved.

Had same stupid base box ditch insert. I almost care at this point.

But yeah, that marvel champions insert is totally awesome. You guys have convinced me.