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u/SGFTI · 3 pointsr/tipofmyjoystick
u/SavageJPxx · 3 pointsr/panthers

SkinIt makes some NFL controller skins. I started looking and now I'm really considering this one. I'm assuming the Microsoft/NFL partnership means we'll never get any actual printed controllers for the Playstation.

Also I dunno if Amazon links are allowed, but it's not an affiliate link just so everyone knows.

u/Coasquatch · 1 pointr/Coyotes

The World of EA Sports (NBA Live 2004, Madden 2004, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004, NHL 2004, Nascar Thunder 2004)

I bought mine from Amazon(bundle is cheaper and includes NHL 04) or you can find it for "free" on the internet.

u/Synapse82 · 1 pointr/Patriots

14.99 grab the skin!

Still cool you can design your own.