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u/rjc72 · 8 pointsr/CirclingBack

I'm no fan of Columbus, but state pride and the geography nerd in me has to clarify this. One state separates Ohio and Missouri, they both share a border with Kentucky.


Also, for the grown men out there rocking an Ohio State football jersey: You're welcome, unless you're a certified thick boy like me, then avoid the stripes maybe.

u/DSmith96 · 5 pointsr/Texans

There's that one, I don't like the red tip on the navy one so i'd be inclined to go with the white one if you go for that one. And if you're being fashionable about it, white goes nice with a lot more colours.

Or this one, I quite like it

Or there's this one from last year's range, is proper Nike, you can get it in the other colours too, depends if you want a logo or the writing whether or not you go for this one

If you're fashion conscious i'd say avoid going for battle red ones, I find they don't look as good as navy or white.

u/actionjackson5050 · 4 pointsr/Jaguars


u/putout · 2 pointsr/detroitlions
u/Tayminator · 1 pointr/MLS

Why not this one?

u/CopEatingDonut · 1 pointr/NYGiants

This is an actual shirt available for purchase.

Shirt on Amazon

u/HouseOfCapitalism · 1 pointr/buffalobills

If you like polos, I got a pretty awesome one that I wear often now.

Edit: Buffalo Bills NFL Men's Diagonal Stripe Polo

Edit 2: Peep the details on the back and sleeves