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u/BugZwugZ · 42 pointsr/loseit

Body Glide. Alternatively, you can use deodorant, just be aware if it's already raw/scabbed up it'll burn like hell, so more of a preventative thing.

u/mrs-darling · 26 pointsr/loseit

We live in the tropics, so humid heat every day.

Body Glide once in the morning before dressing saves our lives/thighs.

u/th0m_ · 20 pointsr/Fitness

I can't believe no one has posted bodyglide yet. Life saver. I used to chafe under the arms, lower back where the top of my shorts would rub my lower back, between the legs, etc. Rub a generous amount of that stuff all over those areas now and I'm chafe free. Highly recommend it.

u/yeeshkabob2123 · 13 pointsr/gifs

Body Glide is my go to chaffing remedy. I was introduced to it while hiking. It's the most amazing thing in the world.

u/marketsuper · 13 pointsr/running
u/Lion_on_the_floor · 11 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Happy to help! The blister stick is very small so it fits really easily in your bag, you can actually use it on your legs too. A lot of people recommend Bodyglide which is an antichafe stick. I haven't tried it yet but I imagine it works great for both as well.

u/naeve · 10 pointsr/AskMen

Not a man, but Body Glide is a thigh-saver during the humid Southern summers.

u/remembertosmilebot · 10 pointsr/BurningMan

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u/slysky · 9 pointsr/CampingGear

Is it between the legs? I use a product called body glide and it works amazingly.

u/craigster38 · 8 pointsr/C25K

Why/where are you chafing?

Chaffing is almost 100% preventable. Are you wearing anything cotton? Stop. 100% Polyester will almost always prevent chaffing. If that doesn't stop the chaffing, you can try tighter fitting clothes or I personally love Body Glide. The 0.45 oz bottle will last quite a while. You just apply it before the run, wherever you think you'll chafe, and it helps prevent it!

u/elf_girl · 8 pointsr/loseit

Body Glide works really well. You just rub it on the areas where you're prone to chaffing.

u/CaringRichBitch · 7 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Using body glide also helps prevent blisters. It's usually in the bandage or workout aisle. It's saved my butt so many times.

u/LostMostOnCoinToss · 7 pointsr/triathlon

Before: apply BodyGlide liberally to armpit areas.

During run: spray armpit areas thoroughly with TriSlide.

After: as soon as possible soap wash all that scum out in a warm shower.

Keep the hair, it helps reduce friction.

u/gardnofcheflydelites · 6 pointsr/loseit

I can't fix the thing with the jeans (how expensive!) but this stuff is amazing.

u/BeccaAnn · 6 pointsr/poledancing

Don’t worry! Many of us have slippery hands. Unfortunately you have to keep trying products until you find one that works. I would recommend:

Dry Hands. Works great. You apply some on your hands and it dries out the sweat.

Tite Grip. I believe you are supposed to put this stuff on a bit before practice and let it dry. It will reduce overall hand sweat.

Firm Grip. This is not for your hands as much as your body. Spray it on to those sweaty body parts that are slipping off the pole.

u/Popcompeton · 5 pointsr/bjj

Get this mouth guard. It stays in place and won't get in the way of breathing, drinking water or talking while you wear it.

u/lizzybear_ · 5 pointsr/loseit

Have an audiobook, podcast, or Netflix show that you really like but only listen to/watch when working out. I find that it helps me to go out on runs when I know it's 40 minutes I get to listen to an audiobook I'm super into.

I find that suiting up for exercise helps motivate me. Change into your workout clothes and shoes, the rest tends to follow. Also, I like walking outside because it doesn't require that I go to a gym (unless you have a treadmill at home...).

For chafing, BODY GLIDE!

u/LeeHarveyT-Bag · 5 pointsr/xxketo

That's like the ultimate NSV. Congratulations!

For all those still suffering, Body Glide is a miracle worker. It's the only way I can wear skirts/dresses in the summer!

u/Snuggly_Doggo · 5 pointsr/army

This shit for chafing is dope.

u/PaperErmac · 5 pointsr/Basketball

I have played pretty much my whole life and never once used a mouth guard for basketball. I also don't recall seeing anyone else using one. Overall I really don't believe they are necessary for the average person in basketball. If you have a dental issue then yes ask a dentist. If, for some reason it makes you more comfortable to have one, there are several options. I use this somewhat regularly for BJJ and while its kind of bulky it works just fine. If you plan on using it for a long time though you might just invest in a custom one so you can communicate better with your team.

u/Cinnadom · 5 pointsr/weightlifting

Which tapes have you tried? I have the same issue and the only tape I've found that is tacky enough (for the most part) is Broz tape. Even then I typically use a tack spray on my thumbs to hold the tape on better because every so often the Broz tape doesn't stick as well as I'd like.

The one I use is Cramer Firm Grip. Makes the tape stick really well and not move at all. It does leave some residue on your thumbs after taking the tape off but it's easy enough to clean off. Cramer also makes a pre-spray meant for before taping but I didn't like it as much as the firm grip when I used it.

u/YeePeeKaiYay · 4 pointsr/loseit

This changed my life a wee bit.

Bodyglide anti-chafe stick - rub it wherever chafes, and no more chafing :) I finally now can wear dresses and skirts without needing to wear shorts underneath, and the whole clusterfuck of pulling those up when they lower too much, but not pulling them up too much or you'll chafe again... gah.

I would recommend it, I saw it on loseit a while ago and decided to try it on a whim - worthwhile whim, lemme tell you. If you get the smaller one it also fits into bags/purses really easily and so you can take it if you need to reapply it :)

But also hell yes, I would love to not even need this stuff! Always been a thigh rubber, hopefully one day that part of me will (literally) disappear!

u/internet_observer · 4 pointsr/Aerials

Rosin is the equivalent of chalk for silks and rope. You can either get try rosin and apply it to your hands with a bit of rubbing alcohol to get it wet or you can get aerosolized rosin. Spray athletic adhesive also works very well.

It's great however I would reccomend over time as your grip strength improves, only use it when you need it that way you continue to build your grip strength.

u/Moblin_Hunter · 4 pointsr/MuayThai

If you don't decide to go with the dentist/doctor made ones, the Venum ones are really form fitting once molded and not bulky in the least:

u/FleshLghtSwrdFight · 4 pointsr/ElectricForest

I got a hood that is made out of the cooling towel material and it is awesome. Mission is the company that makes it

u/Yomiel94 · 4 pointsr/ElectricSkateboarding

Wrist guards. If you write code for a living or just use a computer, they're very worthwhile (plus most falls will kill your palms without them). Not the set I own, but they look good

For padding I bought these:
Knees, elbows

Helmet looks like a good deal. Ideally, you also want decent shoes, long-pants, and a jacket to cover your arms, legs, and feet. This is what I wear when I'm really riding quickly, but for < 20 MPH, you can probably shed a bit of it.

u/Evets616 · 4 pointsr/loseit

Yeah, I ended up buying Body Glide because it got so bad.

My retail job walking around for 8 hours was murder on my inner thighs.

u/raptor_den · 4 pointsr/poledancing

I had this problem with my chrome xpole too. The only thing that's made a difference for me is this Firm Grip spray (

I have super sweaty hands and this product has made a huge difference. I can get through 20+ minutes without needing to reapply/wipe down the pole. One can lasts me 8+ months of regular use.

u/whiglet · 4 pointsr/weddingplanning

I've heard good things about this product. It's an anti-chafing swipe-on stick. It kinda looks like deodorant!

u/ZombieinmyHead · 4 pointsr/BabyBumps

They actually make lube for legs! My husband has a problem with chafing, so I ordered him this recently, and he said it works well:

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/BabyBumps

I had this before I got pregnant but its a lot worse now! There's a product called BodyGlide, it's for runners but it also works for chubs. It looks like a deodorant stick and you can rub it between your thighs to minimize chafing. You can also try deodorant but I don't think it works as well.

u/registeredvoter7 · 3 pointsr/surfing

Going from cold water to warm water is tough, and chafing will be your mortal enemy, especially if you're spending all day in the water for an extended period of time. Watch any part of you that is making contact with the board, indirect or direct.

I'd definitely wear something that is package-hugging underneath your board shorts. I've used compression shorts, others I know have done a speedo. This is close to necessary and you will almost certainly wreck your entire unit within a single long session if you don't.

Your chest and even your knee pits (if you're on a wide board) can also get wrecked more easily than you'd expect.

I wore a rashguard and also put this on every session in problem spots:

Also, you'll probably need to put your leash on tighter than you're used to, since you no longer have a wetsuit keeping you safe from it jiggling around.

u/1nd1anaCroft · 3 pointsr/Aerials

I had the same issue - I have a slippery nylon/spandex unitard and my routine has a drop that ends with needing to grip/pinch behind my knees or else I land on my head. I picked up Cramer Firm Grip Spray and it has been fantastic. Added benefit beyond good stick is that there is no visible residue

u/cssmythe3 · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips
u/adav218 · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

1. something blue

2. summer vibes

3. unusual food, avocado hugger

4. this for my mom. shes the ultimate beach planner, and it would be such a good gift because it has the insulated bottom that she could bring snacks and drinks in!

5. girl in cabin 10 its a suspense, and Ruth Ware has quickly become one of my fav authors.

six- hmm coming back.

7. dog bed for burrow types

8. this useless gift is pretty funny though

9. inception because its just a giant mind fuck and its awesome

10. first aid kit for zombies just seems like you might need a band-aid or something.

11. DSM 5 pocket version im currently studying for my license to become a counselor, and this one be so helpful when I have to diagnose my clients. it's absolutely vital for a therapist, and it would change my life!

12. add- on

13. harry potter fandom

14. this painting is 235,000 HOLY CRAP

15. unicorn cupcake topper

16. bourbon vanilla candle

17. barbie dream house was EVERYTHING

18. writers block

19. makeup vanity I cant afford one right now, but I will save up and get one!!! Im obsessed with makeup and having a good place to sit while doing it.

20. bacon survival kit. for the true bacon lovers lmao

Edit: I literally give up on editing the numbers. But this was such a fun scavenger hunt! Thank you adoptee!

u/Created4More · 3 pointsr/jiujitsu

SISU Mouth Guards Max 2.4mm Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard for Youth/Adults, NextGen, Charcoal Black

This company has a set that's for braces. You mold it yourself

u/DrDOS · 3 pointsr/bjj

I personally just got one of these SISU type of guards, it's so minimal that I can easily breath and talk, even instruct, without impairment, so I just never take it out until I need to put it away until next practice.

In terms of others getting germs on you, them taking their mouthguard out and putting it in is probably the least of your problems.

u/fairytelltrash · 3 pointsr/xxfitness

BodyGlide is great for preventing the rash.

u/Fuck_Cilantro · 3 pointsr/running

Body Glide! Body Glide all the things that touch other things.

Chafing is a real threat and can ruin your race. Nips, thighs etc.

u/darksteihl · 3 pointsr/CampingandHiking

Body Glide.... You may be as woolly as me but I guarantee you aren't woollier...

Edit: linky

u/HereComesBadNews · 3 pointsr/AskWomen

If you have any problems with rubbing--your breasts on your rib cage, your thighs when you walk, your bra on your armpits when you sweat--try an anti-chafe stick. They're cheap and, at least for me, crazy effective. I can walk for hours now without feeling any friction. Personally, I stole my partner's Body Glide, and now I use it any time I'm walking in shorts or a dress. I visited NYC with a friend, offered him some Body Glide when he chafed after our first day walking around the city, and now he loves it, too. I actually forgot to use it before exercising this morning, and I definitely noticed the difference.

Deodorant can work, too, but I find it can leave white marks on my clothing and doesn't give the same amount of "glide."

u/jillesme · 3 pointsr/bjj

I can vouch for the Venum Mouthguard. Best mouthguard out there for $15 in my experience! I use mine for MMA and BJJ.

u/thetwaddler · 3 pointsr/golf

I use this. I first got it for running, but found it is perfect for walking a course as well.

u/nextapp · 3 pointsr/ElectricSkateboarding

The G forms I believe wouldn't slip because they have that slip resistant material on the inside it's like a rubbery band that goes around the top and bottom of the pads .

These are the ones I purchased and I do not recommend these because they did not stay on my arm when I crash I fell and I slid across the ground and the pad went sliding with the ground and then my Bearskin went sliding against the ground and these parents were nowhere to be found they were slid down past my elbow leaving my skin to get scraped up so I don't recommend them at all

I thought maybe it was because I order a large and when I redid my sizing measurement I realized that I'm a little bit closer to a medium so I ordered the medium just to try it and the medium or way too tight so I think that the large is okay but these pads don't stay on when you fall asleep because there is friction at it when you fall because the pads are Fabric and not hard plastic so they won't slide you really need something that's going to slide with the ground plastic will do or anything that has a hardcover.

I did order the knee pads from them too and so far I can say that the knee pads are working pretty well and I have had no problems with them even when I crashed I did hit my knees pretty bad on the ground but these pads actually did reduce some of the force so they did their job and I do recommend these knee pads and a cheap alternative and are really good in my opinion. Just don't get their elbow pads.

u/TrekaTeka · 3 pointsr/orangetheory

Bike, Bike, Bike

I had a bad case of PF, and went to the see a Dr about it. Took some anti-inflammatory which helped. He gave me some orthotics which have helped, and exercises and stretches which also have helped.

I picked up this PF cold roller which I do periodically to help stretch it out -

But back to the Bike. My Dr told me not to run for awhile, which meant I had to switch to the bike. Don't discount the bike as thinking it's easier because it most certainly is not. :) I get a better workout with more splats on bike than treads. You can control the resistance with more fidelity than on the treads, and easier to get feedback since you can watch your RPM and watts in comparison to your gear.

Not a fan of the strider though. It felt like I was running on a bumpy road.

I have thought about going back to treads, but honestly I found the bike to be better overall since it's lower impact on joints like knees and ankles. The one downside is having to adjust the bike to your seat and handlebar height if you are swapping with someone.

u/Shpadoinkles · 2 pointsr/running

I'm just getting (re)started myself. Couple things I've noticed as a bigger dude. Chafing may be an issue. It sucks, prevent it.

My nipples are on fire after a wet run. This also sucks.

Some kind of running sock to prevent hotspots on your feet. I got a nice blister on my last longer run. Don't do like I did and use cheap cotton socks.

Download Strava and join the Reddit Running group. I get random kudos from people I've never met and it's really fulfilling for some reason.

u/Lawsnapper · 2 pointsr/Iron

Like /u/Falling_Glass I usually just use Gold Bond Body Powder, but there are some other options depending on what exactly you are looking for. Bodyglide comes in a stick like deodorant, and it seems to have good reviews. Elitefts just started selling Dr. Greenfield's Chafe Shield, but I don't know much about it. Anti Monkey Butt Powder is another product I have heard about people using. There is also a Chafing Relief Powder Gel that works well, but is pretty expensive (and is marketed to women if that is an issue). Maybe one of these will fit what you are looking for.

u/blindside1 · 2 pointsr/Eskrima

For fencing masks this is what I recommend, it is one of the cheapest masks you will find out there but has many features that come from higher end masks. Plus I read somewhere that one of the HEMA groups had done some testing and found that the mask strength quality was pretty high.

If you want back of the head protection the HEMA line from Absolute Fencing has gotten decent reviews, I have never used them.

I use a Diamond MMA cup and compression short combo that is great but it is probably overkill if you aren't doing grappling. I just wouldn't buy the super cheap solid plastic cups, many companies now make a cup with a softer flex edge to them that make them far more comfortable to wear.

I think this is my most recent mouth guard but I have happy with most except for the really really cheap designs.

u/3ThreeD · 2 pointsr/askTO

Here are a few other items that can be purchased to help keep you cool while at work /u/CupKate123.

u/patrick_e · 2 pointsr/running

This is the one I have. The mini, it's 3" so really easy to throw in my work bag or a desk drawer or whatever.

Good for when you're sitting in the evening reading a book or watching TV or whatever too.

u/Ciryaquen · 2 pointsr/asoiaf

You should give this stuff a try if you haven't already...

Body Glide

u/PolarBear89 · 2 pointsr/socalhiking

I use this stuff called Bodyglide. It's like a stick of deodorant made of Teflon (no idea if that is what it really is).

u/AstrosFanatic · 2 pointsr/Astros

This is another type of substance he is referring to. Never heard of it before

u/stackered · 2 pointsr/bjj

I have a Venom mouthguard:

pretty cheap, was easy to boil and fit. I hated wearing a mouthpiece but this one is great, you won't even know its there

u/specialistdeluxe · 2 pointsr/surfing

Body Glide will prevent that. I use it every sesh on my neck and armpits. Also great for your nuts if you get chaffed from board shorts. A single stick of this stuff will last almost a year. At least it does for me and i surf 3-5 times a week.

It's not oily or anything like that. Little pricey but worth it not having a raw neck or balls.

u/DukeMacManus · 2 pointsr/martialarts

I'm a nurse and we use live swords in our iai training so I made sure our dojo had a good first aid kit.

Ventolin is (at least in the US) prescription only. If your students have severe asthma they should bring their inhaler. For heart attacks you want full-strength aspirin on hand. Hypoglycemia, have disintegrating glucose tabs.

u/Halfmoonhero · 2 pointsr/Fitness

I seriously couldn't live without it. I live in China and have to get it imported.

u/natjwwax · 2 pointsr/C25K

Body glide works well too! :)

u/welding-_-guru · 2 pointsr/onewheel

I use these elbow pads:

They look like the're in between the triple8 stealth and exoskin pads. I also have the knee pads, but they're pretty bulky so most of the time I wear football knee/shin pads that are thinner but also give me that shin protection.


Lately since its been cold I moved over to my rain pants that I bought for motorcycle riding and I LOVE onehweel riding in them. These aren't the exact ones I have because I've had mine for 10 years but they're similar:


I took an unexpected low speed nosedive Saturday on a gravel logging road with those pants and elbow pads on. I fell straight on my side without catching myself at all and it was almost like jumping into bed it was that soft of a fall.

u/FishFollower74 · 2 pointsr/running

I use NipGuard for this very issue, and I love them. They work great.

u/cookiesncereal · 2 pointsr/Aerials

I tried it before and while your fabric won't be damaged, it didnt work very well (it was too sticky at first and then most of it came off on the silks I think). I really like those firm grip sprays they sell on amazon

u/spyguitar · 2 pointsr/running

Body Glide. Body Glide Body Glide Body Glide. Body Glide! Also, if you're a guy, bandaids for the nips. I can't remember offhand but I think I use these; they stayed put through a marathon.

u/HopkinGreenFrog · 2 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Bodyglide. This is magical for protecting skin while you're breaking in new shoes.

Another good one is moleskin, which is like a bandaid without the pad so it helps protect without sliding around.

u/JakeSHolland · 2 pointsr/chastity

For me, the best lube for the ring is body glide. But I think you've got more issues than just lube.

I used a Dremel with a sanding wheel to put a little bevel in the ring. Making that edge a little less abrupt helped.

You might need a larger ring. sells rings larger than the ones that come with the CB-6Ks. You might need to step up to a 2 1/8 or even a 2 1/4 inch ring.

Be careful. You probably need some time off to heal.

u/faz712 · 2 pointsr/youseeingthisshit

The shirt material rubbing with every stride. That's why you are supposed to wear close fitting shirt and/or use nipple tape/protection like this

u/gtuck4889 · 2 pointsr/Coachella
u/GhostOfTheNet · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hello again! I want to link everything that I have to you, but just a few instead: mouthguard, protective cup, jump/speed rope, etc. Did you design this contest for me? Cool contest! <3

u/ephymeris · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

Guuuuurl, get you some body-glide! I use it for marathons but it's great for chafing shorts or skirts too!

u/GTFOReligion · 2 pointsr/Fitness

UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve, Single Wrap, Medium

This is the one I have. Worn it about 100 times now and it’s still in good condition. I hand wash it about every 10 uses.

u/sammyrulez · 2 pointsr/MuayThai

After two years of a $5 model I bought this: the Venum "Challenger" Mouthguard, Red Devil. It's 14$ but has great value. Comparable to a custom one. It is made of two different material. Harder on the outside, soft gel like in the inside.

u/Ace_Duskey · 2 pointsr/everymanshouldknow

A lot of replies have already said this, but consider switching from (assumed) boardshorts to a speedo. As a swimmer and Polo player, if I get in the pool for anything other than just paddling around I wear a speedo. If you feel uncomfortable with that you can try a different cut, maybe a drag suit like this (no chafing)

My last tip is to use body glide. Apply to chafing area before your workout.

u/Bmx045 · 2 pointsr/boostedboards

I bought these elbow pads after smacking my elbow too. Never looking back now.


u/fritopie · 2 pointsr/loseit

> I ran through the rash that happens when your legs are too fat and rub together.

Another pro fat girl with flabby thighs that rub together trick... is this stuff right here. Bodyglide. Sounds like a sex thing, but it's not. It works great.

And for the diet stuff... remember, the first week or maybe two is always the worst. It's your adjustment period. Not that it's smooth sailing after that, but it gets much more manageable.

PS... Congrats on the running achievement! I do good just to get my lazy ass out the door every other day to do my c25k program. Lol. And I am super slow. Did just barely 2 miles last night in about 25 minutes.

u/jrnnnnn · 2 pointsr/bjj

Bauerfiend Genutrains (though they're expensive). They're ridiculously comfortable, coming from someone who has torn a meniscus in one knee and has tendonitis in the other. The cheaper route would be UFlex Athetics' knee compression sleeve.


u/Muthachucka · 2 pointsr/braces

I play hockey and my ortho recommended this one Shock Doctor
There are also custom guards: Gladiator Guard
Or theses DIY customs guards: Sisu

u/Prodigy195 · 1 pointr/bjj

If you want to get a pretty solid affordable mouth guard for for this Venum one.

Boil water, take the water off the heat source, drop the guard in the water facedown for 90 seconds, take it out of the water and run it under cold water for 1 second, bite down and press/suck to make it tight to your teeth.

It's one of the best fitting boil and bite guards I've used in 9 years of MMA/BJJ.

u/BittahZamurai · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

May be a little more than you're looking to spend, but this bag has been phenomenal for me so far. It holds my shoes, gloves, wraps, headgear, mouthpiece, clothes and two separate bottles with room to spare.

You may also consider getting him a mouth piece:

EDIT: Here are the boxing shoes I have. They're much taller than wrestling shoes for ankle support (my ankles are shite) and wrestling shoes, imo, have way too much grip. I made the change after trying to rotate away from my opponent, but was unable to because of my shoe's grip and caught a nasty left hook right above the eye.

u/unsunken · 1 pointr/funny

Toe socks will reduce friction, as will Bodyglide . Or just build up distance slowly and your skin will get used to it.

u/baaaazinga · 1 pointr/Fitness

Go to your local running store and purchase Glide. It's a lifesaver! Put it on anywhere that rubs. That includes in between thighs, between skin and clothing that rubs and anywhere else that causes irritation due to rubbing.

I've been a runner for the majority of my life and I've never had a thigh gap. It all depends on how you're built and having your thighs rub can be completely normal (and irritating).

u/FCB_TB · 1 pointr/Coachella

I've used this stuff for Coachella, Burning Man, 115 degree humid heat in the middle east, etc. Looks similar to the gold bon, I have never tried the gold bond though.

They sell this stuff at REI and probably at running shoe stores, etc.

u/vonbonbon · 1 pointr/running

You have a couple of options if it's chafing. One, you can use compression shorts. These usually cut down on any friction and keep all the bits in the right places. Less movement means less opportunity to chafe.

The other thing is get some sort of lubricant to cut down on friction points. Vaseline will work, although it might discolor your shorts. Bodyglide is what I usually use (the main parts are okay, but I get bad chafing sometimes on my upper thighs), it works great. A tube of it lasts a long time. No discoloration on clothes either.

u/nae7215 · 1 pointr/loseit

female here, and i get chaffing really bad on my thighs too. I generally wear "boyshort" style underwear (so kind of like boxer briefs but a little shorter in the legs) but make sure they aren't made of cotton! Also I rub this in between my legs about 10 minutes before i run. You can find it in most sporting goods stores in chicago-land, but i don't know about canada.

Good luck!

u/Fr3shMint · 1 pointr/bjj
u/wreckingball45 · 1 pointr/bjj

I have this
It's better than the simple boil and bite as it has rubber inserts to give it more durability. It's still thin and less bulky than most. Most others are thick and include dual layers of a hard outer and gel inner layer. While a good concept, I find that they suck.

I've tried others including the expensive ones. The expensive ones have proven overpriced crap. This one has held up.

u/random_fluffball · 1 pointr/FashionPlus

I'd like to suggest bodyglide in lieu of deodorant on inner thighs- I also use it under my breasts as a barrier against where my sports bra "cinches".

u/cyberlich · 1 pointr/LifeProTips
u/Xanthippus · 1 pointr/AskReddit
u/MrBeanpod · 1 pointr/running
u/Dubaku · 1 pointr/airsoft

You might like the SISU mouth guard. You fit it to your top teeth, so you can still talk and drink with it on. It is pretty comfortable to wear if fitted properly, and if it starts to bother you, you can just take it out when you are not getting shot at, and put it back in when the action starts.

u/rkiloquebec · 1 pointr/hockeyrefs

Bodyprox Elbow Protection Pads 1 Pair (Medium), Elbow Guard Sleeve

u/Vanadyel · 1 pointr/rugbyunion

Oh and if you have any recommandation about mouthguards... feel free to tell me. I have a mouthguard I'd like to replace: I feel I have a hard time breathing with the one I have.

Edit: I looked a bit further and I found that one:

Seems thin, I was wondering if somebody tried it.

And a more classic one:

But I'm not certain it would let me breath and talk that easily...

u/kidNurse · 1 pointr/Dermatology

Body Glide is your friend

u/jsickels · 1 pointr/XXRunning

This used to happen to me!!! Before long runs I use Glide on my underarms and on my bra line. It glides on just like deodorant and it took care of my chafing immediately.

Bodyglide Original Anti-Chafe Balm (0.45-Ounce)

u/rma39 · 1 pointr/running

Couple people mentioned Body Glide and it 100% helped me get rid of my serious groin chafing issues.

Here is the amazon link

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I heard the best mouth guards are the custom made ones but they are pretty expensive and I don't think they worth it. You should probably get a mold and as far as I know, there aren't any special brands for them, and don't buy lower teeth guard it really is a waste of money.

Btw if you have braces buy a mold mouthguard suitable for braces.

Few suggestions -

Link 1 (not suitable for braces)

Link 2 (suitable for braces)

For me, the type and quality of a mouthguard isn't really important because they are all practically the same aside from some gimmicks.

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I was wrestling over the same purchase decision for months. I finally got the Theragun last week, and I can't put it down. The multiple ways to grip the handle is surprisingly useful. I have all of the massage devices listed below, and there's nothing quite like the Theragun. Previously, I hesitated in working on areas that were particular painful. The Theragun allows me to work trouble areas more often. My wife and I use it everyday.


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Ugh. Sorry if I'm getting a little bit frustrated with this, but you're really not stating your problem clearly here. If you describe what effect you're after in more detail, and what purpose the cream serves, it would be a lot easier to point you to something.
So far I gather : you need to prevent dryness, add moisture if possible, and prevent it from feeling unpleasant when rubbing against fabric. Sounds like an occlusive / anti-chafing gel more than a moisturizer.

Here is a really good product that's specifically designed for women's parts. I have it at home and it's really great for making the skin feel smooth and comfortable, and retaining moisture :

In the UK specifically, searching for "anti-chafing gel", there seem to be a couple of options :
Lanacane : I've had this one before and it's not as smooth / silky as the Monistat one, but it's ok.

These two - I have no idea if they're good but have good reviews and the first one has suitable ingredients :

Won't recommend you DIY this because it has more complex ingredients that you'll need to source and figure out how to assemble.

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I can't really provide advice on anything but chafing: As mention below, compression shorts are great. But I'd also suggest using Body Glide. It's a petroleum jelly like substance in deodorant stick form. Spread some of that around your thighs and it will be less uncomfortable.

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Yep this is my favorite boil and bite. I don't know how they compare to custom fitted ones but they have worked great for my sparring. Best part about them is they don't cut up your mouth from being too hard. I tried like 5 other boil and bites with various problems, none of those here.

Edit: These look like a similar design for another option

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this stuff worked wonders on me when i wanted to run but its also good if its just one of those days.

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Totally unglamorous, but this would be helpful. Thanks for the contest!

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I've worn NipGuards for years after trying everything else...


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Based on a google search, which I know is the best way to figure out what's wrong with you, I think I get intermittent "runner's knee." My knee feels wobbly and stiff (which sounds contradictory) when I run, and then there's a dull pain for the rest of the day, increased wobbliness, and a weird "texture" (?) when I unbend it. The next day it's fine again.

I do squats to try and strengthen my knees/legs, but that's about it other than walking and running.

I'm thinking about buying this knee compression sleeve. Do you think this would help? Even when it doesn't hurt, my knee has always been a little baby. I'm fairly certain (had them fitted) that my shoes aren't the issue.

u/coraythan · 1 pointr/ultrarunning

I recommend bodyglide. Without bodyglide I've chafed painfully (although not too badly) from a 4 hour marathon. With bodyglide I've had absolutely no chafing from a 5 hour 50k, so it definitely helps.

For shorts I went to a local running store and tried on about 5 different pairs until I found something comfortable for me. It's convenient buying stuff on amazon, but for running shorts, I think the personal fit is quite important.

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Snug-fitting quick-dry moisture-wicking shirt will move around less and chafe less.

Bodyglide to reduce friction.

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But in all seriousness, I think a tacky spray-on type of glue (safe on skin) exists.

Would something like this be what you're looking for?

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I’ve had bone spurs, tendinitis, and IT bands for years now. I usually start to break down around 6 miles in to a run. I have found that knee sleeves can help push that out to 13 miles or so. I have a HIM in 4 weeks and I’ve done my training with the sleeves on and I’ve been super happy with how well they’ve worked. This is what I have

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Get yourself a Glide stick for chaffing. It saves lives.

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Not sure how much help you need, but I'm satisfied with these.

u/_Testicleez_ · 1 pointr/Bowling

I bought these knee sleeves about one month ago for weight-lifting/running/basketball. Works fantastic for me, never slides down. Over 6,500 reviews at 4.8 stars.

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YES! I started having knee pain late into BBG 1.0 (week 9 or so). It turns out I tore my MCL (inner knee) and my knees felt like they were on fire some days but achy others. I made sure to rest them when I could and wear knee sleeves on BBG Leg days. I bought some simple compression knee sleeves ( Most importantly, I made sure to be more aware of my side-to-side movements. I keep my knees straight when doing the jumping moves and make sure to stretch really well.

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For a cheap boil-and-bite guard I like it's nice and thin and at $5 if you hate it you haven't sunk a lot of money on it.

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Compression gear allows me to run without pain. Try it!

Last year I tried C25K, and had to stop after week 2 because my left IT band was killing me.

I signed up for the Nashville Sprint (my first Spartan race) a few weeks ago, and decided to start the C210K program. After the first run, my left IT band felt sore again. A coworker that runs marathons told me about compression gear (socks and knee sleeves). I bought some from Amazon, and now I can run without pain!

Here's the compression gear I use:

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Maybe I'm being picky, but I'd like to get something like this

Something that protects forehead, nose, ears, and neck. This one above splits in the back and won't cover the neck. And that's not black.

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Massive cost?

Body glide is something like $9 a tube, and that shit will last you several months. I use it when I run, and its great.

As for cycling Chamois Butt'r is maybe $15 a tube on the high end, but again it will last you a few months if you use it in moderation.