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u/bruzie · 66 pointsr/funny
u/Blastyr · 17 pointsr/gaming

Reminds me of this shirt.

u/CalleTacna · 6 pointsr/surfing

I started wearing them last year - aside from the long term protection against surfers ear, I find I feel warmer with them in. I'll even wear them in warm water no to prevent water in my ear, which is annoying.

There are a lot of expensive ones out there but the JBL ones on amazon (or some surf shops) work great and are like 1/4 the cost

u/Loftless · 4 pointsr/wallpapers

I found it on Amazon, but now that I think of it, my wife may have picked it up at the comic shop. However the one on Amazon is the exact one I have, and it's great quality.

u/youknowdamnright · 4 pointsr/flying

I used 2 things: Em's for bubs and also Silicone ear plugs

the earmuffs dont fit great while he is in his seat, but they are removeable from the headband, so we left the headband part over his ears which helped keep the silicone ones in place (so he wouldnt mess with them).

u/bay-surfer · 3 pointsr/surfing

I like these silicone ear plugs:

I haven't tried them with the hood, yet, but I don't think there will be any issues.

u/clay1039 · 3 pointsr/spacex

Have never been to a launch, so no personal experience, but ear plugs for the kids seems very smart. Here is what I give my two little's if we're somewhere the music is really blasting; don't know if a rocket launch would call for something more heavy duty?

u/mahgel · 3 pointsr/surfing

I've had a Zoggs for a year and it works perfectly. Keeps water out while still able to have conversations with people around you.

u/GeeKOllie · 2 pointsr/Swimming

I use these speedo biofuse earplugs whenever I swim, and I swim 5 days a week.

Should I be worried about getting swimmers ear? I've been swimming for about 6 months and have been fine so far.

u/ltethe · 2 pointsr/surfing

I do. Years of El Porto have gradually made my ears sensitive. I would get slammed by a wall, and nearly every time I went under, it would hurt.

I use these

They stick in the ear pretty well, they stay in in just about everything except the gnarliest sets, and they equalize appropriately if you get pushed to the bottom.

Recently I surfed in Bali without these, and was pleasantly surprised that the pain I was experiencing has gone away after a few seasons of wearing these.

u/Serendipity724_ · 2 pointsr/AskDocs

Sure. These are moldable ones for your ear that look much more comfortable but i'm not sure how reusable they would be.


Moldable Putty Ear Plugs


Reusable - These are a bit more expensive but if you're going to be using often then they might be worth the extra cost.


I looked around a little bit, but if you want you can go ahead and few other brands/types that will work good for you. The other option was these little like acorn pine tree looking things. They looked a bit scary/painful to me but they might work great who knows. These seem more friendly.

u/allthekos · 2 pointsr/Advice

These are what i swear by... very cheap effective earplugs. You don't want the foam ones, the silicone shit you mould. You want the ones shaped like christmas trees, put them in, you cant hear anything!

u/mobile_monster_ · 2 pointsr/spacex
u/ClimaxFlatulence · 2 pointsr/GetOutOfBed

for sleeping I would try TYR plugs. I use them in class and when sleeping as well. Have a fair amount of noise reduction for their slim design.

u/Gewinnerkrebs18 · 2 pointsr/diving

There are special earplugs for divers which have tiny holes in them to make sure you can handle the pressure. Here’s a Link

u/orthecreedence · 2 pointsr/surfing

I swear by these. Cheaper than the docs pro plugs, stay in much better, and you can still hear (sometimes) depending on the size of your ear canal. Sometimes I have to push them up a little to get normal hearing back. But honestly, I'll trade not hearing well in the lineup with not having ten gallons of water stuck in each ear any day.

u/evensevenone · 1 pointr/surfing

$10. I haven't had them out in extreme conditions but they seem pretty secure. And they're not bright yellow or red.

u/thejournalizer · 1 pointr/triathlon

I've had the displeasure of using about 10 different kind of nose plugs.

For the past few months I've been using these, but I tend to break them once a month. Comfortable and get the job done.

I just started using this kind the past few days. I figure since there is no plastic it won't be as likely to snap. I feel like this one does a better job, too.

u/L33TJ4CK3R · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

I use a silicone ear plug to cap mine. Something like this.

I've also used the foam ones.

u/po2gdHaeKaYk · 1 pointr/MotoUK

Agreed, though I do point out that in comparison with UK prices, those aluminium ear plugs are not that outrageous compared with other offerings by Etymotic.

The ones you linked are interesting. You can find them for about £13. How much use would you say the material holds up for? Is this permanent permanent or would we expect it to degrade after a year?

I have tried these types of silicone earplugs, which work similarly, but I was not impressed. They were nowhere near as good as the type that are inserted in your ear canal, and are also on the pricier side. You get about the same number of uses out of them as foam ones---maybe 3-4 times before the silicone loses its stickiness.

u/antifolkhero · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Link for the lazy. Seems like they are nice, but generally for diving. What specifically do you like about these over other brands?

u/Busdriver365 · 0 pointsr/flying

Try these:

Mack's 6 pair Pillow Soft Ear Plugs - Kid Size

They don't go IN to the ear like foam ones, but conform to the outer ear and have no pressure on the canal. Not as isolating as foam, but better than the kid ripping them out.

My toddler (who HATES noise) tolerates these in conjunction with ear protection muffs. He happily watches the F18 demo at the air show, so it must work.

Edit: just noticed another reply had the Mack's, so add my recommendation!