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The fears about chemicals leaching into your water are largely overblown, and shouldn't be an issue with currently sold bottles. There was never even a solid consensus on whether BPA was actually harmful, but they stopped using BPA plastic in reusable water bottles a while ago. They still use them to line canned goods because nobody raised a stink about that. (Edit to add: this means don't cook canned food in the can. That definitely might leach out something nasty.)

Bacteria can't grow in plain water. They need something to eat. Pure water doesn't spoil.

I keep one of these in the trunk full of water.

u/Blastyr · 17 pointsr/gaming

Reminds me of this shirt.

u/superpopcone · 17 pointsr/berkeley

Seeing as both wildfires and power outages are going hand in hand, I want to repost an FAQ I wrote from last year for wildfire safety, updated with some power outage info. I'll be updating and simplifying this as time allows - hopefully it's comprehensive.

EDIT: Exceeded word count, I extended it into the comment responses. Check Table of Contents for whatever info you care about.



Wildfires - Enhance awareness by checking fires and AQI, and buy/wear a valved N95-rated respirator (NOT a regular surgical mask). Most importantly, ensure a proper fit/seal if you don't want short or long term respiratory problems/failure.

Power Outages - Stay informed. Prepare 2 weeks worth of water and cash. Move things to fridge/freezer for up to 48 hours of storage.

Evacuations - Sonoma County is currently being evacuated as the Kincade Wildfire razes homes to the ground. Cal Maritime Academy was evacuated yesterday (10-27) due to the Vallejo ("Glen Cove") Fire. You decide if you want to prepare for evacuation - details below if so.


Table of Contents

  1. General Info - Power Outages and Wildfires
  2. Wildfire Safety - Respirator Masks
  3. Power Outages - Preparedness
  4. Evacuations - Go Bag


    1. GENERAL INFO - Power Outages and Wildfires

    What's going on with power outages?

    PG&E is implementing PSPS, "Public Safety Power Shutoffs", during times of high fire risk (dry, high winds), in an attempt to prevent wildfires.


    How do I stay up to date about power outage information? Am I affected?

    Official City of Berkeley webpage about PG&E outages.

    PG&E Outage subpage.

    PG&E outage map - use to check if you're out of power.

    PG&E's Twitter may be a better information source if high traffic causes other websites to go down.

    Other alternative sources available here.


    What's on fire right now?

    Official California wildfire maps here. A colored highlighted section will appear when a fire perimeter for a significant fire is created. Incidents not covered by CalFire (the state fire department) are listed as "Not a CAL FIRE Incident", in which you can click on it to find out which local city fire department will have more information. Status updates and evacuation orders are listed under each fire's specific page.


    Tell me about the Air Quality Index (AQI)?

    Official EPA AQI website here. The AQI is a metric used to measure air quality and certain pollutants, such as PM2.5 and ozone.

    Unofficial AQI site - PurpleAir. Not government official, but there are significantly more sensors that are higher resolution and generally more accurate.

    You should wear a respirator for an AQI of about 150 or above.


    What is PM2.5?

    PM2.5 refers to fine dust particles less than 2.5 microns/micrometers in diameter - these are the particles that come from heavy pollution (see: China) and wildfires (see: California). In short, they damage your respiratory systems like no tomorrow (depending on concentration and duration of exposure) for both short term (asthma, heart attacks) and long term (respiratory disease risk increase). Source. Source 2.

    These particles are microscopic and cannot be seen, which means the best way you should check if you need to protect from it is to check an official AQI source, NOT simply check if it's smog/smokey outside. (FYI context - the average virus is 0.3 microns in size.)


    What are other major risks to be aware of?



    Running water may suddenly stop. Water utilities are vulnerable to both power outages and wildfires - lack of power to run pump equipment, and water redistribution to firefighting efforts will cause water outages.

    EBMUD (East Bay Municipality Utility District) website.


    Prepare - Have 1 gallon of water per person, per day, for 2 weeks of self reliance. If you don't have that much storage, fill as many bottles as you can. Then buy water storage containers such as Aquatainers (cheap, larger capacity) or jerry-can style water containers (more durable, better leak-proof, and smaller capacity + handle design = easier to lift and move to your car. Water is HEAVY.).



    Credit card readers and ATMs may not work, and stores will begin to only accept cash. In addition to power outages, network outages will disable the verification process credit cards - so even if you have power, credit card readers will not work.


    Prepare - Have a backup reserve of physical cash on hand for at LEAST 2 weeks worth of expenses. Smaller bills are better.



    Wi-Fi and power outages are not directly correlated to each other.

    If there is internet coming to your building, but your building has no power, you can still use your Wi-Fi network if you can run your modem/router on backup power somehow.

    If the ISP network center, which sends the internet to your building, is experiencing power outage issues, then you will have Wi-Fi outages, even if your building has power.


    Source for most of the respirator info - very long but thorough.


    If there's more info to add or correct, feel free to comment and I'll edit this. Hope this helps everyone - stay safe out there.

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Belay Glasses? Not if you want to send. Try these on for size.

u/Loftless · 4 pointsr/wallpapers

I found it on Amazon, but now that I think of it, my wife may have picked it up at the comic shop. However the one on Amazon is the exact one I have, and it's great quality.

u/youknowdamnright · 4 pointsr/flying

I used 2 things: Em's for bubs and also Silicone ear plugs

the earmuffs dont fit great while he is in his seat, but they are removeable from the headband, so we left the headband part over his ears which helped keep the silicone ones in place (so he wouldnt mess with them).

u/UncleSkippy · 4 pointsr/bjj

If it is temporary or non-permanent hair dye, wear a swim cap.

If it is permanent, wear a swim cap for the first few days or so to ensure that all of the residual dye has been washed out.

The only reason I can suggest this is because a training partner had her hair dyed and wore a swim cap to ensure that it was "set" before rolling without it. I dyed my hair once in college and in typical college fashion, fucked it up. I was "that guy" for a few months :-P

u/iMatthew · 3 pointsr/Swimming

Here's an open-water visibility buoy with a compartment for all your things

u/Jollyolroger_ · 3 pointsr/Swimming

These have served me very well. They're very comfortable and in my experience last quite a while.

u/boner79 · 3 pointsr/Swimming

I like Aqua Sphere Kayenne goggles for fitness swimming. Very comfortable and great visibility.

u/RustyTorino · 3 pointsr/Swimming

A backstroker on my college team used this type . I tried it a few times and worked great, kept all the water out.

u/nolaswim · 3 pointsr/Swimming

honestly, i am not breaststroker, but my other brother was and my coach (who went to OT) was. they say that a big thing to drop time is breaking down the stroke. they did a lot of breaststroke drills in practice including: breaststroke arms with a flutter kick and breaststroke arms with fly kick.

a big thing in all strokes are tempo trainers. you can have the most perfect technique but if the speed isnt there than the time will suffer. ill attach a link to a tempo trainer if you want one (amazon has the best prices).

i also think having a good coach who knows what he is talking about is a good way to improve; i have always benefited from being videotaped as well, so i can see exactly where i nee improvement. hope this helps:) best of luck!!

u/gardinermatt · 3 pointsr/triathlon

I have some swim bands the attach to my ankles to allow me to swim endlessly in hotel pools, which also provide resistance. Pretty amazing!

I just need a pool in every hotel I stay in to be able to use them.

u/clay1039 · 3 pointsr/spacex

Have never been to a launch, so no personal experience, but ear plugs for the kids seems very smart. Here is what I give my two little's if we're somewhere the music is really blasting; don't know if a rocket launch would call for something more heavy duty?

u/sequoiachieftain · 3 pointsr/surfing

These work great:
GOOQ Premium Surfer Surf Ears

Super cheap knock offs of the 50-60 dollar ones.

u/ZapZip · 2 pointsr/Swimming

Search on Amazon: silicone swim cap

Something like this: Speedo Silicone Cap

u/tiglathpilesar · 2 pointsr/himynameisjay

I know right? $12.50 and problem solved and she could have been cycling everywhere.

u/ihatecashews · 2 pointsr/surfing

I couldn't wear Docs plugs under my hood because they kinda stick out so the hood pushes them against my head and it's kinda painful. Recently I got some unbranded "SurfEars"-style plugs (the kind with the little wing thingy) off Amazon (for like $13) and those are much more low profile. My friend who's been surfing forever and has a doctor that surfs (also in your area) says that the doc sees lots of cases of surfer's ear in the area due to the cold and wind, so personally I err on the side of over-caution and always wear plugs. I'm told the unblocking surgery is super gnarly...

Oh, re: the other dude's comment about Doc's plugs: Yeah they leak water but the water that comes in isn't as cold and the plugs block wind, and it's those two things that I understand are the cause of surfer's ear. The main disadvantage I found with Doc's (which I've used for years) is that the water gets in and stays there, causing you to not be able to hear; this is more of a minor annoyance but it's definitely annoying. The "SurfEars"-style plugs seem better at this but I haven't used them much yet to come to any definite conclusions.

These are the ear plugs I mentioned, although there are plenty that are exactly like them under different brands:

u/landlife · 2 pointsr/OpenWaterSwimming

Thanks to all for their replys, I appreciate your feedback. I am replying to this comment because the are two points I want to respond to....

  1. I absolutely agree with your comment that these air filled buoys should not be marketed as a flotation device but should serve as visibility aid primarily. However, see the two links if you have time, seems like they are advertising as a flotation device of sorts ...
    Both adverts mention in the second bullet point that this buoy can be used as flotation aid. This seems dishonest to me. My assumption is that some swimmers do want to mitigate risk and have a float aid in case of the unexpected but they are choosing these air bladders instead of a foam because the drag created by an air bladder is very low. Honestly want to know if there are other opinions out there.

  2. I agree, if I can only swim a mile I shouldn't plan to swim 2 miles by swimming half way, resting on an aid, then swimming the remaining mile. The purpose of having a flotation device should be to mitigate risk like cramping or unexpected issues which might prevent you from floating on your own. We cannot expect to eliminate all risk, for example in the case of heart attack or unconsciousness.

    Thanks again for all your replys
u/elspandex · 2 pointsr/navy

Can't you just buy one on Amazon ?

u/SpiritedContribution · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

Lap appropriate swimsuit for large breasts: Miraclesuit Colorblock Touche (discontinued). Not as awesome but still pretty good: Miraclesuit Helix. Both of these have underwires, higher necks, and clasps in the back that holds everything in place. You can buy directly from Miraclesuit, or Amazon, or other retailers.

Friendly Swede Silicone Swim Caps - They keep your ears dry!

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggles - There's probably fancier goggles out there, but I like these just fine.

Ekouaer Board Shorts - I love these swim shorts for water sports. They are high waist, and have a drawstring so they don't fall down if you take a tumble in the surf. I wear them with a regular tankini top.

u/scottlol · 2 pointsr/snowboarding

Goggles sometimes fog if you leave them on your helmet in the cold or if they dont seal properly to your face. You wiped the anti fog off when you tried to wipe the fog. Go get some anti-fog spray like this and treat your goggles, the refrain from wiping the inside of the lens in the future.

u/k-dingo · 2 pointsr/Fitness

I actually prefer the gasketless "Swedish goggle" designs. Bonus: they're dirt cheap.

Original swedish goggle and Speedo Swedish goggle

u/mredofcourse · 2 pointsr/AppleWatch

Yes, to be specific, this one:

It's bright and helps boaters see me if I'm swimming somewhere where that's an issue. It can hold my car keys and a tiny towel in addition to my iPhone. It's also nice to know I have something close by that floats should I or another swimmer get in trouble.

Since the iPhone is out of the water, the accuracy is usually spot on, with the iPhone being used for the GPS and the Apple Watch being used for the strokes, heart, etc... It's all automatic though, just start a swim exercise on the watch.

There are a bunch of other swim buoys available. I sort of just randomly picked this one, and it's "fine". I do put my keys and iPhone in sealed bags inside the buoy just in case.

u/mobile_monster_ · 2 pointsr/spacex
u/Ritwikb2 · 2 pointsr/navyseals

Gotchu: Swim Cap

And thanks. It seems like from people are saying that I need to glide more and rotate less. Gonna work on that. What are some torso rotation drills I should look into?

u/FTLast · 2 pointsr/Swimming

I have a set of these:

They're kind of weird, but you can swim with them. They stretch out a fair bit as you swim, so when you stop you're pulled back. Also, you never move past your "splash zone" if you can imagine what I mean, and so it makes breathing harder during freestyle.

They're pretty cheap, so give them a try.

u/saltytog · 1 pointr/photography

I shot with the newer H4D with a digital back. It was kinda like photographing with a 10 lb diving brick

u/naturalrunner · 1 pointr/triathlon

I too practice TI from YouTube drills. So meditative. So enjoyable. Can now swim for what seems like forever.

As a matter of fact, the swim leg is now my strongest one! Too bad it’s such a relatively small part of the race.

Meant to mention I also use earplugs and a metronome .

u/richard-pak · 1 pointr/Swimming

Hi, Dude. Please don't think about this issue. As for swimmer, the most important thing is workout, not counting. A good swimming lap counter is good for you.

I always use COUNTU Goal as my swimming lap counter, which has a great function, vibrate alarm function according to your preset lap or time. So I can focus on my workout better.

u/greatsharma · 1 pointr/Swimming

Currently, I use COUNTU Goal to record my swimming workout.

COUNTU Goal is an durable and easy to use sports timer and lap counter, it can record Total time, Total laps, Average time for each lap, Fastest lap time, slowest lap time, Individual lap time for every lap… More important function is its vibrate alarm function according to your preset lap or time. But it’s not an automatic device through inertial sensor, and you need to press button to record laps when turning.

Actually, I used automatic swimming watch to record my workout, such as Garmin and SWIMMO. But I found they make mistake occasionally, if my swimming action is not so good, or some person hit you in the pool. So I thought maybe manual device is suit for me better.

Hope my experience is helpful for you.

u/saitoxx · 1 pointr/Swimming

Must be COUNTU Goal.

I use COUNTU Goal as my daily swimming tracker. It’s finger ring device and fairly easy to use. COUNTU Goal has a very useful function, lap/time vibrate alarm function. Would recommend.

u/arosey · 1 pointr/Swimming
  1. Increasing both your aerobic and lung capacity. When doing laps in freestype, take set rest intervals. 10 seconds rest after each 25m may be good to start, then string together longer distances (50m with :20). A great way to build lung capacities are touch-and-gos in the deep end - start at the wall, swim down to the bottom of the pool, touch it with your palm then swim up and touch the wall again. Do those a bunch at the end of each workout.

  2. Integrate weight training, definitely. Focus on pulling movements and your core muscles. You use your abs and hips far more than most people realize in swimming.

  3. Like /u/fiddlestix42, I prefer the Swedish goggles. It's important to note that you shouldn't make these too tight, since they don't have a rubber or foam gasket and can really start to hurt after long sessions. I love them.
u/maltballfalcon · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Here is a silicone one! I have seen others, somewhere, but that one was from a quick search.

u/kylekruchok · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts
u/tom_choe · 1 pointr/Swimming

I know your concern. And I thought "tips" is no useful for your kid, because everybody will make mistake and forget something.

As for me, I count swimming lap with finger ring counter, COUNTU Goal. It's very easy to use and can vibrate your finger according to preset lap or time workout. Recommended.

u/phoxtricks · 1 pointr/ebikes

I have a luna mighty mini but the silicone is incredibly stretchy. Just make sure there are no sharp edges anywhere, one tiny nick and it will split open. I use this one:

u/xswim · 1 pointr/Swimming

For your purpose, swimming lap counter is recommended.

I use COUNTU Goal as my daily swimming tracker. COUNTU Goal can record Total time, Total laps, Average time for each lap, Fastest lap time, slowest lap time, Individual lap time for every lap…. Plus it has a very useful function, lap/time vibrate alarm function.

As for me, this small finger ring tracker is very useful. Hope helpful.

u/G_Jeong · 1 pointr/Swimming

Currently, I use COUNTU Goal to record my swimming workout. COUNTU Goal is an durable and easy to use sports timer and lap counter, it can record Total time, Total laps, Average time for each lap, Fastest lap time, slowest lap time, Individual lap time for every lap… More important function is its vibrate alarm function according to your preset lap or time. But it’s not an automatic device through inertial sensor, and you need to press button to record laps when turning.

Actually, I used automatic swimming watch to record my workout, such as Garmin and Fitbit. But I found they make mistake occasionally, if your turning action is not so good, or some person push in the pool. So I thought maybe manual device is suit for me better.

Hope my experience is helpful for you.

u/Hanako_T · 1 pointr/Swimming

We must evaluate the automatic swimming watch and lap counter more objectively. The automatic swimming watch, such as SWIMMO, is good. And the lap counter is also good enough. Depends on your swimming level and your choice.

Automatic swimming watches, which detect your turning and stroke with embedded sensor/ accelerometer, work perfectly for some normal-to-advanced swimmer. If your turning skill or stroke skill wasn't good enough, or swimming in a crowded pool, the sensor will always can't detect your action efficiently, and will record mistake.

But as to lap counter, such as COUNTU Goal, it is manual operating. You know, lap counter fit for any level swimmer, pretty easy to use. Like COUNTU, it can alarm you according to preset lap or time. I thought lap counter is enough for the majority.

u/JulietBravo_ · 1 pointr/airsoft

Probably because they're out of stock so evike replaced them with ones that were in stock.

There are of course, many other places you can get the mags from.

u/artist508 · 1 pointr/airsoft
u/Subylovin · 1 pointr/surfing

Update: got these GOOQ Premium Surfer Surf Ears Swimmers Ear Plugs for Unisex Surfers Surfing, Swimmers Swimming and Other Water Athletes Healthy Water Sports Waterproo

They work amazing. No annoying strings. Super super comfortable. Different size tips and a carrying case.

u/toddjunk · 1 pointr/ActionFigures

From the thumbnail, I thought he was in a swimming pool wearing water wings

u/throwawayomgwtfbbq2 · 1 pointr/JUSTNOMIL

Thank you! I will!

Yea I realized about 20 minutes into the first flight out there that I was being selfish asking him to come and that he should have stayed home. But I came to that realization too late.

If you do have to fly you can go to the gate agent and ask if you can get priority boarding since it's a medical issue. I went to them to ask if we could be seated together since we'd bumped our flights up and were at the end of Southwests boarding queue and they let us priority board on both flights. It was great!

For those who are light sensitive I highly recommend grow room sunglasses, my sister's boyfriend gave us some of these and they've been way better than any other sunglasses we could find.

My FH is also smell sensitive so I ordered him a ton of swimming nose clips and these are the best ones for him Speedo Competition Nose Clip, Beige, One Size Obviously he hates wearing them but we carry a backup pair in my purse just in case there's a strong chemical or perfume smell when we go out.

u/KNUBBS · 1 pointr/preppers

>Water- I need suggestions here. I don't have the space for one of those 55 gallon drums.

I have one of these so far. It works great, can link together for use in a vehicle, BPA free, and really rigid. You could also pick up a cheap water filtration unit. Like an MSR or Sawyer. Then, you can filter the water that you get from melting snow.

>Shelter/ Lack of Power- Hello Army Navy Surplus Store! Stove and fuel for cooking, tents, bed rolls, and a heat source for staying warm if the power is out during those winter nights.

Mylar blankets to aid in keeping the heat in. Or you could spend a crap load of dough on a a good mummy-bag (fully enclosed sleeping bag).

u/marylou5 · 1 pointr/Swimming

They make swim caps specifically for long hair. I have a Speedo silicone long hair swim cap and I like it. I can't use latex though (allergy) so I can't compare. It will take some learning to get it on easily though. Mine doesn't keep the pool water out of my hair completely--my hair still ends up wet, but not totally soaked. I wash my hair immediately after swimming with shampoo & conditioner, and my hair has stayed fine.

I've never had problems with my nails, but again, showering immediately after swimming helps a lot.

Chlorine does hurt a little, but if you find some good goggles you should be able to minimize how much water gets into your eyes.

No idea on the nose thing, sorry. Good luck with your swimming lessons & good for you for learning!! :)

u/Krysanth · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I want to do water aerobics!

The Old Apartment

Thanks for the contest!

u/po2gdHaeKaYk · 1 pointr/MotoUK

Agreed, though I do point out that in comparison with UK prices, those aluminium ear plugs are not that outrageous compared with other offerings by Etymotic.

The ones you linked are interesting. You can find them for about £13. How much use would you say the material holds up for? Is this permanent permanent or would we expect it to degrade after a year?

I have tried these types of silicone earplugs, which work similarly, but I was not impressed. They were nowhere near as good as the type that are inserted in your ear canal, and are also on the pricier side. You get about the same number of uses out of them as foam ones---maybe 3-4 times before the silicone loses its stickiness.

u/_Walter_ · 1 pointr/funny

That's a nose clip, you miserable piece of shit.

u/8MAC · 1 pointr/Swimming

here. Looks like a decent price today as well.

u/sharpfork · 1 pointr/Swimming

Thanks for the info, I'm going to keep an eye on the 920xt as prep for next tri season.

I meant tempo, not pace. I guess vibration for tempo would nuke the battery. I was thinking of one of these:

Thanks again!

u/0b1_Kn0bi · 1 pointr/LonghornNation

This is the one I used. My only issue with it is that, when I did start to kick again, the ankle straps would come loose. I'd go with a waist tether if you want to be able to kick without worrying about the tether.

u/Walk-a-doodle · 1 pointr/triathlon

Late to the game here but I would recommend [this] ( Slowly start to pick up your stroke rate. If you're gearing up for an Ironman than it's safe to say you have the cardio capabilities to swim sub 1hr, it truly is a matter of technique. Maybe dedicate more of your swim sessions to technique building as opposed to interval work

u/87lions · 1 pointr/pics

This is probably too heavy, but it says it's made out of really tough rubber. Perhaps they do lighter weights for your dog? :)

u/evensevenone · 1 pointr/surfing

$10. I haven't had them out in extreme conditions but they seem pretty secure. And they're not bright yellow or red.

u/yeahsurf · 1 pointr/surfing

The last pair I bought were these but they fell out after the first session.

u/ladieaupair · 1 pointr/Swimming

This is the one I have - my hair is down to my shoulder blades and this works just fine. Soak your hair first and then bun it for the best results.

u/Brutalitarian · 1 pointr/MonsterHunter

How about these?

Matching Bioshock posters, one and two

u/Busdriver365 · 0 pointsr/flying

Try these:

Mack's 6 pair Pillow Soft Ear Plugs - Kid Size

They don't go IN to the ear like foam ones, but conform to the outer ear and have no pressure on the canal. Not as isolating as foam, but better than the kid ripping them out.

My toddler (who HATES noise) tolerates these in conjunction with ear protection muffs. He happily watches the F18 demo at the air show, so it must work.

Edit: just noticed another reply had the Mack's, so add my recommendation!