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u/allmightygriff · 8 pointsr/Swimming

you have to love the speedo vanquishers. i've used them since I was 10. it has three different nose piece sizes so I'm sure one will fit you.

u/myekename · 4 pointsr/triathlon

Googles are something you will definitely want. Even if you swim with your head above water, everyone else will be splashing.
This is a link to mirrored Speedo Vanquishers, which will be nice if it's sunny out....they work fine if it's not as well.. You can find them in any swim shop, and possibly in a sporting goods store (they're pretty popular).

I've seen people do the swim in swim shorts. Make sure they don't fall off as you swim. Otherwise, investing in a jammer may be a great idea. It will weigh less, cause less drag and be easy to throw shorts over for the bike and run. Also not too pricey. If you shop online, just get fitted at any sporting goods store or swim store.

u/Jollyolroger_ · 3 pointsr/Swimming

These have served me very well. They're very comfortable and in my experience last quite a while.

u/prolemango · 3 pointsr/Swimming

I got a 2 pack of swedes for $23 and one pair took me from beginning of training to finishing a half IM. I really like them. Here they are on amazon. I also use my scuba diving defogger. The defog says not to use it with swim goggles but I put just a tiny drop on each lens and it works great

u/BigFuzzyArchon · 3 pointsr/glasses

i really really hope you actually buy these and shower with them and feel really fucking weird while doing it but not give a fuck because how smart you are for buying them in the first place.

u/boner79 · 3 pointsr/Swimming

I like Aqua Sphere Kayenne goggles for fitness swimming. Very comfortable and great visibility.

u/stevogiant · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I've always used the Swedish swimming goggles and have never had problems with them.

Original Swedish Goggles Monterbara (Clear)

u/G_o_o_d_n_a_s_t_y · 2 pointsr/sex

Try it on her back hooking your fingers up just slightly to stimulate her G spot. If that doesn't work, flip over to 69 as you have been. Doesn't hurt to add super-sexy accessories either.

u/SpiritedContribution · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

Lap appropriate swimsuit for large breasts: Miraclesuit Colorblock Touche (discontinued). Not as awesome but still pretty good: Miraclesuit Helix. Both of these have underwires, higher necks, and clasps in the back that holds everything in place. You can buy directly from Miraclesuit, or Amazon, or other retailers.

Friendly Swede Silicone Swim Caps - They keep your ears dry!

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggles - There's probably fancier goggles out there, but I like these just fine.

Ekouaer Board Shorts - I love these swim shorts for water sports. They are high waist, and have a drawstring so they don't fall down if you take a tumble in the surf. I wear them with a regular tankini top.

u/katbonk · 2 pointsr/Swimming

I love these - Aegend

They’re really comfy, and reasonably priced.

u/DRhexagon · 2 pointsr/Swimming

I've had both the Vanquisher 1.0 and 2.0 and hate the way they leave your eyes all raccooned. They are just too tight. Not to mention they start to fog after a few weeks.

I found these on amazon and never looked back. These are so so comfortable and, literally, they have never leaked while I was doing laps. Best part, the fog protection doesn't fade.

u/DudeImTheBagMan · 2 pointsr/triathlon

I think I have finally found the perfect goggles for me. I swam in two pairs of Aqua Spheres for a while and every once in a while they would leak in the pool and I am not sure why. I was pissed when they leaked during a race and I had to stop like 5 times to empty them out. I moved to Roka R1s which have a nice mirror lens but they gave me suction cup eyes and they would still leak from time to time.

After reading around reddit and other sites I decided to give the TYR nest a try. They are perfect and have never allowed a single drop of water to get close to my eyes both in the pool and in the open water. I wish they were more tinted for OWS.

u/nyetyet · 2 pointsr/EDC

The new 2.0 version is super dope, and only like $23 on Amazon.

Link: : Speedo Speed Socket 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggles ...

u/tiglathpilesar · 2 pointsr/himynameisjay

I know right? $12.50 and problem solved and she could have been cycling everywhere.

u/scottlol · 2 pointsr/snowboarding

Goggles sometimes fog if you leave them on your helmet in the cold or if they dont seal properly to your face. You wiped the anti fog off when you tried to wipe the fog. Go get some anti-fog spray like this and treat your goggles, the refrain from wiping the inside of the lens in the future.

u/k-dingo · 2 pointsr/Fitness

I actually prefer the gasketless "Swedish goggle" designs. Bonus: they're dirt cheap.

Original swedish goggle and Speedo Swedish goggle

u/matches05 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Rating: [8]


I need to stop procrastinating and actively look for graduate schools!! Feeling productive would help lots :)



u/LevelReward · 1 pointr/HelpMeFind

So I think the Amazon produc page no longer exists but on this google cache page of the Amazon page, if you search "lawn" you should land on a review tat sounds about right.

Note -- I think they relisted the item here, but the old listing above is the one with that review

u/mikeschieve · 1 pointr/Swimming

I just purchased these and have been very happy. From pool swims to the open water.

Aqua Sphere EP132119 Kameleon Swim Goggle, smoke lens, transparent, orange

u/fishka2042 · 1 pointr/triathlon

On Amazon -- Aegend goggles. Super comfortable, cheap and durable. I have 3 pairs for myself (different color lenses) and my son has two. We have yet to destroy a pair -- it's been over two years.


u/cavey79 · 1 pointr/Swimming

I'm an amateur swimmer so take these accordingly.

I'm using these, I already got a second pair just in case: They're way more comfortable than any of the smaller ones and don't leak.

I tried the Cressi's on amazon, a pair of Speedo's from Swimco (Canadian swim shop) and I even bought a pair of Sable's (which are recommended in the Swim Smooth book). The first two leaked and the Sable's were extremely uncomfortable, couldn't find a nosepiece that made it work for me (they have solid multi-size/replaceable nosepieces).

Bottom line, you'll have to experiment. If you're competing for speed, I couldn't make the wider ones hold on consistently when jumping off the block or side so I think you'll need the smaller ones.

u/bigshotgunal · 1 pointr/Swimming

I use this pair of aqua sphere's.

Quiet cheap basic design and look, keeps out of the way and doesn't let water in. They are crystal clear so not great for out door swimming. Okay clarity out of water great under.

I swim about a 1 mile a day and they have lasted me without issue for nearly a year. No leaks, no fog, no flipping or falling off.

Your goggles may be too tight really with well fitted goggles the seal should be maintained without strapping them to your face that hard. YMMV if you dive however! Also the design is fairly imposing and looks like it'll press all over your face.

Another important cause of headache in swimmers is a sinus issues due to chlorinated water getting up in there (incorrect breathing techniques and increased time underwater when you push your self too hard). Just bear this in mind if you have on going issues with headache particularly around the eyes even if you switch goggles or stop using them.

u/az4z3l · 1 pointr/Fitness

I swam throughout high school and I still swim a lot in college. I have to use contacts as I am more or less blind without them. I usually wear these but lately I have been using these.

Both work well. Basically any pair of goggles that are made for competition/performance will work fine with contacts.

u/DannyDougherty · 1 pointr/Swimming

They're pretty cheap, I'd recommend picking them up to see if they work for you (some people love them, some people hate them).

If you like them, pick up a bungee cord. They'll last a long time and when they do wear, you can just replace the cord.

I usually keep 2 normal pairs and a mirrored in my bag, plus an assortment of extra lenses that I just need to reassemble.

u/RossLH · 1 pointr/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

Somebody else linked tothese earlier. They're the best you can get. Custom fit, cheap as hell, if they leak it's because you didn't build them to fit your head quite right.

u/8MAC · 1 pointr/Swimming

here. Looks like a decent price today as well.

u/mehtamorphosis · 1 pointr/Swimming

i used to use the vanquisher 2 goggles but recently found these and they are awesome!!!

u/jgi · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

Lululemon clothing... once you get some, you won't go back to anything else. It's all very nice, albeit expensive, and if you have any problems with it they'll take care of it. Check out the Metal Vent Tech shirt. The Pace Breaker short might be the one for you.

Smartwool socks. Breathable, high-quality wool socks. You may not normally think of wool socks for running, but they keep you cool, don't smell, and wick sweat.

For goggles, I like Aqua Sphere. Check the Kaiman out.

Instead of underwear, get shorts with a liner (like what I linked above). That way, you need to own/wash fewer things.

u/kylekruchok · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts
u/arosey · 1 pointr/Swimming
  1. Increasing both your aerobic and lung capacity. When doing laps in freestype, take set rest intervals. 10 seconds rest after each 25m may be good to start, then string together longer distances (50m with :20). A great way to build lung capacities are touch-and-gos in the deep end - start at the wall, swim down to the bottom of the pool, touch it with your palm then swim up and touch the wall again. Do those a bunch at the end of each workout.

  2. Integrate weight training, definitely. Focus on pulling movements and your core muscles. You use your abs and hips far more than most people realize in swimming.

  3. Like /u/fiddlestix42, I prefer the Swedish goggles. It's important to note that you shouldn't make these too tight, since they don't have a rubber or foam gasket and can really start to hurt after long sessions. I love them.