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Do you have chronic issues with sinus blockage or allergies? It's not as uncommon as you might think to have difficulties breathing through your nose.

I'd recommend the following: Give it a few more tries as-is, and if you can't get it right/continue to have difficulties, just buy a nose clip. Plenty of swimmers use them, and they are legal on the competitive scene. Below are links to a couple different varieties, but your best bet is probably to just swing by a sporting goods store and see which ones fit best for you.

Speedo Competition Nose Clip

TYR Latex Nose Clip

u/RustyTorino · 3 pointsr/Swimming

A backstroker on my college team used this type . I tried it a few times and worked great, kept all the water out.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/bjj

You have to keep pressure on it after you drain it, the best ssolution I have found is using a swimmers nose clip like this one

u/lockjaw293 · 2 pointsr/Favors

I love swimming, but water always gets in my nose and i get MASSIVE headaches. I'd really like this

u/choseph · 2 pointsr/Swimming

I have some blood vessels close to the surface, so blowing out through my nose under water can give me random bloody noses for the season. I get your sensitivity too (only outside, not pools).

Get some nose plugs. I tried 3-4 different kinds and finally liked the cressi. When I first started wearing them, I had to adjust them every second lap. Then my breathing improved to not contrort my face so much and I rarely if ever adjust them, in pool or a 2.4mi OW. I like the cressi because I can make them the right tighness and they grip better than those crap plastic or other materials.

u/frcn · 2 pointsr/Coffee

Maybe THESE?

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I use a metal Speedo competition nose clip which stays on really well. As a bonus, I’m able to position it around my nostril piercings.

Otherwise, maybe a snorkel mask would help you?

u/robertointernet · 1 pointr/Swimming

Do you mean nose clips or nose plugs?

I've tried different brands of nose clips without success and almost quit swimming because my nose was permanently congested (training 3x - 4x a week). Until I found this:

Takes a while to get used to and some water still goes in but it's a world of difference from not using them.

u/plumber430 · 1 pointr/IWantToLearn

Some swimmers learn where the sweet spot is between holding your breath and exhaling. I think it is all about creating a positive pressure in your nose to prevent the water from going up.

Others need to use things like this.

u/Mischaw · 1 pointr/Swimming

I wear these metal nose clips when doing laps. You can get 8 for $10. You can adjust them. The plastic ones seemed to break too. quickly.

Nose Clip Swimming Competition Protector Nose Clips Swimming Nose Plugs for Adults Kids Using, Beige (8 Pieces)

For times you are without them, practice exhaling SLOWLY from your nose anytime your face is in or under the water

u/thejournalizer · 1 pointr/triathlon

I've had the displeasure of using about 10 different kind of nose plugs.

For the past few months I've been using these, but I tend to break them once a month. Comfortable and get the job done.

I just started using this kind the past few days. I figure since there is no plastic it won't be as likely to snap. I feel like this one does a better job, too.

u/nemo3141 · 1 pointr/Swimming

Use this!

u/iamsorry88 · 1 pointr/bjj

I had cauliflower in a similar spot, I used a swimmers nose clip , with a bit of gauze for comfort. like this

u/trogon · 1 pointr/Swimming

I use these:

They have rubber grips which keep them from sliding. I have the same problem.

u/danieljamesgillen · 1 pointr/Swimming

Absolutely you're missing out, it's a different swim and experience altogether when you're tumble turning, much better, more continuous, harder, more solo and isolated. I wouldn't bother swimming if I couldn't flip turn.

I find one of these essential though:

Good luck.

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That's a nose clip, you miserable piece of shit.

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Thank you! I will!

Yea I realized about 20 minutes into the first flight out there that I was being selfish asking him to come and that he should have stayed home. But I came to that realization too late.

If you do have to fly you can go to the gate agent and ask if you can get priority boarding since it's a medical issue. I went to them to ask if we could be seated together since we'd bumped our flights up and were at the end of Southwests boarding queue and they let us priority board on both flights. It was great!

For those who are light sensitive I highly recommend grow room sunglasses, my sister's boyfriend gave us some of these and they've been way better than any other sunglasses we could find.

My FH is also smell sensitive so I ordered him a ton of swimming nose clips and these are the best ones for him Speedo Competition Nose Clip, Beige, One Size Obviously he hates wearing them but we carry a backup pair in my purse just in case there's a strong chemical or perfume smell when we go out.