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u/FoxServiceCompany · 10 pointsr/Austin
u/Infinifi · 7 pointsr/Overwatch
u/Fletch86 · 7 pointsr/TitanicHG
u/Team_Smell_Bad · 6 pointsr/ClimbingCircleJerk

Belay Glasses? Not if you want to send. Try these on for size.

u/tossme68 · 5 pointsr/chicago

I usually just leave my tshirt and shorts on the beach with a towel. If I'm feeling paranoid I ball everything up and leave it next to the guard stand. I also have one of these so I have a place to put my keys and anything of value - it's also a good thing to have for many safety reasons.

u/spiteful_trees · 4 pointsr/Swimming

One thing that helped me was purchasing a bungee and swimming for 20-30 mins non stop or work on intervals.

It’s a bit tough but doable!

u/Fudwick · 3 pointsr/sarasota

Just get this instead an you're all set! Much cheaper.

Seriously though its your call based on where you live... the area has flooded in the past but it depends on your location. This past year i've known folks whose entire apartment flooded out while our place was bone dry and would be that way unless most of Florida drowned.

u/nolaswim · 3 pointsr/Swimming

honestly, i am not breaststroker, but my other brother was and my coach (who went to OT) was. they say that a big thing to drop time is breaking down the stroke. they did a lot of breaststroke drills in practice including: breaststroke arms with a flutter kick and breaststroke arms with fly kick.

a big thing in all strokes are tempo trainers. you can have the most perfect technique but if the speed isnt there than the time will suffer. ill attach a link to a tempo trainer if you want one (amazon has the best prices).

i also think having a good coach who knows what he is talking about is a good way to improve; i have always benefited from being videotaped as well, so i can see exactly where i nee improvement. hope this helps:) best of luck!!

u/iMatthew · 3 pointsr/Swimming

Here's an open-water visibility buoy with a compartment for all your things

u/gardinermatt · 3 pointsr/triathlon

I have some swim bands the attach to my ankles to allow me to swim endlessly in hotel pools, which also provide resistance. Pretty amazing!

I just need a pool in every hotel I stay in to be able to use them.

u/Ironma17 · 3 pointsr/triathlon

That's sounds like a great idea. I would suggest getting a bungee like this one to help even out the resistance:
Swim Bungee Training Belt

u/kingNero1570 · 3 pointsr/loseit

Of course! I didn't start swimming till I was in my 40s. At first I could swim across a 25m pool and that was it. I now do 3 to 5 miles a day. If I can do it, anyone can.
Get good goggles and a swim cap (silicon not latex) and comfy one piece suit. Some swim paddles like these will help with keeping your hands in correct position for freestyle. FINIS Agility Paddles Floating Medium

Breast stroke is great, but to mix it up a bit try learning freestyle. It's hard at first but it will really get you covering more meters quickly. If you can, get a couple private swim lessons to refine your stroke. It will be hard at first, (keep one goggle in the water when you breathe), but just keep at it. If you only do 5 laps your first time, that's ok, do 10 laps the next time.

Swimming is a pretty solitary sport, which I enjoy, but I sometimes need company. Every swimmer I have ever met has been so nice and so helpful, so reach out to them, they are full of great information!

If there is a Master's Swim club in your area, check them out, even if you are a newbie swimmer. Many clubs take any level swimmer so don't be shy.

Don't worry about being a great swimmer right off the bat. Just do a little more each time. Good luck!!!

u/mredofcourse · 2 pointsr/AppleWatch

Yes, to be specific, this one:

It's bright and helps boaters see me if I'm swimming somewhere where that's an issue. It can hold my car keys and a tiny towel in addition to my iPhone. It's also nice to know I have something close by that floats should I or another swimmer get in trouble.

Since the iPhone is out of the water, the accuracy is usually spot on, with the iPhone being used for the GPS and the Apple Watch being used for the strokes, heart, etc... It's all automatic though, just start a swim exercise on the watch.

There are a bunch of other swim buoys available. I sort of just randomly picked this one, and it's "fine". I do put my keys and iPhone in sealed bags inside the buoy just in case.

u/landlife · 2 pointsr/OpenWaterSwimming

Thanks to all for their replys, I appreciate your feedback. I am replying to this comment because the are two points I want to respond to....

  1. I absolutely agree with your comment that these air filled buoys should not be marketed as a flotation device but should serve as visibility aid primarily. However, see the two links if you have time, seems like they are advertising as a flotation device of sorts ...
    Both adverts mention in the second bullet point that this buoy can be used as flotation aid. This seems dishonest to me. My assumption is that some swimmers do want to mitigate risk and have a float aid in case of the unexpected but they are choosing these air bladders instead of a foam because the drag created by an air bladder is very low. Honestly want to know if there are other opinions out there.

  2. I agree, if I can only swim a mile I shouldn't plan to swim 2 miles by swimming half way, resting on an aid, then swimming the remaining mile. The purpose of having a flotation device should be to mitigate risk like cramping or unexpected issues which might prevent you from floating on your own. We cannot expect to eliminate all risk, for example in the case of heart attack or unconsciousness.

    Thanks again for all your replys
u/dancenhancer · 2 pointsr/Swimming

I have one. I bought it from Amazon.

Friends have made their own, it's quite easy.

u/tipsycup · 2 pointsr/xxketo4u2

Honestly, I am pretty damn picky when it comes to tubing. There are a lot of ways for it to go south and be less than enjoyable and I am not about that life. What I would do if I were you (and when I am me on a new-to-me river) is find a livery that does tube rentals and do that for your first time out. What that does is usually puts you on a generally slow and shallow stretch of river that has been cleared of tube popping debris, lets you see if you like it, and, if it is just you and your kids, has the bonus of picking you up and taking you back to where you put in. Then you know for the next time and you buy this or this. We have both in our small flotilla and have used them dozens of times. Some extra pro tips: clip a life jacket to at least one of them so in case you do pop a tube you still have a way to float and pick up a cheap $1 plastic paddle from Goodwill if you ever see them, they are great for pushing off of potential obstacles.

edit- OR drive 2-ish hours to u/tipsycup’s kayak and tube livery and I will handle it all for you! F-r-e-e, plus keto boat snacks!

u/brentsopel5 · 2 pointsr/missoula

Not a problem!

Welcome to Missoula! (or whenever you get here)

Be sure to grab an Intex and join all of us on the river this summer :)

u/i_write_sig · 2 pointsr/DidntKnowIWantedThat

$10 on Amazon. 3/5 stars (47 reviews) with 38% being 5 star reviews and 37% being 1 star.

Most common complaints: too tight, product breaks/tears, does not make you swim faster.

I've used products similar to these and they absolutely help you swim faster, assuming you're swimming freestyle and have the upper body strength to pull the added resistance. These ones however are sized for children and will likely become trash shortly after the first use.

u/elspandex · 2 pointsr/navy

Can't you just buy one on Amazon ?

u/shadowthunder · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

It sounds as though you aren't scared of the water, just that you don't know how to start. That's good.

Get yourself a kickboard. That way, you have something to hold onto while you learn the basics. Also, swimming goggles. The inability to see clearly under water scares some people.

Start by learning how to kick:
Hold the front of the board, so you're kind of propped up on top, and kick you legs. Do it rhythmically; don't flail. Keep your toes pointed out (away) and your legs straight.

Then learn how to breath:
Now hold your board at the end closer to you. Don't lock your arms, so you have room to turn your head. Keep your head facing down/angled away, you'll hurt your neck otherwise. When you need to take a breath, turn your head to the side (alternate sides if you can) instead of popping it directly upward. This should get you comfortable with having your head under the water most of the time.

Side note: getting pool water in your ears or eyes is really not that bad. The ears might hurt like a sonofabitch, but it doesn't happen often, and some alcohol drops make that go away. The eyes will just sting slightly, but you can still see decently without goggles. Don't be afraid of either.

Getting the arms going:
Same thing as the previous step, except now you'll be taking strokes with your arms, too. Stroke: dip your hand and a bit of your forearm in the water (don't go deeper!), and pull back steadily along the top foot-or-so of water until your hand is near your waist. Then use your elbow to bring it up and out of the water and move it just above the top of the water to hold on to the kickboard again. Alternate sides (must be left-right-left-right (apologies for the Coldplay reference)). When you have to breathe, turn your head to the side of that stroke (while your arm is coming up to the kickboard) and take a quick breath. These are short and strong breaths, lasting between half of a second and a full second. The more relaxed you are, the longer your breaths will last. Your strokes should not coincide with your kicks; kick continuously, but make your strokes long and slow.

Get rid of the kickboard:
Now, put it all together! You'll be stroking and kicking more quickly, so try to breathe every three or four strokes. Don't forget to look forward so you don't crash into a wall!

Good luck! Feel free to PM me if you want more clarity or suggestions on something.

u/FTLast · 2 pointsr/Swimming

I have a set of these:

They're kind of weird, but you can swim with them. They stretch out a fair bit as you swim, so when you stop you're pulled back. Also, you never move past your "splash zone" if you can imagine what I mean, and so it makes breathing harder during freestyle.

They're pretty cheap, so give them a try.

u/0b1_Kn0bi · 1 pointr/LonghornNation

This is the one I used. My only issue with it is that, when I did start to kick again, the ankle straps would come loose. I'd go with a waist tether if you want to be able to kick without worrying about the tether.

u/saltytog · 1 pointr/photography

I shot with the newer H4D with a digital back. It was kinda like photographing with a 10 lb diving brick

u/GarrettJMU · 1 pointr/bodyboarding

Something like this? What size foot are you/did you size up?

u/87lions · 1 pointr/pics

This is probably too heavy, but it says it's made out of really tough rubber. Perhaps they do lighter weights for your dog? :)

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Fitness

I would not recommend doing the butterfly stroke right away then.. You can find it on youtube and they have some tutorials. A kickboard is this.

It allows you to float on top of the water and only use your legs to get to either side of the pool.

but for the other strokes and such I'm sure you can find a great website to teach you how to do it. I'm looking into it right now.

u/ShellBeTheDeathOfMe · 1 pointr/DIY

Something like these that you put on in addition to earplugs.

u/purpleandpenguins · 1 pointr/chicago

Yeah, they’re actually pretty dangerous. They give kids and parents a false sense of security.

And they hold kids in a weird position in the water, which can actually hinder their learning to swim.

-Former Lifeguard

For children who need a little extra help floating (with adult supervision), I would recommend a belt like this one:

We used those at the YMCA where I guarded and taught lessons. You can take the layers off as kids’ swimming abilities improve.

u/Walk-a-doodle · 1 pointr/triathlon

Late to the game here but I would recommend [this] ( Slowly start to pick up your stroke rate. If you're gearing up for an Ironman than it's safe to say you have the cardio capabilities to swim sub 1hr, it truly is a matter of technique. Maybe dedicate more of your swim sessions to technique building as opposed to interval work

u/Nitsua87 · 1 pointr/triathlon

I can't recommend one of these enough. I've been using mine for two weeks now, and it's very reassuring to know that you've got something to rest on when cramping or winded. Money well spent.

u/toddjunk · 1 pointr/ActionFigures

From the thumbnail, I thought he was in a swimming pool wearing water wings

u/mdm17 · 1 pointr/Swimming

I've had a similar new swimmer experience as you trying to swim free style for distance.

Pull buoy was great, but I used it too much.

So I graduated to fins (, but tried to consciously not get hooked on using them more than whole stroke swimming based on my aforementioned pull buoy addiction. Fins are still lots of fun, but I use them sparingly.

From there, I went to using kick board in between sets and a LOT at the end of workouts. My basic goal being to get the muscle memory in place (my kick, like yours, was only good for short distances) so that I can kick without thinking about it. As has been stated above, it's really all about body position (mostly head and hips for me). This last piece worked wonders for me.

Good luck!

u/ScubaSteve_ · 1 pointr/Swimming

i was thinking of maybe getting some of these and a kickboard. feel like that could work for a good while no?

u/naturalrunner · 1 pointr/triathlon

I too practice TI from YouTube drills. So meditative. So enjoyable. Can now swim for what seems like forever.

As a matter of fact, the swim leg is now my strongest one! Too bad it’s such a relatively small part of the race.

Meant to mention I also use earplugs and a metronome .

u/sharpfork · 1 pointr/Swimming

Thanks for the info, I'm going to keep an eye on the 920xt as prep for next tri season.

I meant tempo, not pace. I guess vibration for tempo would nuke the battery. I was thinking of one of these:

Thanks again!