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u/UncleSkippy · 4 pointsr/bjj

If it is temporary or non-permanent hair dye, wear a swim cap.

If it is permanent, wear a swim cap for the first few days or so to ensure that all of the residual dye has been washed out.

The only reason I can suggest this is because a training partner had her hair dyed and wore a swim cap to ensure that it was "set" before rolling without it. I dyed my hair once in college and in typical college fashion, fucked it up. I was "that guy" for a few months :-P

u/bacon_music_love · 3 pointsr/Swimming

Not original commenter, but my caps only let in water around the edge. My favorite cap is the Speedo silicone long hair cap. It's got an oblong shape with extra room for all my hair!

u/tanglisha · 3 pointsr/xxfitness

I had to do some reading to find out how to properly use a swim cap - not to mention what they're for!

I've got short hair, so I don't wear one right now. They're useful if you've got hair that's going to block your vision/get in your way while you're swimming. I got one of these because the regular ones won't stay on my big head - it's super comfy.

Before you get in the pool, use the nearby open shower to wet your skin, hair and suit. Because these things are already wet, they'll absorb less of the pool chemicals. If you wear a cap, pop it on AFTER you wet your hair. Use a ponytail holder or get an old school one with a chin strap if it keeps riding up. Be sure to push the air out.

When you're finished, rinse off everything very well. This'll keep your suit from fading, and will help the rubbery bits of your cap and goggles last longer. If your hair is at all dry or even normal, leave a bit (to a lot if you're a curly) of conditioner in it after you wash it to replace the oils that got stripped out by chemicals.

u/Jekyllhyde · 3 pointsr/triathlon

You don’t need a neoprene swim cap for Indian wells. Just use 2 caps if you are worried. It is not going to be cold enough for a neoprene cap. I use this cap in water down to 59º with the race cap over it. Much nicer than neoprene. Over 65 I just use a normal cap.

u/SpiritedContribution · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

Lap appropriate swimsuit for large breasts: Miraclesuit Colorblock Touche (discontinued). Not as awesome but still pretty good: Miraclesuit Helix. Both of these have underwires, higher necks, and clasps in the back that holds everything in place. You can buy directly from Miraclesuit, or Amazon, or other retailers.

Friendly Swede Silicone Swim Caps - They keep your ears dry!

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggles - There's probably fancier goggles out there, but I like these just fine.

Ekouaer Board Shorts - I love these swim shorts for water sports. They are high waist, and have a drawstring so they don't fall down if you take a tumble in the surf. I wear them with a regular tankini top.

u/iofteneatpineapple · 2 pointsr/OkCupid

My hair is super long and thick, I braid it and then put it in a bun and use the Speedo long hair swim cap!

u/ZapZip · 2 pointsr/Swimming

Search on Amazon: silicone swim cap

Something like this: Speedo Silicone Cap

u/Ritwikb2 · 2 pointsr/navyseals

Gotchu: Swim Cap

And thanks. It seems like from people are saying that I need to glide more and rotate less. Gonna work on that. What are some torso rotation drills I should look into?

u/DivineOubliette · 2 pointsr/Nanny
u/puttysan · 2 pointsr/scuba

Boyfriend and I are both long-haired. We do a two-part ponytail, top section first, then the rest all together at the nape of the neck. And then a lycra swim cap to control all my tiny flyaways. My hair is so fine, a french braid won't stay in, and it won't capture the little pieces around the hairline anyway.

u/taegan- · 1 pointr/Dreadlocks

I have this (similar cap) and it doesn’t keep them very dry if you go underwater. (works fine for showering etc.) with submersion, water leaks in through the bottom and ends up saturating everything.

u/zevhonith · 1 pointr/Swimming

Yes! My best advice is, make sure the under cap isn't something that's going to slip off. I was trying it with a latex undercap at first and it didn't work at all, the undercap would slip upwards and deform the overcap.

The lycra one has been perfect. Here's the one I got (large because I have a big head): Swim Cap AqtivAqua ~ Lycra Spandex with Waterproof PU Coating ~ Swimming Cap for Adult Men Women Youth Child (LightBlue color)

u/teddy1run · 1 pointr/triathlon

This makes a huge difference for me in cold water: blueseventy Thermal Neoprene Skull Cap - for Triathlon Training and Cold Open Water Swimming (Small)

u/CracklePearl · 1 pointr/Swimming

I have really long hair and have tried different caps. I did an Amazon review with pictures for the Aegend long hair cap comparing it to the TYR long hair, Friendly Swede and Lahtek. I’ve never tried regular size caps, but if you just have a big head but not a lot of hair I’d say the Friendly Swede might be the best (of the ones i have tried) because it doesn’t have the bump out. I don’t know if it will help but you can find the images in the reviews here:

(sorry I don’t know how to link to an individual review and hope this is allowed)

u/Lostforwords2 · 1 pointr/NoPoo

May I suggest a long hair swim cap like one of these? It accommodates a bun or ponytail and is much more comfortable to wear and thus better for your hair!

u/jenellesapear · 1 pointr/Swimming

This one :D

u/mcpagal · 1 pointr/Hijabis

I got this onefor just bobbing about in the water, because it looks comfy, but because it's not totally waterproof I also got this one in the size Diva - the reviews were really good so I got suckered in despite the price...

u/class_starts_now · 1 pointr/schizophrenia

Thanks, good idea and much easier to do than a faraday cage.

I wonder if these swim caps work:

u/AfterTheNightIWakeUp · 1 pointr/scuba

Woman with mid-back length hair. Boyfriend has hair nearly to his waist. He wears a low ponytail and I braid it to keep it all together and avoid tangles. My hair is very fine and requires more effort; a half-pony on each side for the shorter pieces, a low braided pony for the tail, and then a lycra swim cap. Not latex. We dive almost all tropical, and a neoprene beanie is just too warm for me, but the lycra works great.

u/purpleoceangirl · 1 pointr/Swimming

I was looking at this swim cap:
The reviews are good.

u/ladieaupair · 1 pointr/Swimming

This is the one I have - my hair is down to my shoulder blades and this works just fine. Soak your hair first and then bun it for the best results.

u/Krysanth · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I want to do water aerobics!

The Old Apartment

Thanks for the contest!

u/marylou5 · 1 pointr/Swimming

They make swim caps specifically for long hair. I have a Speedo silicone long hair swim cap and I like it. I can't use latex though (allergy) so I can't compare. It will take some learning to get it on easily though. Mine doesn't keep the pool water out of my hair completely--my hair still ends up wet, but not totally soaked. I wash my hair immediately after swimming with shampoo & conditioner, and my hair has stayed fine.

I've never had problems with my nails, but again, showering immediately after swimming helps a lot.

Chlorine does hurt a little, but if you find some good goggles you should be able to minimize how much water gets into your eyes.

No idea on the nose thing, sorry. Good luck with your swimming lessons & good for you for learning!! :)

u/phoxtricks · 1 pointr/ebikes

I have a luna mighty mini but the silicone is incredibly stretchy. Just make sure there are no sharp edges anywhere, one tiny nick and it will split open. I use this one:

u/maltballfalcon · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Here is a silicone one! I have seen others, somewhere, but that one was from a quick search.