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u/InexplicableContent · 127 pointsr/oddlysatisfying

From a practical standpoint, I prefer a standard wire ball hopper (Example). Sure it doesn't roll, but the same concept applies where you plop the hopper onto the balls to get them inside. But it also lets you grab balls for practice, where this roller would probably need to be emptied somewhere.

u/optimistic_orphan · 53 pointsr/pics

This very similar ball retails for $26.94 with free shipping on Amazon.

If you paid 500,000 tickets for this ball, that would mean each ticket was worth $0.00005388 cents USD.

Edit: Actually forgot a zero.

u/fakexican · 23 pointsr/specializedtools

These don't roll around, but they've been around forever, are (probably) cheaper, and stand up on their own:

u/asdfman123 · 22 pointsr/DIY

Because tennis is a great sport that's fun for the whole family, and Penn 1 Champion brand tennis balls are useful not only for playing tennis, but also all sorts of DIY projects! They won't lose their bounce or their functionality! Give them a try today!

u/isreddit4real · 21 pointsr/whatisthisthing
u/BeerGogglesFTW · 11 pointsr/baseball

Why don't pitchers just use a product like this:

Prince Grip Enhancer

I use it for playing squash. For those that don't know, Squash is a one handed racket game... After an hour of playing you can be drenched in sweat, so your racket will want to slip and twist out of your hands.

You put this stuff on your hands (like hand sanitizer) and it makes your hand feel like a fresh brand new rubber basketball. Not clumpy or noticable. Withstands sweat and moisure for hours and your hands stay high friction. Just a good grip.

If I really wanted a good grip, I would use put this on my hands before the game... maybe halfway through the game in the dugout.

u/Charliekratos · 11 pointsr/pics

Better yet, smile link...

u/Kerry56 · 8 pointsr/headphones

Dang, with pealing in the title, I just knew there would be bells involved.

Alternate solution is to use a tennis grip wrap, like these

u/heywhatsupthisisdan · 5 pointsr/onewheel

I like the function of the Maghandle, but it's uncomfortable and I'm not down to spend $70 for the Maghandle Pro. So, this is my favorite Pint accessory for now; way more comfortable now. It worked out since I needed two of these for some tennis racquets anyway.

u/slikk66 · 5 pointsr/CR10

I found that the dampers worked well, and then I did the squash foot mod next and it seemed to be an even larger drop in sound then the dampers. Maybe it's both combined? Not sure but if you've done the dampers try it also:

Here are the balls I used:

u/macetheface · 4 pointsr/drums

I wrapped my sticks with this; only enough to hold onto it securely and still able to do rimshots. It was a little weird at first but now I'm used to it and don't think I'll go back. I used to drop sticks left and right because my hands sweat so much - at least twice per session. Now I don't remember the last time I dropped a stick.

u/ElectronGuru · 3 pointsr/ZeroWaste

They also make ball rechargers

Gexco Tennis Ball Saver

u/fatdadfitdad · 3 pointsr/Supplements

I had this one year ago and used 2 things:

  1. This forearm brace: Tennis Elbow Brace (2+2 Pack) for Tendonitis - Best Tennis & Golfer's Elbow Strap Band with Compression Pad - Relieves Forearm Pain - Includes Two Elbow Support Braces, Two Extra Straps & E-Guide
  2. Tart Cherry Juice mixed with some kind of diluting liquid. TCJ is a natural anti inflammatory that has all kinds of other benefits. I began taking it for kidney health and uric acid reduction but learned that a lot of athletes take it as part of a post-workout drink.
u/prunzkuchl · 3 pointsr/tennis

You stick lead tape to the racquet. For example but you can also just buy it from a hardware store. Where you add it depends on how you want to change the racquet. Commonly, lighter racquets are head-heavy so you would want to add some weight in/on the handle.

Search racquet customisation on youtube, there are many guides.

u/krosenest · 3 pointsr/squash

I use this sticky grip stuff sometimes. Works temporarily and will be a little messy but it helps. You may have to reapply every 15 or 20 minutes.

u/Katrianadusk · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

String Straightener

Tennis ball saver

Bionic tennis glove

Or.. (Depending on budget) What about a personalised racket, racket bag or balls?

u/dubsdaazn · 2 pointsr/tennis
u/thetoristori · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Tennis Balls

Kan Jam game

Thanks for the contest!

u/onetimeonreddit · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Gah! $6.09

The Cost is Correct!

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Fitness
u/drdoak66 · 2 pointsr/3Dprinting

I'm pretty new to this too, I bought my Ender 3 Pro around the same time as you. Quiet printing is pretty high on my list as well as being able to print high-temp exotic filaments in the long term while maintaining reliability.

First upgrades I purchased were stiffer bed springs so I would be less likely to throw the bed out of level while removing prints or working around the printer and Capricorn XS tube since it has a more consistent internal diameter, fits closer to the filament, and can work with slightly higher temps. I also picked up a pack of bowden couplers recently as I noticed the end nearest the extruder is sliding past the coupler jaws on de/retraction; don't worry about that unless it's an issue for you. That's about $30 alone since I don't have a supply shop locally and have to order those parts in bulk. I had a Pi 3B laying around unused and flashed Octoprint onto it. Highly recommended. I have a replacement Noctua hotend fan, buck converters, and 5015 blower on order to quiet the fan noise; about $32. Just replaced the Meanwell psu fan with a 60x25mm Noctua I had lying around (Note: there may be better options in the 92-120mm range to replace part of the PSU housing, but that's what I had laying around). Next upgrade coming is the SKR Mini E3 with TMC 2209 drivers ($28) to eliminate almost all of the stepper noise. Also looking into a replacement for the control board fan and some vibration isolating feet for the frame. As far as higher temp printing I haven't made a lot of progress aside from buying a titanium all-metal heat brake ($11) winch I have yet to install or inspect, and looking into enclosure and electronics relocation avenues.

Either way the mods I purchased came in at around $100 US which should quiet the printer and help with reliability. Also looking into picking up a good M3-M4 bolt kit if any exist in the US.

Here are some links to the things I picked up and will, which may be helpful if you're in the US. Mostly from Amazon.

Type | Name | Link | Price
Reliability | 8mm x 20mm yellow springs | Link | $6.98
Reliability | Capricorn XS Tubing | Link | $11.49
Reliability | PC4-M6 / PC4-M10 Pneumatic Bowden Fittings | Link | $11.99
Silence | Noctua 40mm x 10mm 3-pin fan | Link | $13.95
Silence/Various | LM2596 Adjustable Buck Converters | Link | $10.95
Silence | 24v 5015 Radial Ball Bearing Fans | Link | $7.19
Silence/Various | SKR Mini E3 w/ TMC 2209 drivers | Link | $28.81
High Temp | Titanium All-Metal Heat Brake | Link | $11.52
TOTAL: $102.88 US + Tax

Parts already purchased/ bought with printer

Type | Name | Link | Price
Reliability/High Temp | OEM Ender 3 Glass Bed | Link | $20
Reliability | Feeler Guage Set | Link | $5
Reliability | 608zz Bearings, using with this(My Remix), this, and this, though I like this design a bit better | Link | $5.98
QoL Improvement | Raspberry Pi 3B w/ Octoprint | Link | $34.46
Silence | Noctua 60mm x 25mm 3-pin fan, goes with this mod | Link | $14.95
TOTAL: $80.39 US + Tax

Future planned upgrades

u/bookchurn · 2 pointsr/boottoobig

yes, I have proof of my deep and intensive knowledge

u/kyleeng · 2 pointsr/tennis

Mmm not much stuff to do besides watch tennis.. There are plenty of merchandise if you don't mind coughing up the dough. Heck, if you're into that, buy an oversized tennis ball from the stores there (or on amazon if you feel like saving and try to get some autographs. Usually you can get a few autographs, especially if the pros are just going in for a practice; you can try to get pictures with the pros too, I got plenty. Plenty of places to eat, again a bit expensive and the lines can be long if you're going at peak hours. No need to be sorry. Feel free to ask any more.

u/Thimble · 2 pointsr/golf

You could always try an antiperspirant like Prince Grip Enhancer.

u/asscar · 2 pointsr/ultimate

Amazon link

I've tried this stuff (and chalk). It'll remove the sweat from your hands, but my hands end up getting sweaty again within minutes when it's humid out

u/donkeyrocket · 2 pointsr/gifs
u/JohnnyEnzyme · 2 pointsr/tabletennis

Funny. I once made a ball collector out of a box about the same size as the one in your pic.

What I did was to string rubber bands across one side of the box, and it worked great to pick up a bunch of balls all at once. Adding a handle would have been my next move, but my club has a couple of these now.

u/jugglist · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Power Grips are not nylon but they work very well for me.

u/hashtagphag · 2 pointsr/curlyhair

I have low-porosity hair that's fine and thin, so while I don't get the heavy head, I do get the long dry time.

You could try switching your plop material partway through? I plop with a t-shirt for the first half hour, then swap to a cotton net like they use for curlers. Here is what I bought. I ended up with a box of 12, I don't know if that's intentional or a misship by the seller, but I'll accept it. Hell, if you're interested, I'll send you one, I still have the 11 extras, LOL.

u/87treasures · 2 pointsr/aww

Please buy this, then repost photo.

u/jalbee · 2 pointsr/tennis

Try out these tennis ball savers -- they really do help prevent tennis balls from de-pressurizing over time. I can generally get 4-6 decent hitting sessions from a single can if I use the ball saver.

u/HeyXKid · 1 pointr/racquetball

Some players I know use batting gloves. You may also find that applying an overgrip helps reduce slippage. I use Gamma but there are lots of options and most are very cheap.

The wrist pain could simply mean that your forearm muscles aren't strong enough yet - if so this will come with time and can be improved with exercise. But it could also mean a problem with technique. You may want to ask an experienced player to look at your swing and grip.

u/bhy2pencil · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

She can GET IT.

You say you can buy things for someone else, and you won't feel bad right? Well, you're buying those shoes for everyone entering this contest. We want our add-on items, and it can't happen unless you buy those shoes.

Add-on item

u/riddle_me_this · 1 pointr/bicycling

If you don't want to splurge on clipless pedals and shoes, Power Grips are a very affordable alternative at roughly $20, with almost comparable performance. If you have standard pedals on your bike now, then the set of screws, washers, and bolts that comes with the Power Grips will be all you need for installation. I just ordered a pair for my bike so I can't really evaluate performance yet, but the reviews I've seen have been very positive.

u/BurritoEclair · 1 pointr/AustralianCattleDog

I know all about this religion.

My ACD is converting our Akita.

Ball be with you as well.

u/polishskaterguy · 1 pointr/tabletennis
u/somermike · 1 pointr/golf

I golf, climb, bike and lift 3-5 times each per week and have been fighting some combination of tendonitis, tennis elbow or golfer's elbow for the last 2 years.

If you can't just take the 6 weeks off to fix it, I recommend 3 things to keep it at bay.

  1. Get a support brace. I have one similar to this and it definitely helps keeps things at bay:

  2. Get a therabar and do the exercises. This helps more than the brace for me as it's basically antagonistic training.

  3. Ice, compression and advil after any activity.

    The best option is just rest and PT / antagonistic training to get back to square 1, but if you're not willing to do that, then 1 and 3 will at least help keep things from getting worse in the short term.
u/Vagrant_Charlatan · 1 pointr/Vive

I'm getting the medium clips, but I'm worried about the wear and tear on the wood. What length is the crutch leg you're using? I think I'll get a 36" rod so I can cut it down as necessary. This is what I'm looking at now:


Squash Ball:


Total price is about $20, not bad.

u/FC-TWEAK · 1 pointr/Nerf

My first Messenger I just put some Wilson Comfort Over Grip over the stock grip. Feels great and cheap.

My second Messenger I filled most of the gaps with hot glue, then finished the grip using epoxy putty. I like the added weight it gives, since I have a heavier spring load in that one.

u/wiz0floyd · 1 pointr/doublebass

I don't know anyone else who uses it, but I love TournaTac for my bow. I find that the latex tube becomes very slick when sweaty and that it's too thick for my liking. One "length" from the roll is good for 3 bow grips, and I need to change it about once a month because I have rather sweaty hands.

u/HyzerFlipr · 1 pointr/discgolf

I bought some Rosin powder from Amazon that works really well.

u/hocknstod · 1 pointr/tennis

Buy something like this

and start modifying. It's cheaper (usually around 10-15 bucks for 40g, but a hardware store is probably even cheaper) and you can slowly add weight without being uncomfortable.

As a beginner it's hard to judge which racquet you like anyway. That said at some point you'll probably want to switch to smaller head size (98-100).

u/thesquashessentials · 1 pointr/squash

Hey man glad to hear! I would recommend any of the Xamsa rackets. I used this racket when I competed at the university level and still use it frequently to this day. The new Obsidian model ($110) which imo is the best budget racket on the market right now. They have a more durable racket called the Xamsa DURO ($75) which is perfect if your worried about breaking rackets. I believe the reason the owner created this brand was to give back to the community by making rackets that were good and affordable for new players which is really cool imo.

Balls wise, Dunlop is the most popular brand and is the one the professionals use. Wilson makes decent balls as well. Wilsons tend to be a little bit bouncier which will work in your favour and they also last longer then the Dunlop ones. You can go ahead and grab the double yellow dot ball and you'll get used to the bounce quickly. If you need something more bouncier, try a single yellow dot ball.

u/KnotRusT · 1 pointr/ender3

Tecnifibre Double Yellow Dot Squash Balls - 4 Pack

I used these balls because it was the only one to come in a four pack and then I used this stl

u/joe0400 · 1 pointr/goldenretrievers

The big Kong worked for us. He couldn't destroy it.
It's litteraly solid rubber. He can't break it if he tried
That or a billion tennis balls.

Both worked.

u/bridget1989 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Me time.

My SO and I would first, go to the dog park together. Protect the car seats and make sure to bring the tennis ball launcher to tire out both pups. Also, here are the tennis balls.

Light this delicious, romantic Woodwick candle. Mood lighting/smells.

Make some homemade pizzas. From scratch, using ingredients out of these canisters and you have to make the pizza together. Sharing rolling and flouring duties. Possibly throw flower. Music should be playing in background, like this Momford & Sons album. Perhaps we'd even bake cookies together.

While pizza is baking, bust out Scrabble or Twister, whichever fits your style. Include drinks.

After getting significantly tipsy, watch movies together, Possibly a few Harry Potter movies.

Read books together. I'd read this new one by J.K. Rowling. Go to bed really late after doing some "adult things" together. Sleep on these warm sheets.

Thanks for the contest. I'm actually single, but this is a future, a-girl-can-dram plan for myself. ;)

u/strathegm · 1 pointr/tabletennis

I'd be worried that thing would damage the balls. I made my own for about $15 that looks similar to the My Ping Pong Buddy. I remember different versions of them being sold closer to $50-75 several years ago but I see they're down to $45.

I just bought the cheapest painters pole I could find for around $8, which was probably the most expensive part.

You can find the nets on certain kinds of oranges at the grocery store. Be careful though, you want the stiffer and thicker netting. I'd recommend using a double layer too.

I do wish mine had a telescoping pole like this.

And a cheap badminton set can be purchased at Walmart (or elsewhere) for around $5-6. Although I did have a couple of the cheaper ones break on me after several sessions of use, so I'd maybe invest in slightly thicker and more durable badminton set. You'll need to bend the handle but be careful not to kink it. Applying some heat will help.

And finally the most tedious part is stringing it. I've reused the badminton strings but fishing line will be stronger.

Oh, also, I just taped the pole to the badminton handle, but I'm sure there's a nicer way I could have done it. Maybe with a PVC coupler or something you could find in the painter's section for coupling poles together.

It may not be worth the time and effort, since they're only about $45 these days, but my homemade one (after repairing it 2 or 3 times) IS still working well.

u/little_chopper · 1 pointr/curlyhair

The only thing I could suggest is to talk to a Deva cut stylist about keeping the length, but cutting some layers in, perhaps? Also, experiment on your hair during your days off: try a lightweight leave-in conditioner, air dry your hair in a heavy duty hair net, called a triangle net (like this one: You might be able to find one at your local Sally Beauty Supply. Also, experimenting with washing you hair at night, and sleeping on a satin pillowcase is an option too. Good luck!

u/dahveed352 · 1 pointr/FixedGearBicycle

If you like this design, get POWERGRIPS

They'll be more durable.

u/4-SeamFastball · 1 pointr/tennis

Well, I have friends in Sydney and if I don't end up in Melbourne I will end up there so if you change your mind let me know. With those ball prices I'll be bringing my Tennis Ball Saver for sure. Haha.

u/BlueRiverWellness · 1 pointr/pics
u/kederan · 1 pointr/FinalMouse

Wilson Advantage Tennis Racquet Over Grip . The grip won't stay on by itself so you will need double sided adhesive of some sort. On this mouse I went with Gorilla double sized tape. The double sided gorilla tape is pretty thick. use Duck Brand Double-Sided Duct Tape if you wanted the thinnest possible tape with insane grip.

u/sudosussudio · 1 pointr/curlyhair

Oh I like that it does that, but if I don't want it to do that I got this net that keeps the clumps intact:

u/dmahr · 1 pointr/squash

Tourna makes an even tackier variant called Tourna Mega Tac. I've been using this as an overgrip for the last year and love it. Each one feels better than a brand new Karakal or Black Knight replacement grip, costs less than $2, and lasts at least a few matches. They're available on Amazon in a single pack, roll of 10, or roll of 30. Highly recommended if you like sticky-feeling grips.