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u/keanex · 100 pointsr/boardgames

I made this list for /r/NintendoSwitchDeals since someone asked about games. Figured I'd share here. Most of the games I've played, I've indicated where I haven't. Bolded prices indicate lowest price on CCC according to the plug-in.

  • 7 Wonders | $28.99 | 3-7 players | ~30-45 Minutes | 7.8 on BGG - This is a fantastic game to introduce people to "tableau building" and "card drafting." If you're not familiar, a tableau is the cards in front of you that are part of your "engine" going forward, usually you will add cards to it that add synergy to your strategy. Card drafting is when players have a hand of cards, choose one, and then pass to the person next to them. This game can fit up to 7 and it doesn't really bog the game down. I'm not in love with this game, but at this price I think it's a very fair offering for a game that once taught and played once, flows really nicely and makes for a great game to drink and talk while playing rather than being buried in thought about what to do.

  • 7 Wonders: Duel | $17.81 | 2 Players | 20-30 Minutes | 8.1 on BGG - This is a 2 player adaptation of 7 Wonders and it's quite a great version. Instead of card drafting by passing hands, there is a "market" that opens up further as more cards are chosen in which players take turns choosing from. It offers an intense 2 player back and forth of "chicken" in a way that flows nicely and culminates in a satisfying, even if sometimes mean, ending. Often credited as one of the best 2 player games out there, especially with expansions.

    * Agricola | $32.89 | 1-4 Players | 30-150 Minutes | 8.0 on BGG - I have never played this but you can find lots of excellent discussion about this on BGG and /r/boardgames. Ultimately it's a beefier board game about managing your farm to take care of your family. Sounds thrilling right? Well apparently it really is. It's currently rated the 25th bestboard game of all-time, and is often mentioned among some of the great games out there. This is an excellent price for this game new, so if there's any interest, go watch a review of two. Deal is done.

  • Carcassonne | $19.99 | 2-4 Players | ~30 Minutes | 7.4 on BGG - This is an excellent tile laying game for gamers and non-gamers alike. It's simple to teach, takes almost no time to set-up, and can easily be expanded to fit 5 players. If you end up loving this, there are many expansions for it to add depth, or silliness, whichever you prefer. This has become a staple in my circle of friends who don't really play board games because it's so approachable.

  • Isle of Skye | $24.35 | 2-5 Players | 30-50 Minutes | 7.5 on BGG - I've never played this, but it's been on my list for a while as a tile laying game with more complexity than Carcassonne. I don't know much about it, but this is a great price and those with Irish heritage might love the theme. Edit: Well this is embarrassing, Isle of Skye is in Scotland, sorry for that.

    * Pandemic: Fall of Rome | $27.99 | 1-5 Players | 30-60 Minutes | 7.8 on BGG - This is a variation of the much beloved game Pandemic. In this variation, you and up to 4 other players are taking control of Roman armies to defend against the oncoming tribes attempting to take over a weakened Rome. You will use your unique powers and randomly drawn cards to work together with the other players in this cooperative game. If you've played base Pandemic you will know what to expect, but this version has some cool thematic changes that have many reviewers calling it the second best iteration of the Pandemic series. Dead deal.

  • Patchwork | $17.84 | 2 Players | ~20 Minutes | 7.7 on BGG - This is an excellent 2 player game using spacial skills to build out your quilt in a sort of "Tetris" way. You need to manage buttons (currency) and time to efficiently build your quilt with as little empty spots as possible. It's a darling of the community and designed by the great Uwe Rosenberg. People meme about it because it's often recommended, but there's a reason why it is.

  • Photosynthesis | $21.11 | 2-4 Players | 30-60 Minutes | 7.2 on BGG - I've never played this, but it's quite a nice looking game on the table. It's about growing trees while using a limited amount of sunlight - or that's how it's been described to me anyway. I've heard that this game can get pretty cutthroat, especially at higher player counts, because of how limited the board space gets.

  • The Castles of Burgundy | $19.20 | 2-4 Players | 45-90 Minutes | 8.1 on BGG - One of the finest board games I've ever played in spite of the ugly art and theme of it. Visually, I find nothing about this appealing, but the gameplay is so fantastic that I fell in love with it immediately. You have 25 turns in which you are using two dice each turn which are used to make decisions on how to build out your board to gain victory points. The actions are mostly easy to understand, and you're never screwed over by a bad roll because bad rolls can be mitigated via worker resources. There is a good amount of strategic depth to it, minor "meanness" in "screwing over" opponents, and I mostly feel happy with every round - it's a rare game of satisfaction each turn. My only complaint is that the yellow tiles are all unique which turns into a lot of, "What does that one do?" which is mitigated with player aides you can find on BGG. Warning, new print coming out this year that may or may not make the art look better, but the new print will have all expansions. With that said, for $19.20 this is a no-brainer if you want something more complex than something like Catan.

  • The Quest for El Dorado | $19.99 | 2-4 Players | ~45 Minutes| 7.6 on BGG - This is a great deck-building racing game to get to El Dorado first. It's simple to learn and honestly my only complaint is that the game takes up a lot of space. The map is completely variable and there are some official variants in the book, as well as many others on BGG on the files section. If you enjoy the concept of building a deck to race through the treacherous lands to get to El Dorado, this is a great game. Warning, there is a new edition coming out with new artwork, so you may want to hold off.
u/EineEnte · 84 pointsr/gameofthrones

We build a 12-players GoT boardgame based on "A Game of Thrones: The board game (Second Edition)". The base game is for 6 players only and we thought “That can’t be all!”. Luckily for us we weren’t the first who thought that. We used the template of those guys and added a few things by our own. (Yeah I know it’s German :/ ) We spend around ~200€ for the materials but it was totally worth it!

Playable Houses are:

  • Arryn

  • Lannister

  • Tyrell

  • Tully

  • Daenerys Targaryen

  • Stark

  • Bolton

  • [Book Spoiler](#b "Aegon Targaryen")

  • Robert Baratheon

  • Stannis Baratheon

  • Greyjoy

  • Martell

    Any questions? Feel free to ask!

    (Edit: Formatting)

    (Edit 2: Just wanted to point out that this is a custom made expansion if it wasn't obvious already, linked the original")
u/Viocade · 73 pointsr/DnD

For the DM: If you don't have the money or space for enemy minis for every encounter, consider getting your DM a set of Pathfinder Pawns. It's technically for another system but comes with over 300 cardstock pawns (full color, same image front and back) along with a pile of bases for a wide variety of creatures and sizes. There are several collections (I have the Bestiary Box and the NPC Codex) but you can get away with subbing in something that resembles your enemy instead of buying them all.



u/cyco · 61 pointsr/gameofthrones

The Risk board is really nice aesthetically, but try the Game of Thrones strategy game for actual gameplay. It's a lot of fun if you have a few friends and 7-8 hours to kill!

u/sachagoat · 45 pointsr/GameDeals

It is bizarre that this is a "deal" when you can get this.

In the top 3 political/strategy board games and miles ahead of Risk in board game design.

u/JaggerA · 45 pointsr/GameDeals

Betrayal at the House on the Hill is included, super great game

u/MoJoSto · 39 pointsr/futurama

Here is the regular version of Love Letter

It's a great game for 3-4 people. Very portable, easy to learn.

u/aimforthehead90 · 36 pointsr/Games

After playing Gloomhaven, I really can't go back to these types of boardgames. Looks thematically cool of course.

Edit: If anyone is interested, it's on sale at Amazon for 99.00 (29% Off).

u/MyStackFlowethOver · 34 pointsr/malefashionadvice
  • Any Seiko 5 watch. There are tons of sub-$100 varieties, just pick one that matches the gift receiver's style best. They're an excellent value:dollar ratio in this price bracket. Many/most are also compatible with NATO watch straps, meaning they have an almost limitless number of combinations/styles that they can be worn in.

  • The boardgame Gloomhaven just dropped to $96 on Amazon. It normally retails for $140, and is the #1 rated board game on BoardGameGeek.
    Gloomhaven summary:
    >Gloomhaven is a game of Euro-inspired tactical combat in a persistent world of shifting motives. Players will take on the role of a wandering adventurer with their own special set of skills and their own reasons for traveling to this dark corner of the world. Players must work together out of necessity to clear out menacing dungeons and forgotten ruins. In the process, they will enhance their abilities with experience and loot, discover new locations to explore and plunder, and expand an ever-branching story fueled by the decisions they make.
u/Jozan999 · 33 pointsr/funny
u/razzberry · 32 pointsr/boardgames

Amazon has it on sale for $100 CAD which is even cheaper than $85 USD accounting for exchange rate.

u/Micksar · 31 pointsr/asoiaf

If you are referring to this one then yes.

If you really love board games and you have enough friends that would embark on the journey that is the GoT board game, def buy it. My friends and I play it a few times a month. It's a very complex(yet at the same time simple) board game. It takes about 4 hours to complete, however. If you don't think you'll have enough people to spend the time and brainpower on the 4 hour game I suggest buying the expansion packs which are for four players. If you try to play the original version with 5 or 4, it won't end fairly due to the open lands being too easy for southern house to snatch up.

Overall... yes. It rules.

u/TomTrustworthy · 28 pointsr/gaming

If they like that you should get this game..

Its wonderful.

u/GallonOfLube · 26 pointsr/AskReddit

I own all of these (plus quite a few more), and enjoy playing them regularly. Prices are approximately accurate at places like Target, walmart, Amazon, etc. Most games below can be played by up to 4-6 players (some more), but all support a minimum of two. (An important distinction, as many games require 3 or more players.)


  • Scrabble/Monopoly are fun if you're both into the classics. For some reason, these are both almost $20 on Amazon, but I've seen them for under/around $10 each at Target/Walmart.
  • Scrabble Slam (card game) - sets Scrabble on it's ear and adds some adrenaline.
  • A copy of Hoyle's Rules of Games and a deck of cards.
  • Uno - One of my favorites - An absolute staple, and works with as many people as you want, though you might want to add a second deck for more than 4-5.
  • Phase 10 - kind of like a cross between Uno and Rummy.


    Here, we start getting into some really interesting ones...

  • Munchkin - One of my favorites - Like pen & paper RPGs? This makes fun of them ALL in a way only a true gamer would get. Plenty of expansions if you get bored.
  • Guillotine - You're each executioners during the French Revolution, trying to collect the most prestigious heads.
  • Gloom - You're each one of up to four tragedy-ridden families. Play misery-inducing cards on your family to make them as unhappy as possible before you shove them off into the hereafter, and play happy puppies and fluffy bunnies on your opponent to do the opposite.
  • Fluxx - The rules are the cards you play. Start with 3 cards, then draw 1 and play 1 each turn. Oh, but now it's draw 3 and play 1, so you'll need to draw 2 more to catch up. Now it's draw 3 and play 5, so play 4 to catch up, except that someone played inflation, so it's draw 4 and play 6... etc.
  • Citadels Out of the hundreds of games I've played over the years, this is the only one I've seen that claims to have "intrigue"... and really does. Play the role of various nobles, each with different abilities, to gain gold, build cities, and steal from/assassinate your opponents to prevent them from doing the same. The catch? You each play different roles each turn, and the roles are chosen part randomly, and part secretly, so that no one knows who is who until it's too late.


  • Carcassone - One of my favorites - Lay down tiles to build cities, roads and farmland, and place your followers to claim them for points. Just because you lay something down doesn't mean someone else won't claim it instead, and claiming it doesn't ensure that you keep it. Lots of strategy involved, and plenty of expansions if you want to change gameplay. Good for up to 5 players, or more with expansions. Has some similarities with Settlers of Catan, to be mentioned shortly.
  • Chez Geek, House Party Edition - You're all college kids in a dorm, trying to get the most slack points with fun/cool things to do, while reducing slack points in your opponents with annoying cards like car alarms (no sleep), the drunk friend (drinks all your slack-gaining booze), etc. The basic game is under $20, but it's worth it to buy the House Party Edition for $25, as it includes some expansions and extras.
  • Illuminati - I haven't played this yet, but from what I've read, it's a blast. By Steve Jackson Games, the makers of Munchkin.
  • Kill Dr. Lucky - Here's a quote from the rules: "You have hated Dr. Lucky for as long as you can remember, and you've been secretly awaiting this perfect chance to do the old man in. Maybe he destroyed your dry cleaning business; maybe you think he's the leader of the vampires. Perhaps he's the only person standing between you and the family fortune. Or maybe his cat just keeps peeing in your shrubs. Whatever your reason, its good enough to push you over the edge, and now you absolutely can't wait to take the lying old bastard down!"

    A bit pricier here, but some very interesting gameplay is to be found.

  • Settlers of Catan - One of my favorites - no game shelf is complete without it - Build roads and settlements using the tradable resources provided by the areas around your settlements, and the roll of the dice. Note: This is not a two player game. I made an exception here because it rocks, but unfortunately you'll need a third wheel to play.
  • Dominion - One of my favorites - I grew up with Magic: The Gathering, but disliked always having to buy new cards to be competitive. Gameplay is somewhat similar to Magic, though instead of plinking away at your opponent's health, you are gaining victory points. Also, Dominion includes all of the cards you will need for up to 4 players, and you "build" your deck (similar to Magic), by buying new cards every turn.
  • Ticket to Ride - Build your train routes across the US (or Europe, if you get that edition) without revealing your destination, because your opponents might cut you off!
  • Small World - Kind of like a cross between Risk and... something else. Control territory to gain gold, using various races with special abilities. Send your races into decline (continuing to own the territory until it is taken), while expanding out with your new race. Knowing when to send a race into decline makes all the difference.
  • Red November - You're a bunch of drunken gnomes on a doomed submarine. Put out the fire by shunting the flooded compartment to the burning one, but now there are two flooded compartments and you have to pump them out while the engine has a problem and oh my god it's the kraken. INSANE gameplay, but can be stressful. This has skyrocketed in price (from $30 to $50), probably because they're about to release a revised edition, so the old one is out of print. You might want to wait a month for the new version to come out before you buy this.
u/Daver2442 · 26 pointsr/gameofthrones Risk-type strategy game completely centered around Game of Thrones. I have it and it's amazing.

u/Divergent99 · 26 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I vote for Settlers of Catan because I hear it is an awesome game!

u/kimdontcome · 24 pointsr/boardgames

That's right. Here's some price data taken from /r/lowestprice. Its more like a 20 to 30% discount witch is still pretty great

|Name|Price|Usual Price|
|Forbidden Island|$10.19|$14.50
|Resistance The 2nd Edition|$12|$15.50
|7 Wonders|$28|$33
|Say Anything|$15|$19
|Flash Point Fire Rescue 2nd Edition|$24|$30
|The Walking Dead Board Game|$21|$27
|DC Comics Deck Building Game|$23|$30
|Zombicide Base Game|$54|$74
|The Castles Of Burgundy|$22|$29
|Summoner Wars Master Set|$30|$39
|Formula D|$32|41
|The Big Bang Theory: The Party Game|$17|$22
|Axis and Allies 1914 World War I Board Game|$59.39|$75
|Risk Godstorm Game|$30|$36.50
|Saint Malo Strategy Game|$20|$27

u/syriquez · 23 pointsr/funny

Uhhhh. Pandemic is a good game if you want to lose horribly. I'd recommend Forbidden Desert instead. Many similar mechanics. A lot faster. Fewer "Welp, we lose in 5 turns and there is nothing we can do to stop it" issues. And it doesn't suffer as badly from the "Table Captain" problems. It still HAS them but not as badly.

My personal recommendation for a fun competitive game that's relatively easy to learn and doesn't suffer "You fucked me over!" annoyances? 7 Wonders. Another good choice in this theme would be Ticket to Ride. This also has the benefit of actually being available at Target or Walmart, so you don't have to try and find a hobbyist store or order it online. King of Tokyo and Tsuro are both fun, easy-to-learn games as well. I've seen all of these at Barnes and Noble, so depending on what you have locally, they can be easily found.

u/Avendrel · 21 pointsr/magicTCG

I'm surprised no one's mentioned Betrayal at House on the Hill. One of the best games I've ever played. The game is different every time you play it. With 50 different scenarios, and a house that is basically built as you go, it's almost impossible to get bored. It's also published by Wizards of the Coast.

u/outshyn · 19 pointsr/rpg

I'm excited to see your post, because I was going to write something similar. In particular, I wanted to link to the five geek social fallacies which is all about why nerdy gamers feel obligated to include socially awkward friends at the table, even when they're disruptive. And then, I wanted to suggest that OP transition this high-anxiety friend over to a different social event, and your suggestion of board games is perfect. Board games do not require role play in which a socially awkward person bungles the social interactions. Here are some of my favorites that seem to work well with socially difficult people:

  • Dominion (a deck building game -- start with 10 cards, mostly cards to buy stuff, and spend the game buying up more cards that give you extra actions or cash -- what's extremely cool is that the cards you buy are varied, so one game might feel very different from the next game).
  • Rummikub (you gain 14 tiles and must put them down in runs of color or number -- this is great for aspergers types, because it goes at your own pace, and someone who can envision adjusting all the numbered tiles on the board/table can sometimes on a single turn get rid of tons & tons of tiles in an epic reconfiguring of... everything).
  • Sequence (team-based card game that involves putting down cards on a game board to form lines, sorta like Connect 4, but involving teamwork, so if someone nervous doesn't want all the pressure on himself or herself, there will be teammates to help in this game).
  • Munchkin (a joke game based upon D&D but without the social interactions... perfect).
  • Carcassonne (a slower game that involves making "kingdoms" by placing tiles, pretty good for someone looking for low-pressure).

    Good luck OP!
u/DJNimbus2000 · 19 pointsr/gameofthrones

They already have one, and its an amazing game. Admittedly it isn't Risk per se. I actually think that it plays better than Risk, but yours looks pretty sweet though.

u/Will_Im_Not · 19 pointsr/gameofthrones

Just a reminder that there is a really good Game of Thrones Board Game and that we have an active community on /r/AGOTBoardGame

u/2Cuil4School · 17 pointsr/IAmA

I'd like to try my hand at answering your question about how to get into D&D, hopefully providing some extra insight and assistance along the way.

Both D&D and Pathfinder (one of its largest and most successful competitors) offer boxed sets to get started playing the respective games--in fact, this tradition of "all in one" box sets goes back to some of the very earliest days of D&D and its famous blue/red/gold/black books like Basic and Expert.

D&D 4th Edition (D&D4E) is the latest completed version of D&D, and represents a very significant evolution from what came immediately before. It has a heavy tactical focus, a very broad array of balanced character classes, some great online tools for managing your characters, and there's great ways "in" like the Encounters games hosted at many comic shops and game stores across the US. Since it heavily emphasizes the basic rules of "Striker / Defender / Leader / Controller" in combat (that is, someone to do lots of damage, someone to soak up enemy hits and hold them in place, someone to keep the other party members strong and focused, and one more person to affect and hamstring large numbers of foes at once), it can be pretty easy for a group familiar with other RPGs or even videogames to quickly segue into the proper roles.

You can start playing 4E today by buying The Essential Starter which contains just enough rules, characters, and game pieces to get started playing with a group of friends. The game pieces/maps are there to help track your characters' positions in combat relative to the monsters they'll face; 4E's heavy tactics focus makes this a virtual necessity.


Pathfinder was started in some ways as a response from the move from 3rd/3.5E D&D to 4th. Some players feel that 4E overemphasizes tactics, party balance, and simplified roleplaying mechanics to the detriment of the game, and so Pathfinder branched off of the open-source elements of the 3.5E ruleset and became its own, tweaked and rebalanced version of that game.

Pathfinder focuses heavily on character customization, a heavy "simulationist" element (e.g., there are very detailed rules for things like getting a job, building castles, going to war with other empires, alcoholism, etc.!), and compatibility with the very large amount of 3E/3.5E material available, in addition to the many Pathfinder-specific books that have been published in the last 4 years.

The Pathfinder Beginner Box, much like the D&D4E product above, contains just enough game pieces, character classes, and rules to get started on a basic adventure with other new players.


Unfortunately it's worth noting that both of these products are currently sold out on Amazon itself, and the third party sellers that do have them are a little more expensive, so you might want to wait to purchase them.


Both games rely on similar basic assumptions, tools, and modular rule systems:

Basic Assumptions: Players control [usually] one fantastical hero each, and each hero is primarily defined by their "class." Quintessential fantasy tropes are covered: powerful and hardy Fighters; sneaky, thieving, dangerous Rogues; arcane spellslinging Wizards; and devout, healing Clerics. Each game also has more specialized classes, like 4E's shapeshifting animal-like Wardens and its spell-shooting Seeker archers and Pathfinder's bomb-making Alchemists and Western-style Gunslingers.

Fantasy races are also represented in both games, from nimble, mystical Elves to hardy, gruff Dwarves, from sneaky, affable Halflings to brutish, powerful Half-Orcs. Many other specialized races are also available in each system.

The players make their way through the world by describing what they do to a Dungeon Master, who in turn describes what they see and controls the plot, other characters, villains, and indeed, the world itself. In some cases, the players may simply explore the DM's world, learning and investigating, but sooner or later, a challenge is bound to ensue.

Both games provide rules for engaging challenges through combat and "other" skills. In either arena, the games calculate the effects of random chance and risk through the use of dice rolls. Even the greatest warriors can sometimes miss a slippery foe, and not every cut from a sword is immediately lethal; similarly, even an expert thief is sometimes stymied by a lock when pressed for time, but even such failures won't always necessarily set off the trap hidden within.

By rolling dice, players and the DM factor in this random chance. Then, bonuses and penalties are applied based on logical factors (as outlined in the rules). A strong warrior is more liable to hit--and hurt--with his sword, while a nimble thief is better able to evade attacks and dexterously pick locks. Running across a dungeon floor might normally be simple, but if it's covered in ice, the chances to slip and fall are far higher. Casting a spell from memory might normally be taxing--but altogether doable--for a wizard, but doing it while being attacked by a swordsman is all the harder.

Success or failure is then calculated against some target "difficulty"--either a set number (e.g., hitting a bandit in Leather Armor might always require an Attack roll of 16 or higher, after bonuses and penalties are applied) or against an opposing roll (e.g., a thief attempting to hide in the shadows in the middle of combat will be opposed by the general perceptiveness of the enemies he hopes to evade).

Successful resolutions to a problem--either by defeating the enemies before you or by overcoming the intellectual and physical challenges of a puzzle or mystery--rewards players in the form of fabulous treasures and experience points. If enough of the latter are accrued, characters gain levels, unlocking potent new abilities, while enough of the former is gathered, characters might become rich enough to buy a castle or even a kingdom!


Tools: Both games rely on polyhedral dice. These are often referred to as dX, where X is the number of sides on the die. d4s, d6s, d8s, d10s, d12s, and d20s are very common. The smaller dice are often used to calculate the damage of weapons or spells (the tiny d4 for a Dagger represents the unlikelihood such a simple weapon has of dealing a killing blow, while a massive greataxe's d12 showcases how a spot-on hit with one could fell even a mighty man in one hit). If multiple dice should be rolled at once (e.g., a Wizard's Fireball becomes more powerful as he grows in level, adding more and more d6s to the damage it does), then a number may be affixed before the "d" to showthat: 2d6 means to roll two 6-sided dice and add their results.

The most important die in both systems is the d20; it is used as the primary generator of entropy in tasks with a random chance to succeed. To attack, you roll a d20 and add your attack modifiers, then compare it to your opponent's "AC" (armor class) to see if you succeed. To climb a sheer cliff, you roll a d20, add your skill and strength bonuses in climbing, and then compare it to the "DC" (difficulty class) of the cliff. To hide from sight, you roll a d20 and add your stealthiness and dexterousness and compare it against your opponent's Perception roll, to which he or she has added their own bonuses.

In both systems, 1s and 20s are often treated specially, particularly in combat. A 1 is generally seen as an automatic--and sometimes cataclysmic--failure, while a 20 is not only an automatic success, it's a chance for a spectacular success (e.g., in combat, it might be represented by a "critical hit" that deals far more damage than a normal strike would on average).

Other common tools are character sheets, game pieces, and maps. Character sheets, either the official ones from the publishers or fan-made ones or even your own, are essentially standardized ways to format and showcase your character's abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and current status in an easy-to-read, quick-to-reference format.

For instance, characters' HP (hit points, a measure of their health and haleness that can be reduced by disease or combat damage) are often prominently placed, since it's such a vital number. Characters' abilities (e.g., strength, dexterousness, intelligence, etc.) are also tracked here, along with skills, possessions, and even magic spells.

Maps and game pieces, as before, provide a convenient way of tracking combat; if a special attack can only be used on an opponent whom you're flanking with an ally, being able to definitively state where you stand is important. Most maps are measured in 1" squares that typically represent 5 feet in the game world, and most game pieces fit into said squares (although pieces representing large creatures may be bigger!).


Modular Rules: Both games come with a central rulebook (the Player's Handbook for D&D4E or the Core Rule Book for PF) that describes, in essence, how character creation, combat, skill usage, death, advancement, and general adventuring are handled in the game. These basic rules, however, are designed to be expanded upon. The small selection of races and classes presented in said books are supplemented by many more in subsequent volumes (e.g., Player's Handbook 2 and 3 or the Advanced Player's Guide, respectively), and additional rules for things like running the game (Dungeon Master's Guide/Gamemastery Guide), monsters to face (Monster Manual/Bestiary), fantastical treasures to acquire (Mordenkaiden's Magical Emporium/Ultimate Equipment), and more (e.g., Ultimate Campaign, a book about kingdom-building) are also written. Both games are meant to grow with your needs, but most of it is optional.

u/aKatamari · 17 pointsr/Parenting

King of Tokyo -

It's like Yahtzee with a giant monster battle in the middle. Fun for adults, fun for kids.

u/EngineerBabe · 16 pointsr/boardgames
u/kylania · 13 pointsr/DnD

Pathfinder Pawns might be a good start.

Monster Codex Pawns

Beastiary Box Pawns

If you're playing 5E they won't match up exactly, but $30 for 300 "minis" ain't bad. Otherwise start dropping $120 a brick for the official minis or check ebay for the occasional lot of prepainted plastics. They seem to be around $1-2 each at the moment.

u/ununpentium89 · 13 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Forbidden Island game because it's so fun to play! £12.99

u/[deleted] · 13 pointsr/secretsanta

Not to try and change your mind, but for those who are curious, here are some great boardgames at or around the $20 price point:

Forbidden Island

Race for the Galaxy

The Resistance


For Sale

Roll Through the Ages

Glory to Rome





u/elteej · 13 pointsr/boardgames

I don't think KOT is technically on sale on Amazon. As with many board games, they are actually being sold by third-party sellers, Amazon is just fulfilling the order.

As a result, you'll often see these third-party sellers under-bidding each other by a dollar or so so that their copy comes up as the lowest-priced, and typically first bought. In fact, as I'm writing this, somebody has even underbid the price you listed and it's down to $26.72.

Historically, KOT has been sold for about $29 on Amazon:

u/hm_joker · 12 pointsr/gameofthrones

A lot of people seem confused. OP didn't make a board game, they custom made an expansion to increase the possible players for an existing game

If you like game of thrones and risk type games, it's an absolute blast. However, I highly recommend spending a loooot of time reading the rules to fully understand it or bring a friend to "lead" the game if you know someone who knows how to play, as it can be confusing for six beginners.

And nice work, OP! I imagine it's just total chaos and very game of thrones-y with the fake alliances and such you could do with that many people playing.

u/Krazed59 · 12 pointsr/Pathfinder_RPG

I would highly suggest The Begginer's Box.

u/OwlinAutumn · 12 pointsr/Yogscast

~rings doorbell wearing a bright, over-enthusiastic smile~ Oh, hello friend. I hear you and your friends might be interested in getting started on the road towards board gaming! This is excellent news! There are many excellent resources to help guide you and yours towards many fun-filled experiences with friends and family. ^Please, ^don't ^be ^afraid!

~Whips out a bunch of pamphlets, waving them at you~ I would recommend checking out the /r/boardgames community here on reddit, especially this wiki post on what games you should try if you're new to modern board games. It's got a ton of great suggestions with descriptions to help you figure out if you might actually enjoy the game. That wiki and the subreddit itself also have tons of easily accessed info for you, if you need. They can even help you find your nearest FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store)!

Also you might check out some reviewers like Shut Up & Sit Down, who are my favourites and have a ton of articles and video reviews, or The Dice Tower, who have lots of videos of lists and reviews like the one I linked that can give you some ideas of what to get. (Sometimes way too many ideas... ~waggles her overly long games-to-buy list~) SUSD even has a great Intro to Board Games video for people who are hesitant or starting into the hobby and don't quite know what it's all about or where to start - it's a few years old, but still very relevant, and I recommend any of their videos. I find them hilarious.

And if you decide you're really getting into the hobby, you might start visiting the marvellous, dank morass that is BoardGameGeek, aka BGG or 'the Geek'...

As for recommendations straight from me... The hardest and best thing with board games is everyone likes something different? But I find one can't go wrong most of the time with these:

  • Pandemic
  • Survive! Escape from Atlantis
  • Takenoko
  • Forbidden Island
  • Colt Express
  • Jamaica

    Most of these are fairly simple and relatively short, but they're all fun starter games that are easy to pick up and play, and I've never known anyone to not enjoy themselves when I've brought out any of these. I often do game nights with different mixes of friends, to which I will usually bring an Ikea bag full of games, and there's almost always at least one or two of these particular games in that bag. I'm pretty sure they're all in print, too, so they shouldn't be too expensive!

    Also, if you guys are looking into tabletop RPGs but don't know where to start with that, and you don't have anyone who knows how to DM/GM handy, the newest edition of D&D has a Starter Set out - it's a pack that includes dice, pre-rolled characters, a starter rule book and a pre-written starting adventure. I will always recommend Red Boxes/Starter Sets, D&D does a great job with these and makes it really easy for you to get into it, even if no one in the group is familiar with rpgs to begin with.

    tl;dr - Board/card games are amazing, there's lots of resources out there for you, I hope I didn't scare you off with my enthusiasm. Welcome to tabletop gaming!

    ^Edit: ^Now ^with ^more ^links!!
u/WindupBot · 12 pointsr/Parenting

Forbidden Island is great for kids and cooperative. Castle Panic might be a bit advanced for him at 6, but, again, it's a co-op game, so you can help him out. He could probably play King of Tokyo. There's always Hey, That's My Fish!. Also, pretty much any board game by HABA

u/driscoll42 · 12 pointsr/Catan

You'll need the Base Game which allows for 2-4 people to play the game. If you want to play with 5-6, you'll need this expansion.

Beyond that there are many, many expansions such as Seafarers or Cities & Knights. I don't recommend buying any of them until you've played at least 5-10 games of the base version. See if you like the game first.

As for edition, just get 5th, it'll make buying expansions easier in the future.

u/majes2 · 11 pointsr/Games

MSRP of Catan and Dominion are both $45; nice try though. I'll give you Betrayal; I didn't realize it was so cheap, especially considering how good it is. Still, Ticket to Ride: $40, Power Grid: $45 MSRP, Pandemic Legacy: $70 MSRP, (the original game is $40), and I could keep going. The notion that most board games are under $30 is flat out wrong.

u/Big_Breakfast · 11 pointsr/Games

Settlers of Catan is great fun, I also highly recommend adding the expansions like Cities and Knights.

Dominion is another great card/board game you should check out. It's simple to learn but offers a fair amount of depth, pretty elegant design.

If you want to go all out I recommend checking out the The Game of Thrones Board Game it's pretty hardcore but amazing.

u/PeePeeChucklepants · 11 pointsr/DnD

Similar to the MtG cutout idea, Pathfinder uses some nice looking printed stock pawns. Amazon link for example

u/Moar-Dabz · 11 pointsr/DungeonsAndDragons

Pathfinder Pawns!! I just got some for my campaign!


A few Monsters-

Monster Codex-

The NPC one is perfect for Player Characters and Villagers n stuff. And the Monster Codex would hook you up with monsters. And the Bestairy Box is just more monsters and devils and stuff.

They are pretty freaking dope my players love em

u/Zaorish9 · 11 pointsr/dndnext

You're a little late to this party.

u/tavo2809 · 11 pointsr/boardgames

Amazon has it for $95. A tad more expensive but worth to mention in case Amazon works better for someone.

u/chazbamfvonbagg · 10 pointsr/DMAcademy

If you’re looking for low cost I would recommend reaper bones or wizkids deep cuts/nolzurs marvelus miniatures. Depending on the size /set it’ll run you $4-$100. $4 being an individual Meduim sized mini $100 being a boxed set of a lot of them or a single large set piece like a huge dragon. Both of these options are unpainted and you should be able to find whatever you’re looking for. If you just want best bang for your buck I would recommend pathfinder pawns they’re card stock minis and usually get a couple hundred for around $15-$40 depending on the set you get. Another option is to find board games that use minis like zombiecide or some of the d&d board games

u/JJTheJetPlane5657 · 10 pointsr/boardgames

Most of your prices are way too high. They're still used games, you can't sell them at new prices.

Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon

  • Your price - $40

  • Amazon - $41

    Chronicle of the Godslayer - Storm of Souls -
    Rise of Vigil - Immortal Heroes

  • Your price - $20/$20/$20/$15
  • Amazon - $29/$30/$30/$22


  • Your price - $9
  • Amazon - $17

    Munchkin Impossible

  • Your price - $9
  • Amazon - $24

    Battlestar Galactica

  • Your price - $25
  • Amazon - $37

    Dungeon Twister

  • Your price - $40
  • Amazon - A lot

    I'm getting tired of this so I'm going to skip ones that are good deals...

    Carcassonne: The Catapult

  • Your price - $10
  • Amazon - $15

    Van Helsing

  • Your price - $20
  • Amazon - $19

    Zombie Fluxx

  • Your price - $9
  • Amazon - $12

    Dresden Files

  • Your price - $30/$30
  • Amazon - $37/$28

    There are a few games that would be good deals, but most of them need to be re-priced. To make it worth people's time to buy from you then you should really price $20 under Amazon (for bigger games) if you want them to pay shipping. Then it'll even out to only $10-ish less than Amazon for them.

u/shagui · 10 pointsr/asoiaf

You don't want to see the Brazilian version... cringe galore. Half the house's and character's names are comically translated and the other half in the original English versions.
I had to order the A Game of Thrones: The Board Game from amazon to Brazil because the Portuguese version takes the names from the translated books and is both laughable and confusing

u/PlaidKangaroo · 10 pointsr/boardgames

Seconded. I believe “We Didn’t Playtest This At All” is the one you’re looking for.

Asmadi Games We Didn't Playtest This at All - With Chaos Pack

u/bentrophy · 10 pointsr/boardgames

The Resistance. Good for larger groups (Plays 5-10).

u/takabrash · 10 pointsr/boardgames

It's not the wrong sub at all! It's just the right sub for us to tell you to pick up The Resistance instead! Perfect for that size group

u/eckswyezed · 10 pointsr/boardgames
  • Dead Last is a recent game with a traitor mechanic. On Amazon now for exactly 20 bucks. But it requires a minimum of 6 players.

  • Coup scales well from 2 to 6. It is a good game of hidden identities.

  • One Night Ultimate Werewolf / Vampire are good games that work from 3 - 10 players. Good amount of bluffing and hidden identities.

  • And then there's always the classic Resistance: Avalon.

    Edit1: Few other suggestions: Bang: The Dice Game, Citadels, Mascarade

    Edit2: Formatting
u/MovieSuperFreak · 10 pointsr/boardgames

Amazon has it for $26 and free shipping if you're Prime which might be a better deal for some, as MM's shipping costs are sometimes high.

u/Exzilp · 9 pointsr/gameofthrones

This isn't an MMO, but if you didn't know there is a GoT board game that is a lot of fun. My housemates and I play it ever once in a while (it can last 5-7 hours) and love it.

u/MattHoppe1 · 9 pointsr/roosterteeth

For a friday game night I would love for them to play the game of thrones board game, or ticket to ride, or the many amazing board games out there

u/trippysmurf · 9 pointsr/gameofthrones

I actually recommend the second edition. It's like Risk, but everyone goes at the same time. 3-6 players (recommend 6). Alliances are absolutely required or else you end up locked in eternal war. There is politics, favoritism, and requires a solid strategy.

For added fun, use the Tides of Battle Cards as well, which will change the outcome of every battle, and just makes things chaotic and you really have to weigh your combat options.

u/zeCrazyEye · 9 pointsr/gameofthrones

That's the 1st edition. Definitely want the 2nd edition over the first.

u/Chathtiu · 9 pointsr/ArtPorn

Honestly, this reminds me of Betrayal at the House on the Hill. A sole survivor, fleeing that cursed mansion, as it slowly consumes itself and everything left inside.

I will also take this moment to shamelessly plug this fabulous game. link for easy impulses shopping.

u/protectedneck · 8 pointsr/DnD

Playing in your own D&D game solo sounds... unproductive. I would rather play a video game or read a book in that case. There are also several board games in the D&D style (such as Gloomhaven and the D&D board games) that allow for solo play. It plays out kind of like a choose your own adventure story.

u/yourethemannowdog · 8 pointsr/berkeley

If you're the type, playing board games/card games with friends is relaxing and sociable, and can also exercise your mind. A deck of cards is super cheap, and while board games have larger up front costs, you can play the same one tons of times. I'm not talking older/classic games (like Monopoly) but rather new, designer board games like The Settlers of Catan, Carcassone, or Ticket to Ride. Card games I like are Hearts and Euchre.

u/Bubba310 · 8 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Everyone needs a little Munchkin

u/JasontheFuzz · 8 pointsr/Pathfinder_RPG

A mini is a mini. It doesn't matter what system it's for. You can use a highly detailed, hand painted mini, or you can use a rock from the ground.

The absolute best bang for you buck: the Pathfinder Starter Box. It's around $35 on Amazon right now. You get 80 cardboard minis, mostly monsters, but a solid mix of male/female race/class combos too. Plus, you get dice, a dry erase mat, simplified rules, and more!

As for individual minis, Heroforge is pretty highly recommended, but they're not cheap. Expect $20+ for a single mini, but it is completely customizable!

If you want to really invest, get a cheap 3D printer and print your own stuff! I've had a Micro 3D printer for several years, and it still works great! You can find files for most DnD monsters thanks to an artist named Miguel Zavala.

Otherwise, just head to your local store and talk to the people there. Minis can go from $0.10 to several hundred dollars. I'd say you should expect to pay a few dollars for an average mini.

u/DrunkMosquitos · 8 pointsr/DnD

Prefer of paper with a character's picture? I've also seen people download pictures and make sandwich boards with character art on them.

Would that work for you?

u/stmack · 8 pointsr/bgdealscanada


Game|Sale $|Reg $|Sale %|BGG Rating
COH Guadalcanal|43.3|73.95|41%|8.2
Star Trek Panic|21|41.95|50%|7.1
Coal Baron|24.89|38.95|36%|7.3
Dragon Island|27.53|43.95|37%|6.3
Monopoly Gamer|19.79|29.99|34%|6.5
Wits and Wagers Party|22.46|29.99|25%|6.9
Dungeon Lords|73.92|91.95|20%|7.4
Forbidden Island|16.98|21.95|23%|6.8
Deception: Murder in Hong Kong|29.16|33.95|14%|7.5
Boss Monster|18|21.95|18%|6.3

\^Credit to jrahhali on bgg for most of these.

u/Dr_Scientist_ · 7 pointsr/truegaming

This is extraordinarily thorough. So thorough in fact, that you should also consider board gaming. Reading this, it just makes a lot of sense for you. I think board gaming would fit you like a glove.

1. Video games have moved away from couch co-op. You've made a great list here with a lot of solid points, but I doubt you would have ever reached your conclusion, had you considered board games. Keep Talking is certainly a good entertaining game, nothing against it. It's just, that game feels plucked like a needle out of a haystack. Like you've biopsied out a very small node from inside a large mass.

You don't really have this problem with board games. Literally every single board game in existence is designed to be played with people immediately around you. I hesitate to use the phrase "played co-operatively" simply because most board games are NOT co-operative - though there are notable exceptions like Pandemic or Ghost Stories. Both great games.

Board games use human beings as the engine the game runs on. That's not to say board games pit intellects against each other in some sort of valid competition of "who's the most smartest", but to say: humans are social machines and will surprise you with their grasp of system thinking. If I have five or six people in the room with me, I'd prefer the game that we're playing to exist in the head-space between us rather than on some electronic device.

People have come over to my house in the real world. Why not play a game with them that also exists in the real world? I can play videogames over online multiplayer until I'm blue in the face. Just last night I reinstalled Bad Company 2 and played with a few old college roommates. If I had those old friends over to my house, we'd play a board game. It seems crazy to me that someone has taken the time to drive over to your place and you set them down in front of a computer.

2. Because boardgames have always been designed around a social experience taking place in the real world, they're just better at it. This is definitely subjective. You can feel free to disagree with me all you want, but there are mechanics that I just don't see in videogames. Sure, I could load up Gremlin's Inc and replicate what is probably the best roll n' move game I've ever played, but roll n' move is a Monopoly era game genre. Board games can move past this.

You can't play Two Room's and a Boom on a machine. You can't play Bid n' Bluff games like Liar's Dice, Sheriff of Nottingham, or social deduction games like Coup or Love Letter. You can't play physical dexterity games like Jenga (still great fun btw), Flick em' Up, or Catacombs.

There are just games that play better with groups of people because they exist in the real world and make use of humans as the operating system.

3. Board games are much more open to much more people. I don't know about you, but in my experience board games are just more accessible to a wider range of people. I'm maybe going to get a round of Mario Kart out of the adults in my life that love me, but I've sat down with people over 50 and had a great time with Ticket to Ride. At family reunions I've enjoyed Dominion with young children and grandparents alike. Settlers of Catan, Blockus, and Carcassonne are all genuinely fun games I played to death with my family.

How crazy is that? I would really look forward to playing one of those games with my whole family. I can't think of even one videogame that fits that criteria.

4. Perhaps most simply, there are incredible games that just don't exist in videogame form - even though they could. Is the total conversion mod for Crusader Kings II not giving you that full heady Game of Thrones experience? Why not just play Game of Thrones. This is probably my favorite game and it's just not on computers. I can imagine a version of Cosmic Encounter played over online multiplayer, but why? It already exists in perfect form. If I want to play El Grande, or Arctic Scavengers, or Lords of Vegas - well . . . those games just don't exist as videogames.

5. Just honorable mentions. Seven Wonders. Splendor. Blueprints.

TL;DR. There are a ton of great board games out there and if you actually are struggling to think of something that you and your friends can enjoy together in the same room - maybe give it a shot rather than lament the lack of couch co-op in videogames.

u/powerbug80 · 7 pointsr/DnD

Chessex battlemaps and Pathfinder flip map are two of the common maps.

As for miniatures, Pathfinder paws are the biggest bang for your buck. They are thick card stock and fairly durable and would be the easiest buy. If you want miniatures, sites like miniature market has around 160 for $2 or less for each miniature, the cost can add up quickly, but are pre-painted.

u/Connguy · 7 pointsr/makemychoice

Edit: for the record, I posted this before the lasybugs thing took off

You're not going to make any great progress on a PC build for that price. Besides, PC tech is changing so quickly, you shouldn't buy any one piece of it until you can buy all of it.

If you're looking for X1 games, I'm a huge fan of Destiny, but it's not for everyone. If you're looking for more of a sure hit, check out Shadows of Mordor or Dragon Age: Inquisition.

If you want to change things up a little, here are some of my favorite purchases (I'm a minor Amazon addict):

u/lithicbee · 7 pointsr/boardgames

Amazon sells a kind of pricey replacement piece but it does include a bunch of extra stuff you may or may not need. Still less than the original MSRP.

u/iLrama · 7 pointsr/boardgames

7 Wonders · $30

Azul · $21

Crypt · $14

Great Western Trail · $55

Lords of Waterdeep · $30

Mysterium · $40

Photosynthesis · $35

Root · $50

Scythe · $40

Secret Hitler · $35

Terraforming Mars · $49

Viticulture Essential Edition · $46

Wingspan · $55


Total: $500


Didn't really think this through lol, had to remove Skullport because I had gone over by $25. I obviously couldn't include some classics, but I tried to make it somewhat varied and accessible for everyone.

u/mister_paul · 7 pointsr/Boardgamedeals

Deals almost always come back. Amazon intentionally creates a sense of urgency with deals to encourage people to buy. Check out this graph of pricing on 7 Wonders. Every time the price drops suddenly is probably a sale. In fact, that first dip to $30 probably seemed like a great deal - lowest price it had ever been! Then the price drops into that region or lower every three months or so.

So don't stress. Just be patient, there are always more deals.

u/roarmalf · 7 pointsr/Boardgamedeals
u/mistamo42 · 7 pointsr/boardgames

CamelCamelCamel is the site you want to see price history of individual items on Amazon.

If you have a friendly local game store I highly suggest checking their price out and buying locally. My FLGS has Gloomhaven for $119.99 when it is in stock, cheaper than Amazon, and I get to help keep my local store in business.

u/OneCritWonder · 6 pointsr/tabletop

There are a growing number of RPGs these days that play without a GM--some don't even need dice. Fiasco, Microscope, Kingdom, Questlandia, Downfall, Dream Askew, Transhuman Pathways, The Quiet Year, Carolina Deathcrawl, Hope Inhumanity...etc.

There are also boards games that seek to emulate the dungeon crawl feel of RPGs like The Legend of Drizzt. There is more focus on the mechanics side of things here than the roleplay aspect though.

u/BludskarTheBrutal · 6 pointsr/DungeonsAndDragons

Hey, so I don't know what your budget is, but I'm going to make a few recommendations.

Those are: Any of the D&D Board games from this list:

The Legend of Drizzt $50

Castle Ravenloft $50

Temple of Elemental Evil $45

Wrath of Ashardalon $50

Tomb of Annihilation

May seem pricey, but lemme tell you why I recommend these: they come with a shitton of minis, the minis are high quality, they come with DUNGEON TILES, they come with loot cards, they come with tokens for HP and stuff, and they can be used to play a game that has different scenarios if you're into that, though the game isn't D&D proper (though it is D&D flavored).

So here's a picture of all the minis that Wrath of Ashardalon comes with

ALL of that. That's 42 minis right there. If the box only came with minis, that would be about $1.20 a mini. You're not going to find minis of that quality that cheap pretty much anywhere else. It is an insanely good deal.

So then we have the tiles. They interlock with each other, and are compatible with tiles from all the other games I listed. [Here's a pile] ( , here's some assembled, and that's 12 tiles. The box comes with 40.

Lemme give you a breakdown of what WoA comes with in terms of minis:

Ashardalon, Red Dragon

Bellax, Gauth

Cave Bear x3

Duergar Guard x3

Gibbering Mouther x3

Grell x3

Heskan, Dragonborn Wizard

Human Cultist x3

Keyleth, Elf Paladin

Kobold Dragonshield x3

Kraash, Orc Storm Shaman

Legion Devil x3

Margraath, Duergar Captain

Meerak, Kobold Dragonlord

Orc Archer x3

Orc Smasher x3


Quinn, Human Cleric

Rage Drake

Snake x3

Tarak, Half-Orc Rogue

Vistra, Dwarf Fighter

u/mostlypertinant · 6 pointsr/latterdaysaints

With all the love of my soul, you need some better board games.

Ticket to Ride is my favorite "gateway" game. No more complicated than Monopoly et al but so much better:

Coup is another. If it takes longer than five minutes to play a round, you're not being aggressive enough:

When you're ready for something a little more strategic, Settlers of Catan is a classic:

Hop on over to /r/boardgames some time!

u/abigaila · 6 pointsr/Parenting

I agree with /u/raisedbynarcoleptic - you need a structured non-threatening activity with the kid. Start with all four of you, don't suddenly take the scared kid out alone.

Honestly, I'd wait six months before bringing up the potential for marriage. Wait until you and he have had a conversation, he's smiled at you, and he's volunteered something positive about you to his mother. Also, STOP TEACHING HIM, if you haven't already. Move him to another teacher or studio. Stop muddying those waters.

I'm a board game person, so here's what I would do:

  • Buy 2-3 board games for him for Christmas for his mother to give to him.

  • He and his mother play the games for a few weeks until she knows what his favorite is.

  • You and your son learn that game. (or all the games!)

  • You and she get all four of you together for a tournament over a few weeks with silly prizes. Out of six times, the overall winner gets five bucks and a silly hat. That sort of thing. (NOTE: Some teenagers would flat-out refuse to play cheesy board games with their parents, but it sounds like he is close to his mother and not a particularly brash kid, so you might get some buy-in.)

  • Start having weekly game nights.

  • After a few successful game nights, suggest playing a game that's 2p only and then have the winners play each other.

  • Let the kids play against each other.

  • Once that has been shown as non-threatening, suggest kids against adults - parent v. kid.

  • Finally, suggest mixing it up and have you play against him. Direct interaction, but in the same room as the others.

  • If that goes well, have his mother schedule a multi-hour thing on the same day that your son is busy with another friend. Ask his mother to fret and wring her hands about leaving him alone so much. Volunteer to go to a cafe with the kid and play whatever his favorite game is.

  • First time alone with him! Keep it low-key. No talks about the future. No talks about family or feelings. Just stay in public and play a game together and go home. Maybe buy him some sort of mountain-of-sugar drink.

    And so on.

    The hobby doesn't have to be board games, of course, but that is the general outline of how I'd recommend handling it with a kid who literally shakes at the sight of you. Excruciating baby steps.

    Games I'd recommend for this:

  • King of Tokyo ($33)

  • Betrayal At House On The Hill ($34)

  • Uno ($5ish anywhere)

  • Sorry! ($12ish anywhere)

  • Carcassonne (out of stock at Amazon but usually $25ish)

  • Ticket To Ride (out of stock at Amazon but usually $35ish)

  • Bohnanza ($14)

  • Castle Panic ($22) (Has Star Trek and Zombie versions!)
u/Levitlame · 6 pointsr/GameDeals

Risk has come a long way. These aren't just reskins most of the time. Though I don't know anything about this edition. Legacy is entirely different as well as the Metal Gear one. Both are a ton of fun.

I'd probably just buy The actual Game of Thrones game for almost the exact same price though. It's absolutely one of my favorites when played with the right people. (And not played often enough to memorize optimal moves and things...)

u/MonsieurFroid · 6 pointsr/gameofthrones

It's pretty similar to Risk, I feel. It's the exact same game as this, in fact.

u/justanothersith · 6 pointsr/DMAcademy

I found the cheapest, yet still very nice solution are the Pathfinder tokens (monsters and NPCs). There so many to chose from, all in one box and very reasonably priced:

u/groundshop · 6 pointsr/lanparty

The lans I go to are too small to really bear much advice to you on the questions you listed.

Where I can provide some insight is in the types of table top games you should consider. Lots of folks (in the lan community) have been exposed to traditional pen/paper stuff like DnD. If you're looking to spice things up a bit, consider trying out some of the modern board games that are out. I'm sure some of your attendees will have already been exposed to these, but for the rest that haven't, they'll probably strike at least an interest or a few questions. BoardGameGeek has a list of the top board games out right now, some of which you might not have heard of. Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Race for the Galaxy, Carcassonne are some of the most popular. They're flashy, they're interesting, and they're usually under an hour (if not usually under 45 min) to play. They're an up and coming type of gaming that's spreading fast among the table-top/CCG/comics folks.

Edit: In retrospect, I kinda seem like a fanboy for this post, but holy shit they're really awesome games.

u/Oopstypo1 · 6 pointsr/CasualConversation

My favorite game is to play with friends is Betrayal at House on the Hill
A great resource if you like games is Wil Wheaton's youtube channel Tabletop

u/G8kpr · 6 pointsr/boardgames

7 Wonders is great from 3-7 players (scales really well).

It's $30usd on right now (cheaper than Cool stuff Inc which is $40)

Isn't theme heavy, easy to learn, and everyone is active all the time because turns are done at the same time.

u/Tollboy · 6 pointsr/boardgames

7 Wonders for sure, you need more than 2 to play but it is tons of fun.

u/EmbyrFlayme · 6 pointsr/boardgames

My suggestions for fun two player games that have a small footprint are below. I haven't tried playing these in a pub, but I think they should work.

Love Letter - I played this at a party recently and enjoyed it. There are various themes, including a munchkins variant.

Pass the Pigs - I used to bring this game with me on plane trips because it is compact and playable on a tray table.

Toss Up - Fun dice game, simple rules, could be turned into a drinking game if you are so inclined.

Timeline - Lots of different versions of this game, all have to do with history, but you can pick different topics, and even combine packs.

Exploding Kittens - random fun, there is also a NSFW version that is full of boob/penis/poop/etc jokes.

Hanabi - I have the tile version of this, which is a little bulkier, but is much more drink and food resistant.

u/1rv · 6 pointsr/unitedkingdom

If you like traditional board games, try one that's a little more complex, such as:




u/ASnugglyBear · 6 pointsr/boardgames for 3-4 players

5-6 players is an entirely different, and far worse, game (it removes a push your luck mechanic that is fun and interesting, and takes a LOT longer for games because people can do stuff much more often).

I suggest other games with similar themes when you want to play with less than 3 or more than 4 people

Parthenon Rise of the Aegean for for 3-6

Chinatown for 3-5

u/Braden0732 · 6 pointsr/boardgames


All the shady re-sellers are doing exactly what they did during the KS campaign. They mark-up the game way above MSRP and have a completely bogus shipping date that loosely coincides with estimates from the publishers. Amazon does not hold re-sellers accountable for the illegitimate shipping dates they push in order to generate pre-orders.

Start with your FLGS and set up a notification on FunAgain, Cool Stuff or Miniature Market just in case you can't get it locally. Don't support bullshit scalpers on Amazon.

u/Vecna_Is_My_Co-Pilot · 5 pointsr/dndnext

There's been five released so far (ordered below oldest to newest):

  • Wrath of Ashardalon
  • Castle Ravenloft
  • Legend of Drizzt
  • Temple of Elemental Evil
  • Tomb of Annihilation

    They are each designed to be cooperative adventures where there is no DM but instead all of the monsters are designed to run themselves according to a set of rules outlined on monster cards corresponding to each creature (Note if you buy one, keep the two decks of cards separate until told to combine them in the adventure book -- this is not clear in the rules). The players face off against different scenarios in an adventure book which prescribes what monsters and tiles to use or set-aside and then they generate a random dungeon through drawing dungeon tiles from the stack as they explore.

    They can of course be played on their own and are a moderately enjoyable (some even have one of their adventures that is suitable as single-player). Though I own all of them I've only played Elemental Evil, but I hear that they experience improves with each one released.

    They can also be lots of use for a budding DM; there lots of useful stuff in them that can be borrowed or raided.

    Useful D&D Elements

  • Dungeon Tiles that interlock allowing for quick and easy custom dungeons. Ashardalon, Ravenloft, and Elemental Evil have pretty standard stonework dungeons, but Drizzt has nice cavern tiles, and Annihilation has jungle and vine choked corridors. EE also has 6 or so tiles with a micro-scale town on one side of each, making a quick and dirty town map super easy.
  • Lots of figures, about 40-45 in each set, ranging from 'Small' to (in some sets) 'Huge.' All of them are sized correctly to match other official D&D figures, the plastic is pretty durable. They are highly detailed and quite suitable for painting. They're also rather useful if you are running the official 5e campaign that corresponds to the setting/theme for each game (e.g. Tyranny of Dragons = Ashardalon, etc. [SKT has no Adventure System game]).
  • A ton of cardboard tokens, varying by set, for doors, treasure, chests, traps, additional NPCs or creatures

    But there's also downsides:

  • Many tiles have an assortment of icons or the occasional words on them, Elemental Evil is the worst offender here with lots of random icons that might make your players scratch their heads at the normal D&D table.
  • Many more tokens than you will have use for. I have started to use the hard cardboard tokens as bases for off-brand figures that need things to stand on, just glue it on, paint black over the cardboard printing -- voila!
  • Several of the figures may be bent from being packaged and packed in there -- curved spears, flaccid swords, leaning creatures. I have not found a good way to rectify this.
  • The scenario book and monster cards are mostly useless if you are getting one only for parts and pieces useful in your normal D&D game.
  • The tiles do not promote the building of many really large rooms or corridors, there is no "inside corner" to make L-shaped rooms or wide hallways. Furthermore, the fully open 4x4 tiles are extremely rare (with tiles from 6 complete games I have less than a half-dozen), making really large rooms difficult -- they usually just become really long rooms.
u/joshsc63 · 5 pointsr/boardgames

I probably should have been more clear :) DnD adventures the board game, not the DnD 4.0 campaigns.

They have very little lore! You literally read 1 paragraph before you start the game and then 1 paragraph when the "end game" event occurs. It feels more like a dungeon crawler than anything. The game mechanics do all the DM activity for you.

AND you can get it for a little over $45 at amazon! (I've seen it go down to $40)

Check out Tom Vassels review on it, it'll give you a good idea.

u/another79Jeff · 5 pointsr/minipainting

Look at the d&d adventure system board games. Legend of Drizzt is a good one. Here is the Amazon link

Each game in the series has about 40 minis and often drop below $40. The games themselves aren't horrible. It's a great way to get a bunch cheaply.

Also, just ask to look at what he painted and be excited.

Edit: you're a good spouse! He'll appreciate your interest.

u/rbanders · 5 pointsr/boardgames

A few games I like that would probably fit the bill:

Spot It. Super fun game, easy to learn and quick to play. Not the deepest game but it's lots of fun for all ages and a nice quick game to play when you want something short or as a break between longer games. Good for any number of players.

Dixit. A storytelling game. Each turn one of you is the "storyteller" and tells a short story (one word to a sentence) about it. Everyone else picks a card from their hand that they think fits the story. The cards are mixed up and everyone guesses which one the Storyteller had. The interesting scoring mechanic is the storyteller only gets points if some people don't guess right. If everyone or no one guesses right, the storyteller gets no points and everyone else gets points. Plus, if it's not your turn but someone votes for your card, you get points. The cards can be somewhat crazy and surreal but are definitely safe for a 9 year old. The game is a fun casual game.

Ticket to Ride. Fun game where you lay out train routes. You can block people's routes and you will be angry at whoever does that to you. Only takes 5 people though.

Tsuro. Another somewhat shorter game. You take turns laying tiles and moving your Dragon along the path they create trying to stay on the board. Near the end of the game it gets hectic and you might end up knocking each other off.

TransAmerica. A train game like Ticket to Ride but faster and a little less complex. Rounds go quickly and it has an interesting scoring mechanic. Each round you lose points if you don't connect to your cities and the game ends when someone is at zero. The winner is whoever lost the least points.

7 Wonders. A fun game that involves playing cards that you draw from a hand you pass around. Takes up to 7 people but might be slightly too complex for the 9 year old.

Shadow Hunters. A hidden roles game where you will be on teams but you won't know who's on your team. Throughout the game you try to figure that out and it can get very competitive. Again might be slightly too complex for the 9 year old but maybe not.

Castle Panic. This game is slightly different because it is a cooperative game. All of you play against the game itself to try and defend your castle and defeat all the monsters. It's a pretty fun game.

There are a ton of other good games but I'll stop for now since I've probably listed too many as it is. Two things I'd recommend to try to find new games that your family might like beyond these. First, see if there's a board game store near you. A lot of them will have board game libraries where you can go in and try out the games at no charge. Most (in my experience) are pretty friendly to newer players. Second, check out TableTop. It's a show hosted by Wil Wheaton where he explains games and then plays through them. My wife and I used it as a good way to see new games that we might be interested in without having to buy them sight unseen, since boardgames can be expensive. The demo part of the show has sold us on a bunch of games (several of which are listed above). Hope this helps and enjoy the family game nights.

u/OneOddCanadian · 5 pointsr/boardgames for $56 with free shipping. Otherwise you can take a look at any online boardgame store for ~$60 such as Board Game Bliss or 401games.

u/Vurlax · 5 pointsr/gameofthrones

It is:

It's pretty good, though it takes a round or two before the rules make sense.

u/Seizure_Storm · 5 pointsr/GameDeals

I usually don't post but you can get the actual game of thrones board game by Fantasy Flight Games for around the same price.

The board game I just listed above is rated as one of the 100 best board games by Board Game Geek as well instead of in the top 3000 in the case of Risk: Game of Thrones.

If you absolutely must have a risk board game, I would look into Risk: Legacy which is usually lauded of as the definitive version of Risk in the board gaming community.

u/TychoTiberius · 5 pointsr/gameofthrones

Just buy this, it's way better than risk because it adds the politics and backstabbing that we all love from the show.

u/HighTechnocrat · 5 pointsr/rpg

There are two currently popular versions of Dungeons and Dragons: 3.5 and 4th edition. 3.5 is (obviously) the older edition, but a lot of people still play it because they thought the rules system was more complex and interesting than 4th edition. However, 4th edition is better ballanced and far easier to play.

Pathfinder is also a good alternative to both, as it takes the 3.5 rules and updates them to be more balanced and easier to play.

Pathfinder and 4th Edition both have starter sets for ~$25 and ~$17 respectively. These are great options, and a wonderful way to try out the game without dropping a ton of money on books.

u/lasalle202 · 5 pointsr/dndnext

The heavy stock "pawns" from Pathfinder and similar "standees" are a really nice and much cheaper alternative to minis. You can store and transport so many more so much easier. Great art.

u/ArdeaAbe · 5 pointsr/dndnext

I have a box of Pathfinder pawns and they are pretty great. You get a selection of bases. I got one of the evil races boxes but the Bestiary Box 1 seems to have a pretty good overlap with 5e's MM.

u/MissSashi · 5 pointsr/Pathfinder_RPG
u/a_quick_glance · 5 pointsr/college

I agree with counseling. Even if you don't absolutely need it, it still helps to talk to someone who is paid to help you understand yourself.

I went to the counseling center because I couldn't pick a major and they helped me figure out what I enjoyed doing etc.

I also went another time when I was having a fight with a friend and I just wanted someone to give me perspective on the situation and help me be a better communicator.

People go to counseling for things other than depression. I used to not know what counselors were, but they are sort of similar to psychiatrists.

What are your interests? What is your major? I can give you tips on how to pick student organizations based on your interests. I had a hard time picking student organizations at first. Student organizations are an AMAZING way to meet people. Heck, my alma mater just had a reddit meet up this past week. You can meet people through reddit. Have you been talking to people at your school on their subreddit and asking for their advice?

It is scary, but you have to try new things even if they make you uncomfortable. Not everything will work out, but you will eventually meet people if you try different strategies and change your ideas about how to meet people.

Edit: Don't be afraid to try new things. Say yes to hanging out with people and doing somethings that is unfamiliar. Say yes to almost everything. If I was a freshman again I would probably have Netflix parties, GOT parties, or play CAH or Settlers of Catan. I would also have used to check out new places nearby. I got really into hiking when I was in college. I wouldn't have guessed I loved to hike as much as I do. I also started going to markets and swap meets a lot. You have to try new things and push forward.

Other people are scared too.

It might be making you depressed because your reality is not living up to your expectations and you don't know how to cope, and you are still in shock because you left your family and friends. Have you ever seen that Expectations vs. Reality scene in 500 Days of Summer? You have to learn how to make your new reality work for you. It takes some time to get used to not seeing your friends so much, but if you find new ones, then the transition will be easier. Don't be afraid to invite your friends to come visit if they are within a three hour distance. I visited my friends at their dorms and apartments a lot, we went to different colleges throughout Southern California. I've been to 8 or 9 campuses I believe.

u/bookchaser · 5 pointsr/boardgames

We Didn't Playtest This at All. I bought it after seeing it mentioned in /r/boardgames/. I loved the one-star reviews on Amazon from people who didn't understand the game.

It's an absurd party game. The first time I played it in my 6-person group, we played six rounds. I lost the first five rounds before it was even my turn to play (but that's OK because you often get to take an action during other peoples' turns). In the sixth round, I played one hand only because I got to go first, and I was out before it became my turn again. It is still hilarious, inexpensive fun.

I especially love the cards that make players lose if they utter certain words during the game. I was the first to lose with that card, so I spent the rest of the round assassinating people by engaging them in conversation.

Helpful tip: play the game with people you enjoy being around. If your gaming group is composed of only people you know through gaming, forget it.

u/iheartmetal13 · 5 pointsr/boardgames

Forbidden Island is exactly what you need.

u/tandem7 · 5 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You guys are bee-you-tee-mous maximus today indeed!! As always, of course :)

If I'm dreaming big, then this is what I would ask for - it sounds like such an awesome game, and board games are my favourite way to spend quality time with my boyfriend. It sounds like a ton of fun, we actually went looking for it for an anniversary gift to each other, but we couldn't find it anywhere locally so we put it on the back burner.

Under $20, this guy - it's an inside joke, there are a group of us who play "minion" to my friend's "mad scientist", so it makes me smile.

C'mon...gimme three cheers for rasta and the numbah man, two of my favourite people in RAOA :)

u/habadacas · 5 pointsr/Gaming4Gamers

a few good games you could start with are, King of Toyko , or Pandemic, or Catan, or Betrayal at House ont he hill.

There is also a great youtube channel called Tabletop run by Wil Wheaton that showcases a ton of games where you can watch them play and get a feel ahead of time if its a game you think you would be interested in.

u/bballspike · 5 pointsr/boardgames

7 Wonders is on a great sale and it's a relatively short, easy to play game. I've taught it to my family at Thanksgiving and many of my friends and they all love it!

Edit: here is the link

u/youhaveatinytictac · 5 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

King of Tokyo


smash up

more awesome board games :)

u/cactipus · 5 pointsr/AskReddit

Technically no board involved, but Cards Against Humanity is a lot of fun.

And they have an expansion pack now!

u/abpat2203 · 5 pointsr/Boardgamedeals

Mysterium - $29.71

Spendor - $23.76

u/billygreen23 · 5 pointsr/Boardgamedeals
u/cowsareverywhere · 5 pointsr/GameDeals

Its working on my end. It has to be the specified games,

u/carpecaffeum · 5 pointsr/ShouldIbuythisgame

Munchkin might be a bit much if your friends aren't 'board game people,' its bit more involved compared to a party game like CaH.

I've been having a lot fun playing Codenames at parties. It's easy to learn and it's flexible with regard to the number of people that can play.

Telestrations is another good party game, it usually degrades into raunchy territory quickly.

EDIT: And I just saw there is an adult version of Telestrations. I may have to get that.

u/bcgrm · 5 pointsr/boardgames

EDIT 2: Completely forgot Codenames, which is easily the biggest hit in my collection with non-gamers. Amazon link

I would recommend, in this order:

Splendor- Portable (just take the stuff out of a box and put it into a much smaller box), very small learning curve, 30-45 minute play time tops.

Dominion- again, it's just a bunch of cards, so you don't need the whole box. Pretty much the same specs as above.

Both of the above are "Engine builders" where the objective is to accumulate parts (metaphorically) early in the game that will be able to generate a lot of points later in the game. Then you need to time your transition into point-grabbing appropriately in order to win. Splendor is little less black-and-white, since you can start point grabbing right away, but it's all about finding that sweet spot.

Forbidden Desert is a nice cooperative game that comes in a pretty small metal tin.

Sushi Go is very portable, as portable as it gets. But it's also exceedingly simplistic. Still fun though.

Coup is a top notch bluffing game. Also very small natively.

Love Letter is a bluffing game as well, but not as good as Coup (IMO)...Coup is meaner which I like.

Citadels was one of the games that got me into the hobby, but I don't care for it much anymore.

/u/r2d8 getinfo

EDIT: Forbidden Desert: r2 is going to keep my spelling error up for all to see...little bastard.

u/davidjricardo · 5 pointsr/boardgames

Also same price at Amazon wioth Prime shipping.

u/Themris · 5 pointsr/Gloomhaven

Gloomhaven has been available on Amazon's US store for $90-$110 for many many months now.

Not sure about international availability, 300 euros (~$340) is insane.

u/RTukka · 4 pointsr/DnD

First, I'd recommend that you keep the box and all of the components in good condition, so you can consider re-selling it once you're done with it. The Red Box seems to be out of print and is selling for far above its $20 MSRP, and if you can recoup some of the money you spent on it to buy some resources that will have more lasting value, it might be worth it (depending on how highly you value your time), since you will have little use for most of the contents of the box once you're through with the initial adventure.

Or, if it's not too late, you may want to cancel your order. The Starter Set is a relatively gentle introduction to D&D, but not necessarily the best one and certainly not the cheapest.

To prepare, you might want to read, and have everyone else read, the quick start rules. You can also have the players choose pre-generated characters from that document and print off the corresponding character sheets. The Red Box method of character creation involves running through a solo "choose-your-own-adventure" book, which you might not want to do 3 or 4 times in succession for each of your players. Note that the the quick start rules uses slightly different versions of the character classes presented in the Red Box, but the characters/systems are compatible.

You will not immediately need to create your own group adventure, as one is included with the Starter Set.

Also, as an alternative to the Starter Set, /u/Dracoprimus posted a bunch of links to free adventures. You can also choose to run one of these adventures after you finish with the Red Box.

However, neither those those links nor the Red Box will not give you the resources needed to build your own characters or advance them past level 2, nor do they contain the info a DM needs to create his own campaign, or extensively modify an existing one. For that, I recommend getting the following resources (buying some of the books used may yield a good savings):

  • Heroes of the Fallen Lands (alternatives/supplements: Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms, the 4e Player's Handbook)
  • The 4e Dungeon Master's Guide (alternative/supplement: the 4e Rules Compendium)
  • The Monster Vault (buy a new or like-new copy so you can be sure you get all of the included components)

    With those three products, you have everything you need to run a level 1-30 campaign. A D&D Insider subscription can substitute for those resources to a large extent, and supplement them with tons of content, but it's most useful as a convenience and reference. I would still recommend getting the core books even if your group has a DDI sub.

    On top of that, a few game aids are nice to have:

  • A blank, reusable flip-mat, like the Paizo basic flip-mat, plus some dry- or wet-erase markers.
  • Alternatively, a 1" gridded easel pad, which you can probably get at an office supply store.
  • Enough dice for everyone. Bulk dice like Chessex Pound O' Dice can be a good way to go.
  • Tokens or character markers. The Monster Vault and Starter Set include some. You can make your own, buy miniatures or products that come with miniatures, like the Descent board game or the Legend of Drizzt, or WotC's Dungeon Command games.
u/Poptech · 4 pointsr/boardgames

Buy whatever games you want, I own CAH and Munchkin too and I do not care if anyone hates a game I enjoy.

Recommended Essential Games:

u/thethoughtoflilacs · 4 pointsr/infertility

Oooh, I looooove board games. From what you're describing I feel like Ticket to Ride could work really well; there are a good amount of instructions but they're pretty easy to follow along with (it's mostly for scoring purposes).

For something way more light/fun, there's also Sushi Go! or Love Letter -- they're both card-based games that look deceptively simple but are never played the same way twice. My wildcard choice would be Carcassonne, which is definitely more of a hard sell -- you build a Medieval French town with picture tiles -- but I promise is really, really fun. Again, the scoring is where it gets slightly more complicated, and it can be intimidating-looking, but the game is really fantastic. Lots of strategy and luck needed, and it's a really unique experience.

Whatever this is for sounds like it'll be a lot of fun!

u/BHRPG · 4 pointsr/vacaville

Ticket to Ride

Fun little game for 2 to 5 players that takes about 30 minutes to an hour depending on number of players and such. Super easy rules.

Build train routes between major cities based off ticket cards in your hand that give you points for each completed route. Careful though, unfinished routes make you lose points at the end.

Check out the Tabletop Episode to see a video of it being played.

u/midnightjasmine1 · 4 pointsr/wedding
u/SmootieFakk · 4 pointsr/Munchkin

This is the base Munchkin game. Expansions are sold separately, but they're in numerical order.

u/MrSpiffyTrousers · 4 pointsr/dndnext

I have a 3d printer so i just make them now (and never paint them), but I also use Paizo Pawns to fill in the gaps - there's like 300 monsters/NPCs in each box in a series of at least 6, and pathfinder has a ton of overlap with DnD. It's amazingly cost-efficient if you have that upfront money.


Alternatively, you can check the local thrift stores for old games - there's chess and occasionally Zombies!!!, but if you're lucky you can find Arena of the Planeswalkers and get a pretty nice set of minis for $5.


Alternatively alternatively, there are printable monsters on DriveThruRPG for hella cheap too (example)

u/Canadians360 · 4 pointsr/DMToolkit

While not explicitly Minis I found the Paizo Bestiary boxes a great budget way to get a broad set of creatures realized on my matt for cheap. I encourage most new DMs to check them out. Believe there are six general ones and some campaign/theme specific ones.

u/jrdhytr · 4 pointsr/rpg

Your best bet is to combine Pathfinder Pawns with D&D Dungeon Tiles Reincarnated.

u/whittlinwood · 4 pointsr/history

I hate when that happens. The game is Settlers of Catan. It's a board game that I can best describe as Civilization meets Monopoly. It's based on strategy and can be played with 2-4 players. Up to 6 players with the purchase of an expansion. Games take about an hour. I can't recommend it enough. The gameplay is engaging enough for even casual board gamers.

The references above are to the resources you get. You need them to build and expand your civilization. You can also trade which leads to exclamations like, "I have wood for sheep" being commonplace even outside of New Zealand.

u/ColdRail · 4 pointsr/pics

Settle that shit!

If you don't know

u/bestryanever · 4 pointsr/magicTCG

Who says you can never use them again? Who do you think you are, the DCI?!
Seriously, though, a lot of the cards are great for casual/kitchen table magic which is incidentally who they're aiming for. Sure, you can't bring them to a tournament, but if your friends don't mind then you can throw some in your EDH or other decks. Hell, I just now had the idea to put together an Archenemy deck using Un-cards and schemes!
Ultimately it's just a new and different experience that not everyone will be interested in, and that's okay... some of us like to mix our Magic with our We Didn't Playtest This At All.

u/CiroFlexo · 4 pointsr/Reformed

I was expecting your link to go to this card game, which is actually pretty fun . . . for about 15 minutes.

u/jaketebz · 4 pointsr/Boardgamedeals

Lightning Deal: amazon

u/senkora · 4 pointsr/KingdomHearts

Here's some concrete examples; they're all on sale right now for some reason so a bit cheaper than expected, but these are some of the games I was thinking of:

  1. Betrayal at the House on the Hill

    2.Terraforming Mars

  2. Puerto Rico

  3. Pandemic
u/darc_oso · 4 pointsr/boardgames

My list would include a variation of games

Code Names - $16

Sushi Go - $10

7 Wonders - $26

Tsuro - $19

Castles of Burgundy - $27

Total: $98


First, I want to preface these selections: our play group varies in size from week to week with anywhere from 4-10 players averaging 5-6. So, we often get caught "splitting the party." That's fine at times, but sometimes, we all want to jump in on one game together because splitting up feels bad man^TM since we're all there to socialize in addition to playing games.

As such, I wanted to include games that ran the gamut and for the most part games that scaled well from 2-X players.

First, Code Names. Now, we've played this game so many times, we actually purchased the expansion Code Names Deep Cover which is a fun variant which adds tons of more playability. This is the go-to "party" game as, for our group, Cards Against Humanity has grown a bit stale. At least it hits the table much less frequently than in years past. Code Names is easy to teach, easy to understand and difficult enough for some of your more entrenched board gamers. In general, I find this a great starter to transition from your Milton Bradley games everyone knows (and hates) into board games that offer sustenance.

Secondly, I offer Sushi Go (cheating a bit here as you'll probably have to buy a couple copies for larger groups or just get Sushi Go Party). Sushi Go is our groups go-to game to introduce games that use a drafting mechanic and to teach that board games can be cute, fun, and delightful while also requiring strategy, maths, and a bit of hope (our group tends to dislike dice-rolling games so for the most part, we stick to games where we can mostly "control" our own fates - YMMV). This game is super quick, so you don't get bogged down at the table for hours. I feel for new board gamers, quicker games are a MUST as many people may not be able to handle the length many of our Beloveds require.

7 Wonders comes next. We tend to introduce this game right after Sushi Go as the mechanics are super similar and the newer players feel like they already know what's going on for the most part. There will be questions, there will be some confusion and oversight, but this game follows easily and feels like a natural step up from Sushi Go and gets players right into the mix of heartier board games. Oh, and I could personally play 7 Wonders every week, especially with all the options offered through the expansions Cities, Leaders, and Tower. The interchangeability of these expansions has kept this game on our table long past many others and continues to bring it back. Again though, YMMV as we all have different tastes.

Tsuro, our board game palatte cleanser. This is another quick game which offers a lot of replayabiliity with minimal rules learning. Aside from those positives, the artwork is what sent this board game over the top for me. I am mesmerized by the board, the tiles, and the pieces each time we open this. This game offers a quick break between your heavier meeple-laiden board games so even after we've surpassed "newb" status, we often come back to this.

Castles of Burgundy I included as a final game because ultimately, we need a game with a strong theme and wonderful mechanics which offer replayability from a more traditional Euro point of view. This game really surprised me. I loved it the first time we played it, and though it may not hit the table but once every other month due to time constraints, it always feels like reuniting with an old friend. It offers a setup for further Euro games and sets the scene on what's really out there in weightier board games. I know there could be other games that fit this description, but at the price, this game is amazing for what it offers.

And that's the list. I know there are many criticisms of these games and I don't devalue those. All my favorites have points in them where they fall a little flat at times, or don't elicit the enjoyment I thought they might, but many times, it's usually my perception and frame of mind. I can often come back months later with renewed enjoyment for them, so trust me, I know there are imperfections; I just choose to ignore them for the post. These games, while some may take a bit longer to learn, offer a great springboard into board games and offer the new player a slow wade into the pool without feeling too slow or drab as one might feel with something like Settlers of Catan. Will I stand by this opinion in 5 or 10 years? We'll see.

u/calabim · 4 pointsr/gamingsuggestions

King of Tokyo

2-6 players. I play it with my 5 year old daughter, and she loves it.

Good game, drunk or sober.

u/Jaz_Allen · 4 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm also gonna throw in on a boardgame, politics/pre-law is making me lean towards Secret Hitler even though I think The Resistance is a slightly better game. Or Werewolf is an excellent party game if you get more than 10 people together. All three are social deduction games which will let him practise his arguing and cross-examination skills :p

u/remembertosmilebot · 4 pointsr/boardgames

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:

Love Letter


^^i'm ^^a ^^friendly bot

u/orchidsandtea · 4 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

What do you do for a last-minute, good present for a friend?

I had an Amazon gift card, so I looked up some cute notebooks and cards, socks and two, tote, umbrella and two, books, and board games. I went with the notebook and cards, for her, but it might be fun to brainstorm good possibilities. Summer is the season of birthdays around here.

u/PhYnKL · 4 pointsr/boardgames

There are two Amazon listings for splendor. The one sold by Amazon is cheaper but is also a pound lighter. (Look in the product description)



u/FlyMolo_A · 4 pointsr/Boardgamedeals

Saw the price. No brainer. This should be gone soon

Splendor is also $15.03

u/Thrikal · 4 pointsr/GameDeals

While not part of the 40% deal, the Catan base game is currently 29% off.

u/SeaRegion · 4 pointsr/Christianmarriage

Just spitballing some ideas for you here from what we've loved!

Board games - we've found a lot of fun playing board games together. In our early days of marriage, we would play some fun and lengthy games together. You can set it up on a table and even with all the distractions of kids come back and take turns every few hours. Some fun games we've played together:

  • Pandemic - it's you two against the bad guys. It's a great team game and no one gets competitively aggressive because you're on the same team.
  • Settlers of Catan - a fun game but it it can be competitive. Basically you build villages and stuff - slightly complex but plenty of YouTube videos explaining how it works!
  • Ticket to Ride - A simpler game, but fun none-the-less. Easy to pick up!
  • Agricola - The wife and I played this like crazy our first two years of marriage. We would set a board up and play for hours. You can pick it up in 15 minutes or so from YouTube videos. Lots of fun!

    Reading books - something we have fun doing is reading a book together. You could get an exciting best-seller top read and massage her back the entire time she reads it out loud to the two of you. We've bonded a lot through this. Find something exciting and you've got it made!

    Computer games - I enticed my wife into my world to play computer games with me. And now she LOVES it. How we got there was I massaged her back while instructing her how to play a game. It took a few days, but she became hooked. And now we have two computers setup in the same room and we play Team Fortress 2 together quite frequently. We've had quite a few Friday nights of pizza + wine + Team Fortress 2 until the AM hours. There's many games you can experience together. Seriously one of the best things that ever happened to our marriage in recent months.

    App games - For a season we played Words with Friends together. You can each download the app and play against each other in the same room. We would go to a coffee shop and just sit there playing against each other. There are a lot of multiplayer games out there you can casually play together.

    Anyway, there's some ideas! What we've found is that we're always changing - just keep trying new things and the fun and excitement will stay alive!
u/YaIe · 4 pointsr/pathofexile

I was thinking more about this whole thing in general, not just your hideout.

I mean look at this,
Thats 5$

Thats 25$. If i check Amazon for stuff below 25$ i can find some real nice and usefull stuff, so using that for a piece of my hideout that i can even interact with feels like.. idk. You could invest into Pandemic with its current discount. You are also half way into Pandemic Legacy which is super good. With its current discount its even 25% of a copy of Gloomhaven which has easily over 100 hours of content.

I get the expensive armor and semi-expensive skill effects, since you see them, in theory, all the time but a weird chair in your hideout that you cant sit in? I dont know how i could justify that when i compare it to some of the boardgames i have on my shelf (given, those games are on discount currently, but still.)

u/soayherder · 3 pointsr/rpg_gamers

So ... there are a lot of different Dungeons and Dragons. There's the tabletop game which started it all (pen and paper and dice - you can read about its long and storied history here).

There's a ton of video games from various eras ranging from I think the late 80s, early 90s to present day, including Dungeons and Dragons Online (don't know if that's still up or not).

You can go to and find a lot of D&D computer games (and there have been console releases of some of them); Neverwinter Nights and Baldur's Gate are a couple of the D&D computer games.

There also have been several D&D board games to choose from.

So ... as to what you need to start playing, it depends which one!

u/UnhelpfulProtagonist · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Love Letter has a Batman skin which might get him excited.

Antoine Bauza (who made my favorite board game) designed an RPG intended for children. Your son is toward the higher range but it could be great place to start and get basic concepts. Little Wizards

He might be ready for the D&D board games, which are co-op dungeon crawls. - Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt Board Game for example. I think this was what you were picturing.

u/cassieniccole · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

For Gift One I would choose the Ticket to Ride For my Husband. I know how much he has been wanting it. For Gift Two I would pick Spirited Away For my son, who's birthday is coming up and he is a huge Studio Ghibli fan. So, C'mon...gimme You both are wonderful for being so generous, I'm sure you look Smashing! Thanks! :D

u/fancytalk · 3 pointsr/weddingplanning

Do your guests already like board games? I love them but in my experience getting people to learn new rules is like pulling teeth, especially when it's out of a rule book. Unless your guests are well-seeded with experienced/enthusiastic gamers who are willing to teach the rules, I'd stick with games that people probably know or have rules for kids. Scrabble, Monopoly, checkers/chess/go, Chutes and Ladders, Sorry, Candyland and decks of cards (perhaps with chips). I would also consider party games like Balderdash, Taboo, Cranium, Charades, Fishbowl, Telephone Pictionary which are really fun in groups. Maybe you could designate a charismatic friend as a "Master of Games" or something to form groups and get the ball rolling on the pen-and-paper games.

If you have a geekier group that likes more modern/European board games, there are a few games I think are totally worth a try. I'd look into: Red Dragon Inn (my FH says it might be too complicated but I think it's approachable), Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Dixit (I haven't played this but my FH says it's like Apples to Apples with pictures), Castle Panic and Fluxx in all its many varieties. Settlers of Catan is a bit more complicated but people are more likely to be familiar with it. It might not be great for newbies but I can't pass up the opportunity to plug Pandemic which is a fantastic cooperative game.

u/macrolinx · 3 pointsr/boardgames

If you're looking at getting into more involved games, Ticket To Ride is always a good gateway. Lots of fun, simple rules. Usually found most places.

Catan is also a good starter game.

I don't think I've ever seen games at Hobby Lobby. At least not the times my wife has dragged me in.

u/ravikarna27 · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Heres a copy and paste of a previous comment I made

> I'm about to show you something amazing. You want to hang out with your friends and family and just have a great time playing games?

> Try board games! I know what you're thinking, "Monopoly is for kids!" That's ok we hate monopoly too!

> The world of board games has come so far since then.

> Give some of these games a try

> Ticket to Ride: A classic gateway game where you are trying to lay down tracks between cities.

Pandemic: A co-op game where you and are friends are working together to fight diseases as they break out world wide!

> Resistance: If you like lying to your friends this game is for you! The resistance movement aims to overthrow the government, but there are spies among you aiming to sabotage your movement.

Codenames: This game won the biggest board game award this year. It's a hilariously fun word relation game.

>These are all "gateway games" they are easy to play and understand. But most importantly they are fun! You can even get Ticket to Ride and Pandemic at some Walmarts!

I would add Cosmic Encounter as an amazing game too. Not too complicated but it is incredibly fun

u/koreanpenguin · 3 pointsr/GameDeals

$15 - Codenames is a great party game where you have to use one-word clues to communicate to your teammates which words you must guess in order to win. It's a race against time because both teams are trying to find all of their words first, but one word is an assassin, and by choosing it, your team loses immediately. It's creative and stressful. Really fun, for $15.

$33 - Ticket to Ride is a classic that lots of people love. It's relatively simple, and has up to five friends placing trains on tracks, trying to complete their routes around the US. It teaches quickly, has some opportunities to mess over other players, and is pretty and plays fast.

$30 - Splendor is a fast, strategic, card-buying game. Players take turns grabbing gems to eventually purchase cards, that act both as points and gems. It's great and hilarious in hindsight, because you realize everyone sat in utter silence for a half hour, because for some reason, Splendor makes people quietly brood and think and be silent. Occasionally, you might take the last gem someone else needed, and they burn inside, sometimes letting out a long, long sigh. It's a wonderful, pretty, well-produced game.

$22 - Sheriff of Nottingham is a 3-5 player, bluffing, negotiation game. Players try to get chickens and apples into town, while smuggling extra goods and contraband. Player rotate as the sheriff, and must be bribed with goods or coins, because if the sheriff decides to check their bag, and they lied about the contents, that player loses what they lied about. It's sweat-inducing, and makes for lots of riotous laughter and shouting. Also beautiful and easy to learn. Great game.

Join us over on /r/boardgames because that's where I learned a lot about modern board gaming. It's an amazing hobby that's growing quickly.

u/happybabo · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hmm... maybe Exploding Kitten. I haven't played it, but my friends seem to enjoy it.

You can try 'Tickets to Ride'. It is 2-5 players. You get a map, and try to get to the place by building a train to there. If you do not get there, you will lose points.

u/Ilovescout · 3 pointsr/TheAdventureZone

Also, the game Ticket to Ride is extremely fun. It's not directly TAZ related, but their is a train adventure in the podcast & there are a few people on the box that might remind them of podcast characters

u/blissdancefly · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Okay, you asked for it. Please don't read this story if you're a vegetarian.

The first time I was an indentured worker, I was 17 and sometimes worked on a ranch in the deserts of Utah (long story, I won't bore you). The ranch at which I worked was very big; it was home to at least 350 horses, some tame, some wild; 40 or so chickens; 25 buffalo; and around 75 Texas Longhorn Cattle. Our task, this blazing hot, summer Utah day, was to "de-horn" the Texas Longhorn males so that they didn't accidentally wound or kill each other with their giant, sharp horns, when living together in close quarters.

We were told that cutting the horns was similar to clipping the nails of any other animal- it wouldn't hurt unless you reached the hyponychium (also known as the quick of the nail). Though it wouldn't hurt them, we had to shoot a decent amount of a tranquilizer into their hinds because we were pretty much taking a circular saw to the sides of their heads, causing scary vibrations and sound. No one who was with us, aside from the ranch owner, had ever dehorned cattle before.

The cattle were led into a holder/pen by use of a cattle prod (usually the threat of the prod was enough to get them to go where we wanted). After that, we'd give them the sedative, and wait for it to kick in by roping thier head into place and putting a bull ring into their nose to keep their heads steady. We then took the circular saw to their horns and cut them off. Easy right? Not exactly. What we weren't told is that if cut anywhere, even above the quick, the horn would spew blood everywhere-the sprays of blood sometimes reached up to 8 feet away. It wasn't long before we were covered. When the blood was shooting out we had to quickly put flour on our hands, pack it into the capilaries in the horn, and then once the bleeding stopped, cauderize the horn. By the end of the day, we were covered from head to toe in the blood of around 35 steer. Often, when we opened the pen to let them out, they'd just take a few steps and fall asleep, causing us to have to drag them out of the way of the others, some of whom, when sedated, ran around like Hunter S Thompson.

Cool story bro

u/AWayOut · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I first have to say how beautiful you are! And also, thank you for the contest!

Gift One: I love the anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and just got Collection One for my birthday so I would just love to get Collection Two to complete the series!

Gift Two: This gift is the game Munchkin by Steve Jackson Games. I've been wanting to play this game for a while now and would really appreciate getting it! :D

Thanks again for being amazing people!

u/Minatox · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. This external hard drive my computer only has 250GB and most of it is filled up so this would go a long way.

  2. I wanted to play Munchkin for a while now it looks like an awesome game C'mon...gimme.

    You both are awesome :)
u/ZiplockedHead · 3 pointsr/SFV

if this if what you bought you should know it's an amazing board game (one of the best ever IMO) and I'd love to teach you guys how to play. But to be fair it take a bit to understand, takes long to play (3-5 hours) and really becomes fun when you have 4+ people playing.

So while it's amazing it has a few requirements to be able to fully enjoy.

u/KyzonP · 3 pointsr/gameofthrones

Or you could just play the actual board game, which is fucking AMAZING.

u/TheBoozehammer · 3 pointsr/totalwar

I'm still confused, are you talking about this or this? I think /u/Chimpeye72 is talking about the latter, which I can confirm is an amazing game. I've never played the former before myself.

u/Slidingthunder · 3 pointsr/gameofthrones

This board game is amazing and you could pretty easily draw it out on your table.

u/dqsg22 · 3 pointsr/Gifts

I love camping/outdoor stuff too and I've gotten a lot of fun gifts over the years. Here's a few that I think any outdoor lover would enjoy.

Flint fire starter
Compact camping hammock
Camping Tomahawk (Seriously, me and my friends had so much fun learning to throw this)

If you're really stuck you can always just take a trip to REI, that store is like candyland for the outdoor lover, although they can be expensive. Camelbacks, lanterns, oudoor cookware, and all other cool stuff can be found there.

If you're leaning towards a gaming gift that can be harder unless you know what he needs, and most parts for a gaming computer are probably going to clear your budget. But you mentioned he likes GoT so I could reccomend the Game of Thrones - Board Game. I've played this and it's a lot of fun.

u/e463gx · 3 pointsr/gameofthrones

There is a Game of Thrones board game that incorporates a lot of those characteristics. Not sure if you know about it, but each player plays as a major house and has "house cards" that help determine battles. Its not as much "luck" based as risk.

u/TimeTravellerGuy · 3 pointsr/boardgames

I'm a huge Pathfinder Fan. Plug for /r/Pathfinder_RPG

The best things about Pathfinder are the huge amount of choice it gives its players, and the sheer amount of content that's available for free online.

You can play Pathfinder casually with your friends without spending a single cent (You should probably buy dice though if you're not using a VTT).

Sites like d20pfsrd and The Archives of Nethys have nearly all of the rules available online, and you can play the game with your friends over the internet using a VTT like Roll20. If you're playing IRL, I'm going to recommend these great class-specific character sheets by Dyslexic Studeos.

I should note that if you want to play Pathfinder Society Organized Play, you will need to own physical books for each rule your character uses. I don't play PFS as I find some of thier rule restrictions limiting, and It's much more fun to just play with my friends.

Also, if I could recommend one product for a new group of players, I'd recommend you buy the Pathfinder Beginner's Box. It contains everything needed to get started, and a simplified ruleset that's easier for newer players to latch on to.

EDIT: I just realized that you asked for thoughts on the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and not the Roleplaying Game. I've only played this a few times, and we got a lot of playtime and sessions out of the Rise of The Runelords set. There's a subreddit for this game too: /r/Pathfinder_ACG

u/redditlien · 3 pointsr/rpg

If you're having trouble getting started with Pathfinder try the Beginner Box It starts off with a simpler sub-selection of Pathfinder rules to learn the game and how to play without overwhelming new players and comes with some pre-generated characters and an adventure to jump right in.

If Pathfinder is what peaked your interest in the hobby I would say go for it.

u/feroqual · 3 pointsr/Lawrence

In addition to checking out here, I would poke around the local gaming shops. Rolling Gnome is probably a good spot to try.

Also, think about what type of game you're looking to play.

Are you wanting high fantasy, high magic, sort of like a mix of harry potter and Lord of the Rings?

Or maybe something more intrigue focused, like Game of Thrones?

Are you wanting to keep sci-fi and fantasy separate, or are you ok with a blend?

Are you wanting to solve puzzles, get into fights, or...?

What degree of complexity/customization do you want from your characters? (The simpler the system, the more same-y the characters are; as a converse, the more customization you can bring for characters, the more fiddly little rules come into play.)

All of these are significant considerations.

Now, I might be a bit biased in suggesting The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, but it offers absurd customization, has an excellent beginner package, and all of the rules are 100% free (and available online.)

D&D 5e, on the other hand, has a significantly simplified system. This isn't a bad thing; it vastly reduces the amount of math needed while leveling up or changing what items your character uses regularly. This can make things easier for newer players, and reduce the overhead mid-fight if you have one or two people who have built batman-like. Additionally, 5e has a much...flatter power curve, and is better for a fantasy setting with less magic.

u/KarateRobot · 3 pointsr/rpg

Either the Pathfinder Beginner Box or the D&D Red Box Starter Set will give you everything you need to start playing a simplified version of the full games, all in one box. Buy it, invite friends over, unwrap the box, start playing.

The rules are written in such a way as to let players get started immediately, but the person running the game (the Dungeon Master or Game Master) will probably want to look through it for a few minutes beforehand.

If you like the tutorials, you might move on to the full games. I like Pathfinder, so I'll focus on that one.

If you want to play the "full" Pathfinder game, you don't need the Beginner Box, instead you need:

  • One copy of The Core Rulebook
  • One copy of The Bestiary
  • One set (or more if you want) of polyhedral dice, such as this.
  • One character sheet per player [PDF]
  • Some pencils
  • Some tokens to represent characters and monsters (pennies, nickels and dimes will do)

    All other books you will see listed are optional: they provide more options, more content, more ideas. Don't buy them until you need more. You may never.

    You only need one set of books and dice, but having more copies will make life easier. It's totally optional. All of the important Pathfinder content is available for free on the internet in multiple locations, so technically you could skip the books altogether if you needed to. In practice it's nice to have a hard copy.

    Also, there are thousands of RPGs out there you could play instead of D&D or Pathfinder, but I would say try them after you've gotten your feet at least slightly wet.
u/yourdungeonmaster · 3 pointsr/rpg

Try Pathfinder's Beginner Box. Solid.


u/raccoongoat · 3 pointsr/DnD

Because this will be your first time, for your whole group, I recommend the latest edition, 5e. However, Pathfinder, or 3.5 are also quite good editions.

5th Edition Starter Set: $20

Pathfinder Starter Set: $27

3.5 Edition Starter Set(I believe):$30

u/hamlet9000 · 3 pointsr/rpg

In addition to looking to hook-up with existing gamers (and you should definitely check out that store), ask your existing friends if they'd be interested in playing. With something like the Pathfinder Beginner Box playing an RPG can be as easy as picking up a new boardgame.

I've spent 99.9% of my gaming (over 20+ years) playing with friends I made outside of gaming. (Often by recruiting players who had never played an RPG before.)

u/Blarghedy · 3 pointsr/dndnext
u/odwander · 3 pointsr/DungeonsAndDragons

Pathfinder pawns work well for D&D... you get 300 cardboard pawns for under $50.

u/dtwithpp · 3 pointsr/DMAcademy

The Angry GM did a very good article recently on metagaming. (If you're unfamiliar with Angry, he has a very different style than most gaming writers. If you're able to get past his "f&%$s" and "[email protected]#&s," you'll find some very well researched and reasoned advice, and some good humor as well.)

I've been actively DMing for about four or five months now, and one of my players is the group's original DM and a DM for a Roll20 group. She uses the more prevalent definition of "metagaming," while I use Angry's, and it's been an interesting transition in the group.

Essentially, if the players are able to come to the correct conclusion about a major part of the storyline, while circumventing all of the deflections and delays I had put in their path (as happened recently), I don't see any reason to punish that. I rewarded that player with additional XP for clever thinking, even if I had to jump well passed what I had planned. If the bard knows a monster's weakness, they probably heard about it in some ballad. If one player acts on information on another player that they haven't formally discussed in character at the table, well, they've been traveling together for the better part of a year in game; the characters must have talked about it in the would-be-boring travel scenes that I gloss over.

As far as the monster inventory situation is concerned, I recommend getting some Pathfinder Pawns (I've linked to the two boxes I have on Amazon). They let you surprise your players with a huge variety of them. If you go on Paizo's website, you can buy printable versions for cheaper. The art is pretty good, and it's hard to beat the variety you get for your dollar.

In the end, everyone has a different playing style. I prefer to resolve differences when I can. Encourage some frank, open discussion at the table and away from it. If you can't resolve your different styles with your roommate, it might be best if they don't continue with the group. The overall group's fun level is really the deciding factor.

u/monoblue · 3 pointsr/dndnext

Paizo (the Pathfinder publisher) puts out Bestiary Boxes that have loads of cardboard tokens and pawns for characters and monsters and such.

u/bleuchz · 3 pointsr/boardgames

I traded for all the W&D board games to use as miniatures. They are terrific.

Did you know that paizo makes pawns specifically for that purpose? I use them for my 5e game. Bestiary 1 box has a lot of cross over with D&D but some of the other ones I would check the contents. Paizo can get a bit weird.

u/Suthamorak · 3 pointsr/DnD

Depends, are you looking for actual miniatures, or are you just looking for representations of monsters? Because Pathfinder makes a decent box set of bulk monsters for $50. They're called Pathfinder Pawns, and they're basically cardboard standees. This box is less than $50 for 300 paper miniatures, and is as cheap as you're likely to find, especially if you value your time.

As for bulk miniatures, the D&D board games like Wrath of Ashardladon, Castle Ravenloft, and Legend of Drizzt are all fairly good sources of actual 3d miniatures, but they are unpainted. Aside from that, does have some cheap packs of unpainted miniatures, but overall, no miniature company truly sells in "bulk" that I've noticed.

For throwaway undead, I use these while I wait for actual undead miniatures to paint. They're a bit smaller, but you can't beat that value.

Aside from that, if you're looking for actual painted miniatures, good luck! The only pre-painted ones I really see are either on E-bay as second hand, or the random "loot box" style of package such as here.

I love painting miniatures, and do some quality work depending on how detailed you want to commission. I am actually in the process of updating my Etsy shop with prepainted "sets" of miniatures. Any questions, ask away!

u/Ianoren · 3 pointsr/DnD

Reaper Bones is a solid set of minis that you can pick and choose.

See when this goes on sale for tons of monsters from the Monster Manual.

u/TheSaint3328 · 3 pointsr/rpg

Are you doing a remote game, with players that can't get together? Cause if not, I'd go with a mat, preferably double sided with both grid and hexes, so you can support multiple games and modes. You don't need proper minis (though those are particularly nice for players to have something for there character), when I first got a mat, we used chess pieces. You can also find free printable paper minis that look pretty good. If you want something a bit more durable, I'm like Pathfinder Pawns, the stands in it are great for paper minis too.

Overall, my group has greatly preferred grid combat. Since everyone knows the distances and sizes of everything, it makes the game feel more tactical and less arbitrary. And it is just cool to see everything laid out.

u/Spritzertog · 3 pointsr/DnD

I found minis to be pretty expensive, which has been a major deterrent for me. However, I purchased three sets of Pathfinder Pawns like this one

I now have the NPC, bestiary, and summoned creature sets - and that gave me a ton to work with.

u/darthbone · 3 pointsr/DMAcademy

I would say go for a Grid and markers. You're looking at $30 from a FLGS, tops.

Then I suggest maybe having your PC's look at the Reaper Bones and Wizkids miniatures. Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures has a TON of different Player Character minis to pick from, and they're great. Reaper Bones does as well.

Have everyone get their own mini. That's <$5 per person.

Then just use tokens.

If you decide you want to expand your portfolio a bit, consider getting the Pathfinder Pawns boxes. You'll get ~300 heavy cardboard minis of a wide array of monsters.

u/jellypantz · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Pandemic, Cash'n'Guns, Settlers of Catan are all decent games that are easy to pick up

Ticket to Ride is the most accessible game for newbs.

u/mave_of_wutilation · 3 pointsr/boardgames

As expected, most are pretty poor. Here are a few people might consider.

u/juliet1484 · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You should get The Settlers of Catan. I have a friend who can't shut up about how much he loves that game.

u/cuntpuncherexpress · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Catan is my favorite board game by far. Thanks for the contest! :)

u/SayuriSati · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is neat! I love Catan.

u/nonsensepoem · 3 pointsr/TumblrInAction

Whoa, whoa. Settlers of what?

Guys, we've got a phony here!

u/doombubble · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You can always browse ThinkGeek for ideas and see if they have some of their items on Amazon!

I think a bow tie would be spiffy for him. Here's a galaxy tie!

I think board games are fun and make for a great social activity, but with his limited time you'd probably want something not too difficult and maybe portable. We Didn't Playtest This is pretty fun, and you can browse /r/boardgames for more ideas!

You seem to be a caring, great friend. Thanks for the contest!

u/mementomary · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My favorite game is ... (it was really hard to spell favourite incorrectly, guys)... a toss up between Ocarina of Time and Dragon Age!

this one looks like fun :D

u/notnotnoveltyaccount · 3 pointsr/boardgames
u/sleigh_of_hand · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Almost all of these are $15 and under (plus shipping):

Best value:

u/TwistedEnigma · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

this ok ill go from this game, this game was featured on an episode of table top with Wil Wheaton,Wil Wheatons brother Joss created Dr horrible's sing along blog. one of the characters in this epic tale is captain hammer. i know what you are thinking, " wow Twisty that is a pretty good jump to hammer, but what about squeaky?" and my reply is to hold your pants on cause im getting there :P. in the movie with captain hammer is a girl named penny, penny is a very shy girl some would even say mousey. mouses are known for being squeaky! BUT WAIT THERES MORE!!!!! penny is played by the beautifully nerdy Felicia Day! who just so happened to be on an episode of Tabletop with Wil wheaton, the very same show that did an episode about my chosen item!

I swear to puppies I'm going to throw a psychotic fit.

u/amightyrobot · 3 pointsr/boardgames
u/IjudgebecauseIcare · 3 pointsr/boardgames

> Betrayal at House on the Hill's in stock right now...

u/Richeh · 3 pointsr/GiftIdeas

Interesting idea. There are some good six-player games that might constitute an adventure.

Betrayal at House On The Hill is a game that follows the tropes of horror B-movies, exploring a haunted house until eventually someone at random becomes the bad guy and has to try to kill everyone else. Maybe a little mature for the younger kids, but it's one of my favourite games. Review here, although he's kinda critical of it in a way I think is unfair. It's a lot of fun, it's just more that you're watching the story unfold than actually using great skill to win it. Which is great for new players.

Escape the curse of the temple is a chaotic co-operative game in which all the players are exploring a temple, Indiana Jones style, trying to roll dice to beat challenges. The twist is that everyone's playing at once, rolling dice as fast as they can and getting curses like being unable to talk or keeping one hand on their head. Here's an entertaining review.

Flick 'Em Up is a cross between a western and Subbuteo. You flick your characters and little wooden bullets about in a Spaghetti Western town made of wooden blocks. It's actually probably a fantastic gift because it comes in a lovely wooden box and the whole thing's so tactile. Review here.

u/talljoe87 · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Here are a couple of options I have been enjoying:


Small World

Power Grid


Most of these are slightly out of your price range, but you get what you pay for. If you are willing to spend slightly more, you open up a whole new world of possibilities.

If you do want to stick to cheaper options, Fluxx or Exploding Kittens is always a good, fun choice.

u/bobthemunk · 3 pointsr/Atlanta

What kinds of games does he like? Cooperative? Competitive?

One of my favorites right now is Betrayal at House on the Hill. Basically you're exploring a haunted house that you build as you move along and at some point, one of 40-something "haunts" starts which changes the game objectives. Very fun, cooperative for 3-6 players. It has a very Lovecraftian theme, so suggested age of 12+ is pretty accurate I'd say.

u/jbalbatross · 3 pointsr/actuallesbians

I know that feeling. I bought this a few months back and I've played it once so far.

u/GabbyJay · 3 pointsr/Homebrewing
u/kingoftown · 3 pointsr/boardgames

7 wonders plays to 7 players with a few expansions making it play to 8. It is a quick game to play and the time to play actually does not increase with more players. I'd say 45 minutes for 8 players is about right.

It is pretty easy to explain, with a lot of different strategies available, some of which aren't even obvious your first 5 times playing. You'll see one strategy dominate, then you'll all try that same strategy next game only to find the reason it dominated was because no one else was going for it.

It's a drafting game. You have a hand of, say, 10 cards. From that, you pick one of them that you can play, and pass the remaining 9 to your left (or right depending). Everyone reveals what card they picked and show they can actually play it, then you pick one from the 9 remaining...etc. You do this for 3 'ages'.

Setup consists of shuffling 3 decks of cards and dealing X to each player (depending on # of players). The longest part is taking out the cards that are for a certain number of players, but this usually only happens for the first game as the # players probably doesn't change between games. It really only takes about 5 minutes to start a new game.

Oh,'re looking at $31 with prime available.

There are a lot of expansions already that will make the game more interesting if it starts to get stale.


Saboteur plays up to 10 and has basically no setup time. There are a majority of good guys and a minority of bad guys in each of 3 rounds. Good guys are trying to find gold. Bad guys are trying to stop this...and also trying to not get caught.

I don't think it's nearly as deep as 7 wonders...but it does have a traitor mechanic similar to resistance (except no one knows who is good/bad). I thought the game was OK...nothing great. I only played once, but I felt like there was just not enough strategy, mostly luck. If you want, you can try it out at BoardGameArena for free!


Avalon as you said seems like a logical choice. It really is, based on what you like. I think it's a strict upgrade to base Resistance. I don't think you'll be upset picking that one up.

u/stonewalled87 · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. This board game I have board game nights with my friends and this is one of the ones that i have been wanting for a while

  2. This movie because it is amazing and I am dissapointed in myself that I do not own it already. C'mon...gimme.

    Thanks for doing this contest.
u/OFTHEHILLPEOPLE · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Have you tried buying/using the blank cards? Half the fun I find in taking my CaH set anywhere is making sure people fill out at least one white or black card so new things are always popping up. But yes, having played enough CaH at cons for a life time I can understand just wanting to put it down and not touch it forever.

Werewolf is a fun giant group game. Also so is 7 Wonders.

u/phil_s_stein · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Was this meant to link to the deal?

edit: King of NY - $30, King of Tokyo - $30

u/wolfkin · 3 pointsr/boardgames

oh this is perfect. An excellent exercise.

$100 to buy games on Amazon with a newbie who has specific needs.

Ok so we're looking to minimize card games, adult players, 2+

  1. Alhambra - $30 - it's a fun game and it gets our requirements right out of the way. it's more than just a card game there's a board, there's tiles to play with, A nice amount of physicality. it's new player friendly and works with 2 players.

  2. Last Night on Earth - $45 - Again going hard on the requirements here. It may be totally cheesy and it might not last a long time in your collection but if you're gonna get this game better to get it when you're young in the hobby so you'll have the most fun. It's team based but works with one player teams. It's a zombie game with a lot of mini zombie figurines to play with. It's a lot of fun to play with.

  3. Blueprints - $30 - I want a dice game in your library and in my head the first game is King of Tokyo which is an excellent game but I don't know how useful it is for two players. Blueprints is easy to learn fun to play and performs well with two players.

    At this point I'm about $5 over maybe a little more because i think i rounded down a few. I might have been able to switch a few things to get more games in but I wanted quality games that minimized or compensated for cards. Plus all of these games play 2 or more pretty wel.


    Honorable Mentions:

    Jaipur - $35 - For a couple I think one of the best beginner games is Jaipur. It's a two player card game with a welcoming theme that's easy to learn and yet when you play it's as difficult as your opponent makes it. The games aren't long so even when you want to try and experiment with headgames you're not investing too much into it.

    Looney Pyramids aka IceDice - $9-15 - Now obviously the one to get is the Ice Dice. It's two "stashes" for $15 vs 1 for $10. Ideally you want three stashes and you can play the most excellent "Space Chess" like game Binary Homeworlds

    Bananagrams - $15 - Bananagrams is an excellent party game if you have the tablespace. Honestly this is the singular reason I haven't played my copy yet. It's light it's fluffy, it's fun.

    Splendor - $30 - Splendor is an excellent game. Nothing feels good as holding the poker chips in this game. It's a nice strategy game with a dash of tactical planning if you want. You could substitute it for Blueprints and still have excellent picks. Very fun quick game. But it is card heavy.

    Word ARound - $15 - Now most people probably haven't heard of this charmer. It's cheap, it's probably best as a party game. I happen to like the look of it but no doubt it'll burn out as you become familiar with the words a bit.

    Race for the Galaxy

    I happen to love that game. If you're ever stuck may I recommend this awesome video tutorial.

    Modern Table Gamer

    Also don't forget you can play online at BoardGameArena. Some people might be recommending Roll for the Galaxy the new spin off game. I haven't played it yet but I found the Miami Dice episode about it to be very enlightening. Both Tom and Sam speak highly of the game especially in comparison to the original game.

    Ticket to Ride

    Excellent game I hear for two players you want the Switzerland/India map


    I think this might be a bit heavy for new players

    Eldrich Horror/Castles of Burgundy

    While I have played CoB i don't know it well enough to judge it. I didn't have a great time with my play but it was just one time. I hear lovely things about Eldrich especially compared to Arkham.



u/Freyaka · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I was not planning on entering but was going to suggest Coup, that and The Resistance are both a lot of fun!

u/sverebom · 3 pointsr/de

Alternativ kann ich Abenteuer-Brettspiele empfehlen. Es gibt eine ganze Welt von Brettspielen, die den Rollenspielgedanken aufgreifen und innerhalb eines Regelwerks Zugang zu einem Abenteuer ermöglichen. Natürlich bedeutet ein solches Regelwerk auch eine erhebliche Einschränkung hinsichtlich der möglichen Rollenspiels und der Geschichte, die man erleben kann, aber der große Vorteil ist, dass die Lernkurve sehr viel flacher ist und dass man sich entlang des Regelwerks und der Spielutensilien in den Rollenspielgedanken hinein tasten kann. Gute Brettspiele erzeugen sogar Spannungsmomente innerhalb der Gruppe und schaffen aus dem Regelwerk immer neue Spielsituationen, so dass man diese Spiele ohne viel Vorbereitung jederzeit spielen kann.

Der Einstieg in ein Pen&Paper ist grundsätzlich sehr einfach. Regelwerk kaufen, Charakterbögen ausdrucken, und mit einem der meist mitgelieferten Abenteuern die ersten Schritte wagen. Ihr werdet aber feststellen, dass die Hürden für richtig gutes Rollenspiel recht hoch sind und viel Erfahrung benötigen, und spätestens wenn euch die vorgefertigten Materialien ausgehen werdet ihr auch merken, dass Pen&Paper viel Arbeit und Vorbereitung bedeutet. Andere Leute hier haben es ja schon gesagt: Seht zu, dass ihr wenigstens einen erfahrenen Rollenspieler in der Truppe hat. Mit einem RPG-Brettspiel übernimmt das Regelwerk gewissermaßen die Funktion eines erfahrenen Rollenspielers, der euch in die höhere Kunst des Rollenspiels und der Spielleitung einführen kann.

Ich bin selber ein Fan Dead of Winter, einem kooperativen Zombie-Survival RPG-Brettspiel. Was ich an diesem Spiel sehr schätze sind zum einem die Spielmechaniken, die immer wieder für neue Spielsituationen sorgen (die andernfalls ein Autor oder eben erfahrene Rollenspieler/Spielleiter erschaffen müsste). Weiterhin hat das Spiel eine tolle Mechanik, die jedem Spieler versteckte Spielziele gibt, die nicht immer dem Interesse der Gruppe dienen. So ist es grundsätzlich ein kooperatives Rollenspiel, aber immer auch mit der Gefahr, dass ein oder mehr Verräter am Tisch sitzen (als Spielleiter habe ich ähnliche Mechaniken eingebaut, um mehr Rollenspiel zu erzeugen).

Davon mal ab eignen sich Spiele dieser Art auch sehr gut, um in den Spielfiguren mehr als nur Pappfiguren zu sehen, und den Spielfiguren mit Rollenspiel mehr Leben einzuhauchen.

Und für eine schnelle Spielrunde zwischendurch kann ich The Resistance empfehlen. Ein ganz simples Spiel, dass man in zwei Minuten beginnen kann, und auch kein echtes Rollenspiel, aber es trainiert Gruppendynamiken, die im richtigen Rollenspiel dazu beitragen können, aus dem stereotypen High-Fantasy-Rollenspiel auszubrechen.

Ich spiele übrigens nur noch Abenteuer-Rollenspiele, einfach weil diese weniger Arbeit "drumherum" bedeuten. Außerdem glaube ich auch, dass Gamer die visuelle Präsentation, die bei einem Brettspiel in der Regel besser ist, sehr zu schätzen wissen und das "Hineinversetzen" in die Spielwelt erleichtern.

u/Jrrtubbs · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Board games are essential to my wife and I not watching so much TV

I am totally a deadly assassin that travels the world taking down corrupt figures of authority!

And by take down, I mean tickle until they pee themselves. Just wanted to make that clear.

u/aimeenew · 3 pointsr/CautiousBB

My husband and I did the redditgifts board games exchange and my gifter gave us two games and tonight we played both. So far the Love Letter game is awesome and my favorite!

u/Kalahan7 · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Sorry for the unoriginal suggestions but they are unoriginal for a reason.

Tiny Epic Kingdoms. The game might have been over hyped just a bit but it's still an excellent portable game that has a lot to offer.

It's light enough for new boardgamers and is an excellent introduction to the 4X genre which most newcomers haven't played or even knew existed!

Citadels. The box it usually comes in is way too big for the game. It's a deck of cards, a bag of coins, and a starting player token. I love this game. It's simple to learn and yet really deep and strategic. Plays well from 2 to 5 players. Don't even try 6 or 7 even though it's possible. It drags the game down to a halt.

Hanabi. Excellent excellent strategic game. Very simple to learn, cheap, tiny package. A deck of cards and a handfull of tokens. Plays excellent with 2 to 5 players.

Jungle Speed. Really fun dexterity game. Bunch of cards and a wooden "totem". Most editions come with this small bag.

Hive Pocket. Such a great game you can play nearly anywhere. One of my very favorite games. Only 2 players though.

Most would tell you that Love Letter is a good choice. Personally I never liked it. Neither did my GF or my friends to be honest. But it's so widely recommended it's probably worth the risk.

But don't buy the Kanai Factory Limited Edition (the black and white box)! Most reviews will tell you the gameplay doesn't differ (a lot) but that one card that is different makes all the difference in the world. If you plan to buy Love Letter buy the Tempest edition. It's also a lot more compact.

u/Shmandy · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Check out Love Letter. It is easily in my top ten favorite games. The mechanics are simple, and a full game can be played in less than five minutes. The best part? It's only sixteen cards. Very portable, very fun.

u/latetothetable · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Before I start can you clarify which version of Werewolf that you bought? It sounds like you possibly bought Ultimate Werewolf and One Night Ultimate Werewolf: Daybreak which (as confusing as it is) are two completely separate games. If so you may want to change that purchase to One Night Ultimate Werewolf and One Night Ultimate Werewolf: Daybreak because those are compatible with each other.

But onto answering your question, I'd also suggest:

  • Some Social Deduction Games - Before you pull out Werewolf (unless if these people are gamers and willing to have a few awkward rounds), I'd suggest A Fake Artist Goes To New York and Spyfall would be even better if you want to play a game while driving (literally the driver can even participate).
  • Some 2 player games - Onitama has been a consistent hit with my non-gamer friends because it feels like chess but so much quicker. I'd also suggest Lost Cities because it's a nice little card game that has a ton of replayability and it's super easy to teach.
  • I'd also suggest Hanabi because it doesn't seem like you have any co-op games in there. Hanabi has basically become the co-op game I pull out for people that hate co-op games. It's also probably one of my favorite card games.
u/AColumbusCircle · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

It's a Mafia-style party game, only each game lasts one round ("night") only, meaning it moves much more quickly, plus each player has a unique ability, unlike Mafia where most people are simply villagers trying to figure out who's in the mafia.

So much fun, as long as everyone in the group is into it.

u/jjremy · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Some of the prices are good: Catan(great price considering how much it's gone up lately), Concept, Imperial Assault, TTR.

But most are just average prices at other shops, and some are still over average(Avalon).

Thanks for the heads up OP, I grabbed Catan finally.

Edit: looks like Catan isn't on the page anymore. But the price is still $33.

u/sexdrugswine89 · 3 pointsr/Catan

Here's the price history on amazon for it.

u/luckydog5656 · 3 pointsr/blackfriday

I saw some board games that are must haves for your shelf but it was cheaper at Amazon even after the discount:

u/swordknight · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Your two links will work. You're correct, it does seem very confusing. There's so many printings of Catan at this point, but the only major differences between 4th and 5th editions of the game is the artwork. Everything else is the same.

If you want a game that can include pretty much everybody at a lower price point, I would recommend Codenames. It plays from 4 up to pretty much unlimited and is a great casual game where people can chill and play as they see fit.

u/NotABadassOverHere · 3 pointsr/boardgames
u/randomechoes · 3 pointsr/Parenting

Have you heard about Codenames?

It's a pretty new game but has become very popular in a very short time. The fact that BGG (which is not known for appreciating casual games) has it as the #20 board game overall, and #1 party game, is a testament to how good the game is. Or you can check out the Amazon page for more reviews (4.8 out of 5 stars with 800 reviews) and answers to some questions.

Even if the 5 year old can't read yet, they can join in the discussion about whether a word would fit or not, so I think it's something everyone can enjoy.

u/Litcritter10 · 3 pointsr/xxketo

> Let's have some holiday tips!

My plan is to focus on the people and not food. I'm hoping to get a lot of visiting in and play some family games. I bought a game called Codenames, which is supposed to be really fun according to reviews. A few other fun games we play are Phase 10, Farkle, and Bananagrams.

Have a great day!

u/MoreLikeZelDUH · 3 pointsr/Gloomhaven

Yeah, that would be the "or something like that" section. 99% of people are going to go to Amazon and search Gloomhaven and get this response, which will be all second edition:

u/eoddc5 · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Just get it on Amazon for $120

Gloomhaven Board Game

u/LAUNDRINATOR · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Even so.. Might have to hold off for a bit.. because... shipping.

u/hippieflowermoon · 3 pointsr/boardgames
u/djIsoMetric · 3 pointsr/GameScoop
u/HA2HA2 · 3 pointsr/Gloomhaven

Looking at , if you buy the one that's listed as sold BY "" that one is pretty much guaranteed legit.


On that list, the seller named "NYC Collectibles", formerly known as "Brooklyn Toys", is a known scammer. I don't know anything about the others, but most of them are more expensive than the one sold directly by Amazon, so...

[edit] yeah, the one sold directly by Amazon is also the cheapest one on the list, as well as being the safest to buy from. The one that LOOKS cheaper than amazon has shipping marked as costing some ridiculous amount, they're doing the trick where they display a cheap price for the product and a huge price for the shipping.

u/Dereliction · 2 pointsr/DungeonsAndDragons

Try the D&D board games (Castle Ravenloft, Wrath of Ashardalon, Legend of Drizzt). Mechanically, they aren't D&D, but they do mirror several aspects of it in abstract tones.

Arguably closer to D&D in terms of playstyle, though not there by any means, is Fantasy Flight's 2nd Edition Descent: Journeys in the Dark. It's exciting, offers campaign play, involves dungeon crawling of a sort, and offers a chance for one player to "Overlord" against "hero" players, the latter of which controls one or more characters who gain equipment, abilities and so forth as the campaign progresses. Great fun and probably your closest shot at getting her into a D&D boardgame without making the jump to D&D itself.

u/XnFM · 2 pointsr/minipainting

Grim Forest is a good, entry level, vaguely worker placement game with fantastic whimsical fairy-tale type miniatures.

The dungeons and dragons dungeoncrawler board game system is decent. The first three sets using the "first edition rules" (Castle Ravenloft, Wrath of Ashardalon, and Legend of Drizt) can sometimes be found and really good prices on Amazon. The only real difference between the old and new versions of the rules that I've seen (based on skimming the components) is that the newer games use advantage/disadvantage rather than specific status conditions. The different boxes are also cross-compatible so you can build custom campaigns using multiple sets if you want to.

u/therealstupid · 2 pointsr/boardgames

We played a couple of one-shot scenarios at PAX Prime. To be honest, I felt like it was a dumbed-down version of Descent or Super Dungeon Explore. If you're looking for a DnD style game, I really don't think this is it. You would be better served by any of the Dungeons and Dragons boardgames. Castle Ravenloft, Legend of Drizzt or Wrath of Ashardalon

Since your deck is also your hitpoints, the better player you are, the less variety you will see. For example, we had one payer who was doing amazingly well, rolling high and never taking damage. For the entire game she only drew two cards, so her playable hand NEVER changed (or least not in any real significant manner).

The roleplaying opportunities are almost non-existent, and it really isn't breaking any new ground for mechanics-based combat. I honestly think the only reason a lot of people are enjoying it is because of the name tie-in with "Pathfinder". Without that logo on the box, it's really not that compelling of a game.

It does have an ongoing campaign, and that is pretty compelling. Character development and seeing your characters grow in skill and gain new abilities is always fun. (That's the "gateway drug" for MMOs, after all!) But there really isn't enough game here to make it worthwhile.

u/ThomasGeek · 2 pointsr/GiftIdeas

If he is into gaming you can't go too wrong with a steam gift card.

Just techy in general an amazon echo dot is an great for a techy and is ideal for your price

An amazon fire tv stick or Chromecast might be a good idea

If he is into Electronics and/or emulating he may like a Raspberry Pi (basically a tiny computer that you can do DIY electronics on or setup to play old nintendo games on). You could even setup the emulator for him and load him some games if you wanted to link here (pm me if you want to do this and need help with the install etc)

Board games could be a good idea if he is a gamer but it would depend on what kind of board games he likes. Some good ones of the top of my head though. Ticket to Ride, Coup or Catan

u/OutlierJoe · 2 pointsr/boardgames

But you are literally saying the exact same thing xTheOOBx was saying other than "I don't agree".

If the game is well stocked, it is significantly cheaper than local stores. If it isn't well stocked, it is only a little bit cheaper than your local stores. The only exception is MayFair games, where they have a cap on their retail discount.

And for what it is worth:

BGG Top 10

  1. 26% Off

  2. OOP/BPR

  3. 35% Off

  4. 31% Off

  5. 27% Off

  6. 25% Off

  7. 37% Off

  8. 28% Off

  9. 32% Off

  10. 23% Off

    Some other games I just stumbled across.

    24% Off,
    31% Off, 34% Off

    It looks like when I said "frequently between 30% and 40%, I was pretty damn close. It's okay to want to support the local game stores, as we all have said, they provide something more than just the game. I visit the same exact stores you do, and I know "not that much cheaper" is down right false. Buying games online is almost a buy 2-3 get 1 free - and that's not considering any significant sale.
u/wanderer333 · 2 pointsr/Parenting

Apples to Apples, Dixit, Jungle Speed, Pictionary, Anomia, SET, Loaded Questions, and Jenga are a few that come to mind where the adults wouldn't necessarily have an advantage over the kids. Also Fluxx and We Didn't Playtest This are both hilarious card games that would be perfect for kids in that age range, but I have a blast playing them with other adults on a regular basis too; Spaceteam looks like another good one but I haven't personally played it. If you're looking for more involved strategy games, Ticket to Ride and Carcassone would be fine for that age, just require more of a learning curve. Cranium and Quelf are silly games that involve a variety of tasks (drawing, acting, singing, trivia, etc) and although they're supposedly aimed at adults, kids love them too (just skip cards that are too hard; or you could also consider the kids' versions of both games, Cranium Cadoo and Quelf Jr.). Uno (or Crazy Eights with a regular deck of cards) is always a classic, and you can always play charades or the category game!

edited to add: not sure about a good choose your own adventure story, but Mad Libs are always fun!

u/LiquidRitz · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Some of the more popular choices on this thread are listed below for you.

Ticket to Ride

King of Tokyo

Forbiden Desert and Forbidden Island



u/worn_socks · 2 pointsr/uscg

I wish I would have played more board games when I was underway. Recently I have loved playing Ticket to Ride and Catan.

u/Xzeno · 2 pointsr/boardgames

There's actually a good amount of fun games for under $40 on Amazon that I would suggest looking at.

u/Anikando · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Ticket to Ride

I am surprised nobody's done this one yet! It's a ton of fun: an award-winning, train-building strategy game... which, yeah, sounds sorta /yawn, but you use routes all over the US, and you can play with just two (my husband and I play it often). It's already such a pitched battle with only two, I'm not entirely sure how more could play. But they do have various expansion packs for all over the globe, which is kinda cool.

Why it's the greatest:

  1. Learn geography and routes! Perfect for the zombie apocalypse, when you need to know how to get from coast to coast if avoiding highways!

  2. It's a lot of fun. It's a race to see who can lock down terminals and complete their routes first (if you want to play competitively), or if you play cooperatively, it stretches your creativity in how to build routes. You can even both win for differing things, like longest unbroken route can win in a game, as can whomever finished all their card tasks first.

    Give it a look, you might enjoy it!
u/lynlyn6 · 2 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

For PC games, there's Minecraft and any of the three Borderlands games. You can get Borderlands 1&2 for pretty cheap during Steam sales. There's also Portal 1&2, which are puzzle games with an awesomely horrifying AI leading you along the way.

For tabletop/card games, Fluxx is awesome for the whole family and doesn't take forever. It also has different themed versions like Zombie, Pirate, Space, and Monty Python. Ticket to Ride is a bunch of fun and fairly easy to play. You can get it on Amazon too. My nine year old loves both of these games and she's been playing them for a while, so your six year old shouldn't have a huge problem as long as they have a little help the first time or two. Munchkin is another awesome card game, but can take a while to play. Even so, my daughter dominates at it and has an evil laugh just for when she does something to screw other players over...

If you check out Tabletop they play a lot of games so you can see the gameplay before deciding to buy. Ticket to Ride, Star Fluxx, Munchkin, and Betrayal at House on the Hill are all games we bought after viewing a Tabletop episode.

u/wkrick · 2 pointsr/boardgames

$14.14 - 2-7 players

$14.47 - 2-8+ players

$21.24 - 2-4 players

San Juan
$22.02 - 2-4 players

$25.49 - 2-4 players

Ticket To Ride
$32.29 - 2-5 players

$44.99 - 1-4 players

Race For The Galaxy
$22.90 - The base game, 2-4 players
Race For The Galaxy: The Gathering Storm
$18.95 - Expansion #1, adds a 5th player and solitaire play
Race For The Galaxy: Rebel Vs. Imperium
$17.99 - Expansion #2, adds a 6th player

u/tbone42617 · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

I haven't played the actual board game version, but I enjoy the iPhone version of Ticket to Ride.

u/Poddster · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Ah well, then as a kid playing another kid I'd probably try to screw them over and answer "no" here :)

ps: If you and your husband wish to play an entertaining boardgame with your kids, check out Ticket To Ride.

Or if you want to play something similar to "Guess Who" or "Clue", then check out "Mystery of the Abbey".

u/JoeIsHereBSU · 2 pointsr/preppers

Board games (not just children's), books, sex, and lots of work.


Example of fun board games since it is a hobby of mine

u/AntisocialOatmeal · 2 pointsr/SantasLittleHelpers

Is this game on prime? Sorry for being so annoying, I just want to try and give my family the best Christmas I can...

u/eatingdust · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/spartacus_1138 · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Munchkins (original). It's more of a 'make fun of' fantasy theme game. But it is a dungeon crawler and super simple to learn.

Betrayal at House on the Hill. Great game and a group favorite of ours.

u/IDFKwhereGilliganIs · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Pssssst, rainy day exchange people. If your person is really into card games and has Munchkin on their list, it's on sale from $24.99 down to $10.99. This is an awesome game for rainy days, and it rarely ever goes on sale. Just sayin, with such a good deal you can really spoil your person ;)

u/doomddo · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

apples to apples?

mine Munchkin

u/godzillaguy9870 · 2 pointsr/Christianity

I have never found anyone that didn't like Settlers of Catan. It takes more thinking than your basic Monopoly or Clue game, but is by no means dry or full of intense strategising. It's ultra fun. Carcassone and Munchkin as well. Yes, they look nerdy, but I have many friends from various walks of life (from the jock to the hipster to the nerd) and they all love these games.

u/FlickXIII · 2 pointsr/Munchkin

Maybe... but what you get in this package is a mystery. You could get one of several base games. I'd say buy this and if you don't get a base game; head over to Amazon where you can get the original base game for under $15
munchkin at amazon

Edit: fixed link

u/Cambridge_ · 2 pointsr/criticalrole

Get the game Munchkin

It's nearly D&D like.

I feel it's a good starting point to what table top games are like.

u/shewok · 2 pointsr/AskReddit


(edit) And I almost forgot Fluxx and Munchkin.

u/henraldo · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I love that board game.

Come over to my place tonight we'll be playing cards against humanity

Fave card game Munchkin

Handwriting sample

u/Girfex · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This card game is awesome!

I am cool with PMing you my address.

Edit: handwriting!

u/Replicant28 · 2 pointsr/datingoverthirty

Really frustrated with my knee tendinitis and the PT place that I go to. At my most recent appointment last Friday, I was told that I needed to get a final measurement done to submit to to my insurance if I needed more treatment. At the end of my session, I didn't have any measurements taken, and I asked if I needed to get them done before I left and the people at the front desk told me that they will do that at my next appointment. So I left to get ready for lunch with my mother. When I was nearly home, I got a call from the office and they said "oops, we messed up, we need to get your measurements today, can you come back to the office?" With my work and gym schedule, it's hard enough to schedule appointments, so I was not happy that they didn't tell me they needed the measurements when I was already there. I said I couldn't because I was already home and had other commitments, and that I would talk to them later.


On Monday, I get a call from them asking if I can come in for ten minutes to get the measurements done. I asked if I could come Wednesday, but they said that might not be enough time for the insurance to approve my Friday appointment, so I settled for going yesterday at 3:30. That was frustrating in itself because I get off work at 3:00, and the PT office is just under a 30 min drive, so I really have to haul to get there. Furthermore, I had a Crossfit class at 4, and I couldn't go to a later class that day because I had a book club meeting at 6. So I get there, get my measurements done, am told that while my quads and hamstrings are very strong my hips are still tight and weak. I told them that I feel a bit frustrated with PT, because while I'm getting a a bit stronger and my mechanics are improving, my pain is still there (kneeling it tough, and when I'm seated for long periods of time it starts to ache.) and the therapist pretty much said that the only way to guarantee that it gets better is to stop Crossfit. I said I did that for 2 weeks and that it really didn't help, but she said that it should ideally be months, and that I shouldn't be doing any squatting to parallel, which is a problem because the majority of our workouts involve that. I had to rush the conversation because of my tight schedule, but we ended it by not submitting the info to my insurance, and instead electing to wait a couple weeks to determine whether I want to continue treatment or do work on my own.


I feel so stuck, frustrated, and honestly a bit sad. I'm frustrated and upset with my body for acting the way it is and for being stubborn with my pain level even though I have been working my ass off in PT. I'm frustrated that the answers I have been getting about the causes of my pain and my options on dealing with it from my orthopedist and PT (my ortho wouldn't do an MRI even when I said I was concerned about potential significant damage to my patellar tendon.) There has got to be a way that I can better treat this pain without having to cut off my training or excessively modifying it. I consider myself a pretty positive person and it takes a lot to really bring me down, but this just sucks :(


And to top it off, I have had the biggest sugar craving all week. I want donuts and ice cream very badly, and I usually don't have a sweet tooth!


On the plus side, I did buy myself an early birthday gift to myself. I got the Game of Thrones board game. My roommate wants to play it: now I need one more person to play a trial run!


And with my birthday coming up, I need to update and add to my flair. Any suggestions on what to put?

u/Yogurt_Ph1r3 · 2 pointsr/EDH

I don’t even watch the show but I can confirm, it is one of the most fun board games I’ve ever played. It relies very little on rng so you’d think it would get stale, but it does have rng elements and enough unknown factors that it never seems to. They also have an expansion that adds House Arryn and Targaryen and I haven’t played it but my brother had it and I’ve heard great things. If you have a friend with it, try it out. If not, go to a board game cafe to test it out. If you are willing to spend money already because you’re that confident of the quality here’s a link.

u/blaaaaaargh · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'd love this mug if I win! It's so cute.

Maybe this for your boyfriend?

Oh my Zazzle!

Thank you for the contest!

u/TAEHSAEN · 2 pointsr/gameofthrones

Yeah its the Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition board game somewhat similar to the Diplomacy board game but with more features.

u/jjspaceman · 2 pointsr/asoiaf

There is also a GoT board game that's pretty cool, but complex. Also cool, they released an expansion that takes into account where the houses are in books 4 and 5.

(Note, links to Amazon store page/product description might be spoiler-ish).

u/FearsomeMonark · 2 pointsr/gameofthrones

Nope, while this bears similarities as to how a Risk board is layed out, territories and all that, this is a gameboard made specifically for this. A super complex strategy game set in Westeros, requiring the use of advanced strategy, cunning diplomacy, and a healthy amount of bloodshed to best your opponents and conquer the Iron Throne.

The Thinkgeek page listed above has a nice bit of info about the game, but you can buy on Amazon for $15 less.

u/brunji · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Hey! It sounds like the Game of Thrones board game is exactly what you're looking for!

It's territory based, and has army placement themes similar to Risk, but it is so much more complex, and there are a ton of really really interesting, fun mechanics added in.

I had heard good things, and when my rooomates and I decided to buy it, it instantly became one of our favorites!

u/jangxx · 2 pointsr/gameofthrones

I guess he means this one.

u/MCubb · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You've gotta get the Game of Thrones board game! It seems to be very popular as it's got a bunch of expansion sets available too!

u/MeishkaD · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I am sure you are aware of/already own the Game of Thrones game, I haven't played, but I have heard good things.

I haven't played this pirate version, but these B-Movie card games are super fun!

u/stellarosa · 2 pointsr/Bham4sale

Here is a link to the board game:

Since it's $48 on amazon I am asking half price. I am pretty sure it's just the box that was damaged but if you don't mind me taking it out of the shrink wrap I am happy to open it and check. Up to you

u/ulatekh · 2 pointsr/Pathfinder_RPG

Heck, I do that with my experienced players, given that Pathfinder is "homework, the game".

But the note from /u/JasontheFuzz on the Pathfinder Beginner Box is also good advice.

u/glenn4moose · 2 pointsr/Pathfinder_RPG

I highly recommend you get the beginner box. You get all you need to start out without a significant cost.

Paizo Publishing Pathfinder RPG Beginner Box

u/lastgrasp · 2 pointsr/DungeonsAndDragons

You can pick up the Pathfinder Beginner Box. It's actually better then the D&D 5E box. It includes a flip mat and cardboard tokens. You just need to get a dry erase marker.

u/ImpKing_DownUnder · 2 pointsr/DMAcademy

I used 1"x1" paper squares I cut out myself with numbers on them at first. Then when I had some money, I bought the Pathfinder Pawns for minis. I use them for 5e so they don't match up perfectly, but it's enough to just tell my players "This is X monster" or whatever. Someone else is probably going to mention this too, but if you want miniatures for characters or whatever, boardgames like Talisman or the DnD ones are your best bet for cheap-ish minis. You get a bunch (For example, Talisman comes with ~14 minis your players can use) for relatively less than you'd pay to get them individually.

Maps wise, if you have access to Photoshop (never used GIMP) you can make grid lines overlay on whatever you draw. You can also find these online or in stores. 1" square graph paper is good if you don't want to buy a Chessex Battlemat, though I'd highly recommend it and some wet-erase markers. Those things last for years and they're super useful if you don't mind wiping off the map a few times a session.

u/LordDraekan · 2 pointsr/DnD

Something cheap would be the Pathfinder Pawns. There's the Bestiary Box 1-5, NPC Codex, and Monster Codex. They don't take up much space and are easy to store. They pretty much have a large variety of everything.

If you're looking for 3D minis I would recommend Bones minis.

u/Devil_Nights · 2 pointsr/DnD

Pathfinder Pawns are a very good alternative to plastic minis. They won't have some of the more iconic D&D baddies like Beholders, but that is a minor complaint. I also use the Paizo battle mats but that is just because I got them for free somewhere. I lay a piece of plexi-glass over the map and just use a dry erase marker on the plexi. Way easier to clean up than the maps.

Tome of Beasts is a great supplement full of 5e monsters.

I like using the Dungeon Crawl Classics dice set. It is a simple, fun way to have "unique" monsters or abilties that roll odd dice to hit or for damage. Players always get a kick out of using something like a D30 when they roll to attack.

u/beholderkin · 2 pointsr/DnD

You could get the Pathfinder Pawns boxes

u/Throwaway135124852 · 2 pointsr/DnD

I have found that the [Pathfinder Bestiary Box] ( offers great value for monster miniatures.

It might be worthwhile to spend a little more on player miniatures, as they are used more frequently. Reaper and some other sites offer a pretty good selection. (Players often buy these for themselves)

A battle mat is a great investment, although you can also use paper.

Sound like you already have the core rule books.

The rest of the game comes from the mental creativity of the players and the DM. Don't worry too much about the physical supplies. You could spend $10,000 and still run a terrible game. You could have nothing but pencil and paper and run an amazing game. I recommend that you just dive in and start playing. Not everything will be perfect, but you will figure things out as they come up.

I fully expect to hear about the flourishing Jeddah D&D scene in the coming months. Good luck and happy gaming.

u/TenThousandKobolds · 2 pointsr/DnD

A lot of people use Pathfinder Pawns as a less expensive alternative. They don't match up 100%, but the Bestiary Box gives you most of the basic monsters. I've built up a collection of 3D minis now, but I still use mine to supplement. And if there's a specific monster I'm still missing, I can print out the artwork and carefully tape it over the right size pawn to improvise.

u/zautos · 2 pointsr/rpg

> min bekanta! I started filling this in but when I got to question 4 I realized something was wrong. Smallest storage option of 200 miniatures? That box would be huge! Not to speak of a 1000! What am I missing?

It's for papper pawns

u/Shadowknight996 · 2 pointsr/DnD

Well if you're interested here's the link to the first one on Amazon:

u/HuckleberryPoundTown · 2 pointsr/DMAcademy

Don't overdo it. I'd save buying most stuff until you have a feel for how you want to actually run the game. Most of us have piles of unused crap we bought because it sounded good. It's really easy to get caught up in the ephemera and make a game that is way too daunting to new players.


I'd buy the starter set, some dice, notepads (assuming your kids are the type to take notes) and leave it at that. The only other thing I might consider would be a box of monster tokens, like this. There are tokens in there for everything in the manuals and plenty of options that can be used for player characters. I wouldn't worry about whiteboards, grids, playmats and such. Just treat the base as 5' and let your players 'hop' the pieces to count distance.

u/Pain__Seer · 2 pointsr/DnD

I rarely care for the monster menagerie minis, they thend to have awful quality and paint jobs. Which for mass produced painted minis, I guess its to be expected.

If you want some minis that aren't bad at all, while not painted the Reaper Bones minis and the Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures are two really nice lines for their prices, and for the most part are quite durable. Overall though they can be more expensive than the random box minis, but they tend to me quite worth it.

One thing that you might be interested in is Hero Forge while they are not cheap, you can custom make your own humanoid minis, which is always a nice surprise for PCs. I don't recommend their $15 plastic though, like I said it can be kinda pricey for minis.

EDIT: I almost forgot! Pathfinder Beastiary Box is great for bulk cheap figures. There not minis, but it can sure beat paying $30 bucks for that one monster.

u/a_skeleton_wizard · 2 pointsr/dndnext

Chessex Role Playing Play Mat: Battlemat Double-Sided Reversible Mat for RPGs and Miniature Figure Games (26 in x 23 1/2 in) Squares/Hexes

EXPO 16078 Vis-A-Vis Wet-Erase Overhead Transparency Markers, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 8-Count

If I don't have a mini for the monster I need I use a cheap, solid color dice from a big set I bought. Looks like the one I got is no longer being made but this is similar:
Yellow Mountain Imports 42 Polyhedral Dice, 6 Colors with Complete Set of D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D%

Pathfinders Bestiary Box 1 goes on sale for 20 something dollars sometimes, tons of monsters from the Monster Manual at a decent price:
Pathfinder Pawns: Bestiary Box

I wouldn't worry too much about having minis, and terrain, and everything as dnd is more about the imagination and sometimes too much detail at the table can detract from that. My friend runs his campaign mostly "theater of mind" style but has a little tiny dry erase board he draws on to show relative positions and obstacles and it works great.

Hope this helps!

u/rod2o · 2 pointsr/DnD

Did you consider buying Pathfinder pawns? I use them a lot. The first box has the most common monsters.


Then,e every time I need more in number or variety I simply create them using Gimp, print them, glue them to cardboard and stick them to the the bases that come with the pathfinder pawns. Im pretty happy with this approach. hope it helps

u/Aprahamian · 2 pointsr/truegaming

There are a ton of good Board games out there. My girl friend and I really enjoy Carcassonne (This is usually on sale, we got it for around $50 so watch the price) It is a tile laying game so each time you play it it changes. You score points by completing roads and cities. The one I linked to has 5 expansions with it. With all 5 expansions the game can take a long time, plus there are a fair amount of rules. It took us with 5 players almost 4 hours to go through one game. There are also videos on youtube of the game.

Then there is Settlers of Catan. I got this game for Christmas. It is kind of a more luck game since there are Dice rolls involved unlike Carcassonne which is all based on laying pieces but with some luck at drawing the right ones. You make cities and roads and you try to get to a set number of points before others do. Points come from how mnay cities you havem longest road, biggest army and so on. There are also expansions to this game, but the downside is that it is 3-4 players, so if you just want to sit down with one other person you can't really play it. They do sell expansions for 5-6 players and are around $16 on amazon. The three expansions cost about the same price as the game (about $33), but they add just as much if not more content then the original game. There are also tons of videos on Youtube about this game and the different expansions. They do an overview of what each one is.

u/RSuave · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I think you are getting this, this and this because DUH, board games! Cold toes.

u/dvuevo · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Notables include:


Mage Knight


and various Munchkin expansions!

u/MrSketch · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

I would second the idea for board game nights. My friends and I love playing board games. Not like Monopoly, but more involved games like:

u/chrisma08 · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

If they're not too much to carry, you might enjoy the board/tile games Carcasonne and/or Settlers of Catan

Speed Scrabble is pretty portable (this is marketed now as the game Banangrams), since you just need the tiles.

It's a convenient way to invite strangers to be social with you, too, on those long rides.

u/wineoholic · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Setters of catan? fun and addicting, and for 3-4 players so you three can play. :)

u/NotIWhoLive · 2 pointsr/tabletopgamedesign

I agree with /u/ceethreepio. I would be interested in a cover that tells the story of what I'm going to do in the game. Like the Settlers of Catan cover (exploring a new land full of resources) or the [Terraforming Mars cover]( (planting trees in a hostile environment) or the [7 Wonders cover]( (building a city full of wondrous structures) or even the Monopoly cover (rolling dice and making deals).

It looks like what I'm looking at is the characters I can choose to play as. If I am somehow looking at the mechanics (i.e. these are different people I can send stuff to), I would want to see them in action, doing the thing that they do in the game. Otherwise, it's not super captivating as a cover.

u/call_me_cthulhu_ · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm actually not sure if this is a minstream game but Ive always wanted to try catan. If thats too mainsteam, another game Id like to play is go.

u/RainbowSpectrum · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'd really like to try this game it looks so fun.
cheesecake all day everyday

Edit. Forgot my dessert. Lol I love the brownie obsession or overload whatever it's called at tgi Fridays. It's heavenly. Warm gooey brownie with fudge center. Covered with ice cream and chocolate and caramel sauce. Mmmmmmm

Happy cakeday. Thanks for contest.

u/EnSeouled · 2 pointsr/CasualConversation

We Didn't Playtest This At All is an excellent party game. You can find it at most box stores with a toy department and maybe some game stores that carry cards and such.

u/magicmagininja · 2 pointsr/magicTCG Gruul Aggro. First 2 matchups I was done in about 5 minutes, fortunately there was a guy at my LGS who was playing "we didn't playtest this at all." So I had fun doing that in between the first and second rounds. Third Round I played reanimator, and lost 1-2 against it. The next Matchup was jund midrange. first game I lost horribly due to mulliganing down to 5 and keeping a crappy hand. I won the next 2 games though, so I ended up 3-1. From my prize packs I pulled a foil emmara.

u/whythehellamihere · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I love Kevin the best;) Your [LOTR ring] ( is pretty epically sweet. I have a pewter version hanging from my rearview mirror that I bought at Portland Saturday Market a long-assed time ago! If I was gonna pick something from my wishlist, it would have to be [We Didn't Playtest This At All] ( Card games are the best, especially when there's drinking involved.

u/yukifan01 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My club's favorite, you will not find this on shelves. We go all out with this game and we are always laughing while playing.

This one is CHAOS! There's no telling what's going to happen with this game. Tons of fun!

This one has been highly recommended to me. I have yet to play it but it looks REALLY fun.

Then of course, the Beat the parents game. My sisters and I have had a bunch of fun playing this game with our parents.


u/ArstanNeckbeard · 2 pointsr/boardgames

If you're interested in getting your wife to try games, try something you can both play together cooperatively. I've had good luck with Forbidden Island which is an amazing game for its price. Basically, you're all (or both) running around an island that is gradually sinking into the sea, trying to recover the four legendary treasures and meet up back at the helicopter before the entire island sinks. Maybe move on to Forbidden Desert after a while, which is a little more complicated, or its even more complicated older brother, Pandemic.

u/REdEnt · 2 pointsr/boardgames

If you can find a local game store, I'd go and ask what their policy is on returns. You could just go with a gift card to the place, though I know that can be impersonal, but if they allow it on unopened games, I'd get him something small like Zombie Dice, Hive, Codenames, Forbidden Island, or Sushi Go (all between $5 and $20 generally). If he has the game he can return it for some dice, or something else he needs, but I think the thought of going out and researching what good games are out there is nice.

u/michellie89 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

While cruising on my pet dolphins in the wide open ocean, I stumbled upon [this forbidden island.](]( It is imperative that I recover all the treasure before it is lost among the sinking island.

u/Multinovae · 2 pointsr/gaming

Most non-gamers prefer cooperative games.

Here are a couple of my favorites:
Pandemic -
Forbidden Island -

Descent is great for taking a step into rpgs/hack & slash -
Or you my check out the other games reviewed here:

Settlers of Catan is fantastic for people who like dice games and is a fun competitive game. Another great crowd game is SuperFight.

If you like more racy fun & games: Cards Against Humanity or Joking Hazard are awesome.

Edit: Formatting

u/_Kalchio_ · 2 pointsr/boardgames

And it's currently dirt cheap (< $11) on Amazon!

u/HeroOfOne · 2 pointsr/DMAcademy

I had the opposite problem, where my players would sit and talk and strategize and talk about every move together like it was a co-op game and every turn would take 2+ minutes.

So I came down strict with the actual rules of the game which is that your character is allowed to speak for 6 seconds during your turn and only during your turn.

This made the game move a lot more quickly, and it still allowed them to communicate together as they'd shout out things to each other during battle.

Questions out of game like "would I know player X was just stabbed?" would not count, as this is out of character and is a general out of character question about the game world... asking what their character would know. Stuff like that is always fair, IMO.

I think if you see this as a problem that needs fixing, you should sit your players down and talk about it. I'd look into picking up a cheap/easy co-op game like Forbidden Island (, (which is like the easy version of Pandemic, a pretty popular board game), and have them play that together to get used to working together and communicating a bit more.

However, if it's not actually a problem... meaning their fun is not being diminished by it... then I wouldn't worry too much about it and just think about folks like me who have the opposite problem and how the grass is always greener.

u/-bananabread- · 2 pointsr/Boardgamedeals

Or $12.59 on Amazon!

u/suckpoppet · 2 pointsr/boardgames

forbidden island is only $15:

it's pretty easy to understand, and is a simple intro into collaborative board games (everyone is on the same 'team'. you all play against the game).

u/rickymetz · 2 pointsr/dataisbeautiful

>So you like a modular board, player interaction, different win conditions (each viable at different times), and player interaction...

If you like those things, and you also like strong narratives then I'd suggest Betrayal At House On The Hill. It's a fantastic procedurally generated game, whose board and win conditions is different every time you play! The game is semi co-operative, where everyone works together through the first stage of the game before a player is revealed as an antagonist with their own set of win conditions.

The games setting is a mysterious old victorian house, where the players are a "scooby-doo"-esque group of characters investigating it one dark evening. The narrative changes every game based on where players are in the house when certain events happen, and stories range from lovecraftian terror to Stephen King like horror.

It's very replayable and creates some great tension both at the challenge of winning but also among the players themselves. I love this game! Give it a look!

u/BeautifulVictory · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  • Wish List: Cell Phone because my phone is like 4 years old-ish it does all these odd things and it's annoying and I'd like a new one.
  • ACCESSORIES!!: Bow I love bows and America.
  • Arts and Crafts: Rub 'n Buff I need this for an art project I am doing. They are camos and it would make them look nice.
  • Books!: Venus in Fur: A Play This play looks amazing! When I saw a clip of it on the Tony Awards I wish I could have seen it. I am DYING to read it!
  • Clothes: Petticoat For my Dalek dress.
  • Cool nail polish: Hunger Games collection 2012 I just love all the earth tones, I don't have like any of them at home and I love the Hunger Games.
  • Everything is Awesome!: Prism I want to use it to hopefully get a job that I really want.
  • Makeup: Black lipstick I don't know where mine is and I really love black lipstick.
  • Movies: Anchorman 2 I LOVE ANCHORMAN! Have you heard my ringtones?
u/EarBucket · 2 pointsr/Christianity

Betrayal at House on the Hill is awesome, and the replay value is incredible. A little expensive, but I don't know if I've ever made a better board game purchase.

u/appBlu · 2 pointsr/wallstreetbets

Duh. You have a bunch of fucking nerds in Wall Street now, this isn't the 1980s.

Plus Catan, Dead of Winter, Betrayal at House on the Hill is pretty dope you should try it out faggot

u/AccFan · 2 pointsr/wallstreetbets

>Plus Catan, Dead of Winter, Betrayal at House on the Hill is pretty dope

Get that normie trash outta here

u/capslion · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I grabbed a bunch of things off my various wishlists that were added for being neat and/or kinda weird. Some are silly things to just look at, and others are things I might actually get one day.

Coolest decoration: Senior Woman with Asthma Inhaler Peel and Stick Wall Decal

Coolest Clothing: Surrender Sweater

Coolest Skincare Item: Milky Piggy Bubble Mask or Twoosong Proplis Sparkeling Ampoule

Coolest Board Game: Betrayal at House on the Hill (it's $30.30, sue me)

Coolest Pet Toy: Cat DJ Deck

Coolest Book: The Morbid Anatomy Anthology

Coolest Shoes: Floral Pumps ($30 after shipping oops)

Coolest Food: Gjetost Goat Cheese

u/GenericCabbage · 2 pointsr/rpg

Have you checked out Betrayal at House on the Hill? Doesn't get much less linear than randomly choosing rooms to explore from a deck of tiles. It has some character development. It's cooperative for 3-5 players. Each player picks a character and each character has (I think) 4 stats that can be altered by entering different rooms and fighting monsters, and it has a deck of equipment cards you find while exploring the mansion that change the combat and can really make a difference. The big draw is the betrayal half of the game. There are if I remember correctly 30 different betrayal scenarios that play out depending on which room it started in and which Omen card was drawn that turn. I think that meets some of your criteria.

u/Kevek · 2 pointsr/Autumn

I'd never heard of Night in the Woods but will check it out.

If you have any like-minded people, I might suggest picking up the board game Betrayal At House On The Hill (I know this is a US link, but it's mostly so you can see what it looks like!)

It's tons of cheesy Halloween fun as long as you can rustle up another three people or so.

I completely agree though, October is the best!

u/Rosetta_Clupea · 2 pointsr/Tempe

Bookmaze does one every Monday. Went once, it was a friendly collection of people and I learned about a lot of really nifty board games. This one was my favorite, lots of replay value actually.

u/RCrosby7929 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Woah I've never seen anyone giving away new tires on here! I loved the burnout series on PS2. Favorite series other than SOCOM back then.

I don't know what kind of table top games youre into but These both are pretty excellent
Shadow Hunters

Betrayal at House on Haunted Hill

u/Divetus · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Board games are the best games...! I have a group of friends (about 10 people) that loveee playing board games, so I've tried quite a few..! Though having only 2 people for the board game is really limiting, I think most games are like 3 minimum TqT

I'm not sure what your budget is but I'm going to list a few that I've enjoyed (I'm a gamer that played RTS and TD games too! P.S. you should check out sanctum 2 on steam for an interactive tower defense game)

My first suggestion would be

Betrayal at the House on the Hill:

  • It's ideally for 3-6 players because the premise of the game is to explore the house as much as you can before the 'haunt' starts, and when the haunt starts one of the players will become a traitor that tries to kill the other players. To win the game, the survivors kill the traitor or vice versa.

    Jaipur is a card game recommendation, but it's for 2 players!

  • It's like a merchanting game :D I'm sure as someone who played RTS games you know how to manage resources... this is a testament to learning how to balance trade-offs with rewards

    Agricola is another good game!


  • It's a bit expensive online though, you might be able to get it cheaper at a local board game store
  • It's another strategy type game, you get 2 turns per round to act for you and your spouse. It's similar to the settler of catan except you have only 14 rounds before the game finishes.
  • You have to choose between expanding your house, making babies, collecting food and resources, another fun way to balance your resources :D

    Most of these games are pretty short if you want it to be!! Check them out for sure!
u/heyredridinghood · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I would play board games with youuuuu!

I love both boardgames and The Walking Dead! Whaaaaaaat!? Aw, yeah. :P

This is my favorite boardgame. Its amazing! I'll write out a sentence in a few.

u/PriceKnight · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitchDeals

Price History

u/drakeonaplane · 2 pointsr/civ

If they're also into board games (or seem like they might be), I'll suggest the seven wonders board game. I've played it recently with a few friends and it has a civ feel to it, lots of fun.

What's the money limit? Amazon shows $32 so it may be over that limit, depending on your budget and the suggested amount.

u/Arkaine · 2 pointsr/gaming

Many games (including 7 Wonders) are currently on a big sale on Amazon:

u/GostaEkman · 2 pointsr/boardgames

30 bucks is a bit of an awkward number. Thematic games tend to be pricier as well. Here are some recommendations off the top of my head, some end up a couple bucks over 30:

Death Angel

[Red November] (

[Eminent Domain] (

[Infiltration] (

[Power Grid] (

[Flash Point] (

[7 Wonders] (

I too recommend allocating a couple extra dollars if it means getting a game you really want. Anyway, hope this helps :)

u/ennsy · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Thanks for all the input, much appreciated. Just bought 7 Wonders on sale

u/info_revo · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Looks like it's on the Marketplace. There are a couple new with Prime shipping for more like $24:

u/Squ4d13 · 2 pointsr/boardgames

7 Wonders is a great game too. My group just recently started playing this one, and we are really enjoying it. Still haven't picked up any of the expansions yet, but looking forward to them. Another game that might be good to start out with is King of Tokyo, or if you don't mind waiting until October you could get the next installment King of New York. We also like Smash Up as of late, and it is easy to learn as well.

u/barking-chicken · 2 pointsr/Parenting

I highly recommend King of Tokyo! Not only is it easy to learn and quick to pick up, its a ton of fun and can get highly competitive. Typical rounds last 30-45 minutes and you can play with 2-6 people (although its most fun with 3+).

u/beigemore · 2 pointsr/firstworldproblems

Yep. Can also order online here or here

u/Perdomo3 · 2 pointsr/boardgames

King of Tokyo $30.35 Amazon Link|
One Night Ultimate Werewolf $19.57 Amazon Link|
Pandemic $25.72 Amazon Link|
Total Cost: 75.64
All great family games you cant go wrong with!
Plus you still have money for snacks!!

u/Luckystar812 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  • I could bring fresh basil marinara pasta! It could be a main dish OR a side. :)

  • It would take me about 8 hours and 40 minutes to get there if I drove, or a few seconds if I traveled by map.

  • A song for the playlist :)

  • As for a game, I can bring an expansion pack for CAH? Or a poker set?

  • I don't know /u/Pinalope4Real very well :)

  • I promise to be nice to your neighbor.

u/LocalAmazonBot · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Here are some links for the product in the above comment for different countries:

Link: expansionpack


This bot is currently in testing so let me know what you think by voting (or commenting).

u/Karmakerosene · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. When you wish upon a star

  2. Lilo and Stitch and Up. Lilo and Stitch because it is mega cute and emotional. Up because it makes me laugh and cry and the same time.

  3. I'll Make A Man Out Of You. Best Disney song ever.

  4. Item.

    Thanks for the contest!
u/Raynebeaux27 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My favorite white card is from the Pax East 2013 Pack C, but that's not on Amazon anymore (I guess someone actually paid the ridiculous amount the seller was asking for, or the listing was removed), so my favorite card from an available expansion is from the First Expansion.

Insatiable bloodlust

  1. Because I love the word 'insatiable' and Darren Hayes has a song called "Insatiable", which I love.
  2. Because I have some bloodlust. I think classic vampires are sexy, I'm intrigued by weaponry and I like knives in a kinky way, I want to make my own blood jewelry, and I kinda sorta maybe wish I could just lose my shit on someone for a price. An extremely high price and in a very extreme circumstance and to a very willing volunteer.
    This card gets chosen by me almost every time someone plays it when I'm czar.

    I made this card as a nod to one of my favorite /r/firstworldproblems post. It's so true and everyone can relate!
  • I should note that this is the first blank card I've filled out, because I'm not great at thinking of awesome things to write. It took me three years to write anything on any of the blank cards in my Apples to Apples games, and I just wrote things like "penis", "clitoris" and "shit" because I was drunk and just wanted something on there (plus A to A was getting tired with all it's innocence, lol).

u/ZaZMonster · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

its wayyyy to quiet in here

Did you kniw that the Pistol Shrimp uses its huge claw to stun prey with the air bubble it produces? It can travel up to 60 mph!

u/absynthinwonderland · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

So, I'm just going to link you to a [Cards Against Humanity expansion pack] ( I wanted to link you to a Munchkin Game but they're all more than ten dollars. If you haven't played Munchkin, you need to. It's amazing.

u/vllewella · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Cards against humanity are perfect for staying occupied on a rainy day! I hate going outside in the rain, so staying in and having a blast playing this game would be great!

The old man is snoring

u/sweetpea89 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Halloween! :D

Linky link

Thanks for the contest! <3

u/spookyghoul · 2 pointsr/Wishlist



u/cryingviolinist · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Cards Against Humanity because nothing says "America" more than freedom of speech, no matter how vulgar that speech may be.

EDIT: grammar

u/Braber02 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

So the other day I got kicked out of a casino because I was having a furious argument at the roulette table over what was considered an odd number CAH Please

u/lalalalady22 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

1.) Something that is grey.

Silver is grey, right? ;)

2.) Something reminiscent of rain.

When I think of rain I think of cuddling up with a good cup of coffee.

3.) Something food related that is unusual.

Coffee chocolate Not that weird... but pretty amazing.

4.) Something on your list that is for someone other than yourself. Tell me who it's for and why. (Yes, pets count!)
Bones for my dog because he hates being alone!

5.) A book I should read! I am an avid reader, so take your best shot and tell me why I need to read it!

I haven't read this yet, but it's supposed to be amazing!

6.) An item that is less than a dollar, including shipping... that is not jewelry, nail polish, and or hair related!

This book

7.) Something related to cats. I love cats! (keep this SFW, you know who you are...)


8.) Something that is not useful, but so beautiful you must have it.

I don't think any nail polish is useful, but I love this color

9.) A movie everyone should watch at least once in their life. Why?

Shawshank Redemption Come on, it's amazing. And sad. And Stephen King.

10.) Something that would be useful when the zombies attack. Explain.

These would be particularly useful because I could keep my hair out of my face so I can see zombies better to kill them!

11.) Something that would have a profound impact on your life and help you to achieve your current goals.

skip for now

12.) One of those pesky Add-On items.
Apparently you can straighten your nose with this interesting little item Ohhhh, China.

13.) The most expensive thing on your list. Your dream item. Why?

This book is the most expensive item on my list. Dream item? Nah. A kindle would be my dream item, but not feasible to have on list right now.

14.) Something bigger than a bread box.

This big enough?

15.) Something smaller than a golf ball.

This ring is itty bitty!

16.) Something that smells wonderful.

This air freshener. Mmmm

17.) A (SFW) toy.

Amazon lists this as a toy, so I'm going to have to go with that!

18.) Something that would be helpful for going back to school.

These would be great to hang papers and reminders up on the fridge.

19.) Something related to your current obsession, whatever that may be.

I'm obsessed with books, so uh... most of my wish list. Or this bookmark that symbolizes all that is books.

20.) Something that is just so amazing and awe-inspiring that I simply must see it. Explain why it is so grand.

I'm sure you've seen this but come on! It's John Snuhhhh!

Bonus! Oregon Fruit

Fear cuts deeper thank swords! Thanks for the contest. =)

u/peppermint25 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

please let G0ATLY be safe this year

Halloween is my favorite holiday... But it hasn't always been my luckiest. One year I went all-out at a Boo & Brew party and spent hours with a friend wrapping myself up in gauze that I had specially stained the week before so I could be a mummy. It looked great! The only thing was that I couldn't do a trial-run with it, so about an hour or so into the party I started to unravel. I wasn't wearing much underneath, no one was in a position to drive, so I hopped the first bus back to my place to borrow a roommate's naughty baseball outfit. I didn't care what I looked like, I just wanted to get back and party.

So I get back to the party... and notice that I can't bend over. The dang thing is so short that if I bend over my booty will immediately show and I did not have on bloomer-style underwear. I guess when I first it on I was too rushed/tipsy to notice. Spent the party sitting at a bar table. Still had an awesome time.

What I wouldn't change about myself- I am constantly reflecting on myself to make sure that I am constantly improving as a person to be the ultimate person I want to become, and I am always looking to experience new things to broaden my horizons. I don't really know anybody else that spends so much time worrying about the person they're becoming, but each year my hard work causes me to love myself more and more :) (this coming from someone who spent a good decade being suicidal... I'm gonna toot my own horn and say I'm damn proud of my progress).

I'm dying to play this game everyone on Reddit talks about.

u/tallbeerlover · 2 pointsr/cardsagainsthumanity

You have to buy it online (though I think there's one shop in Canada that actually stocks it. You can get it here, with expansions one, two, and three.

There's also a "crappy little third-party, unofficial, unauthorized" expansion called Crabs Adjust Humidity. They're currently out of stock but should be back soon.

u/NeverPostsJustLurks · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My facorite game is... this! It seems to be a neat game on the cheaper side of board games (who the heck prices these things, they are sometimes more expensive than video games!). 5 to 10 players is perfect, as we usually have about 5-7 people during our get togethers.

Thanks for the awesome contest, new, used, refurbed doesn't matter to me!


u/funkmastag · 2 pointsr/boardgames

The Resistance is always fun and plays up to 10 people really easily. Although, some people say Avalon is better

Zombie Dice is an option for lots of people and super easy to teach.

u/SgtMaj_Obvious · 2 pointsr/boardgames

The Resistance won't be found in department stores like some games. Amazon is a great place to find this and many other games.

u/slow56k · 2 pointsr/boardgames

I upvoted so people could see this, not because I agree with what you are doing.

If you want a copy of the game, here you go.

> is there a rule set available online somewhere? So many questions!

Travis has asked people not to make such content available online. Why not do as he asks?

u/I_knowa_guy · 2 pointsr/videos

If you guys want to play something similar that involves bluffing and is fun check out the game The Resistance. It's a fun game if you have people that are good at lying and keeping a straight face.

u/andersce · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I heard that Love Letter is a pretty decent game. I've never gotten the chance to play but would love to add it to my game collection! My BF and I are just starting to get into board games and we've been building a collection so we can start hosting game nights :) I can't wait to host our first one! :)

My favorite game is probably Pandemic, though the expansions are a little over your price limit :)

u/GuyNoirPI · 2 pointsr/Gifts

Maybe something from Mouth?. I've been thinking about getting the bourbon chocolate sauce for one of my exchanges.

Also, depending on the family there are a lot of about 15 dollar card games that are really good. I suggest Sushi Go! which can be found at target a lot, Love Letter or Coup.

u/TurningLane · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Maybe look into "Love Letters". Its a Card Game that is fairly quickly played but also easy to learn and play. I usually take it with me when i go out with friends to lunch/dinner just so we have something to do instead of playing on our phones. Its quite fun too though. Check it Out here! $9.77 Amazon Prime.

u/peteyboy100 · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Put that price point in CamelCamelCamel and wait for it to drop. That's how I found out about this price. This is the cheapest it has ever been on Amazon.

u/Thinaran · 2 pointsr/PSVR

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is the starter set.

Daybreak and Artifacts are expansions. Haven't tried them. Inquisition, Ultimate Deluxe and the Vampire ones are variations on the same game.

u/ihaveasteak · 2 pointsr/n3rdfusion
u/Redegar · 2 pointsr/italy

Uuuuuuh, oggi è il mio tortagiorno :)

Sto pensando di acquistare One Night Ultimate Werewolf che al negozio dove vado lo fanno a prezzo più basso rispetto ad amazon, qualcuno ci ha mai giocato? Ho letto recensioni positive e visto un paio di partite ma non l'ho mai provato di persona, gioco tantissimo (e da tantissimo) a lupus in tabula ma questa versione da massimo 10 e durata minima mi intrigava.

u/Bulldog_T · 2 pointsr/ApplyingToCollege

These two are super fun

Edit: I just saw that deception is 40 bucks. Honestly, it is fun but idk about $40 fun. If you have the money go for it otherwise I don't think it is worth it.

u/Kulban · 2 pointsr/nostalgia

I have a board game (doesn't really use a board) that I describe to people as a "cross between mafia and heads-down-thumbs-up" that I play as an adult. It's extremely fun. A single game only lasts about 5 minutes, but it's the sort of game we typically end up playing for hours.

It's called One-Night: Ultimate Werewolf.

u/legalpothead · 2 pointsr/trees

One Night Ultimate Werewolf. You've only got a couple of days till 4/20, but you might be able to find it or some other fun board game at a Toys-r-Us.

Exploding Kittens is another great one.


I'm going to fire up the smoker in the morning, and smoke a 6 lb chuck roast for making Pepper Stout Beef. Then people can make sandwiches in the afternoon.

u/P5eudonym · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Prices on Amazon are surprisingly high as well. Does anyone know why there's such a lull in supply?

u/Guinnessnomnom · 2 pointsr/gamecollecting
u/Cornwall · 2 pointsr/Floof

Big fan of Takaido and Pandemic. Don't know any others, but do you know of Splendor?

It's a ton of fun, love it personally.

u/felix_mateo · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Amazon has it for $19.99 right now.

u/kitsovereign · 2 pointsr/stevenuniverse

Amazon has it for $38. Are you specifically searching "Settlers of Catan"? The game got renamed to just Catan, so maybe you're only pulling up older, out-of-print versions.

$38 isn't much of a savings, though you should be able to find portable versions for cheaper if you don't care about expansions (which is what I had in mind when I made that post, oops).

u/Grunherz · 2 pointsr/boardgames

This is the version you want. This is actually the cheapest price I could find. Miniature Market and Coolstuff Inc (the two largest, cheapest online game stores in the US) didn't have it at all.

u/justkevinmanley · 2 pointsr/boardgames

So weird. I saw it on Amazon earlier today for $10. Now it's $27 with prime. I thought it seemed low when I was making this list but figured I would throw it in since I saw it for $10. Wish I had a screen cap lol.

u/gstad · 2 pointsr/Catan

Yeah, just buy the standard wooden piece set.

I think it's $35

Edit: Here it is on amazon for $28.

u/paross · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Settlers of Catan is pretty fun!

You have a trading/strategy element, there are different ways you can win so everyone may have different goals, there are ways to harm opponents and form alliances. Depending on with whom you play, it's quite a great game!

u/ketokate-o · 2 pointsr/keto

I love CAH!

We’ve been really big into a game called Codenames lately. I always enjoy games like those where everyone gets to be involved more than the competitive/strategy types.

u/huazzy · 2 pointsr/AskAnAmerican

Note: I generally hate board games due to the time commitment and need to wait around. But this past summer I got coerced into playing a game called "Codenames" and it was very fun.

That's my pick - currently.

u/JamesQueen · 2 pointsr/liberalgunowners

Oh god, look at all these dog whistles.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Shit they are everywhere!

Even Amazon is in on it! Look here and here. I guess they're trying to get to our kids.

u/aBrightIdea · 2 pointsr/5by5DLC

Dixit and Codenames are my two go-tos for that style of crowd. I also had an absolute blast playing a newer game called Werewords. It's an odd sounding mashup of 20 questions and One Night/werewolf. In which the players try to guess a secret word by asking yes and no questions while one secret player is the werewolf who tries to derail them. We played it for hours at my last party.




u/sparsile · 2 pointsr/AskWomen

Do you know what games they have? Three of my favorite inexpensive games (all under $20) are Love Letter (this one comes in different themes, too, like The Hobbit and Batman), Codenames, and Bang.

u/Velvetrose-2 · 2 pointsr/Atlanta

Merry Christmas All!

I ended up getting pretty sick, slept through a good portion of Rogue One because of the cold meds yesterday.

Today has been really nice so far, the Moscow Mules are keeping the coughing in check.

My son got his girlfriend a Yoga Trapeze and watching all of them try it out while it is hanging in the trees has been hilarious. Many face plants into the dead leaves.

One of my kids got Codenames and we have been playing all day.

u/doctor_robocop · 2 pointsr/secretsanta

A high quality coffee mug that won't spill as you take it all over campus and sit it on those stupid tiny chair-desk surfaces with all your notes/laptop. These are great, for example..

Party games are great for making friends and unwinding. I hear good things about Codenames.

If you know where they go, maybe a gift card to nearby cafes/restaurants or movie theater.

A good backpack.


Subscription boxes

A gift subscription to Audible. I'm in grad school, and during all my years of college I really missed reading for fun. But I always have so much academic reading that I feel super guilty reading anything optional. Audiobooks fixed that. I can now listen to books while I commute, do chores, etc, and I'm now getting to consume so much fiction guilt-free! It's been a game changer.

u/linkandluke · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Just trying to help. You might want to reajust your prices.

Example: Your currently asking over MSRP (20$) for Codenames. Its normally free shipping for 15$ brand new. You are asking 25$ +S/H for a used copy.

u/LouDiamond · 2 pointsr/Games
u/MetzgerWilli · 2 pointsr/DnD

I suggest you check out Gloomhaven, as it requires no DungeonMaster and can be played with any number of players between 1 and 4. It also is only 100$ currently on Amazon.

u/Vaxthrul · 2 pointsr/politics

Last Week Tonight is my usual go to for fun during these interesting times. Yes, it's a bit cliche, John Oliver attempting to do a Jon Stewart and doing it maybe 80% well, but he has the largest budget out of most of these 'fun political talk shows.' Last week he even rightfully brings up how we should be concerned with Assange's arrest (only available through HBO). In conjuction with the Mueller Report, it paints an interesting picture of how the Trump administration may use Assange to attempt to cover-up certain issues.

I'm interested in Patriot Act covering the report, they do a fairly respectable job at covering the important issues much like John Oliver, but with a more modern appeal. Not slighting the presentation of LWT, just the format is somewhat dated.

There's also Some More News. Since moving on from Cracked, I feel Cody has really come into his own, but it lacks the involvement with the community if you don't also listen to the podcast. It presents itself more like a traditional news production.

Legal Eagle has been a great gem to find. A real lawyer who presents his opinion in an easily digestible manner? IANAL, but it helps give the layman an understanding from a point of view that isn't necessarily entertained when going over stuff like this.

This weekend though, my group is getting together to do two things:

First, watching Arrival then watching Philosophy Tube's presentation on democracy for a follow-up. Oliver Thorn uses Arrival as a tangent to discuss Democracy as it relates not only to Brexit, but existentially as well.

Then the next day we're looking to do another scenario or two from Gloomhaven. I liken it to "DnD meets Monopoly," so your mileage may vary. If you're interested in a copy Amazon currently has it on sale for 30% off in the US. And seriously, get the removable stickers, they're worth the price.

Lastly, I might fool around in Assassin's Creed: Unity which Ubisoft are giving out for free following the Notre Dame fire. The game comes with all relevant story DLC, so they aren't banking on cataclysm capitalism to make a buck, although you do need to register with Uplay to be able to get it and run it. Plus it might be cathartic to play through a rendition of the French revolution after this week.

I hope everyone gets rest and some time to go over the Mueller Report themselves, as these coming weeks are going to be much more dense. The trolls are only going to get worse leading up to primaries and the election, so prepare yourself for disinformation by getting your information from the source!

u/darkstar3333 · 2 pointsr/Games

> Gloomhaven is $99 msrp i think

Gloomhaven was $99 USD including delivery via KS.

MSRP its $119 USD when its in stock: (sold out)

Which highlights my point that even popular games go out of print and then suddenly prices skyrocket.

You can find it on Amazon for closer to $200 now. but while its out of availability prices go up.

For those asking why its so expensive, there is a ton of shit in that box

u/liamsmcleod · 1 pointr/AskMen

I started off playing the tabletop Dungeons and Dragons board games like The Legend of Drizzt, Castle Ravenloft, and Wrath of Ashardalon. These games are great because you can play with anywhere between 2-5 people and you don't need a dungeon master. They come with around 40 plastic miniatures, board pieces, premade adventures, and everything else you need to get started, and they're great because you can mix the pieces between the games if you buy more than one.

These games are great because they can get you into D&D without all the set up and keeping track that you have to do with a regular game.

Once you've played one of those a few times you should move on to real D&D. I suggest doing this by trying to finding a starter set for the edition you want to play, or, even better, by finding a friend who plays.

Now this is only really if you want to play D&D and that's just what I'm suggesting because that's what I have experience with and I know it's a lot of fun. If you, or anyone, chooses to start playing D&D or any game I would suggest buying your materials from a local game shop instead of online. If you can afford it (prices will probably be a little higher) and you can find one near you it's a great investment. Not only can you ask the employees for advice, but often there will be a ton of great people willing to play with you, as long as you sort through the neckbeards of course. Also you'll be supporting those local shops, and you'll help keep them in business, which helps paper and pen RPG's survive, and helps everyone have just a little more fun.

Good luck and happy dragon slaying!

u/xelf · 1 pointr/rpg

One of the D&D board games, they're reduced RPG experiences that can be run in short time with only levels 1-2 covered and come with everything you need in one box.


u/Pop123321pop · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This game, I love board games but its out of my price range.

u/gr8balooga · 1 pointr/rpg

I thought D&D: Legend of Drizzt was fun. There's no windspeed or line of sight kind of stuff, and I think if you buy other games similar to this one, like D&D: Temple of Elemental Evil, you can combine the cards/tokens/characters to make the playthroughs more interesting.

As per amazon:

  • Designed for 1 to 5 players

  • Features multiple scenarios, challenging quests and cooperative game play

  • Contains: 42 heroes and monsters, 13 sheets of interlocking cardstock dungeons tiles, 200 encounter and treasure cards, scenario book, and 20-sided die

  • Rulebook and scenario books

  • 20-sided die

    The Descent game mentioned by u/lordfeint32 looks similar to the D&D game too. I bet it would be really fun as well.
u/seantabasco · 1 pointr/DnD

I bought this just for the minis and was pretty happy, it comes out to a little over a dollar a mini. There are 3 games, so look at the related products to see which fits your needs the closest.

but like someone else said, the pathfinder paper pawns are definitely the cheapest

u/JanJansen2634 · 1 pointr/DnD

I buy painted so I just get singles from ebay. The Dungeon Command boxes from amazon are also pretty good value too.

If you want unpainted then Otherworld Miniatures look good to me. You can also get the big boxed D&D board games like the base one, Ravenloft, Legend of Drizzt...etc which are relatively cheap for how many minis you get.

u/LadyVanya · 1 pointr/DMAcademy

Check these out. They're a great for noobs learning to play. It's simpler and needs no DM. Great way to get your feet wet and learn the basic mechanics. I took one when i deployed and used it introduce new players to the game.

If you still want to dm, these are great supplies to get started: (i highly suggest you get this) (i find these really helpful)

Also, check out your local gaming store. They are a great resource. Also ask about Pathfinder, which was created based off of D&D

u/nessaquik · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I think you need this shirt!

EDIT: MORE STUFF These dice are pretty rad

Do you DM?

Mind Flayers?

Everyone needs a pound of Dice



Edit: I was so excited to show you the shirt I forgot to link this super cute bento box on my default list!

u/Nihilates · 1 pointr/rpg

Hm... I'm not sure what to do about transitioning into a Fallout RPG system. I'll share with you what's worked for me to acquaint new-comers to tabletop games:

  • Buy one of these: One, Two, Three, maybe Four

  • Schedule a "game night" where your group just picks up and plays one of those games. Work together to understand the rules and the process and gauge the how much fun everyone has doing these sort of games.

  • After a few games nights, ask your friends if they're interested in trying something a little less pre-made. Buy this and upgrade your game night.

  • After a few sessions of that, if all goes well and the general consensus is positive, expand your game night to your desired game system.
u/Amator · 1 pointr/boardgames

Here's what I'd do if I had to rebuild a collection from scratch for $1k trying to have a wide variety of play styles:

7 Wonders $32.99
Agricola $45.79
Battlestar Galactica $39.97
Carcassonne $30.02
Carcassonne Inns & Cathedrals$15.71
Dixit $22.65
Dominion Big Box $69.18 Prosperity is one of the best expansions; Alchemy is not, but you're pretty much getting it for free in this set.
Eclipse $61.49 It wouldn't be a board game library without a 4X game, and I think Eclipse is the best currently.
Eldritch Horror $40.47 - I love Arkham Horror, but Eldritch streamlines a lot of the fiddly rules of the original.
Formula D [$41.96] (
Gloom $17.98
Guillotine $13.52
King of Tokyo $30.19
Love Letter $9.34
Memoir 44 $47.43
No Thanks! $9.98
Pandemic $31.65
Power Grid $32.27
Puerto Rico [$31.20] (
Race for the Galaxy $24.11
Resistance, The $17.99
Roborally $37.49
Settlers of Catan $37.99
Telestrations $19.99 Awesome and funny party game. My friends and I eventually tire of Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity, but seldom do so with this.
Ticket to Ride $37.24
Ticket to Ride 1910 Expansion $18.21
Tsuro $24.22
Twilight Struggle $49.98
Village $35.47
Wits & Wagers $19.99

That comes up to $946.47; room for a couple more expansions or another game.

u/arkofcovenant · 1 pointr/Gifts

Wow, she sounds like my kind of girl. My GF really likes model planes. Something like this is a good starter model if she has never tried model planes before. It's not a very good way to introduce someone to the hobby, but down the road if she's interested and more experienced, she can get FPV systems, which put a camera in the cockpit of your model plane and fly it from a first person perspective. Another good idea in the realm of flying might be a basic simulator set-up for a computer like this (this one is just an example, I'm not well versed enough in these to give a specific model recommendation, so you should do some research on your own to find the best one).

When it comes to board games, there's so, so many great ones. Its hard to really recommend one because there are so many vastly different games that are ideal for different people. One that everyone seems to like is Ticket to Ride. My GF happens to like Pandemic. One of my favorites is Dominion. Head over to /r/boardgames (maybe with a little more info about what she likes?) and you'll get a ton of great recommendations if you are interested in going the board game route.

u/Ask_Seek_Knock · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This would be extremely helpful and practical. OR this which is a less practical, but super fun!

I hope you take care of yourself during training, I know how hard that can be.

u/madisonsites · 1 pointr/Android

The retail is $50, but it looks like Amazon has it for like $37.

u/EmmaBourbon · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


this is a board game for up to 5 players where you have to get your trains across america and at each station. It's my favorite game. It's about $22


This is a card game about the french revolution. The point is to cut off peoples heads and the more important the person the more points you get. The cards are hilarious and it's so fun to play. It can be a 2-4 player game. This is a classic and I've done contests where i give this game as a gift to people. It's great. $12

u/ErrorX · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Must have game. It's always a crowd favorite at our game night.

Assuming you have your own camera to start with, here's some cool "hacks". As an amateur photographer, I'm definitely going to have to try some of these out. Do you do any underwater photography since you're a diver and all? =]

u/StealBuddha · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hey! Thank you for the contest!

This limited edition Sherlock set would be so cool. I love the extras that come with special edition stuff and the Sherlock and John busts are neat!

We just played this on New Year's Eve. It was a fun strategy game that sobered us up some. Ha! We need more adult board games in our house. Don't get me wrong, I love playing Gooey Louie as much as the next mom, but...

And last, but not least... These beautiful babies. I've had them on my list for a while because I can't quite get to the point where I feel okay splurging and spending that much on Converse. I was kind of (foolishly) hoping the price would drop. But anyway, they are pretty snazzy shoes.

I can't wait to see what you find!

Edit: Well, son of a biscuit, the Sherlock set went up to $129 today. Those bastards. So I retract that one. As replacement, I have realized that unless I update my movie collection my daughter will not be seeing any Disney classics. I have all the old vhs ones and didn't bother updating as the boys got older because we weren't planning on more kiddos. Maybe you need some Disney blu rays, too? I especially love The Jungle Book and Alice in Wonderland. And Fantasia. :)

u/L_Monochromicorn · 1 pointr/boardgames

If he likes Coup, I would recommend The Resistance, it's like Coup, but more in depth - and it can fit a large number of players.

Ticket to Ride is a pretty popular game, and there's a wide variety of expansions/versions (Even a 1910 US expansion).

I've not played it, but Lewis and Clark has a historical theme, and shares elements with the games he likes.

u/Fyzzle · 1 pointr/boardgames
u/bethune_bryant · 1 pointr/tabletop

My girlfriend and I play all of the following games together on a regular basis, and we enjoy all of them. I enjoy watching TableTop, and that is where I found most of these:

Carcassonne is a multilayer Strategic Tile Laying game that is really good for 2 people:

Ticket to Ride is an awesome multilayer game that works for 2 players:

Formula D is a really fun tabletop racing simulator that also works pretty well for 2 people:

Stratego works well if you want a chess like game that's a fairly different than chess:

u/Dedonarrival · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/CheetahSnake · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. Workout stuffs! I'm a martial artist/boxer so most of that stuff is geared towards that.

  2. Munchkin! Fantasticly fun card game, we used to play it in dorms all the time, and it gets hilarious. Fun for the whole family, though there are some tongue in cheek jokes that the kids hopefully wont get.

u/homeallday · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This set looks really wonderful to me! I'm not an artist, but those reviews could convince even me to give it a try!

I know it isn't relevant to what I linked for you, but I'd love to have this game for my family to play together!

u/wooq · 1 pointr/AskMen


I recommend Gloom, castle panic, Munchkin (though if he's into boardgames and card games he might already have these)

Edit: also smallworld, settlers,

u/nartak · 1 pointr/tabletop

Not trying to undermine the pricing, but on Amazon (Link) it's $18.95. That being said, buying from OP, you're at least supporting a fellow gamer.

u/DioTheory · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Munchkin!! :D

It's a super fun game, and it's really simple. You just take a card, roll the dice, and if you kill a monster, you move forward one level. First player to level 10 wins!

But your friends can do all sorts of mean things to get ahead and make sure you can't advance, so you might Monopoly-level-hate each other by the end of the game....

u/fight_for_anything · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Munchkin. its technically a card game, but not a complicated one like magic the gathering or anything. it has pretty simple rules like a board game. the cards are hilarious, and they come in a bunch of different themes and expansion sets if you like it.. this game is totally a hit a parties, especially for stoners. i cant stress enough how goofy the cards are. the premise is you are like an adventurer going into a dungeon. the cards are various peices of treasure, loot, equipment or abilities. (no complicated rules like dungeons and dragons either) just epic fun.

Lunch Money is another card game along the same lines, sort of. you play as little catholic schoolgirls beating each other up on a playground, and the cards are various moves and combo breakers. great game to get some rediculous shit talking going.

u/biddoodles · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Munchkin is crazy fun and good to play for groups of friends. It's a roleplaying game where the players and pieces constantly change. It's fun to keep up, you work your brain to try and figure out how to stay ahead, and you can team up to take down higher point players. It's such a great time!

Sunday Funday! #7

u/pyrenean_bear · 1 pointr/kissmyasteroid

If you like Magic you will probably love Munchkin:

u/PMM8 · 1 pointr/tabletopsimulator

It was just one we picked up and all absolutely loved.

In maybe 2014 one of my buddies sort of randomly got this game of thrones game as a gift, and we all started playing it and had a lot of fun with it (big GoT fans). That was really the first time we ever played an actual board game together. None of us were ever really huge tabletop gamers, but played a bunch of video games together, played deck building strategy games like MTG and Hearthstone, and are big fantasy readers. Two of the guys in this group actually did briefly get into Warhammer (I think that's what it was/is called) for a year or so when we were in college. I guess that would be considered Tabletop gaming as well.

Then a couple years ago, my sister introduced me to Catan when she was visiting. I bought my own copy the next day, and we decided that it was substantially better than the GoT game, and switched to Catan. We played it as often as we could until we all dispersed. We hadn't even really started playing any of the expansions yet, so I'm ecstatic to even start playing those.

Certainly the biggest draw in doing TTS is just the wide number of other games that we could also end up finding and playing in the same environment. One of my other buddies and I had always wanted to experience a game of D&D and were pretty stoked to see that even that exists here.

I would love to hear your favorites or recommendations based on this "synopsis" of our group, haha.

u/DarkyBoy · 1 pointr/gameofthrones

I my knowledge theres only 3 games.

The card game that I have never played, and is similar to amgic the gathering... so its not really for me.

There is "battles of westeros", which is a two-player game, and can be alot of fun.

There is the one I have "a game of thrones", which is a 3-6 player board game, along the lines of risk and diplomacy.

u/vampatori · 1 pointr/gamedesign

This is really interesting, I'm going to have to get the game.. I'd heard it was good but didn't realize it worked like that.

My combat system is kind of similar - you can order units to Move, Harass, Assault, Defend, and Support (there are some special actions that are effectively sub-orders, like Defend Air, Recon Support, etc.). The results are essentially a rock-paper-scissors type affair, but are heavily affected by other factors (terrain, experience, morale, health, equipment, etc.) to the point that you could have scissors beating rock in the right circumstances.

I hate stacked units, the best thing about Civ V was removing them, and it made warfare a lot more fun (small, quick, era-locked games make for a really fun tactical game). The problem is that you can carefully execute your turn to maximize every units potential - making it feel like a puzzle game rather than a strategy game.

I have a turn-clock, which introduces a skill element and forces you to prioritize - that's something I really like about Blood Bowl, as it turns quite a clinical tactical game into a more risk-based strategic game.

Right.. I think I might have some Amazon vouchers incoming over Christmas. Just to be clear, this is the game?

u/tommy_sunshine · 1 pointr/boardgames

Amazon has a pre-order available here

CoolStuffInc has it here, but not for pre-order. Give them your email address and they will be johnny on the spot on letting you know when they do have it. (And about $10 less too)

u/ModestCamel · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Ok my favorite 2 are probably the tardis mug and the GoT board game. As cool as the game looks, I couldn't let the tardis fall into a black hole of awfulness.

u/TRK27 · 1 pointr/boardgames

Hive Carbon - $28.95 on Amazon

Power Grid - I paid $40 for it at my LGS, but it's missing the insert so I'll take it down to $30.

That's $60.

AGOT - $44.75 on Amazon

A Dance With Dragons - $18.95 on Amazon

That's about $65.

I'm willing to call that a deal if you are!

u/robo_octopus · 1 pointr/fixingmovies

This one!

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game 2nd Edition

u/shujaa-g · 1 pointr/boardgames

Sure thing, it's this Game of Thrones game.

u/stoaster · 1 pointr/shutupandtakemymoney

It's almost $20 cheaper at amazon

u/chaotoroboto · 1 pointr/rpg

You will be choosing between Pathfinder and 4E, and as best I can tell the biggest difference between Pathfinder and 4E is personal preference. And as DM, you get to choose, frankly. Players will generally go along with what you think.

Both games sponsor in-store events where you can learn the basic feel of the game, especially combat, and it might be useful to go to those. Call up your game shop.

Pathfinder is my preference for not-combat. The combat's okay, but the character building and skill checking and all of that is awesome.

4th Edition D&D is my preference for combat. It can bog down, but the tactics and all offered by this are brilliant. If your guys are Warhammer players, this might be the better option. It might also feel too light for them, like it's trying too hard to be a miniatures wargame.

As a more expensive third option, there's this: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. It's a comprehensive fantasy setting that lines up with the Warhammer Fantasy wargame. I've played a super-old version, never played one of the new ones, and never played the actual wargame. It's not really a recommendation because I honestly know nothing about it; but if you want to have a game where the story could lead to an actual military battle or wars, this might make a cool option.

u/booklover13 · 1 pointr/Pathfinder_RPG

Look up the Beginner's Box.

Also, I basically helped someone do the same thing over the past two weeks. The way we approached it was to start with a basic module with the society pre-gened characters. Go over the basics of the character sheets. For the record we used Master of the Fallen Fortress(see /u/JesterRaiin). The next week was character creations. Because we had some experienced people we were able to group them and let every one make what they wanted.

What we will be doing a club-event in a few weeks is having some seminars. This is both for DMing and Players. I will be in charge of in-depth character creation, and I suggest you do something similar. Have everyone make a Marital, Caster, and Their Choice, in that order. For each character also have them level it onto a new sheet. We will be doing this for 2nd and 3rd level.

Good Luck!

u/NimrodOfNumph · 1 pointr/Pathfinder_RPG

Unfortunately tabletop RPG's are more of a group activity. You can play with two people (I have). In which case a basic set of polyhedral dice is all you'd really "need" to buy. You can largely find the complete ruleset for the Pathfinder RPG at the d20 Pathfinder SRD made by John Reyst (I love you man).

Having a physical copy of at least the Core Rulebook is also very helpful and handy. It would also probably be a little less daunting to read through then the entire contents of the SRD. PDF versions of all the rulebooks can be bought directly from Paizo's website if that's the way you want to go with it.

There is also the Pathfinder Beginner Box that has much of the basic content, a little adventure and some premade characters for you to experiment with.

Hope some of this information helps!

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u/arssome · 1 pointr/itmejp

I strongly suggest pathfinders beginers box it has a scaled down set of rules premade characters as well as anything you need for starting characters lv 1-5 it also has a battle map with the 1st dungeon and blank map for your own dungeons on oposite side and 80 pawns (heavy cardstock minis for the pcs, npcs and monsters very sturdy and super cool btw).

amazon is out of stock

dir from paizo

u/Ulmaxes · 1 pointr/3d6

Listener and Humanis's links are excellent.
If you're serious about trying it out, you can pick up the Beginner's Box; I have it, and it's a fantastic introduction to Pathfinder. It comes with a Player's Handbook and DM's Guide of sorts. Not the "full" Pathfinder game, but excellent at getting the basics down.
Once you get your feet wet (whether it be just with the free options, or after the Beginner's Box) you can pick up the Core Rulebook and Bestiary and be good to go!
I'd suggest picking up some of the Pathfinder Modules to start on- they do an excellent job of setting the tone and style for how Pathfinder is to be played. I suggest Master of the Fallen Fortress because it's free and a great place to start. Not much RP or real story, but it's a simple short intro to combat and environmental hazards.

u/forgottenduck · 1 pointr/DnD

Pathfinder Pawns is probably the largest amount of pieces you'll get for your money. They aren't actually miniatures. just 2d pictures on stands, but they do work well for combat.

If you want a bunch of actual minis in bulk you can try to find a good set on ebay, people are always getting out of a mini hobby and selling their miniatures all at once. Just search "miniature lot" and see what you get. The other option is to just build up a big cart on an online retailer like Reaper Miniatures and get free shipping on it. The advantage there is that you'll pick everything you get and won't have as many unused minitures as you might with other bulk sets. If you're looking to build up a large collection of actual miniatures expect to spend a lot of money. It's not a cheap hobby.

u/Jacks_Lack_of_Sleep · 1 pointr/DungeonsAndDragons

I use "pawns" from Pathfinder like these:

Pathfinder Pawns: Bestiary Box

u/mackejn · 1 pointr/dndnext

I looked into a couple of options.
First are the DnD Board games. These are about the cheapest pre-made minis I found. Here

The second option was 3D printing. You can definitely get more bang for your buck, but there's a larger up front cost. You can get a low end 3D printer for something like $200-$300.

Third option was the Pathfinder Pawns. Not great, but they're cheap for a lot of them. Someone linked some printables elsewhere in the thread. These are nice because it's good art and a fairly high quality print. Downside is you're probably going to want two boxes. There's not quite enough of anything to cover large groups of mooks. Here

Fourth option I've seen is LEGO. Check out /r/legodnd for more ideas. If you have a bunch of stuff laying around, that can give you some ideas for stuff to do.

Overall, I think 3D printing is the way to go in the long run. It just requires a larger initial investment. It's also dependant on you finding or making your own patterns. The upside is it's fairly cheap and it's the most flexible option. You can 3D print pretty much anything you want. You also have the benefit of making scenery in addition to minis.

u/HeckinChonkr · 1 pointr/DMAcademy

The dice linked will be good enough as each person will probably have two sets and you can roll and add up but if you need to make large rolls I use a dice rolling app named “Dice Ex Machina” it’s on IOS and I believe android and google store.

Regarding minis the 2d cutouts are quite nice and easy to use there is also a kinda blandish minifigure collection

SCS Direct Fantasy Creatures Action Figure Playset - 90pc Monster Battle Toy Collection (Includes Dragons, Wizards, Orcs, and More) - Perfect for Roleplaying and D&D Gaming

And the cutouts

Pathfinder Pawns: Bestiary Box

The mats you’re talking about sound great, I would probably just buy those

And the monster stats can be found on the website I linked, they can be printed or just used from the site and I would go out and got a pack of coloured markers to draw on the mats

This website has almost all monster and spell stats

u/marcus_gideon · 1 pointr/DnD

Most of the battle mats I've seen are wet erase, and dry erase markers tend to stain them. If you want to use dry erase, I'd just get a basic whiteboard (which I did).

Figures can be kinda expensive, especially if you're looking for a lot of them. Back in the old days, we used to play with spare dice and coins. Each player tosses in a die they aren't using to represent themselves (easier to recognize the d12 that looks like the d20 you're rolling) and the DM either uses a bunch of random spare dice or pennies or something for the baddies.

If you really want to get into minis though, I'd suggest picking up things like this. They aren't "regulation" size or whatever. But they are cheaper than the real things. Considering you can buy this tube of 100 for the price of a single Reaper mini.

Or there are kits for some of the other games like Pathfinder, which is really just a generic store brand of 3.5e and the tokens work just fine.

u/oglopsuperdude · 1 pointr/DungeonsAndDragons

Pathfinder also has a flat card miniatures equivalent to this, they can be found cheaply if you look around.

u/HankMardugas · 1 pointr/DnD

I bought pathfinder pawns. You have to be flexible about some of the monsters, but you get about 300 in a box for 40 bucks.

u/Jammintk · 1 pointr/rpg
  1. You can use pretty much anything for figures. You don't need actual minis to play. If you still want tot go that route, there's a couple options. The first option is to grab a box of Paizo's Pawns. They're meant for Pathfinder, but they're just pictures of monsters printed on card stock slotted into a plastic base. The Beastiary box is $36 on Amazon right now. The other option is to buy miniatures for creatures as you need them. There's no real "complete" set of minis and they are much more expensive than pawns or flat tokens for obvious reasons. If your players really want models of their characters, they can opt to have them made or find ones that are "close enough" for their taste. For maps/boards, you can draw your own on paper. Get a pad of 1" grid paper and draw your dungeons on that. Most pre-made D&D modules will have gridded maps that you can replicate on your own paper. A slightly more expensive option in the short term is to get a dry/wet erase battle mat. Use vis-a-vis markers to draw your map, then a damp paper towel to wipe the lines away when you want to put down a new dungeon. Battle mats are expensive on Amazon. Maybe try to find one in your local game shop?
  2. The core rulebook has options for this. Basically there's three ways to do stats: Array, Point Buy, and Roll. In Array, you are given a specific spread of stats from the book and you decide what attributes to put those values into. In point buy, you have a set number of points (27) that can be dropped into stats, but it isn't always a 1:1 increase. As stats get higher they cost more points to buy. You can use a Point Buy Calculator to plan characters. For Rolling, you roll a number of dice and that determines your stats. What dice you roll is up to you, but the two most common ways are 3d6 per stat with no re-rolling or 4d6 keep highest 3 with no re-rolling. For beginners, I would recommend the Array option for stats.
  3. Ok, so it sounds like you have nothing invested in the system so far, so here's the stuff you absolutely will need: The D&D 5th Edition Players Handbook, Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master's Guide. These three books have everything you and your players need to play a full game. However, none of these have pre-made adventures for you. You will either have to make it up as you go along, or buy pre-made adventure modules. If you're worried about being able to tell a story on your own, I heartily recommend grabbing a pre-made adventure module and running that before you try anything homebrew (homebrew meaning made entirely by you) The two that are widely regarded as the best out so far are Storm King's Thunder and Curse of Strahd. Read their synopses and pick one to run.
  4. No, but a "Session 0" where you create characters and set the tone/expectations for the campaign is a very good idea, especially when you're just starting out. If you can, make the Player's Handbook available to all of your players before you begin the game, so that they can start getting an idea of what kind of character they want to play. Then, during Session 0, make your characters together as a group and talk about what each person wants from the game. What kinds of things interest them and what stories do they want to tell, that sort of thing. Pay *close* attention to what they say. As the DM, it's your job to help them tell their stories and explore topics they're interested in. Most players, however, will not tell you exactly what they want, instead they'll tell you something related to it. For example, if a player says that their character is descended from an ancient tradition of spellcasters and takes proficiency in the history skill, then they're probably interested in the history of the world even if they never told you that's what they're interested in. This is what game masters will typically refer to as a flag.
  5. Generally speaking, all of the classes in D&D are pretty well balanced, especially before you start adding extra supplements. The Dungeon Master's Guide has rules for awarding treasure to players. Use them. Keep in mind every player and their class when awarding magic items. For example, a +1 sword is a great, useful upgrade to a Fighter, but is nearly worthless to a Wizard. There's tables for awarding magic items in the Dungeon Master's Guide. Those are great guidelines to help you think of how to give out magical equipment, which will be the deciding factor of if a player gets overpowered or not. If you only hand out magic weapons and armor and one player in your group is a fighter, then they will naturally be overpowered. It's also really easy to fall into the trap of just handing out stuff that is really useful in combat but isn't very useful elsewhere. Keep utility items in mind and hand those out just as often if not more so than magical weapons. Give players utility items and support them using those items in weird situations.
  6. The Player's Handbook gives you a guideline for each class's starting equipment. After that, players may spend their gold in towns to buy additional gear (but not magic items!) As for quest rewards and other loot, the Dungeon Master's Guide has rules and tables for that sort of thing.

    As for #7, I've got a whole list for you.

  • Read the player's hadnbook and the dungeon master's guide cover to cover. Make notes in them, bookmark them. If you're making up your own scenario, read the monster manual too.
  • Read adventures cover to cover before running them. Important advice for them may be further back than you might think. Read the adventure several times.
  • During play, if there's a rules question, make a judgement call on it, then make a note to look it up later. Ruining the momentum and pacing for something just to make sure you're following the rules isn't fun for anyone.
  • You are the final arbiter of the rules. If a rule in the adventure or rulebook is ruining your fun, toss it out. This is an RPG where you can just ignore encumbrance rules.
  • Buy a Pound o' Dice. You'd be amazed how often having extra dice is useful. By buying one of these 100-die packs, you get at least one full set (1 each of 4/6/8/10/12/20) for each person in your group and extras for higher level rolls.
  • Don't discount online tabletop services, even for in-person games. Having big maps is just not feasible in my apartment, but setting up a map to display on a TV works great.
u/Blangel0 · 1 pointr/Pathfinder_RPG

All the rules and supplements can be found online for free, as a lot of other answers says.
For the 'essential' I'd say a set of die per players, and some extra D20 for you. Additionnal die are nice, a small box of ~ 10 D6 is cheap and always usefull.
Character sheet (find the pdf for free and print it), pen and eraser (one for each players) are obvious.

For the extra stuff that is really nice to have but not essential : something to draw map and something that can be used as miniatures.
There is a lot of choice for this, depending on your budget. You can either draw the map on a paper every time you need it, but I highly recommend buying a battlemat (you can find them on a lot stores), you could also build one yourself.

For the miniatures, the 'real' 3D one are pretty expensive. It's something that I only use as a player for a long campaign (I just buy one mini that look like my character).
The pawn box are a cheaper alternative : monster , npc but it's still pricey. You can just use some stuff that you print, or build your own with some cardboard. Just be careful on the scale if you plan to use it with an 'official' map.

u/agentjenning · 1 pointr/DMAcademy

I was also in this boat recently, and I went with the Bestiary Box from Paizo. Basically, they're picture of monsters on sturdy cardboard that are held in these plastic holders. They feel a little cheap compared to actually 3D minis, but I feel they are the perfect balance between a large selection of monsters and affordability.

u/sumguy720 · 1 pointr/DnD

I do this too - if your printer has a straight-feed slot, where you can manually feed in sheets of paper and have them go straight through, you should consider getting some very heavy weight paper (CARD STOCK) or if you don't have manual feed, cover stock paper, which is thicker and more rigid. It will make this look a lot better.

For ease of storage, I also just do two sided or single sided pawns, making it a breeze to store a ton of them in a small space.

If you do ever have 36 dollars and you want to get like 300 professionally printed cardboard pawns with plastic bases to put them on, I highly recommend the pathfinder bestiary box.

u/Snozzberrys · 1 pointr/DMAcademy

If you're ok with Paper minis then Printable Heroes are the best cheap solution that I've found.

I usually print them onto cardstock, cut out the silhouettes and "laminate" them with clear packing tape. They're not as great as plastic minis but they are considerably cheaper and still less labor intensive than unpainted minis, plus you get to pick which monsters and how many you need.

Paizo's Pathfinder Pawns are also pretty good. They're technically for Pathfinder, not D&D but the styles of the monsters are similar enough that it usually doesn't matter and the pawns are really nice for cardboard minis.

u/Ryngard · 1 pointr/DnD

Miniatures weren't sold in a set that covered you. Even when they work with WizKids and have a set of the same name... they're still random blind boosters that have SOME of the stuff in it. It isn't a kit you can just buy.

For the WizKids lines here are the galleries:

  • D&D Brand:
  • Pathfinder Brand:

    There is NOTHING wrong with the Pathfinder ones. They're just extra variations (Pathfinder IS D&D 3e revised etc etc).

    Anyway, what I would do is look at those galleries and note the set and creature you want.

    Then go to eBay and check out sellers like Miniature Market, Noble Knight Games, etc etc and find the place that has what you want in the quantities you want. You're going to spend a pretty penny to get a workable set going.

    Another option that I suggest is get the Pathfinder Pawns. You can spend $30ish per box (so about $100 for like 1,000 miniatures).

  • The Bestiary I box has representation for almost everything in the main Monster Manuals (like its the same basic guys for 3e, Pathfinder, 5e, etc).
  • The Monster Box has multiples for common enemies (goblins, orcs, undead, etc). And I highly recommend it. (It looks like it is out of print but they often bring them back)
  • The NPC Codex Box has all kinds useable for PCs and NPCs alike.
  • The Villain Codex Box has similar but more bad NPC types.

    They are the cheapest way to get into it. Far cheaper than the pre-painted miniatures or investing in paints, brushes, and metal figures.

    Then you can feel better splurging $30-50 on a cool dragon rare or go to Hero Forge and get a custom mini, etc.
u/0qualifications · 1 pointr/rpg

If you want to go all out I'd recommend these books:

Enough dice for you and whoever you're playing with:

If you want minis:

u/Supay67 · 1 pointr/DnD

I would reccomend this Pathfinder Pawns: Bestiary Box they are card board cut outs of a bunch of monsters. 300 if i remember correctly. Lower level creatures typically come with multiples. I loved that the creatures have numbers which on the back of the box correspond to a list with its name. It made it easy for organising into ziplock bags to easily pull out later. They have several different box sets so if you want more humanoid monsters they have those as well. This box set was more than enough. Keep in mind though that wizards has certain creatures names under copyright aka the beholder. So the creature is a beholder but goes by eye monster instead.

u/-BlackGoku · 1 pointr/DnD

Pathfinder pawns sets are great too if you can find them. There's an Npc set and a few bestiary sets. Also, there's purpose build grid maps for this sort of thing that you can draw on with whiteboard marker. Those things for me make the experience a little better as a dm. I'm sure my players appreciate the immersion it provides too.

pathfinder pawns bestiary box 1

grid map

u/starwarssim · 1 pointr/DungeonsAndDragons

Mini's can get pretty expensive depending on your budget. If you're looking to drop a couple hundred dollars you can get a pretty decent setup, but if you're like me and want to go cheap you can check out these [guys] (
They're super high quality for cardboard cutouts and the set brings a lot.
I use those for generic monsters and then I am going to attempt to 3d print the PC's and the important boss monsters.

u/MasterYogurt · 1 pointr/dndnext

Chessex mega-mat or similar is a very worthy purchase for quickly drawing battle scenes.

I used LEGO figures but I had a huge collection. I'd save your money until you're ready to buy proper figurines for everyone -- find a cheap or free solution in the meantime. Getting proper miniatures is a huge plunge.

You can also check out Pathfinder pawns.

u/DaemianX · 1 pointr/DnD

There are Starter Kit - Miniatures for sale, but it would better to purchase a complete box set of Fantasy Pawns or print your own paper miniatures from an online RPG resource .


Good luck!

u/Tulioooo · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. My workout wishlist

    2.This game is so fun.

    Thanks for this contest!(:
u/qqpugla · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. My healthy living wl :-)

  2. Best board game ever or for something more strategical Settlers of Catan

  3. Thanks for the contest!
u/vorin · 1 pointr/nashville

I'm interested. I have the game + Multiplayer expansion..

u/viktorbir · 1 pointr/boardgames

That is the same art as in the Catalan edition, the latest Spanish edition and any other new edition I've seen. Your last "English" Catan (is the same publisher in Britain as in the US?) may be a reedition, not really a new edition, based in the old original edition.

How does your US edition look like? Like this, maybe?

That's the old edition. Newer editions are like the one you link. Even in English.

Edit: seen your update. Now I see what you mean. It seems MayFair games last edition does not follow standards. They have tiles from last standard edition, but pieces from previous ones. Maybe they had too many wooden pieces in stock?

u/EstoyEnt · 1 pointr/trees

lol, this is a board game =)

u/asaharyev · 1 pointr/matheducation

I think it can be reinforced this way, but I feel that a lot of the asking of "why?" can be important for students, albeit annoying at times for teachers, and that may not come up in the same way with games(Though it also might).

Beyond this, there are students who do desire to continue with mathematics after the basic high school curriculum, and many of them do not really know that until after they complete some higher-level math courses like Calculus. So the math is still important.

That being said, I love bringing games in to the classroom. Though I typically stay away from anything advertised as a "math game." Instead, I bring games that I like, but in which mathematical concepts can be found. Some examples I've used in class include: Set, Mao, The Great Dalmuti, Settlers of Catan, and Formula D.

u/viceroywav · 1 pointr/AskReddit

The Game of Things is a pretty great group game.
Settlers of Catan is a lot of fun but it only fits 4 people, if need be people can double up on teams.

u/da_newb · 1 pointr/gifs

Yes, I read the comments. Anyways, doesn't matter too much which one he destroyed. The price of the card table I found on Amazon is $38.37 (with Amazon Prime), and the price of Catan is $37.99.

He could have torn up the board game. Maybe they just had a budget of $40 and couldn't afford to break both.

u/SirMontego · 1 pointr/Catan

One of the 18 number markers?

As far as I am aware, the latest version of Catan doesn't have an 18 number marker.

Perhaps you have the 4th edition of the game, Settlers of Catan.

This is the 5th edition (the most recent).

This is the 4th edition

If you have the 4th edition (or earlier) you might be in luck since those sometimes sell for more than the 5th edition.

Edit: here's a link to pictures of some of the different editions:

u/bedlogic · 1 pointr/boardgames

If you're in the US and have an Amazon Prime account I think the best deal would be from seller Empire Depot on Amazon for $31.98 plus free Prime shipping.


EDIT: Or straight from Amazon for $32.27. The sellers seem to come and go.

u/kinetogen · 1 pointr/trees

Time to find a new life Settling Catan.

u/SoupOfTomato · 1 pointr/boardgames

The other guy said a lot of what needed to be. You post a lot in the normal /r/games subreddit - so this description might be akin to telling /r/games that a generic and clunky platformer (like many licensed games) is an amazing idea. Video games have deeper strategy, storytelling ability, or simply opportunity for fun than that. Board games have deeper strategy, storytelling ability, and opportunity for fun than things like Monopoly or Life.

There is, however, and entire GENRE of boardgames which involve the board being made. It's called Tile Laying. I suggest you check out Carcassone (Here's Wil Wheaton playing it). There's also Escape: The Curse of the Temple which involves a soundtrack, rolling dice merely as fast as you can, and working together, as well as your "build the board as you go" idea. Super-popular and most-viable-for-title-of-modern-classic game The Settlers of Catan which you have likely heard of also involves a modular board that is not the same every game. Here's an entire list on the Board Game Geek.

In fact, you'll probably find that most of the "modern" games being played by people will not have your traditional idea of a game board. Dominion is played entirely with cards and is like a self-contained game of Magic every single time. Cosmic Encounter simply gives you some cardboard planets to defend and then you're off in an interspecies race to take control of the galaxy. And so on.

As the other guy said, there's a lot of good ideas in your suggestion. The "build the board as you go" idea is so good it's one of the most dominant mechanics in modern gaming :) Action cards are also a pretty common mechanic. But, some of the least popular ideas in modern gaming: losing turns and player elimination (getting knocked out, last man standing), roll and move (roll a die, move to space, do what it says). Losing turns means you don't get to play and... well you are playing the game to play. Player elimination is the exact same. Roll and move is too screwy and random for most people - eliminating way too much skill.

"Victory Points" are the most common way to get around the player elimination. Your idea has an extremely solid base idea and could make a great, short game with adjustment to this mechanic IMO. If being near the end of the plank is undesirable, how about you get one Victory Point for every piece of the board you are away from the edge at the end of your turn? The person that "falls off" the edge gets 0 points but is not eliminated from future proceedings. The person that's doing the best will get a whopping 7 points for their turn, or something like that. Play until no more board pieces are left and then tally them up!

As for the roll and move, perhaps you have a certain amount of movement that you automatically do each turn. For example, you automatically move 3 spaces down the board each turn. However, various ways of placing the board (perhaps placing some bits together combos), or certain action cards, can reduce this. You still don't move, but you don't move by the effect of gameplay, instead of "losing a turn".

u/w34ksaUce · 1 pointr/hearthstone

I think I might have some great ideas, I could also help you make some of the things. You come make a set of these coupons, except the boyfriend versions. You know, cook, clean, date night, movie night ect. If she likes little cute things made, you can make her an Alphabet book which each letter having to do with something about why you love her and a little explanation. For example, A - Amazing "you are always so amazing" or something like that. You could give her the gift of a culinary class, which is always fun. You get to learn to cook, cook, and eat the food you make. Another really cool gift is learning to fly My girlfriend and I did this yesterday for our 2 year anniversary and it was amazing! You can also take her on a camping trip! There are some really cool trails if you live in California. I can personally recommend Skyline to the sea trail it is a beautiful trail and leads directly to the ocean on the beach. It's really amazing. Near the end of the trail, there are bus stations you can take to nearby towns like Santa Cruz. If your girlfriend likes nail polish, i know many girls like a way to display them. I just made my girlfriend a Hello Kitty nail polish rack I'm sure she would appreciate it. Its pretty easy to make and I have no woodwork experience. Another great idea might be to start a window herb garden. It makes great decoration and you can use it for cooking! If you have some old mason jars around you can use those. You can also make custom coasters for you drinks. You can take pictures of you two together and glow them on to some cork board and cut them into little squares, you then apply some clear waterproof seal spray or paint. You can also make a little note about her and your love using candy keywords. If she likes to wear jewelry, you make this simple display/holder which looks good and is easy to make. If you guys want some board games for the place for when friends come over Settlers of Catan is an AMAZING game, if you get the game you HAVE to get Cities and Knights easily the best expansion. The game is a must buy for anyone really. You can also make her a mixtape of your favorite songs, its old fashioned but it will be appreciated, i promise. As a general gift idea, for out of the blue, you can make your girlfriend a period care package, put the mixtape, maybe a heating pack, chocolate, her favorite movie on a dvd, some of her favorite snacks in a box. She'll love it.

I have tons of ideas, if you need anymore more specific or need help making some of the stuff (guidance or advice) just send me a PM. Thanks for doing this spidey :P

u/acciocorinne · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. A mug! How is this cake related? Because you can make microwavable cake in a mug!
  2. So, I didn't even know who Simon Pegg was. Apparently he starred in Shaun of the Dead, which I haven't seen, but it's apparently a romantic zombie movie!
  3. J.K. Rowling's new book. DYING TO READ IT
  4. You could totally use the sticks from these lollipops as chopsticks!
  5. Animal print animal costume!
  6. Purple!
  7. My favorite game!
  8. Nerdy fantasy books are my guilty pleasure
  9. Lots of tools!
  10. The Lion King!
  11. Cascading hangers! My closet would be so compact and organized!
  12. Dorky as it may be, coloring is my hobby!
  13. SO MANY OPTIONS. I'm an art history nerd, a Disney nerd, a cat lady, an X-Files nerd, and a history dork--there are so many options for nerdy hahaha.
  14. Organic extra virgin coconut oil!
  15. Water bottle!
  16. You wear a necklace!
  17. Murder by Death is hilarious!
  18. "Pearl" beads!
  19. Willow. Because what do you find in a garden? Plants! Trees are plants. And what is a willow? A tree! This is totally, 100% gardening related. Promise.
  20. This isn't the thing I want the most, but it's seriously one of the coolest, dorkiest, most amazing items on my wishlist. It's something I could never justify buying for myself, but I REALLY love it--one day it will be mine!

    You're going to buy yourself this super interesting book!

    Happy happy cake day :D

    If I win, anything I linked OR anything from my wishlist would be an amazingggg prize :) I love everything on my wishlists!
u/Muffinzz · 1 pointr/boardgames

So I have this version of Catan - is it compatible with this version of the 5-6p expansion?

u/Bahamuts_Bike · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I caught myself reminiscing about Catan today; a year has passed since I last saw those I play the game with, last February I left for a semester in Chile and when I returned I had to immediately return to my university for the fall semester. Because of this I have been separated from my two brothers, our family friend (practically the fourth sibling), and my partner, all of whom live in a variety of different places and are not easily joined. The game not only represents the fun times I haven't had with them for awhile but also that despite how malleable a relationship may be, despite that during any given game a few of us may gang up on another or try to take someone down with us if we think we're loosing or are riotously laughing at what is transpiring the end result is always a stronger friendship. That's catan.

Regardless, I'll be happy to 'em all during Thanksgiving. I've missed all of their birthdays so there's more than Catan to catch up on.

u/DieRunning · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Settlers of Catan because I have wood, but the port isn't open.

edit: improved the metaphor

u/nhean16 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh...definitely [ The Settlers of Catan] ( because when one wins a game of Settlers, one won't be able to stop. It is a bit of a splurge, but it will pay for itself in the end. If it is out of reach for you, I would personally go for the Mango Gummies :) Happy Birthday!!!!!

u/miz_dwarfstar · 1 pointr/TwoXChromosomes

I played Fluxx ages ago, and I'd totally play it again. One of my favorite games is We Didn't Playtest This at All, which is super fun and has a similar play style as Fluxx.

u/humanehero · 1 pointr/PAX

Well, as far as silly card games go, I'm partial to We Didn't Playtest This At All and Fluxx which support 2-15 and 2-6 players respectively. Both games can be really quick or take a while, but I've always found them to be great fun, and they both have a bunch of expansions, if you find that you like them.

Of course, if you want to delve into the world of board games, I'm a big fan of co-op games like Castle Panic and Pandemic. In Castle Panic, you work together to defend a castle from oncoming hordes of monsters and in Pandemic you need to cooperate to keep viral epidemics under control while finding a cure. Castle Panic is great fun, a simple game, and easy to get into, but I've never found it an easy game to win which keeps it fresh. Pandemic is a bit more complicated, requiring a lot of strategy and cooperation, and it can be brutally difficult at times, but that just makes winning all the more satisfying.

If you and your friends like a little friendly competition, I'd suggest something like 7 Wonders or Bang!, which was the game that got me started down this path. In 7 Wonders, you draft cards to build a civilization and compete for victory points. It may seem a little complicated at first, but once you play a game or two, it really starts to shine. In Bang!, you enter the wild west where one of you is the sheriff, and the rest of the players are deputies, outlaws, or renegades, each with their own win condition. The thing with this one is that everyone's role except the sheriff's is hidden. You can play Bang! with as little as 3 players, but it really only gets good if you have 5 or more.

If you want to do some research on your own, check out /r/boardgames or which has a pretty comprehensive database of all the board games out there with ratings and reviews.

u/Emilolz · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I met Chris Hardwick a few weeks ago at a show in Baltimore, he was super nice and took pictures with my husband and I. My palms got super sweaty cause I was nervous! I've had a crush on him since I was a kid (now 26)! It was awesome, and everything I dreamed it would be... well for the most part! He complimented my owl necklace (that someone gifted me from RAoA) and I showed him my Star Tours button like a total nerd, haha! He's amazing, and very down to earth!

I've also met the band Rooney 3 times (they're not super famous, but I've loved their music since I was 14 or 15. The first time I met them, my sister parked in the wrong garage in DC and her car got locked in. We were waiting outside and the band walked up to us and talked to us for about half an hour. The second time I met them they had a show in Baltimore and I made my friend miss her curfew to wait around back and say hello. It was worth it because Rob (the lead singer) gave me a big hug and picked me up! AWESOME. I even got to smooch him on the cheek.

this game is cool but I also love surprises!

u/ketsugi · 1 pointr/singapore

Sadly, Amazon is probably your best bet (and will save you a lot of time searching).

u/czere · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is a fun one. Did you buy a card game like We Didn't Playtest This At All?

u/pixis-4950 · 1 pointr/doublespeaksterile

Slate_Slabrock wrote:

The problem with board games is that they're really tedious with more than 4 or 5 people - especially if you've got people who are new to the game. Between setting everything up, going over the rules, and all the other stuff you'll be hard pressed to get a good game of Settles of Catan going. At least with my friends, anyway.

That's why we like We Didn't Playtest This At All. There are no points, no complicated objectives, nothing of that sort. Your one and only objective: don't lose. And there are so many ways to lose. Every part of the game is spelled out on the cards so it's super-easy to pick up as a new player. It's great in large groups, the games are quick, it's hilarious, and it gets exponentially better when the alcohol starts flowing.

For maximum shits and giggles, turn it into a drinking game.

also, unlike Cards Against Humanity, the point of the game isn't to be as super offensive as possible

Edit from 2013-07-26T19:32:35+00:00

The problem with board games is that they're really tedious with more than 4 or 5 people - especially if you've got people who are new to the game. Between setting everything up, going over the rules, and all the other stuff you'll be hard pressed to get a good game of Settles of Catan going. At least with my friends, anyway.

That's why we like We Didn't Playtest This At All. It's probably the most straightforward game I've ever played. Your one and only objective: don't lose. And there are so many ways to lose. Every part of the game is spelled out on the cards so it's super-easy to pick up as a new player. It's great in large groups, the games are quick, it's hilarious, and it gets exponentially better and more chaotic when the alcohol starts flowing.

For maximum shits and giggles, turn it into a drinking game.

also, unlike Cards Against Humanity, the point of the game isn't to be as super offensive as possible

u/BranWafr · 1 pointr/boardgames

As I said, already, for the top 10 games you can probably get a good deal online. But, stray from that and the deals aren't as big. My gaming habits tend more towards casual, family and friend style games, which may also make a difference.

Forbidden Island - 16%

Gloom expansion - 15%

Say Anything - 12%

Munchkin - 16%

Tsuro - 19%

MLP Trading Card Game - 9%

Bananagrams - 21%

Scrabble - 15%

Apples to Apples - 0%

Oz Fluxx - 23%

Those are the last 10 games I bought. The biggest percentage is 23%, and that was only a $3 difference. The biggest dollar difference was $5. For differences that small, i'll buy local. It supports the local guy and I get it now, not several days to a week from now.

Also, the reason I don't agree with the original statement is because (as is shown in my personal examples) the online prices aren't that much less for the games I have purchased lately. And, I have never called in to any of the local stores and found that they do not have something in stock that isn't also out of stock online. So, I also disagree with the assertion that they cannot compete for item availability.

Again, I use the bookstore analogy. Sure, I may be able to get a better deal for a book online, but it's not going to stop my from heading to Powells. And, except for the most obscure of titles, i'll probably find a copy of it at Powells.

u/agentjones · 1 pointr/boardgames
  • King of Tokyo

  • Smash Up

  • Forbidden Island

  • Tsuro

  • Room 25

    All five of these games should meet your criteria quite nicely. I think all of them, except for Room 25, have also been featured on Wil Wheaton's Table Top, if you wanna check out what the gameplay actually looks and feels like.
u/ExpendableGuy · 1 pointr/boardgames

Forbidden Island is $15~ on Amazon. It's a 2-4 player co-op game that is commonly referred to as a lighter version of Pandemic. Watch an example game played here.

The Resistance is also $15~. It's a deduction game with a traitor mechanic for 5-10 players. It's a perennial favorite on /r/boardgames -- you can watch an example game played here.

u/curiouslystrongmints · 1 pointr/boardgames

Forbidden Island retails surprisingly cheaply at $13.78 considering it's a real full-sized board game.

u/feh1325 · 1 pointr/boardgames

No Thanks!



Forbidden Island is really cheap on Amazon right now, probably because Forbidden Desert is coming out next week.

u/riseupagainst · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I would really like to play a game that you can play with only two players. Right now all of the games my husband and I have are for 3 or more players, but sometimes it is hard to find a third player, and we would like to have some games to play ourselves. I played Dominion once with a few people but I would like to get it myself so I can try playing with just two people. I also would like to try Forbidden Island since you can play that with two players as well. An interesting thing is that I decided to get a PhD at 30, so I am older than most people in my grad program. Elephant Barber!

u/Oregon_Trails · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I haven't been gifted before. I've heard great things about Forbidden Island. Looks really fun!

u/Expers · 1 pointr/boardgames

Here we go:

Sushi Go amazon link

Cost: $11 Remaining: $89

Love Letter amazon link

Cost: $8 Remaining: $81

Settlers of Catan amazon link

Cost: $38 Remaining: $43

King of Tokyo amazon link

Cost: $27 Remaining: $16

Forbidden Island amazon link

Cost: $14 Remaining: $2

This is how I'd do it.

Alternately you could try Carcassonne amazon link in place of Catan and then Pandemic amazon link in place of Forbidden Island. Which I think puts you a bit over the $100 mark. Other games you might look at Ticket to Ride.

u/writeandknow · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

What about Forbidden Island? I've not played it but it looks interesting.

u/DecoyPrisonWallet · 1 pointr/tabletopgamedesign

Sounds a lot like a slightly tweaked version Forbidden Island, but since you mentioned it, I'm guessing you already know that.

u/roxystrange · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Love the Rick and Morty games! My sister taught me this game.

u/omghiparker · 1 pointr/boardgames

I started out with Smash Up and Eclipse just recently, but have decided that building into cooperative games will be a good idea. Playing against the family to win can get a little old so here you go

Mice and Mystics


Arcadia Quest

Betrayal at House on Haunted Hill

Earth Reborn

Starwars Imperial Quest

Warhammer 40k:


Forbidden Island

Defenders of the Realm:

Battlestar Galactica

u/cklester · 1 pointr/boardgames
u/mamallama · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I've got this in my games list Forbidden Island at $15.02 and in my books list Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book at $7.19

i just can't seem to close the deal with that last cent.

thanks for hosting contests!

u/flyinthehivemind · 1 pointr/boardgames

Here's another one:

Betrayal at the House on the Hill

It's fucking terrific. Not exactly the same as Epic duels, but it's party and family friendly.

The setup is you select a character, then start exploring the mansion. As you build the mansion (you are all on the same team), the mansion begins to try to seduce each player. The weapons and artifacts you carry to defend yourself all happen to be haunted/cursed.

After several turns the mansion gets larger and larger much like carcassonne. Eventually, someone gets seduced by the mansion... and here's where the game turns amazing.

The betrayer grabs the betrayal rulebook and goes into another room. The rest of the group open the survival rulebook. Both have independent objective based on what happened to the betrayer.

there are dozen and dozens of scenarios... a little girl may become the pawn of dracula, who arises out of the graveyard and begins stalking the survivors. A shitload of spiders may erupt from the basement and the betrayer be telepathically controlling them. All manner of stuff.

This game is solid up until the shit hits the fan and then it becomes AWESOME. The betrayer usually becomes crazy powerful and has a weakness unknown to them. The survivors generally have an alternative way to win that is complicated and requires teamwork. GREAT party game.

u/FriedBananas96 · 1 pointr/boardgames

I can understand why you would come here, but to Monopoly is to board game nerds what Call of Duty is to video game nerds. Many a time have we here on /r/boardgames told people "I like to play board games" only to get the painful, cringe worthy response, "Oh, like Monopoly?"

I in no way mean to criticize you for enjoying Monopoly. Board games are awesome, and anyone can like any game they so choose, however, you may find that many people here very much dislike Monopoly and don't want much to do with it.

I would suggest instead, you get your hands on a "designer" board game (they can be quite cheap!) and join us in the wonderful hobby that is board games. Generally regarded as "the" starter game, [Catan] ( is loads of fun, provided you have 2-3 friends to play it with and a little under 40$ to spare.

As a personal recommendation, my first board game that got me into the hobby was [Betrayal at House on the Hill] ( Again, all it takes is a few friends and a little under 40 bones. I personally like this game due the board game being totally unique every time you play it and with 50 different stories to play, I'd gladly play a game right now, and I've easily had 30+ playthroughs.

Of course, you could go with an even easier "start-up" cost and go with another favorite of mine, [Love Letters] ( This one is exceedingly simple to learn and very quick to play and only requires one friend (though I find it a lot more fun with three or four friends (preferably drunk ones ;))). To top it all off, it isn't even ten dollars, I'd bloody send you a copy if it got you into board games, lol.

Anyway, I kind of started to ramble a bit, but it's a mega fun hobby and you should definitely get into it.

u/x68zeppelin80x · 1 pointr/boardgames

Here's the Amazon link.

Cool Stuff Inc also has it back in stock:

>1:25 PM (12 minutes ago)


>This email is to let you know that the following item(s) are back in stock.

>Betrayal at House on the Hill

> If you find that your item is out of stock, other customers may have been waiting for the same items.

> -Thank You Again

u/klcams144 · 1 pointr/boardgames

Betrayal at House on the Hill works well for exactly 5. It's a storytelling dungeon-crawl-y/exploration-y co-op that usually turns into a 1-vs-all midway through. Running just under $30 right now on Amazon.

u/DimiCroWri · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I see you like board games and table top. I love this game! You build the board as you play and there are like 60 different scenarios. My friends have it, but it'd be cool to have my own copy. You should also check out Munchkin Deluxe and some of those extensions.

u/Mores- · 1 pointr/Gifts

Not sure if you're still looking for suggestions, but for the guy you could watch some episodes of Tabletop for unique board game ideas. Betrayal at the House on Haunted Hill looks like a lot of fun, link to episode.

As for the girl have you considered a Squishable? They have tons of stuffed animals, almost every girl I know wants one right now. Best of luck!

u/MacabreChaos · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I commented on here earlier, but the thing I recommended was already listed. xD Sooooo Imma suggest some board games!

If you like deck-building games, Dominion is a classic. I didn't think I would like it, but the premise is pretty simple, so it's easy to pick up.

I like the Chinese version of Bang which is called SanGuoSha. It's not always in-stock on Amazon in English; I think right now all the ones offered are in Chinese. I think the characters and items are a little more complex than Bang's, which is why I prefer this version, but Bang is good as well. :)

I also like Betrayal at House on the Hill. It usually makes for a unique experience each time. You explore a haunted house with the other plays, picking up different omens along the way until you trigger "the haunt." The thing is, the haunt varies depending on the character who triggered it, the omen that it was triggered with, and the room it happened in! So there's tons of different haunts making for awesome replayability!

Also, I gotta throw in a recommendation for Lifeboat. Lifeboat is pretty entertaining. The premise is that you're on a lifeboat with the other players. You're trying to get to shore. The person with the most points wins. Each person "loves" and "hates" another player. If the person you love survives, you get bonus points. So you want the person you love to survive and the person you hate to die, but you also don't wanted your loved one to get more points than you otherwise they would win...

Each character has different skills/strength/HP. You get to pick an item card (point items. weapons, health) every round in order. First person gets first pick, but the last person controls the boat. You can choose to switch places with someone, trade with someone or mug someone, or row the boat (you draw 2 navigation cards and pick 1 to add to the stack). If you fight someone (e.g. you want an item but they won't give it to you), all players can join on either side, and the total side with the most strength wins while the other side loses health.

At the end of a round of turns, the navigator picks from the navigation cards drawn from rowers. Those cards dictate who goes overboard and loses health. If a navigation card has a seagull on it, you get closer to shore. 4 seagulls = game over.

It's a super fun game, but be careful who you play with... Some people get REALLY angry or upset when shit goes down. Some people really hate that there's no enforcability... Like if you say you'll trade someone an item but don't go through with your end like a douche, you can do that. Buuuuut I guess if you make too many enemies, people won't take your sides on fights and could work together to kill you first.

Hope this helps!

u/AceBenoit · 1 pointr/rocketbeans

Betrayal at House on the Hill, Say Anything, Talisman - Die Magische Suche (längeres Spiel); gibt so viele coole Spiele

u/KittenAnne · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

One of my favourite board games is Betrayal at house on the hill - it is just so much fun. You start out working together until you figure out who the traitor is by exploring the house and then you play against the traitor.

It is freaking amazing game.

u/hemlockdalise · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I got close, but not as close as Adeno!
Betrayal at House on the Hill comes up at roughly $42.40 depending on the currency converter you use, and since I can't win I'm just using this spot to rec a super fun board game to everyone!

u/jeffrartheplatypus · 1 pointr/gaymers

Last Night on Earth is an awesome zombie-movie style game with lots of different scenarios and its own soundtrack cd. It's a MUST for fans of classic horror movie really feels like you're in the midst of a zombie movie and after four or five years of playing it off and on it still hasn't gotten old for me.

Similarly, Betrayal at the House on the Hill is another awesome horror-themed game. In this one, you and your friends explore a haunted house, placing new rooms as you go, so the house is never the same way twice. Then, "the haunt"'s a randomly selected horror movie scenario that all of you must survive...except for one of you, who is assigned the role of traitor and must bring down the others.

If you liked Cards Against Humanity, I recommend Stupiduel as well, though it's a bit hard to find as it is out-of-print.

u/HeadlessBob17 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Here are some of the games my Movie Night/Board Games group loves:

u/E-rye · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You and I share many of the same interests. That being said, This is one of my all time favourite board games. It is really simple to learn and is fun for everyone. Another one of my favourites is this. It is a much more complex game that is different every time you play it. Both of these games come very highly recommended.

u/Sageypie · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I think that you'd probably enjoy this board game, though it is a bit pricey for this contest. I think. Still, something you may want to add to your own list.

For realsies though, this book, it's a sequel to "I Want My Hat Back" and looks to be just as cute.

u/watsoned · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Betrayal At House on the Hill. Kickass board game. Also, Batman Year One and Identity Crisis.

I would love THIS as the start to my Doctor Who comic collection. Barring that, I'd love to finally read Civil War.

u/MarkDrees · 1 pointr/boardgames

If anyone is interested, this game is on sale right now on Cardhaus AND Amazon.

u/WildmanUK1980 · 1 pointr/gaming

Scanning over it I can't seem to spot this:

If you've not got it I would definitely say to pick it up, one of the best games i've played.

u/nlwelch · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

As a huge fan of both board games, and The Walking Dead, I feel obligated to enter! Almost impossible to pick just one game, but I'll limit myself to two:

7 Wonders is a great game, and the expansions add some pretty cool extra aspects to it

Betrayal at House on the Hill i super fun, and is infinitely replayable.

Here is my handwriting!

u/biophazer242 · 1 pointr/boardgames

For anyone interested in buying this it is available at Amazon yet again for $38 and available as a Prime purchase for the shipping.

u/queenliestannabellee · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I think you need Betrayal At House On The Hill!


u/ZeeArrGee · 1 pointr/boardgames

What are the ages of family members who will be playing? It’s not a board game but I would suggest checking out [Gloom](Gloom (2nd Edition) .Good balance of strategy and silliness.

A strategic board game that could be fun if they have enjoyed Dominion is [7 Wonders](7 Wonders

u/hazelpersona · 1 pointr/n3rdfusion

My friends and I have been having a lot of fun with 7 Wonders.

u/PunDefeated · 1 pointr/boardgames
u/Fringed · 1 pointr/GameDeals

Also includes original 7 Wonders.

u/sheisaeval · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I like August because it's the month that me and my husband got married!

I don't like August because it's one of the hottest months here in Texas, over 100 degrees most days.

I love this game! - it's in the boardgames wishlist

31 days for Augustus

u/taeyeon_sg · 1 pointr/RandomActsOfGaming

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes - steam
This is one of the most exciting and fun boardgames suitable for adults, lots of shouting and hyping.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

u/Forgotten_Tacos · 1 pointr/GODZILLA
u/ooryl2 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

King of Tokyo!

Nifty contest! Thanks :)

u/futalover99 · 1 pointr/gaming

My highest recommendations would be King of Tokyo (And also the 'power up' expansion for it, otherwise all the characters play the same.), King of New York, Pandemic (Also the Brink expansion.), and my all time favorite, Munchkin. (Which has a crapton of expansions.)

Links to all of these can be found in this post for those who are interested.

u/interactionjackson · 1 pointr/novaboardgames
u/ocelot777 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Wow, we have a similar taste in games, Awesome. I can't believe you actually expect me to suggest just one game with soo many great games that I have played... and so many more I have yet to play.

1st off some games you don't own but are on your wishlist and you should definitely get asap, since they are the go to games my friends and I play when we get together. Given they are on your wishlist I assume I don't have to describe them to you. Lords of waterdeep, a fun easy to play D&D game, Star trek Catan if you want something a bit different from regular Catan, and Dominion.

Ok. Now games you don't know about... How about a couple categories and 1 game per cat. so I don't ramble on too much.

Fast and Easy: King of Tokyo You and your friends are monsters trying to take over Tokyo. Roll some dice, attack your friends, but mostly just try to survive till the end. It's easy to set up, learn, and get going not so easy to win.

Slow, Complicated, strategic, with lots of pieces, and fun, but may make you want to stab a friend by the end: Twilight Imperium This game take a long time to play... seriously like a whole day. So maybe not the best for a board game night. If you can get a day with friends to play it, I would say it's worth the time. Basically you build a universe, pick a race to play as, and then proceed to form alliances or start wars with everyone else. With a healthy dose of backstabbing those alliances so you can win :p Use resources to build a fleet of ships and an army of troops then try to take over all of space while defending all your new territory. Moves are turn based so your plot to take over a planet can be ruined by a friend blocking your path or crippling your fleet.

The only real downside is the time it takes to play the game. We usually have to set aside a saturday to play. Getting started around 11-noonish and finishing up around 6-7. That said nothing is quite as satisfying as moving an entire fleet of ships to take over everything owned by your neighbor.

oh I forgot to add SPPrincesa is the goddess of all things board games.

u/Sieberella · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. I think these dragon book ends and this memo board would brighten the place up a bit!

  2. And This would be great!

  3. Decorate already!

    Thanks for the contest :)
u/Giraffe-o-matic · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I taught myself to ride a unicycle!

I got it for Christmas and I've been practicing just about every day since. I actually only got the hang of it about a week ago, and I only got about 12 feet from where I started, but it's progress nonetheless!

Expansion 1
or Expansion 2 (you decide which one (: )

u/Neverending-tutu · 1 pointr/RandomKindness

Today I was out at dinner with some friends having a great time and laughing when some drunk guy got randomly offended and thought my friends were laughing at him. He tried to get into a verbal dispute with us but his friends calmed him down. He wound up buying us a round of tequila shots (our choice of brand) and then actually paid for our entire meal. We all wound up getting along and drinking for a bit haha. It was ridiculously generous! On a side note: As a student, its finals week....but I was informed today as an employee that I won't have to work at all this week so I can get my work done and study!!! So I'm super relived about that.

Also, I've never played this but I've been told that I must. I figured this would be a great game to play with my roommates.
You don't have to click this link and do anything for me, this is a really really nice gesture you're offering. But since you're offering...haha

u/RumpleAndBelle · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Thank you for the great contest it is nice of them to do that for you. Thanks, UPS! I would go with either This for game nights or This for cooking!

u/cucu729 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

These things are the best Warm chocolate melting cakes

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Hope you have a happy birthday

~$10 thingy

u/Sounds_Like_Frown · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My lowest price is Cards Against Humanity's First Expansion Best cheap party game out there!

u/colarg · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

To keep the party going, i think this are great to have around for friend gatherings.

u/Rayofsunshine2 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Boomerang I would like more cards for my game cards

u/TheGreatSzalam · 1 pointr/funny
u/wee-pixie · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Mischief Managed.

Wine and this game complement each other perfectly. We need both to keep our spirits up after long school days.

We should look fabulous while flying.

It's like a hat except safer.

We need this book in case the Inferius come to get us. It's like a survival guide, except everyone dies.

A trunk for salad!

This choker would look good with any cape.

My links aren't even links, I feel like I'm doing this all wrong.

u/SaraFist · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You need a good, basic knife set! (You could get by with a chef's knife, paring knife, and bread knife, but this is a great deal.) My husband's a chef, and these are some of his favorites because they're sharp, durable, and lightweight (and pretty!)--which is of the utmost importance if you're doing a lot of cutting. He uses them at home and at work. Pretty much everyone in our family has some!

You also will need a slow cooker! My mom was an RN for over twenty years, and she used one all the time when working long shifts.

And last but not least, you'll need this fabulous game to entertain your guests--because having a party on your own terms is awesome!

you're a big girl now!

u/AngelicBabyGirl · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm sad because I am broke and want to buy my mum and boyfriend a ton of stuff for Christmas because I feel like they deserve the world! I have been feeling pretty crappy about not being able to get them a ton.

I would love anything on my Christmas wishlist for my boyfriend because it would really cheer me up to be able to get him more. If I had to pick one thing one on my wishlist that I think he would like the most (other than the fitbit) it would probably be some Cards Against Humanity packs.

u/quick_quip_whip · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

That sucks. Make sure you treat yourself to a small cake/slice of pie from a local bakery, mmm'kay? Happy birthday to you, and remember that it's not because people don't love you, but because everyone's busy and sometimes even the important dates slip their minds. At the very least I love you. In a creepy way.

Definitely don't need but really want - Cards Against Humanity First Expansion because sometimes the original just isn't big enough.

u/awkwardlittleturtle · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

measuring cup
cards against humanity: first expansion
amazon gift card

Only 3... you have some super-awesome things on your list, though!!

u/saroka · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Still going through... XD

9, 10, 11

Phew, all done.

u/jojewels92 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hey you!

Are gift cards ok? I want to save for some shoes. If not then this. yay for gifts

u/bruce656 · 1 pointr/boardgames

Here's the link to the two expansions:



That being said, does anyone have a suggestion as to what kind of box to get that can keep all the cards together?

u/showurnuts · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Wow.. this is very generous of you. :)

I'd give you my lucky pickle as a token of my admiration, but I ate it just now. :x PICKLE SURPRISE!

If possible, I'd love to have the Cards Against Humanity card game. It's only $25, so to reach the price range you could include the first, second and maybe even third expansion set for a total of $55? :)

Or just the main card set and spend the remaining $25-35 on someone else here? :) Either way... you're incredible for it! <3

u/Fmradiochick · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I celebrated Christmas with my family!!! I would love the [Cards Against Humanity: First Expansion Pack] ( I love CAH!!

Thanks for the contest!!!!! It would be super useful to me because I've been sad lately and this always makes me smile.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

u/spaghetti_emissary · 1 pointr/indianapolis

I have the following set, it should suit your needs:


    Here is price information from Amazon, for what is included:

    Item | Amazon Price
    --- | ---
    The Bigger Blacker Box | $15
    Cards Against Humanity | $25
    Cards Against Humanity: First Expansion | $10
    Cards Against Humanity: Second Expansion | $10
    Cards Against Humanity: Third Expansion | $10
    Cards Against Humanity: Fourth Expansion | $10

    You can "complete" the set by ordering expansions Five and Six on Amazon.

    The Bigger Blacker Box case has enough room to fit both additional expansions, if you take out the foam spacers. It also comes with black dividers, for helping organize.

    I have not done this, btw, but apparently if you cut open a specific place inside the lid of the Bigger Blacker Box, there is a special card inside. Something about big black cocks, naturally.

    Purchase price on Amazon for all of these items is $80 total. I will offer my set at $70. It is in excellent condition. We've only used it on two occasions.

    Also, I know people are probably wondering why I don't offer a larger discount. $70 for a used CAH set might seem "not generous enough". Here's my perspective though. a) This is a pretty comprehensive collection in excellent condition (most of the cards have never been used) and well organized, b) I don't care if I sell it or not, c) I suspect you might be interested in completing the collection anyway, and this collection gets you 80% of the way there, and d) you have a tight timetable.

    I live downtown. I work from home. PM me if you're interested, my schedule is flexible.
u/VirtualAlex · 1 pointr/boardgames

No, I just have this:

Which didn't include any of those cards.

u/properal · 1 pointr/Anarcho_Capitalism

Product Description

From the Manufacturer
The Resistance pits a small group of resistance fighters against a powerful and corrupt government. The resistance has launched a series of bold and daring missions to bring the government to its knees. Unfortunately spies have infiltrated the resistance ranks, ready to sabotage the carefully crafted plans. Even a single spy can take down a resistance mission team, choose your teams carefully or forever lose your chance for freedom. The Resistance artfully balances pure deduction elements with the social elements into a game that creates the adrenaline filled moments of high stakes poker in a full interactive and social event.

u/Kimpak · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Ugh, I hate it when managers do things like that. I'm an antisocial moth, I don't want to mingle.

...that being said, you should play The Resistance. Or create a game on the same premise.

Edit: Added link to the game

u/WalterSkinnerFBI · 1 pointr/boardgames
u/whatyousay69 · 1 pointr/boardgames

I want to get Resistance and all the expansions. What do I have to buy?

I read that some versions of Resistance includes an expansion but then later another version came out that includes another expansion.

From Amazon: "Cover art may vary - revised edition now includes updated card art and the "Inquisitor" expansion in place of "The Plot Thickens" cards."

And then on Board Game Geek it doesn't mention "Inquisitor" at all

Also there is an "Hidden Agenda & Hostile Intent" expansion, a "Hidden Agenda" expansion, and a "Hostile Intent" expansion. The first one is just the other 2 combined right?

Also what does each expansion add?

u/Mayor_of_Browntown · 1 pointr/worldnews

Cool, sounds like the reality tv show equivalent of The Resistance board game.

u/Barbaric_Emu · 1 pointr/videos

If you like this kind of stuff, there's a board game similar to this concept (also could play "mafia" with a deck of cards)

u/InevBetrayal · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You can get this case or maybe this one to protect your phone!

The aerator is a nifty gadget will work wonders for your wine, and finally for a board game night the Resistance!

And i nearly forgot! Get some different bonsai seeds as well!

Oh Canada!

u/flapjackncoke · 1 pointr/Miniswap

Thank you, oh venerable Daemon Primarch.

After looking it up, it seems like a game I would have played with my 40k buddies. Not really the kind of thing I'd play with my fiancée. For just the two of us I'm thinking either cooperative games, or fairly quick to play. Things like Ticket to Ride or Pandemic (just going off descriptions and reviews).

We also play games with a few siblings and/or couples, but none of them gamers, per se. Games like [The Resistance] ( or [Coup] ( have been dabbled in, with great enjoyment. Cards Against Humanity as well. So I'm doubting anybody would be up for something as intense as Game of Thrones. But thank you for your offer.

u/banda92 · 1 pointr/videos

If you guys want to play something similar that involves bluffing and is fun check out the game The Resistance. It's a fun game if you have people that are good at lying and keeping a straight face.

u/hmuskat12 · 1 pointr/Boardgamedeals

Games that become absurdly cheap with this deal:

Pandemic: $9.99

Codenames: $1.19

Sheriff of Nottingham: $8.39

The Resistance: $0.55

Friday: $3.92

u/vash989 · 1 pointr/boardgames

Alot of good advice here. I'd see if someone else who wants to game has more space at their place and is willing to host a game day so you can get two big games going. This way you dont have to host two separate game nights, and everyone can participate. Have people bring snacks and soda and make a party out of it.

Edit: Also, the Resistance is a great game that plays quick, and supports up to 10 players. It is $15 on Amazon

u/Blasphemouse · 1 pointr/Frugal

Certainly (in general) the more pieces the game involves, the more costly it's going to be. There's definitely something to be said for having epic games with the immersion that the board and the pieces bring, but I'm also a fan of a number of more compact games.

They're mostly cards with maybe a couple chits, but they're all fantastic and bring a different experience. It's nice having a lower price point, taking up less room, and being more travel friendly -- especially when you're building a collection with friends and playing at each other's apartments/homes.

Game | Price | # Players
Love Letter | $6.84 | 2-4
Fairy Tale | $17 now; I picked it up for $13 | 2-5
Resistance | $15.13 | 5-10
Coup | $13.13 | 2-6
Hanabi | $10.13 | 2-5
Citadels | $19.95 | 2-7
Innovation | $18.30 | 2-4

u/Mechagent · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

love letter isn't really little-known by now but it gets brought out all the time and it's a lot of fun :)

u/antronaldo · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hey! It was my birthday last week...I also ran a birthday contest :)

If i received a love letter that would be amazing :)

Happy birthday in advance!

u/Adamfirefist · 1 pointr/boardgames

Sushi Go! or Win, Lose, Banana.

(I've made my own WLB sets using 3 business cards, so it wins for "cheapest game ever".)

Also: vote #2 for Love Letter. I have the Kanai Factory edition, and I love it. (It's more expensive than the current default edition, but I think the art is nicer than the "cleavage edition".)

u/FlamingCurry · 1 pointr/boardgames

Just under 20? Love letter is 6$!

u/idamayer · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Chest hair Dandruff

I like love letter- it's a simple card game you can play when you don't have access to a table.

u/ubergemut · 1 pointr/StPetersburgFL

I haven't dug through the bag they bring yet because I was mostly interested in meeting people and trying new things, but I saw people playing the following.

Boss Monster

Love Letter

Cards Against Humanity

DC Deck Building Game


Kittens in a Blender

and Samurai Spirit

There is also an N64 with Goldeneye and Smash and an Emulation Station with many nes / snes / ps / gb / sega games.

u/Shock900 · 1 pointr/darksouls
u/Sparklebunny · 1 pointr/santashelpers

Hanabi is a cooperative game that is pretty good. Love Letter is another game I enjoy. Both are small and very portable.

u/lightmyf1re · 1 pointr/Whiskyporn

Oh sure! It's a good gateway drug type of game, and there's a wealth of fun little social games that are objectively better that I encourage people to explore.


For example and for consideration:



love letter

u/alicechildress · 1 pointr/boardgames

Fun/silly dexterity game: Toc Toc Woodman

u/IntergalacticMoose · 1 pointr/boardgames

Puerto Rico $31.20, Prime; I feel Puerto Rico is a near-essential stepping stone to heavier games and not a bad gateway at the same time.

Love Letter $9.20, Prime; with great filler comes great fun.

Total $40.40 plus taxes and stuff.

Edit- This recommendation was a little tricky for me. I'd much rather recommend one game that costs $55 that 2 games that go for under $40.

u/ItsACharlieDay · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Leave it to the Catholics to destroy existence.
It's Dogma, right?

Anyways... I really want the game One Night Ultimate Werewolf it may sound weird, but it is so much fun! My friend had it, but he now lives out of state. I'm taking a family vacation and figured this could come in handy!

u/IndignantDuck · 1 pointr/DotA2

It would be awesome if you guys also played One night Ultimate Werewolf. It's shares a similar theme to Mafia but it's much more dynamic and fast paced.

u/I_Make_Powerpoints · 1 pointr/needadvice

Hey Paul,

Happy early birthday! I'm a Capricorn too, and this feels very Capricorn to plan ahead like you're doing.

I wouldn't worry about the B:G ratio, as long as you have some fun and friendly people in the mix you guys will have a great time. Be sure to have little snack/food or drink stations for people to mingle and mix.

Have you considered playing games? My friends and I are obsessed with this game One Night Ultimate Werewolf: It's kind of like mafia where you have to find and kill the werewolf in the mix - essentially it's a game where you lie to your friends.

Also if you have an xbox or Apple TV, the Jackbox Game set: is awesome. There's a mix of different games where people use their phones/ipad/whatever to submit answers so nobody has to be the point person to organize the game. I've started crying from laughing so hard at this game because people's personalities can really show through.

The goal of a party is for people to have fun / get to know each other so encourage (but don't force) fun interactions.

u/Im_Dudeman · 1 pointr/GiftIdeas

Every time I get invited to a party they ask me to bring One Night Werewolf. It's a great, and inexpensive game.

u/Interfectus · 1 pointr/boardgames

There are a lot of versions of Werewolf, but one of those versions is One Night Ultimate Werewolf.

I guess I'm only a fan of certain Euros (and I REALLY like those, like Le Havre), and I just wasn't a big fan of TM. BUT I have still only played it with 2 players, which is not supposed to be a good idea.

Anyway, I hope you like the games you get!

u/spookfuls · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You're a year younger, Pixel! And have you ever thought of buying One Night Ultimate Werewolf? If not, you definitely should!

u/TurboCooler · 1 pointr/boardgames

My picks because they are 1) easy to learn for all skill levels and can be played in less than 1 hr. Whoever is running the tournament should have game master who is VERY familiar with the games and has actually played multiple games themselves.

u/ThePrince_OfWhales · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hey welcome back! What sports and teams do you enjoy following?

On my "Games" list is Splendor, which just dipped below $25 for Prime Day. We played it once at a friend's house and we'd love to add it to our little game collection.

u/Ginganinja888 · 1 pointr/Gaming4Gamers

This afternoon: Torchlight II with Synergies Mod, farming those two final legendary set pieces in Derinkuyu.

Shortly after dinner, introducing a friend to Archer with the Archer drinking game. (I mean, it's a game, right?)

Finally, after dying from exactly one episode, we'll be having board game night with friends. I'm guessing we'll be playing Shadow Hunters with cards we made ourselves, but I'm hoping that we play something different, like Splendor or City of Thieves with draft picking.

u/kyleboe · 1 pointr/boardgames

It just went back up to $23.85 for me. Link

u/VegasAdventurer · 1 pointr/MaliciousCompliance

Sorry, I should have clarified. We buy card/table top games. Our recent favorites include:



Camel Up



Games on amazon change price a lot so even when setting the price alert to near the all time low it doesn't usually take very long to trigger

u/taipwnsu · 1 pointr/santashelpers

Amazon has been having tons of deals on Board Games recently that you might want to check out here. I would really recommend Splendor, it one went up for the Game of the Year this year & is a really fun to learn, quick game.

I'll also second the homebrewing kit but you might want to search around. I got one of them for each my brother (mid 20s) and father (late 40s), neither of which are usually very "DIY" kind of people, from Northern Brewer and they both really enjoyed them and purchased more kits later on.

u/vxcosmicowl · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

We use dot us these Training Swords in my medieval combat class!

They also make a Shield

This steampunk flavored Cryptex Flash Drive might be appreciated! Useful and stylish in a similar vein to this Steampunk Watch
As for board games, I recommend Shadow Hunters, Splendor, and Coup

For tabletop games, you could get him A Nice Set of Color Coded Diece

When it comes to video games, this Retro Arcade Console Desk Toy could be a great work passtime with 200 games! Alternatively if you have a fridge or a metal workspace, Magnetic Tetris! for idle hands

Hope any of these help haha

u/ZefHous · 1 pointr/NDQ

My seven-year-old daughter and five-year-old son both love these games. They’re both quite affordable and well-rated.

Sleeping Queens

This is a nice little card game targeted at kids. I find it interesting enough to not be completely mind numbing for adults, too — though it’s definitely a kids game.


This is an adult strategy that was given to me as a gift, but is quite playable for both of my kids — despite saying it’s for 10 years and up. One nice thing about this game is that there is no hidden info, so it’s easy to advise and assist others without having to see something that is normally private. It’s a fun game with somewhat simple strategy, but that can actually be a bit more deep or advanced than it initially might seem.

u/BlueberryKind · 1 pointr/boardgames
u/Jahoota · 1 pointr/boardgames

It's $26 on Amazon right now, plus shipping.

Edit: Whoops, just noticed you're on the other side of the planet.

u/alsorobots · 1 pointr/tabletop

You could go all in with an awesome collection of Cards Against Humanity!

It requires you to have a pretty twisted sense of humor but it's a ton of fun with friends.

You could check out Firefly the Game.

If you're a fan of the space opera, this is one of the more enjoyable games I've ever played.

If you really don't mind blowing 300 bucks, there's the Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game!

You take control of a spacecraft in the Star Wars universe and each game is like an episode of a Star Wars tv show, with a clear goal and twists and turns along the way as you try and accomplish that goal. The miniatures can get pricey but 300 bucks would get you started on a pretty sweet collection if you buy the smaller ships.

300 bucks would also get you started with the world's greatest trading card game: Magic the Gathering!

This classic card game has been around for over 20 years, features thousands upon thousands of cards to select from and, just like chess, takes 10 minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. For 300 bucks you could both have a gaming mat, plenty of dice, a kick-ass card collection and more than enough to start building multiple decks. Heck, you can just go and buy pre-made decks from a plethora of websites. Check out Youtube for suggestions on what formats you might enjoy, but kitchen table Magic the Gathering is VERY satisfying for two people.

Of course, if you really want an epic adventure, you could check out the bigger, meaner, older cousin of Magic the Gathering, and maybe the most infamous table top game in the world: Dungeons and Dragons!

A little more effort than most, but hugely rewarding if you have a colorful imagination and don't mind some simple math (most games requre SOME math, just look at Monopoly), and you have decades of books to explore, and many are available for pretty cheap from both used book stores and your local library (hopefully). This is a hobby that lasts for the rest of your life.

Like Dungeons and Dragons but want a more easy and accessible game to start out? How about [Muchkin!] (

We're talking dungeons...dragons...knights in shining armor and a LOT of fun. It's a good start for tabletop gaming.

Of course, Tabletop gaming is pretty extensive when it comes to choices. Here are a few more to check out:

The Game of the Century: Settlers of Catan

Spooky fun with Arkham Horror!

Big Adventures: Small Heroes... Mice and Mystics!

Survive the Zombie Apocalypse with Dead of Winter!

Of course, like Levar Burton says, you don't have to take my word for it. Here is the awesome Wil Wheaton's Youtube series, Tabletop! He plays with his friends so you don't have to! This series is amazing at helping to decide which tabletop game might be best for your playing needs.

Need a little help deciding if Magic the Gathering is right for you? How about Spellslingers on Youtube! Game Guru Day[9] plays Magic with his friends. Not only is this a super easy way to learn the game, it's a lot of fun to watch.

Need a little help understanding Dungeons and Dragons? Give Critical Role on Youtube a listen!

Luckily, you happened upon a time where tabletop games are going stronger than ever so...good luck!

u/over-my-head · 1 pointr/funny

It costs money to play ongoingly? You can't just buy a board or set or play or whatever?

Wow. No wonder it tends to be reserved to hardcore fanatics.

I know some German games can be expensive, initially, but even Settlers of Catan is just $35 on Amazon

And they do have expansion packs, but you absolutely don't need them to play a full, fun game.

I can't imagine playing a game that you had to keep buying new stuff for in order to really participate at a decent level.

I play guitar, and people might say these card games are a hobby like that, and that spending money on new cards is no different from continuously spending money on new guitar gear and pedals.

But even there, you don't actually need anything beyond an acoustic guitar or an electric and a basic amp if you want to learn. You absolutely could play just those things for 5 years before buying a single pedal while teaching yourself how to play. Apart from maintenance like new strings and the odd setup (if needed at all), you can just pay once and play - forever.

But it sounds like people have to keep buying better cards in order to keep playing the game, because everyone else is also trying to get an edge by buying better cards?

That sounds like a way for a hobby to make you broke, rather than enrich your life.

u/WawaSC · 1 pointr/boardgames


We'll probably have 3-6 people usually. On big nights we'll have 8-10 but at that point we'll just rotate people who will play while the others hang out.

Is this the base game?

I guess Catan on does 4 players at a time. So I saw this and I guess I have to pick it up for more people?

But apparently there are versions as well. The expansion says it only supports the 4th edition? lol. Getting confused at this point.

u/NEWG1RL · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Stuff & Thangs. You need better board games, I recommend this

So which Birthday song do you prefer? I always go with The Beatles Birthday...

u/PerfectlyOptimistic · 1 pointr/RandomActsOfGaming

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (Steam key) - Codenames Highly recommend this party game, always a blast to bring it out after having a meal with friends and laughing at the guesses made.

Steam ID

u/danconnor99 · 1 pointr/AskMen

Another vote for codenames. Incredibly quick to pick up and good for a few people or a lot of people.

Also Pandemic and Ticket to Ride.

u/nancydrewskillz · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm not a huge fan of board games usually, but Codenames is a super fun party game I was reminded of last weekend.

u/mishugashu · 1 pointr/boardgames

Listed at $20 retail ($13 "sale") on mini mart: (of course, it's out of stock).

Czech Games is probably waiting for after Christmas to do another run, and they're trying to milk dat supply and demand for Christmas time. Amazon seems to buy direct from them.

FWIW, it hasn't even hit ccc yet. Still says out of stock at $18.38.

u/Devtactics · 1 pointr/boardgames

It's been popping up on various sites the past few days (e.g: Cardhaus, CoolStuffInc, 401 Games), with stock running out very quickly. Amazon is still taking pre-orders if you don't mind paying the full MSRP.

u/teadrinkit · 1 pointr/boardgames

Is this the right link?

Right now it is at $214.99 + $25 shipping :(

u/Ikth · 1 pointr/Gloomhaven

It's still on Amazon.

u/GeneReyva · 1 pointr/Gloomhaven

I'm happy to see it at reasonable prices. It's also £120 on vs the £170 it was before the recent printing got distributed. £120 is also the price I paid and holy shit was it worth every penny.

u/syzygynius · 1 pointr/WatchURaffle

Heard good things about Gloomhaven there is a good discount here

now yours for only $103 If you are fine waiting for it to be back in stock.

Edit: apparently back to full price.

u/DeathRx · 1 pointr/boardgames

It shows as $103 at Amazon right now:

Very possible that it will be further discounted for holiday sales over the next few months.

I assume you have seen the news about Gloomhavem: Subtitle it will be coming out next fall in the $50 range and provide an easier entry into Gloomhavem. That might be a way to get some friends hooked if you can wait that long. 😉

u/IndianAmericanNerd · 1 pointr/vancouver

Amazon, I guess.

I never bought it. I had a friend that owned it and we played at his house.

u/Rogue_Squadron · 0 pointsr/boardgames

Munchkin is a blast with the right group and sneaks in just under the $20.00 mark.

Also, I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I really enjoy Rune Age. It is underrated IMO due to it's diverse game play. It's a solid co-op, competitive, or solo game.

u/mostlyjoe · 0 pointsr/rpg

Start here.

It's the VERY GOOD Pathfinder basic set. It teaches the core concepts of the game, gaming itself, and how to ease into the full system once you are use to it. I always recommend it for newbie groups and GMs.

u/ceebee6 · 0 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

YTA because it's no fun for everyone else if you only stay in a game if you're winning.

But, I'd recommend expanding your games to cooperative games like Pandemic (my absolute favorite!) or Betrayal at House on the Hill. This is a great list of cooperative games and you can read reviews on Amazon.

If you're playing a cooperative game, then you and the people you play with are on one team working together against the game itself. I'm pretty competitive (not one of my more charming traits), and cooperative games have been a great addition to my game nights. They're also built in a way that is much more exciting - things can change for better or worse at any time, and losing doesn't drag out. I have fun even losing with cooperative games.

u/crunkbash · 0 pointsr/boardgames

Citadels, Tsuro, and 7 Wonders might be good for you guys to try.

Citadels is a game that can handle 2-8 players, and the structure of the game is rather different, making for more replayability, for differing numbers of players.

Tsuro is a simple but fun game (and the guys that make it are good people).

7 Wonders is a nice balance between strategy, complexity, and ease of play. It can seem complex at first play, but it doesn't take long to figure out and is a lot of fun.

u/_Dale_Gribble · -1 pointsr/boardgames

I haven't actually played it, but Munchkin might be a fun one for a bigger group.