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u/caaate · 39 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I travel a ton for work and these have been my workhorses:

u/PutSomeWedgeInIt · 21 pointsr/CanadianForces

Edit: I'll keep adding things as I remember them. I'm not adding the usual stuff like laptops, ipads, gym gear, etc, because those seem...common sense?

Updated: 24 Nov 1252 hrs AST

  • Cold meds with pseudoephedrine
  • Magnets (for lockers if you get one)
  • 3M command hooks of varying weight limits
  • Strong plastic coat hangars
  • 550 cord (I'd say no more than 30' of it)
  • Headlamp with red and white light (find one that you don't have to go "through" the white to get to the red!)
  • 2-3 good quality plastic clothes pins to hold curtains closed or some other task (the ones linked are identical to the ones at the Dollar Store for, I think, $4 for 12)
  • Knife sharpener
  • Pocket knife
  • Suction cup hook for the shower (if you use a bath scrubby)
  • Nail clippers and nail file
  • Small FA kit (bandaids, etc)
  • Small sewing kit with the right colours of thread
  • GoToobs for stuff like shampoo and body wash (and aloe gel if you burn)
  • Bose noise cancelling headphones (with a spare battery)
  • Camera (don't be the guy that brings a DSLR with 5 lenses)
  • Couple of power adapters if power is different
  • Water bottle (and denture cleaning tablets to clean it if there's no bottle brush)
  • Couple of locks (combo or keyed-alike, varying sizes)
  • Travel blanket
  • Inflatable neck pillow (the best one I've ever used)
  • Anker USB battery bank (love Anker products!)
  • Anker PowerPort
  • Depending on living accommodations, I also have a "travel kitchen" that I take with me that has a good Santoku knife, cutting board, pepper grinder and garlic press.
  • 2-3 tide pods because it could be a few days or a week before you get to the PX
  • If you know your sleeping arrangements, buy a "bed in a bag" for that bed size. Nothing like having your own good sheets to slide into after a rough day. Make sure you wash everything before heading over, so they're soft and ready to go when you get there.
  • A collapsable shoe organizer that you can use to store gitch, socks, t-shirts, etc, or even a collapsable sweater organizer (or two) if you want more horizontal space and less vertical.
  • If you're coming home or going somewhere on HLTA, don't forget to pack a civvie-pattern backpack. Don't be the guy wandering around a foreign airport wearing your day pack and combat boots in jeans.
  • Birthday/Anniversary/special event cards that you can mail from your location (shows you were thinking of them well in advance of your departure and before the event). Bonus points if it's a mushy anniversary card to a significant other, ensuring that your return is "extra special".
u/FattPatricia · 21 pointsr/Ultralight

My pillow is my luxury item. It’s more comfortable than an inflatable.

u/wampum · 16 pointsr/funny

Look cool while napping with your very own Ostrich Pillow.

Link to Amazon

u/solacespecs · 16 pointsr/tifu

Hi there. I just went to Korea over the summer with my wife! Unfortunately we ended up on separate flights because we left/returned on separate days.

Not sure how much your husband has traveled before. I was absolutely DREADING the flight (4 hours to San Fran then 12 to Seoul for me) but I actually had a wonderful time and the trip itself went great.

Some tips:

    1. Go to Walgreens and pick up some Meclizine. It's for motion sickness and is available over the counter. It's like Dramamine and definitely can knock you out, but I never felt like it caused me to drag like Dramamine did once I woke up. Both flights this knocked me out for a good 3-4 hours.

    1. Go to Amazon and grab a comfy neck pillow. I got this one.

    1. My flight had plugs but I also picked up this cheap battery in case my headphones died.

    1. Get an Audible subscription. The first month is free so you can cancel. I recommend Red Rising. It's a good one and it occupied a lot of my time to listen to.

    1. Get a cheap surfacebook and buy Civilization 5 or 6. This alone took up a ton of my time.

    1. The flight showed good movies to take up some time. I recommend downloading the flight app BEFORE you board. My flight showed Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and a couple other good ones on the main screen, but you also have the option of a netflix-esque list of movies and shows on your phone/tablet.

    1. The food was absolutely terrific (for a flight meal). Hot and delicious. My flight had a baked chicken dish with rice and steamed carrots. Was really tasty. They actually served us 2 hot meals and 2 snacks. Besides these, definitely consider grabbing some snacks. I like simple peanut butter crackers.

    1. On that note, every time you are offered water, TAKE IT. It'll give you a good reason to move around and go to the bathroom. If you can find times to stretch your legs, go for it. And it has the added benefit of helping to avoid blood clots.

    1. If all else fails, my flight had free beer + wine. That alone should help him manage!

      Shouldn't be too bad overall. Like I said, I was so dreading the experience and actually my flight overall went super well. I'm totally open to it now in the future, where before I thought I would do this one trip and not fly so far again for a few years.

      Good luck!
u/kevmo77 · 8 pointsr/tall

I have a J-pillow. It's not perfect but it's much better than the standard neck pillow. I usually opt for a window seat to sleep against.

u/greenyellowbird · 8 pointsr/starterpacks

I have one of these and with ear plugs, and an eye mask....I can almost sleep if I wasn't sitting upright at an 85 degree angle.

u/tineras · 7 pointsr/teslamotors

EDIT 2: There I go replying without reading the entire post. *facepalm*


You are not alone. There is a mod out there requiring you to remove the headrest and bend the support poles so that the headrest leans backward a bit more (Here: I also hate them and it was the first thing that bugged me when I got in the car. Alternatively, you could try something like a cushion that fills the big empty gap (Here: ). Personally, I found that one to be a bit bulky, but I have some leftover memory foam from a pillow I bought that I'm going to try in there to see if I can get it a bit more slimmed down to see if it improves comfort.


EDIT: The (partial) reasoning for the position of the headrests is because of NHSTA requirements. If I'm not mistaken, you can't even make a car with headrests that go backward; only forward. And another chance to share my incredible art skills ( ).

u/ukelily · 6 pointsr/peacecorps

Glad I brought:


Hard drive

Chaco flip-flops

A travel pillow

Sturdy but comfortable hiking pants

Bonus: my Hydroflask water bottle. Love that thing, and love not wasting plastic bottles.

Didn't really need to bring:

Casual clothes like t-shirts (my country has plenty)

Water bottle with a travel filter (my Peace Corps filter is adequate)

School supplies like pens and markers. There's a shop in my village that has plenty.

My nice-ish closed toe sandals that I was required to wear for PST, but never wear at site. PST is annoying like that.

My rechargeable flashlight. My house has electricity most of the time and I use my headlamp when it doesn't.

Wish I brought:

More snack items

More cotton collared shirts (I have to wear them for work, but clothes wear out fast here, and I don't like the ones I can buy in country.)

A Bluetooth speaker for playing music in my classroom

One of those phone cases that gives your battery an extra charge

Chocolate protein powder

u/Lizalizaliza1 · 6 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I'm an American with family in Australia who has done this flight...far too many times. I have a flight routine for both skincare and general comfort that has made my life better (as good as it can be IMO without shelling out for business class):

-Tradeoff between aisle seat/good bathroom access and being able to lean against the plane wall/look out the window. Avoid middle seat at all cost! I don't mind waking people up so I usually go for the window.

-skin: take your makeup off and moisturize before the flight. No one is paying attention! On the flight, get up after dinner and do a night time routine with some sort of thick moisturizer at the end - I used Clinique moisture surge overnight mask last time and it worked pretty well. Do a morning routine before breakfast (and brush yr teeth. This makes you feel far less gross.).

-Bring lysol wipes and wipe your arm rests and tray table down when you sit down. You will look like a crazy person, but again: no one cares and you want to avoid getting sick.

-If you request a special meal they'll serve you first and honestly I think a lot of times the food is better? I usually get a vegan meal or the Indian meal.

-Bring something you like to help you sleep. Melatonin or dramamine or whatever. Take it after dinner. Have like one drink with dinner (tbh the wine on Qantas/Air New Zealand is usually decent!) and then start watching a movie and drift off midway through it.

-A nice neck pillow (I have this one: and noise canceling headphones (I have bose quietcomforts and they made my life so much better.) are nice but not necessary.

I don't know where your family is, but I've never really had a big problem with the weather & my skin where my family is. It'll probably be warm, but just treat it like you would an american summer and wear more sunscreen than you think you need to, because the sun just seems stronger there.

Anything imported is going to be really pricey, but Australian brands usually end up being a bit cheaper once you take the exchange into account. I stocked up on Lanolips last time I was there. Natio's a nice drugstore brand. Anything American is probably cheaper here than there, so I'm sure your family would appreciate whatever you bring!! I know you can't get strong acids there, so if you know someone who would appreciate babyfacial or the ordinary peel or something, that's probably a good choice.

u/lathe_of_heaven · 6 pointsr/INEEEEDIT
u/MaudeDib · 6 pointsr/shittykickstarters
u/runofthemillaussie · 5 pointsr/TravelHacks

I'm also normally a tummy sleeper, so I bought this baby for a flight from Australia to England:

It is an absolute life saver!!! Can't recommend it highly enough. Also, it's much easier to relax knowing you're not in (as close) physical contact with the horrifically dirty tray tables.

u/pretty_snappy · 5 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

Sounds like our SO's are somewhat similar, so I'll be checking to see what other responses you get, but in the past I've gotten him this camping/airplane pillow, and these custom pint glasses and beer from where he grew up. Good luck!

u/DeyCallMeTater · 5 pointsr/AskWomen

Oh I got this. lol. I have traveled pretty extensively both for work and fun so here's what I bring for work:


Luggage: 1 carry on hardside + 1 backpack as the "personal item" instead of a purse.


  • side notes on luggage and what I use: I am a big fan of the samsonite 4 wheel carbonites because they're pretty sturdy and I always choose the one with built in locks. My preferred luggage is always going to have a built in lock, 4 wheels and be a hardside. But hardside isn't for everyone...some prefer soft but I like the expandable hardsides.

    If you have the money, I'd invest in Tumi...seriously...the best. A family member who used to have to travel every other week for work bought a Tumi and it has been going strong for 15+ yrs. No joke. My samsonite though has held up very well for well over several dozen trips so it's totally up to you.

    My backpack of choice is a lesportsac. It's got 3 external pockets and a drawstring and flap over that buckles. It has 3 internal mesh pockets and a zippered pocket inside. I like to shove my purse and stuff in this backpack.

    For business, I try to have a nice sized clutch that will fit phone, wallet and obvs enough room for business cards. I like an envelope style clutch because they can fit a lot of stuff but compress down very nicely at the bottom of my backpack. I also have a very padded laptop case that I store in my backpack. If you want to get a backpack that is a laptop backpack, that is fine too! And some people even prefer it but I personally don't because I use my backpack for fun too. They make backpacks with removable laptop sleeves, so you could also look into that.

    This one is an extra but I also have a makeup train case because I refuse to go anywhere without my arsenal. That gets tucked securely between all my clothes in my hardside but of course, if you don't wear much makeup this is totally optional and you can just get away with a cosmetics bag in your backpack.


  • Packing wise? I roll my suits and shirts and make sure to stuff socks/hose into the shoulders so when I roll, I'm not messing up the pads. I always make sure to bring at least 2 dust bags to throw my shoes into. I bring 1 pair of black heels because black is timeless and sexy and on the plane, I will wear a pair of practical walking flats also in black or nude. I put my hose/socks into my heels and I pack those first. Then I start placing my rolled clothes around the heels (make sure the heels are in the dust dirt on clothes please!) Packing cubes are fantastic and if you can afford to get some, I'd look into it. Stick to neutrals that you can re-use if necessary with no one being the wiser (ie: white camisoles, black slacks, jeans) that way you don't have to bring a shit ton and you can just mix and match. I like to have a big blanket scarf because it can double as a blanket on the plane and is super chic for fall/winter. Anywho, rolling is your best friend as well as the Downy Wrinkle Releaser. The moment you get into your hotel, hang up the items you know need to be perfect looking like the suit and your work dresses and spray the de wrinkle spray on the ASAP.


  • Tips for US TSA: I like to have my liquids in the baggie in my backpack so that it's a quick removal and I'm not rifling through my luggage to pull them out. I also wear tight fitting clothes like yoga pants and a form fitting long sleeve shirt because the TSA agents can pretty much just look at you and know that there's nothing on you and I found they don't get all up in your business as much. Also, if you're wearing a sweater/jacket/scarf make sure those come off and go in the bin. I make sure that unless I absolutely have to wear something else that the shoes I wear are really easy to remove like flats. Remember to remove your laptop from the sleeve and have it go into its own bin! It's not enough to just take the laptop bag out. You gotta take that bad boy out of the sleeve so it's visible and in its own bin.


  • Extras: Invest in a really really good travel pillow immediately. Seriously. The ones they give you on the plane are shit. And remember what I just said about blanket scarf? Yea...the blankets they give you on the plane suck too. My favorite travel pillow is the TravelRest. It's stupid looking but very compact (it's inflatable) and comfortable AF. Also, don't waste space on over the head earphones unless you are a major audiophile. A good pair of tiny apple buds are more than enough for your music/movie needs.


    If you are flying nonstop, I see no issue in checking your carry on bag if you are inclined but just make sure to factor in like 30+ min for pickup because it can take some time to get your luggage depending on what airport you're at and the size of your flight. If I know I need to be somewhere ASAP, I just stow everything in the overhead bin.


    I think that's everything but who knows...I'm probably missing something lol. And obviously this is just what I would do. You don't have to listen to this at all. lolol
u/NationalReindeer · 5 pointsr/blogsnark

I will second the Trtl travel pillow (they sell them in a 2 pack as well!), a headphone splitter or adapter (larger international planes normally just have aux inputs and don't work with Bluetooth but there are adapters on Amazon if they already have Bluetooth headphones they like), noise cancelling headphones (these ones come with an aux to plug in on the plane, I own them and they're great!), compression socks, eye masks, and Global Entry!

u/malloc64 · 5 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I asked about this on this subreddit and was recommended this travel neck pillow:

The recommendation was detailed enough to convince me so I sprung for it without trying it out.

Well, I recently took a trip to Hawaii (8-10 hour flight) and really liked the pillow. So now, I'm recommending it to you. You can wear it forwards (opening in front) or backwards (opening in back).

  1. The sides are very high so it supports your head as you droop to the sides. Also, if you wear it with the opening in the back, you can nod off forwards and it will support your chin nicely because even though the sides are high, there is a dip in the middle of the U shape for your chin. The foam is comfortable and firm-yet-squishy without having a weird smell. The outer cover zips off for washing.

  2. The only modification I'm planning on doing is removing the little string closer and replacing it with a fat strip of thick Velcro. I think that will be more secure. The string closure thingy is the only weakness in the product.

  3. The little pocket is pretty much useless. My iPhone 4S definitely didn't stay in there.
u/RandomGreekPerson · 4 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions
u/ObligatoryJesus · 4 pointsr/funny

the holes on top are intended to be inline with your ears so that you can put your hands in them. The other hole is for you mouth and nose so you don't get too hot and so there is less moisture buildup.

Take a look at the pics on amazon.

u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/travel

It's hard to say without knowing the person, but a unique gift could be the turtl pillow. I have one and really like it.
I would assume most people already have a decent set of earphones that they prefer to use, so I'd be hesitant to buy those in fear of wasting money. As for gift cards, you can get them a Spotify gift card if that's what they use.

u/SteveWBT · 4 pointsr/travel

This may draw some attention, but you won't be aware of it. The reviews and questions are helpful.

u/Ryanrealestate · 4 pointsr/backpacking

How much luggage does he travel with and how many countries is he going to? That will determine what’s a good choice.

My fave travel gadgets have been

  1. battery charger, a large one that can go multiple days without charging. And also your friends will like to use.

  2. micro towel. (It’s a game changer) I got the one at rei in a large. Just big enough to wrap around your waist.

  3. cabeau travel pillow, eye mask, ear plugs (if he’s flying a lot or going to a lot of places. This is my sleep anywhere kit and essential if traveling multiple countries)

  4. collapsable water bottle(spending money on bottled water adds up and you can get water after you pass through security for the plane when the air gets dry. I get dry throat on planes)

  5. a collapsable travel day back pack (man purse or if you buy things. I keep my water bottle and battery in there. Extra clothes, selfie stick etc and if you’re over your luggage limit you can take stuff out and put it in there. When not in use it fold up into a small bag.

u/Kingofthetreaux · 3 pointsr/Ultralight

I’ve seen a lot of pillow talk recently, I think I found another ringer.

Okay so obviously that first link was joke, but then I saw this other link (the one below). Could this bad boy be converted into an inflatable vest? Potentially use this instead of a sleeping pad?

u/DDXProject · 3 pointsr/Fitness

Easy, just show up to the gym wearing one these:

Problem solve.

u/KvetchBetch · 3 pointsr/AskWomen

OK, this post is going to look like a series of ads but I promise that neither me nor anyone I know works for these companies; these are just products I love and wouldn't fly without.

Carry-on items: generally you're allowed one carry-on bag and one "personal item" (generally a non-luggage bag) so I always travel with a laptop backpack as my main carry-on and a big, soft, zippered tote as my personal item. I used to have this travel bag with a zillion pockets but it got to be such a pain trying to remember which pocket had which item it got stupid. Now with a big tote, I can just drag it out from under the seat, open it wide, and pull out one of the...

Packing cubes: Godsend. I buy them from ebags in various sizes, using the big ones for clothing in the pack, and the little ones in my tote. I use different colored ones in the tote for different things. Green for snacks, red for electronics, and blue for comfort items. Since all the small, easily jumbled items are in smaller bags, they're less likely to get lost in the bottom of my big bag. I try to keep my electronics cube better organized by using...

Gear ties: these are like durable, reusable twist ties for things like cords, cables, handfuls of hair elastics, anything you want to keep bundled up and untangled. When I want to use something like my earbuds or a charging cable, I just twist the tie around my tote handle so it won't get lost. Some of the items also in my electronics cube are:

Plug adapter (international travel, I have one for every country I'm hitting, even if it's just an airport stop - one 14-hour stranding in the Hong Kong airport overnight taught me that lesson.)

Compact multi-outlet power strip which can make you new best friends in airports and make the stupidly-configured power outlets in hotel rooms actually workable.

Four-port USB charger: one of these means I only need one outlet to charge my phone, tablet, e-book, and my...

Portable power bank: nothing sucks more than a long flight when all your electronic entertainment doodads have run out of juice. My power bank can charge my phone fully 3+ times and is about the same size as the phone itself.

Onto the comfort items! Some of them go into a packing cube in my tote, others are larger so they're separate.

Disinfecting wipes: I like these because they're individually wrapped and good for both hands and surfaces. First thing I do when I get onto a germ-factory airplane is wipe down my armrests and tray table. Also great for public restrooms when you find out there's no soap.

Filtering water bottle: in many cities around the world, airport bottled water is crazy expensive, and water bottle filling station water is, in a word, nasty. I can attach this bottle to my tote with a carabiner and the filter makes most municipal water taste at least halfway decent.

Travel pillow: personal preference but this one is my favorite. My husband prefers a memory foam donut one but I find it heavy and bulky and not supportive in the right way. The Travelrest rolls up to a compact shape and inflates in seconds.

Soft, layered clothing: I wear yoga pants, a sports bra, a t-shirt, a light drape cardigan and slip-on shoes. The only thing remotely binding I wear is...

Light compression socks: actually my pair is just a regular pair of knee socks in the Nordstrom house brand that I keep snug by only wearing them for flights and handwashing them so they don't lose their elasticity. No matter how often I get up and move around during a long flight I'll get puffy ankles if I don't wear snug socks. Over those, once I'm in my seat I put on...

Fuzzy slipper socks. My feet freeze on planes but I don't like wearing my shoes for that long. Even though I don't think my shoes smell, if I get the stinkeye from a neighbor, I put my shoes into a plastic bag, otherwise I can usually get them off and hide them under the seat in front of me before my seat mates arrive to my row. Because I get so cold on flights I also wear/carry a...

Pashmina or other large scarf: works as a fashion accessory, blanket, pillow, and a don't-talk-to-me barrier when worn like a hood. Also covers up that spot where you spilled your coffee on yourself because you had to be at the airport at 5:30 a.m.

Sleeping mask: slap one of these on, engage your (preferably noise-canceling) headphones, lean into your travel pillow, cuddle up under your scarf and try to forget you're rocketing 35K feet over the planet in a big metal tube.

Single-use toothbrushes: I love those little Wisp toothbrush things - I usually keep them in my handbag or work desk for those oh-shit-here-comes-the-CEO-and-I-just-had-a-grande-latte moments, but they're also great for a little freshening up on a plane or in an airport without needing to get out your actual toiletries.

Moisturizers: because plane air is so drying this includes travel-sized lotion, face moisturizer, and lip balm. So much lip balm. I like Aquaphor myself.

Snacks: be nice to your fellow travelers and keep your snacks non-smelly, quiet especially if it's an overnight flight, and not too messy. I like to bring things like clementines, Babybel cheese, trail mix, chocolate covered nuts, or granola bars. Gum is good for takeoffs and landings. If you're prone to motion sickness, candied ginger is great.

Have a comfortable flight!

u/batbrat · 3 pointsr/HelpMeFind

I love my shredded foam pillows. Here's a travel version of the two pillows I use:

Unfortunately for you, the newer version has a zipper. The old versions didn't. But that does allow for you to adjust the filling, which I've done to both of mine. I added shred latex to both (25-30%), which helps keep the memory foam from flattening throughout the night:

Oh, use a safety pin to lock the zipper closed when laundering!

u/andtherefore · 3 pointsr/solotravel

I was looking at this

u/LoopholeTravel · 3 pointsr/churning

We leave at the beginning of August. That leg could be particularly rough, but we've gotten quite good at sleeping sitting up. This pillow is pretty magical on long haul flights.

u/Hansummijo · 3 pointsr/CampingGear

This is the closest ive found to a pillow that feels like home, it gets suprisingly compact depending on how much you want to wrestle with it.

u/wafflemywaffle · 3 pointsr/gadgets

Looks uncomfortable. Try this.. Plus when you blow it up it looks like a penis and balls that you can smack your friends with on the plane.

u/cinemakitty · 3 pointsr/ChronicPain

Do it!!!! Take advantage of this amazing opportunity. But take care of yourself.

I recently went on my first vacation since my accident and had the same worries and similar travel times. I did mounds of research (so many hours) on what to use to get more comfortable. Here are my top fave products. I used them all. All deflated or rolled super small and my husband loved them too. I didn’t look like a freak with too many airplane gadgets. Good luck!!!

Obligatory disclaimer: this is all my opinion, not trying to push products, I don’t benefit from this in any way.

butt cushion
neck pillow
multi use pillow thingy

u/LupineChemist · 3 pointsr/Flights

Those that remember the Skymall days will remember this product.

Edit, though I will say I wouldn't do this myself but I'm a fairly large fellow and don't trust it that much.

u/doubleu · 3 pointsr/camping

I've been using this one (denim/large) for the last couple of years

u/double_ewe · 3 pointsr/ehlersdanlos

my wife swears by this neck pillow

u/BadAdviceBadger · 3 pointsr/travel

I have been looking at this for an upcoming trip but have never used one

u/used2bgood · 2 pointsr/Wishlist

You'll need this, then.

u/gypsybunny · 2 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

I purchased a cheapo $10 neck pillow that snaps in the front so it'll keep in place. I am very curious about [this] (
Seems like it wouldn't be comfortable but it has a lot of good reviews.

u/amp-li-fy · 2 pointsr/piercing

I second the flat-back jewelry suggestion.

If you don't toss and turn too much, get a travel neck pillow (something similar to ) and sleep with your ear in the center. Helps it heal faster by avoiding irritation and pressure.

u/BQJJ · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I go to Disney World (cliche, but I've only been once, and my girlfriend and kid are dying to go), staying in one of their cheaper hotels but still on the park grounds. I'm bringing this neck pillow because even two hour flights deserve comfort.

Taking my girlfriend and son (obviously), and possibly my best friend and his ladyfriend.

u/droneprime · 2 pointsr/pics

It's inflatable. Zoom.

u/FlaveC · 2 pointsr/pics

I had never been able to sleep on an airplane (due to head droop) until I got one of these:

They work great...

u/The0ldMan · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Magic Stud Finder takes a little longer, but it's a lot more reliable, especially in older buildings, it will stick to the little nails holding the lath to the framing.

If you want all the bells and whistles, go with this.

u/KittenAnne · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

First I must congratulate you on being a hoopy frood!

Second Neck Pillow, this will help you to rest on the plane and help you not get neck cramps. Also don't forget a pack of gum for the flight - I don't normally chew gum - but it so helps my ears pop during take off and landing!

u/PROBABLY_BIKE_LANES · 2 pointsr/pittsburgh

Sweet, now I can get my ostrich pillows delivered within minutes!

u/swollencornholio · 2 pointsr/travel

Cabeau Evolution has worked really well for me. The neck height and memory foam is key. It locks your head in.

Everlasting makes what looks to be a cheaper version though I have not tried it personally.

u/FawltyBalboaTowers · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I like this one , which is less of a pillow and more of a support. It takes up less space than a traditional neck pillow and gives better support.

u/rabbitwonker · 2 pointsr/teslamotors

I have found this neck pillow to be a great solution in my 3.

u/SmilingYellowSofa · 2 pointsr/onebag

It's off Amazon

KMALL Inflatable Travel Neck Pillows for Airplanes Travel With Super Comfort Washable Pillow Case

u/positivecontrol · 2 pointsr/churning

More of a fuzzy neck brace than a pillow, but this thing has been a godsend on many a redeye.

Trtl Pillow - Scientifically Proven Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow – Machine Washable Black

u/WhichWayzUp · 2 pointsr/pics

[This travel pillow ](HOMCA Travel Pillow, Portable Head Neck Rest Inflatable Pillow from, Design for Airplanes, Cars, Buses, Trains, Office Napping, Camping - Includes Free Eye Mask Black is a great solution to those long sleeping flights.

u/iynque · 2 pointsr/hammockcamping

I have a lot of trouble with pillows at home and waking up with a sore neck. Then I found the COOP Home Goods pillow on Amazon—one of those shredded memory foam pillows. They cost an arm and a leg, but for me it's so worth it.

So for use in the hammock, I bought a bulky, heavy pillow: COOP Home Goods travel pillow. I don't even care. I forgot it once and had to use balled-up clothes. Woke up with a stiff, sore neck and had a terrible morning. I don't know if I need this exact pillow, but I have never found anything better and experimenting means almost certainly waking up in pain.

So I can't say I recommend such a large, heavy pillow to other people, but for me, I won't ever go without it.

u/beans_and_rice · 2 pointsr/travel

not OP, but my inflatable neck pillow is this one by Lewis N. Clark It's great - inflates and (more importantly) deflates super quickly. BF kept hogging it last holidays we went on so now we have 2 of them =)

u/voluptuous_lime · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


edit: Umm, that wasn't what I intended, but I'll keep it there. This is what I meant to put up, haha.

u/traxtar944 · 2 pointsr/AskMen

You need this.

u/PeteyNice · 2 pointsr/travel
u/PUSSY_ON_DA_CHAINWAX · 2 pointsr/gadgets

Yeah I actually went on Amazon to see if there were any knockoffs. I kind of want this now

u/TotoroTomato · 2 pointsr/January2018Bumpers

These are general flight comfort tips, but I think comfort is even more important while you are pregnant! I have a lot of experience with long flights.

In addition to your compression socks, wear very comfortable clothing and layers so you can adjust your temperature. Bring earplugs/noise cancelling headphones and a face mask for napping and quiet time. Ask for an extra pillow to support your lower back.

I'd check out the Trtl travel pillow too, great for longer economy flights. Those chairs really do not recline very far.

Bring way more water and snacks than you think you will need, and drink a ton of water. Really easy to get dehydrated on long flights. Bring lip balm.

Assuming you are making a significant time zone change it really helps minimize jet lag misery to start gradually adjusting to the new time in the week before you travel. If you are going east get up earlier every each day the week before travel, west stay up later and sleep in later if you can. Take Unisom to help you get yo sleep on the plane (usually I would take half a prescription sleeping pill, but not doing so while pregnant. Unisom is pregnancy safe).

Might be worth looking up some basic hip and leg stretches you can do while in your seat too.

u/NinjaMcGee · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

Are the two pillows for stacked elevation or for two separate areas? Someone asked a few days back about elevating their knee without stacking and banding pillows and seems like they settled on an inflatable foot rest. Best of luck on your hike!

u/nomizzz · 2 pointsr/ALS

It was so difficult to find something that did this trick for my mom. In the end the thing that has helped the most, even now as she's progressed into a fully locked-in lifestyle are those airplane travel pillows (the ones shaped like a big U). We wound up getting like 10 different types, textures, and materials from different manufacturers depending on where she was sitting, and even use one now in her wheelchair -- even though the damn wheelchair headrest was $1k by itself, this $20 neck pillow is ironically what makes it bearable:

u/machine_drums · 2 pointsr/onebag

I recently got an Arcterx Atom LT Hoody

Pricey, yes. But it's become one of my favorite jackets ever. Definitely worth it. They also make a lighter version if you don't need all the warmth, might be cheaper.

For neck pillow, I've brought this on longer trips and gotten one for my MIL.

Inflatable Travel Pillow,Kmall...

It's an inflatable one that folds itself into a ball. Not the smallest but considerable smaller than the normal ones.

u/nikkarus · 2 pointsr/lifehacks

I am also tall with a long neck and i had to fly 16 hours for work each way. I bought this and it has been the best pillow I've used so far. I actually managed to get a little sleep on the plane.

u/blackberrybramble · 2 pointsr/solotravel

Some of my favorite Amazon items that I've purchased for my solo trips:

-- Selfie stick/ tripod with bluetooth remote (which is nice when there's no one around to take a photo for me)

-- These amazing silicone earplugs that block out all noise and make for a good night's sleep.

-- Luggage locks

-- Some sort of compact travel pillow for flights/train rides

-- A good sleep mask

u/itsadian · 1 pointr/travel

I recently was intrigued by the trtl pillow, although I haven't tried it yet. linky

Currently I have this one and I like it because it's super compact, but I'm not sure how effective it is for sleeping on coach.

u/DeusExMachina95 · 1 pointr/travel

It helps me on planes. I sleep with my head back and before the neck pillow, I would wake up with big neck pains due to the curve in my spine. But this pillow helped a lot.

u/AtHeartEngineer · 1 pointr/headphones

Genius! Link for the cheapest one with decent reviews: Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow, Dark Blue

u/Fuddit · 1 pointr/Entrepreneur

Let's say if I were to copy a product from someone else, will I get sued for it?

For example if I were to mass produce something like this item but change a little bit of the design to not make it look exactly like the originals, will I get sued for copyrights infringments or other kinds of lawsuits such as counterfeit or copyrights issues?

Do I have to invent my own item to sell or can I get my products from the original place that sells it and then sell it on Amazon?

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u/greatm31 · 1 pointr/churning

I’m a huge fan of this neck supporter, really reduces strain on long flights:

Trtl Pillow - Scientifically Proven Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow - Machine Washable Grey

u/sharxattack · 1 pointr/ftm

Hm... I don't know how widespread the bumps are, but if they're localized to one area, you could invest in a neck pillow so that the area with the bumps doesn't have any pressure put on it.

u/SyncarmyRealcumber · 1 pointr/fleshlight

Hey guys, I hear you about wanting the best handsfree way.

Everyone with a launch should look into buying this Exact neck pillow - It fits the launch like a glove, and you can prop it up any position and holds in nicely in place for true handsfree:

u/reddilada · 1 pointr/camping

They make inflatable pillows that pack small, but I really don't like them. Your head just kinda rolls off of them.

My favorite is the Thermarest pillow. A proper squishy pillow that stuffs into itself to reduce the size. Comes in a bunch of sizes and colors.

u/WeatherIsGreatUpHere · 1 pointr/motocamping

Thanks! Good to know. I was thinking about picking up a Camelbak. Still not sure. I hope to try out my equipment in the next couple weeks. I got one of those Thermarest camping pillows. It seems to compress really well. Hopefully that's not the pillow you found to suck!

u/SoloWhoa · 1 pointr/solotravel

Does anti-motion sickness medicine (like Dramamine) work for you? If so, I recommend getting that for the flight. I also have prescription Ambien that I bring to help me sleep.

I bought this inflatable pillow a few years ago and it helps me sleep better than those neck pillows. And since it’s inflatable, it’s easy to pack.

I also recommend wearing shoes you can easily take on and off as well as comfy socks.

u/thainomad · 1 pointr/travel

I've been considering getting this pillow.

u/BarefootHippieDesign · 1 pointr/ofcoursethatsathing

Who would pay $100 for it?
Ostrich Pillow

u/harmon25 · 1 pointr/aviation
u/sharkswithlasers88 · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

I got one of these stupid looking things

I'm off to Shanghai in a week!

u/Maetitahna · 1 pointr/funny
u/the_marigny · 1 pointr/CampingGear

I have [this Thermarest pillow] ( and wouldn't think of camping without it. It's so comfortable that I even use it for naps at home sometimes.

u/davidstvz · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Haha, I loved this comment. If your walls are plaster, then no one can help.

Here's a suggestion. If you like to identify studs by the nails used to attach drywall, consider one of these:

Your method may or may not work depending on how well the drywall is finished and it could be time consuming to turn the lights on and off. The magic stud finder is pretty cool because it finds studs quickly and leaves a nice little target hanging on the wall. It was a life saver when installing base boards as I could quickly mark several in a row then come back with my nailer.

u/secretcarnivalworker · 1 pointr/piercing

Or this:

I'm a side sleeper and this has saved my life!

u/scumteam14 · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

Hi OP! That sounds like a really tough situation to be in. Sleep is so incredibly important to mood, health, and mental function! And it sounds like it's affecting your quality of life quite a bit.

That said, this post is a bit off topic for r/SkincareAddiction. Tips for falling and staying asleep would be outside the scope of the sub, even if the underlying decision for various sleep habits is related to a skin concern. I don't think you'll get the support and advice you need here, and I'd highly recommend checking out a more fitting community like r/sleep!

Since sleeping on your back is causing health issues, and sleeping on your side is uncomfortable because your face gets squished, maybe check out one of those U-shaped travel pillows? I'm a side sleeper and I use something similar to this one to alleviate pressure on new ear piercings. I just use it as a regular pillow (not around the neck), and it provides support without putting a lot of pressure on my ear/cheek area. I'm sure r/sleep has more comfortable recs though, and I can't see that being a long-term solution - moreso for getting sleep asap while working through the underlying causes.

And while it's normal to worry about sleep (like how much you're getting), being anxious about actually being asleep due to lack of control sounds exhausting (pun not intended). Even if you get the comfort angle all sorted out, it sounds like there's some stuff unrelated to physical comfort that's disrupting your sleep as well. I imagine that working through those fears would help you feel more comfortable while falling asleep!

I'm not sure what your support network looks like, but you might want to check out communities like r/CBT for advice on self-help, or get in touch with a therapist to help guide you through it.

I hope that you find some ways to get to sleep soon!

u/H720 · 1 pointr/INEEEEDIT

Name: "Ostrich Pillow"


Amazon Link:

u/edmandarnditt · 1 pointr/piercing

This has happened to me with a few of my ear piercings. I get the piercing and there's no residual pain, so after a couple days, I feel like it's safe to sleep on. And I'm wrong. So then it feels bruised for a while.

For fresh ear piercings, you might want to get a neck pillow or a side sleeper so you can comfortably sleep on your side without mashing your ear into the pillow.

u/LearyTraveler · 1 pointr/AskWomen

Load up your phone with your favorite media - podcasts, TV shows, movies. I like to use travel time to start a new show or to read a new book. Bring earplugs and an eye mask (the last 9 hour flight I was on never turned off the overhead lights once). Bring a portable charger or power bank. On your trip, don't be afraid to slow down, take a nap, or spend an hour drinking a cup of coffee at a cafe.

Wear comfortable clothing in the plane, especially shoes. Most museums and major attractions will give you the option to buy an online ticket and skip the lines - do this ahead of time! Then you won't have to wait in a super long ticket line before getting into the entry line.

Do your research and plan out what major attractions you have to see. Then be flexible in your plans and be prepared to make adjustments if something is closed or if it just doesn't work out.

This is the best neck pillow I have ever bought:

Another redditor recommended it and it is the only pillow I've tried that actually supports your neck. My boyfriend always tries to steal it from me.

u/eminem30982 · 1 pointr/solotravel

> good poncho

I recently bought this one and although I haven't had a chance to test it in the rain yet, it seems like it should work pretty well. It's big enough to cover my travel backpack, packs down pretty small, and it zips up (as opposed to buttoning up or ones that don't even open up) so it's way easier to put on. I just noticed that they changed the description of it to say that it's a "women's" poncho. When I bought it, it had no gender classification, but in any event, it's a poncho so it's not exactly gender-specific anyway, and it fits me well (I'm a pretty big guy).

> good packable neck pillow

I have this inflatable neck pillow and it's great. Since it's inflatable, you can adjust how much air you put it in to control how firm it is.

u/jeeebus · 1 pointr/AskReddit
  • Get one of these
  • Reset your natural body clock by eating your last meal 12 hours before you want to wake up.
  • Take advantage of the free booze on the flight.
u/echevez · 1 pointr/financialindependence

I love the bag I have. I got it back when it was on sale for like 70 bucks. I use it as my carry on for every flight I take. This eye mask, neck pillow, and ear plug combo was a lifesaver on a red eye I took last year as well

u/therealmrbob · 0 pointsr/Ultralight

I've used one of these:
It's not super light, but it is more comfortable than my standard pillow I use with my bed.
Just depends on the trip I guess.