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u/trialbytrailer · 19 pointsr/HomeImprovement

And swap out the shower head hose it comes with for a 10 foot long hose and add a shutoff valve to make dog washing 1000% easier.

My large dogs like to cower at the far end of the tub during bathtime.

u/DazarGaidin · 14 pointsr/vandwellers

The only gadget like thing i have that people might not know about, and im sure some people here would, is a water bandit.

u/strifejester · 8 pointsr/MPSelectMiniOwners

Depending if there is enough left you can pull out the remaining, cut it clean and reinsert it. Otherwise you will need a new tube.


u/VanLifeCrisis · 7 pointsr/vandwellers

Now its up to you to figure out your ethical ground, but you can buy the tool you need to use those faucets.

You can also buy a thing called a water bandit that lets you hook up a length of hose to any faucet, even unthreaded. I will use it in gas station bathrooms to fill an aquatainer (with permission).

u/furcryingoutloud · 5 pointsr/AskMen

When you shit, wash your ass with water. Toilet paper alone is just fucked up. Put a small hand shower on your toilet water line.

If you want a full beard, shave everyday for one year. The more you shave the thicker it gets. Don't want a full beard? Don't shave often.

u/JoannaBe · 5 pointsr/Aquariums

Or this:

Also depending on what the faucet actually is like the may be a part of it that can be temporarily detached to reveal a part that is threaded after all.

u/jojowasher · 3 pointsr/DIY

maybe something like this would work for you, and then get a hose you can attach to it when you want to use it.

u/BabyCowboyAkir · 3 pointsr/Aquariums

i have a 150w in my 46 gallon and it barley keeps up, have to have it cranked to max (86 i think) to keep the tank at 78) I'm going to move up to a 200 soon, or probably just adding a second heater.

price difference is negligible between 150 and 200 for the most part.

I use this instead of the python adapter, half cost, same thing, add a $1 hose clamp if you want but you may not need it, the pressure doesn't get to high out of inside faucets honestly. You don't need the hook in all likelihood, I do my changes solo without the hook just fine.

If you want to save even more money, you can DIY the whole thing for cheaper as well, just search around on the youtube channel of a guy called king of DIY

Don't spend $26 on test strips, strips suck, spend $22 on the api liquid test kit, it will last longer anyway

the bacteria quick start is real hit or miss, all brands, so don't put too much faith in it, you'll still spend weeks cycling probably. remember to get a source of ammonia ($3 for a bottle, get pure stuff, without anything added, if you shake it and there are lasting bubbles, its not what you need)

plants get expensive FAST, so 150 for plants, decorations, fish is gonna be tough. Pool filter sand is great easy substrate though, so is black diamond blasting media if you prefer black, both are probably in the $10 range for enough to cover your tank to the proper depth. driftwood and nice rocks can add up fast.

/r/PlantedTank has a weekly giveaway thread but its not too filled ever, r/aquaswap can get you some good deals on plants too. is aquarium ebay and can get you some good deals too.

I just looked back up and saw you didn't actually say plants, but plants are cool and help your tank stay stable and healthy, you'll probably want some eventually. But you will probably want a better light for live plants as well. That can be down the road I guess.

If you are buying from petsmart, know that they will pricematch their own website, the instore prices are outrageous. Online has to at least compete with other places though, so have the products pulled up online on your phone when you check out. petsmart also has an app, make an account and play their dumb little treat game. Right now if you beat it on hard its 20% off a single item, which is great for your tank stand combo. Easy and medium gives you a 10 and a 15% off as well. Its a simple enough concept, but beating it on hard can suck, I definitely get the feeling it just lets you win after a while though (10ish tries, quit for a day and try again and you'll get it quick)

For stocking it, a couple dwarf gouramis if some kind, honey or powder blue or whatever you like. maybe a schooling fish like cardinal or neon tetras. mollys or platys are colorful and will breed, corys for the bottom. a nerite snail, play around on and see what you can safely stock together and the basic requirements. Dont take it as gospel, just a good baseline and jumping off point for more research.

u/Sniddlers · 3 pointsr/GoRVing

A bit of advice my friend:

It's isn't empty until it runs clear. Keep the chute closed until she's full, then open. Close again, fill with water, then flush one more time.

u/laserdemon1 · 3 pointsr/3Dprinting

I built a dry box that I keep my PLA in and feed directly to the printer using PTFE tubing.
I used the threaded rod holders from this

And the Filament feeders from here

I also keep one of these in there as well to keep it dry.

Also, I used this PTFE tubing for the runs from the box.

u/ZombieGrot · 2 pointsr/3Dprinting

AFAIK, the distinguishing characteristics of a current Mk10 nozzle are a 7x1mm thread and a 4mm bore. Performance 3D makes excellent nozzles and pretty much any generic brass Mk10 should work okay. There was an earlier rev nozzle that was for a 3mm OD x 2mm ID tubing and which had M6 threads. Only way to be sure is to measure but unless you have a fairly old FFC (e.g., laser cut case) it's probably the M7 & 4mm style.

For the PTFE tube, recommend buying a length of 4mm OD x 2mm ID PTFE tubing and cutting your own. Cheaper in the long run and you can cut it to the right length. When the PTFE tube is inserted inside the thermal barrier tube and nozzle there should be a narrow gap, about a fingernail's thickness, between the nozzle and tube. That ensures that the PTFE tube will fully seat once it's all assembled. One example of many.

u/ZippyTheChicken · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

I am sure you are not the first person to do it.

At worst you could attach something ridged like galvanized pipe and then sheath it with a chrome cover.. it would have to be custom made.. but it will probably need to be supported really well .. probably from the ceiling or wall too... or

How about a 100" stainless shower head hose

run that up there some how with a hook to the ceiling to support it.. idk

u/Chern889 · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

My machines are similar and the closet they are in do not allow the space needed for straight connections, I have 90 degree adapters on both the washer and dryer(for steam function), alternatively I think there are hoses available that have a 90 degree end on them, one less connection to worry about leaking, like these

u/2voc · 2 pointsr/GoRVing

Gotcha. A couple of "pointers" for you to consider: If you're 6'1" and your son is growing, make sure to check the bed size. Many trailer's beds aren't designed for taller folks and end up having to sleep diagonally. Silly as it sounds, buy a clear sewer hose fitting. (something like this, When you clear out your tanks, you can make sure it is flowing clear water out of your black tank. Budget for "other" camping items that you didn't use when you were car camping. Everything from 5 gallon water jugs, chocks, gas tanks, levelers are a start. Jumping to an RV involves more purchases than you will think of at first. If you're buying a used camper, make sure you have it professionally inspected. You'd be surprised what you can find out with an inspection. I'm at work so I'll try and add more if I can think of other tips for you!

u/anotherjunkie · 2 pointsr/disability

Have you tried using a lower mount for the shower head? I don’t know if you use a shower chair (I do), but if you do having the lower mount is really helpful for hair and means you have to maneuver the hose less. Something like this doesn’t require any “real” installation; it just replaces the original shower head so you can even use it in an apartment.

This is what it sounds like you’re looking for. It’s much longer and made of PVC. I don’t think it’s going to resolve the issue of twisting because I think that has just as much to do with the water pressure, but the length of the hose will make it much less of an issue.

This metal one is even longer, and is cheaper.

u/sandalscout · 2 pointsr/disability

yep, I wish I could say for sure that this is like mine, but it's similar, and I have ZERO problems with mine kinking.

u/mestupmonkydude · 2 pointsr/Welding

First I'll grind the welds to a rough radius with this 7" disc grinder.

This is what i use to grind the weld seems to a fine radius.

This is what I use to put the brushed finish on the surfaces. How ever the stainless we use already has a grain, but ill use the tool to clean up any scratches.

u/calvarez · 2 pointsr/GoRVing

If it's not marked non-potable and doesn't have signs saying not to do that (some places have limited water), then yes. Just remember that other people may have done unsanitary things to the spigot, and recently I heard about a guy that found worms in one. I always run it first, look into it, then connect. A fill tube with a screen is a good idea also. I use this, and added a screen to it:


A water bandit will help you connect to arbitrary water sources that don't have a normal screw connection, such as faucets at fish cleaning stations:


u/andrewse · 2 pointsr/GoRVing

Around here the spigots are mostly threaded though I did buy one of these just in case.

u/SufficientEngineer · 1 pointr/CR10

Well depends I found this one fairly cheap on amazon and you can cut to length.
Amazon Link
I never really had to buy one but I’ve done research seeing if there were better alternatives but they all seem the same to me.

About your clog problem though instead of seeing if it’s a physical issue see if your retraction settings are maybe either too slow, too fast, or the distances are skewed and the optimal retraction is not happening.

u/Jameson_35 · 1 pointr/Plumbing

Not identical but works well:

Hose Bibb Mounting Plate

EDIT: Looks like you need something threaded?

u/GutchSeeker · 1 pointr/GoRVing

> I used mine last weekend, since it was the first time I've been to a place that had a dump station that still had the end on the hose.

The spigot where the water comes out hook up to? This gizmo is awesome for those situations.

u/ryeguy · 1 pointr/DIY

I think people use something like this. There are some dedicated adapter valves for this that you could put in your basement on the outgoing water line too.

u/JackDark · 0 pointsr/FlashForge

No problem! A clarification to what u/Seppi449 said; I'm assuming they're actually talking about a hardened steel nozzle. This will allow the students to print with exotic filaments (wood fill, metal fill, glow in the dark, etc) without it damaging the soft brass nozzle. This upgrade is pretty cheap, and it will prevent constant replacements.

I personally would not recommend upgrading to an all metal hotend assembly. The uses for that are pretty small and they can cause a lot more issues for novice users, which I'm guessing many of the students are. When you get a new nozzle, make sure it doesn't specify it's for an all metal hotend. They are different and are not compatible.

You probably ought to also grab a bit of 2mm ID x 4mm OD teflon tubing. You need to replace the little bit of teflon tubing inside the hot end assembly periodically to help prevent jams and keep your printing smooth. The replacement piece is only about 1" long, so a roll like that will last forever. When you replace the existing tube, you want to make sure to keep the length as close to the original as possible, and keep your cuts 90º.

I hope this helps!