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u/-entertainment720- · 113 pointsr/nintendo

Get one of these bad boys. The dock is really only a small circuit board and not very hard to take apart at all.

u/Retsam19 · 109 pointsr/Games

As someone who wanted to play PS Vita games but didn't really want to buy a Vita, a Playstation TV turned out to be a good option: it costs like $80 (EDIT: /u/MrRatt points out that it's on sale for $45 on Amazon), and plays Vita games on the TV (using a PS4 controller).

$80 is a bit much if P4G is the only Vita game you want to play, but there are a few other decent Vita games.

EDIT 2: /u/BokuNoPickle rightly points out that the VitaTV doesn't support all PSVita games (particularly those that require the touch screen); /r/VitaTV have a post with resources for figuring out which games will work.

u/UniquePebble · 68 pointsr/techsupportmacgyver

It’s being choked by the switch dock more than the dbrand skin. I gutted my dock and put it in a shell I bought from Amazon. Looks better, easier to travel with, and has an open back to the vents.

Here’s the Lunk https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071YVC3NJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_c4lQCb1SKX4K9

Your dock has 3 or 4 different types of screws, all Phillips though. You’ll have to pretty much tear the whole thing apart.

u/cowsareverywhere · 66 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Direct Link to the 1.13 Firmware update

I just played some Rocket League to test it out and it seems to work flawlessly with no perceptible lag and rumble support. The buttons correspond to the button position on the Pro Controller, so the transition was seamless.

Only the newer Xbox One controllers are supported since the earlier ones didn't have Bluetooth. I am running on the latest firmware(5.0) for the Switch as well.

The adapter is available from Amazon for $20.

Edit - This usually gets asked everytime so let me preemptively say No,Third Party Controllers do not support Amiibo.

u/AlphaNERDSolid · 55 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

The article does not go into detail. Seems like all he did is plugging it into an adapter. The adapter he used is the Mayflash MagicNS adapter. 8bitdo also offers such an adapter, however that is strictly wireless.

It's cool to see that he used an adapter for the adaptive controller on the Switch but at the end of the day it's all that he did. Nothing new in this regard.

u/MrRatt · 54 pointsr/Games

The Playstation TV doesn't cost $80 anymore. It's at $45 on Amazon right now.

u/Stepherzzzzzz · 35 pointsr/wiiu

I would recommend the Hori Battle Pad for Wii U over these particular controllers.

u/w2tpmf · 31 pointsr/Games

And there are generic adapters all over the place, including $10 on Amazon. I've had zero issues with one.

u/IAMhonka · 27 pointsr/pcgaming

You can still buy Combat Evolved that comes with a CD Key on Amazon for $20

Suggesting a keygen goes against Rule 1 here, so definitely don't do that. Don't copy that floppy. You don't want no beef with the Chief.

u/editorgolden · 24 pointsr/GameDeals

yes but you have to get the adapter

u/Vidyogamasta · 21 pointsr/gaming

If it's about the controller, I'm sure there are adapters to USB for pretty much anything. SNES, NES, Playstation. Of course these are of varying quality since I just pulled the first thing I found, but it's not too hard to adapt the most nostalgic part of the hardware to work with modern equipment.

And with something like the NES/SNES classic, the rest of it is exactly like an emulator. No cartridges or anything, just a ROM library that you choose from. The UI for game selection is going to be marginally better than an emulator would be, but that's about it.

u/Superpan2256 · 19 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Brother, you must acquire the base game here, Then download Halo: Custom Edition from here to take advantage of your shrine with custom weapons, vehicles, and maps along with HD graphics and an active online community!

EDIT: I'm uploading an album taking a look at the game. Also,I somehow stuck a random meme at the end. Whoops.

EDIT 2: Album here.

u/YellowTorpedo · 19 pointsr/Games

There's actually something like this that they announced. It's more like a classic controller pro, but still. I'll see if I can find it.

Edit: This Thing

u/whiskeytab · 19 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Real talk: As someone who travelled a lot for work this year, the best solution for bringing the dock is to get one of the 3D printed shells and buy a 2nd official dock and transplant its contents in to it.

Unfortunately Nintendo still aren't taking portability seriously and don't offer a travel dock of their own so this is the only real option if you're looking to down-size the official dock (don't use 3rd party ones as they are known to fry your switch).

This is the one I use: https://www.amazon.ca/BASSTOP-Portable-Replacement-Nintendo-Original/dp/B071YVC3NJ/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1542135143&sr=8-2&keywords=basstop

Taking the parts out of the official dock and putting them in to this really isn't hard and this is the only SAFE way to have a proper portable dock.

u/marianodlt · 18 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I believe THIS is what he talks about, but there's also 3D printable ones that are the same but maybe a little more rough.

Like THIS one or if the front part is what makes you nervous you could go THIS way

u/Jupakazoid · 18 pointsr/MonsterHunter


That's what I use. Nice soft touch finish and can hold 2 games in the back.

Hands haven't cramped even in the 24 hour straight session I had a few weekends ago.

The MHX one is kinda meh, especially for the cost.

u/JacobRaser · 18 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

TL;DR: eSports

r/smashbros is buzzing over rumors of a smash bros wii u port and Smash Bros Melee on the rumored GameCube Virtual Console. They are hopeful that the Wii U gamecube adapter will work with these titles on Switch, or that a similar device will be made for Switch. The dock has the USB ports to use with this. The smash community works (for the most part) on the basis of people bringing their TV and console, and (in the wii u community) their GC adapter, to events to set-up. The bag has space for the dock which would brought to these events. Excluding the GC adapter, and that smash is all players on a single large screen, look at the end of the original Switch video for a similar scenario.

u/SilkyZ · 18 pointsr/pcmasterrace

The First One

The second was also on PC, but was used as an incentive to use Vista. Since no one did, MS figured it was not popular as a PC title and kept it on Xbox since

u/AustinDontthink · 18 pointsr/snes

Just use an original SNES controller! Get one of these to convert it to USB. Been doing this for years, works amazingly!

u/KuRiCobbY · 17 pointsr/halo
u/k1ngm3 · 16 pointsr/SwitchHaxing

Get an 8bitdo wireless adapter! I actually just picked one up for other games and I have been using my ps4 controller on the switch. Sadly I think your biggest problem will be that let’s go doesn’t support pro controllers and only uses the buttons to throw the ball in handheld mode.

Here it is on amazon though i have seen it around other places!

u/DeniedScout · 16 pointsr/emulation

You're better off just getting something like this. It also lets you connect Wiimotes and TR Wiimotes (the ones with WiiMotion+ built in) without a Bluetooth dongle or any extra BT stacks. I'd say it's definitely worth it.

u/jzorbino · 15 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

>f. I heard a brief mention on a reddit thread about game cube controllers working with the switch? Is this accurate? I happen to have a cube in another room with 3 controllers. They are wired of course.

OP, it looks like your other questions were answered, but for this one here's what you need to know. The Switch dock has a USB port that will recognize various headsets/controllers. Not sure what all will work but one of the accessories that does is the wired Gamecube controller adapter that Nintendo made for Wii U. You just need to get one of these to use your old ones:


u/christenlanger · 15 pointsr/ffxiv

Hey guys, I found a digital item which carries the promotion. It works for me so I hope it works for you. Just be sure to check if FFXIV is mentioned on the promo section.

PlayStation Network Card $20

u/Uebeltank · 15 pointsr/smashbros

If you have 7 friends just kidding no one has, you would need an extra $1680 for 7 3DS + Sm3D4sh to enjoy 'ya stuff, totalling $3226!

Oh yeah don't forget if all eight of you want an amiibo of each, you will need a total of $7958!

But to prevent arguing who has the Wii U let's buy 7 wii u's plus a GameCube Controller adaptor for $20 each.

And of course you would need 7 games of $60

Putting you at a grand total of $10618 That's a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan*

This is, of course without the unknown price off the "new" 3DS and 3DS amiibo adaptor.

u/sourmilkandcereal · 14 pointsr/Megaten

This post is adorable. I like the enthusiasm. I'm glad you enjoyed the game.


>I dont really understand why he killed Miyamoto or Saki, was it just for fun??

Yeah, Adachi flat says he did it cause he was bored. Adachi is basically a man child who cries because his life didn't go the way he wanted it. And he got pissy about it. He's an egotistical dick. And I think that makes him a great villain.

> I was thinking either Arena or Dancing All Night, but I don't have a vita so is it worth getting a vita for Dancing All Night?

Or,or,or...here's a crazy idea...(whispers) Play Persona1-3.

But to answer your question. Yes it is worth getting a PlayStation TV in order to play Dancing All Night. Seriously don't buy a Vita just for it. A PSTV is the much better and cheaper option. It's basically a Vita that you can plug into your TV. It can play Vita carts and works with every numbered Persona game and Dancing All Night. Regaurding Arena. Just buy Ultimax it has DLC that covers the orignal Arena story for 10 bucks. So there really is no reason to buy vanilla Arena.

> I didnt really like the ending that much

Did you get the true ending? If so. I guess P4G has more definitive closure if you seek it. Since it expand on the ending a bit.

u/HeroOfLight · 14 pointsr/3DS

I highly recommend this one if you can find it and have a new 3DS XL:

u/Baryn · 14 pointsr/SteamController

Definitely don't wait. SC2 could be years away. It's on-sale right now, so go go go

u/Yung_Blood_ · 14 pointsr/smashbros

Oh shit sands serif! Dude I think I was your pool captain for ultimate on friday, it was F1 right?! Thank you so much man I'd hug you if i could. The case is this one.

u/facudom · 14 pointsr/NintendoSwitchDeals

I actually bought one and changed the housing to this one

I usually move around with the switch, and having a portable dock is really convenient

u/mennydrives · 13 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

This thing:


As a warning it's a bit finicky and as far as I've tested it, it only works with the Switch AC Adapter or my (USB-C) laptop AC adapter. Much like the official dock, it needs charging-capable power to work. I tried plugging a USB-A to USB-C cable into it and it was a no-go for Switching to "dock mode".

u/D-TOX_88 · 12 pointsr/3DS

You could probably get by with a 16 or 32 gb card. Maybe even 8. Your son probably won't be doing much downloading of digital games. Unless you want to steer him in that direction, so you don't have to worry about him losing the game cards. If that's the case, spring for 64. Trick the bitch out with all the bells and whistles. But by the time he would get to an age where he would be downloading on his own, the 3DS will have long been phased out.

Go for the HORI screen protectors. They don't leave any residue when you take them off if they need to be replaced.

Also may want to spring for some kind of 3DS console protection. I went for the HORI duraflexi, but you may be able to find something out there that offers a bit more protection, since your boy is 7 and 7 year olds tend to be rough.

Your kids gonna shit himself when he sees this gamer package. Way to go dad!

u/TheArcheaonOfficial · 12 pointsr/pcgaming
u/HaakonXCI · 11 pointsr/patientgamers

I doubt they'll be cheap for a while yet. But let's assume that the prices drop, probably Halo 4 (then again Halo 1 still sells for $19.99(on pc) so who knows).

u/The_Dude_Abides2000 · 11 pointsr/RetroPie

You can but kits that come with controllers and everything you need.

Or you get cool cases:


Pair it with a couple of these:


Or gut a dead system and buy this switch:


You can wire it up to any switch (including the NES power and reset and led) to shut it down via gpio.

I bought one of these so I could play with 2x original snes controllers:


I use ps3 controllers when I play old school metal gear.

u/highphive · 11 pointsr/GameDeals

I use these for all my pc gaming and whatever lag there may be is too small to be at all distinguishable by me. Exact same functionality as wired as far as that's concerned. Keep in mind that in order to use them for PC you must purchase one of these http://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Pc-Gaming-Receiver-Xbox-xbox360/dp/B0076HD2W8/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1406576251&sr=8-5&keywords=xbox+360+for+windows

Edit: it's also worth noting you only need one usb dongle for up to 4 controllers. All is plug and play and works immediately.

u/HoochCow · 11 pointsr/EliteDangerous

I had a similiar issue, my old stick was naturally a little loose and hyper sensitive, so just resting my hand on it caused it to input roll because it was loose enough that the idle weight of my tiny little hands was moving it. This resulted in having to make the deadzones WAY bigger than I wanted them to be.

If you're in the market for a new controller heres some options from least to most expensive as well as amazon links for buying them.

Xbox 360 Pad: $28

  • Pros: CHEAP, works, comfortable
  • Cons: Not enough buttons
  • I own one and have played Elite with it

    Steam Controller: $50

  • Pros: Cheapish, works, comfortable, plenty of buttons, overly customizable software options to ensure it just works with everything!
  • Cons: Touchpad in place of traditional D-Pad/Right Joystick can be janky in some games and some people just downright don't like this.
  • I own one and have played Elite with it.

    T-Flight HOTAS X: $50

  • Pros: Cheap, well made, works with PS4 if you're a PS4 commander
  • Cons: No mini analog stick.

    Xbox One Controller + Wireless PC Adapter: $63

  • Pros: Upgrade to the 360 version
  • Cons: Wireless, so batteries.

    Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS: $108

  • Pros: Cheap for a HOTAS, well made, mini analog stick on throttle.
  • Cons: Mini Analog stick is in a weird place (subjective)
  • I do not own this, but I would buy it if I needed another HOTAS

    Xbox One Elite Controller: $140

  • Pros: upgrade over the standard xbone controller
  • Cons: paddles can't be mapped to unique button presses but instead just can be set to emulate other buttons on the controller

    X-52: $150

  • Pros: Looks like the joystick and throttle in Elite.
  • Cons: No ministick on throttle.

    Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS: $449

  • Pros: All Metal Construction, very solid piece of hardware
  • Cons: No Ministick on throttle, No Twist Yaw on the stick, HOLY SHIT BALLS EXPENSIVE, your husband/wife might be angry with you for buying this if they aren't into this kinda thing.


    Okay with the all in one box stuff out of the way there are some good mix and match options from CH Products which I'll list below. My current set up is CH Fighterstick, CH Pro Throttle, CH Pro Pedals, + HTC Vive for headtracking (or ED Tracker for headtracking when I don't want VR)

    CH Flightstick: $75

  • Pros: Solid Build Quality, Ambidextrous
  • Cons: Ugly, not a lot of buttons, no twist yaw

    CH Combatstick: $94

  • Pros: Solid Build Quality, thumb button.
  • Cons: Ugly, no twist yaw

    CH Fighterstick: $116

  • Pros: Solid Build Quality, 4-way Hat thumb switch
  • Cons: Ugly, No twist Yaw
  • I own this and this is my primary stick for Elite

    CH Flight Sim Yoke: $120

  • Pros: Can double as a driving wheel!
  • Cons: No triggers, not a lot of buttons, some players have reported yokes don't work well for twitchy flight gameplay like combat.

    CH Pro Pedals: $121

  • Pros: Solid Build Quality, Very Responsive, doubles as gas & brake pedals for driving games!
  • Cons: Pedals are a bit close together, some male players have reported this is uncomfortable, the springs that recenter the pedals are really strong and take getting used to.
  • I own this and it is my primary yaw pedals.

    CH Pro Throttle: $123

  • Pros: Solid Build Quality, very responsive throttle, mini analog stick,
  • Cons: Throttles Physical Range is a bit short, no center indent or tension control, Kinda ugly, mini stick might require high deadzones.
  • I own this and it is my primary throttle

    CH Eclipse Yoke: $201

  • Pros: Good for Flying & Driving, plenty of buttons, and flappy paddles for yaw or gear shifting
  • Cons: No triggers, might not be ideal for combat.
  • I want one.

    Also note that the joysticks and throttles from the Thrustmaster FCS and Warthog can be bought separately making them worth considering as options here.

    FINALLY I will leave you with a word of warning. The Saitek X-55 and X-56 might look tempting, but they have shoddy build quality and will break on you. I used to have an X-55, and I've seen the inside of the X-56 and they both have the same problems. They are a time bomb, do not buy them. Also someone will more than likely eventually comment saying they own one of these devices and have had zero issues out of them, lucky them I hope they never have an issue, but Saitek is known for terrible Quality Control and with the exception of the X-52 buying a Saitek product is not worth the gamble even though Logitech now owns them and is known for great build quality, there are too many items from when Mad Catz owned them floating around in the wild.
u/bensly · 11 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I've got this one: 8bitdo

I like the adapter it comes with as well, because it allows me to plug in my USB Hori pad when undocked.

e: UK link for ya

u/theDreamDaddy · 11 pointsr/SwitchHacks

I personally use my PS4 controller on the Switch with the 8bitdo adapter and it works great wirelessly with rumble and motion as well. Also connects to PC. I haven’t tried it myself but the Xbox One controller should work too.

For any curious, there is also a Mayflash adapter which looks like it does basically the same as the 8bitdo one for around the same price.

u/shadowbyfear · 11 pointsr/gaming

no man get a wireless receiver for your Xbox controller for 8 dollars on amazon and all you have to do is connect it to your pc and use your wireless 360 controller and your good, best 8 dollars i've ever spent!

u/farmerbb · 11 pointsr/WiiHacks

If you just want the system menu on Dolphin, you can download it from within Dolphin itself by going to Tools -> Perform Online System Update.

If you want to backup the full contents of your Wii's NAND to use with Dolphin, you'll first need to softmod your Wii using LetterBomb. Then, install the Homebrew Channel and BootMii. Open up BootMii and there will be an option to back up your Wii's NAND to your SD card. You can then import this backup into Dolphin by going to Tools -> Manage NAND -> Import BootMii NAND Backup.

As for the sensor bar, the DolphinBar works well with Dolphin and lets you connect your Wii Remotes to your PC in addition to acting as a sensor bar.

u/_pixelheart · 11 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I got this case and loooooove it. It’s 50% off and it’s a steal. I highly recommend it

u/Irrelevant231 · 10 pointsr/Switch

I personally have an Orzly tempered glass screen protector, but these are mostly useful against scratches; Nintendo opted for a plastic screen which can scratch very easily, whereas glass is more prone to cracking (I have heard that plastic won't do this as easily). Tempered glass, as the wikipedia article states that when broken, because of the way it is manufactured it will 'crumble into small granular chunks instead of splintering into jagged shards as plate glass (a.k.a. annealed glass) does. The granular chunks are less likely to cause injury.' This should, therefore, protect the screen, and the worst case scenario isn't dangerous.


For something to protect it when in use, I have no personal experience. However, both my travel case and screen protector are from Orzly, and they appear very high quality, the screen protector had a very helpful tutorial video on youtube regarding application, and a few days after ordering I got a helpful email with tips for application. Because of this, I am inclined to believe they have high standards, so I am not surprised that their grip case is Amazon's choice for "Nintendo Switch grip". The description mentions impact resistance, and it has very positive reviews and several questions answered. Because of this, I highly suggest you have a look at the Amazon page yourself.


Edit: both links work if you change '.uk' for 'm', if you are in the US

u/largepanda · 10 pointsr/NintendoSwitchDeals

Very seriously: a lot of third-party docks have bricked peoples Switches. Nyko has just been sued over their dock bricking consoles, and /r/NintendoSwitch strongly recommends against using any docks other than the official Nintendo one.

If you want a different shape, you can get something like this, taking the internals out of an official dock and putting it in the smaller case.

u/dracul104 · 10 pointsr/gamingsuggestions

Unobtainable? Literally took me 5 seconds to find


u/fiwer · 10 pointsr/Games

SNES USB Adapter

Buy one of those and a used ORIGINAL SNES controller (very important, don't use 3rd party crap) in good condition. Costs probably $25 total and there is simply no better controller for pre-N64 consoles than the original SNES.

u/tomster2300 · 10 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I am a paraplegic and get the exact same pain with handhelds. Grips have been a lifesaver! I tried skull & co.'s kickstarter grip and a cheap rubber one off Amazon before sticking with Satisfye's Switch grip. I have big hands and it was the only one large enough to comfortably play with. Edit: They JUST launched all new products but I have their OG Switch grip.

I have other branded grips for my N3DS XL and Vita, but forget what they are (I think they're Japanese brands I found on Amazon), and they're comfortable and work great.

I suggest buying a handful off Amazon to try out and then keep the one that works. They're all made slightly differently so you wont really know until you have them in your "grip" :-) .

Good luck!

Edit: I found the exact grips in my Amazon purchase history (all from Amazon and I live in the states).



N3DS XL (I alternate between the two)



Switch (This still looks like my OG one)


u/endlightend · 9 pointsr/3DS

I use this one. Works great for me. My hands are on the larger end and used to cramp like crazy playing without a grip. They have a slightly rubberized texture to help you grip and conveniently has a cart holder slot for two games, as well as a little kickstand to prop the console up. Highly recommended.

u/cutchyacokov · 9 pointsr/linux_gaming

> I'm no expert but I always thought prices paid for things at the national level depended on many political factors like taxes, trade deals, and the relative strength of a nation's currency?

Absolutely. That's why I expect to pay 5 - 20% more for an item in Canada, after exchange rate. However the Steam Controller was selling for ~$130 on amazon.ca, if I remember right.

edit: OK, it's down to just under $100 if you add in the import fees. When I was checking the price obsessively for months it was more like $130 but that was well over a year ago now, eventually I gave up and was waiting for it to come to Steam in Canada. I happened to check my Wishlist yesterday and it still said "Coming Soon!" :/

u/nbcaffeine · 9 pointsr/patientgamers

could get something like this and use the original controller on the PC http://www.amazon.com/SNES-Controller-Adapter-USB-Super-NES/dp/B002IXZ5DE

u/EgoGrinder · 9 pointsr/PS4

Quickest way you're going to solve it since the sale ends in two hours is to get a digital code from Amazon and then shop with that. Lots of people have run into this Paypal issue. Either that or log into Paypal and switch your funding source to your bank and see if that works.


u/elichondo · 9 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

You could take your current dock apart and put it in one of these: https://www.amazon.com/BASSTOP-Portable-Replacement-Nintendo-Original/dp/B071YVC3NJ/

I too want to get a portable dock, but the Nintendo Dock and this case just make it too expensive to do, but thought I'd throw this out there for you.

u/TemptedTemplar · 9 pointsr/NintendoSwitch


The official dock is the only 100% safe option.

Though there are smaller cases, that you can put the Nintendo dock chipsets into to make it more portable.

u/Kardif · 9 pointsr/wiiu

I recommend the hori battle controllers

They're pretty easy to find, and only $25. The pdp ones work too.

If you're dead-set on a nintendo-brand classic controller, get the classic pro, and you'll have to get them through amazon or ebay, it'll run around 25-30 shipping included.

u/SpeaksTheTruthYes · 9 pointsr/gaming
u/zplanezplane · 9 pointsr/DolphinEmulator

I would recommend this one instead, designed exclusively for Dolphin and much easier remote pairing, worth every penny.


u/mapkin · 8 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Wireless adapter for PC.


u/20th_LVL_Wizard · 8 pointsr/Games

I've kept my controller budget under $150 via garage sales and Amazon deals.

$15 360 reciever

$20 Dolphin bar

$12 n64 Controllers. These don't have great cable lengths and the analog sticks don't work perfectly, but mapping n64 buttons to a 360 controller was a nightmare. These were worth the hassle and price.

u/night1090 · 8 pointsr/vita

Uh, its been $50 on amazon for months.


u/ChinoSlice · 8 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

BASSTOP Portable Dock Replacement Case for Nintendo Switch (Only The case, You Have to DIY with The Circuit Board chip from The Original Dock) (Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071YVC3NJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_3dWSDb8NPQC2H

I believe this is the only way to be 100% safe. It takes the internals of the original dock. There are plenty tutorials on how to do it on youtube.

u/montego200x · 8 pointsr/MonsterHunter

It's a Cyber Gadget grip, imported from Japan. It is SO comfortable. This is the original version (the newer version has shorter grip handles).


Grips are a must for portable Monster Hunter-ing. I have the Satisfye grip for Switch (and just pre-ordered their updated version).

u/voneahhh · 8 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Or something like a ~$50 wireless controller which is frequently on sale for $35 with rumble, gyro controls, and haptic feedback with great battery life or a [~$45 wireless controller with rumble, gyro controls, headphone jack and good build quality] (https://smile.amazon.com/DualShock-Wireless-Controller-PlayStation-Jet-Black/dp/B01LWVX2RG/ref=sr_1_1?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1495736325&sr=1-1&keywords=dualshock%2B4&th=1)

I'm sure people wouldn't mind pretty much just losing the NFC chip for >$20 in savings. There is a middle ground between the two extremes your argument hinges on.

u/lovetape · 8 pointsr/buildapcsales

Steam Link is $19.99.

Both also available on Amazon for the same price: https://www.amazon.com/Steam-Controller-SteamOS/dp/B016KBVBCS

u/BigGayDan · 8 pointsr/SteamController

I'd recommend buying it from Amazon instead, buying one with a case right now and it's only $65. Might take a little longer but there's no way I'm spending nearly $100 on a controller that I'll use like once a month.

u/heretohelplol · 8 pointsr/PS4

Hi, I had this problem as well. My nails somehow eroded the grip. I ordered Grip-iT Analog Stick Covers from amazon. they where little over 4 bucks and comes in small pack of 2 black set and a blue set. Working well for me.

link http://www.amazon.com/Grip-iT-Analog-Stick-Covers-PlayStation-4/dp/B003NSLGW2/ref=sr_sp-atf_title_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1395525469&sr=8-1&keywords=Grip-iT-Analog-Stick-Covers-PlayStation-4

u/Heratiki · 8 pointsr/playstation

I've had this issue over and over again. So if it happens again go on Amazon and you can buy PSN Codes. You can buy multiples and the code is sent immediately. Make sure it's only sold by Amazon Digital Services.



u/pieface42 · 8 pointsr/smashbros

They already are releasing it separately.

The Controller


u/AMY_bot · 8 pointsr/buildapcsales

For less messy amazon links you can extract the part after "/dp/" in


and make it:


Or via smile link:



Plz send any recommendations via PM

u/DrDroop · 8 pointsr/wiiu

These controllers are abhorrent. Seriously, they are awful. Do yourself a favor and buy the Hori-made controllers. They have a Mario and Luigi one I think is all:


25 bones w/ Prime if you order from Amazon. I found some available for the same price on eBay as well a few weeks ago. Works for Wii/WiiU.

u/ZeGlasses · 8 pointsr/gaming

If you want to get an actual replacment for a Gamecube Controller(such as for competitive play), I recommend the Hori Battle Pad.

u/CuriousMapleTree · 8 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I just bought a Switch last week and over the week bought BOTW, MM2, and MK8. I was torn between a PS4 and a Switch, but have been so happy with my decision.

What I wanted to mention though, is how easy it is to get your X1 or PS4 controllers to work on the Switch. I'm not crazy about the joycons, and it was eating me up thinking I had to spend $89.99(cdn) to get a second controller (pro) so my friends and family could play when they are over.

So i started looking for 3rd party controllers, which lead me to finding 8bitdo, which is a company that makes controllers across all gens of consoles, as well as lots of adapters and other gaming things.

I bought this adapter for $25 and it will let you use your ps4, xbox, or other controllers on the Switch.

This was perfect since I alread had two PS4 controllers for my PC. Once the adapter showed up the same day (thanks Amazon) it was as simple as plugging the USB adapter directly into the Switch, and hitting pair on the adapter, then the PS and share button on the controller, and boom, it worked just like that.

Full rumble, full motion controls, and I get to keep using my favourite controllers on the Switch, with seemingly no compromises. :).

u/jimbo831 · 7 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I've been using this one without any issues for over a year when I take my Switch other places. I do think it's absurd Nintendo doesn't make a first party version of this.

u/KvshMacGuyver · 7 pointsr/SwitchHacks

If you have a PS4, Xbox or Bluetooth controller you’re better off getting this 8bitdo. Let’s you connect to the switch in docked and comes with an adapter for handheld. Not very good for handheld but is an option

u/djrude · 7 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Get this 8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac, & Raspberry Pi https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0786JC6VW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_TThDCbQMRJNQE and just connect your ps4 controller.

u/VashTrigun78 · 7 pointsr/JRPG

I experienced heavy strain with my New 3DS - that thing just isn't all that comfortable to hold. I bought a grip like this one and I haven't experienced and discomfort since. I highly recommend getting something like this if you play a lot on your 3DS.

u/ApexKelbi · 7 pointsr/MonsterHunter

This is similar, and costs much less: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013JDH8J0

u/clambert12 · 7 pointsr/3DS

I really like this grip. It's super easy to attach/remove and fits comfortably in my hands. Also it can store two cartridges inside a compartment on the back of it, which is pretty neat.

Edit: My issue was slightly different than OP's. I would get really bad wrist pain while using my 3DS and this alleviated that problem. I'm not sure if it would be helpful for OP's issue, but thought I'd link it since I ended up buying 3 different grips and this was the most comfortable one for me.

u/Zachlombardi27 · 7 pointsr/3dshacks

I think I can do that for ya, honestly. I also have, for the left joystick, little caps that make grip better if that interests you too. Maybe private message me I suppose, get this goin!

Edit: and no purchasing, they're so silly cheap, I got it n the postage etc..

Edit 2: This is the left joystick cover, could hook you up with one of those. I honestly love it. Long gaming sessions are perfect for this seemingly simple and pointless lil' grip.

Edit 3: And this is the c-stick replacement. Someone else linked it above as well, but yeah, the psp-1,000 joystick or whatever. Works really great.

Edit 4: Since I'm really gettin down on all this N3DS speak, I'd like to share this as well. My goodness, it makes gaming 1,000x better. Since the grips are not directly under the 3DS, and they are almost basically on the sides, it makes it feel like a legit, comfortable ass videogame controller! (In the vein of an Xbox or PS4 controller) With how I said the grips are on the sides, it makes it not feel so damn cramped like some of the other N3DS grips can. It's seriously so, SO worth the $15 bucks.

u/HashWorks · 7 pointsr/de
u/Defacter · 7 pointsr/Games

The Steam Controller is $20 off on Amazon right now. Fantastic time to pick it up.

u/F1r3f0x0014 · 7 pointsr/chile

Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Steam-Controller/dp/B016KBVBCS/ref=sr_1_3?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1492874492&sr=1-3&keywords=steam+controller) $49.99 + $33.10 (shipping & import fees) ~ 54000 CLP

Todos vienen con el dongle, la estacion y el cable. En mi opinion el control vale cada peso, sobre todo comparado a los controles "tontos" de la competencia.

u/maybeathrowawaybot · 7 pointsr/pcgaming

Link to the actual Amazon page and not OP's shitty site: http://www.amazon.com/Steam-Controller-SteamOS/dp/B016KBVBCS

u/DESTROYER_OF_RECTUMS · 7 pointsr/Steam

Im in NZ and I brought it from Amazon here a couple weeks after the US release.

Hope this helps OP.

u/EatAPhallic · 7 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I ordered the tempered glass by Orzly.. My delivery window is between March 23 and April 12. I will definitely cancel as soon as I see a tempered glass screen protector that will ship closer to launch.


edit: don't order from these guys. it's a pain in the ass to cancel.

u/taximan6430 · 7 pointsr/vita

You can still buy them new in the States on Amazon.

PlayStation TV https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KVMHSUM/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_M-SMAbR67DPF1

It would seem that Amazon Japan would have it available as well.

u/cowbell77 · 7 pointsr/wiiu

I think for now, people shouldn't be worried. Amazon shipping is pretty solid. If you're worried about your shipments not getting sent out yet, it might be because you're in an area closer to a fulfillment center, where they can afford to hold off on your shipment, and instead focus on getting out the packages that are farther away. I wouldn't even worry if by midnight tonight they're not shipped yet. (An example: I recently ordered something for next day shipment. I live in the Los Angeles area and we have a fulfillment center in a city over. The package didn't actually ship out until 1:30PM and made it to me by the 9PM deadline (only 8 hours!))

Also, it also seems like all Vlad did was look up the Adapter on the actual Amazon.com website (not like any employee backend or something-- he says, "I looked on the site..."), where it is indeed out of stock. BUT It's probably listed as out of stock because they've all been pre-ordered (I mean, it's not like they were giving them out before release day, so how could they otherwise run out? The other possibility is that they never had them at all... which is pretty unlikely). I'd say if you got your preorder in before they went out of stock, you're probably fine.

I just wanted to say this before people cancel their orders when it might not be necessary to. I'm ready to eat crow if wrong, but yeah. Relax.

u/CoryBoehm · 7 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Some recommended Switch accessories:

  • A tempered glass screen protector such as ORLZY, Spigen or AMFilm. All are excellent only reason AMFilm gets more recommendations as it was first to market.

  • A protective case like Hori Tough Pouch

  • Hori LAN Adapter if you play online lots as the Switch has very weak WiFi service. Also other lan adapters may work but only the Hori one is officially supported.

  • Hori Play Stand if you frequently play in table top mode or need to charge while in table top mode.

  • Pro Controller

  • The [Google Pixel USB C-C charger] (https://store.google.com/product/usb_type_c_18w_power_adapter) as it is easy to find locally, even on sale, and more compact than the Nintendo one but it won't power the dock.

  • Nintendo A-C cable (comes with the Pro Controller)

  • Your choice of headphones

  • A larger bag such as Butterfox Carry All case to hold your EDC (every day carry).

  • PowerA Cartridge Cases if you need extra game storage on the go (comes in several designs).

  • RAVPower 26800 PD a battery pack with both Type C in and out such as this one. Type C is means quicker charging and Type C out to safely power the Switch while using it.

  • PowerA Hybrid Cover might also be of interest to some people. I have not used it though as it is not my style. There are a few different colour/designs.
u/itravelandwheel · 7 pointsr/Switch

I have the Nyko dock as well and the one time I tried to use it I had no picture. I did some research and found out about the potential damage they can cause and decided to never use it again.

I ended up buying a second official dock and installing it in this shell and it works perfectly. Plus it fits in my travel case so I can play easily in my hotel rooms.

u/mothmanex · 7 pointsr/Gaming4Gamers

If you want another dock, buy the original one and a small case for it on amazon.

Usually the issues with usb-c are thanks to the cable. If you want to play it safe, buy one that Benson Leung recommends.

I usually use my ZMI QB820 Power bank with a Veckle USB-C (Benson Leung gave it 4 stars, he decreased a star because when he reviewed it the cable was unbranded. Mine came branded.) with my docked switch without any issues.

So either buy anything related to USB-C from Nintendo, research what you want to buy (reviews, etc) or play it safe buying anything with a good review from Benson Leung.

u/koogums · 7 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Check out the Basstop dock replacement. https://www.amazon.com/BASSTOP-Portable-Nintendo-Replacement-original/dp/B071YVC3NJ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1520136415&sr=8-1&keywords=basstop+switch+dock

All you need to do is take apart your old dock and put the electronics inside their shell. Its super tiny and looks way better than the official dock.

u/Sheecacaa3 · 7 pointsr/SSBPM


There's a bunch of guides and stuff as soon as you first enter the site.

>I want to do anther's ladder but I don't know exactly what it is

It's a match-making website where you can find matches, and chat with people in real time. The matches can be anything from Bo3 to Bo5 'ranked' ladder matches, to endless friendlies, to doubles matches. Basically, anything you could do at your local tourney, you can do on Anther's. (except money matchs afaik)

>Can I access it on my wii?

I mean.. maybe? You'd want to use your computer/mobile device if possible.

>Do I have to use an emulator on my laptop?

For Project M, most likely. You'd be hard pressed to find other people that still use the Wiimfi servers and play on their Wiis. The official way to play PM on Anther's is Dolphin Emulator, and there are plenty of guides to set it up, as well as optimize it if you have a slower computer.

>Can my laptop even run project m smoothly?

Well I play it on my laptop, and it runs fine (I even record while playing most of the time). Most modern computers can run it pretty well. It really depends on your specs though. You could get a lot of advice about that, but nothing beats just trying it out on your own and seeing if it works or not.

>If it is on my pc, than how am I supposed to use a gamecube controller?

There are multiple ways to get a Gamecube controller working on a computer, but the easiest/best ways are the official WiiU adapter or the Mayflash 4 Port adapter. They're both the best you can get in terms of lag reduction, but the mayflash is cheaper.

>Either way, how much lag is usually on it? I don't want to throw my timing off.

That really depends on your connection, your opponent's connection, and your own computer. It's usually anywhere between 10ms and 100ms of lag. I usually don't even play with people if the ping is over 60ms. (EC privilege lol) Many top players use netplay for a variety of reasons. Yes, the timing can throw you off if you're jumping from netplay to a tournament set, but if you take the time to adjust properly, then it really shouldn't be a problem. The MU experience and massive variety of playstyles you'll learn is something that Smashers have only dreamed of until recently.

I highly recommend netplay if you can get it working. Almost everyone has troubles setting it up at first, including myself, so don't get upset if it takes a couple days to get it working. I've probably clocked in over 1000-2000 hours on Netplay. It's great!

Hope this helps. Good luck!

u/deleted_away · 7 pointsr/smashbros
  1. That's out of date. Look into Faster melee. Here's a good guide for that.

  2. That one would work, but the preferred option is the wii u adapter.

  3. Those are not the best controllers. Smash 4 controllers in my experience have significant problems with dash back. Their triggers tend to stick and are clunky when you're using them. If you were to buy that controller I'd highly recommend switching the triggers out for older ones (typically have metal bars in the triggers). Shield dropping is ok and pivots works well enough. I'd look for an older controller model tbh. Controllers vary widely and many are simply bad

u/YNMatts · 7 pointsr/smashbros

HORI is also making a Classic Controller (that actually is styled as the GCC as opposed to this Gamstop one) that uses a turbo button. Only thing is that HORI is trustworthy.


u/jordonph · 7 pointsr/wiiu

You are thinking of the Hori Battle Pad.

u/ObsoletePixel · 7 pointsr/SSBPM

Not true, that's the PDP pad. Hori made this one

u/Sairyn_ · 7 pointsr/3DS

For both N3DS and N3DSXL systems

Some of these can also be found from retailers online, like Best Buy and Target. I generally use Best Buy, Amazon, and eBay, but check other retailers just in case.

Case: Looking for a protector that protects your system from scratches? Most people recommend the HORI TPU case. NA currently has one for the XL (LL in Japan), but you'll have to import one for the standard size.

  • HORI TPU case for N3DSXL or sometimes the one from Japan is cheaper.
  • HORI TPU case for N3DS, or just search "New 3DS HORI TPU" and look for the ones without XL/LL in the title.

    Looking for a pouch to keep your system from dust or to carry on-the-go and protect them from falls? There's sooo many options you can just search up on Amazon and eBay, not to mention other Japanese import sites.

  • HORI Hard Pouch for N3DSXL is what I went with for my Fire Emblem N3DSXL. Looks plain and I admit I usually go for something different, but when I received it, it screamed good quality. It's black and looks classy, and there's room for 6 cartridges and a stylus. It also fits a system with the HORI TPU on. Alternatively, you can use this for the standard N3DS because it has a strap that will keep it in place.
  • CyberGadget Mint Semi-Hard case for N3DSXL - I originally went for this one. It's fine if you just want to carry around your system, but that's all the room it has. It also had a weird chemical smoky smell that I'm still trying to air out (it's been over 2 weeks now). If the smell ever gets out, I'll use it. Maybe it's just the one I purchased.
  • Trunk Case for N3DS - I have the blue one, and it's decent quality. These trunk cases seem to be in and out of stock though, and prices are unstable. If you can find one for a good price, I'd recommend it.

    Screen Protectors: Screens will inevitably get scratched, as careful as anyone can be. If you're someone who cannot stand scratches or want to keep your system in perfect condition, you can't go wrong with screen protectors.

  • HORI Standard Screen Protectors for N3DSXL is what I had on my old N3DSXL. Here's one for the N3DS. Appliance is easy and they don't interfere with the 3D at all.
  • HORI Blue Light Filtering Screen Protectors for N3DSXL and ones for the N3DS - I just wanted to reduce the blue light because I mainly play before I sleep. Research a bit about blue light if you'd like. I like them, they do the same job as the standard ones with the added blue light filtering.

    Micro SD card: Can't go wrong with Sandisk, and I purchased the 32GB since that's the highest Nintendo says the system will support. Any higher and you have to format it to FAT32 in your PC so the system will recognize it. Any good brand will be fine though, but I just go with Sandisk all the time.

    Stylus: This DSi stylus is so damn comfortable. I never thought it mattered because I just put up with the cramping, but I purchased some items on the Nintendo Online store, so I went for it. It's all I use now. The cheapest shipping is $5 on the store though, so go for it when you're ordering other items with it.

    For N3DS
    Coverplates: Amazon.JP if you have a forwarding service like Tenso. I like AmiAmi, but it's hard to catch the plates sometimes. PlayAsia tends to be more pricey, so sometimes you're better off just looking on eBay if your last resort is PlayAsia.

    For N3DSXL and N3DS

    Charms: Basically the same as the above. Many options around Etsy, just search what you want up. Up to your discretion. :)

    Yeah, I'm a HORI fan. Their products have been solid for me, so I have no qualms with them. I just wish more of their products would appear in NA so shipping times would be shorter, but I think the wait times have been worth it anyway.
u/5k3k73k · 7 pointsr/gaming

Raspberry Pi 2: $35

SNES controller adapter: $11

32 GB MicroSD card: $10

Power Supply: $10

Case: $7

RetroPie: $0

The ability to play your favorite games forever: Priceless

u/ZachMettenberger · 7 pointsr/PS4
u/MrMusAddict · 7 pointsr/buildapc

You can get a 360 wireless controller with a PC dongle, but last time I checked it's like $150 for both.

Wow, either the prices went down considerably, or I'm crazy. Looks like the 360 dongle is now only like $10.

u/jimbot70 · 6 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/theredbaron1834 · 6 pointsr/lowendgaming

God so many. Let me list my favorites. (All played on a 1ghz amd apu, so you should be able to play fine)


Halo 2


Fallout 3

Fallout NV

Doom 3

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

Half Life

Half Life 2

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

Far Cry

Sir, You Are Being Hunted

Deus Ex: Invisible War (To hell with all you losers who say this one sucks, this one is the best.

Prey (The first one)

Tons more but this should be enough for you for now.

u/Predalienator · 6 pointsr/pcgaming
u/[deleted] · 6 pointsr/snes

If you've got the original SNES controlers, I recommend the SNES-to-USB adapter which works great with my two original ones and my ASCII pad.

u/Anarchistguy_2 · 6 pointsr/RetroPie
u/usrevenge · 6 pointsr/PS4

honestly, I recommend these

you get 4 in a pack (so enough for 2 controllers or just for yours and you have a spare set)

it took a while to get on right, basically they have to be perfect or they rub the sides while using the sticks and you get resistance but now that I got them on right it's very nice, and seems to be protecting the thumb sticks.

best part is the price, after shipping mine were $9, keeping in mind it comes with a spare set of covers.

I know this isn't exactly what you want, but IMO it's worth getting them even if the controllers seem to be fixed.

u/smurfslayer0 · 6 pointsr/patientgamers

The Mayfair sensor bar is the absolute easiest way to use Dolphin. It works as both a lightbar and as a bluetooth connection for your Wii remotes. It makes it very easy and straightforward to set up.

As far as Gamecube games on the Wii, they play exactly the same regardless of which console you use. I really don't notice any difference.

u/Apollo748 · 6 pointsr/Games

If you're using an emulated wiimote, you need nothing.

If you are using a real, physical wiimote, you will need a sensor bar and a bluetooth dongle.

Most of us recommend the Mayflash Dolphinbar as it combines both into one device.


Update that to the latest firmware to alleviate a burn out problem.

We also support official GC controller adapters (From nintendo) and can emulate those for the most accurate GC controller input (surprisingly enough, we get better analog stick input).


This is also effectively the same as the official GC adapter.

We also support pretty much any GC -> USB adapter as long as it gives some sort of controller interface, but for obvious reasons we try to recommend one or two.

u/tremens · 6 pointsr/cordcutters

Huh? No. It's a PlayStation Vita without the screen attached and a somewhat more limited selection of games/apps (games available directly from the PSN store are here.)

You do NOT "need a PS4 as well," but if you do have a PS4 you can use it as a Remote Play console to play and control the PS4 from another location over the network.

Note that this does NOT appear to be the bundle that includes a DualShock 3 controller, so you'll really want to either already have one or figure buying that too, which would degrade the value of this deal (I've seen the PSTV w/DS3 and an 8GB memory stick for around $100 not too long ago.)

EDIT: Amazon has the bundle with controller for $100, but no memory card included.

u/fuska · 6 pointsr/PS4

If you are looking for a console based way to play PS1 classics (and the amazing JRPGS on the vita/PSP) try out a Playstation TV it is essentially the hardware of the Vita without the super expensive screen and battery. It plays any Vita game that doesn't REQUIRE touch screen/camera/gyroscope. Here is a semi partial list of the games you can play on it

  • Final Fantasy 1-X-2, Tactics
  • Persona 2: Innocent Sin

  • Persona 3: Portable

  • Persona 4 Golden (That HD re-release you've clamored for)

  • Persona 4 Dancing All Night (The most embarrassing game ever made)

  • Ys: Seven

  • All the NIS America games that released on PSP

  • Valkyria Chronicles 2

  • Ys: Memories of Celceta

  • Steins;Gate

  • Corpse Party

    TONS more games, check out the digital PSP classics page on PSN, it can play all of those
u/Wumbologist4 · 6 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Does this work as a portable dock? How exactly does it work. Do I charge that with a USB c cable and it connects to the switch and tv? What is the USB a port for?

Also does anyone know if there are controller adaptors that work for multiple controllers?

u/BR3VITY · 6 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

There are several out there now and they all seem to work fine. Amazon has many listed. I own this one and it works as advertised. The Nyko one comes with an HDMI and Power Cable so its a good deal. Put the link to the Nyko one below the one I have. https://www.amazon.com/FastSnail-Adapter-Nintendo-Switch-Converter/dp/B074MYLP9C/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1505917683&sr=8-4&keywords=Switch+HDMI+Adapter


u/horrorslice · 6 pointsr/Switch

I don't have a PS4 but it says you can.. I think. Ninja edit after reading. It's not so clear. Not on my PC so I'll get back to you.

8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac, & Raspberry Pi https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0786JC6VW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_ge5xCbNSSF02E

Edit: looks like it's literally only for Switch, Windows, Mac and the Pi. I thought it was just another dumb incorrect Amazon title, but it turns out I'm the one who's dumb and incorrect.

u/ajbrensike · 6 pointsr/TeslaLounge

It can connect via Bluetooth, not with Tesla internal system though, but for $20 you can get a 8Bitdo dongle, and that can connect to a xbox one controller. Tested and played cuphead on the Tesla last night with this setup. Works perfectly.

Here is the link:

8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac, & Raspberry Pi


u/StabTheTank · 6 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

> 8bitdo wireless adapter

Wait, so just grab one of these and I'm good? https://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Bluetooth-Adapter-Nintendo-Switch-Raspberry/dp/B0786JC6VW/

Any side effects? Input lag? Frequent disconnects?

u/the_light_of_dawn · 6 pointsr/3DS

If your hands are cramping up (like mine always have when playing handhelds), you might want to look into a grip. This one in particular has helped me so much with being able to play my N3DS XL for more than 25 minutes or so at any given time.

It seems like you're referring to both the size (hand cramping) and button quality. The buttons have never been an issue for me. I like that they're bigger than the Vita's at least.

As far as sizing goes, it all comes down to personal preference. Some will tell you they prefer the portability of the N3DS, the colored buttons, and the slightly sharper image on the screen. Others will tell you that they prefer the XL's larger size and don't mind the decreased portability or the slightly less sharp resolution. It all boils down to what you're looking for in your 3DS experience, I guess. I'm a N3DS XL man myself.

u/matthew011029 · 6 pointsr/MonsterHunter

I have personally bought and used these ones, they feel just like a controller and are great for the hands.
I have personally got used to playing without a grip attachment, but generally they are definitely worth it if you get cramps from playing, much more comfortable.

u/rickasaurus007 · 6 pointsr/3DS

I have the Majoras Mask 3DS XL. Love the thing and spent many hours on it.

I did however recently pick this up and gotta say, its a fantastic add-on for the system.

Also having just grabbed MH4U on the Capcom sale, it will be paying for itself over the next 50 hours!


u/jake_kulp · 6 pointsr/MonsterHunter

I just got the MHX Grip. Basically the same thing minus the stand. AMA. I can include pictures!

EDIT: I also own this grip if anyone happens to be interested in my experience with that.

u/Mr_0pportunity · 6 pointsr/3DS
u/Tovora · 6 pointsr/pcgaming

Amazon ships here.

u/thoomfish · 6 pointsr/SteamController

Alternately, use this link which supports charity (via Amazon Smile) instead of lining OP's pockets by clicking his referral link.

u/Medicine-Man · 6 pointsr/battlestations

So I hate to have you start a new addiction ;) but the ladies and lads over at /r/mechanicalkeyboards have a plethora of different keyboards varying in price. The caps were gifted to me and originally black. This is a MagicForce 68 that I purchased used from a friend so I am not 100% on the MSRP this has MX Black on it.

Keycaps: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/galaxy-c-pbt-all-over-dye-subbed-keycap-set currently have a sale on Massdrop for them I saw. My friends got it for me during Christmas at the original $100 price point this is Almost 50 bucks off!

Keyboard:The Black on is the pricer of the two probably be cause of the switches. https://www.amazon.com/Mechanical-Keyboard-GATERON-Magicforce-Qisan/dp/B01E57PUNA/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1486745275&sr=8-5&keywords=magicforce+68

Looks like the White version is on Sale also!

u/Hippobu2 · 6 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Personally, for me, I believe that the best case is the Sheikah Slate that comes with BotW SE. EB and Best Buy both said that they will have it, so be on the look out for them, cuz amazon is out.

The same case, with different designs, is made by PDP. You can get them via these links: 1, 2, 3, 4.

This one is quite close to the Sheikah Slate as well, but it doesn't ship to where I am, so I'm not sure it would ship to you.

PDP also has this amazing looking soft canvas cases if you're interested: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

You could also go with Hori hard case, which is ugly af, but looks extremely sturdy. But then the actual case from Nintendo (it's not available yet, just wait for it I guess?) is quite close to the Hori one as well, I guess.

I'm throwing all those links at you, because, I have NO idea who Biogenik are and a quick Google doesn't result in anything positive about them.

As for screen protector, for me generally, any film protector would make the screen look worse. They are also a lot more likely to get scratches than the screen alone. I'd recommend a tempered glass screen protector if you get one at all. Here are some, one from Orzly, and one from CaseBase. Orzly seems like the better choice since you get 2, and their other tempered glass protectors are very highly rated.

u/cracktr0 · 6 pointsr/summonerschool

Mechanical keyboards are great. Razor is good for mice, I'd choose someone else for keyboard though. Corsair makes good products in both categories, I'd start there. I have a 10-keyless k65 corsair, but they have full size versions of the same if you prefer a numpad.


Is the one I have and I have no complaints after 1+ years :)


Mouse suggestion ^^

I know these are both probably slightly outside your price-range but they are definitely worth their costs.

u/NintendoGuy128 · 6 pointsr/wiiu

Why not just get one of these instead, in either Mario or Luigi editions?

u/KARNOVsSTACHE · 6 pointsr/casualnintendo

Made by PDP. Licensed by Nintendo.

Hori has a couple coming out next month licensed by Nintendo too. I think the Hori ones look better.

Hori Mario

Hori Luigi

u/Porkpants81 · 6 pointsr/3DS

This is the best case for usage all the time.


It's not bulky so the system will still fit in most external cases as well. Plus it's clear so you can still see the design of your LE system.

u/mossi123uk · 6 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

i used this Orzly Premium Tempered Glass on both my switches , it goes on super easy

u/ily88242 · 6 pointsr/Switch

My spouse and I bought this dock shell that is designed for the motherboard from the OG switch dock to fit perfectly inside of it. So it would still use the OG Nintendo dock but is a MUCH more portable, and in our opinion, more convenient docking mechanism. And no risk of bricking. Win-win

BASSTOP Portable Dock Replacement Case for Nintendo Switch (Only The case, You Have to DIY with The Circuit Board chip from The Original Dock) (Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071YVC3NJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_tHHlDbGNTEKJD

u/seanmacproductions · 6 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Your safest bet is getting this off amazon. Basically that's just a plastic shell, you take an official dock apart and place the board inside that. It's the most expensive way to do it (official docks are still like $90), but definitely the safest, since you're basically just using an official dock inside of a different plastic housing.

u/tobitobiguacamole · 5 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Very necessary. The screen is plastic and scratches very, very easily. See this video for more - https://youtu.be/XJP6gERPmMk

I bought the Orzly one, was like 6 bucks and you can't even tell it's on there - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N9RG3XS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_386qXP2SPLs3o

The amFilm one is supposed to be good too.

Make sure to use the shower/tape hinge technique, described in one of the answers for the amFilm one on amazon. Worked great for me.

u/vectini89 · 5 pointsr/Switch

i haven't personally got a sd card for mine but my advice go for as big as you can afford, i would recommend the orzly screen protectors really good quality https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01N9RG3XS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

personally i dont really take my switch outside so never bothered with any cases but I would recommend picking up a LAN adapter if you plan on playing any online games like splatoon, not sure about everyone else's but the signal strength on my switch, unless I'm in the room with the router, its pants. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00MYTSN18/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

u/njmase · 5 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Just bought a switch for use mainly:

  1. Travelling long-haul for work..so for use on flights/trains/hotels (handheld Zelda, Minecraft, Super Mario Odyssey etc) ...of course when I'm home I will be hooking up to the big screen, but most cases will be on the road
  2. Playing at home multiplayer with young kids (Mario Kart, Minecraft...etc)

    ...and wanted to know if there are any "must-have" accessories I've missed off my list (aside from extra controls):

u/StephenDawg · 5 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

The Orzly case is pretty cool. It holds 8 games and the Switch is secured in place with elastic straps. https://www.amazon.com/Orzly-Carry-Case-Compatible-Nintendo-Switch/dp/B01NAUKS62

u/GooseRider960 · 5 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Reposting this because it got buried in the last thread.

I need help on deciding a case. I've narrowed it down to four, but I suppose if none of them are great, I could go for a fifth option.

Protection is a big thing here, so if any of these are flimsy, let me know.

PDP Nintendo Switch Premium Console Case

RDS Industries, Inc Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe System Case

Orzly Carry Case for Nintendo Switch

2017 Switch Hard Shell Carry Case

While I like the portability the smaller ones have, the big one being able to carry everything is a big bonus. Protection is a huge factor too.

u/MDG5AL · 5 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Check this guy out: https://www.amazon.com/BASSTOP-Portable-Replacement-Nintendo-Original/dp/B071YVC3NJ?th=1&psc=1

Edit - This is only a shell and you'll be switching the internals of your stock-dock, but it does minimize the size dramatically.

u/fenrirofdarkness · 5 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I actually got something like this instead.

Because it's all using the original dock, there shouldn't be any problem.

u/stretch_muffler · 5 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I highly recommend not doing the LED monitor part because it already a screen built in and it's a pain in the ass to integrate in a car.

To get video output, you have to supply a very specific amount of power via USB-C to the console to convince it to go into dock mode. If you look at the reference here, it's a bit of a mess:


If you rig up a thing to hold the Switch in place behind the seat and do audio out to the car (3.5mm), it'll be much simpler.

If you do end up doing video, maybe get a cable like this so you don't have to worry about the Nintendo Dock: https://www.amazon.com/FastSnail-Adapter-Nintendo-Switch-Converter/dp/B074MYLP9C/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_63_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=46A86FPPXBRYDXR4T5Z6

You still need to supply the proper power to the console which is the annoying part.

u/mjlp716 · 5 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

True, but something like this which I purchased and use is even smaller and fits right in my small switch case. Something the orginal dock can't do.

u/iRandomGuy · 5 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

FastSnail HDMI Type C Adapter for Nintendo Switch, HDMI Converter Cable for Nintendo Switch https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074MYLP9C/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_A9WOzbQ3HAKN4

u/uns211 · 5 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

There will be some more affordable options coming. Here is one by XBERSTAR on Aliexpress which is the same as the CF002 (Type-C in, HDMI, one USB 3.0). FastSnail will also carry this adapter. I found another one on Alibaba that has the same I/O as the CF003 (two Type-C, HDMI, three USB 3.0) minus the removable cable. Unfortunately, ZYNUN on Amazon has a preorder price that is double the unit cost at $69.99.

u/Shadax · 5 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

The switch doesn't have a direct HDMI out, so an HDMI cable alone won't do it. You need a switch to HDMI out adapter.

Something like this, but it isn't that much less cumbersome than a dock:


u/Blargaman · 5 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I bought this one about a month ago, but it used to be $25. It works fine with any power adapter, even a 5V phone charger, and that's something the official dock can't do.

u/epoisse_throwaway · 5 pointsr/Games

>The Xbox One controller feels so much fucking better it isn't even funny, wish I could use that to play the Switch.

You actually can

u/Kramester · 5 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch

I have one of these that I use with a ps4 dual shock. It’s great.

u/iamyashsoni · 5 pointsr/GameDeals

Also look at 8bitDo wireless adapter if u already have a ps4 or Xbone controller, before buying this:

8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac, & Raspberry Pi https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0786JC6VW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_JJNSAb78854B2

u/hobofats · 5 pointsr/gaming
u/DITC01 · 5 pointsr/PS4

get yourself a pair of Grip-Its, they're awesome and super comfortable.

u/elshizzo · 5 pointsr/PS3

It's pretty well known that [even though I love the controller overall] the ps3 doesn't have the best analog sticks.

Some people put covers on the analog's like these

It's one thing the ps4 really did right imo is fix the analogs. Now that I think about it, you could probably also get a ps4 controller and use it as a ps3 controller to fix your problem.

u/wisaaka · 5 pointsr/PS4

Something like Grip-Its work fantastically. They are very cheap, very easy to put on, and add a good deal of grip to your existing sticks. It's one thing if you want to tinker with the controller, but other than that, it's far simpler to put on covers.


Edit: that US$4.35 price is for two pairs.

u/onurdogu · 5 pointsr/PS4

You can just buy digital psn cards from Amazon US. They send you the code via e-mail or you can see it on your Amazon account.

Here is a link for a 20 dollar US PSN digital card: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004RMK4BC/ref=oh_aui_d_detailpage_o00_?ie=UTF8&psc=1

u/mmafan18 · 5 pointsr/NBA2k

You said you have an xbox 360. Do you have a wireless or wired controller ?

If you have a wireless controller you can just get an adapter
like this one and use the controller on PC.

u/Salinisations · 5 pointsr/teaching

Everyone else so far have been suggesting alternative ways to go about this, but if you want to go with your original set up you need one more piece of a equipment.

You'll need a USB Wii bar which you can from Amazon. I like dolphins one which you can find here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mayflash-W010-Dolphin-Bar-Wireless-x/dp/B00HZWEB74

You'll need some sort of PowerPoint macro to show each winner and then you'll probably need to use Autohotkey to convert the input from your remotes into a signal for your macro.

If this sounds too much that's fine. If you'd like to know more let me know and I'll see if I can help.

u/Adantingtask · 5 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I bought the dolphin bar from mayflash. Was annoyed that I had to buy a third party adapter to get my wii mote working, but it is soooooo convenient!

EDIT: some more information

The Dolphin Bar by Mayflash. I bought it from Amazon but this link takes you to Mayflash's page.

Lastly, this is a hardware review on the Dolphin Emulator website that talks about it. I haven't had any issues with the bar. I love it! I can switch the mode with a press of a button and use it as a pointer to move the mouse cursor too, which is convenient if I want to switch to Netflix on the HTPC in the living room after dying one too many times in Skyward Sword.

u/chris247 · 5 pointsr/emulation
u/JordanRynes · 5 pointsr/3dshacks

Is this is what I need to get the oothax save on a copy of OoT3D? I just want to make absolutely sure before buying anything.

u/RedTheTrainer · 5 pointsr/3dshacks

If you buy a powersaves from amazon here:


and the nintendo selects version of ocarina for 20 bucks and you have the exploit installable without a second 3ds.

Alternatively you could just buy a sky3ds cart and use that to emulate cubic ninja. Thats what I did. I picked up a cheap blue button version for 60 a while a go and just installed the game there. Exploit worked as if it was a game cart

u/TheCodingGamer · 5 pointsr/dragonquest

> ...I'm bummed that the...DLC aspects of the game are gone and I don't get to experience them.

Actually, they're still fairly easy to access. You'll need to extract the savefile from the cartridge, which you can do easily with one of those Action Replay Powersave Editors, and once you have that you just open it in a special DQ9 save editor, and mark the DLC check boxes. That'll give you all the extra quests, inn guests, and exclusive items. Then just put the save file back on the cartridge and play! :D


Here's a full guide for details.

u/EzioSC5 · 5 pointsr/FinalFantasy

Get a PSTV and play the Vita version would be absolutely the cheapest.

u/QuietJackal · 5 pointsr/vita

Not quite that...the playstation TV is a mini-console that you hook up to your TV, and you can use a dualshock 3 or 4 to play the games, it takes vita games and memory cards, but comes with 1GB of storage.

Playstation TV

Edit- Simply put it is a Vita in the shape of a console.


You don't need to buy a vita. All you need is to buy a Playstation TV and a copy of Persona 4 Golden for vita. The Playstation TV plays most Vita games including Persona 4 Golden. It has a game slot cartridge so even physical vita games work. It hooks straight to your TV via HDMI. This is what I used to play P4G and it was well worth it!

u/aquaka · 5 pointsr/Persona5

I got mine from amazon. If you have a PS4 or PS3 controller, it will be $50 for the PSTV and $20 for P4G. If you don't have a controller, there is a PSTV bundle with one for $80.

So basically, if you have a controller it will be $70, otherwise $100. Links below:



u/WalterSobczak · 5 pointsr/halo

I recommend getting the Nintendo GameCube-Wii U adapter, I bought two over the holidays. https://www.amazon.com/Super-Smash-GameCube-Adapter-Wii-U/dp/B00L3LQ1FI

I've been playing Sunshine on PC for the past few days, and lordy lordy does it look gud on 4K downsampled to 720p.

u/Kooreth · 5 pointsr/wiiu

I noticed that my game still hadn't shipped this morning, and was incorrectly linking tracking information to another shipment which had already been delivered. This was my second contact with Amazon support since I hadn't received notice that it was shipped or shipping soon. The first guy just told me it would ship soon. This guy looked into and told me that the gamecube adapters were out of stock and holding up the entire order.

Just for clarification, this was not the game+controller+adapter bundle, but the stand alone adapters.


u/baste5 · 5 pointsr/wiiu

Yes. Amazon has the adapter listed for 20$, however the date is still TBA.

u/PandiReddits · 5 pointsr/hardwareswap

The Deathadder Chroma sells for $70 new, its even discounted right now on amazon for $54, I was in a thread earlier and someone sold one for $35. Adjust your price if you really want to sell it.

u/_paramedic · 5 pointsr/hackintosh

(continued from previous post)

The DAYUM Build (AKA The You Spend Irresponsibly Build) ~ $5500

Price breakdown by merchant

CPU | Intel Core i7-4930K 3.4GHz 6-Core Processor | $554.98 @ NCIX US
CPU Cooler | Corsair H100i 77.0 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler | $89.99 @ Amazon
Motherboard | Asus Rampage IV Black Edition EATX LGA2011 Motherboard | $391.98 @ Newegg
Memory | Corsair Vengeance 64GB (8 x 8GB) DDR3-1600 Memory | $594.99 @ Amazon
Storage | Samsung 850 EVO-Series 500GB 2.5" Solid State Drive | $229.99 @ Amazon
Storage | Western Digital Red Pro 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive | $139.74 @ SuperBiiz
Storage | Western Digital Red Pro 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive | $139.74 @ SuperBiiz
Storage | Western Digital Red Pro 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive | $139.74 @ SuperBiiz
Storage | Western Digital Red Pro 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive | $139.74 @ SuperBiiz
Storage | Western Digital Red Pro 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive | $139.74 @ SuperBiiz
Video Card | EVGA GeForce GTX 980 4GB Superclocked Video Card (4-Way SLI) | $549.99 @ Amazon
Video Card | EVGA GeForce GTX 980 4GB Superclocked Video Card (4-Way SLI) | $549.99 @ Amazon
Video Card | EVGA GeForce GTX 980 4GB Superclocked Video Card (4-Way SLI) | $549.99 @ Amazon
Video Card | EVGA GeForce GTX 980 4GB Superclocked Video Card (4-Way SLI) | $549.99 @ Amazon
Case | Fractal Design Define XL R2 (Black Pearl) ATX Full Tower Case | $124.99 @ NCIX US
Power Supply | Corsair AX1500i 1500W 80+ Titanium Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply | $405.98 @ Newegg
Optical Drive | Asus DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS DVD/CD Writer | $16.98 @ OutletPC
Optical Drive | Asus DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS DVD/CD Writer | $16.98 @ OutletPC
Wireless Network Adapter | Rosewill RNX-N150UBE 802.11b/g/n USB 2.0 Wi-Fi Adapter | $11.98 @ OutletPC
Case Fan | Corsair CO-9050017-WLED 66.4 CFM 140mm Fan | $13.98 @ OutletPC
Case Fan | Corsair CO-9050017-WLED 66.4 CFM 140mm Fan | $13.98 @ OutletPC
Case Fan | Corsair CO-9050017-WLED 66.4 CFM 140mm Fan | $13.98 @ OutletPC
Case Fan | Corsair CO-9050017-WLED 66.4 CFM 140mm Fan | $13.98 @ OutletPC
Case Fan | Corsair CO-9050017-WLED 66.4 CFM 140mm Fan | $13.98 @ OutletPC
| | Total
| Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available | $5407.40
| Generated by PCPartPicker 2015-01-28 05:09 EST-0500 |

This shit is gonna blow any Mac Pro away. In fact, it'll blow everything away. You better have a backup generator. And you better know what you're getting into smh. Btw, I have no idea whether this is Hackintosh-compatible. Asus motherboards can be tricky but if you're going to invest this much money you might as well invest the time to set it all up. Or hire someone. Whatever. Oh, and still cheaper than a "comparable" (lol, it doesn't compare) Mac Pro by like, $4000. Buy yourself a render farm. Or more than one computer. Or the Apple Store.


Price breakdown by merchant

CPU | Intel Core i3-4150 3.5GHz Dual-Core Processor | $104.99 @ SuperBiiz
Thermal Compound | Arctic Silver 5 High-Density Polysynthetic Silver 3.5g Thermal Paste | $6.49 @ OutletPC
Motherboard | Gigabyte GA-H87N Mini ITX LGA1150 Motherboard | $96.98 @ OutletPC
Memory | G.Skill Sniper 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory | $61.99 @ Newegg
Storage | Samsung 840 EVO 120GB 2.5" Solid State Drive | $82.99 @ NCIX US
Case | Fractal Design Node 304 Mini ITX Tower Case | $78.99 @ SuperBiiz
Power Supply | Corsair RM 450W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply | $88.99 @ Directron
| | Total
| Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available | $521.42
| Generated by PCPartPicker 2015-01-28 05:18 EST-0500 |

Time for the render node! You only really need a processor and stuff that fits with it. I went barebones with this, and stuffed it all into the smallest case I could while leaving breathing room for cooling. You can stack these on top of each other. Better yet, buy an IKEA drawer set and put them in drawers. Remember to carve out the back to allow for air to escape and to manage cables. Voila! Your own render farm, nicely tucked next to your desk.

Disclaimer: I got the render-farm-in-drawers idea from this guy. I saw it on a blog like year or two ago, I had no idea he started a website. Check it out!


For video editing, gaming, and general use, I recommend the following monitor because it isn't glossy (fuck glare!), is LED-backlit, has IPS technology for amazing viewing angles and color reproduction, is HDMI-compatible, 1080p, has a fast response time (5 ms), and is relatively affordable (about $160 USD street.)

If you want headphones, check these out. They're great middle-range headphones that are good for music, gaming, and other general use.

If you're doing audio work, I recommend using monitors for accurate sound-reproduction and to avoid coloring your mixes. A ton of people I know swear by these. Remember to treat your room! There are great tips and guides for all genres of music over at r/edmproduction. Don't let the name fool you; they have some great stuff for everyone.

In terms of mice, any will do; I personally recommend this one, though.

In terms of keyboards, use whatever you're comfortable with. I know a lot of people swear by mechanical keyboards, especially keyboards that have CherryMX keys. I personally hate them because I'm far more accurate with chiclet keyboards. However, I plan to change my key caps to some that are shallower/need to be pressed harder to register (I currently have Cherry MX Reds, want to switch to Browns). The great thing about mechanical keyboards is that they are customizable! If you are used to Apple Keyboards, this keyboard should provide a good balance between the feel of chiclet keys and that of a mechanical keyboard.

If you're balking at these prices, you're not alone. Unfortunately, quality products mean shelling out hard-earned moolah. If you can afford it and think it will be valuable to you, I think these products should work well for their intended purposes and have good quality. I have personally used all of these products. Of course, don't take my word for it; look around r/buildapc, r/headphones, and r/edmproduction for more recommendations.

(continued in final post)

u/SlapingTheFist · 5 pointsr/Gamecube

Did you get one of the Hori Battle Pads? Those aren't actual GC controllers.

u/elouie82 · 5 pointsr/wiiu

Hey bud,

I, personally, find Shulk to be a tough character to learn. I think you'd benefit from trying out different characters; after all, it's always the same button combinations -- that's the beauty of smash.

Shulk is a slower character; I'd recommend learning with a medium speed character for all around damage and maneuverability. This game is about positioning and predicting the enemy; having a bulky character means you're constantly struggling with your own mobility rather than having time to think about positioning. Once you get a better understanding of the game, you would switch back to Shulk and have a deeper appreciation for his attack power.

Some good examples of medium-speed include Lucina, Mario, Zelda, Falco. They're really well rounded characters. My personal favorites in the game are Fox, Rosalina&Luma, Toon Link, Peach, Charizard, and Lucina; it goes to show that all weight-classes are viable and fun in their own regard. Since you already know the Counter ability, Lucina/Marth would be a decent place to start.

While some say it takes the joy out of it, the best way to get better is playing 1v1, no items, and a basic stage like Final Destination or Battlefield. It cuts out all the random things that happen.

Playing against a single computer and ramping up the difficulty is a good way to learn. You can mirror match, to see how a level 9 computer does certain moves/combos. Maybe you'll see them do something you don't already know, and you can try to mimic it, like "teching." From here, you can figure out which moves have a slower recovery (i.e. every time you use this one ability, you get hit... better not use that ability unless you know you can hit him with it). In time, playing against the same person/computer will improve your game.

As for controls, I know many friends that learned the Smash during Brawl, and play the game just fine using the Wii Remote and Nunchuck; in the end it's about personal preference and how you learned the game. Ideally, a GameCube controller has the perfect layout. To cut your expenses, you should be able to get (http://www.amazon.com/HORI-Battle-Mario-Version-Turbo-u/dp/B00ND0E5ZU) for around $25 if you scope it out, which plugs into a Wii remote and is wired as a Classic Controller. If you don't, the GamePad layout is fine.

Finally, if 1v1, no-items, final destination just isn't fun for you, forget about it! Play to have fun, not to memorize combos. I spent 2-3 hours today with my brother learning Captain Falcon, laughing at trying to hit one-another with his side-air knee attack. Anytime I learned anything new about the character, he'd mimic it and vice versa until we just got better with the character as a whole.

u/kitsovereign · 5 pointsr/wiiu

The GCN Controller Adapter is made to work with any regular-old GCN controllers, whether they were brand new ones release along with Smash, or nasty-ass crusty ones you've had for 14 years without cleaning.

There's a bunch of knockoffs that popped up because the official one was seriously unavailable for a while. The Mayflash should work fine and work just the same as the original - I haven't heard anybody complain about the adapter.

The GCN Adapter only works with Smash. It doesn't even work with stuff in Wii mode! If you're not going to buy an official GCN controller, you could always buy a HORI Battle Pad, which is more versatile (since it works like a Classic Controller) and is better quality than the janky-ass controllers you currently have your eye on.

u/Gunmetal89 · 5 pointsr/3DS

Clean your device before you put a shell on it.

Edit: Thats the only way I see this scratching anything.

u/Mr_Flagg · 5 pointsr/3DS

Cyber Gadget Rubber Coating Grip 2 Black For Nintendo New 3DS LL XL https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B013JDH8J0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_icbsDbQF3Z577

I bought this one about a yea ago. It's an excellent grip, feels comfortable, has a nice smooth rubbery feel and it detaches very easily. Just hold the tab at the back and lift 3ds out.

u/SvennEthir · 5 pointsr/MonsterHunter

I've got the blue version of this grip.

I highly recommend it. It makes the 3DS so much more comfortable. Before my hands would cramp after a little bit of time but now I can play for hours with no problems.

The only issue I have is that it makes it harder to fit in a pocket for carrying the 3DS around.

u/segajupiter · 5 pointsr/3DS

I just recently purchased a Cyber Gadget grip and couldn't be happier. I generally play handhelds while lying on a couch or bed, and the grip improves the ergonomics tremendously.

I have adult sized human hands; without the grip I find that my thumbs are recruited to help stabilize the system which becomes very uncomfortable very quickly. With the grip, the palms of my hands and four fingers do all of the stability work leaving my thumbs free and loose for analog stick input and button presses.

u/ZMOT7S · 5 pointsr/linux_gaming

If anybody wants prime shipping I chatted with them last night and they wouldn't price match so I suggested they put it on sale for the same price. They said they would take that suggestion to the team. Today it's on sale for the same price!


u/tielknight · 5 pointsr/buildapcsales

Damn, doesn't look like it works with the Wireless Xbone controller without buying some extra software :\

edit : Steam Controller is als on sale for $35 https://smile.amazon.com/Steam-Controller-SteamOS/dp/B016KBVBCS?

u/seaking177 · 5 pointsr/SteamController

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B016KBVBCS <- 35$ steam controller

u/OrangePyromancer · 5 pointsr/Steam

You can get it on Amazon! That's where I got mine from.

u/yniew · 5 pointsr/GameDealsMeta

Both the Steam Link ($19.99) and the Steam Controller ($34.99) are the same price on Amazon now which might be a better deal when factoring in shipping costs.
Steam Link
Steam Controller

u/ComputersByte · 5 pointsr/bapcsalescanada

Probably just competing with this

u/kitt_lite · 5 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

There's a tempered glass one available on Amazon!


u/syncorpse · 4 pointsr/3DS

Just got a 3ds a month ago, this was a must have for me, no more cramps or awkward hand positions.

u/VILLIAMZATNER · 4 pointsr/MonsterHunter

Would like to tag on to this to say buying a controller grip and if you're using a N3DSXL, replacing the nub with a PSP 1000 series stick will hugely increase the quality of play. My brother owns a N2DSXL and made the same changes. If ripping out the nub makes you uncomfortable, videos on YouTube are easy to find. I do not regret it one bit, the psp stick is a full upgrade from the shitty nub.

In 2016 I bought a N3DSXL to exclusively play Pokemon and to enter the MH franchise. I tried MHGEN first and the barrier of the controls, and Gen's assumption that you're already an experienced Hunter made me quit before I even killed a Great Maccao.

Advice online suggested MH4U was a better entry point to the series, and it 100% was for me. That motivated me to find ways to make the handheld more comfortable for my giant fucking sausage fingers.

To me, MH4U legitimately feels like a full sized game stuffed into a handheld system. I still found myself fully immersed, even with 3ds graphics, which really fly below the radar when you're occupied with the technical mechanics that make this series so addicting.

u/HohoHere · 4 pointsr/3DS

This Grip is hands down the best accessory I've bought for the new 3ds. Best part is, it doesn't block anything on the 3ds itself! You can close it with it on, access the game slot, charge it, etc.
Couldn't recommend it more personally.


u/Ziathon3 · 4 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I have both and a Vita and love them all. I play a game on the Switch, a game on the 3DS and then a game on the Vita...wash, rinse and repeat. I purchased all three systems around when the Switch came out because I decided I wanted to give mobile/handheld gaming a go. The games on the 3DS are cheaper too than brand new games, but they are a ton of fun.

The 3DS library is amazing and will give many, many hours of entertainment to both of you. The Switch has good games right now as well and also gives many hours of entertainment.

If you get a 3DS XL (although I agree that the New 2DS XL looks great since I never turn my 3D on haha), I would recommend grips like these for longer sessions. Happy gaming!

u/Phrickshun · 4 pointsr/MonsterHunter

>Sadly much I love 4U my biggest gripe with it... well, can be simply summed by the fact it's on 3DS and the ungodly bad wrist cramps/aches I've get after a while of playing intensive action games on that tiny boxy console.

If you care enough, Buying a 3DS grip like this one pretty much removes the hand cramps you get from playing on the 3DS for long periods of time. I would know because I dealt with the same issue playing Monster Hunter on the 3DS.

u/MotorbreathX · 4 pointsr/GameDeals
u/BibbitZ · 4 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

Probably better to upgrade something else using that card. Or sell it so you have that $50 to spend elsewhere. There are budget friendly options out there that would easily be recommended, but none of them are at Best Buy.

u/ch1ck3npotpi3 · 4 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

Razer makes some nice mice, but their mechanical keyboards are some of the worst I've ever seen. Only Logitech makes worse mechanical keyboards, in my opinion.

Anyhoo, do you happen to know what kind of switches your boyfriend likes? If not and if he's never owned a mechanical keyboard before, then you should play it safe and stick to something with a brown switch. Do you know what size keyboard he wants? If he wants something compact, then I recommend the Magicforce 68. Stupid name, I know, but the build quality is superb for the price. If you're willing to wait for Black Friday, there will be a 50% sale on the Glorious Modular Keyboard. It's one of the most readily customizable keyboards on the market.

u/PlaysForDays · 4 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

No guarantees because the internet, but I've never had problems downloading things from CNET. If you're looking for pirated copies, then you introduce a wide variety of risks.

If, for some reason, you're skiddish about downloading a game but willing to spend money, you can buy a CD from Amazon which would be in a Halo box.

u/tr00perman567 · 4 pointsr/halo
u/Point_Man01 · 4 pointsr/Games

They're both still sold on Amazon, not sure why others are saying pirating is the only option.

Halo 1

Halo 2

Of course i'm not sure how well they'll run and what sort of unofficial fixes/patches you might need to get them playable.

Still, a port of MCC would be amazing.

u/Yera_ID10392947 · 4 pointsr/halo

Hey there :)

If you've got Halo Combat Evolved on PC, you can download Halo CE (that's custom edition) for free here. CE allows for more flexibility with regards to online play (custom maps, some of which have been modded) but lacks single player (although there are modded multilayer maps built for single-player use), which is made up by the Combat Evolved install.

Also remember to download the 1.0.10 patch before attempting to connect to the internet otherwise you won't be able to find any servers!

As for the Combat Evolved game, there are several ways to obtain a copy one of which is though Amazon. There are probably some other vendors selling it for cheaper but I don't know which would be best for you so I suggest you take a look yourself. Remember to keep a copy of your Combat Evolved product key as you will need it in order to instal CE.

There are, of course, other ways to obtain Combat Evolved, but I don't recommend it.

PM me if you need any more help :)

u/gmcemu · 4 pointsr/funny

Here's the one I bought off amazon. It works great but it's the og japanese version that has a shorter cord than the US version. So you may want to get a usb extension cable if your planning on playing very far from from your pc. I use a mayflash adapter to connect it to my pc and it's automatically recognized by most platformer type games I play like super meat boy, super house of dead ninjas, and electronic super joy.

u/subterfugeinc · 4 pointsr/raspberry_pi

I have this

No drivers needed. Just SNES controllers. Works flawlessly.

u/MJtheMC · 4 pointsr/PS4

I got these for my controllers and it covered them perfectly. And has stopped any further damage from happening. And they are $5.

u/smilingparade · 4 pointsr/otomegames

PSN might reject your credit card if it's foreign. If it does, you might be able to get around it by creating a US PayPal account & inputting a random US address as your "residence", but make sure the billing address is correct & uses your Russia address. Otherwise, you can buy PSN gift cards from Amazon US, just again pretend like you're located in the US. You'll have excess credit if you go the gift card route, though.

u/DrakonLitshed · 4 pointsr/nintendo

Like This one? Thanks for the info, i was dreading getting a screen protector after how many bubbles my 3DS one has.

u/Cardstatman · 4 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Get a tempered glass screen protector for sure. They have saved my bacon with my iPhone countless times. Plus, this doesn't have edge to edge glass, so side drops wont be as big of a deal, meaning a full body case may not be as important. But a face down fall will likely shatter the screen with no joy-con thumb sticks to brace a fall. Plus, plastic ones look terrible and detract from an otherwise beautiful screen, whereas the tempered glass will look virtually the exact same. EDIT: Here is a good twin pack for $10 https://www.amazon.com/Nintendo-Switch-Screen-Protector-Orzly/dp/B01N9RG3XS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1486568284&sr=8-1&keywords=nintendo+switch+tempered+glass

u/Beachbulbul · 4 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

It’s the Orzly Nintendo switch case from amazon. I cut out the middle insert and modified the padding that came with the Core packaging. I used super glue to fix the foam to the bottom of the case.
case on Amazon

u/DementedWarrior · 4 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I use this guy, enough room for controllers, wrist sliders and maybe a cable in there. Also has a nice screen protecting game card holder piece. It’s pretty compact and holding up great after 10 months of use!


u/DelverOfSeacrest · 4 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I just ordered this one. It's only $12.69 and it has 4.5 stars with 2400+ ratings on Amazon.

u/ApostleO · 4 pointsr/Switch

Exactly this, except it's by BASSTOP, not Hori.

u/llibertybell965 · 4 pointsr/Switch

Generally anything third party that handles charging with the Switch is risky. Safest option is that there are kits to open the official dock and reshell it with a smaller form factor. Like this, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071YVC3NJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_04BcBb3VCFJT7

u/BlottoOtter · 4 pointsr/nintendo

>Change Impossible: An adapter for the system that would allow HDMI output in the absence of the dock (so you don't have to lug the breakable dock around with you to a hotel).

I don’t know why they’d call that “impossible”, seeing as how I bought this doohickey two weeks ago.

u/ticktak10 · 4 pointsr/NintendoSwitchDeals

Yeah I felt that too when I tried the demo on the switch. I think it is because of the offset analog sticks when compared to the playstation's controller with the analog sticks on the same axis. I've seen a usb dongle that can allow the switch to accept any bluetooth controller so you could play with a ps3 or ps4 controller. These are two I've looked at since the regular joycons keep cramping my hands.



u/F_S_Rocks · 4 pointsr/VideoGameDealsCanada

I honestly don't recommend getting one, instead consider picking up one of these. It's an adapter that lets you pair pretty much any Bluetooth controller with the switch. Useful if you have controllers for other consoles laying around and waaaay cheaper then a pro controller. I honestly think every switch owner should have one, they're that handy.

u/Lucifronz · 4 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I haven't bought one, myself (intend to, though, so I can connect my Xbox One controller to my PC when I feel like it), so I can't speak on the quality of any.

Personally a cheap dongle doesn't seem like the best of ideas, because I worry about the quality. Not just whether it'll break (which is less problematic due to the usually condensed size, although the possibility is still there), but because dongles like that don't interact well with updates.

My uncle used a simple wifi adapter for his PC back when he used Windows 7 or 8. Then he updated to Windows 10 and it not only had issues working, but it outright caused crashing when used above a certain download limit. After a while just opening an internet browser guaranteed a blue screen.

That's before and after Windows 10 reinstalls.

So I elect to find something a bit more quality. I have considered the 8Bitdo adapter, myself, because it could also be used for my Switch if I need an extra controller for whatever reason. Although it's unnecessarily large, which is a problem of its own.

u/No_Pepper · 4 pointsr/wiiu

First of all, that would be the only reason to use 2 USB ports. One will handle the data from the controllers, and one will power the four controllers. USB 2.0 can't transfer data and power simultaneously.

Second of all, if you look at a photo of the adapter, the plugs are differentiated. Gray is power, and black is data.

u/JohnyEZ · 4 pointsr/pcmasterrace

If you have friends you open your selection up greatly. I recommend lethal league, duck game, civ 5, warframe, g mod, Don't starve together, borderlands 2, rocket league, csgo, speed runners, killing floor 1 or 2, portal 1 and 2, Monaco, overwatch, league of legends(for some people), and payday 2.

And for single player:
Alien: Isolation, stardew valley, prison architect, Faster than light, Fallout 3, NV, and 4, skyrim, skyrim: enderal, GTA 5, Just Cause 3, shadows of mordor, Batman Arkham city, papers please, shovel knight, bio shock infinite,doom, dragon age inquisition, this is the police, journey, Abzu, witcher 3, wolfenstein, ,Metal Gear Solid 5, Deus Ex games, and dust force.

There's more but not off the top of my head but msg me if you want more suggestions.

And for Mice, FinalMouse: https://www.amazon.com/FinalMouse-FM2015-Finalmouse-2016-Classic/dp/B00MX8QSLW

Razer Death Adder: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00MYTSDU4/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1473523031&sr=8-1&pi=SY200_QL40&keywords=razer+mouse

u/Freddy_Flamo · 4 pointsr/SSBM


Those things exist so I'm not really surprised.

u/DJBlueJay · 4 pointsr/smashbros

If you require a Gamecube controller soon, and do not already have an adapter, I highly recommend the HORI HORI Battle Pad Turbo. It includes a turbo function, ZL and ZR buttons, as well has a Home button and -/+ buttons. The triggers are different from the regular one, but they are still great. It feels the exact same to hold as a regular GCC. They instead hook up to a Wiimote, and are wireless through that. I almost never tell people to buy third party controllers, but for this scenario, I think they are very amazing for only $25.

They are not hard to find at retailers, but for online they appear to be the second best thing, so get them quick, they are running out fast.

(Also comes in Luigi Version)

u/Rampey · 4 pointsr/3DS

I recommend getting a clear dura-flex case for your 3ds, it's not that expensive and allows you to protect your 3ds from scratches and hand sweat without covering up the awesome design. link
You can also find this case just about anywhere in-store too incase you don't wanna wait for shipping.

u/pabloescobyte · 4 pointsr/3DS

I assumed the same unfortunately it's quite glossy. All the n3DS XL consoles are glossy finish.

Everyone says good things about the HORI Duraflexi case which is clear.

A little pricier but better selection, you can go with the TPU covers or PC covers from Play-Asia or similar sites like AmiAmi or even check eBay.

Personally I miss the matte finish of the o3DS XL consoles.

u/mholger · 4 pointsr/3DS

Hori has new TPU cases for the New 3DS -- available on Amazon

I loved the TPU case for my "original" 3DS XL, so this is the direction I'm going.

u/TheStoneNinja00 · 4 pointsr/buildapcforme

Some items on the list didn't have a direct link to Best Buy, but could be found on their website. I've made copies of these items as custom parts with URLs to the correct page for your convenience. I seriously spent 2 hours on this list. No exaggerating. I checked. I included an optic drive that does everything. Blu-Ray, Cds, DVDs, done. Slap on some headphones and you've got a pretty decent and nice looking gaming and media machine.

PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

CPU | Intel Core i5-4460 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor | $189.99 @ Best Buy
Memory | PNY Optima 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1333 Memory | $74.99 @ Best Buy
Storage | Transcend SSD340 256GB 2.5" Solid State Drive | $114.99 @ Best Buy
Storage | Seagate SuperSpeed HDD 1TB 2.5" 5400RPM Hybrid Internal Hard Drive | $112.99 @ Best Buy
Video Card | MSI GeForce GTX 750 2GB TWIN FROZR Video Card |-
Case | Rosewill CHALLENGER ATX Mid Tower Case |-
Power Supply | Corsair RM 650W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply | $112.99 @ Best Buy
Optical Drive | Asus BW-12B1ST/BLK/G/AS Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Writer | $82.99 @ Best Buy
Operating System | Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 (OEM) (64-bit) |-
Monitor | Acer H236HLbid 60Hz 23.0" Monitor | $149.99 @ Best Buy
Keyboard | Razer BlackWidow Wired Gaming Keyboard |-
Mouse | Razer DeathAdder Wired Laser Mouse |-
Other| MSI Gaming Motherboard| $175.96
Other| XBox One Wireless Controller| $59.99
Other| Rosewill CHALLENGER Case URL| Purchased
Other| MSI Windforce Twin Frozr GPU URL| Purchased
Other| Windows 7 OS URL| Purchased
Other| Razer DeathAdder URL| Purchased
| | Total
| Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available | $1415.76
| Generated by PCPartPicker 2014-11-21 04:04 EST-0500 |

I will also recommend Razer's Sabertooth controller, which is a bit more pricey, but way cooler.

Also, In order to use your xbox one controller with your PC, you'll need this.

Here are some examples of what you can accomplish outside of Best Buy:



And I can make a new build from scratch to further prove my point. I really hope this helped. Let me know if you want more advice :)

u/codenamegamma · 4 pointsr/emulation

to piggyback of this idea. you could always get a Dolphin bar, the connect your wiimote then whatever you want to if you have a older pro controller this works really well, or even the ones that are snes replicas that plug into the wiimtoe will also work. https://www.amazon.com/Mayflash-W010-Wireless-Sensor-DolphinBar/dp/B00HZWEB74

u/driscoll42 · 4 pointsr/Games

There is almost no reason to ever not use the latest dev version of Dolphin, Netplay being one of the few exceptions. For a specific game you should generally check the wiki, specifically in this case, the entry for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It is playable in Dolphin, however you have to have a Wii MothionPlus and connect it to your PC through the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack, the DolphinBar works well here to assist you.

u/raven575 · 4 pointsr/emulation

I tried using a wireless wii sensor bar and a bluetooth dongle, but that is not easy and you have to get very specific devices. For equal or less money you can get a DolphinBar from Mayflash...best $20 I've spent on wii emulation stuff. This device just works. It's easy, just buy it.



u/DarkenRaul1 · 4 pointsr/Persona5

Ever heard of Amazon my good man?

u/OctoSevenTwo · 4 pointsr/persona4golden

Do you already own a PS4? I would go on Amazon and buy a PSTV. It’s a tiny little thing but it can play Vita games on your TV screen, and you can buy/download PS1 games as well so there’s more value. You do need to purchase a new controller to use with the system (I could be wrong), but those don’t cost all that much. I suggest getting a Dualshock 4 (basically a PS4 controller) as there’s some minor stuff you can so woth the touch screen.

  • Persona 4 Golden on Amazon

    $20.53 (based on lowest-priced option I found)

  • PSTV


  • Dualshock 4 Controller


    So far, using all the cheapest options, that runs you $313.97.

    You may be able to find certain things for cheaper, not sure.

    Edit: Apparently the Vita goes for cheaper than the PSTV, clocking in at $220.

    Swapping out the PSTV for the Vita brings the total down to $283.52.

    Edit 2: I suck at math and logic. You wouldn’t buy a controller if you bought a Vita. Final price is $240.53.
u/cr0n1c · 4 pointsr/GameDeals

They recently dropped the price to $79.99, still a good deal nonetheless.


u/DragonDDark · 4 pointsr/PS4

Would you buy a PSTV for it?

It's $47 on amazon

Game is like super cheap right now. So overall It will cost you maybe less than $60.

u/master0fdisaster1 · 4 pointsr/DolphinEmulator

Either the offical GamecubeContoller adapter for WiiU by Nintendo


the Gamecube controller adapter for Wii U & PC by MayFlash.

Both have native support with dolphin and function pretty much identical.

Mayflashs has a pc mode where you can use the gamecube controller as a generic input device. So if you plan on using your gamecube controller for anything else besides dolphin/smash than you should get that one.

If you plan on using gamecube controllers in dolphin those two adapters are the only ones you should consider. Buttons are mapped automatically by dolphin(with these two adapters) so things like deadzones are exactly identical to the console. The native support also has the nice benefit of having no additional input lag.

u/DietCokeTin · 4 pointsr/gaming

Currently going for $118.

u/TathagataDM · 4 pointsr/emulation

I kinda doubt it, but I'm no expert. You could use the Wii U GameCube adapter though, I imagine.

u/impelus · 3 pointsr/GameDeals

You can pick up a third party dongle for like $6. I also suggest picking up a charging base to save on those batteries.

u/2down1up · 3 pointsr/raspberry_pi

I could never find one. So I gave up. The buttons never really felt right. Some people swear by the Buffalo pads, but I just didn't like them.

I caved and went with 2 xbox 360 controllers I had and a usb adapter:

These are refined controllers and maybe a 4, but certainly a 5 or 6 year old can hold and use. Wish I had a better answer.

u/ahockeyjock · 3 pointsr/cade

You can get a DolphinBar on Amazon for $20; it lets you use a USB Wii Bar modified to work on computer. It lets you use up to 4 Wiimote controllers. You can remove the Nunchuk and use Wii gun controllers and easily use Wii rifles too I guess. Here's some cheap ones:





All can be used with regular WiiMote using this Dolphinbar:


u/IdeaPowered · 3 pointsr/patientgamers

You get a dolphin bar and you are set to go with a Wiimote :]

u/Shaggy_One · 3 pointsr/patientgamers

Yeah they're pretty sweet. I bought one and didn't know it was till I opened it. This is the one I bought.

u/iCeCoCaCoLa64tv · 3 pointsr/CloneHero

You actually can use a Wii guitar on PC using a program called GlovePIE, if you manage to connect it (which I recommend doing with this). Just do some Googling.

But if you want an Xbox guitar, you can either get an Xplorer, which is wired, or a Les Paul, which is wireless so you'll need a 360 receiver.

u/Kered13 · 3 pointsr/Games

Mayflash sells a Dolphin bar for use with PCs.

u/KingdaToro · 3 pointsr/emulation

> But for a lot of Wii games you're just gonna have to bite the bullet and buy a Wiimote and a Bluetooth dongle.

This is much better and works with the Wii Remote Plus. It's a USB sensor bar with Bluetooth built in.

u/Niglurion · 3 pointsr/emulation

No need a Bluetooth dongle, just the dolphin bar. It's plug and play, no driver needed, and native in Dolphin. Don't bother yourself with a dongle. ;) you can read a review on it on dolphin blog if you want.
Amazon link: http://amzn.com/B00HZWEB74

u/Holly164 · 3 pointsr/pokemon

You can get them from Amazon.com - this version will definitely work with X/Y. I'm not sure whether the non-Pro version works - I heard from someone that it's only the packaging that's different, but I'm not sure, and for only a couple of dollars cheaper I wouldn't risk it. I haven't seen them cheaper than the $20 Amazon price, but then I'm not from the US and I didn't really shop around when I got mine anyway.

u/wilsonec · 3 pointsr/3dshacks

You can install OoTHax with an Action Replay PowerSaves so if you're really stuck you can grab one of those. They're like $18 on Amazon

Here's the guide

u/carefree_dude · 3 pointsr/fireemblem

It's not a full on action replay; it's a save editor.

Basically you buy this:

you connect it to your PC, and then plug your game into it. You can back up saves too.

u/Sages · 3 pointsr/pokemon

I know people don't like cheat devices, but another use of the 3DS Powersaves is the ability to back-up save data.

I'm not sure if it will backup and reload successfully since it's corrupt now, but you can create backups in for future play sessions.

u/theJexican18 · 3 pointsr/TruePokemon

Powersaves is the software, action replay is the physical device. The one I have is 17 bucks on Amazon right now, which is where I got mine.

And different people have different motivations, but I prefer to breed my personal competitive pokemon legitimately. Also, getting all EM on a pokemon is a pain and hidden abilities cannot be conferred via powersaves. So while it is true you can edit IVs, pokeball, EVs, etc. its just more fun for me to do it the old fashioned way.

u/robotortoise · 3 pointsr/fireemblem

No, I mean I used this to get homebrew on my 3DS.

I didn't modify the FE save at all. I simply deleted the head models.

u/Killericon · 3 pointsr/PS4

Sadly not. They almost certainly were going to, as the Vita-1000s have that unused port, but it was never actually done. You can get yourself a Playstation TV that is basically a Vita designed to use on a TV.

u/Unkultured · 3 pointsr/Gundam

Just look at it as a wired Vita.

If you purchase it by itself, you have to buy a Dualshock 3/4 and memory card, but there's also a bundle that comes with a DS3 and 8GB card. It should still be cheaper than a Vita either way.

u/lifetimeofnot · 3 pointsr/PS4

have you considered getting a playstation tv? You can use it to stream your ps4 games. So you could keep the ps4 in the living room and put the ps tv in your sons room. It also plays most vita games which is a nice bonus. Its also much cheaper than a ps4

amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/PlayStation-TV/dp/B00KVMHSUM

u/waterflame321 · 3 pointsr/steinsgate

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KVMHSUM/ - It's called a VitaTV. You buy one of these. Hook it to your TV via HDMI and then sync your ps3 controller to it. S;G 0 has been confirmed to work with with VitaTV. By default the VitaTV I believe has a 1GB internal storage but I'm not sure how much S;G 0 will need(what ever size launcher is plus saves) so you may require a memory card which you can buy a 8GB used for like 15 bucks.

u/ju2au · 3 pointsr/PS4

Get PlayStation TV for $65:


Amazon will also show that it's often purchased together with Persona 4 Golden.

u/ps_vita · 3 pointsr/playstation

Connecting it to your TV, and it's cheaper to buy than a Vita:

  • Vita TV - $80 delivered
  • Vita TV / DS3 bundle - $100 delivered
  • Vita Borderlands 2 bundle - $200 delivered

    Sure there are used Vitas out there that can be had for less, but it's still generally cheaper to buy a new Vita TV. and if all one wants to do is play P4G, it's not a bad way to go.
u/johnnyrd · 3 pointsr/Games

You could emulate them im sure. Or you could get this https://www.amazon.com/PlayStation-TV-vita/dp/B00KVMHSUM and run them natively for cheap. I do know P3 emulates almost perfectly with ppsspp if you want to play it on a phone or pc.

u/Black_rose1809 · 3 pointsr/Persona5
u/ATrueBlueGamer · 3 pointsr/vitahacks

Assuming you're in your place of dwelling and not on the go, the PSTV. First it has native support for DS3/4 gamepads and supports L2/R2, L3/R3, and vibration for PS 1/2/3/4 games. Second it's 720p as opposed to 544p so your games will look better. You can also whitelist it to enable all games playable assuming they don't require the camera or microphone. There is also a plugin that allows for sixaxis support. All PSTV's have 1gb of internal storage and come with firmware less than 3.60 and you can manually update from there with a usb. You can then either use the offline installer after installing HENkaku for the first time or reinstalling it later as the webkit exploit is only temporary. You can also upgrade to the pre-hacked HENkaku Enso 3.65 but beware that not all custom apps and plugins are supported by it yet.

If you only want it as a handheld then get the Vita 2000 (Slim) as it fixes many of the Vita 1000 (Fat)'s flaws. It has 1gb of internal storage and a 16gb ps vita memory card (the PS TV supports vita memory cards btw) will last you over 50 physical games. It has over an hour of extra battery life and a PACK IN non-proprietary micro-usb charger. It's more ergonomic, slimmer and lighter but just as durable. The only real advantages that the vita fat has are the fact that you can replace the back touch panel, and that it has an OLED screen. The former can be mitigated with a carbon fiber skin and the latter will burn in or burn out eventually.

If you want remote play and custom firmware you will need ps4relink as even though you can sign into psn with firmware and PSN spoofing no PS Vita below 3.67 can be "activated" (i.e. legitimized) due to a change in protocol on Sony's end. One more thing, TheFLOW has successfully hacked OFW 3.67 and is releasing it at then end of this year/early next year anticipating the Vita's end of life. So if you have the patience I'd wait for that option since you can activate your PS Vita.

EDIT: Made revisions to grammar and spelling.

EDIT 2: Made further corrections.

u/Conjo_ · 3 pointsr/playstation

Ah, I thought you had a PS3 or 4.

This is the PSTV. Basically a vita with less hardware and made to be connected to the TV. I'm sure it's possible to find it cheaper. it doesn't include a memory card (which are super expensive, btw) or controller, only the cables. It has 1GB of internal memory though so if you buy the game physically that will be enough. And controller, well, any PS3 or PS4 controller should work (at least, the official ones).

Lately I think it's worth mentioning what the other comment says: Not all vita games work on it, but certaing games do. The list of games that work can be expanded by hacking it though

u/Kenaf · 3 pointsr/wiiu

Probably gonna want to buy two extension cables. Looking at this it looks like it uses two USB ports.


Not sure if each USB controls two controllers or if its a power thing.

u/ghostnappa82 · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Yes, and I know that Amazon fucked up everything switch related, but Orzly claims to have shipped the package in mid march. It's now early may. Unless they sent some guy on a bike, there is no logical reason for it to have taken this long. Multiple reviews also say similar things, that the package shipped out mid March and never arrived. Also, just to add salt to the wound, they have the screen protector available with prime shipping yet they can't even get it out to people that preordered it ffs. As I said before, garbage company.

u/fLu_csgo · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

A good glass screen protector and carry case.

I cant reccomend these enough:

tomtoc Slim Case for Nintendo Switch, Protective Carrying Hardshell with Storage for 10 Game Cartridges and Switch Console, Global Original Patent Camo https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07FVV7HTZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_tYeTDbCN5VGPB

Screen Protector Nintendo Switch - Orzly Premium Tempered Glass [0.24mm] Screen Protector TWIN Pack [2 x Screen Guards] for 6.2 Inch Tablet Screen on Nintendo Switch Console https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01N9RG3XS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_pZeTDbGF249P9

u/pcj · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I've got this one on preorder.

u/jedimika · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I'm getting the Hori case and the only tempered glass protectors I could find

The screen protector won't arrive at launch, so I'll just be extra careful for a while.

u/GrimmLocke420 · 3 pointsr/nintendo

The delivery for me is March 23rd ;-;. I'm not sure how much I'll be taking the console out without a screen protector on.

u/Oseirus · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

A few disclaimers:

I know I'm late to the punch, and I apologize. I also know I'm going to look like a crazy person for throwing so many items at you, so I apologize for that as well. I may also seem vaguely arrogant by the end of this, so please accept a third apology. I just like to take care of my electronics is all. My only credentials are anecdotal evidence that despite my rather rough job I've never even so much as cracked the screen on my cell phone so I like to think I'm pretty good at the "how do I prevent breakages" question.

Okay. So, I'm gonna rattle off a few items that I've bought for my own Switch, and my reasoning behind them. You DO NOT have to buy all of these items, but they are all useful on some level for the console.

The Joy-Con Controller If you're looking to get a second controller, start here. I'm sure you've figured out by now that one Joy-Con (JC) can be reconfigured to work as two controllers, so simply by buying a second JC you're now able to hit the 4-player local maximum for many of the Switch's games (including Mario Kart!). You can get the spouse, another kid, or even some friends playing during a party.

The Switch Pro Controller A more traditional-style controller. It's slightly cheaper and it's much more comfortable on large hands, but it CANNOT be split into two separate controllers like the Joy-Con can. Well, unless you get a saw or something but then it won't work at all anymore. Besides that it does function exactly the same as the standard JC controllers. There is also a wired version available that is even cheaper, but I personally have become spoiled in this wireless age and don't like cables dangling across my living room anymore.

Fitian Charging Dock for Joy-Cons Pretty self explanatory. Normally you charge your Joy-Cons by plugging them into the Switch, but if you have a second (or more) JC, it becomes a slight hassle to keep them all charged up. A charging dock can be a godsend. This is the one I use, simply plug it straight into your Switch Dock via USB.

FastSnail Joy-Con Grips There's a gazillion different versions of these things floating around, but these are the ones I personally use. I like them cause the shoulder L/R buttons are massive, and the grippy parts are really comfortable for extended use. Simply stick your Joy-Con halves into the plastic holders for a more comfortable grip. Holds them securely but they're still easy to pop back out as needed, no latches or screws or anything.

Orzly Carry Case ONE option for a carrying case. I was a little hesitant to recommend this particular item, but I may as well cause again, it's the one I use. The case itself is fine: durable, carries your Switch plus some games and accessories, and keeps them safe through your standards drops and bumps. However, if you fill it up as much as is shown in the pictures there on Amazon... At best you're gonna feel like you're mashing something, at worst you're gonna have trouble zipping it closed. What I've ended up doing is putting my Switch with an attached set of JCs, the games, and my adjustable stand (see next item) into the case, and then tossing the case plus whatever other particular accessories I need into my backpack. This case is NOT good to haul a lot of Switch stuff, JUST the console itself plus a handful of small bits for maybe a day trip or something. If you want to carry everything, look elsewhere. I've seen a few cases mentioned, but I can't recommend anything as I haven't tried anything.

Younik Compact Adjustable Stand I love this thing. If you're playing on the go and don't feel like holding it (and don't trust that stupid little kick stand on the back), you can unfold this thing and prop up the Switch on any flat surface for a much more comfortable viewing able. When you're done with it, you can fold it back flat and it fits nicely pretty much anywhere (like, for example, in the Orzly case I mentioned previously). Nintendo makes a first-party adjustable stand, but I actually like this one better. It costs a couple dollars less and feels sturdier. Its a luxury item to be sure, but it's nice to have when you want it.

Findway Protective Case A protective "jacket" for the Switch itself. I like this one because it snaps on and off of the Switch and JCs super easily, and is a sort of bendable plastic. Only 3 pieces: one for the tablet, and then one piece each for the left and right JCs. Easy to clean, too. Only drawback is that you HAVE to remove the jacket any time you want to dock the Switch in its charger. However, you're going to find that this is the case for any jacket that you want to buy for your Switch. You do NOT need to remove the jacket if you're simply sticking it in the aforementioned Adjustable Stand.

Pleson Tempered Glass Screen Protector Not much explanation needed here. I'm neurotic about getting screen protectors for all of my portable electronics, and I love the tempered glass ones. This one is cheap, it's durable, and it's easy to install with a steady hand. HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend, even if only to keep your Switch looking nice through the wear and tear. You won't need to remove it for the dock, unlike the jacket.

I think that's everything for now. Again, I know it's a lot being thrown at you all at once, but you don't have to buy everything. This is all just stuff I've amassed for my own Switch that I've found useful or that I recommend. Pick and choose as you see fit. Feel free to shop around as well, these are just examples of all the particular items and there are MANY choices available for almost everything listed.

If you have any questions, I'm always happy to help.

u/digitalgriffin · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Does amazon not ship to the UK? I wish I would of seen amazon had it back in stock before I got it on indiegogo. On day 8 now after buying it on gogo and have no idea if its even shipped yet.

Skull & Co. GripCase Set: A Comfortable Protective Case with Replaceable Grips [to fit all hands sizes] for Nintendo Switch - Neon Red & Blue https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078WHH1KR/ref=cm_sw_r_apa_U4N0Ab4TG35WN

But to answer your question this case by Orzly will fit their grip case as well.

Orzly Carry Case Compatible With Nintendo Switch - BLACK Protective Hard Portable Travel Carry Case Shell Pouch for Nintendo Switch Console & Accessories https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NAUKS62/ref=cm_sw_r_apa_G8N0Ab3C2Q7TF

u/ClicksOnLinks · 3 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

Yep! I used the foam from the box it came in, just cut the ends off and trimmed the corners to fit. I will probably pick up some craft glue tomorrow to affix it in a more permanent manner.

There's an orzly case that will work as well.


This was the one I initially tried before I dug the spare out of my closet. It's identical in shape and size to the one I used.

u/MeghanBoBeghan · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

In that case, this one is very popular and the brand is well-regarded:


u/Marxally · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

When I have to take a lot of stuff with me, like the Switch, the 2DS, wallet and more; I usually carry it in my NES bag. For the Switch itself, I have a Orzly case, it's pretty good, I can fit my stick grids replacements, my SD card with the adapter, the Joy Cons wrist straps, my screen cleaner cloth and my earbuds; basically all I need and use.

u/saft · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch


Works well for the money with some storage for accessories.

Hard enough to protect in a bag.

u/pauldavis92 · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I'm not sure where on this subreddit I saw this, but they recommended the Orzly Carying Case. Holy smokes do I love this case! Very sturdy, sleek, and discreet!

u/cloudsareneat · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch
u/Thanatos- · 3 pointsr/nintendo

I wanted an extra official Power cable anyways (~$25) so i got this and intend to convert it to a Portable Dock with one of these



Feel much better gutting a dock if i have a backup already. Would hate to have to drop $70-90 just to get another dock if i screwed something up.

u/fictitiousacct · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Outside of having a dedicated switch bag, there's also the option of replacing the dock case. It uses the exact Nintendo components and just repackages it to something smaller. Of course, you'd need to be okay with opening your dock and removing the parts to do so.

u/Doedel51 · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

If you want something more compact, there is this solution:


You would have to buy this + an official Nintendo dock and then sort of build it yourself.

u/Lorben · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

You can make your original dock into a travel dock.

There's kits on Amazon for that.

There's surprisingly little in an official dock so the parts easily fit in a smaller case.

u/longviewite · 3 pointsr/Switch

Stick with the dock and power cord that came with your switch. If you are at all handy, you can get a replacement shell that you can carefully remove the guts of the original and replace.

u/avilash · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Good luck. The currently state of things is that most people avoid any 3rd party docks like the plague since Nintendo didn't follow the USB 3.1 standard exactly, and because of this it was not an uncommon occurrence for a 3rd party dock to end up frying the Nintendo Switch.

Your best bet would be to get an official Nintendo Switch dock, disassemble to remove all plastic so that you have just the circuit board, and put that board into a more portable form factor. Something like: https://www.amazon.com/BASSTOP-Portable-Replacement-Nintendo-Original/dp/B071YVC3NJ/ref=asc_df_B071YVC3NJ


EDIT:I did purchase Best Buy's Isginia third party dock and use it regularly. It does the job. I've used it for about 5 months now and my Switch is still working.You do occasionally have to completely unplug the thing to reset it, as it will occasionally not recognize the Switch is being docked. But since it is primarily for portability, it likely will be unplugged often anyway.

u/Nayrm79 · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitchDeals

Do not under any circumstances buy 3rd party Switch docks. Buy one of these if you want a travel dock.

BASSTOP Portable Dock Replacement Case for Nintendo Switch (Only The case, You Have to DIY with The Circuit Board chip from The Original Dock) (Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071YVC3NJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_ihc5CbWGMJX51

You have to transfer internals from your Nintendo dock to the basstop. But you'll save yourself a bricked Switch.

u/jrbless · 3 pointsr/Switch

If vertical clearance is your problem, I have a suggestion. Get a BASSTOP Portable Dock Shell and transplant the "guts" of the normal dock into this shell. Much easier to get the Switch in and out this way when you have space considerations.

Since this approach uses the normal hardware of an official dock, you don't need to worry about it being 3rd party for bricking-type issues.

u/SleepyTexan · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

General consensus is don't bother, if you're willing to risk it the only thing I've seen on here and /r/NintendoSwitchDeals is gutting your current dock and adding it to here.

Again though, it's not recommended.

u/wouldnotjointhedance · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I highly recommend the Basstop Replacement

I've been using it for a couple years. You do have to dismantle an actual first party dock but I never had any regrets. I did need to look up a video on taking the dock apart (their video linked in their instructions sucks) but it only took about 10 minutes and they shipped it with the needed tools.

u/augowl_ · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitchDeals

There is a conversion (link) that you can take the innards from a Nintendo first party dock and fill in the shell. It's more expensive, but the only 100% safe route to a portable dock.

I still haven't seen any brick reports from the Insignia dock either, but I can't recommend any third party dock anymore since it could potentially be brickable by a future update.

u/motorboat_mcgee · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I just went with this: BASSTOP Portable Nintendo Switch Dock Replacement Case ( Only the case, you have to DIY with the circuit board chip from the original dock ) (Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071YVC3NJ?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf

u/Akmantainman · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Consider purchasing this dock shell if you travel alot it's 100% worth it.

I travel 1-3 times a month for work here's my notes for Taking the switch...

Carry On

  1. Switch in Satisfye Grip Case (Highly reccomened if playing in portable mode alot) make sure you get the smaller case, the other one is huge.
  2. Metal Switch Stand, I like bring this because sometime I just down want to hold the thing during the flight or at the hotel
  3. Anker Power Bank and Cable
  4. Game Case. Alternatively, you can pack just a few in your case.

    Checked Bag
  5. Travel Dock
  6. HDMI Cabke
  7. Pro Controller
  8. Official Power Brick (maybe in carry in depending how long the flight is)

    I also do alot of traveling to rural areas of Alaska so limited internet and very little to do most of the year. If I'm going anywhere for more than a 3 days I'll usually buy a new game or start over a game.
u/RaeLynnShikure · 3 pointsr/amiibo


I've been eyeing this one for mine. I heard good things about their last 3ds case.

u/Khirsah01 · 3 pointsr/MonsterHunter

Personally, an N3DSXL with a Version 2 Cyber Grip is the best thing I've ever done. I still have my original 3DSXL with CPP from before I got the New 3DSXL, but it was quite a stretch for my small hands to go from the extra circle pad to the ABXY buttons. It made longer hunts kind of difficult as I was straining to reach so fatigue and wrist pain would set in. It was still much better than the stock 3DSXL, both original and new (in my opinion) are way too thin to play without something on it to bulk it up.

The grip I linked gives more of a relaxed controller style grip, and the V2 has the finger rests (trigger type) set lower on the grip so it's much easier to reach the shoulder buttons on the 3DS. V1 has the trigger rests much closer to the top as you can see in pics here for the V1 which will cause you to alter your grip and choke up higher on it instead of gripping it where you naturally want to. You can also store 2 physical game cards in the door on the back of the grip. Perfect if someone wants to keep two other games handy, liiiiiiike 3U and 4U while MHGen is in the unit once it's released!

The only drawback on the V2 is that the unit is easier to tip back if you set it down on a table. You can't leave the unit open without having it flop backwards onto the release clip. Don't leave the unit at the edge of the table with the triggers on the edge side in case you bump your unit, you don't want it to fall. Other than that small issue, it's the best grip I've ever had!

u/steelsheep · 3 pointsr/MonsterHunter


I've been using this one for a bit and it feels pretty comfortable to use. It's also got some hidden game storage on the back of it if that sweetens the deal any.

u/AndrewBot88 · 3 pointsr/MonsterHunter

I'd also recommend something like this. Makes it so much more comfortable.

u/TheTrueReview · 3 pointsr/Metroid

I bought a grip like [this](http://www.Cyber.com/ Gadget Rubber Coating Grip 2 Black For Nintendo New 3DS LL XL https://www.amazon.com/dp/B013JDH8J0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_m1E0BbW1J83RD) and its great, I don't play my 3ds without it now. It really helps, specially if you have big meaty paws like me.

u/Mutt999 · 3 pointsr/3DS

I use this. Not cheap, but nicely made and ends hand cramping.

u/drastik25 · 3 pointsr/3DS

If you have carpal tunnel issues make sure you pick up something like this when you get your 2DS https://www.amazon.com/dp/B013JDH8J0/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_S_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=2HCJ9YB0QY49W&coliid=I1AB7KFHK6KS0Z

I don't have carpal tunnel but with adult hands it's a pita to hold it without any kind of extra grip. This particular brand is generally considered the best and it makes it so much more comfortable to play for longer than a few minutes.

u/SoJexy · 3 pointsr/MonsterHunter

Hey there! Fellow ex-circle pad pro user. I upgraded to the new 3DS XL from my 3DS XL when it dropped here in NA.

To answer your questions:

>how do you think it compares to the new systems' nubs?

To be brutally honest here, I find the CPP way more responsive compared to the system nub. have really huge hands and found that the nub was a bit tad too small for my taste. But it was still usable and definitely capable of handling the camera changes I needed.

> Which do you find more comfortable?

CPP for sure

> Do you think the nicer screen and better load times are worth the upgrade?

I can tell you right now that the increased performance from the more powerful console is a huge benefit and makes the gameplay and everything much, much smoother. I actually perform way better in hunts because of the higher frame rate. In short - yes it was worth the upgrade. You can always buy a controller grip to ease the lost of the CPP extension (if you're like me and had a more comfortable grip using the CPP). I used this grip for my new 3DS XL and it's wonderful. EDIT: Forgot to mention that the added ZL and ZR buttons for hunter arts are a huge plus as well.

u/bohoa · 3 pointsr/3DS

I love the Cyber Gadget 2! People with small hands may find this a bit too big. They have an updated version in the link that's smaller.

The Monster Hunter XX is very well liked by many too.

u/AariTv · 3 pointsr/MonsterHunter

While there is no Circle Pad pro, what you can do replace it with a PsP1000 Stick. This stick makes the whole 3DS SO MUCH better. It's a completely different and much easier to use. It's also quite easy to do if you already have a PsP1000 stick.
You can also buy this grip for more comfortable holding.

u/impatiensbloom · 3 pointsr/3DS

I presume your son has a New 3DS XL, based on the fact that you linked to a grip for it. Here's your other main option for that:

I would normally suggest getting Nerf Armor if your son is particularly young, but the one for the New 3DS XL is getting a lot of bad reviews because it left the right edge of the system exposed to accommodate the old 3DS XL. It's not very protective or comfortable that way.

u/crimtex · 3 pointsr/MonsterHunter

I bought this grip and haven't had any problems since: Cyber Gadget Rubber Coating Grip 2 Black For Nintendo New 3DS LL XL

It also helps me utilize the Z-buttons much more just because of how my fingers naturally fall now.

u/Newt0570 · 3 pointsr/SteamController

My left pad has this too. You can even see it on the amazon page. It's likely just a defect in the mold that makes the cross-pattern on the left pad.

amazon link

u/Jimijam_Flimflam · 3 pointsr/gaming

Just get it off Amazon. You can get Steam Link from there as well.

u/daguil68367 · 3 pointsr/RetroPie
u/UberJaymis · 3 pointsr/SteamController

Amazon will ship you one to Australia: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B016KBVBCS/

I ordered one in November and it arrived quite quickly - 13 days

It ended up costing just under $100 including shipping.

u/memepj · 3 pointsr/Steam

They are sold physicaly and online at EBgames stores for 60$ CAD

edit: They are also on amazon 60$ CAD

u/scswift · 3 pointsr/Vive

Valve is selling their Steam controllers for $50:

Presumably they're making money on those and have marked the price up by 2x as is typical with hardware, and the Vive controllers are no more complex, so if they don't mark them up, the controllers should add only $50 to the cost of the final product.

At this point, if they could keep the price below $550 I think they'd have a winner. The Rift is $600 without controllers, and from what I can tell, without a second base station for room scale VR. And the consumer Vive will have headphones and a mic in addition to the front facing camera to allow you to safely move about your room.

All I know for sure is that their headset should be cheaper to manufacture. Whether the other stuff adds up to bring the price up to Oculus levels, or whether Oculus really did subsidize the hardware to the extreme I couldn't say for sure.

Also you're not the only engineer around here. :)

u/Stay-flexing · 3 pointsr/GameDeals

I was waiting for this, not for the Steamlink, but usually when the Link goes on sale the Steam controller does as well, The controller is $35 now.

u/-SammyP6- · 3 pointsr/Steam

even worse in canada

u/-Purple-- · 3 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards
u/Metaldrake · 3 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

Even a 60% still has arrow keys and delete/insert, just that they're in the function layer and aren't dedicated. So I assume you want dedicated arrow keys and a delete / insert key.

In which case, you'll want to look for either a TKL / 65% .

For TKL, definitely go for the Quickfire Rapid (which for some reason is $100+ on Amazon right now, which is surprisingly high, you should be able to find one on mechmarket for like $50-60 pretty easily though).

For 65%, I would go with a magicforce 68.

Both have standard layouts (so getting replacement keycaps will be easy), as well as removable cables.

u/nurupism · 3 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

Poor impulse control and terrible spending habits.

Kidding, maybe. But there are many good entry-level keyboards out there for people who are curious about the hobby. The Magicforce 68 is a good one, and our Q&A thread can give you other recommendations.

u/Hammithimmis · 3 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

The [black Magicforce 68 with Gateron Browns] (https://www.amazon.com/Mechanical-Keyboard-GATERON-Magicforce-Qisan/dp/B01E57PUNA) has excellent switches and build quality at that price range, along with backlighting.

u/ousu · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Here it is in black but with gateron brown switches (they make it with basically any switch you can imagine)


Yes, keycaps are removable

u/Andelulz · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Magicforce 68 I'm actually really happy with it! On the cheap-side too.

u/shadowstar2417 · 3 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

Gaterons, which most people find actually superior to Cherry since they're smoother and more tactile

Outemu, downsides is that there's no black one if you wanted that.

u/aikilink · 3 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

I also would suggest Magicforce (68 is good if you want ten-keyless). The cheapest ($40USD) ones on Amazon have no backlight and use Outemu switches. They say that Gateron switches are preferable (I do like them!), and some prefer them over Cherry MX switches even. For $62USD you can get this one with Gateron Brown, and White Backlight:


You can also find it in White body-color.

Be aware that even though Brown Switches are quiet in the Mechanical Keyboard world, they are quite a bit louder to type on with the Magicforce than your usual rubber keyboard! :)

u/deepfriedasian · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Not sure if there's one available on Amazon Germany, but I'm going for this tempered glass screen protector:
(This particular manufacturer has had extremely mixed reviews on Amazon for their other screen protectors, so buy with caution)

My reasoning is that since the switch will be a portable console with a non-clamshell design, there will always be a risk of it falling on its face, whether it's butter fingers, someone knocking it over while on a table, or just plain clumsiness.

With tempered glass, the screen protector absorbs all the damage, and it's the only thing that gets cracked. I have a tempered glass protector on my phone, and it's great. Though I can't say I've experienced it firsthand, I've had a ton of friends with tempered glass screen protectors who have dropped their phone and the screen protector was the only thing to crack, saving them a big repair bill. The only issue I can see with tempered glass is it is slightly thicker than most other screen protectors, but I think it's worth it.

TL;DR: Tempered glass because it'll crack instead of your screen if or when you drop your switch

u/Samphati · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Should I get the Orzly's tempered glass screen protector or the PDP Zelda Collector's Edition one?

I have a tempered glass screen protector for my phone and I really like it, plus it's a 2 pack so it's nice to have a spare.

On the other hand the Zelda set comes with some cool stuff, but only 1 plastic screen protector. I've never been able to apply a plastic screen protector without bubbles and if I couldn't apply it perfectly on the Switch I just wouldn't use it and it'd be a waste. It's also $10 more than the tempered glass pack.

u/sammyandebony · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

There is

I thought about buying it but the shipping from the uk to the usa will take so long i will not have it until the system has been out for weeks. As much as i hate it i am going to use a plastic one for now because i want it on as soon as i open the box up. I also hope the screen on the system is glass i cant believe it will be plastic in this day and age but who knows will suck major if it is.

u/MoogleMan3 · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Get a tempered glass screen protector asap. The switch's screen is plastic, and plastic scratches easily. Both the amfilm and orzly make excellent screen protectors.

A microsd card is a good idea as well. Get whichever of these two is cheaper:
128GB Samsung Evo Select MicroSD Card
128GB Sandisk Ultra MicroSD Card

u/bat117 · 3 pointsr/pcgaming

looks like they still have them on amazon


honestly, you guys need to give Halo Online a shot too. It's an incredible game that needs more players

u/hasoonii · 3 pointsr/pcgaming
u/bluegman · 3 pointsr/Bloodstained

Just gonna put it out there but the first 3 Halo games did have pc versions.

u/jwgibbo · 3 pointsr/gaming
u/stamminator · 3 pointsr/halo

I'd recommend buying it new here instead of risking Ebay or other vendors. Only $20.

After you get the CD, make a backup of your disc as an ISO file, as well as as backup of your CD key. Run updates, and you're ready to play campaign mode.

You should get Custom Edition as well. Follow the instructions on the site to make sure you have the latest version, then go nuts.

u/thekeanu · 3 pointsr/Games

Not sure why this guy got downvotes.

Halo was definitely on PC.

u/nullmiah · 3 pointsr/gaming
u/metrion · 3 pointsr/technology

Probably this and this.

u/kgb90 · 3 pointsr/gaming

Just buy halo 1 for PC. it's usually cheap and a lot of people still play, including me :P
Halo: Combat Evolved

u/willaien · 3 pointsr/retrogaming

Notably, I didn't destroy a working SNES. I bought a broken one to use for the case.

Some tips:

  1. If you're going to use the front controller ports, like I did, you'll want to cut the traces. I'll post some pictures of this when I get home.
  2. The bill of materials was, essentially, an HDMI extension cable (short), USB extension cable, some hot glue, solder and a mayflash snes controller adapter which I sacrificed for this purpose.
  3. Don't be like me and hot snot the raspberry pi in such a way that the microSD card is hard to reach.
u/Bananacup · 3 pointsr/ReviewThis

Grab a SNES controller if you don't already have one, and get one of these. In my experience there's nothing better to play pre-N64 era games with.

u/singularity2030 · 3 pointsr/Games

This is the one I have.

And emulators are on everything now. If you want portable, you can have portable. A RetroPie setup is a good example. I have mine in a tiny NES replicable case. Or I can put them on the tablet I travel with if I want to.

u/wolffer · 3 pointsr/gaming

Could always get a USB->SNES adapter and use an actual controller.

u/nathew42 · 3 pointsr/alttpr

A snes to USB adapter might be an option.

I use the ibuffalo and it does the job. I feel like the d-pad is a bit stiff though.

u/TheSnowNinja · 3 pointsr/gaming

> but it's more satisfying to have the original controller in your hand

This is close.

This is for the purest that uses emulators.

I'd probably play old games on emulators or something these days. I still have my old SNES, but the place where the adapter plugs in is broken, so the power cuts out randomly.

I keep it for nostalgia. I think it's fun to keep some of my old toys.

u/zworkaccount · 3 pointsr/somethingimade

Very nicely done. If anyone is wanting one of these and doesn't want to make it themselves. I have this one and it works great. Just make sure you read the reviews.


u/aviat0rshades · 3 pointsr/RetroPie

I'm currently making one to use with original SNES controllers. I've tried two different adapters and this one has worked the best for me.


u/hewvan · 3 pointsr/PS4

A lot of people have. The recommended solution is thumbstick covers such as these.

u/DiscoKid28 · 3 pointsr/PS4

The same thing happened to me. Three months after purchase, the rubber wore down to the plastic (mostly because of Injustice: Gods Among Us).

I called Sony Customer Support: (800) 345-7669
I explained what happened, and a lady explained to me directions regarding shipping the controller to this address...
MTC Fort Wayne
2505 Wayne Haven St,
Fort Wayne, IN 46803

They replaced the controller for free, however I paid about $10 for shipping (eh...). Once I got the new controller, which only took a few days, I bought these things: http://www.amazon.com/Grip-iT-Analog-Stick-Covers-PlayStation-4/dp/B003NSLGW2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1398130444&sr=8-1&keywords=grip-its

If I were you, I would just go ahead and buy the grips. They're awesome, comfy, and you can't tell if there is busted rubber underneath them. If you want to know that you have a pristine set of thumbsticks underneath them, however...then yeah, call Sony and they should replace the controller if it's under their warranty. Hope that helps.

u/Symbiotx · 3 pointsr/PS4

I got some of these because I had the same problem. They're pretty good. I'd prefer to not use them, but they work.

u/Alsharad · 3 pointsr/PS4

I replaced the whole thumbsticks, this is a great deal

if you don't want to open up the controller, I recommend Grip-it

u/Insert-coins4sex · 3 pointsr/PS4

these work great for me

u/anewprotagonist · 3 pointsr/PS4

The solution to your problem is under $5.00! I'll never go back to playing without them.

u/Vivalafred88 · 3 pointsr/PS4

Yeah. I got my PS4 around March and I noticed the left stick being worn off. I never had this issue with my DS3 and they're about 4 yrs old lol

I was looking at these lately.


u/stop_drop_rofl · 3 pointsr/PS4

No third party controllers, but you could try getting either new thumbsticks (Xbox One thumbsticks fit perfectly), or you could get a thumbstick cover.

Ive used GelTabz before and liked them. They add a good amount of gel thickness that should make clicking the joystick more pleasant.

Grip-It thumbstick covers are also considered very good.

u/ZebraMuffin · 3 pointsr/PS4

The reason why they won't replace them without proof of purchase is due to the possibility of them being stolen. They know they're still technically under warranty, they just don't want to risk it.

You can get covers, I've heard a lot about GelTabZ, and Grip-iT. I've also read of people ordering replacement sticks on eBay, but I have no experience with that.

u/mtoboggan · 3 pointsr/PS4
u/orlando2542 · 3 pointsr/PS4
u/Bizquick1 · 3 pointsr/PS4

If you aren't needing the exact cover you can get some decent ones from Amazon. I bought some from Target in the electronics section because I had the same problem and they were only about $10.


u/The_Fat_One · 3 pointsr/PS4

You must be new to this sub, we've been bitching about this for a few months : ) I had the same problem, I just bought some of these. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B003NSLGW2/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?qid=1406227568&sr=8-1 Love em.

u/FuzzeWuzze · 3 pointsr/FIFA


They work great. Only put them on controllers that arent already fucked up though, the analog sticks without the original covers have really sharp edges that cut through any addon cover.

u/helpimaGOAT · 3 pointsr/PlayStationPlus

Yepp! It's super convenient. Here's the link just in case, you just have to make sure the description says [Digital Code].

u/maglen69 · 3 pointsr/ffxiv

Sony $20 digital card

Since apparently you can run out of FFXIV game cards.

Edit: Got immediate code. They came in my spam box, be sure to check it.

u/rokkenjimasyndrome · 3 pointsr/PlayStationPlus

Yes. I often purchase PSN digital codes directly from Amazon.com, which are emailed to me (no physical card involved).

You add them to your PSN wallet, per the guide instructions.

When you have a sufficient balance in your PSN wallet, you can purchase PS+.

Alternatively, you could order a PS+ digital code directly and redeem it straight to your account without going through your PSN wallet.

u/Fuu-nyon · 3 pointsr/PS4

The PSN transaction servers have been giving me trouble for over a month now. I'd recommend buying PSN credit on Amazon and buying your games while they're still on sale.

$20 PlayStation Store Gift Card - PS3/ PS4/ PS Vita [Digital Code] https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004RMK4BC/

$10 PlayStation Store Gift Card - PS3/ PS4/ PS Vita [Digital Code] https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GAC1D2G/

u/r0ck3t_0wn3r · 3 pointsr/PSVR

Get digital codes from amazon. Just create an amazon account with a US address and you just get the code in an e-mail. The first purchase might take a while to process though while they verify your card and stuff.

u/STR4NGE · 3 pointsr/oculus

I got this and you can use any 360 controller with it. Great stocking stuffer.
Wireless Pc Usb Gaming Receiver for Xbox 360/xbox360 by Generic http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0076HD2W8/ref=cm_sw_r_udp_awd_fFa5tb10JBWS7

u/kingoftown · 3 pointsr/Borderlands

If you already have wireless controllers, just buy one of these. Well, that is a generic version if you want, or you can get the official microsoft one. This is what I use.

Your usb charging cable will not work to make it a wired controller even though it seems like it should. Trust me.

u/mcopper89 · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

You just need this guy. Ten bucks, and a USB slot and you can use the xbox 360 controller wirelessly. No idea about xbox one. I plan on doing this and I hope windows 8's awful interface will work nicely with the controller so I don't have to use a mouse often. It is going to be set up so I can display on the TV and use it from the couch.

u/squidthesid · 3 pointsr/GameDeals

I believe this is the adapter I use and it works out of the box, but your mileage may vary.

u/SSChicken · 3 pointsr/software

Or pick up one of these and a wireless 360 controller. That 10 dollar receiver works so darn well I'm amazed, and it supports 4 controllers as well. I've heard some people say the driver didn't install right away, or correctly, but in my experience it's flawless on every Windows or Linux machine I've tried it on. Plug it in, connect a controller, and bob's your uncle.

u/EvilSpectre · 3 pointsr/usenet

Hardware: Athlon II X4 640 with 16 GBs of Ram. 9 Drives anywhere from 1.5 to 4 TBs with total of 24.5GBs with latest drives running off an IBM M1015 with updated firmware

OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials

Software on Server: NZBGet - Prefer over Sab because it allows ordering of backup servers

NZBDrone - Run much smoother and has better failed download handling for TV and Anime vs SickBeard

CouchPotato - Works for the most part

NZBFamilyHub - Allows friends/family to request movies/tv/anime without having to bug me to download it and without giving them access to NZBDrone and CP

Cailbre - Ebook server

DriveBender - Allows pooling of all my random HDs into 1 logical drive. Also allows for duplication of certain folders, so if 1 HD dies, that data is still on another.

XBMC(Kodi) - Running on server with Auto Update Library plugin for quick local access to files to populate MySQL XBMC DB

Plex Media Server - Access for family/friends using the Plex XBMC Metadata plugin so I dont have to download metadata twice.

Playback: Living Room - HTPC running Windows 8.1 (link to PCPartPicker here) with XBMC and a bunch of addons and skins connected to MySql DB. Using an IR reciver and Logitech Harmony Touch for control. Also beefy enough vid card to allow it to be a Steam box with 4 Xbox 360 controllers connected with this.

Main Bedroom - Ouya connected wireless with XBMC installed connected to MySQL DB.

Guest Room - Amazon Fire TV connected wireless, rooted to boot into XBMC connected to MySQL DB. If you are looking for a cheap XBMC client, I have had no hiccups or issues with the AFTV.

u/thejunioristadmin · 3 pointsr/galaxynote4

You have a couple options. XBOX and PS controllers will work on your phone but not directly. The easiest option is to get an "on the go" (OTG) cable that converts USB micro to regular USB and plug a wired modern controller into the OTG cable. When I say wired I mean you have to have it plugged into your Xbox or PS to play on that system. Modern bluetooth controllers (xbox/ps) with the recharge cables have different setups.

I only have a wireless Xbox controller. I bought the OTG and receiver cables linked below. I tried only for a few minutes to get it working but gave up pretty quick. Plenty of people have gotten this to work and I'm sure I could as well if I tried a bit harder.

I ended up buying the 8BitDo controller to play OG Mario and I really like it. I ended up ordering another one for my wife for Christmas. I bought an MHL adapter and play Super Mario and Contra from my couch on my Plasma with my bluetooth controller. Its pretty slick.

If you use the modern console controllers you aren't able to use the MHL HDMI cable. I know there are other options to throw your phone screen on the TV but I found this the easiest option. I vaguely remember having an issue getting my phone in landscape mode with Chromecast casting.

My Setup

Classic NES Controller It has top trigger buttons as well, all of these are programmable depending on what emulator you use.

OTG Cable Nothing fancy about these, with this one you are supposed to be able to plug a power cable into the extra pigtail to help charge your device while playing. I have used this to plug in a regular USB memory stick, a full size keyboard, and a few other items for testing purposes. Everything worked wonderful.

Wireless Gaming Receiver

MHL adapter I price matched this and a micro SD card at Best Buy. This also has a power port on it which I have used.

Also check out /r/androidgaming for more info or reqs on other controllers besides the ones I've listed.

u/ggabriele3 · 3 pointsr/Surface

The play-and-charge adapter, if i recall correctly, is for charging only. You have to get one of these: http://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Pc-Gaming-Receiver-Xbox-xbox360/dp/B0076HD2W8/

...which should come with the official drivers, or windows should auto-detect it and get them for you, or you can download them.

and there are official drivers. USB 3.0 is backwards compatible to 2.0, don't worry about that.

u/NhcNymo · 3 pointsr/gaming
u/prefernoname · 3 pointsr/wiiu

As long as the controllers work for the game itself, you can use them in any combination. Note, however, that you'll need the GameCube Controller Adapter for the GC controllers. If you have a lot of GC controllers or friends who have them, you can technically have 8 GC controllers for 8-player mode assuming that you have two GC controller adapters.

u/Bill_H_Cosby · 3 pointsr/smashbros
u/_thousandisland · 3 pointsr/wiiu

Link: http://www.amazon.com/Super-Smash-GameCube-Adapter-Wii-U/dp/B00L3LQ1FI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1421884180&sr=8-1&keywords=gamecube+adapter

BUT I tried to "add to cart" and it didn't actually add anything.... Anyone else have luck?

EDIT: out of stock

u/eddrix · 3 pointsr/wiiu

got one just now, I was refreshing the page that lists all new available, as the main page didnt seem to be getting it.


u/bofstein · 3 pointsr/GirlGamers

I hate the buttons there; no matter what the design, they seem to dig unto my palm rest. I think it's because I have such tiny hands - in order to keep my fingers up at the buttons, my palm starts sooner than average (even relative to the average woman; I'm only 4'11") and so end up sitting on those middle buttons uncomfortably.

I don't usually use thumb buttons either, even for gaming, but most non-gaming mice that are less likely to have those middle buttons either aren't sensitive or durable enough for what I'm looking for. I've read through some old threads here to find mice suggestions for people with small hands, but every one I've tried still has center buttons. Or when I finally find one without, like this one, reviews say it's especially good for big hands.

I just bought this from the store, hoping a non-gaming mouse would be okay, but it just isn't smooth or good feeling, not sure if that's because of the sensitivity or the material or the wireless factor. I didn't want wireless but it was all I could find in what I was looking for that was comfortable to hold.

u/iamgroot91 · 3 pointsr/DotA2

Don't get a laptop if you have that budget. Try getting a good keyboard and a mouse. I use Corsair Vengence K70 Red Switches and Razor Deathadder Chroma

u/foxual · 3 pointsr/MouseReview

That's a sweetspot pricepoint for LOTS of great mice. All have the latest and greatest sensors, just pick one you think would fit your hand and grip best (in no particular order):

u/nthny · 3 pointsr/nintendo

There are a number of solutions that involve plugging the controller into the Wii Remote so that the Wii U will read them as a Classic Controller.

For GameCube, you've got a couple of options. You can go with this adapter, which lets you use your existing GameCube controller. There's also this controller from Hori, which is an actual Classic Controller in the exact shape of the GameCube controller. I have both, and they both work well, but I prefer the Hori controller.

For N64, there's this adapter. It's the same idea as the GameCube adapter linked above. I haven't used this one myself, so I can't tell you from experience how well it works.

Because all of these options register as Classic Controllers, they have the advantage of being compatible with any Wii or Wii U game that uses it, which is very many of them. For N64 games on the Wii U Virtual Console, you'll be able to adjust the button mapping in the options menu to make sure everything plays just the way you remember it.

I hope this is helpful. Enjoy your Wii U, and welcome to the club!

u/Sandfall · 3 pointsr/smashbros

The Mayflash adapters lag a little too much for my tastes (it's slight, but noticeable)
Personally, I'd just go with this option if you can't find an adapter: http://www.amazon.com/HORI-Battle-Mario-Version-Turbo-u/dp/B00ND0E5ZU

u/jwlacy · 3 pointsr/wiiu

I think it will be hit and miss since Nintendo no longer has them in production. PDP may be a route, but also take a look at the HORI Battlepad as well.

u/Zesso · 3 pointsr/smashbros
u/ParusiMizuhashi · 3 pointsr/Games

Those PDP controllers are horrible. I couldn't recommend AGAINST them more. Hori's version on the other hand, is very good.

u/angie0924 · 3 pointsr/wiiu

You're talking about these right? That's cool! so they are confirmed to work with N64 games in Wii Mode?

u/Sassafrass238 · 3 pointsr/smashbros

Here you go:


It registers as a classic controller, but has the layout of a gamecube controller, so it can be used with a lot more games than the gamecube adaptor.

u/marioman63 · 3 pointsr/wiiu

nope, this is the hori pad. OP posted the PDP pads.

u/carabea293 · 3 pointsr/AnimalCrossing

Twins! I have this case so I can still see everything

u/Highfro · 3 pointsr/3DS

HORI Duraflexi Clear Protector for Nintendo NEW 3DS XL https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RZ7TC6Y

u/kratosauron0 · 3 pointsr/3DS

Best put a clear cover on top. Hori makes some really nice ones. Adds a little bulk, but there's no way for the decal to rub off.

HORI Duraflexi Clear Protector for Nintendo NEW 3DS XL https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RZ7TC6Y/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_qMH4xbE102DWX

u/LizardMorty · 3 pointsr/3DS

I have two by Hori. Highly rated and recommend

HORI Duraflexi Clear Protector for Nintendo NEW 3DS XL https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RZ7TC6Y/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_VzFUBbYPQH9F3

u/Centrioless · 3 pointsr/3DS

This is strictly for new 3ds XL

For body cover, i recommend This gametech soft cover over Hori duraflexi case. the Gametech case has a couple of clips that hook into the lanyard loop holes on the back. If you're annoyed because hori case doesnt really stick to the device, then you're gon love this gametech case. One thing to note is taht the case itself actually has a frost color rather than clear

For the carrying case, I use this Takecase 3ds xl case. It can store up to 8 games in its central compartment. It also has a inner zip storage where you can store a charger and still have room for 5-8 games more. There's a mesh net that holds the 3ds xl on its place. It has everything that I want from a 3ds xl carrying case. There are other alternatives, but they have very snug space, and don't have inner zip storage

u/MzTredecim · 3 pointsr/3DS

For anyone that doesn't want the hassle of installing the Skinomi, the HORI Duraflexi cases are great. Everyone in my house used the previous version for the XL and enjoyed them.
Here is a cheaper alternative on eBay and the same sans extra stylus (styli?).

Also if your don't already have a charger, I suggest USB chargers. I've been using just USB chargers for months now and they are more convenient. Also if you travel alot, there is no issue with power voltages. Official US 3DS chargers will not work overseas.

All current 3DS XL cases should work with the N3DS XL as will screen protectors.

u/CaiserZero · 3 pointsr/MonsterHunter

I'm pretty protective of my 3DS/N3DSes as well. I do use a case along with a Skinomi skin protector, that covers the whole N3DS. And it was inside a padded pouch. But it was clipped on my left side belt. Out of the 5-6 years, since my first 3DS, never has this ever happened to me. Sometimes bad shit just happens.

u/notanafc · 3 pointsr/3DS

I am extremely pleased with the setup I have to fully protect my Solgaleo/Lunala Black Edition XL.

Screen protector - https://www.amazon.com/HORI-Screen-Protective-Filter-Nintendo-NEW/dp/B00RZ7T8TK

System protector - https://www.amazon.com/HORI-Duraflexi-Clear-Protector-Nintendo-NEW/dp/B00RZ7TC6Y/

Carrying case - https://www.amazon.com/HORI-Pokemon-Moon-Hard-Pouch-Nintendo/dp/B01J3Z5OC6/

It was around $40 all said and done, but easily worth it to me.

u/Eugenian64 · 3 pointsr/nintendo


I just bought the same one (except the original XL one). It has a great feel to it, and you can find ones with great designs on it. It's made of silicone, and is soft and flexible, but it keeps its shape. It doesn't add too much bulk to the device, but it seems protective enough.

10/10 would buy again.

u/RegularWhiteShark · 3 pointsr/3DS

I wouldn't recommend putting stickers on your 3DS. I use this case for mine - it protects the 3DS itself, and you can put stickers on it, no problem. I have a hard travel case for my 3DS, and it still fits in no problem.

Please note that the case i linked is for the New Nintendo 3DS XL. But I highly doubt they don't have similar ones for all the other versions of the 3DS.

u/ForgedInFire · 3 pointsr/3DS
u/CarolineTurpentine · 3 pointsr/3DS
u/UCLAKoolman · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

$12.99 with prime shipping. It comes with all the tools you need to make the swap and there are YouTube tutorials online. Took less than thirty minutes to move everything over.

Haven't had any issues. I've used it on three two-week business trips now. When I'm home I use an official dock.


u/deltasalmon · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

This one? I'm also looking for a portable dock. I already have a second (official) AC adapter so that should work out well.

u/NoDiceBRZ · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

This one has served me well and I take it anytime I go out
FastSnail HDMI Type C Adapter for Nintendo Switch, HDMI Converter Cable for Nintendo Switch https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074MYLP9C/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_EK9rbfekIxkO4

u/SetTheTempo · 3 pointsr/garlicoin

Not to rain on your parade or anything, but are you talking about something like this?


u/killawiffawizkhalifa · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I ordered this one off amazon for 30$, supposed to come in this week. Only thing is it needs its own ac adapter.


u/Ryvaeus · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Looks like another rebrand of this cheaper dock/dongle on Aliexpress. There are rebrands of this on US Amazon as well, by FastSnail and MYRIANN. All of these are less than $30 with free shipping and no tax.

u/driggity · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

My switch was bricked while using this FastSnail dongle and the OEM power supply. Had to send it back to Nintendo and lost all saved game data. I guess it could have been random but my guess is that it was the dongle.

u/ninusc92 · 3 pointsr/xboxone

another option would be something like this

u/deraphus86 · 3 pointsr/PlaystationClassic

So was I when it started and it’s a lot easier now.

The hardest part is going to be finding a usb drive that’s compatible. You need a relatively low capacity drive to go in the 2nd player slot, the reason it needs to be a certain type is the power supply is very limited to the front so most won’t work. I believe there is a list online of ones that’ll work. Of you want to test one you already own then follow the guide till you get to test it and see, if nothing else it’s a good practice run for you.

If you want use of the 2nd player you’ll then need to install the custom kernel (all in the guide) and big an OTG adaptor. This also means you can buy a much bigger drive and upload more content.

This is the guide I used:


This is the OTG cable I bought

Zerone Right Left Angle Micro USB... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07FMYFJVT?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

This is the wireless adapter I use for my PS4 controller (also works with Xbone)

8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0786JC6VW?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

And this is the drive I’m now using after setting up OTG

SanDisk SDCZ60-128G-B35 Cruzer... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B007YX9OGW?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

These will give you an idea of expense, completely depending on how deep you want to go down the rabbit hole. You can just get yourself a working drive for the 2nd slot and play 1 player games no problem.

Completely up to you!

u/qwertylerqw · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I’ve never heard of that controller but 8BitDo is good for a controller with a good d-pad. I would recommend waiting for the SN30 Pro+ to come out because it’ll be much more comfortable than the current SN30 Pro

I have the wired SN30 Pro and it’s d-pad is fantastic. It’s a nice cheaper option

You can also use 8BitDo’s adapter or the MayFlash adapter to use a DS4 controller on the Switch if you already have one

u/cjbeames · 3 pointsr/AndroidTV

Perhaps this 8Bitdo USB adapter?

u/copysonic · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I personally recommend the 8bitdo device because it doesn’t look as stupid as others. 8bitdo is also an amazing company.


u/Player8 · 3 pointsr/PS4

8bitdo adapter for the switch. Only works in the dock or with a usb c dongle. Like 20 bucks. I highly recommend it if you want a pro controller but don’t wanna shell out 70 bucks for it. I use my spare Xbox one controller on my switch so me and a friend can play Mario kart.

Only real downside is you can’t use the Xbox or PlayStation controller to turn the console on, so you either have to do it by hand or turn it on with the joycon then switch to the other controller.


u/Preclude · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I used to be a big D-Pad guy and only moved to analog sticks for Smash Ultimate. My recommendation would be a Dualshock 3 (or 4 if you must) with the 8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B0786JC6VW
DS3 is still my preferred D-Pad.

u/Brothell · 3 pointsr/Switch

Does someone have experience with this 8Bitdo dongle, it should allow you to use any remote controller, for example from PS4.


u/Emuchu · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

The official dock is "portable" in the sense that it's light and easy to move around, but it's also much larger than it needs to be and wouldn't fit into most Switch carry cases. The electronics component of the dock consists of a single board that's only about 2" x 2", so you can actually disassemble the official dock and stick all the guts into a smaller case such as this BASSTOP one on Amazon. This makes the dock small enough to stick into your pocket... or inside your switch case.

A dongle is another possible solution--and in fact they exist already, albeit in an unlicensed and may-brick-your-console kind of way, but the issue with both of these things is that Nintendo wants to cover the screen up while it's in docked mode. Personally, I went with the transplanted smaller dock, so that I could fit the Switch, dock, power adapter, and two extra Joycon into the same zippered Switch carry case.

u/SexlessNights · 2 pointsr/funny

Buy a smaller dock enclosure

u/DapperDano · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

What's the best portable dock shell? After hearing all the horror stories of 3rd party docks I'm just going to put the official one in a new shell. The main one I can find is this: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B071YVC3NJ/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza

u/MooKids · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

If the dock still works, you could just buy a new aftermarket enclosure.

I just ordered this portable replacement case.


It is just a plastic shell, and it uses the Switch dock internals to function, so it really isn't a third party dock.

u/GaveUpMyGold · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

This is the one I used. It's just a smaller housing for the circuit board in the Switch dock, about the size of a deck of cards.


u/on8wingedangel · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitchDeals

DON'T USE THIS, strong likelihood of bricking your Switch. Buy this instead and a spare first-party dock to transplant into it. I did it myself, it was pretty easy.

u/Phaedrus0230 · 2 pointsr/Switch

There are definitely adaptors that work, but I was under the impression they needed to be made for the switch... I'm guessing thats "proper"


It's worth noting that thing requires external power to work. A normal usb-c to hdmi adaptor for a computer can be powered by the computer.

u/ss4444gogeta · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I have the FastSnail adapter and it's awesome, no issues with it. I know Nyko also made a dock recently that comes with a power adapter too.

u/codevii · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Just in case you don't see my above comment

Get one of these

It charges and displays on the TV through HDMI. It's basically a mini dock. You just need to plug it in with a USB C cable to charge it.

u/FerrisWeil · 2 pointsr/macbookpro

This Dock is something I would look into for a quality workstation or something similar

This dongle is what I currently use to display my computer on a monitor with little issues for browsing and videos as well as charging

This POS dongle I purchased and doesn’t work lol

u/WASSHOI · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

This won't work.
Nintendo uses a proprietary method to make sure third party adapters won't work for it. Of course, people have already found ways around it, but if the adapter isn't specifically stated as working for the Switch then it almost certainly will not.
is what you're looking for.

u/Bluestank · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

This whole 3rd party equipment discussion seems like such a "wild west" of electronics. Something I have never quite experienced before. And Nintendo seems to have been pretty silent about the issue? I have a few questions, if anyone more tech savy wouldn't mind answering?

  1. Do USB-C to USB-C female/male extender cables cause any problems?

  2. I've been using this FastSnail Travel Adapter already without any issues. Does that mean my particular Switch is "safe" or do I need to stop doing this?

  3. Along the lines of #2 I've been using an Anker power bank USB-C to USB-C without any issues at all. Is this safe?
u/danlyG · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Moderator deleted the post, this thread is still searchable on google. I will place it in this comment for others reference my troubleshooting steps.

WARNING: 3rd party docks brick your switch after the 5.0 update!

I purchased the FastSnail adapter since I needed a portable adapter for myself. I would have opted for Nyko, but it was going to take too long to release.

I used the FastSnail for the last 6-8 months consistently. This adapter has been great for me as it is portable and convenient for travel purposes. If you are having trouble making it work the most consistent way is to plug the AC adapter and HDMI in to the dongle first and then plug it into your switch while it is on.

However, last night I updated my switch to the newest update (5.0) it connected to my TV through the dongle just fine, but after I wanted to do a reboot (to change language settings) it became stuck on the "Nintendo Switch" logo. I rebooted my switch while docked with the dongle.


It was perpetually in a boot loop these are what I have done:

  1. Hard reset the switch (hold the power button down 13-15 sec)

  • Stays stuck on the Switch logo screen after the system turns on

  1. Hard reset the switch into maintenance mode (hold the volume buttons down and turn on the switch)

  • Stays stuck on the Switch logo screen after the system turns on
  • Maintenance mode only happens after the boot cycle (which it never gets past)

  1. Drain the battery (leave it on the logo screen)

  • I left the switch on over night to drain the battery. It no longer goes to the "nintendo logo screen" and goes to a "battery depleted screen"
  • I left the switch plugged in for a day with the factory AC adapter and it no longer charges. There is no charging indicator the battery just does not charge any more.
  • Yes, my factory AC adapter works, it can charge all my other USB-C devices as well.

  1. "Leave it for a week and try again"

  • I really doubt this will work. That solution is not a fix.


    I did so much googling and research. I have done almost everything others have tried. This morning I found this video from Spawn Wave on YouTube that also hit this same issue. Though he was using a 3rd party Nyko dock.

    I have had my Switch for a year (I got it on release day). My 1 year warranty is no longer applicable. I plan to contact Nintendo Support, but I am currently abroad for 2 months :(
    I found that repairs post-warranty through Nintendo are anywhere from $100-$200.

    Do not update your Switch to 5.0 if you want to continue using this dongle.
    If you have already updated DO NOT reboot your switch while connected to the dongle. You should stop using the dongle all together, it's not worth the risk.

    I do plan to contact support and point out their 5.0 patch notes never said anything about this. http://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/22525/p/897 Maybe I can get some needle moving.

    tl;dr: 5.0 update will brick your Switch while using a 3rd party dock. Don't reboot your switch while still connected to the dock. Probably just don't use the 3rd party dock at all...

    Edit: Formatting & Grammar

    Update: FastSnail contacted me back and they were not able to reproduce the results. Not sure exactly what to do on my side. I made a post on Nintendo Support, no response yet. I am out of warranty so I would have to pay for repairs which is fine.. though I am in the middle of traveling for 2 months and won't be able to do that at all lul
u/nyijedi · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

This type of adapter just bricked my switch last night while updating with it attached. This is the one I have:
FastSnail HDMI Type C Hub Adapter for Nintendo Switch, HDMI Converter Dock Cable for Nintendo Switch (Black) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074MYLP9C/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_E4rRAbE4TVGMR

u/pmo2408 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I've been using the fast snail dock and ZMI power brick with zero issues. But these support the correct power (both voltage and amperage) profiles required. I've tested with a usbc to usbc power meter and verified they provide the same specs as the OEM dock.

u/thegrinderofpizza · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

it looks like it's selling on amazon too, under a different name

u/SpacedCoyote · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I have two different 3rd party docks, I've been using both for months now without issue. Here's a brief review for you...

Fastsnail dock


  • Smaller than the original dock
  • Works with any power adapter, if it doesn't get enough juice it will drain your battery while in docked mode.
  • Very cheap alternative


  • I can get this to fit in my case but I wish it was a little smaller
  • No problems with it yet but the build quality feels very 3rd party.


    C-Force 2


  • Smallest Dock available
  • Very nice build quality, same engineers that worked with Nyko on their dock


  • Only works with 15v power adapters, which are generally much larger and out weigh the size advantage.
  • Expensive, $70 and doesn't come with any cables


    Ultimately I use the Fastsnail dock when I travel. I can fit the dock, an Aukey power adapter, headphones, usb cable, slim HDMI cable, 4 straps, and an extra pair of joycons into this case. Which basically gives me everything I need to have a 4 player console on the go. I don't use C-force for travel because most of the 15v power adapters are too big to fit into the case.
u/spekkio4321 · 2 pointsr/Games

I bought a chinese knockoff which is basically a usb type c to hdmi with a couple more ports if you want to charge the switch while playing. It cost $35 and strangely enough it works fantastic: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074MYLP9C

u/Jaxseven · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I bought the FastSnail USB C Hub as a portable docking solution a while back and it worked quite well at the time. However since update 5.00 I haven't used it and am concerned if it'll brick my Switch. Can anyone confirm whether this hub has been affected by the issue and whether or not FastSnail has responded to the issue?

u/timewarp87 · 2 pointsr/ShieldAndroidTV

I found same issue.its the pants Bluetooth chip in the shield. I bought this and usb extension cable, and controllers been perfect ever since .8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for Windows/Mac/Raspberry Pi (Nintendo Switch) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0786JC6VW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_wZHpDb0JX990S

u/guero_vaquero · 2 pointsr/Steam_Link

Samsung 2017 TV owner here. Bought an 8BitDo off amazon and plugged it into my TV and it works like a charm. I use my PS4 controller, but the pairing process is super easy and identical. I also used a male-to-female USB extension cable to let the 8BitDo hang down in an easily accessible area so I can re-pair my controller if I end up playing PS4 and then coming back.

Link to the exact one I bought:


Side note: Haven’t bothered to try and look into it, but when I end remote play, I get an odd green band across the bottom 1/16th of the screen. That goes away with a power cycle and I think is just some kind of odd artifact in the UI.

u/DrProctopus · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

This is going to be your best, cheapest option:

8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac, & Raspberry Pi https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0786JC6VW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_RWMhDbX7VBAF5

u/Cloudeur · 2 pointsr/gaming

Here’s a nice little USB key just for you!


I don’t own one myself, but a few of my friends have one and they love it!

u/BigGreeneTractor · 2 pointsr/Switch

8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac, & Raspberry Pi https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0786JC6VW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_Hy2-Bb3W0KAS9

u/stockcar1515 · 2 pointsr/RetroPie

Here is the one I've used. Also, the one made for NES/SNES Classics is several dollars cheaper and I'm pretty sure that they can be used with a Pi by plugging it in with the provided micro USB to USB cable as I've seen others say it works. I actually own one of the SNES Classic retro receivers, so I can try it out later when I get a chance to confirm.

u/EpicJEpic · 2 pointsr/DragonsDogma

Absolutely! This is what I grabbed off Amazon for $20:


I haven't had any issues with it so far. The only quirky thing I've had happen was sometimes it will allow me to turn on the switch from the PS4 controller and sometimes not, so I just hit the button from a joycon and then use the PS4 controller. Also you can only pair one controller to the dongle.

If anyone picks one up I'd update the firmware on it before using the dongle. It's a quick download and install that takes only a few minutes.

u/sponge___ · 2 pointsr/FortniteSwitch

Hi, if you're not liking the switch pro controller...there is an option for you...there is an adapter that makes ps4 and xb1 controllers work for the Nintendo switch...completely wirelessly. I attached a link below.


There's a cheap sale and the seller is selling it for $10. It usually costs $20 however.

Happy Gaming.


It DOES NOT work wirelessly though... sorry.

u/salohcin513 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

This is what I got, it’s like a little USB stick that allows you to use any controller basically

8bitdo Bluetooth adapter

u/DanFandango · 2 pointsr/gaming

No noticeable input lag when I used my DS4 controller.

Here's a link:

8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for Windows/Mac/Raspberry Pi (Nintendo Switch)

u/JEMerc · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Speaking of which [these adapters] (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0786JC6VW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_DvANBb2P0FC50) are amazing. You can use Ps4, Xbox and WiiU Pro controllers on the Switch (and PC, Mac or Raspberry Pi)! Works out of the box and I’m surprised people haven’t talked much about them here.

u/_softlite · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

DS4 work with the Switch in docked mode by plugging in an adapter to the dock, but I'm not sure which adapter you're referring to. If you already own the controller and adapter, you can test and find out. If not, I would recommend buying an adapter that's known to work, such as the 8Bitdo or Mayflash Magic-NS.

u/HayesCooper19 · 2 pointsr/hardwareswap

I don't think a 7 year old would feel cramped on the joycons, but a pro controller is still a good investment. I'd also recommending checking this out as alternative that could save a few bucks if you have a bluetooth controller lying around or picked up a Wii U Pro controller super cheap.

u/grymmhain · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

This would probably work similar to the USB adapter that was just released to let you pair other controllers. You’d have to set the pro controller settings to wired. And of course use it with the USB cable attached.

Edit for link to product


u/allofdarknessin1 · 2 pointsr/teslamotors
u/coned_miro · 2 pointsr/SwitchHacks
u/jdelamater99 · 2 pointsr/DestinyTheGame

I haven't had any luck either, so I just ordered this adapter.

It arrives tomorrow, so I'll report back after I've had a chance to test it.

u/UltimateHobo2 · 2 pointsr/3DS

Hori makes very good clear cases. You can pre-order this on Amazon now.


u/EchoRenegade · 2 pointsr/3DS
u/godshammer915 · 2 pointsr/3DS

I really liked that grip but if you play a lot of games that use the shoulder buttons, I found the finger grips on the back to be a bit too high and puts your hand in an awkward position. That being said, I prefer this model for every game that doesn't the shoulder buttons much.

If you do play a lot of Monster Hunter or games that use the shoulders a lot, try this one Cyber Gadget Rubber Coating Grip 2 Black For Nintendo New 3DS LL XL https://www.amazon.com/dp/B013JDH8J0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_5le0xbBSRD90R They moved the finger grips a little lower and makes it a more natural grip.

u/BlueChilli · 2 pointsr/3DS

Cyber Grip 2

If your main concern is comfort, I highly recommend a grip. This is the one I have and it is amazing. Extremely comfortable.

Something to think about. Unless you find a person interesting in trading, I doubt you will find any store willing to do a 1 to 1 trade.

u/bunny_avenger · 2 pointsr/3DS

I like my Cyber Gadget grip a lot. It's hard plastic.



u/Davel23 · 2 pointsr/3DS

I use this one. It's perfect, at least for me.

u/Rufio6 · 2 pointsr/3DS

I use the Hori monster hunter one, but it is massive and pricey. Comfortable though, and sweats better than my other plastic grips.

I'm gonna take a chance on this $8 one from eBay, looks to be one of the slimmer profiles: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Game-controller-Case-Plastic-Hand-Grip-Handle-Stand-for-Nintendo-3DS-LL-XL-EM/292150547574?hash=item4405879476:g:Ti0AAOSw9~5ZQSS9

Otherwise, the Cyber Gadget Grip for $25 is supposed to be great. https://www.amazon.com/Gadget-Coating-Nintendo-New-3DS-LL/dp/B013JDH8J0

I've used cheap trigger grips on my Old XL that worked amazing. Just got my New 3ds XL and its been tougher to find a good set.

u/luxias79 · 2 pointsr/3DS

I got this grip. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B013JDH8J0/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_2prlxbCE4RZKE

I love it. My hands were getting cramped playing mh4u all the time. Reasonably priced and comfortable.

u/frodo_Tbaggins · 2 pointsr/3DS

I have this, it works great and has storage for 2 games and access to game slot https://www.amazon.com/dp/B013JDH8J0/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_J2nNxb6DF59YH

u/Blue_Pipe · 2 pointsr/3DS

i did some research myself and i think ill go for this: https://www.amazon.com/Gadget-Coating-Nintendo-New-3DS-LL/dp/B013JDH8J0
there is alot of good reviews in forums and even in this sub. Thanks for the help!

u/BiigDaddyDellta · 2 pointsr/MonsterHunter

I got a grip off of Amazon for like less that 30 bucks. I'm not sure what the company name is but it has very obvious red Japanese writing all over the front of it, just search new 3DS XL grip and it should pop up. I have had about 3 different grips for my DS and this one is by a far margin the absolute best. It removes easily, it allows access to your game slot and stylus, it has false triggers to make holding it very comfortable, the smooth surface is clean and doesn't "gunk up" and is also easily cleaned if it does get dirty. I highly suggest this grip when available. I would try and get a link but I am out to sea (Navy) right now and I cannot get one..

edit: got it http://www.amazon.com/Gadget-Coating-Nintendo-New-3DS-LL/dp/B013JDH8J0/ref=sr_1_1?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1457184131&sr=1-1&keywords=new+3DS+XL+grip

u/Ironchar · 2 pointsr/3dshacks

spend the money and get the king of 3DS gaming grips. it is a GAME changer in terms of hand comfort, long term gaming and smash on the go

my only gripe is it loses the ability to pocket the system along with setting it down flat.... but its easy to take on and off AND has cart storage so it offsets. the hinges brake on mine and I'd just buy another it feels so good

u/furyofturi · 2 pointsr/MonsterHunter


The cyber gadget one is great. The original Hori X one is pretty cool too, and I have used both (my friend got it when first released, and far less expensive).

This one has a very comfortable rubber finish, and fits big hands well. It’s keeps your wrists pointed out at more of a 45 degree angle than the Hori one does, and helps prevent scratching your system (my poor regular 3DS XL got ABUSED by the circle pad pro). Also, features a pocket to hold two cartridges, or use to hold up the system! Very comfy, seats the system well, is excellent and what I use and love.

Drawbacks- no buttons as part of the grip. There are ridges on the back that take getting used to, but still, I said this is a comfy grip. You basically just put your middle fingers across these lower grips. I would LOVE if it had L/R/ZL/ZR buttons, but simply gives you access to comfy access to the actual buttons on the system. This is definitely where the Hori one does better, by providing big triggers on the grip, but this definitely works.


As someone who just recently bought a grip, specifically for playing 4U, this is the one to go with, and is cost efficient and of great quality

u/wizetekniquez · 2 pointsr/3DS

None of these are good get this TRUST me youll thank me later

Cyber Gadget Rubber Coating Grip 2 Black For Nintendo New 3DS LL XL https://www.amazon.com/dp/B013JDH8J0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_UO2FzbMTYYFYX

u/alphalightningbolt · 2 pointsr/3DS

Have you thought about buying a grip for your XL? They make the handheld feel more like a controller which in turn makes it was more comfortable to hold. The link below is for the XL version of the grip that I use for my n3DS, holds a couple game carts too which is nice if your like me and switch games often.

Or you can be like me and get the n3DS bundle in NA, sell off the game code and other faceplates, and buy pikachu faceplates because fuck what anyone else thinks, pikachu is cute as shit.


u/SuperCashBrother · 2 pointsr/Metroid

Thumbs no but wrists hurt after some of the intense boss fights. Fortunately this made the problem go away. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B013JDH8J0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_7A0Xzb4CX3YKH

u/PoorSpanaway · 2 pointsr/3DS

Regarding comfort, it's not really heavy feeling, but if your hands are larger than a child's hands, it's not exactly comfortable.

I use this grip: https://www.amazon.com/Gadget-Coating-Nintendo-New-3DS-LL/dp/B013JDH8J0/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=3ds+grip&qid=1554741180&s=gateway&sr=8-3

At the very least, it gets your thumbs in almost the right alignment for better comfort.

u/Bac0n_ · 2 pointsr/3DS
u/Ashtoruin · 2 pointsr/MonsterHunter

I have the same one, you can get it with prime shipping on amazon for about the same price.

u/Wariosmustache · 2 pointsr/3DS

The other poster posted the same brand, but this is the one I have.


It's slightly cheaper, but that's also because it's a different model (The Grip 2 instead of the Grip Slim)

u/Kwayzhar · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Cyber gadget! Make this for SWITCH ! ! !

u/deathspawn · 2 pointsr/3dshacks

I like this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013JDH8J0/

Only gripe about it was the card holders in the back had the pins pushed too far inwards and pushed up a label on my Ridge Racer cart. As a grip it works fine though.

u/theflamelord · 2 pointsr/3DS

i have this grip that i use when i go on longer car rides and whatnot, it has a slot in the back for 2 games plus on in the cartridge slot. i have a couple of the 18-24 game cases at home but i don't like carrying those around with me

u/IJustMadeThis · 2 pointsr/MonsterHunter

Amazon recommended this and MHGen together, so...maybe? I haven't bought it yet.

Cyber Gadget Grip

u/larsiusprime · 2 pointsr/Games
u/RaptorUTO · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace
  1. If possible build a PC as macs are terrible at gaming.

  2. X360 Controller

    3.Steam Controller

    I use the 360 controller with platform games and love it!
u/Buildapcproxy · 2 pointsr/Buildapcproxy

Another user here recommended www.myus.com. We offer the same service as Myus, just cheaper.

We charge you the exact cost of obtaining an item and shipping it. We do not make our profits from overcharging customers, which is what MyUS and other freight forwarders do.

We make our profit margin from obtaining affiliations with online stores from purchasing so much with them.

We have had a fantastic run with Amazon so far and can provide our buyers with a 5% discount on all purchases. As time goes on we will be able to provide additional exclusive deals to the most popular stores.

Remember that when saving money with Buildapcproxy you are not just saving moeny. You are expanding our reach and saving even more users money in the future!

To answer your question,


This steam controller is on sale for $49.99. We offer an exclusive 5% off Amazon discount. Sales tax and Paypal fees add up to an estimated $7. This makes your initial payment $54.37 USD. Once we receive the item, we must charge you to ship it out. We can estimate $45 USD. This brings the total to $99.37. This is $133.27 in AUD.

u/moviuro · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

$35 for the Steam Controller: https://www.amazon.com/Steam-Controller-SteamOS/dp/B016KBVBCS

I don't think you can go wrong.

And if budget is really an issue, go wired.

u/Kareem_Jordan · 2 pointsr/Linux_Filmmaking

I don't use this device, but I've been toying around with using a steam controller to the same effect. I haven't mapped all the shortcuts to the way I want them, and it did take a little time to find my groove.

Here's a video example.

Here's the config file.


Here's a demonstration of the Shuttle pro.

You might require this code.

Here's a longer explanation.

u/MyCatEdwin · 2 pointsr/GameDeals

While gmessad's recommendation is great, I would say the Steam Controller is a super solid choice too. If you can wait a bit, GameStop and Amazon have deals on them pretty often. If you have basically any existing PC gamepads you'll be fine while you wait.

If you don't mind used (my controller has been indestructible the year and a half I've had it), Amazon has a used one with Prime for $35 https://www.amazon.com/Steam-Controller-SteamOS/dp/B016KBVBCS?th=1

u/holyteach · 2 pointsr/Games
u/Qweasd11 · 2 pointsr/Games

Probably bought it through Amazon.

u/HoardOfPackrats · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Can you buy from Amazon.com? I think you have to pay about $10 for shipping, but eh.

Edit for link: Steam controller on Amazon

u/PanicHouse · 2 pointsr/Steam

So is the
Steam Controller for 34.99 USD

u/oOoWTFMATE · 2 pointsr/hardwareswap

Steam Controller is $35 shipped with Prime on Amazon right now and includes a free case so you may want to consider lowering your price.


u/Stubrochill17 · 2 pointsr/Steam

Seems to be correct.


Get Two Free Games with Purchase
Customers who purchase any Steam Hardware (Steam machine, Link, Controller) will receive 1 copy of of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and 1 copy of Left 4 Dead 2. This will be sent to customers via a bounceback code which can be redeemed on Steam. Offer applies only when shipped and sold by Amazon. Available while supplies last. Amazon reserves the right to change or terminate this promotion at any time.

u/anthchapman · 2 pointsr/GameDeals

I don't know, but Amazon do and have the same price (plus $8.67US for shipping one of them which will take "9-12 business days").


u/gindawn · 2 pointsr/ffxiv

I needed a new headset and found this, though this was also very shiny.

Each physical product $20+ in the Video Games section has a chance of the FFXIV promo showing up under "Special Offers and Product Promotions" near the bottom of each product page.

u/1topclique · 2 pointsr/SteamController

WTF LOL. Ok checking it for me, first distributor with prime availability is $84 but very limited supply. Going up to $130 for other options (I'm US btw).

Drastically different from when Amazon had that $30 sale last year huh... Also Gamestop's new copy was $48 ($51 after tax), with their used copies around $35(Amazon's used are around $50+). When Gamestop has the most reasonable prices compared to everyone else something is definitely UP.


u/Chemtox · 2 pointsr/GameDeals

A quick analysis of previous deals tells me that it will last... less than a month, most probably.

As for someone knowing exactly how long, well, I would venture that not even Amazon nor Valve know that, judging by the same data sample. Pretty sure they are using advanced American Economics.

u/Garfield131415 · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

This is a different model. The model I have is the white LED with Gateron brown switches. This model you have linked has Kailh black switches. I didn't choose that one because of the switches.
This is the one I have: https://www.amazon.com/Mechanical-Keyboard-GATERON-Magicforce-Qisan/dp/B01E57PUNA/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1484939366&sr=8-5&keywords=magicforce

I have seen some review of that type though. Those colours are locked. So the WASD and arrows keys are always orange, and the others are blue.
Mine has white leds.

u/RedGreatApe · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

hmm not quite

my bad! I said bottom, I meant underside.


you can see it in the last picture, on the left side

u/alose · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

Ducky is a great choice. For work, I would not think you would need LEDs, so I would recommend going with PBT caps - White or Blue/grey.

You could also go with a Magicforce. Gateron Browns feel nicer than a Cherry MX. There is also a non-backlit version with Outemu Browns.

Unfortunately, there are no Clears in your price range. I saw a Magicforce in Clears for like $80, but no listing for it now. Unless you want to drop down to 60%, then a V60 is only $104.

u/TinBe2000 · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

Right now on Amazon there are a few MagicForce Keyboards out there right now for like $63 USD. Looks like the right board for you! If you're looking for a black board instead of a white one, then here is another link! If you are looking for a TKL/60% I would go for that. If you want a full size I'm not entirely sure, but I have heard of some floating around. Maybe not around your budget though.

EDIT: I found the full size board that has Gateron Brown! It's a fullsize with red LED. Plus you can change it to whatever switch you want if you're starting to dislike browns.

u/haploid-20 · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

Hap hap hello there! I am a bot and you linked to Amazon.

This comment contains 1 pricing graph(s)


Product 1: Mechanical Keyboard Gaming Keyboard GATERON Brown Switch Wired Backlit Mechanical Mini design (60%) 68 Keys Keyboard Cable Black Magicforce by Qisan (B01E57PUNA)

Imgur pricing graph

||Amazon|3P New|Used|
|Cur||$62.99|Not in Stock|

Relevant product discussions:



^^I'm ^^a ^^bot. ^^Please ^^PM ^^any ^^bugs

u/intrepped · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

Cheapest to most expensive recommendations:

Tomoko 87/104: $35.99 and $42.99 respectively

MagicForce 68: $39.99 with Kaihl Switches

Drevo Gramr: $39.99 with Outemu switches (iirc)

Magic Force 68 with Gateron: $62.99

MagicForce 108 with Gateron: $69.99

Rosewill RK9000V2 with Cherry: $74+/-

Oh and the Anne Pro which you can get for about $70 with Gateron switches. Also check mech market where many boards go for under $50 regularly.

u/NagamosKhanamos · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

The one you picked out is solid, I also recommend you check out the MagicForce 68 with Gateron Browns. It's really nice!

u/Professor_Fister · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

Such are the costs of the Massdrop discount. Amazon does have it at $63.

u/MilesZS · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

I'm typing on a Magicforce 68 right now. If you don't need a full keyboard, it might be a good option. Here, check this out.

u/gmcalabr · 2 pointsr/fountainpens

Fucking damnit. That didn't take long. You were right:

The bug bit me quick. In the last 24 hours, I've researched Cherrys vs. offbrands, Outemu blues and Gateron browns, tried a Razer green set and Logitech proprietary linears at Best Buy, asked around, found lots of cool keycaps, tried to see how much it would be to buy a case and chipboard and switches and balancers and caps all separately, noped the fuck out of that, and settled on this:


with these:


Wait, how did I justify $93 when $40 is nearly as good on it's own?

And why do I want these so bad?

u/CheeseRat12 · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

This and maybe O-rings to dampen bottom out sounds.

u/chromaticf0am · 2 pointsr/macsetups

It's the Magicforce 68, i have two and swapped the black keycaps onto the silver board. Matches the finish much better than the white keycaps.

u/clickstops · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

Magicforce 68 for sure. Gateron blue brown or yellow. Blue = clicky and loudish. Brown = tactile but not clicky and medium quiet. Yellow = totally linear meaning no bump pushing the key down, quiet.


u/_Arion_ · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards


There's the Amazon link.


And here's the Keycap link to the caps I've got.

The keycaps aren't necessary, just wanted. Soooooo, your choice if you get those or not.

u/xStreame · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

I just checked for you and even the cheaper ones are more than double of the price of the RedDragon, so I guess those are out of the question for you

u/t0rk · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

As has already been said, Magicforce 68 is a good place to start. Gateron brown is a pretty good switch, and definitely the one I would recommend to start on. There are others that are less expensive, but it is a good middle-ground of cost and quality. Comes in white or black.

u/wilder782 · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards
u/sudo_rm_keyboard · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

The Magiforce (with browns) is highly recommended as an entry level TKL keyboard. It's also available with Gateron Switches instead.

u/Isaksme · 2 pointsr/Keyboard

According to r/mechanicalkeyboards Magicforce usually makes good budget keyboards. This one, in particular, has gateron brown switches and good reviews. The brown switches have a small tactile bump so you can feel when the switch actuates but there is no click.


I'm not really sure how to solve your backspace problem and I am in the same situation but I don't really mind. One solution might be to rebind your backspace to the key under that. I use a Swedish keyboard so i don't know what that key is.

I suggest posting this on r/mechanicalkeyboards instead if you haven't already done so because they know 1000x more about keyboards than me.


u/stegosaurus32 · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

Any switches are good for anything if that's what you like. I game with blues and have no issues, but certain companies will try to push different switches as being better for gaming. Browns have a bump, but no click. The Magicforce 68 is very much recommended here (I have one myself), and they are available with Gateron switches.

u/kschang · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

You liked the G710+, but you need something smaller. Hmmm...

Choice 1: CM Storm QuickFire Rapid-i w/ Browns $95 on Amazon

Choice 2: Noppoo Choc Mini 84 w/ Browns $96 on Amazon

Choice 3: MagicForce 68 w/ Gateron Browns $63 on Amazon (note: 68 key keyboard, )

u/bunnyfromdasea · 2 pointsr/OverwatchUniversity

You still get the F1-12 keys you just have to use the Fn key in conjunction with the 1-10 keys and the - and = keys. The key caps feel fine, not amazing or anything but I didn't feel as though they were bad.

Also this is the exact one that I have: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01E57PUNA

I think the only difference is that this one has a white backlight and is black.

u/nbonne · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Just picked up a Qisan/Magicforce board with Gateron browns for $63.

First mechanical keyboard. I've had it for all of two days now.

Initial thoughts:

  • Why did I not at least go try a mech board sooner?
  • This 68 key layout will take a little getting used to.
  • The Gateron browns have a wonderfully satisfying bump.
  • Little board flex
u/DivineZephyr · 2 pointsr/Stepmania

Looks like a Magicforce 68

u/Reyehe · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Orzly has that up on Amazon, and there will probably be some available in store at launch day too.

u/StimulatorCam · 2 pointsr/nintendo

I ordered a tempered glass one.

u/FDL1 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

This one (Orzly 2 pack) was posted earlier but I'll probably wait for one with Prime shipping.

u/Thors_Son · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

Not sure about xbone, but I use it with [this](http://www.Zettaguard.com/ Wireless PC USB Gaming Receiver for Xbox 360 Compact Disc https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0076HD2W8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_wZffzbWHAW62F) and never needed the software, just direct plug in to the steam link.

Been able to get 4+ players at once. Does that not exist for xbone?

u/Trengence · 2 pointsr/gaming

well, they have these adapter that allow you to use a wireless controller with a pc or laptop. Hopefully when Destiny and/or MCC comes to PC they will include the DLC and be not broken

u/Route66_LANparty · 2 pointsr/buildapcforme

Lian-Li's TU100 case might be perfect for you:

u/guts65 · 2 pointsr/AlienwareAlpha

You'll need one of these.

Zettaguard Wireless PC USB Gaming Receiver for Xbox 360 Compact Disc https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0076HD2W8/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_awd_yNlzwbPAECR94

u/MoHashAli · 2 pointsr/AskGames

I played it on PC, the keyboard/mouse controls are a bit awkward but they still work. But if you want to use your xbox controller you could get this. It's simple to setup and most PC games are controller compatible

u/mrdeath799 · 2 pointsr/GiftofGames

If you look around you could probably find one cheaper, but here's an amazon link to a USB receiver for wireless Xbox controllers. It's about 10 bucks.

u/N30FAMOUS · 2 pointsr/gadgets

You'll need a wireless HDMI streamer like this. As for making your USB controllers wireless, there isn't really a consumer solution right now. You'll have to get a new set of wireless controllers. However, if you have a few Xbox 360 controllers lying around, you can use them wirelessly with your computer through an adapter like this (which lets you connect up to four 360 controllers wirelessly to your PC). If you don't have any 360 controllers, you can find a first-party wireless one made specifically for windows here (you won't need that adapter I linked above for this controller, and you can connect up to four controllers using one USB port on your computer), or you can look for others if you want.

u/vadrotan · 2 pointsr/gamingsuggestions

You can get a wireless adapter to get your 360 controller to work on your PC for $10-20 on Amazon. I got this one and it's worked great for nearly a year.


u/Taylor_OD · 2 pointsr/buildapc

Great questions! I was unaware that this wasn't common practice.
You going to need to buy a receiver. $10.00 on amazon.


and then just follow the instructions in the amazon reviews to get the drivers installed.
It's a bit frustrating to get it all set up but it is well worth it and many games come with pre-set controller settings.

u/Herb_Fargus · 2 pointsr/RetroPie

You need the wireless adapter for the xbox 360 and then you need to install the xboxdrv driver from the setup script.

I just ordered this one:


u/mdinh013 · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales
u/hisagishi · 2 pointsr/gaming

> Dolphinbar

That is what I meant yes. I am unsure if mayflash makes any other sensorbars but to specific this is the one I mean: https://www.amazon.com/Mayflash-W010-Wireless-Sensor-DolphinBar/dp/B00HZWEB74

u/bubar_babbler · 2 pointsr/SteamController

I tried this, but since I had a newer Wiimote I would have to install the Toshiba bluetooth stack and it was just too sketchy. Dolphin bar will work fine for this, though it is still a little hacky.
Amazon link:

u/DerpStation · 2 pointsr/cemu

I use a Dolphinbar, works without any config on mode 4. You can find them here.

u/JacobTheButtonMasher · 2 pointsr/DolphinEmulator

Generic Bluetooth dongles are kinda terrible compared to the dolphin bar. You should consider it even if your setup works. The Bluetooth seems to be the most stable

u/LavosYT · 2 pointsr/gaming

you could try this, I've got one that works great (if you don't have bluetooth)

u/HydrogenxPi · 2 pointsr/oculus

I had this problem too. It's odd, but what worked for me was putting on the headset first so that you were in the steam environment and then peeking out to the screen and hitting the run button. Honestly though, I found the touch implementation lacking. You have to point the touch controller down rather than at the screen for the pointer to work and the pointer was very jittery. I just ordered one of these and am looking forward to it arriving.

u/SundownKid · 2 pointsr/ShouldIbuythisgame

You need a Sensor Bar for the Wiimote to work. You also need a bluetooth adapter, although there is one called the DolphinBar that has one built in.

u/Yonrak · 2 pointsr/emulation

Looks great! As for success level of other devices, Dolphin Bar does the same thing and works really well in my experience, but could be cool if you could get the size down - though I'm not sure how small it can go whilst keeping the IR pointer functionality?

Edit: Looks like I may have missed the point. What benefit would native passthrough bring?

u/BaGamman · 2 pointsr/CrackWatch

A Dolphin ToolBar : https://www.amazon.com/Mayflash-W010-Wireless-Sensor-DolphinBar/dp/B00HZWEB74

This thing can take on precisely the inputs of a Wiimote, Wii motion+ and Nunchuck for Dophin Emulator and other applications.

Before I was rather desapointed that Dolphin couldn't precisely take in Wiimote inputs via Bluetooth dungles, so I decided to check a bit if there was another solution and it turn out this one works really well.

It cost $20 but it's quality.

u/Net_Bastard · 2 pointsr/SRSGaming

Mayflash just came out with the DolphinBar. It's a USB sensor bar with built-in bluetooth, and it was actually made with assistance from the Dolphin developers.

u/EllipsisBreak · 2 pointsr/nintendo

Dolphinbar is made for this purpose.

u/michaelthefurrycat · 2 pointsr/SomeOrdinaryGmrs

I'm playing resident evil 4 on the Samsung S9

And to my surprise it runs really well 😀 I'm at the part I got the eye too open up the door to the next area!

And I'm really happy!

Hey, um, mudahar if you're reading this can you do a wii sport on android?!?!

Because I have wii sport running on the exact same phone to run resident evil 4!

But it says that I need dolfin sensor bar for this too work so can you make a video about that please here is the link for the dolfin sensor bar!


u/DolphinUser · 2 pointsr/emulators

Yes you don't need any additional Bluetooth dongles to use it. I'm not sure if they sell them from their own site but you can get one on Amazon.

u/Jespy · 2 pointsr/pcgaming

Wireless sensor bars are cheap, what exactly is expensive to you? A regular USB one is about $10 and I got my wireless one for $20

u/KVLTSmash · 2 pointsr/ssbb
u/lostmau5 · 2 pointsr/zelda

If you can afford it, get the MayFlash Dolphin.

It comes with a disk containing appropriate drivers, and is less of an overall headache.

u/thewallsbledlust · 2 pointsr/amiibo

If you have homebrew on your wii (or are comfortable modding it in order to do so) and a fairly good gaming pc, you can make this game go from great to masterpiece. Using cleanrip, rip a copy of the game onto a usb drive, and play it with the latest developer version of Dolphin emulator.

You can buy a Dolphin Bar from Mayflash on amazon for $17 to use original wii controllers, or map controls in Dolphin for a regular gamepad (use classic controller setup).

There is an HD texture pack for Xenoblade that makes the visuals in this game absolutely amazing. If you are at all capable, this is the way to play the game.

u/dizzyzane_ · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

>Well, we'd need an adapter for the GameCube controller. The Wii controllers are wireless aren't they? Isn't the WiiU Gamepad it's own little system?

Yes, Yes (dolphin-emu has a help topic) and yes.

They all work with Linux, and 2/3 work perfectly and almost at the point of natively with Windows.

I'd not recommend the GameCube for any FPShooter game though. I'd take the ps4 or even xbone over that for that purpose.

u/Svardskampe · 2 pointsr/nds

They use BT as well indeed, so you can "easily" connect them to your PC as well for example as a normal controller :)

(with the necessary driver - which exists, just as the PS3 controller needs a driver).

What is "harder" about it, is that an integral part of the controller is that it uses positioning via infrared (the wii bar on top of your TV). - So you would need an appliance that has these infrared lights at the same distance so the mote can position itself.

Now, in reality all of this has actually been made in a single handy package. This DolphinBar:

Which is 1 USB appliance for your PC with a BT connector built in as well, and they deliver the necessary drivers as well, so you can just play the Wii via an emulator (named Dolphin, which is why it's called the DolphinBar).

You can also connect the wiimote to any android device (with the correct driver-'app'), but again, the infrared positioning is "harder". However you can just use it sideways as a conventional controller though for the button input.

u/Isaac_Schneider · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace


$16 to Use Wii remotes on PC for dolphin emulator and doubles as a Bluetooth adapter.

As for what you are asking, I don't think it's possible without some kind of advanced software. Also there fact you would be adding an extra piece of hardware between the Bluetooth devices, it would increase the latency. So it would be bad for Bluetooth input devices.

u/Binary_Omlet · 2 pointsr/gaming
u/tobyvg1 · 2 pointsr/DolphinEmulator

Amazon.de ships to the Netherlands. It even has a Dutch site. I ordered my dolphin bar there about a month ago. Shipping took about 3 days.


Edit: Amazon.de does not support Ideal, so you could use this site to buy gift cards for amazon.de through Ideal:

u/LysandreORAS · 2 pointsr/PokemonPlaza

Try here!

u/ffxiv_sucks · 2 pointsr/3dshacks

so, i'm on 10.7 on an old 3ds

my only options for CFW are getting a cubic ninja, freakyforms deluxe or using another system with pokemon games?

when people say you can do it with oot3d and power saves, is this what they mean, or something else?

u/thedoctorwaffle · 2 pointsr/achacking

> The first one that really caught my eye was one I saw on YouTube. The old New Leaf Ram editor. But it says it's only compatible with versions up to 9.5.0-22. The other method to use NLSE requires using Homebrew. And that's where I'm getting lost.

I'm a little confused as to what you mean here. But to answer your question generally, no, there is currently no way to hack ACNL without homebrew on your firmware.

> And if it is then how exactly does using the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time way actually work?

You'll need to get powersaves in order to use oothax. However, browserhax should also work on your firmware and would be a cost-free alternative if you don't already own powersaves and OoT3d. There are plenty of guides online, and if you need help, look at /r/3dshacks if you haven't already.

> Also as soon as I'm done hacking and put my new save file onto my SD can I delete the files for Homebrew off? Or do I need to keep them to keep the game running right?

You can uninstall homebrew fine, but if you plan to make more than one edit to your save then there isn't really a point.

u/Too_many_pets · 2 pointsr/SharedACTown

It's a cheat device that hooks to a computer by USB. If I put the Animal Crossing cartridge in and open the software, I can back up the game on the computer, so I can have unlimited numbers of saved versions of the game. The device also has some poorly executed item downloads (I had to reset Narnia because I tried to download the King Tut mask, and it got stuck in inventory forever, so I stopped experimenting).

For Narnia, I have a weedy version for letting people weed, a rare item version, which has all the unorderable items and hybrids, and a version for my daughter's best friend, who sometimes likes to play and wants to make sure that the same villagers are always there. If someone visits and weeds, I can just hook the cartridge back up the computer and restore the weeds. Or, if someone takes a bunch of items, I can just restore the version with the rare items. So, if someone steals anything from Ennuia, I can just bring over items then restore Narnia.

Just FYI, a guy was doing adoptions on AdoptMyVillager with a powersaves. He had TT'd every single villager in the game into boxes and saved all the versions so that he could give away any villager.

u/BansheeTK · 2 pointsr/3DS

Pick up one of these for yourself Trust me its worth it. I made save back ups of all my physical games before switching to digital (trust me, i have the Fall 2011-2012 lineup for the most part, i have alot of games)

I also used it to install OoThax

u/Sorten · 2 pointsr/Pokemongiveaway
  1. The powersaves works directly with the cartridge, so if your copy of pokemon would work with a 3DS, it should work with powersaves. (Don't trust me 100%, since I don't own a 2ds! But I can't see how the 2DS would interfere with the 3DS functionality.)
  2. I got this one. http://www.gamestop.com/nintendo-3ds/accessories/3ds-action-replay-powersaves-pro/113851 and here is an amazon link of what I think is the same thing http://www.amazon.com/Action-Replay-PowerSaves-Pro-Nintendo-3DS/dp/B00IVJ1M7M

    I think the one without the "pro" is the international edition.
u/goldendarknut · 2 pointsr/pokemon

Buy [this] (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IVJ1M7M) and back up your save files.

u/Zaccea · 2 pointsr/AnimalCrossing

I really want to recommend an Action Replay, because they have a save file backup feature! However, I only have a digital copy of ACNL so I can't promise that it will work with the "Welcome amiibo" version of the game. Here's a link to it anyways and hopefully somebody else can chime in with their experience.

u/Wherearemylegs · 2 pointsr/3dshacks

Add homebrew to you console - you need this power saves tool to inject the save. It costs $21 and that will allow to do some homebrew but not all.

Follow the ntrboot guide to buy and install CFW which will allow you to do everything. It costs between $10 and $24 depending on the cart you buy but it's worth much, much more than OoT and just a homebrew entrypoint.

u/vatrakk · 2 pointsr/3dshacks

If you have a physical copy of the game, you can just use a Powersave Pro like this one http://www.amazon.com/Action-Replay-PowerSaves-Pro-Nintendo-3DS/dp/B00IVJ1M7M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1449164307&sr=8-1&keywords=powersave to edit your save.

No need to 'hack' anything.

u/LittleHelperRobot · 2 pointsr/MonsterHunter

Non-mobile: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IVJ1M7M/

^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/benjymous · 2 pointsr/AnimalCrossing

Action Replay Power Saves

Basically it's a 3DS card reader for your PC - lets you back up, modify and restore saves from your physical games

u/ArkieRN · 2 pointsr/AnimalCrossing

There are several kinds this is the one you want.

It does look like the price went up a little since I bought one though.

u/Melted_Mantine · 2 pointsr/pokemontrades

I'm not UK, but this is mine. It has the save backup for egg checking and the features all the breeders hate.

u/Smiles4you · 2 pointsr/AdoptMyVillager

In order to powersave you'll need something this http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IVJ1M7M
You can probably find it in stores too.

A lot of people will have a second game dedicated to cycling because it will take a toll on your town. You'll find cycling guides on the right sidebar under "Useful links"

u/hazel865322 · 2 pointsr/AnimalCrossing

You have to buy this. It allows you to create (multiple) saves of your game.

It only works with cartridge, not downloaded game and only with the same (one) cartridge.

u/muddisoap · 2 pointsr/vita
u/DarkPitStain · 2 pointsr/anime

Buy a PS TV. It's basically just a Vita that you plug into your TV, and it's spectacularly cheap.

$41 on Amazon right now.

There's also the Steam port, like others have said.

u/TheFailingPlayer · 2 pointsr/PERSoNA

They've seem to have gone up in price a little, but fish around eBay or Amazon for them because its lifespan has been over for awhile now. I've seen them go from ~$100-$150 used without any extras. Keep in mind you may have to shell out extra for memory cards and chargers, though buying a game cartridge rather than a digital download saves a lot more space. Still recommended to get an 4 or 8 GB chip though.

And they do cost more, but a PSTV is also a great investment depending on your tastes. Its not as portable as the Vita, but you get full screen support for TVs and you can play it with a PS3/4 controller.



Both are good choices and allows you to access almost every game in the series (minus P3FES, Q, Q2, the fighting games, and 5. Maybe one of the P2s also). You'll get your moneys worth if you want to get deeper into the series or explore the Vita's vast JRPG library.

u/Whimsical_Sandwich · 2 pointsr/vita
u/Cornelius280 · 2 pointsr/playstation

Not sure if it has to do with the fact that I am in the States, but I've been finding them regularly on Amazon.

Example: http://www.amazon.com/PlayStation-TV-vita/dp/B00KVMHSUM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1464036976&sr=8-1&keywords=PLaystation+TV

u/Programmer_William · 2 pointsr/danganronpa

I think a lot of people are forgetting you don't need to buy a Vita to play Vita games. All the Danganronpa games are 100% playable through the PSTV.

They're literally like $40USD, even on Amazon.

Pick that up, and get Ultra Despair Girls!

u/Pegashush · 2 pointsr/velvet_room

It's basically the Vita's hardware framework but in a small box format that uses a PS3 controller and a TV in place of the Vita's buttons and screen. It's limited in what games can be played on it (the list is floating around somewhere) but it can play P3P and P4G. You can get it for like 40$ on Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/PlayStation-TV-vita/dp/B00KVMHSUM

u/goldwynnx · 2 pointsr/Games

Have you heard of the Playstation TV yet? While it doesn't have 100% of all the Vita games on there, it is going to be supporting some of the big ones that people want to play (Persona 4).

Full list of games that are supported here. Includes PS1, PSP, and Vita games.

It also has remote play with the PS4, and it's Playstation Now compatible.

For $100, can't really go wrong with all the things it does.

EDIT: I just read the the TLDR part, it sounds like you want it for the portable purposes, so that kind of makes my part pointless, but I'll leave it none the less for people that might be interested.

u/HappierShibe · 2 pointsr/Games

-Is loads cheaper. https://www.amazon.com/PlayStation-TV-vita/dp/B00KVMHSUM
-Supports any display with an HDMI input.
-Can use a regular Dualshock controller.
-Still portable; Basically perfect for business trips.

It's a damned shame retailers were so hellbent on killing the thing.

u/idownvoteallposts · 2 pointsr/retrogaming

In that case, I'm not sure any of these solutions are authentic aside from the PSIO SD Card mod. This is the Playstation TV and it uses a PS4 controller but you can play a ton of PSX games from PSN with it, (or hack it and add your own games): https://www.amazon.com/PlayStation-TV-vita/dp/B00KVMHSUM?th=1

And the Android boxes would be something like this:

But you would have to use an emulator and a bluetooth controller like a PS3/PS4/8BitDo controller with. They make great emulation boxes and are similar to raspberry pis in that regard, but depending on the specs of the box they tend to be a little more powerful and can support things like PSP game as well as the added benefit of Android apps like Netflix and Hulu. I have one hooked up to my tv that's been a pretty nice general entertainment box, and to be honest I've used it more than the higher end Nvidia Shield TV (which is the same thing but has exclusives like Android ports of Borderlands 2, Doom 3, Portal, and other old AAA games).

u/NoTalentss · 2 pointsr/vita

If your main use is streaming, here's some options:

If you have a TV at your bed and don't want to hog up the family TV, look into a [PSTV] (https://www.amazon.com/PlayStation-TV/dp/B00KVMHSUM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1495405446&sr=8-1&keywords=pstv). Or, if you prefer portable and own a decent gaming PC, look into the NVIDIA SHIELD Portable. However, if none of these alternatives fit you, the PSVita with a cheap mem card and a remote play grip is your best bet.

u/cloroxbb · 2 pointsr/gaming

PS TV is $43.93

It has been $40 on Amazon for awhile now IIRC. I still don't think it is worth it though. Since the memory is still overpriced

u/TheEccentricModder · 2 pointsr/vitahacks

Amazon man, I just got one a couple days ago brand new for $42, I needed a second one so I could play the latest Vita games, couldn't really justify a second Vita lol. But yeah here's the link https://www.amazon.com/PlayStation-TV-vita/dp/B00KVMHSUM?th=1

u/librarian-faust · 2 pointsr/Disgaea

I'm assuming you're a US citizen, but... dood,

u/ThetaOmega · 2 pointsr/anime

The PSTV is a micro console that plays Vita games. It's compatible with a lot of the vita games, but not all. Persona 4 Golden is the first game I played on my PSTV when I got it. It was amazing.

It retails for around $60-$70 USD

I'm glad you mentioned PS4. I think there is some sort of sync feature, and I just got a PS4 not too long ago. I need to look into that.

A couple of downsides to the PSTV is that it is not compatible with the entire Vita library, and you are locked down to using Sony's proprietary vita memory cards instead of a standard SD memory card like the 3DS.

u/drakanwolf · 2 pointsr/finalfantasytactics

So, I've never actually tried Steam link. I have a TV mounted to the wall above my computer desk, so I usually just hook the PC up to the TV directly with an HDMI. It looks great, though.

If you're looking for a more console-ish experience, though, I can confirm that my brother has had great luck running my homemade version of the ROM (I ripped the ISO directly onto my PSP from my US region UMD, extracted it to the PC, and applied the WoTL Skill Slowdown Fix PPF) on a soft-modded PSTV (essentially the guts of a Vita with a TV-out) and it works perfectly.

u/boompoe · 2 pointsr/Megaten

You can get a PSTV for ~60 dollars and play it on that.

Heres an Amazon link

u/DookieTuesday · 2 pointsr/PS4

Well, for general emulation of older system - your best bet might be a phone if you have a semi-recent model. Just get a blue-tooth controller cradle, and maybe even check to see if your phone can cast it's screen to your TV for full-screen. You can even emulate the Dreamcast on modern android phones via Reicast.

I prefer the Vita - but there's some caveats. Most importantly, you have to install custom firmware, which is against Sony's terms of service. I've never heard of anybody being banned, but it's possible at pretty much any time. So if you go that route, make a new account that's not tied to your PS4's library. Installing CFW merely requires you to be on official firmware 3.60 and under, and then visiting a certain site. The process is pretty much automated. A better option may be the PSP - which has a much worse screen, but better controls for playing classic games IMO. You don't need a PSN login for the PSP, so no risk of being banned, and CFW is as easy to install as starting up a game. The Playstation (Vita) TV is another good option which will let you use a DS4 (or I assume compatible PS4 arcade sticks) - but functionally, works the same as the Vita. They're pretty cheap - but memory cards are ungodly expensive for meager space. Thankfully, with the PSTV running CFW, you can use USB thumb drives - and the Vita can now use SDCards via a Game Cart converter. In all of those cases, you'll need access to a PC at least temporarily (or maybe you can do it on a phone if there's a decent FTP server program) so that you can download and move the necessary files over.

There's very few actual emulators written so far for the Vita, and most of the ones you'll want are accessed through a homebrew called Adrenaline - which basically turns the Vita into a PSP. They just released a custom bubble installer for Adrenaline too, that way you can just launch the PSP emulator you want right from the home menu without having to actually go into Adrenaline first. On the downside, since these are all running via the Vita's built-in PSP functionality - you're limited to the PSP's specs... which means it can only emulate up to N64 era games (PSX games run great, N64 - not so much). No Dreamcast emulation, sadly. Maybe later natively on the Vita, but that's going to be a stretch.

Couldn't say much about the homebrew scene on the Xbox 360, since I haven't followed it. I'm sure there is. There's also an actual potential good reason to get a (cheap) Xbox One - since you can sign up for the Developer Program which will let you side-load homebrew/emulators onto the system. It doesn't seem very popular so far, and will require a connection to a Windows 10 PC.

Overall, I'd say the best and easiest bet would be to get a PSP 3000 for on-the-go, or if you want a more arcade experience in the livingroom, and you want it cheap - then a VitaTV and a good PS4 Arcade stick. Just, again... make sure it's running Official Firmware 3.6 or lower. The necessary exploits won't work on newer firmwares.



u/CaspianX2 · 2 pointsr/GameDeals

Amazon has it at the same price.

u/TheMechagodzilla · 2 pointsr/PS3

Does the PlayStation TV not allow you to remote play your games? I never got one, but that was my understanding of how it worked.

Edit: looks like I was wrong here's the Amazon description:
PlayStation TV https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KVMHSUM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_FXw.Ab1CMXKFP

Appears that you stream PS4 games to it and can play a limited selection of PS3 games

u/Spockrocket · 2 pointsr/VitaTV

As a side note, Amazon has now price-matched this.

u/GamePriceBot · 2 pointsr/multiplayers

Hello! I am a bot designed to help you find prices for games on some popular sites.
I'm in super beta, so expect bugs.

Searching prices for: Smash Bros

u/HortonHearsAGenocide · 2 pointsr/SSBM

On 20xx vs normal Melee: it doesn't matter. 20xx has L-cancel lights and random music if you're interested.

On stage zoom: there might be something out there but you'll get used to the camera pretty quickly, it's fairly good and intuitive

On Xbox controller: other people have you advice on how to set it up but if you're ever planning on going to an actual tournament you'll want a real GameCube controller. To pick one up for Dolphin you can get an adapter here:


and a controller here:


If you have any interest in playing Smash Wii U these will work for that too. A guide on how to set it up for Dolphin is here: https://www.smashladder.com/guides/view/258h/controller-setup-guide

u/SteppingSplash · 2 pointsr/gaming
u/chazwhiz · 2 pointsr/macgaming

The adapter that came out with SSB? This thing?

u/Spi3000 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

In short, you need one of these. https://www.amazon.com/Super-Smash-GameCube-Adapter-Wii-U/dp/B00L3LQ1FI

There will be 3rd party versions but I've heard stories that some don't always work out on Switch but regardless you do need the Adapter that was designed generally for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. However, along the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, there will be a Switch model of the Adapter being released along side either separate or bundled with the game.

u/Felensis · 2 pointsr/nintendoswitchde
  • Pro Controller in der XC2 Edition, da bei diesem das Steuerkreuz nicht völlig verhunzt ist... Der Pro Controller ist einer der besten Controller, das Dpad hat Nintendo aber völlig versaut!
  • Die offizielle Tasche von Nintendo. OK, aber billiges Material, nicht stoßfest weil zu weich und die mitgelieferte Displayschutzfolie ist totale Grütze, da nicht kratzfest, daher...
  • amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector. Astreiner, kratzfester und stabiler Displayschutz. Sollte jeder Switch-Besitzer drauf haben (Alternative: Orzly).

    Schutztasche kann ich sonst das Hardcase von Hori empfehlen.
u/OliveOilBaron · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Orzly is making a two pack of tempered glass screen protectors!

Edit: Here is is on Amazon US

u/CaptainBetts · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I'm pretty set on buying a Switch. I'm UK based, and currently Amazon have a deal for a [Switch+MK8+Just Dance] for £299.99. I was thinking of:

  • Buying this bundle (£299.99) and selling Just Dance on eBay (~£30*).
  • Preordering a physical copy of Smash Ultimate (£49.99).
  • Buy a carrying case bundle (£17.99) and tempered glass screen protectors (£7.49).

    Is there anything else I should buy along with this? I reckon I'll end up getting two more Joycons and Mario Odyssey later down the road.

    Also, is it anticipated that there will be even better value bundles for the Switch in the UK as Black Friday approaches? I've not really bought stuff around Black Friday before, and the MK8+JustDance bundle I linked above already appears to be a good deal.


    *based on previous completed listings.
u/DefinitelyLeLo · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

This->> Orzly Glass Screen Protectors compatible with Nintendo Switch - Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector TWIN PACK [2x Screen Guards - 0.24mm] for 6.2 Inch Tablet Screen on Nintendo Switch Console https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N9RG3XS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_37F7BbZF3B5J9

u/nermal543 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I generally take good care of my electronics, so I don't consider them a necessity for everything. However, with Nintendo dropping the clamshell design, I'll be getting one for the Switch. Between using it on the go and frequent docking/undocking, I'll feel much better having a screen protector on it.

You could look for a good tempered glass screen protector, as I've heard they generally don't interfere with touch sensitivity. So far I think this one by Orzly is the only tempered glass protector available for preorder currently.

I would personally recommend this one by Hori as they are officially licensed and quality screen protectors based on my own personal experience.

u/hiphopanonymous3000 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

they're not necessary but if you think a big scratch across your screen would bother you than i'd recommend getting one. i got the Orzly tempered glass for $10. better safe than sorry.


u/rydamusprime17 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I got this one, been on for 2 years and nothing wrong with it. Plus you could sell the second to a friend and save some money.

u/Wav_Glish · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Can anyone recommend a screen protector? I currently have this one ordered, but it doesn't have prime shipping so it says it won't arrive until March 23 at the earliest. Any other suggestions?

u/nndttttt · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Tempered glass screen protector and a nice case are must haves.

I use a Hori Tough Pouch and an Orzly Tempered glass screen protector. I would also recommend thumbgrips, the one on the switch are a bit slippery and it'll prevent wear and tear as well like this. I use Skill & Co. Skin set.

I haven't gotten the pro controller because I spend most of my switch time on the transit and the grip has been okay for home. My friends have all said it's a must have, I'm just waiting for a sale to grab it.

Because you've played botw already, I say get the controller. Better yet, get another game on your list instead! I'd recommend a multiplayer game so you can use the switch for what it's meant for.

u/moyvore · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I got a tempered glass one on Amazon and it's excellent. It went on VERY easy with no bubbles and it's not as susceptible to finger prints as the switch screen
I've not seen any sign of it peeling off either.
This is the one I got : https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01N9RG3XS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

u/Danv97 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

mmm... I myself atleast recommend ORZLY since those ones are actually tempered glass and HORI are made out of PET ( fancy word for plastic )

if you want to give it a look.

u/fntigre · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I've always used plastic on my iPads//iPhones, 3ds, WiiU.

I used glass once on my phone and broke it within the first couple days.

However, I'm getting the two pack glass version to start off on the switch. Once reviews come out, I will probable change up though.

Here is my purchase:

Here is my other potential (plastic) preorder:

u/MySzechuanSauce · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch
u/tmcdizzle827 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

This glass protector arrived today. Super thin, and high quality! I botched the application, and now I have two air bubbles that I can't seem to rub out, but that doesn't reflect on the quality of the protector. I'd snag these.

Here's the carry case I picked up, too.

u/Nefthys · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I want to get a small charger and a battery bank that I can store in a Switch case (like this) and I've read a lot about 3rd party docks bricking your Switch. Some people say that even 3rd party chargers/battery banks are a problem, while others say that you can use pretty much any charger/battery bank.

So what's up with that, are 3rd party chargers/battery banks okay to use (google says that 15V/2.6A is okay?) or not?

u/Saxophobe · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I hate to say it, but this happened to me too after a while. What caused it was the thumbstick getting knocked about in transit. (So even though it looks like it's ion its normal place, the mechanism underneath makes the onscreen positioning stick in a certain direction from time to time).

This is why I have stopped transporting it in soft pocuhes, and always make sure to use a more solid one that is well padded, as the thumb-sticks are always the most vulnerable part.

There are a few good ones out there that proitect them well.
Any of the RDS ones are solid, and well padded. (though not much space for carrying anything else though besides your switch and very small items like cartridges).


The best one I have used by far though is the Orzly Carry Case for Nintendo Switch, as not only is it exactly the same size on the outside as the RDS one, but the inner space management is alot better on the Orzly one. You get lots of top pocket room, aswell as everything being well padded inside, and the outside is solid enough to never press down on the thumbsticks, so my joy-cons always last alot longer.


Unfortunately once the thumbstick's start failing, it does mean the whole joy-cons need replacing. Were your joy-cons always like that, or did it happen over time? (I'm just thinking that if you bought them new and they had this fault, they may still be under guarantee from where you bought them from, which would save you having to pay). When it happened to me though, it happened after a while of use, so unfortunately I just had to buy new ones, and just be more careful how I transport my switch. It was a valuable lesson well learned. (well, an expensive one, anyway)

u/platinumpuss88 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

[Here’s a great case.] (https://www.amazon.com/Orzly-Carry-Case-Compatible-Nintendo-Switch/dp/B01NAUKS62) Highly recommended.

Tips? Get a Pro Controller. Sign up for Gamers Club Unlocked at Best Buy to get 20% off all video game purchases. Don’t be afraid to try indies on the eShop, so many great ones. Have fun.

u/Urko948 · 2 pointsr/gaming

You're definitely gonna need a screen protector and a dock sock. The switch will get scratched cuz the way designed, from putting it in and taking it out. And you'll want to get a type c charger so you can wall charge it in handheld mode. And this.https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NAUKS62/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_9oE0BbVND7G0Y this case is awesome. And definitely you'll want extra controllers.

u/juicyjames · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch
u/markressler · 2 pointsr/argentina

Buenas, tengo la switch clásica.

  • SD Card de al menos 128gb para comodidad.
  • Algún estuche como este.
  • Un screen protector cual celular, para prevenir rayaduras.
  • No te compres un powerbank específico de switch ni ninguna de esas giladas, suelen quemar el aparato. A lo sumo un powerbank con usb-c de buena marca, si pensás viajar mucho con la switch y lo creés necesario.

    Con eso estás bien, me parece. El case debería venirte con un cosito para transportar juegos.

    Si después querés comprarte controles, o similar, podés safar con los PowerA, pero son medio chotos. Te diría que si podés, vayas por los originales.

    Si se me ocurre algo más, te edito el comment, pero eso es lo que tengo yo.
u/Derpinator_PF · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch


This is the case I'm currently looking at, but I'd like to get a second opinion before making the purchase. Is there a carrying case better than this while remaining in the same price range?

I usually move it with the dock, controllers, adapter, etc., but I'm only looking for a small case to protect the screen when I throw it in my backpack.

u/DontShootMeThanks · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I've got
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074JFY4JF/ for the entire group and https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01NAUKS62/ for just the switch.
They both work well.

u/Dcon6393 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitchDeals

I actually own this case, but this one looks exactly the same. So assuming that both cases are the same:

Its pretty sweet. It does the basics and thats all I really need for it. I would say the only negative is the game holders. They are a little tough to slide games into. But I have another case for games that I can just slide into the case anyway.

You can fit a good amount of joy cons in it, assuming that is what you would want to carry with it. If you are looking for something that can store a pro controller/the dock look elsewhere though.

u/Danones · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Same here, I store it in this pouch that i bought from amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01NAUKS62/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


u/Mattix_00 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I have the exact same protective shell and use this: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01NAUKS62/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
The switch fits nicely while still in the shell and highly recommend it!

u/twiggymac · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Orzly Case

Just had my chance to use this my first time flying with the switch and it worked out great. Holds the switch nice and safe, holds a bunch of games, and fits into my backpack easily.

u/pretty_noise · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I need a carry case. Can anyone recommend which of these two are better?

Orzly Case

Butterfox Case

u/Snapple32 · 2 pointsr/Switch

I have this screen protector, its pretty nice https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N3ASPNV/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I have this case, its pretty sweet. Has extra room for more joycons or the charger plus can hold physical games with it

u/littlewolf- · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitchDeals

I have this screen protector and this case. Both have served me well so far.

u/themobfoundmeguilty · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

New Switch owner here, I just got this in the mail...


Enough space for the Switch (I even have a Mumba case on it which makes the switch slightly bigger) a few games (8) and you can fit extra joycons and the ac adapter. Can't beat the price either... $12USD

u/P0rtableAnswers · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

You may want to be careful and do some research first. Rumors exist that the official Nintendo Dock is currently the only safe dock. Other alternatives are apparently bricking people's Switch consoles, even the Nyko one. I understand cost is always a factor but perhaps consider buying an official Nintendo Dock and swapping the guts into one of these. All together it's about $100 but there could also be upcoming deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Also remember, the Switch can be replaced but, as of right now.

u/ThiefTwo · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I actually got this case replacement for the dock: https://www.amazon.ca/BASSTOP-Portable-Replacement-Nintendo-Original/dp/B071YVC3NJ/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=switch+dock&qid=1567001507&s=gateway&sr=8-3

I'm hoping it will work, and they didn't specifically disable docking functionality

u/throwawaylsjkcnasnd · 2 pointsr/funny

I've seen a smaller direct cord option, of which might be less expensive, and would take up less space. Also would be more portable.

...This is the one I heard of (I think I saw it at walmart or target) 27$:


...I noticed this one on Amazon (13$, but requires you to install something idk):




u/coldwar_7 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I got the Basstop, but these are the three I found on Amazon.

BASSTOP Portable Dock Replacement Case for Nintendo Switch https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071YVC3NJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_zlyoDbMMYD9K1

J&TOP Portable DIY Replacement Dock Mount Case https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072V9ZBSK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_unyoDbRECQ9HT

Linkstyle Nintendo Switch Dock Station Case Replacement https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0759CH5Q3/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_koyoDbWJHCJP2

u/erwan · 2 pointsr/nintendo

The only surefire solution for now is to buy an official dock, and put its guts in a small case like this one:


It's pricey, but the only way to get a travel dock without risking a brick.

u/RavioliSpills · 2 pointsr/Switch

Dang that sucks man :/ maybe you could get a different type of dock?


This thing seems pretty rad, you do have to do a bit of fiddling with the old dock to get it to work.

This video explains it: https://youtu.be/UL7zXpJGl1s

u/DeadLeftovers · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I received the TomToc Storage Case today and it’s great. I’m able to store my Switch, Joycon Grip, Power cable as well as the Nintendo Switch dock with it in the
Basstop Portable Dock Shell

You won’t be able to store an HDMI cable but that shouldn’t be an issue considering most people have a spare HDMI cable or a device that is already using one.

If you want to store a Switch Pro Controller the Butterfox Extra Large Case might be a better option however it won’t work as a stand.

u/djfakey · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Sure. There are two where you transfer to get the tv output.

MYRIANN Nintendo Switch Portable DIY Replacement Dock Mount Case with Type C/HDMI/USB Jack Incision without Electronics for Nintendo Switch-Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072BHGTST/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_jaSozb5F98HMP

BASSTOP Portable Nintendo Switch Dock Replacement Case, Black ( Only the case, you have to DIY with the circuit board chip from the original dock ) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071YVC3NJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_SaSozbB9YF94K

And then just a charging cradle no other dock type features.

Charging Dock for Nintendo Switch, USB Type C Charging Dock Station Cradle Stand for Nintendo Switch - Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XQJJFT5/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_DbSozbG3KEW64

u/banjoman05 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I bought a new dock shell kit from Amazon and swapped the original dock guts to it. All the benefits of a smaller third party dock with no chance of bricking because the dock hardware is original. The new dock is about the size of a pack of cards itself.

u/superwiifan · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

If you want a travel dock, the best way to do it imo is get a shell for a smaller dock from Amazon, and put your dock internals into it. It’s not difficult to do, it takes like 20-30 min, and you don’t have to worry about your Switch breaking from sketchy third party internals. I replaced mine a year and a half ago and it makes carrying the Switch w/ a dock much easier.

u/MattCz9 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

You can get a shell of sorts where you can take the internals of an official Switch and put them into this smaller dock. Likely going to have to buy a second dock if you don't want to take apart your original one so it might not be that cheap, but I personally think it's a better option than buying a cheap third party dock only to have it brick your Switch.

u/zgh5002 · 2 pointsr/wiiu

Yes. No release date, but I would wager the day smash hits.

u/timrbrady · 2 pointsr/nintendo

> As for the Wii U, I would have loved a GC controller, and I still have my crispy pair of original ones, good as new. I didn't play my Wii U enough to justify buying new versions of an old controller, so I went at it with the tablet.

You...what? You didn't need to buy a "new version" of the Gamecube controller, because the new version had the same cable as the old version and they both required the adapter to use with the Wii U.

u/KurriZSS · 2 pointsr/sm4sh

Typically no. Especially for larger tournies, wireless controllers pose as a logistical issue. You may be able to get away with one at a local with below 50 attendees, but once you go larger than that, you'll have a hard time finding TOs that'll allow them.

IMO, you're better off with a GameCube Controller:

White GC Controller

Black GC Controller

GC Adapter

(Note: There's no difference between the colors, just take your pick)


Course, if for some reason you still want wireless:

Classic Pro Controller

Classic Controller

Wii U Pro Controller

u/amardas · 2 pointsr/smashbros

Your link didn't work.

I also found this one, which was listed under Frequently Bought Together: http://www.amazon.com/Super-Smash-GameCube-Adapter-Wii-U/dp/B00L3LQ1FI/ref=pd_bxgy_63_img_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=022H1JWC48VAJE988SMY

That looks like the official adapter.

I did see the Smash edition before this, but it is not branded with Nintendo, so I thought it was a third party generic brand.

Thank you for your help.

u/DazednEnthused · 2 pointsr/wiiu


Is it this one? If so then it only works with Smash Bros. Nintendo released it because so many smash players still prefer the gamecube controllers.

u/_im_that_guy_ · 2 pointsr/smashbros

Anybody buy a new gc adapter recently? People don't trust mayflash in my region for some reason, but it looks like the official one is up to $45. Is there any hope of that going down?


u/royrules22 · 2 pointsr/wiiu

Is this the only place I can order the GCN adapter for the WiiU (for Smash)? Amazon has a placeholder date which concerns me. Does anyone know where I can get the controllers at launch so that I can download the game in peace?

u/kansasjeremy · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

i guess it's a good deal if you like world of tanks, but the regular chroma (rgb) version is only $10 more. bought an open box deathadder chroma months ago and love it.


u/Pelistorm · 2 pointsr/graphic_design

So far most of the suggestions I've read have been good. I just want to add my personal favorite, the Razer DeathAdder. Gaming Mice tend to be really great for design work due to their great precision and more control over the DPI (But don't fall into the trap that higher DPI is better.)


u/anothercodnoob · 2 pointsr/MouseReview

Also, dont buy from the amazon link you have provided, it's a older version. Here's the link - http://www.amazon.com/Razer-DeathAdder-Chroma-Multi-Color-Ergonomic/dp/B00MYTSDU4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1462849758&sr=8-1&keywords=razer+deathadder

Would recommend best buy, you can also try the shape in best buy stores.

u/aazar- · 2 pointsr/buildapc

Here are my recommendations:




DeathAdder Chroma

They're all great mice with the best sensors out there, so you should make your choice based on shape and price. Especially the G303, great mouse but the shape takes getting used to. Best of luck

u/doomddo · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


Ok something contest winning worthy

I stepped on a wana (Sea urchin) Proof

bonus points

Not sure on what you mean by "dark films" but THIS is one of the most brutal movies I have ever seen. you can get it HERE.

And I am also a gamer. and I just got some new stuff for PC gaming.

Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma Sound USB Gaming Headset

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

Razer BlackWidow Chroma Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

I dont know what your budget is but the Keyboard Is so good! Its back lit and you can change the color of each key if you wanted too. HERE is a better look at it. and I know the headset you can use with a PS4 but I don't know about 3.The mouse is nice too! but if she is more of a console gamer that plays PC games I would look in to Razer Sabertooth (I know Im a razer fan boy) but there stuff works great! Im going to be looking it to getting me a Sabertooth soon too.

OR you can combined 2 things Like Russian shit + candy = THIS

Hope this helps! and thanks for the contest

u/C124ZY · 2 pointsr/gaming

I bought this one and it works awesome for me. I play mostly FPS. Download the software from their site and you get tons and tons of customization options, color, sensitive, etc...


u/AeiOwnYou · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

Razor Deathadder Chroma is a pretty good gaming mouse. You can turn the LED off pretty easily so its not "xxgamerxx" I'm a pretty hardcore gamer. I use the deathadder. Haven't had any problems with it. Very accurate.

Marathon Mouse is super comfortable in my hand, i used it for a good 4-5 years before i replaced it. Very normal looking, very comfy. Recommend it to anyone that is a moderate-to-allday computer user.

u/spicycurry1 · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

It was on sale for $54.99 US. Still is on amazon. Its all really up to you im upgrading from a 3.5g so i find it worth since ive used this one for well over 3 years.

EDIT: Not in stock until December 3 might wanna try newegg

u/LunarisDream · 2 pointsr/hardwareswap

MSRP is $70 but it's currently $60 on Newegg and Amazon..

u/lucksh0t · 2 pointsr/buildapc

ive got pretty big hands im about 6'4 https://www.amazon.com/Razer-DeathAdder-Chroma-Multi-Color-Comfortable/dp/B00MYTSDU4/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1480472343&sr=8-2&keywords=razer+deathadder
this is the mouse i use it fits my hand well they have a newer mouse the death adder elite

u/hab1b · 2 pointsr/OverwatchUniversity

I will say you can get a nicer set up as far as headset goes is you ignore the "gaming" headsets.

CAD MH210W $50.00

Blue Snowball Mic $50

I have musicians buds who use these in home studios. More than enough for gaming.

IF that is still too much look at the Plantronics 202180 , ~$40

My personal favorite mousepad is the QCK+. $15

Rosewill RGB80 Keyboard is a solid mechanical keyboard for about $50 marked donw from $150 for whatever that is worth.

And I always recommend the Deathadder Chroma for about $60

EDIT: What are you running for gaming rig?

u/SpamShadow · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Not in the US they aren't. If you compare Razer mice and mats to other mice of the same type, they come out cheaper. I think the brand just turns people off, and that's fine. Read reviews, some of their products are great. The Deathadder goes toe to toe with the G502 in a lot of reviews, and its cheaper. Some of their products aren't great, I've never heard a good thing about their headsets.

-Deathadder $50
-G502 $60

-Razer Mamba $110 on sale
-G900 $115 on sale

-Razer Firefly $45
-Corsair Polaris $60

u/ArbyCreeper · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

What grip do you mainly use? I recommend the Steelseries Rival 300 for palm grip. Also the Razer Death Adder Chroma seems to be at $50 on amazon

u/IlIlIlIiIlIlIlI · 2 pointsr/battlefield_4

There are many great mice on the market in your price range, but there's a lot of information (and marketing) to sift through. I hope this post helps.

The most important part of a mouse is its sensor, which is responsible for maintaining 1:1 tracking at all speeds. As of today (2015-01-17) the best sensors are the 3366, 3310, and S3989; this limits your choices significantly but ensures that you will be getting the best mouse possible. Below are some mice and information (and my own, biased thoughts) about them. Ultimately, you will have to decide on a mouse based on your own set of priorities and needs / wants.

First, the Razer DeathAdder Chroma. This is a 5-button right-handed ergonomic mouse with a good sensor, acceptable weight, and RGB lighting. However, the top edges are oddly shaped, there are rubber side grips, you have to use the Razer Synapse software, the clicks are extremely light (causing some people to accidentally misclick), it has a braided cable (frays), and Razer is known for its extremely poor quality control. A good mouse, certainly, but there are major flaws which prevent me from recommending this mouse.

Logitech mice are known for their excellent build quality and high-quality sensors, but they are oddly-shaped. The Logitech mice to consider are the G303 and G502 (there's an updated G502 with RGB lighting, too). Both of these mice use the 3366 sensor, which is slightly better than the 3310. Based on shape alone, however, I can't recommend these mice. The G303 is very small, and the G502 is heavy and awkwardly-shaped and such that I would accidentally click the two front side buttons. They also come with a braided cable (frays) and require software for configuration.

Next is the SteelSeries Rival 300. RGB lighting, 5 buttons, light weight, etc., but has a rubber side grip and uses software. The new revision supposedly fixed the wear issues with the rubber side, so there's nothing really wrong with this mouse, but I think there are better options.

The FinalMouse 2016 is simply a 3310 sensor in a cheap OEM shell - I'd look elsewhere. They're coming out with the "Tournament Pro" and "Scream One" editions, but I wouldn't have high hopes for these.

The Ducky Secret is an interesting one, but largely untested and unreviewed. Ducky is known for their high-quality mechanical keyboards (I'm typing this on a Ducky Shine 3), but this is their first mouse. Good sensor, RGB lighting, separate left and right buttons, a shell made of PBT (higher-quality plastic), Omron switches in all buttons, even the thumb buttons (but not rated for as many clicks as other mice). Could be great, but it's a bit of a gamble, especially considering how many well-known and well-tested other mice already exist.

Finally, I'll cover the Zowie mice. All of these mice are driverless (no software needed; all adjustments are made with a button on the bottom of the mouse), which is certainly a plus when it comes to ease of use, but they lack the flashy features of many "flagship" mice, like custom RGB lighting. All Zowie Mice use the same sensor (3310) and have 5 buttons (left, right, middle up/down/click, and two thumb buttons). Each type comes in two or three different sizes, as indicated my the number after the model name. The ambidextrous mice (ZA for palm grip and FK for claw grip) have two buttons on each side, but only one set can be used at a time. The EC mice are right-handed ergonomic mice. None of them have rubber side grips or braided cables, and all of them are very light. However, they are known for using Huano switches rather than Omrons (so the left and right buttons are a little harder to click) but there is a new revision with Omron switches. Speaking of revisions, this seems to be the Zowie business model: small revisions every 6 months or so. Questionable, but they do offer excellent mice.

Those are all of the major players in the gaming mouse market, but there are others (Mionix, Roccat, CoolerMaster, Corsair) that you may want to look into. There's a lot more depth than I've covered here (grip type, sensor implementations, lift-off distance, etc.) but this should give you an overview of the most popular choices. Keep in mind that this is not in any way an objective set of reviews; these are all my opinions and may not apply to your tastes. Additionally, I've been pretty harsh and picky, but these really are all great mice.

After all of my research, I chose and now use a Zowie EC1-A (late 2015 version, before the BenQ re-brand and Omron update), and couldn't be happier.

u/KyleAJ13 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I'd recommend this keyboard and this mouse if you can push your budget, if not then this mouse instead.

u/MBCnerdcore · 2 pointsr/wiiu

You know how the Nunchucks plug into the Wii Remotes? Well there's also Classic controllers and Gamecube controllers that also plug into the Wii Remotes.

Here's a couple of examples. The Gamecube one is a third party controller but for Mario Kart and Smash it feels great, and it's also compatible with any games that use the Wii U Pro controller.

The Nintendo-made Classic Controller was originally for the Wii, but it still works on the Wii U for most games.

Smash Brothers purists are going to crap all over this advice because they only accept the Official Nintendo GameCube Controller & Adapter as a viable device, but you guys aren't playing tournaments, it's just some kids and family coming over to play Nintendo.

These controllers are much easier for a new player to understand than the Nunchuck/Wii Remote combo, and they are relatively cheap. Certainly much cheaper than the official Nintendo GameCube controllers and adapter, and cheaper (although not as perfect) as the Wii U Pro controller.



u/thecheesefinder · 2 pointsr/nintendo

This could kind of fit your need of a "wireless" "Gamecube" controller HORI Battle Pad for Wii U (Mario Version) with Turbo - Nintendo Wii U by HORI http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ND0E5ZU/ref=cm_sw_r_udp_awd_u3Axub05NJHYZ

u/atllauren · 2 pointsr/wiiu

I purchased OOT on my Wii U as well and while the Pro Controller does work fine, I struggled with it because I am so familiar with that game on the N64 controller. I purchased this controller that's modeled after the GameCube controller and it has been MUCH better for OOT. You need a Wii Remote to plug it in to.

I think it is better for a couple reasons, namely:

  • The C Stick is a better substitute for the C Buttons than the right joystick on the Pro Controller. It has notches built into it so it reduces error when using a specific directional button. The N64's C buttons are where you put items like your bow, slingshot, boomerang, etc so you'll be using them quite a bit.
  • The location of the C Stick is also more comfortable.
  • The N64 controller didn't have X and Y buttons, so it is nice that the X/Y buttons on the Hori Battle Pad are out of the way.

    That's just my preference -- I'm new to the Wii U and still more comfortable with the retro games, so I tend to gravitate towards items that are similar to old controllers. The Pro Controllers is certainly fine with OOT, but if you find yourself struggling with the R Stick as the C Buttons maybe check out the controller I recommended.

u/IndomitableBanana · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Have you ever used either the Hori Battlepad or similar PDP Fight Pad? If so, can you compare this controller to either of those?

The Hori Gamepad is the best third party controller I've ever used, though still not up to the original. I'd love to know if this is as good as the Hori controller or better before buying one.

u/JoshuaJSlone · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Hori's good, and I was pretty happy with the quality of the equivalent Wii / Wii U controller they made a few years back.


Though as the other responder suggests, going with official GameCube controllers isn't a bad option, either. 100% accurate and not TOO much more expensive to get four of those plus adapter than four of something else. Extra bonus: rumble. Extra negative: less versatile since it doesn't have all the buttons another Switch game might need.

u/nellymac87 · 2 pointsr/smashbros

I don't see this posted anywhere so I thought I'd mention it...


I was too late in pre-ordering the Smash controller bundle from Amazon and I saw this controller recently. The shoulder buttons probably don't click in the same way as the classic GC controller. But, since I have been playing sm4sh 3DS, I've gotten a bit used to grabbing with my left hand instead of my right hand. That extra Z button on the left is really appealing to me right now. Is there anything "off" about this one?

u/BloodyJonesy · 2 pointsr/nintendo

Hori do make some, but these are not the ones. These ones are made by PDP.

These are the Hori ones and they are a shit tonne nicer!


u/itsmine91 · 2 pointsr/mariokart

If you do want a gamecube controller which works with other games you could get one of these and hori makes a similar controller that you could try out as well.

I have one of the pdp controllers and the only difference between it and an authentic controller is that the c stick is a normal classic controller stick, and that it plugs into a wiimote making it wireless.

u/batmandan6 · 2 pointsr/nintendo

There's also the Hori fight pad. Same concept, but it looks and feels exactly like a GameCube controller (with the exception of springy shoulder triggers) and works with anything that uses a classic controller.


u/Kirby5588 · 2 pointsr/smashbros

The best controller as a makeshift Gamecube is this

I have tried it out and it works well.

Edit: I didnt know the gamecube adapter worked! I never bothered to test. But since thats a thing, just use that instead.

u/spinjump · 2 pointsr/SSBPM

I've heard from some that the Hori versions of this solution are made better. Can't speak from experience though. (and they appear to be sold out atm, so theres that.)

u/hanson933 · 2 pointsr/smashbros

Yeah I have one.

Used it to play Brawl once on my Wii U in Wii mode since the USB adapters only work with Sm4sh.

I mainly use it for VC games on Wii U now since it just makes a GC controller detect as a classic controller, I was using one of these which is pretty good but the left stick felt a little twitchy compared to the GC stick

u/andraes · 2 pointsr/wiiu

Red Mario Controller? I think that is the hori battle pad.

There are other types of these made by PDP and other 3rd parties. They plug into the bottom of wii remote to connect, so they don't have any batteries themselves. Here's a recent post/review about these types of controllers.

There's also a new ProCube controller made by hyperkin. Gamecube layout with pro controller style and wireless. Release date: Feb. 1.

u/PressXToShaun · 2 pointsr/SSBPM
u/divided_by_0 · 2 pointsr/mariokart

I've used the Gamepad, Wii Remote and Nunchuck, tilt controls, and now the Hori Battle Pad. I was really good with tilt controls on Mario Kart Wii but couldn't get into them now. Between Remote/Nunchuck and Gamepad it's really a tossup for me, but the Gamepad can be a little more comfortable/ergonomic. I'm really enjoying the Hori controller, as it is extremely similar to a Gamecube controller, just acts as a classic controller that plugs into the Wiimote.

u/danielsahr528 · 2 pointsr/wiiu

The HORI pads are great! Not quite official gamecube controllers, but they work with lots of games!

u/ErrorEra · 2 pointsr/3DS

I like Hori products. Get a soft case like this one to help prevent scratches. Please note, it is soft plastic, and if you keep stretching when you put it on/off, the back piece may get loose.


Screen protectors are a must! Do NOT get matte/anti-glare ones, get HD clear. The anti-glare ones (just like anti-glare phone ones), have a lot of little dots to help block light. This can sometimes mess with the 3d, or otherwise make the screen look grainy. I used the ones that came with this butterfox kit, but I'm sure there are better ones out there. Better cases out there, but very good price for what came with it.


u/deceptivecrows · 2 pointsr/3DS

I use the Hori TPU case. It also helps to keep fingerprints off the system. Just be sure to take the case off every once in a while to make sure dust or dirt particles don't get trapped under it. https://www.amazon.com/HORI-Duraflexi-Clear-Protector-Nintendo-NEW/dp/B00RZ7TC6Y

u/ShoboMaN · 2 pointsr/3DS
u/omen679 · 2 pointsr/MonsterHunter

Oh I don't have my n3ds xl to compare, but I got this one though in case anyone is curious. Covers much of the "shininess" of my Fire Emblem N3DS XL though.


u/scupfisher · 2 pointsr/3DS

I have large hands and have a n3ds xl. It became much more comfortable to hold once I put a Hori Duriflex case on it.


u/SenordrummeR2 · 2 pointsr/nintendo

I have the Fire Emblem: Fates N3DSXL, and I think it's beautiful. I had the same concerns as you, so I purchased the Hori TPU case for it. I've been using it since launch, and it's still in perfect condition. I carry it with me everywhere in my laptop bag, it's been on countless flights and business trips, and the TPU case keeps it pristine. The only exposed point while in sleep mode is the hinge, but that's remained in near mint condition. My only complaint with it is the TPU isn't colorless, so it changes my console from white to off-white, but that's a minor complaint. I'd recommend going this route before you buy a second 3ds.

u/Drewproject86 · 2 pointsr/3DS

I'm planning on ordering it tomorrow when I get paid.
Along with the "New" 3ds xl screen protector preorder here,
The clear case preorder here,
and a 32gb microsd card here :3

Getting all prepped for my MMN3DS too man haha!

u/redeyemaster · 2 pointsr/vaporents

get one of the clear cases officially licensed by Nintendo.

Or if your problem isn't the device staying in your hands you could try one of these but they don't have an open space to put in cards; not a problem if you slapped a beefy sd card in there and are all digital though.

u/nintendobutt · 2 pointsr/3DS

This works really well. I have one and its working out.

u/Comrade_Kitten · 2 pointsr/3DS

HORI Duraflexi Clear Protector for Nintendo NEW 3DS XL US site, im sure there is one for UK aswell.

This is a clear tpu + you can use the tpu while traveling, and keeping the grip at home with this combo.

Will look like this:



Semi flexible, so it won't break if bent.

u/scottjl · 2 pointsr/3DS

I recently picked up this one, like it a lot.


u/IIIRUCKUSllI · 2 pointsr/3DS
u/FoxxyRin · 2 pointsr/3DS

You can get a clear case. They're only $12.99 on Amazon for a great brand. They also give you the flexibility to put whatever you want under the cover to have a "custom" 3DS.

u/FreyaWho8 · 2 pointsr/3DS

That case is a good choice to take the 3DS anywhere but also I would highly suggest you get a Hori Clear cover just like the one /u/CarolineTurpentine mentioned.

With both cases (the one you ordered and the Duraflexi) you and your son are going to have a 3DS for a long time.

u/kiiingbob · 2 pointsr/3DS

I'm getting a New 3DS XL for X-mas so I was in the same boat as you, on google/reddit/amazon/youtube I was looking to see what I should get. Here's what I ultimately decided on:

u/TheFrontGuy · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

You linked him to the Xbox version, here is the PC version

Also, here is Halo 2, its a bit pricey and probably will not work.

u/coolcrayons · 2 pointsr/gaming

It's a sub-title. You're going to have to learn what that means before getting out of middle school.

On google itself is also titled with the full name, Halo: Combat Evolved https://www.google.com/#q=halo+combat+evolved

It is also marketed as "Halo: Combat Evolved" on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Halo-Combat-Evolved-PC/dp/B00009TW6R

It's named everywhere as Halo: Combat Evolved. You're wrong, no one will ever agree with you, and you're gunna have to deal with that, sorry.

u/Tizaki · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/Cpsgames · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace


Looks like it. A bit pricey for its age, though.

u/1Potato1337 · 2 pointsr/halo

There only on amazon not that hard to find



Also if you are getting Halo 1 + 2 You have to get Custom edition for Halo CE and Project contingency for Halo 2 they really make the games multiplayer part. Also Halo CE requires an update from Bungie called update 1.10 its entirely free and easy to find by just searching "Halo CE PC update"

u/SearosCarriams · 2 pointsr/Fallout

Yes, it is.

Amazon link to Halo PC

I also believe that Halo 2 had a PC version as well.

u/VoidsShadow · 2 pointsr/halospv3

From the back of your Halo PC case. Don't have a copy of Halo?


u/REIGNx777 · 2 pointsr/pcgaming


Just buy the game?

u/WWLinkMasterX · 2 pointsr/halospv3

Depends what you mean by that. If you're going to be spending money you might as well buy the whole game, yeah. I highly recommend you buy a NEW copy which you can do here:

Buying a used copy could be a bad idea because its CD key could have been leaked on the internet and rendered invalid, or the previous owner may have lost it.

Note that if you buy the game you don't have to bypass anything.

u/Delsana · 2 pointsr/pcgaming


Oh you wanted a download.... I'm not sure. a legitimate version exists.

u/OldSkooRebel · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

On PC I can use an Atari 2600, NES, Genesis, SNES, N64, PS1/PS2, Gamecube, XBox, PS3 (with bluetooth), Xbox 360, Wii (with blutooth), XBone (Micro USB), PS4 (Bluetooth) and Wii U Controllers as well as the the countless other 3rd party controllers.

On Xbox 360 I can can use an Xbox 360 controller.

u/ShinDigpay · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I personally use a Buffalo SNES USB, but you can actually wire Original SNES controllers up to a Pi, or just use a SNES USB adapter.

u/Wazowski · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I got a pair of the retrolink NES pads and one didn't last a year. Switched over to this product and I'm much happier.

Though more often I use this adapter with a SNES pad. It functions flawlessly.

u/Doomguy504 · 2 pointsr/snes

I use of of these adapters and my old snes controllers and it works perfectly. Highly recommended if you want to keep the feel of the original controllers.

u/FS_NeZ · 2 pointsr/speedrun

As someone who started with Kaizo a few months ago, I can actually give some advice.

I started with Learn2Kaizo - big mistake. It won't help you much as it's mostly trick into trick into trick and doesn't have "real" levels. I then played through Quickie World 1, started Kaizo Kindergarten and finally played through Robfather World which I recently started speedrunning. Overall, I learned the most in Quickie World, but I actually recommend Robfather World as the first "real" hack. Learn2Kaizo, Quickie World and Kaizo Kindergarten all have HUGE balancing flaws. Robfather World has one harder level, sure, but overall the hack is way better as a starting point. Quickie World helped me improve a lot, but one level, Sawrfing Castle, took me over 9 hours to beat - almost half my total hack clear time. Playing Quickie World as the 2nd or 3rd hack would've been better probably.

How to start with Kaizo:

  1. Get one of these USB adapters: https://www.amazon.com/SNES-SFC-Controller-Adapter/dp/B002IXZ5DE
  2. Buy an original SNES controller somewhere (or already own one), plug it into your PC with the adapter
  3. Get a SNES emulator like https://www.emulator-zone.com/snes/snes9x
  4. Download the original SMW rom somewhere on the internet
  5. Download FLIPS: https://www.smwcentral.net/?p=section&a=details&id=11474
  6. Download the patch to Robfather World: https://www.smwcentral.net/?p=section&a=details&id=20190
  7. Open FLIPS, open the patch, open the SMW rom, save the new Robfather World rom
  8. Open your SNES emulator, got to Settings, activate "Reduce input lag"
  9. Open Robfather World.

    (The other method, or if you want to play on original hardware is to buy an original SNES, an Everdrive, a SSD card and a good ol' TV. All that does though is further reduce input lag so it's a cost/reward kinda thing.)

    As general advice... take your time, be patient, don't rush it, stay focused. Kaizo teaches life lessions. Dying over and over and over and over again is part of the learning curve. Get used to it. Yeah... you will die. An awful lot. 50 times on the same jump? Sure. 100 times? Definitely. But every Mario that dies one pixel later in the level is PROGRESS. Be proud if you die on the 2nd jump instead of the 1st. Be HELLA PROUD when you die right before the checkpoint. Don't rage. Retry. Until you get it. And then you will get it.
u/yooman · 2 pointsr/RPi_Arcade_Build

If you want wireless retro controllers, you could use these wireless SNES controllers with one of these SNES-to-USB adapters. Also, a regular Xbox 360 controller with one of these receivers would work (even though it says "for Windows," i believe there are good Linux drivers for Xbox 360 controllers). The controller connections will all be USB, with whatever USB adapters you want.

Edit: the SNES-to-USB eBay link I had posted went dead. Replaced it with a different one from Amazon.

u/anavrintobin · 2 pointsr/Games

You could always get an adapter and use an original snes controller :D

u/geauxwave · 2 pointsr/RetroPie

The one i have is by Mayflash... SNES Controller to Adapter for PC USB https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002IXZ5DE/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_awd_dV36wbEFZM4X1

EDIT: I just realized you said NES, not SNES. I actually don't have NES ports. What I did was make a NES to SNES adapter by buying two sets of extension cords and splicing the proper wires together. The end product is an extension cable with a NES receptacle and a SNES plug. Let me know if you want the wiring diagram. I have it somewhere.

u/Leron4551 · 2 pointsr/RivalsOfAether

I have one of these: https://www.amazon.com/SNES-Controller-Adapter-USB-Super-NES/dp/B002IXZ5DE

Never thought to use it with RoA, but it works pretty well with Joy2Key in order to map the buttons to keyboard inputs.

u/BangkokPadang · 2 pointsr/nes

Honestly, do yourself a favor and just import the $400 USD XRGB Mini from japan, and be really happy with it.

I spent close to $180 USD on 3 different scalers and they all looked as bad (and in one case functioned much worse than) as the internal scaler already in my LG HDTV. The colors were universally over saturated, the settings were all essentially uneditable, the blur was generally bad enough to almost look like a "bloom lighting" effect in modern games, and they seemingly universally have problems syncing "240p" (from PS1 games especially) over YPbPr component.

I was only able to return 2 of the 3, so it ended up costing me about $60 to investigate these options.

Finally, after a month of waiting for different products to ship and testing them out with all 10 of my consoles, I just decided to get the one that every resource I could find says is the best.

The difference is astounding. Everything looks razor sharp, even the S-Video connections coming from my Saturn look so good I haven't bothered getting the RGB cable or a larger SCART switch box to accommodate adding it.

I love this device so much, and with the new life it has breathed into my retro games, I am getting much more enjoyment out of this than a XBONE/PS4 would have, for about the same money.

I read an article that equated collecting retro games, the original consoles, the proper cables, and doing all the proper mods for RGB and everything to people who collect immaculate timepieces. They aren't buying them to tell time with. They appreciate them for the fine, precision pieces of equipment they inherently are. Because the whole process really is beautiful.

If you appreciate this hobby in this way, (especially if you currently own more than, say 4 or 5 consoles, hint: if so, you probably do) then you owe it to yourself to get a Mini.

If you just like to play some retro games every now and then, just get yourself a freeware frontend like OpenEmu and an SNES->USB adapter like THIS ONE.

Honestly, Anytime I go on vacation or over to people's house for dinner I bring this setup in my laptop bag (which provides a quick and easy setup via HDMI), and usually people are like "NO WAY!!" and we end up playing retro multiplayer games all night.

Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game is always a big hit. As is (and I know I'm on /r/NES right now, but ) the original Mario Kart for SNES is always hilarious as well. Battlemode will forever be fun.

u/CareerRejection · 2 pointsr/gaming

Honestly buying the adapter and using legit controllers is better IMHO. This is what I use personally with two legit controllers. Doesn't require drivers or anything so it works right out the box. The iBuffalo button scheme is not concave like a normal NA controller so to me it feels unnatural to play my classic games on.

u/ehock · 2 pointsr/theindiebox

I can't really recall them ever making new runs of any of their products. The item page is probably still there to show buyers the types of things they have sold in the past.

But are you interested in the Towerfall controller because you want a SNES-esque controller, or because you actually want this specific item?

If it's just a USB SNES controller you're after, there are many cheap alternatives to find online. Or you can even get an adapter like this and use a real SNES controller.

u/Soulstripper14 · 2 pointsr/speedrun

Yeah, thats basically what a capture card does, as for the snes controller, you would have to buy an adapter http://www.amazon.com/SNES-Controller-Adapter-USB-Super-NES/dp/B002IXZ5DE but it also super easy to set up an xbox controller if you have one and dont want to buy an adapter. And dont worry we were all new at some point. :D

u/MainHaze · 2 pointsr/gaming

The remotes really make all the difference in the world. I picked up one of these and use my original SNES gamepads for emulators now. Feels great!

I would have gone with this though, had I known about it and waited a bit. The wires on my set up are kind of tedious.

u/candre23 · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

SNES would be ideal, since the SNES gamepad was probably the pinnacle of game controller design. Wire up one of these internally, and you're good to go.

u/lambda26 · 2 pointsr/RetroPie
u/peachey777 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

My wife just got me one of these for Christmas. You already need to own the controllers though

u/Samen28 · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

As someone who has an original SNES pad and has used an 8bitdo controller, there really is no difference in weighting (if anything, the 8bitdo is a hair heavier?).

If you really want authenticity, you can connect an original or reproduction SNES pad over USB using one of these, but you may want to look into refurbishing as SNES pads tend to get a bit gummy over time.

u/orokro · 2 pointsr/emulation

I recommend the Mayflash one:


It creates two "game controllers" in windows, like this:


It's cool that a single USB device allows you to use 2 SNES controllers - and it's decently cheap too! Way better than having to buy 2 or 4 separate devices.

Caution: you may be tempted by SNES-USB controllers (SNES clones that have USB built in) I tried one of these and it's horrible - the buttons weren't as responsive as a real controller and overall it felt cheap. That actually made me dig out my real controllers and buy the adapter.

>No idea why you'd want to use the N64 controller

It's not THAT bad. I'm kinda like a purist - I like playing the games like I did growing up. It's hard to find a controller that matches the AB + C buttons, and I don't like using "L2" as Z. Yeah, out of my 3 N64 controllers, one of them has a faulty stick - and the other two... the stick works fine but feels like a "N64 stick," but I like it. Brings me back.

u/sealcouch · 2 pointsr/Games


Just keep in mind that it only works with SNS 002 controllers and not SNS 005. I tried a few of them to no avail.

Works beautifully. I wouldn't change a thing about it.

u/AsteroidBlues · 2 pointsr/emulation

I can't speak to that particular model but I have a different Mayflash adapter and it has worked great for me. I would definitely try another one of their products.

u/JabbersMcGee · 2 pointsr/xboxone

No issues at all, in fact the thumbsticks are the best I've ever used on a controller. You can always look into thumbstick grips if your worried about damage or if you don't find them as comfortable http://www.amazon.com/Grip-iT-Analog-Stick-Covers-PlayStation-4/dp/B003NSLGW2

If you are buying off ebay I know a lot of day one controllers had issues with the left stick being faulty but the normal controllers are fine

u/toekneeg · 2 pointsr/xboxone

Here are replacements. Don't know how to replace them though.

Or I use these grips for my XB1. Had them since day one and my thumb sticks are still new.

u/Prescott- · 2 pointsr/PS4

Be careful when buying covers, if the sides of the sticks are worn the new grips hang lose.


These cover the top and aren't lifted.

u/z3r0609 · 2 pointsr/PS4

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Grip--Analog-Stick-Xbox-360/dp/B003NSLGW2/ref=sr_1_4?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1397670081&sr=1-4&keywords=thumbstick+grips I bought these approx one month ago. Even though it says Ps3/360 they were a nice tight fight on the DS4 and they haven't slipped off once.

u/muazcatalyst · 2 pointsr/PS4

Still having this problem with my Dualshock 4. I already bought a new controller and thinking of sending the broken one back for replacement.

I've heard about Grip-iT and how good it is, you might wanna give it a go.

u/JMcLaren19 · 2 pointsr/PS4
u/MrMediaGuy · 2 pointsr/PS4

I just got a new controller sent to me by Amazon US since I bought mine through them as well. My left stick had the rubber pulling off and tearing so I called their customer service line. They just asked for the order number, then added a PS4 controller to my online cart for $0.00. All I had to do was check out and pick my shipping. It really couldn't have been any easier. They don't even make you send the busted controller back. So, buy yourself some grip-its and you basically get two controllers that work perfectly fine. I ordered these: http://www.amazon.com/Grip-iT-Analog-Stick-Covers-PlayStation-4/dp/B003NSLGW2

They fit on the PS4 sticks fine, will cover the damage on the older controller and will keep the new one from wearing and tearing until they figure out what the manufacturing issue is/was.

u/sun-up-sun-down · 2 pointsr/PS4

Is it Grip-iT?

u/poopslinger_01 · 2 pointsr/SteamController

Check out /r/steamcontrollermods as there are a few of us who have swapped to a XBone stick with good results. It does require some sanding/fitting (grinding if you get a metal stick). My issue was the same as yours except that mine also started to wear out the stick where it hits the controller case and made it feel like there was sandpaper on it. This could have only been an issue with the first run pre-orders though since I got mine in November prior to the official release.

This is the first guy I've seen do it and I followed his instructions to do mine as well. He posts on /r/steamcontrollermods as well.

I used these sticks:

After a week of use I added these cause the dish on these were too big and too sharp of an edge for me:

The biggest difference is that under the cup the mating surface is too tall for the Steam Controller and needs to be ground down.

It's not quite plug n play but it's not too difficult if you take your time with it.

u/Recalesce · 2 pointsr/gaming

You can do a few things.

u/Eights-DPT · 2 pointsr/PS4

I'm looking at a couple on Amazon, either

GelTabz Performance Thumb Grips - PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 by InterWorks Unlimited, Inc. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GOOSV98/ref=cm_sw_r_udp_awd_G5lkub1TB7EYV

Grip-iT Analog Stick Covers by Total Control http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003NSLGW2/ref=cm_sw_r_udp_awd_59lkub0ZHM3BH

I think I've heard from a couple friends that preferred the GelTabz

u/signofthenine · 2 pointsr/PS4


They look goofy, but I've been using them for about a month, and they feel fine.

u/DjMcfilthy · 2 pointsr/theNvidiaShield

I've been using these on the sticks since the beginning. They do touch the screen when closed, but it hasn't had any negative effects after all these years. Well, outside of two frog prints on the screen.

u/Strangledclown · 2 pointsr/assassinscreed

new controllers are fine. If you want to be safe order grip its
That said, most people were not actually affected. Just keep in mind the ones who were affected were probably the ones who played their PS4 alot. Chances are, if they're on a gaming subreddit, they play their PS4 alot.

u/xyntrx · 2 pointsr/PS4

Sure. Here you go. The reviews speak for themselves but I highly recommend them.

u/thekingswitness · 2 pointsr/NHLHUT

https://www.amazon.com/Grip-Analog-Stick-Covers-Set-4/dp/B003NSLGW2/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1478479304&sr=8-3&keywords=grips+ps4 I use these. I started off with those and also bought the same brand so I could have green and orange ones on my controllers.

u/Triforce179 · 2 pointsr/SteamController

I use these for pretty much all of my controllers, including the SC. Design might look a bit ugly but it gets the job done.

u/Optimus_Prime- · 2 pointsr/RocketLeague

You could try these. I've used them before.


Also, are either of your controllers from within the past year? Newer controllers don't have as many issues with the material coming off.

u/Truevalor100 · 2 pointsr/PS4

The rubber on my sticks was wearing down and since I didn't want to have to deal with replacing them I bought a pack of these. They're really easy to install and don't look that bad. They do take a little while to get used to, as they don't feel quite the same as the original joysticks, but after a little while I don't even notice them anymore.

u/frenchcheeto · 2 pointsr/PS4

> http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B003NSLGW2
I bought these after someone suggested them on this subreddit. they are pretty good for ps4 but don't fit as snug on 360.