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u/carn2fex · 8959 pointsr/funny

Is there a higher res version of this? I work for NASA. I want to print it, frame it and put it on the wall where the tour groups go by. Edit: Ordered the frame. Reviews are solid.

u/SillyGoosey · 30 pointsr/Kanye

Here you go everyone! The name is "MCS 25x16.5 Inch Deluxe Record Album Frame, Black (66722)" on Amazon.

u/futurepersonified · 18 pointsr/FrankOcean

amazon my guy

MCS 25x16.5 Inch Deluxe Record Album Frame, Black (66722)

u/holemole · 18 pointsr/malelivingspace

It isn't childish or tacky to use something you're passionate about or interested in as decoration, but it's important that you do it well and don't overdo it. Don't tack them onto your wall, and don't clutter them all onto one wall. Generic "real" art won't look any better than the posters if you take the time to use them appropriately.

I've got quite a few prints hanging in my place from shows I've been to over the years, and people are always complimenting me on them. I got them all professionally custom framed (had a buddy who could do it for cost - why not!), so they look clean and uniform, despite being from different artists. That said, if your posters are a standard size, Amazon has a bunch of frames that are affordable and look quite nice. I like something like this, though they've got tons of other colors and designs. I actually acquired another print after getting my others framed, and was able to find one on Amazon that looks almost identical to the custom work (the glass isn't as thick and it is flimsier, but on my wall, nobody knows there's a difference but me).

As far as which to keep, the only one of your posters that I would definitely ditch is the Bravest Warrior one. It looks too much like an advertisement.

u/msdietcoke · 10 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

First of all "This is girls"?? No, I said that, no one else. I do not speak for all "girls" or all females. Secondly, there is a difference between "college" and "collage". I was referring to the fact the designer said not to draw attention to hotter college friends, specifically in a photo collage.

collage for reference

u/Poulr · 10 pointsr/XXXTENTACION

KAIU Vinyl Record Frame - Solid Wood with Clear Acrylic to Display Your Album- Innovative Open/Close Mechanism to Ease Your Album Changeover (Black, LP)

u/franks_futura · 10 pointsr/FrankOcean

MCS 25x16.5 Inch Deluxe Record Album Frame, Black (66722)

u/Turbophoto · 9 pointsr/space
u/MacGyver387 · 8 pointsr/fatherjohnmisty

Yeah - I like the size. Take a look at that link again. I added more of how it looks in the room and other posters I have that are the same size.

For frames, I really like the Craig Frames on Amazon. I have my posters in Brazilian Walnut and Black (FJM and the three in a row are in black frames, two by themselves are in Brazilian walnut). Amazon has multi-packs of theseframes for better deals. They do have plastic frontS, not glass but I'm fine with that for the price. They've also shipped well too.

*Edited some words

u/himynameisjona182 · 7 pointsr/Blink182

I bought the frame on Amazon.
Here's the link in case someone is interested:

MCS Deluxe Record Album Frame, 25 by 16.5-Inch, Black Finish

u/patago911 · 6 pointsr/FrankOcean

I actually got it on Amazon here's a link if you want it.

MCS 25x16.5 Inch Deluxe Record Album Frame, Black (66722)

u/Water_In_A_Cup1 · 6 pointsr/hiphopvinyl

MCS 25x16.5 Inch Deluxe Record Album Frame, Black (66722)

u/kapinswaifu · 5 pointsr/MacMiller
u/MegaNovaFilms · 5 pointsr/Eminem

Frame was $27 on Amazon

u/Swagyolo420xxxx · 4 pointsr/battlestations

I'm dumb and misread your comment haha, here they are:

u/RenegadePanda29 · 4 pointsr/PinkOmega
u/Thornton_19 · 4 pointsr/malelivingspace

I used a couple websites, this one lets you find high res album art from itunes:

I used this one to choose which album covers I wanted to use and how I wanted to arrange them:

And here are the frames I used:

The hardest part was finding somewhere to print 12x12 pictures for a decent price, big stores like Staples don't do it. I was able to get them done for about a dollar each at a local printing place.

u/mocksong · 3 pointsr/phish

If you want to go the professional route I've had great experiences using Blick during one of their 50% off custom framing promotions (they do this a couple times every year, just be patient).

I actually have Blick doing some work for me at the moment, should be picking it up later this week - it was about $180 (at 50% off) to do a 14x28"-ish custom frame for the Red Sox Phish night pennant along with my stubs from the Fenway run. For a typical 18x24" you're looking at about $150-200 all in during one of these promotions depending on how fancy you want to get with the frame, matting and glass.

If you want to go the cheaper route and just grab an 18x24 frame toss the print in there and hang it up I have the following ones in my apartment, all for about $35. I am more than happy with the quality and aesthetic for the price:




u/captainwoozy · 3 pointsr/TheStrokes

Yes you can! I got this frame off amazon and printed the poster through vistaprint. If you would like a high quality version of the image feel free to PM me and I can email it to you. It really turned out great, looks even better in person.

Edit: I did not design this poster, all credit goes to u/renzonelisanchez

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/KGATLW

You might be able to shave a bit off the top and bottom and make it work. This is the frame I got and it works perfectly.

u/SSV_Kearsarge · 3 pointsr/DaftPunk

MCS Deluxe Record Album Frame, 25 by 16.5-Inch, Black Finish

I realize it says "usually ships within 1 - 3 months" but mine shipped in 2.5 weeks, and arrived much faster than projected. It's solid too, definitely good quality.

u/Vonquiqui69 · 3 pointsr/KGATLW

Easy to frame and hang. Comes with mounts for the back and a nail tack for the wall with a hanging wire

Craig Frames 1WB3BK 19 by 25-Inch Picture Frame, Smooth Wrap Finish, 1-Inch Wide, Black

u/nickfromgardens · 3 pointsr/malelivingspace
u/BraHendo · 3 pointsr/MacMiller

The Mac albums are framed.

The other albums are inside plastic sleeves and hung with mounting putty.

u/Hazy_Fantayzee · 3 pointsr/postprocessing

/u/Keetner mentioned some very good points regarding the actual composition of the photo so I won't reiterate what he has said other than to say by and large I do agree with him.

My 2 cents on it though is that for a family photo there is really only one actual family member who's face you can clearly see and in a complimentary way (I am thinking of the lady in the photo). The child's face is a little blurry and the father and other child you can't really see at all. As such, for me, it isn't a very strong photo, well not a strong family photo anyway. I think the idea of a collage might be a bit better. Look at maybe getting one of THESE kind of frames and getting a selection of all the good ones you have of them to get the whole family covered - one with the father and son, one of the two kids, one of the husband wife e.t.c. Of course this is assuming you have these photos....

As someone else has said as well, at the end of the day, it is a present from you, so they ultimately will be happy for the thought and will appreciate the effort no matter what you decide to end up doing....

u/benwatson2468 · 3 pointsr/tylerthecreator

MCS 25x16.5 Inch Deluxe Record Album Frame, Black (66722)

u/jckwind11 · 3 pointsr/GetMotivated

I got them on amazon here

But it looks like they might be sold out :/

u/telero_sfw · 3 pointsr/guns

Recently ordered one of these AAC posters from /u/FirearmConcierge and finally got it framed and hanged. As an homage to him I've hung the picture next to my television where I can admire it while watching Sons of Guns on Netflix. I'm not sure which one he is, but I'm pretty sure he must be in that shot somewhere.

For those that mentioned that the $20 price tag from FirearmConcierge seemed like a bit much considering that AAC sells the posters for $10, that doesn't take into account that the $20 is the shipped price and when you add shipping from AAC the price is the same. I like to know that for my $20 that the poster had a longer journey and ultimately helped the little guy make a couple bucks rather than give all the money direct to the manufacturer.

So, the details:

  1. AAC Poster. Can order from AAC or possibly PM FC to see if he still has any.

  2. 18"x24" frame from Amazon. 18x24 Frame. Yes, the frame cost more than the poster.

  3. Samsung HL67A750 67" LED DLP TV. Maybe the best DLP TV made. Deeper black than plasma, sharper image than LCD, and no color wheel -- just red greeen and blue LED arrays...a perfect way to watch the genius at work on Sons of Guns.
u/extreme_matt · 3 pointsr/MST3K

I bought these off of Amazon since I couldn't seem to find anything at a store that would work. The cutouts in the matte board are actually 3.5 by 5.5 and it cuts off a bit too much of the image. I had to measure and go right on top of them and tape them from the back. I suck at framing stuff but these turned out pretty good.

u/shitstormsurfer · 3 pointsr/U2Band

No, got it on Amazon.

u/CptMelkor · 3 pointsr/LaserDisc

Thanks! Go ahead and post. The frame is from Amazon but they're currently out. In fact, I had to get some "Used" frames when I purchased.

u/tcpoatwiit · 3 pointsr/vinyl

Do you mean something like this? Because that's literally the second result when you look up "record frame"on Amazon.

u/Pulp_Crucifixion · 2 pointsr/vinyl

No, not an original. Just one of my favorites and looks good on the wall. The Frame is: Play & Display Vinyl Record...

u/itsalrightt · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I like you. :) Happy Birthday!! I will come back and edit with fun birthday stuff.

Edit: This truth about birthdays

And it's fun to decorate your home. :)

u/GhostRabbitInaba · 2 pointsr/hearthstone

I ordered these they also sell a similar right at cvs

u/muppetmaker · 2 pointsr/Disneyland

First off, CONGRATS! I don’t know you but I’m proud of you.

From shop Disney:

Art called 6-Up: ''6-Up Mickey'' Giclée on Canvas by Trevor Carlton - Limited Edition

Might I also suggest taking a pic with six of your favorite characters, in the first picture hold up 1 finger, then in the next hold up 2, and so on. Then go get the pictures framed in something like this:

Malden International Designs Berkeley Matted Black Wood Collage Picture Frame, 6 Option, 6-4x6, Black

And keep adding for each clean year until it’s an album of celebration.

u/hckygod91 · 2 pointsr/MacMiller
u/XX_KAZOOKID_XX · 2 pointsr/offlineTV

It's one of the cheaper ones but I did have some struggle putting it together. Just have a hammer and a electric drill and you'll be fine though. It looks really good though.

u/paraplegic_T_Rex · 2 pointsr/dvdcollection

Kong is in this one: MCS 27824 Trendsetter Poster Frame, 18 by 24-Inch, Black

Singin in the Rain/Paris are in these: MCS 11 by 17-inch Format Frame, Black

Jaws: MCS 40964 Trendsetter Poster Frame, 27 by 40-Inch, Black

DeadPool/Star Wars: MCS Floating Flex 11 by 14-Inch Frame, Black

Those are all Amazon links because they were easier to find, but I actually got all but the Jaws frame from Target for cheaper.

u/6DiscsInTheChanger · 2 pointsr/Jcole

I got it on amazon MCS 25x16.5 Inch Deluxe Record...

The frame itself is good enough but the mattes were absolutely terrible so I got them custom done at Hobby Lobby

u/FrenchFryCattaneo · 2 pointsr/AskPhotography

I've bought a bunch of the cheap frames and found the best ones are the ultra-thin frames like this. Since the frame is so thin they look really good and otherwise they are functionally fine. I would stay away from more traditional designs because if you have a thick 1" border it's really obvious if it's fake wood or plastic.

u/aed_kirky · 2 pointsr/vinyl

I have a white version of this. It's kinda pricey for a display frame, but the "play" factor makes it worth it.

If you're looking for strictly a 12x12 frame - your local hobby shop will have simple frames, and you can keep the actual records in a separate sleeve with the rest of your collection.

u/Zicoya96 · 2 pointsr/flatbushzombies

They sell for $275-$375, there are some listed in the $500 range as somebody else said but I’ve never seen any sell higher than $375. $350 is what they typically sell for, anything under $300 is a deal. You should get a cover for it at the least, I have one on all my vinyl. My 3001 is framed but it’s also signed so I have it displayed. Depending on how often you spin it, I would personally frame it. They have frames you can pop open easy while it’s hung on the wall if you do listen to it often.

u/purebredginger · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

hahaha Of course pictures of you! I think i have more pictures of you than anyone. It would be cut to get a big frame and put lots of pictures in them. Something like this

u/drowgirl · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I will TOTALLY send you postcards. Absolutely. I love postcards (sending and receiving them!)

I love posters and such, but the best thing I ever did when I moved out was send a bunch of photos to Walmart's one hour photo center, print them out, and frame them and put pictures of me and my friends and family (especially ones in other states I don't get to see often) all over. Never underestimate the happiness getting to see people you care for brings you. Frames like this are usually my favorite, but YMMV.

Also, flat things on the walls make walls sad. All posters, or all pictures, or whatever, not so fun. Try a couple banners, or a small shelf with knickknacks. I want to be you... getting to start decorating all over again would be fun!

Do you like Game of Thrones/ASOIAF? If you do, PM me. <shiftyeyes> I might be able to... assist with something.

Justin Bieber is one of the cockiest douchebags to ever rise to fame. But only one of them. There are many many more.

u/kevinjamesbond · 2 pointsr/vinyl

Well the poster I had professionally framed but the record frames I got on Amazon for about $130 each. I can highly recommend them. They are VERY good quality and are relatively easy to put together.

Here’s a link to the exact ones I ordered...

Record Album Double (2) Vinyl LP Frame Display Featuring White Matting Juke Box Style Design (Black Frame)

u/mastersoup · 2 pointsr/technology

There isn't really.

They sent 3 different packages for the 8 frames. 1 had 4, 1 had 3, 1 had 1.

The fastest one of the packages arrived was 6 days from the date of the order (package of 3, 1 was broken), then 2 days later another came in (4, all fine) and the last one was sent back because it was broken somewhere along the line before it ever got to me. A replacement was eventually sent, but it came 4 days after the package of 4 came in.

Customer service was good and all, replacing the broken one was easy etc, but it was supposed to be 2 day shipping.

I'd say try it yourself, but they aren't actually in stock atm.

The frames situation is absolutely not typical, as I order from amazon a fuck load, and that is the only time something like that has happened. However, over 50% of my 2 day shipping packages arrive a day late, and again, my 2 attempts at 1 day shipping have both ended in failure, so I never use it anymore.

u/sebastianrenix · 2 pointsr/pics

EDIT: Here's the link to the downloadable images

I printed the posters 11x17 at Fedex using their "poster printer". It cost more but I did a test comparison with their regular printer and the quality was worth it to me.

I bought the frames from Amazon. $38 for a 6-pack. The frames are black, and very thin/minimal so they really feature the artwork.

u/HenryWillo · 2 pointsr/DamienRice

It is a surprisingly great print.

This is the frame I ordered:

It looks a ton better in person.

Edit: CD for scale.

u/Jebus116 · 2 pointsr/vinyl
Pricey and the quality isn't as good as I'd like, but I do like that the frames "open" so I don't have to take them off the wall to swap out the albums.

u/SaraBee · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

Thanks a lot! At least I know I'm not crazy. I certainly won't be able to get that done by X-Mas, but maybe I fit it in this frame and give it to her another time.

u/andrewlantz · 2 pointsr/hometheater

Those will make awesome wall art.

You could even do this

I just found some old RCA video discs and I am going to do something similar.

u/TheStig827 · 1 pointr/LaserDisc

I've been getting these frames (Amazon)
They also have a handy 6-pack to save some money if you're getting a few of them: (Amazon)
They're cheap, but the frames are aluminum, and just thick enough to cover up some minor corner damage. They're also dual sided, so you can take them off the wall and see the back of the jacket too.

u/madm0ney · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

I downloaded the art from google images and got them printed at Walgreens. I believe these are the frames I ordered

u/PistolPete33 · 1 pointr/BruceSpringsteen

How about a framed vinyl record? You can get record frames (for wall hanging) pretty cheaply and put a vinyl album or two in one. I have three myself.

[Record Frame](MCS 25x16.5 Inch Deluxe Record Album Frame, Black (66722)

u/chocolate_babies · 1 pointr/InteriorDesign

Yep, you can find album cover frames on Amazon or Urban Outfitters

I'm sure other places sell them, as well, but these are two I know of for sure.

u/AngelicBabyGirl · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You might like



or this? :3

u/trinkdaddy · 1 pointr/mega64
u/ElderTheElder · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

I have 10 framed pieces of varying size in my house, all using the same basic black ArtToFrames frame from Amazon. They're cheap as hell (compared to other frame options), they make them in a broad range of common sizes, and they look good if you want something simple. I just received 3 more the other day and have always used Amazon Prime for them, but when I just pulled up the link above, it seems like they're no longer for Amazon Prime.

Still a great deal and a good solution.

u/REDsox83 · 1 pointr/MAU3

On Amazon its $13 were you looking at the 6 pack they sell for 38?

u/The_Shmef · 1 pointr/TheFence

You can get them with a custom-cut mat like that here. I'd probably just go with one of those, or search for "LP Frame with mat" and browse as you like!

u/DangeresqueIII · 1 pointr/anime

I was thinking about getting the Daicon LD professionally framed from the same place that did my cels but the only problem is that once its framed its not meant to be opened up. It's not something I would play often, but maybe once in a while it would be nice. Yeah I know its on YouTube (in better quality) but there's something about playing your own copy that's just more satisfying. I was thinking of getting something like this. There are cheaper options, but you gotta make sure the glass/plexi is UV resistant.

u/JabayTheHutt · 1 pointr/FrankOcean

MCS 25x16.5 Inch Deluxe Record Album Frame, Black (66722)

u/bulletproof_panda · 1 pointr/nier

I also got the signed poster from PAX East as well. I bought this 11x17 frame off of Amazon to hang it in, and it fits perfectly.

u/scuba_comet · 1 pointr/Blink182

I think any vinyl purchased on that day got signed. At first it was the first 50 but later I think they said the whole day. Not sure tho!

And I'm thinking about buying one or two of these off amazon

u/MrShupp · 1 pointr/Blink182

Frame is 11x14, matt is about 8x10

Who said they shouldn't be touching the glass? I spoke with the artist directly, he actually framed the "keep calm" for me before he shipped it, so I don't think framing is an issue

Link to the frame I bought for "gold old days":
11x14 Black Picture Frame - Made to Display Pictures 8x10 with Mat or 11x14 Without Mat - Wide Molding - Wall Mounting Material Included

u/mattshup · 1 pointr/SpaceXLounge

Craig Frames 1WB3BK 24 by 36-Inch Picture Frame, Smooth Wrap Finish, 1-Inch Wide, Black

u/Anchoritic · 1 pointr/gravityfalls

It's exactly 11 x 17 inches, not the most common dimensions if you're buying one "off the shelf". Getting it custom framed would be a great route to go but for a more economical option I'm partial to MCS "front loading" frames. I picked up mine for roughly $5 at Michaels thanks to a 50% off coupon. I'll try to post a pic later.

I hope your patience is rewarded soon.

u/ferricyanide · 1 pointr/vinyl

Here's a frame. To display the records themselves, just cut a 12" x 12" piece of felt and lay the record on before inserting in the frame. You can have the album artwork in the center and then the records on either side w/ multiple frames.

u/turbo1480 · 1 pointr/theglitchmob

MCS 12.5x12.5 Inch Gallery Aluminum Album Cover Frame 6-Pack, Black (65506)

They're kinda cheep but they do the job!

u/wmzombie · 1 pointr/twentyonepilots

MCS 25x16.5 Inch Deluxe Record Album Frame, Black (66722)

u/All_of_311_on_Vinyl · 1 pointr/vinyl
u/SnicklefritzSkad · 1 pointr/CageTheElephant

MCS 25x16.5 Inch Deluxe Record Album Frame, Black (66722)

u/AngryBarista · 1 pointr/nin

A nice print deserves a nice frame.
ArtToFrames 15x36 inch Satin Black Picture Frame, 2WOMFRBW26079-15x36

u/PotaderChips · 1 pointr/eden

MCS 25x16.5 Inch Deluxe Record Album...

Golden State Art, 12.5x12.5 inches...

these are the two frames. the one that holds the cover and vinyl kinda sucks as it doesn’t hold either in place so i had to tape the crap out of it to make it stay and the back doesn’t clip on very well so it’s maybe search for something else.

u/This_is_my_box · 1 pointr/Hamilton

You could be right about the custom matting. There is this one from Amazon which is exactly what I'm looking for, with a decent price too. I'm just worried it'll arrive damaged.

u/papasterndaddy · 1 pointr/OverwatchLeague

Craig Frames 1WB3BK 24 by 36-Inch Picture Frame, Smooth Wrap Finish, 1-Inch Wide, Black

u/maxxbrown · 1 pointr/Ghostbc

Here you go!

u/Mighty-HeaIthy · 1 pointr/travisscott
u/JimboLodisC · 1 pointr/vinyl

Really? What about this one

And do they not allow you to buy from the USA Amazon? I order stuff from Amazon UK from time to time and I live in the States.

u/marley88 · 1 pointr/realdubstep

If you do you could get something like this.

u/simpleone234 · 1 pointr/ToolBand

I have three of these. Best "cheap" frame I've ever used.

They also have a gold version which is nice too

u/stonewalled87 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

The postcard idea is an awesome idea (and I would gladly send you a postcard from SF) Here is a cool way you can display them.

I have this print in my house and I am in love with it.

Justin Bieber is one of the cockiest douchebags to ever rise to fame.
I want to be you.

u/scingram · 1 pointr/evangelion

So, I have been doing this very same thing. For reference, LD's are the EXACT same size as Vinyl records. And there a lot of mounting options for records. I picked these up from Amazon just the other day.

u/falczone · 1 pointr/FrankOcean
u/angry_zellers · 1 pointr/battlestations

These are the one's I ordered. They're pretty good!

u/ItsSnow · 1 pointr/Flume

I shopped alot and to get a good quality one, it got to be hand made. So for now i used this frame


It is really easy assemble, there is a cut out inside so you just place the Jacket/LP and boom. It seems to hold double LP as well so no probleme there. The quality is nice and durable if you take care of it (For what it's worth).

u/sound_apples · 1 pointr/vinyl

I have purchased several of these . They look great and are glass and wood.

u/dereckc1 · 1 pointr/roosterteeth

Why Amazon my good bunnymonster!

I couldn't find frames that I wanted to get really anywhere else.

They're made from MDF, and you have to install the hanging wire yourself, but they're reasonably priced (compared to getting a custom frame made up that is) and look decent.

Just note that if you have the Daft Punk one, the size is actually slightly smaller than was noted on the website. Typo in the item description when it was put up.

u/LurkingRaeven · 1 pointr/CrossStitch

This is the frame I used! I loved the bevel on the mat.

u/hdyviigo · 1 pointr/KendrickLamar

Got this link from another post on this sub awhile ago, so props to him

u/Self-Destructing-Pig · 1 pointr/nin

I have this frame and it fits perfectly and looks pretty nice to boot.


This one works perfectly for the US posters but the Paris poster was too big.

u/Qweness · 1 pointr/dragonage

I got this frame from Amazon it's for a canvas painting but it came with a cardboard backing so it works :P I'm definitely gonna find a fancier frame for him

u/eirtep · 1 pointr/barstoolsports

I had a bunch of records in college that I didn't take care of. I gave most away when I graduated or lost them.

I recently bought a record and this frame which looks very nice in my room. Got the one with the record showing cause it's red. Thinkin about buying some more to display. I like the large artwork and it feels more 'adult' than music posters and it's often the same price or cheaper to buy a record+frame than a poster and frame.

For the same reason as the large record art I love Laser Discs movies but I don't actually have any