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u/Boba2007 · 706 pointsr/gaming
u/grape_jelly_sammich · 168 pointsr/funny

I mean, if they wanted to be dicks about it.

but because they're both redditors, if they see this, then they'll know to open it up outside. (thus getting rid of all the glitter easily).

As for the system itself?

jesus christ. I just googled it. On amazon, a used wii is about 60 bucks.

so the only reason they would deal with this shit is if they were really desperate...or just...for fun. drunk, and decided to treat it as a puzzle or something, you know? a FUN game, in and of itself.

I dunno. poor bastard. But we're only getting half the story here. were the ex fiance and ex best man the true jerks in this story? was op? or was this all just...something that happened?

the world will never know.

u/Rhinne · 119 pointsr/gaming
u/dmalvano · 56 pointsr/gaming

Or just buy make it so I can use this for it

u/ceakay · 53 pointsr/gaming

I prefer this simpler explaination

u/MajorasAss · 50 pointsr/smashbros

> wired Wii U compatible Gamecube controller

I refuse to believe anyone who keeps saying this shit has even held a Wii U Pro controller, or hasn't seen the link to the Wii U GC Mayflash adaptor that gets posted every other thread.

u/Stepherzzzzzz · 35 pointsr/wiiu

I would recommend the Hori Battle Pad for Wii U over these particular controllers.

u/Omega_Maximum · 21 pointsr/wiiu

For the majority of people, Wi-Fi is good enough, even if they might be in a situation that Ethernet would be easy enough to set up. Really, it's just a design decision. Less stuff in the system, less to pay for, and cheaper to produce. It helps that most people would use Wi-Fi anyway.

As for using Ethernet, you'll want a USB Ethernet adapter. Just about any of them work, provided they don't require an extra driver to be installed. I've been using this one for a few months now without issue. Good and fast too. Once you've got one, go to your system settings and change to a wired connection.

u/GomaN1717 · 20 pointsr/Games

If you get a Mayflash Adapter, you can still use your old GCN controllers.

u/faortiz · 20 pointsr/wiiu

I purchased two adapters on amazon and here's what I got.

Both are the same, inputs are only for OTHER Wii remote accessories. I'm so frustrated because I was excited to finally use my GC controllers. But anyway, I'm trying to ask for a replacement but Amazon doesn't let me and says it's only for standard refund. DAMMIT.

Has this happened to anyone? How did you handle it? I don't want to pay for returned shipping and I would REALLY like to receive replacements already instead of having to look online again and purchase two more. I didn't even know that they made these? The picture clearly shows a slot for GC controllers. But yeah, all help/advice appreciated.

EDIT: I didn't mean to give amazon any bad light, they gave me a full refund right away and I'm still going to buy another pair of adapters to use my GC controller. Didn't mean to rant so much, I just thought this unlucky fail was hilarious enough for reddit to see.

EDIT2: I realized after reading some comments that I forgot to mention that I own the Wii U, although I hoped it was rather obvious seeing as how I posted this in r/WiiU. Thanks to those who rightfully assumed this

u/ChibiSheep · 19 pointsr/smashbros

I stand by using this adapter to play with my GCN controller. That's how I play MK8 and all of my virtual console games. Hoping that it works with Smash U.

u/YellowTorpedo · 19 pointsr/Games

There's actually something like this that they announced. It's more like a classic controller pro, but still. I'll see if I can find it.

Edit: This Thing

u/ThePoopfish · 18 pointsr/Games

Consider what they are worth on Amazon as a sign of the supply of MPT

u/rasone77 · 17 pointsr/wiiu

They re-released all three games as the Metroid Prime Trilogy in 2009 for Wii. Maybe a digital re release is a possibility but not a virtual console release. It's about $80 used on Amazon right now.

u/calicollegeent · 17 pointsr/funny

Wii classic controller. here

u/Astec123 · 17 pointsr/whatisthisthing

It's a pokemon go Go-tcha

It's for catching pokemon and spinning what are known as stops in the Pokemon Go mobile game.


It's based on a Chinese fitness tracking watch but all the fitness/time features are removed in place of it's compatibility with being used for pokemon go plus which is the watch designed for the game specifically. The Go-tcha is a cheaper option with more features than the official device.

u/CajunTurkey · 16 pointsr/gaming
u/DeniedScout · 16 pointsr/emulation

You're better off just getting something like this. It also lets you connect Wiimotes and TR Wiimotes (the ones with WiiMotion+ built in) without a Bluetooth dongle or any extra BT stacks. I'd say it's definitely worth it.

u/RichardBachman · 15 pointsr/gaming
u/GoForMe · 13 pointsr/RetroPie

I have owned or tried all the major/popular controllers for Retropie.

Here are my rankings:

  1. Scroll to the bottom!

  2. iBuffalo SNES USB controller

  • PROS - Excellent D-Pad, better than the 8-Bitdo but that's just my preference.
    USB so there is the least amount of lag possible.
    Turbo Function
  • CONS -
    USB could be slightly longer, (8.5 feet).
    A little light, but that's also preference.

  1. Wii U Pro Controller (Real Nintendo Wii U Pro)

  • Pros: Bluetooth works without issue on RPi3s and Retropie 4.1.
    Full button layout with LR shoulders and LR Triggers, plus analogs.
    Excellent battery life
    CORRECT ABXY button placement that you're used to on NES/SNES games
    Decent D-Pad that you can isolate L-R without hitting U-D

  1. 8bitdo SFC30 and SNES30 Bluetooth Controllers

  • PROS
    Feels very solid and well built. Closest replica to the original SNES controllers
    Good Battery life
    *Decent D-Pad that you can isolate L-R without hitting U-D

  • CONS
    Can be difficult to pair sometimes. I often have to turn them off and then on to get them to pair.
    Micro USB port seems fragile
    *D-pad is a tiny bit stiff.

    Now ... onto controllers I don't like or recommend: Xbox 360 controllers are fine, but the D-pad isn't the greatest. It's somewhat easy to hit UP/DOWN when you're trying to just hit Left or Right. Also, the ABXY is configured opposite to what you're used to on a SNES controller. That may not be a big deal, because you can always open the controller and switch them, or do like most people and just ignore it and remember that it's switched. Except when you pass the controller to a friend, then you have to explain ABXY is switched and they still get confused sometimes. I also don't like that you have to use the dongle to use wireless. PS3 controllers I haven't used, but again, the labeling of the buttons is a con for me.

    NOW ... onto the #1 controller that I love. Nobody is freaking talking about this controller, and it is AWESOME. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you, the

  • Hori Pokken Tournament Pro Pad for $20.

  • PROS -
  • D-Pad is EXCELLENT. Can easily isolate L-R from U-D. It's not too light, not too heavy.
  • ERGONOMICS. This thing is easy to play with for hours and it won't cramp your hand.
  • BUTTONS - Responsive, springy, and ergonomically placed. Those Shoulder buttons are great! Still have ZR ZL buttons too.
  • 10 FOOT USB ! Long enough to play in your living room. I have several 8Bitdo SNES/SFC bluetooths and a few Wii U Pros, but I always find myself using the Hori Pokken Tournament Pro Pad.
  • CHEAP ! Freaking $20-25 . Feels like a much more expensive controller.

    This is hands down, by far, the best controller for D-pad games on Retropie. And NOBODY talks about it. I'll do a bigger write up with pictures in it's own post.

u/20Vivillon · 13 pointsr/nintendo

This might interest you. It's functionally a classic controller, but it has the form factor of the GameCube controller.

u/rufio_vega · 12 pointsr/gaming

For those who might be interested, they do make USB charge cables for the 3DS. I got mine for $1.50 at a local Daiso shop.

u/JordanLadd · 12 pointsr/patientgamers

The tin box trilogy is roughly the same price. Around $45.00 - $50.00 for all three games:

u/ThotBurglar · 12 pointsr/emulation

Nintendo had official ones from club nintendo that plugged into the wii remote but they're almost as much as an snes classic now :(. Here's a link if you're still interested.

u/thisisnotdan · 11 pointsr/patientgamers

Still waiting for Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn and Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii to come down in price. One of these days...

As for games I've actually waited a long time to play, the winner there is probably either Half Life 1 (played it for the first time this year) or maybe some old Atari games (played on one of those battery-powered hook-to-TV consoles maybe 7 years ago).

u/Matsurosuka · 11 pointsr/mariokart

You can use these to play MK8 with Gamecube controllers. I've had one since MK8 came out and it is still working great.

u/farmerbb · 11 pointsr/WiiHacks

If you just want the system menu on Dolphin, you can download it from within Dolphin itself by going to Tools -> Perform Online System Update.

If you want to backup the full contents of your Wii's NAND to use with Dolphin, you'll first need to softmod your Wii using LetterBomb. Then, install the Homebrew Channel and BootMii. Open up BootMii and there will be an option to back up your Wii's NAND to your SD card. You can then import this backup into Dolphin by going to Tools -> Manage NAND -> Import BootMii NAND Backup.

As for the sensor bar, the DolphinBar works well with Dolphin and lets you connect your Wii Remotes to your PC in addition to acting as a sensor bar.

u/PsiGuy60 · 10 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Wrong. Just need a USB/3DS cable (like this one) and you're golden.

EDIT: The one I linked isn't actually that good apparently. It has an issue where it'll only actually charge a sleep-mode or turned-off 3DS, and barely keep up with it in use, due to too much resistance in the wire. I personally own a different one which does work perfectly, but I haven't been able to find that one online. You can find other good ones fairly easily (and cheaply) though.

u/TimeTravellerSmith · 9 pointsr/3DS last handheld was a Gameboy Color. I have no experience with anything after the original DS. I've been completely out of the loop on the last decade of Nintendo handheld development, so I apologize in advance.


So I'm in the market for a 3DS or an 3DS XL and was just curious if there was a major advantage between the two. I see that the XL has way better battery life and is obviously bigger. Is that it? I'd get a cheaper DS, but it seems like I wouldn't be able to play newer games like Pokemon X/Y.


I'm worried about that battery life on the XL as it is (quoted at 6.5 hours max) is this your experience as well for playing games on playable brightness and other battery saving options? What do you guys usually get when playing straight from charge to death?


I'm looking at portable charging options and I see that you can buy a USB cable and would really be interesting in buying a USB battery pack like this. So, would a solution like that work fine? I'm just concerned about getting voltages and amps correct because I know that can be an issue for certain things (I've known people to burn out their phones by using the wrong charger).


Would I be able to play ROMs? For example, would I be able to load up some of the original Pokemon games and play them on a 3DS? Would I have to "jailbreak" it or is it just not possible?

Lastly, any suggestions on good games? Right now I'm looking at Pokemon X/Y/Older, and Fire Emblem. I like some turn base strategy and RPG's but would be open to other suggestions of good games that people seem to like, but might slip though a "sort by popular" search on Amazon.

Thanks for all the help. Sorry for being the noob'est of noobs on the noob question thread.

u/SpeaksTheTruthYes · 9 pointsr/gaming
u/zplanezplane · 9 pointsr/DolphinEmulator

I would recommend this one instead, designed exclusively for Dolphin and much easier remote pairing, worth every penny.

u/Kardif · 9 pointsr/wiiu

I recommend the hori battle controllers

They're pretty easy to find, and only $25. The pdp ones work too.

If you're dead-set on a nintendo-brand classic controller, get the classic pro, and you'll have to get them through amazon or ebay, it'll run around 25-30 shipping included.

u/Zarkdion · 9 pointsr/smashbros

You talking about these beauties? I'm eyeing one for a Nov. purchase.

u/StimulatorCam · 8 pointsr/wiiu

Nope. The adapter only works with Smash Bros.

However, these do exist to use with a Wiimote, but I have no idea about how well they work or game compatibility.

u/Ajandothunt · 8 pointsr/smashbros

gdgd, i'd look into the pokken controller as its wired and apparently pro.

god knows if it'll be any good for smash....

u/earthspirit1147 · 8 pointsr/GoPlus

We have ordered 5 go-tcha's from amazon with no issues at all. Made by Datel, the same ones you can get at gamestop. I have never heard of anyone getting banned for one. If you order on Amazon, just pay attention to the seller's name. Nintendo sells the go-plus, Datel sells the Go-tcha.



u/MyDadCantCount · 8 pointsr/smashbros

What you need to get started playing Melee:

  1. A Nintendo Wii (in case you ever become interested in Project M) available for about $40+ various places on the internet. Try to get the white one as some of the black models does not have slots for Gamecube controllers. Make sure the Wii has the sensor bar, power cables, AV cables, at least 1 wiimote. You also need a Gamecube Memory card so you can save the game. Alternatively if Wii isn't your thing you could purchase a Gamecube bundle like this.

  2. A Wired Official Nintendo Gamecube Controller (negates wireless interference at large tournaments) available from anywhere from about $10+ Used on eBay to about $40 new on Amazon. Let me stress again OFFICIAL Nintendo controller, third parties are generally shoddy and not worth the investment regardless of their price.

  3. A copy of Super Smash Bros Melee, price normally fluctuates from $30-$60 depending on site and demand.

  4. A CRT television. The big ol' chunky ones. These are the only kinds of TV that do not have input delay for Melee. You can find them for free on craigslist or can buy one at a garage sale or thrift store for $5-10 dollars. Make sure it has AV hookups and a remote or a built in button to switch the inputs. Remember to lift with your legs or get a friend to help cause they can be heavy (my main one is 42" and 300lbs).

  5. A Smashboards Account. Everything Smash related can be found there. Character discussions, tourny info, ect...

    Extra suggestions:

  • Find human opponents in your area ASAP. You'll probably lose and lose badly but you learn infinitely more than playing against CPUs. Finding good players who are willing to show you the ropes is key.

  • Watch this and Go Here to learn advanced techniques.

  • Once you get a feel for all the characters choose the one you like best and stick to them as this will help you improve faster. This is the most current Melee tier list, which is basically a power ranking of characters. That said, do not take it too seriously, anyone in S or A tier is generally viable and even those below it are feasible if you put in the time and effort (just look to this subreddit's hero aMSa who consistently puts up amazing results with Yoshi)

  • If you're not having fun you're probably not playing right.

  • I strongly recommend watching The Smash Bros documentary it was created and funded by the community and gives a really in depth look into the history of competitive Melee.

  • If you want to play Project M (the second most popular Smash game currently) you need a copy of SSB Brawl, a 2gb SD Card, and the hackless edition PM files.

    Hopefully that helps. If you have any other questions I can try my best to answer them tomorrow.
u/Taggart451 · 8 pointsr/3DS

Most people are saying things like cases and screen protectors, but there are a few practical things that I couldn't live without now that I have them.

  • Wrist Strap: I love being able to actually hold on to my device and quickly get it out of my pocket. I've also read stories on this sub of someone trying to steal his 3DS OUT OF HIS HANDS and run away, but he had a strap so it didn't work.

  • 3DS XL Charge Cradle: This may just be because I have a hard-on for docks and cradles. I have a car mount for my phone, one for my phone at home to charge, one for my 3DS, one for my Vita, for my PS4 get the deal. I love being able to quickly drop something down and it charges. Cannot recommend enough.

  • 3DS USB Charge Cable: You never know when you want to charge your device, and when traveling it is a godsend. This way you can use the power brick you brought with you for the same as USB charging your phone. That way your regular 3DS charger can be used in that dock I showed earlier...

    Also, the 3DS game card cases other people have put on here. Just any one will be fine, so you can put all the cases on a shelf but you have easy access to them later. I put my disc games in a binder for the same reason.
u/hehehehoho · 8 pointsr/3DS

If you have a lot of devices and you can think of a couple of occasions to "need extra battery" for smart phones, tablets, or other devices, too, my suggestion would be to invest in a bigger USB external battery.

I personally have a pretty intense one:

And you can pair it to adapt to your 3DS with any to USB cable, such as

I personally use this kind of set up to get around conventions like PAX and in the future, festivals and other things :)

Have fun on your flight! Stop by Japan to get ALL DAT STREET PASS

u/SwineHerald · 8 pointsr/Games

Is it really the naming schemes though? The Wii and WiiU Both had equivalent "Pro" controllers. I think for a lot of people when nintendo says "pro controller" it is assumed to be the non-gimmick controller.

u/Sirgoku1 · 8 pointsr/smashbros

There actually is an adapter to get Gamecube to Wii U. You can purchase it here

u/kitsovereign · 8 pointsr/Games

There are a few options right now - The Mayflash adapter lets you connect a GCN controller to a Wii remote and have it spoof a Classic Controller. Additionally, the PDP Wired Fight Pad and HORI Battle Pad are Classic Controllers, but modeled after the classic Gamecube controller shape.

There's always the chance that Nintendo will make the GCN adapter work for things other than SSB for Wii U, but I'm not sure I'd hold my breath. Honestly if they just made it work in Wii mode it'd be amazing.

u/20th_LVL_Wizard · 8 pointsr/Games

I've kept my controller budget under $150 via garage sales and Amazon deals.

$15 360 reciever

$20 Dolphin bar

$12 n64 Controllers. These don't have great cable lengths and the analog sticks don't work perfectly, but mapping n64 buttons to a 360 controller was a nightmare. These were worth the hassle and price.

u/DrDroop · 8 pointsr/wiiu

These controllers are abhorrent. Seriously, they are awful. Do yourself a favor and buy the Hori-made controllers. They have a Mario and Luigi one I think is all:

25 bones w/ Prime if you order from Amazon. I found some available for the same price on eBay as well a few weeks ago. Works for Wii/WiiU.

u/ZeGlasses · 8 pointsr/gaming

If you want to get an actual replacment for a Gamecube Controller(such as for competitive play), I recommend the Hori Battle Pad.

u/seehanth001 · 7 pointsr/gaming

No, but it's possible to connect a Gamecube controller a Wii Remote as if it was a Wii Classic Controller.

u/YNMatts · 7 pointsr/smashbros

HORI is also making a Classic Controller (that actually is styled as the GCC as opposed to this Gamstop one) that uses a turbo button. Only thing is that HORI is trustworthy.

u/jordonph · 7 pointsr/wiiu

You are thinking of the Hori Battle Pad.

u/ObsoletePixel · 7 pointsr/SSBPM

Not true, that's the PDP pad. Hori made this one

u/dainless · 7 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Looks like they are using these

u/RedrickSSBU · 7 pointsr/smashbros


Or any cheap stand with a USB C to USB A female adapter. The GC adapter only needs the black cable for all 4 ports to function.

u/SwitchSpyder · 7 pointsr/smashbros

This is another alternative to play Smash on the go that allows you to also charge your device. It'll cost you about the same too (price ranges from $40-50 depending on retailer)

Hori Multiport Playstand

u/bwrt · 7 pointsr/pokemongodev

> This is not true

So you trust Amazon and Gamestop over Nintendo? It clearly states on both the UK and German Nintendo shop that Go Plus is currently only compatible with "iPhone 5/5c/5s/SE/6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus with iOS 8 - 9" and that "As of July 2016, the Pokémon GO Plus compatibility with phones using the Android operating system is under development."

No mention of Android anywhere on Amazon, though it seems Gamestop indeed claims compatibility with both iOS and Android. I doubt they know more about the development progress than Nintendo though, and are just being "optimistic" it will be ready in time so they can sell to more people.

u/darthabraham · 7 pointsr/




u/larsoncc · 7 pointsr/crtgaming

Smash Brothers Melee supports 480p.

Because of this you have a great CRT alternative that looks great (high line count), has no lag, and is more readily available than a PVM - VGA monitors.

With proper cabling, VGA monitors can be used with PC, Xbox, Xbox 360, GameCube, Wii, PS2, Nuon (I think), and Dreamcast. With a scaler attached, any system goes (but you get a touch of lag).

You'll need a component to VGA transcoder to enable this. I think the easiest method is to use the Wii over component, and get an external Component to VGA transcoder, or get the - "VGA cable" for Wii (which is basically a transcoder built into the cable).

PS - if you're in the Chicago area, I have 4 VGA monitors I'm giving away.

If you're OK with Standard Def - there are loads of people selling / giving away standard def TV sets that work great, look great, and have component input. Sony Trinitron sets are good, but in this range, many sets are great.

u/Hlnkkx · 7 pointsr/smashbros

You do realize that there is no LAN adapters in the page you just linked.

Also OP, this one here should be fine.

u/XzinteR · 7 pointsr/wiiu

I'd recommend getting an adapter to use a regular SNES pad as a Wii classic controller instead. Found this one with a quick search but there might be better options.

u/napalm · 6 pointsr/gaming

You used price as an argument that's why:

  • 360 Arcarde - $199
    (Amazon also throws in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts for free)

  • Wii - $249
    (comes with Wii Sports)
u/EverythingSmash · 6 pointsr/smashbros

30-ish bucks new on amazon still, that might be your best bet for online, but for the heck of it I'd check out Ebay prices under "newly listed" see if you can find a new copy for cheaper. :)

Good luck!

u/Casaham · 6 pointsr/nintendo

Wiis, or Wii Us? I'm going to assume Wii, but if you mean Wii U, I can also help. I also don't know exactly how these Wiis will be used. Are they meant to be used in a clubhouse-like setting, or will they be taken from place to place for one kid to play at a time?

If you bought Wiis, you would more than likely be being used. You could check a local Gamestop to see if they're selling them used, but they may not. Like, I know my local Gamestop only sells PS3s and 360s used. If they don't have Wiis, you can definitely buy off of eBay or Amazon. I suggest you try to get controllers bundled with the console wherever you get them, because buying controllers on their own are like $20, $50 if you want a Motionplus (which is just an extension that improves the controller) The advantage of buying a Wii over a Wii U would be you would have a lot of money left over for games, since the console itself is more inexpensive, and the games are cheaper.

Although it's an older console, the Wii still has plenty of great games. [Mario Kart Wii] ( is a really fun one, and if you just buy the game (I never liked the wheel) it's pretty cheap. [Mario Party 8] ( is a MUST have, and is probably the best party game on the system. Huge replay value, and it's not too difficult for kids. [Super Mario Galaxy] ( is widely regarded as one of the best video games period. It's only 2 player, though, so it might not be best for your situation. [New Super Mario Bros. Wii] ( is a really fun game, and is great for co-op play. Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort are VERY good games, both very versatile. They're easy to pick up, and can be played alone or with friends. Most Wiis came with Wii Sports, so you can pick it up for really cheap. Wii Party I've found is pretty popular with kids, although it's not the best party game on the system. My younger sister loves Wii Play, but I don't see how it could appeal to kids. It has 9 minigames that are all pretty different, but they're not spectacular. Just Dance is a great game to get, but a lot of kids are sometimes too embarrassed to ever play it. The Lego games are GREAT, and even though they're only two player, I think they're way to fun to leave out. They're good for kids, adults, teens, whatever. My personal favorite is the Lego Star Wars Saga, but there are plenty of other Lego games if you don't like that one. Kirby's Epic Yarn could be fun for kids, because I know Kirby is a really popular character for the younger ones. I may be wrong, but I think (?) it supports co-op mode. For the older kids, Super Smash Bros Brawl is the absolute BEST choice. My local YMCA used to have a Wii and only Super Smash Bros Brawl, and it was all that the middle/high school aged kids used to play.

With a Wii, you can also play Gamecube games. Similar to the Wii, it has Mario Kart games, Mario Party games, and Super Smash Bros. You have to buy a Gamecube controller, though, obviously.

In terms of educational games, the only one I can think of that was major for the system is Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree. I personally had a lot of fun with it, and it's challenging for older kids while still being accessible for younger ones.

In terms of accessories, I suggest nunchuks and classic controllers. Nunchuks are required for a lot of games, and classic controllers can either be used as an alternate controller or to control Wii Shop games. The Wii Shop is where you can download old games, like the original Super Mario Bros. The classic controller is required to play those games. As I mentioned before, the Motion Plus is also helpful, and required for some games, like Wii Sports Resort. It's basically just an upgrade to the Wii that is attached to the bottom. If you buy Wii Fit (which I didn't suggest, since it's pretty much one player) you will need to buy a Balance Board.

With all of the games, you're probably going to be buying used, just because new Wii games are almost always very expensive. Used games for Wii can vary from expensive to cheap, and I can't imagine you'd come very close to $950 with everything I just mentioned. So with whatever you have left, visit a Gamestop, which have extensive Wii collections, and grab whatever game catches your eye. Games like Deca Sports and 30 Great Games are fun games that I own that went under the radar.

u/[deleted] · 6 pointsr/gaming

The original Playstation controller is the most innovative controller in recent history. It was essentially an upgraded SNES controller, notice the d-pad opposite four multi-purpose buttons. The triangle, circle, square, cross are just Sony's answer to Nintendo's A,B,X,Y.

But it was innovative for 2-3 reasons. One, it added handles for your hands. The NES and SNES controllers, while epic, aren't exactly the most comfortable things to hold.

Secondly, it added two more triggers and, later, two analog sticks.

Today, every console has its own brand of the PS1 controller. The 360 controller, while admittedly more comfortable than the PS3 controller, is identical in button layout, just switch the d-pad and left analog stick.

Even the Wii has its own version in the classic controller PRO.

tl;dr Cock Spider

u/AvoidingIowa · 6 pointsr/Games
u/BombTicker · 6 pointsr/smashbros

you can get an adapter online I believe mayflash makes one, also you can get the new white controller for like 36$ on amazon. Let me find you the links one sec... that is the controller and is the adapter. Also why the fuck does the url for that last link say B00BS lol its like someone is fucking with us! hahaha. But a tilt is just when you SLIGHTLY move your control stick up, down or forward and press A and you will do a tilt attack that is weak and is great for comboing/juggling for most characters. You can do it with your wiimote + nunchuck itll just be bad. Also play Project M as it has melee physics since if you have a wii U u probs wont be playing melee anytime soon so you can get good without having the game.

u/davidvkimball · 6 pointsr/smashbros

There is sort of a solution. Check out my video here.

Basically, there's an adapter (link to amazon here) that connects from your Wii Remote to your GameCube controller, and it essentially treats your GameCube controller like a Classic Controller.

More details are in the video. :)

u/billpika · 6 pointsr/smashbros

It's a convertor that recognizes the GC controller as a classic controller.

u/smurfslayer0 · 6 pointsr/patientgamers

The Mayfair sensor bar is the absolute easiest way to use Dolphin. It works as both a lightbar and as a bluetooth connection for your Wii remotes. It makes it very easy and straightforward to set up.

As far as Gamecube games on the Wii, they play exactly the same regardless of which console you use. I really don't notice any difference.

u/Apollo748 · 6 pointsr/Games

If you're using an emulated wiimote, you need nothing.

If you are using a real, physical wiimote, you will need a sensor bar and a bluetooth dongle.

Most of us recommend the Mayflash Dolphinbar as it combines both into one device.

Update that to the latest firmware to alleviate a burn out problem.

We also support official GC controller adapters (From nintendo) and can emulate those for the most accurate GC controller input (surprisingly enough, we get better analog stick input).

This is also effectively the same as the official GC adapter.

We also support pretty much any GC -> USB adapter as long as it gives some sort of controller interface, but for obvious reasons we try to recommend one or two.

u/NintendoGuy128 · 6 pointsr/wiiu

Why not just get one of these instead, in either Mario or Luigi editions?

u/KARNOVsSTACHE · 6 pointsr/casualnintendo

Made by PDP. Licensed by Nintendo.

Hori has a couple coming out next month licensed by Nintendo too. I think the Hori ones look better.

Hori Mario

Hori Luigi

u/mjh712 · 6 pointsr/pokemongo

here's a link to it

It's 25% off, which comes to $26.24

u/Nuit013 · 6 pointsr/TheSilphRoad

Lucky us in Canada, still available in TWO places!

u/josephgee · 5 pointsr/smashbros

You can use the mayflash Wiimote ➝ GCN adapter:

u/Sheeplette · 5 pointsr/AmiiboCanada

The deal has ended, but Tom and Mabel are still slightly discounted at 10$ each.
Tom Nook
Pokken Controller

u/punkonjunk · 5 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

This seems like a ridiculous cash grab to kickstart. If anyone else produces something similar (very easy) and publishes the model (also easy) then your pricepoint has to compete with very cheap printing services. Even if you are integrating a usb-C dock with passthrough you are looking at a parts cost of 20-ish if you have a good relationship with your supplier, 30 for the GCC dock if you are going OEM plus plastic costs, and labor costs to refine each print. Your design will offer power passthrough, but that will make people paranoid, as well. I am not saying this is a terrible idea, but I did the same thing a few months back in just a few hours - I actually considered an integrated USB-C to A dock with power passthrough, but even from alibaba I couldn't get a quote I was happy with. I didn't try for long - USB C to single A dongles are about a buck and work fine. This keeps the final costs waaaaaay down.

I am not saying you shouldn't do this - but with the hori multiport play stand (and hori is well trusted in the smash scene) already out you are going to have to target essentially that price point, which I think will be very difficult if you intend to print and retail these yourself, or with a small staff, to turn any reasonable profit.

My advice would be to look at a high quality snap-together design you can have injection molded. this will hugely increase your costs - 20-50K for molds depending on who and where you go with, but an actual dock+GCC adapter with passthrough charging would be a significantly more useful venture than "it's like the hori thing with the GCC stuck to the bottom" which I think will be very difficult to pull off successfully unless you somehow manage to beat a 70 dollar price point.

u/e39 · 5 pointsr/PokemonGoChi

You can try using the store finder functionality on Game Stop's product page.

Supplies are very limited, maybe 2 or 3 units per location. If you wanted to save the hassle and order online, coupon code "saver" will give you free 4-7 day shipping.

Amazon now has it.

u/EndVSGaming · 5 pointsr/smashbros

I haven't bought a GC, personally I would recommend a Wii. A lot, maybe even most, people playing Melee at tourneys are doing it with a Wii. You could buy them from a local store used, or off eBay or Amazon.

There is no emulation on Wii for GC, so everything will run correctly.

u/KyaDash · 5 pointsr/crtgaming

If your intention is just Melee, you should be able to find a half decent PC CRT monitor out there, in the 17-20'' range, so about a foot and a half to two feet wide, same rough dimensions tall, and about 2 feet or so deep. Pair this with a RVL-001 Wii(one with the Gamecube ports) and a cable such as this and you've got a high quality, lagless Melee playing station. All of that should very easily fit within a 2-3ft cube.

This setup wouldn't work for older consoles, but for anything that offers 480p VGA, or a way to convert from say, YPbPr Component(at the same resolution) to VGA, would work just fine.

u/Oditharge · 5 pointsr/3DS

I'd say the official Nintendo charger. I'd also consider looking into a USB charger. I bought that one a few weeks ago and it's been pretty convenient for me.

u/ToasterFaerie · 5 pointsr/3DS

Here's the cable I use: Pair it with any USB battery pack.

u/swancheez · 5 pointsr/gaming

While I agree, apparently its not as easy to get your hands on the Metroid trilogy anymore. New for around $130, and used for $65.

Looks like I actually might have made a profit on that purchase, if I ever decide to sell (which I won't) :P

u/dimmidice · 5 pointsr/nintendo

There are classic controllers for the wii though.

Price of this one is absurd but that may be because of how old the wii is.

u/Bronzdragon · 5 pointsr/CrappyDesign

It's not, it's a PS2 controller. I can see why you'd think it's a Wii Classic Pro controller, but the shoulder buttons on the Classic pro are rounded, whereas the PS2's are much squarer, like these are.

You can also see the telltale slopes along the vertical axis that the PS2 controller has on it's back side, the Classic pro has more of a wave/dip along the horizontal axis.

u/gameguy682 · 5 pointsr/wiiu

Do you mean you bought the Wii U Pro Controller? Those aren't compatible with Wii Mode. The Classic Controller, and the Classic Controller Pro are what the games are referring to.

u/CedarMadness · 5 pointsr/Games

Wii Classic Controller (or the Classic Controller Pro, which I haven't used, but it looks more comfortable.) with one of these adapters. It plugs the classic controller directly in to USB, so no wiimote, bluetooth, glovePIE, etc is required. It even supports 2 controllers at once so you can co-op some Battletoads without having 2 adapters.

u/Enkaybee · 5 pointsr/wiiu

Grip handles? There were two models of the classic controller: the Classic Controller and the Classic Controller Pro. Those grips aren't detachable.

u/AdamManHello · 5 pointsr/Xenoblade_Chronicles

There aren't any substantive difference in terms of game play or content. The 3DS version adds a few silly features like figure collecting and streetpass functions (which just provides tokens for the figure collecting thing), but I don't honestly think anyone used those features a lot. They're entirely separate from the game, and sort of just tacked on at the end.

The main differences are in terms of graphics, but I honestly didn't mind the 3DS version at all. I really like it. I sort of prefer the 3DS graphics in a way because of my expectations of the two mediums (handheld vs. home console). I have no problem playing a handheld game with graphics like Xenoblade 3D, because the game itself is impressive for a 3DS game in terms of world size and content. However, on a home console, Xenoblade graphics feel outdated by now, and I've found that Wii games have this weird "cloudy" look on modern HDTVs. It might look better connected to a CRT TV, or maybe if you used component cables, but I don't have either option, so I'm stuck with the cloudiness of Wii games.

Then there's price and availability. You can get typically get Xenoblade 3D anywhere from $30 - $35, and it'll almost always be available. For the Wii version, right now, your best bet is the International versions they're selling on Amazon if you're in the US. The region seems odd, but it's compatible with NA consoles. Once these run out, you'll be stuck looking on eBay for copies that are sold easily for $60 - $70+ until NoA gets Xenoblade Chronicles on the eShop, as it's currently available in EU and JP.

u/IAmAGayPenis · 5 pointsr/wiiu I have not purchased one yet myself but I've seen people post about them a few times on the subreddit and heard they work just fine!

u/midsummernightstoker · 5 pointsr/Games

There is an adapter that lets you use gamecube controllers with the Wii U. Still no BC for gamecube games though.

u/iRanch · 5 pointsr/smashbros

If the game allows for Wii Classic Controllers, you can use the GC to Classic adapter, otherwise everyone will use the new Pro Controller.

Some people have played Melee with the Wii U pro controller through homebrew and said it felt fine, so i'm not so worried.

u/EnduranceProtocol · 5 pointsr/nintendo

Unfortunately no. Wii games are played in the WiiU's Wii mode, which is basically Wii hardware. The Gamepad simply shuts.

You can use the Wii Classic Controller (Pro). There are 3rd party Wii to Gamecube controller adapters such as this one, if you're interested in that, although I can't vouch for any brand or if they're even reliable at all, as I've never experienced any.

u/John_Lawn · 5 pointsr/gaming

Well, there are these things. Assuming that SSB4 supports the classic controller from the wii (which I'm 90% sure they will), your problem is solved.

u/HeroOfLegend · 5 pointsr/smashbros

It works perfectly on the wii u. I ended up switching to the classic controller pro due to the lack of GC ports on the wii u. However you can get an adapter to use your GC remotes for it.

u/Salinisations · 5 pointsr/teaching

Everyone else so far have been suggesting alternative ways to go about this, but if you want to go with your original set up you need one more piece of a equipment.

You'll need a USB Wii bar which you can from Amazon. I like dolphins one which you can find here:

You'll need some sort of PowerPoint macro to show each winner and then you'll probably need to use Autohotkey to convert the input from your remotes into a signal for your macro.

If this sounds too much that's fine. If you'd like to know more let me know and I'll see if I can help.

u/Adantingtask · 5 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I bought the dolphin bar from mayflash. Was annoyed that I had to buy a third party adapter to get my wii mote working, but it is soooooo convenient!

EDIT: some more information

The Dolphin Bar by Mayflash. I bought it from Amazon but this link takes you to Mayflash's page.

Lastly, this is a hardware review on the Dolphin Emulator website that talks about it. I haven't had any issues with the bar. I love it! I can switch the mode with a press of a button and use it as a pointer to move the mouse cursor too, which is convenient if I want to switch to Netflix on the HTPC in the living room after dying one too many times in Skyward Sword.

u/chris247 · 5 pointsr/emulation
u/SlapingTheFist · 5 pointsr/Gamecube

Did you get one of the Hori Battle Pads? Those aren't actual GC controllers.

u/elouie82 · 5 pointsr/wiiu

Hey bud,

I, personally, find Shulk to be a tough character to learn. I think you'd benefit from trying out different characters; after all, it's always the same button combinations -- that's the beauty of smash.

Shulk is a slower character; I'd recommend learning with a medium speed character for all around damage and maneuverability. This game is about positioning and predicting the enemy; having a bulky character means you're constantly struggling with your own mobility rather than having time to think about positioning. Once you get a better understanding of the game, you would switch back to Shulk and have a deeper appreciation for his attack power.

Some good examples of medium-speed include Lucina, Mario, Zelda, Falco. They're really well rounded characters. My personal favorites in the game are Fox, Rosalina&Luma, Toon Link, Peach, Charizard, and Lucina; it goes to show that all weight-classes are viable and fun in their own regard. Since you already know the Counter ability, Lucina/Marth would be a decent place to start.

While some say it takes the joy out of it, the best way to get better is playing 1v1, no items, and a basic stage like Final Destination or Battlefield. It cuts out all the random things that happen.

Playing against a single computer and ramping up the difficulty is a good way to learn. You can mirror match, to see how a level 9 computer does certain moves/combos. Maybe you'll see them do something you don't already know, and you can try to mimic it, like "teching." From here, you can figure out which moves have a slower recovery (i.e. every time you use this one ability, you get hit... better not use that ability unless you know you can hit him with it). In time, playing against the same person/computer will improve your game.

As for controls, I know many friends that learned the Smash during Brawl, and play the game just fine using the Wii Remote and Nunchuck; in the end it's about personal preference and how you learned the game. Ideally, a GameCube controller has the perfect layout. To cut your expenses, you should be able to get ( for around $25 if you scope it out, which plugs into a Wii remote and is wired as a Classic Controller. If you don't, the GamePad layout is fine.

Finally, if 1v1, no-items, final destination just isn't fun for you, forget about it! Play to have fun, not to memorize combos. I spent 2-3 hours today with my brother learning Captain Falcon, laughing at trying to hit one-another with his side-air knee attack. Anytime I learned anything new about the character, he'd mimic it and vice versa until we just got better with the character as a whole.

u/Connor53 · 4 pointsr/smashbros

I believe you will want to get one of these.

u/Hudbus · 4 pointsr/nintendo

Take a look at this.

That's really the only way to get official GC controllers to work with all Wii U titles that support the Classic Controller.

The overhyped adapter only works with Smash Bros. for some (possibly marketing related) reason.

u/bpear · 4 pointsr/wiiu

If you don't want to use homebrew like someone else suggested (HID to VPAD) . Homebrew is super simple to setup btw, just put some files on your sd card and launch a web page on the wii u browser.


You could get this adapter it plugs into a wii remote and the wii u reads it as a classic controller. I don't know why it has such poor reviews. I have one and it works perfectly fine.

u/schmorgyborgy · 4 pointsr/wiiu

Because not everybody has a Game Cube and Wii, and it is sometimes easier to just have everything on one console. Also, you can use your game cube controller with this

u/Tiger_Millionaire · 4 pointsr/Games

I have one of these:
It works great! You plug it into a Wiimote and then plug a cube controller into it and you're golden. The only downside is you only get one port but it's whatever.
Edit: wrong link

u/codenamegamma · 4 pointsr/emulation

to piggyback of this idea. you could always get a Dolphin bar, the connect your wiimote then whatever you want to if you have a older pro controller this works really well, or even the ones that are snes replicas that plug into the wiimtoe will also work.

u/driscoll42 · 4 pointsr/Games

There is almost no reason to ever not use the latest dev version of Dolphin, Netplay being one of the few exceptions. For a specific game you should generally check the wiki, specifically in this case, the entry for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It is playable in Dolphin, however you have to have a Wii MothionPlus and connect it to your PC through the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack, the DolphinBar works well here to assist you.

u/raven575 · 4 pointsr/emulation

I tried using a wireless wii sensor bar and a bluetooth dongle, but that is not easy and you have to get very specific devices. For equal or less money you can get a DolphinBar from $20 I've spent on wii emulation stuff. This device just works. It's easy, just buy it.

u/derrick81787 · 4 pointsr/WiiHacks

If I were you, I would look into using the fight pad. It reports itself to the Wii as a classic controller pro and so should be compatible with all games that work with the classic controller pro, but it is shaped like a GameCube controller.

I've never used one because I have a white Wii that accepts actual GameCube controllers. However, this is what I would look into if I were in your situation. It is an officially licensed product, so it should be of pretty good quality I would think.

u/Freddy_Flamo · 4 pointsr/SSBM

Those things exist so I'm not really surprised.

u/DJBlueJay · 4 pointsr/smashbros

If you require a Gamecube controller soon, and do not already have an adapter, I highly recommend the HORI HORI Battle Pad Turbo. It includes a turbo function, ZL and ZR buttons, as well has a Home button and -/+ buttons. The triggers are different from the regular one, but they are still great. It feels the exact same to hold as a regular GCC. They instead hook up to a Wiimote, and are wireless through that. I almost never tell people to buy third party controllers, but for this scenario, I think they are very amazing for only $25.

They are not hard to find at retailers, but for online they appear to be the second best thing, so get them quick, they are running out fast.

(Also comes in Luigi Version)

u/TyranusCannabis · 4 pointsr/wiiu

Nope, they haven't and won't, such a terrible oversight, at least make Nintendo brand "classic controller" connectors for the GC:

u/DeSynthed · 4 pointsr/MarioKartWii

A couple of notes,
You don't need to buy a new Wii, you have a couple of options for using GC controllers on a family edition Wii:

  1. the smash GC adapter, if you're playing through CTGP, it has support for the GC adapter, which I believe works if you plug it in to the back of a standard Nintendo Wii (I can verify this if you want me to).
  2. Using this adapter which makes the GC controller act as a pro controller. I can personally vouch for this method as the latency is just as good as a pro controller, and this may be your cheapest option.

    To answer your actual question, it's preference, I personally find consistently hitting wheelies easier on the GC controller, so I use that.
u/scottk1969 · 4 pointsr/pokemongo

Adding this link as a comment.. it is direct to the Amazon listing where PRIME MIGHT pop up. It will show "PRIME" and be 34.99

Any other listing on Amazon is 3rd party, this is the official one where the "fulfilled by amazon" will appear. If it doesn't say fulfilled by amazon or isn't 34.99, just try again later.

u/FoxxyRin · 4 pointsr/3DS

You'd be best off getting a charger with 4 USB ports like this and four 3DS USB cables. If you want it to be a little more like one cable, plug all the USB cords into the charger, and then either use electrical tape or some kind of sleeving to group the cables into one nice bundle. I do something similar for my computer peripherals (which are in a hub, 6ft from my PC), and personally, I just wrapped a band of electrical tape around the cables every 6 inches. It looks slightly ghetto, but it gets the job done.

Note: You'll have to look around for better deals and stuff. I just took the top search results off Amazon to link what I was talking about. I didn't do any research on whether what I linked is good or not.

u/Evadrepus · 4 pointsr/3DS

I bought this one 2 years ago and use it at least weekly. Cheap, prime qualified, and works. All I could ask for. (Copying and pasting from Amazon app on mobile...apologies if Relay makes this look weird.)

Gen USB Charge Cable for Nintendo 3DS/DSI/DSIXL

u/Narshero · 4 pointsr/gaming

Except, as I responded elsewhere, it's a hundred bucks used, and at least $180 new.

u/AydenHa · 4 pointsr/patientgamers

For Skyward Sword the original Wii controller is mandatory, swordplay in that game follows your own movement like sideslash, slashing up etc. As for the rest of these games, get a Classic controller. And yeah, try to find Xenoblade Chronicles first ;) It's spectacular.

Other games I would suggest (playable with a Pro controller):

  • Monster Hunter

    You can get MH Tri on the Wii, but MH 3 Ultimate is a bit nicer to look at. Equally great though imo.

  • Smash Bros. Brawl

    Awesome game, also for the Wii. Great to play with your daughter, if she likes that kind of games.

  • Pandora's Tower
  • The Last Story

    Very nice RPG's, very story-driven.

    There are more of which I've heard good things like Tales of Syphonia, Arc Rise Fantasia and Muramasa, but I'm not in a position to recommend those cause I haven't played them :)

    As for the Wii U, there are only a few big games out at the moment but they're all pretty great (so I hear). A must buy (as was for me at least, alongside MH3U) is Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. Colorful, atmospheric, awesome overall.

    Edit: Of course I meant the Classic controller, not the Pro. Pro is for Wii U only. I have both and switched them up.
u/divampire · 4 pointsr/wiiu

The official Nintendo ones can be pretty costly. It seems to be going for over $40 on Amazon.

u/R3Dimac · 4 pointsr/wiiu

You're not confusing the Wii U's Pro Controller that only works with specified Wii U games with a Wii Classic Controller Pro that works with the Wii and some Wii U games, are you?

u/nerplicks · 4 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

that was just to browse the dev environment. they used a classic wii controller for that. perhaps it might be possible if there's ever homebrew, otherwise it's not officially supported from what we've heard.

u/hankydysplasia · 4 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I am not using a 1st party adapter.

Had that since 2014 and works great with Switch.

u/kukiric · 4 pointsr/pcmasterrace

That's because it wasn't published by Nintendo, which regularly under-produces games and they end up costing more after a few years. Seriously, this launched for $60 two years ago and there's no way to buy a digital copy.

u/voneahhh · 4 pointsr/Games

XenoBlade Chronicles

Less than $60 new and it'll get to you in two days.

u/TheScandanavia · 4 pointsr/smashbros
u/baystatejon · 4 pointsr/miniSNESmods

Or pick up some original NES used controllers on Ebay and the Mayflash adapter ( which also works with original SNES controllers. Full disclaimer: I have this adpater and used it with my NESC, but haven't tested it on my SNESC yet, so I can't say for certain that it works. You could also try the Hyperkin adapter

u/JohnnyGo · 4 pointsr/minines

I'm not a fan of the first or third party controllers so I got one of these so I could use my original NES and SNES controllers.

u/elshizzo · 3 pointsr/

Amazon has the system plus Wii Sports [a perfect game for your patient] for only $200

Though I understand, if you've got a lot of patients its a lot to do for each. Maybe you could start an online fund which redditors could help fund

u/NinjaCoachZ · 3 pointsr/smashbros

Ah, I see. If you had a GameCube, I would have recommended just getting a Wii U, but if you don't have that, then the Wii is worth it.

Try checking some of the used listings on Amazon here. There's one for $46 + shipping that seems to be a fairly complete package.

u/Kurros_ · 3 pointsr/wiiu

The game pad turns off when you switch to Wii mode.

You will need the Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuck to play the classic Wii games but, the classic Wii remote will work as well if you already own that. In addition, I'd also recommend grabbing a classic controller if you plan on playing Wii games like Super Smash Bros Brawl as the Wii U Pro Controller will not work.

There is an official forum list here of compatible external hard drives, but I haven't put much of a dent in mine yet so, you may want to hold off.

Typical file sizes for older SNES games seem to be in the 20-30 MB range.

u/RGB240P · 3 pointsr/crtgaming

>> Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe this means I'm limited to keeping one console at a time plugged in receiving RGB.

Looking at your 'Electrical Data' sheet, it appears that SCART inputs 'AV2' and 'AV3' both support RGB.

>> I've heard some people say you can get Component out of the Loewe Aventos 3781 ZW as well but I haven't actually been able to find the RGB RCA ports anywhere on the TV myself. Am I missing something?

I think they mean component (YUV;YPbPr) over SCART, not component over RCA. On your electrical data sheet, it lists 'YUV' as a possible signal type for SCART input AV3. To use component you'll need to purchase a component RCA to SCART passthrough adapter.

I don't see any information about the VGA port that is shown in the picture. One thing I would be curious about is if this monitor will accept 15khz signals over the VGA port. Not many VGA monitors do but since this monitor accepts 15khz over other inputs it might. If so you could have the Wii plugin to the VGA port and it should work in both 480i and 480p modes.

So if you're lucky you might be able to do something like this:

PS 2: Component Cable to Digital Set-top Box

Wii: RGBHV into VGA port

Nintendo 64: S-Video over SCART cable into AV1

Super Nintendo: RGBS over SCART cable into AV2

Digital Set-top Box: Component cable into AV3, using pass-through SCART adapter.

u/konch_one · 3 pointsr/crtgaming
u/tekdude · 3 pointsr/truegaming

Keep it and just buy the extras.

Adapters are fairly inexpensive at around $5-$6 shipped on Amazon.

I guarantee Majora's Mask 3D will be on sale again soon (Newegg had a promo that dropped it down to $33, since expired). It'll likely be Amazon or a department store like Target/Walmart but it will be on sale again, I'm sure.

Trust me. Keep it and you'll be happy you did. And if, for whatever reason, you decide you don't want it, I'm sure you can resell later at a similar value (if not higher). It's win win.

u/gothamprince · 3 pointsr/nintendo

I just picked these up awhile ago and they work great!
HDE® Usb Charge Cable For Nintendo 3Ds/Dsi/Xl

Anker® 2nd Gen Astro E4 13000mAh Portable Charger External Battery ...

u/raylinth · 3 pointsr/3DS

Simple game carrying case and USB charger are pretty sweet.

u/Lycandar · 3 pointsr/gaming

That's pretty crappy, we can get metroid prime here for £50 ($76) which is at least a bit better

u/whiterider1 · 3 pointsr/gaming

Metroid Prime Trilogy is only £20 here in the UK. Although it is out of stock right now at Game. Clicky

£49 on Amazon though and it's in stock. Clicky

u/kumquat_juice · 3 pointsr/gaming

This one, I believe? I actually got this edition when it first came out...for about 50 USD. I'm surprised it's so expensive now.

u/Vanir_Islanzadi · 3 pointsr/wiiu

1.) Neither, You need to use either Wiimote (normal or plus), Wiimote+Nunchuk, or Wii Classic Controller (or CCPro). I recommend the Wii Classic Controller Pro. However, you can use the Gamepad as a screen for your Wii games.

2.) Seeing as you haven't played a game since the Gamecube era, and having no idea of what type of games you enjoy except SSB, I can barely recommend games, but: Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Sonic: Lost World, The Wonderful 101, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, New Super Mario Bros. U (and Luigi U), maybe Lego City: Undercover or Zombi U, and eventually Mario Kart 8.

3.) Injustice is a good game, though I believe the Wii U version doesn't have all the DLC/doesn't have the 'Ultimate Edition). Black Ops 2 is good if you enjoy Call of Duty post Modern Warfare 4. Neither games are 'elite/hardcore' in their respective genres (Fighting/FPS).

4.) I'd recommend the Wii U Pro Controller for most Wii U games that support it. There are some good Virtual Console titles on the Wii U eshop, like Super Metroid, Super Mario World, Megaman X, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Earthbound for SNES, and more recently Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Metroid Fusion, and Kirby & the Amazing Mirror for GBA, with Golden Sun, Super Mario Bros. 3, and Yoshi's Island coming in the next week.

u/Damascius · 3 pointsr/gaming

You should look into emulating it and playing it with a controller.

The Wii classic pro controller is great for those purposes:

You'll need one of these to use it with a PC:

u/fudgepop01 · 3 pointsr/SSBPM

Nope! They're official. The [Classic Controller Pro] is basically classic controller 2.0 and was once produced by Nintendo.

You may be thinking of something like [This].

However, if I could find a CCP that plugs directly into the Wii console like a GCC, I would buy It in a heartbeat. o3o

u/Jeam778 · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Switch pro controller question:

I wasnt the biggest fan of the Wii u pro controller, it always felt a bit big for me. I could use it no problem, but I would much prefer use the Wii pro classic controller.

Image :

Do you think the switch pro controller will please me? Should I get it? Thanks

u/Kevinar · 3 pointsr/Xenoblade_Chronicles

I love the controls however I have never used the normal Wii controls. I'm not sure if any of you have ever used it but I've used the classic controller from the very beginning.

I personally love the classic controls but have no opinion on the normal wii remote controls. What do you guys think?

u/halfzackbraff · 3 pointsr/StreetFighter

You'll have to get a brooks converter as well if you want to use this.

u/Reynard_Austin · 3 pointsr/patientgamers

Dualshock 3 (With better DS3) is a good choice.

XBox One and XBox 360 Wired controllers work through USB with appropriate drivers straight from Microsoft.

This adapter with a Wii Classic Pro controller works well too (although Wii classics have gotten expensive.) Also works with this GC controller replica (and this one too.) Both of those are from reputable companies (Hori and PDP respectively.) There is a lot of demand for this stuff since Smash came out, so if this is your choice, I'd wait until after the holidays.

The XBox or DS3 controllers are better for modern games, but I absolutely stand by the Classic/Gamecube controllers for classic games and emulation.

u/Icystorm9 · 3 pointsr/wiiu

The GamePad comes with the console and you must have one. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. The Pro Controller is optional. In multiplatform games it's generally really helpful because it's more comfortable than the GamePad. So, for example, the game Darksiders: Warmastered Edition - The GamePad has no added functionality. The screen just shows what the TV shows. The Pro Controller works just as well. However in games like ZombiU, the GamePad is used for inventory management and other things. The GamePad is the way to go in that case. The Pro Controller is really good but not useful in every case. For playing Wii games, you will need a Wii Remote and Nunchuk. The Wii U Pro Controller will not work for Wii Games. However, the Wii has its own Pro Controller. It works for many games. You can buy it here. The list of Wii games that support the Pro Controller can be found here.. (The Wikipedia page says Classic Controller, but the Classic Controller and the Pro Controller are the same. The Pro Controller is a more comfortable version of the Classic Controller.)

u/dino0986 · 3 pointsr/emulation

How does your computer run dolphin? If you haven't tried to run anything yet then you should do that to make sure that your computer is up to snuff for gamecube emulation.

The controller you want to use is this one right? If it is, all you need to do is connect the wiimote to your computer using something like glovepie, and then plug in and set it up that way. I dont use a mac, but this program looks like it would work.

u/marioman63 · 3 pointsr/wiiu

yes. wii shop channel is fully functional on the wii mode. maybe you are unaware, but you can transfer any vc and wiiware titles from a wii console you may have. but if you mention buying a wiimote, then i would assume you dont have a wii.

just remeber a classic controller or a classic controller pro (NOT a pro controller) is needed to play n64 games in wii mode.

u/PinkTuxedo · 3 pointsr/smashbros

My down/up aren't nearly as high on the console as they are on every other device in my household, but they're more than adequate.

I've done a tiny bit of research, and from what I understand, up/down speeds aren't super important in online gaming; ping is. I've pinged my Wii U a few times, and it's always within acceptable gaming parameters, with 0% packet loss. I can't say as much for the people I'm matched up with, though, and that, I assume, is the reason for the input lag I experience.

I have no idea how matchmaking works in the game, but the logical assumption, it being 2014 and all, is that location is taken into account when choosing who to match with whom. If that is, indeed, the case, then I'm just really unlucky and keep getting matched against people with high ping.

This is clearly an issue with either the console or the game, as every other online game I play has zero input lag. Either way, it's out of my hands, as is, for now, my controller.

EDIT: Just ran a couple more tests. Had the same ping with and without the LAN adapter, and actually had double the down speed (same up) without the LAN adapter.

Lesson learned: Avoid this LAN adapter.

u/Helixium · 3 pointsr/wiiu

I live in Canada and I just bought this one a week ago for my new Wii U; it works perfectly. I have had no problems with it and it works right out of the box, plug-and-play. Made my connection much better for Smash Bros.

If this is the one you are referring to:

As long as it says it is specifically compatible with the Wii U, which it does (and so do the reviews), then you should be fine to get this one too. I can just personally vouch for the Plugable Technologies one.

u/MrSojiro · 3 pointsr/wiiu

This so much. I live in small town USA, which has very limited internet compared to a lot of the US (9mbps down/0.5mbps up), but use a LAN network adapter for my Wii U and rarely have issues during my matches in Splatoon or Smash 4 (the two Wii U games I primarily play online). It makes a very large difference, WiFi is no where near as reliable as a good old fashioned hard line for internet access. This is the LAN adapter I got (it was cheaper than the official stuff at the time) and have been really happy with it. Says its for the Wii, but will work with the Wii U just fine.

u/happysccm · 3 pointsr/nesclassicmods

Amazon has them new $59.99

Hoping it's legit - They were a limited release a while a go

u/Starman-Deluxe · 3 pointsr/wiiu
  1. The whole story relation thing is kind of blurry right now, since Los Angeles exists in X's story, but Chronicles didn't take place on Earth. If you want to learn the story, check out Chuggaaconroy's ongoing Let's Play. It'll explain the whole story.

    2)X is a sequel, as far as we know. There are certain things that are directly related, and some that are completely unrelated.

  2. Chronicles is great, but I would wait for it to be released on N3DS. Wii version goes for ~$100 on Amazon.

    4)I'd wager there'll be no amiibo support. Have fun!
u/seifer93 · 3 pointsr/patientgamers

You can buy it for $42 on Amazon. It's still expensive, but it's much better than the $90 people were charging a few years ago.

u/ducksofdeath · 3 pointsr/wiiu

Amazon has "world" version of Chronicles for $59 right now. It works with US Wii's and Wii U's. I picked it up for $52 a few months ago and it was definitely worth it.

u/Hoklidays · 3 pointsr/nintendo

Amazon has it for $40 brand new. I got my copy from them and it works with my US Wii U.

u/alsm2090 · 3 pointsr/nintendo

Probably not with the wiimote. If you're looking to use your NES controller you might still have lying around the house, there's this adapter from Mayflash if you want to test it out if it'll work with the mini NES.

u/cupknifespoon · 3 pointsr/MarioMaker

There is already a mayflash adapator that works with the actual controllers and the wii u..

(Edit - reading the negative reviews, on the link it seems to not work well with NES controllers )

I think the console will be a good thing to keep people interested in classic mario and mario maker . They priced it high, so I think it is only going to be a limited run and expect it will be collectable .

u/LocalAmazonBot · 3 pointsr/wiiu

Here are some links for the product in the above comment for different countries:

Amazon Smile Link: This adapter


This bot is currently in testing so let me know what you think by voting (or commenting). The thread for feature requests can be found here.

u/Navolas2 · 3 pointsr/smashbros

"a converter"

I'm assuming you mean this, the Mayflash Adapter. From what I've heard it works great. It just maps the Gamecube controller as though it was a Classic Controller.

u/Randomwaffle23 · 3 pointsr/smashbros

If you want, you can pick up one of these adapters for $15. It lets you use your GC controller as a classic controller.

u/SteroidSandwich · 3 pointsr/gaming

I brought this up before... Over 30 redditors sent me a link to this

u/Ligless · 3 pointsr/gaming
u/tafovov · 3 pointsr/smashbros

You could try one of these.

It lets you plug the GC controller into a wiimote like a classic controller, so it will work for any game with classic controller support, like brawl.

u/theblamergamer · 3 pointsr/Games

This may solve the problem.

u/DJWhyYou · 3 pointsr/gaming

You can buy adapters that plug into your WiiMote for your GCN controllers.
I'm not sure if that exact one will be compatible with SSBU, but it is compatible with Brawl when played on WiiU. There are more out there now than will be compatible with SSBU.

u/Kajean · 3 pointsr/gaming

Apparently this is a thing. So just keep using GC controller I guess.

u/RastaSauce · 3 pointsr/smashbros

There is, but only with an wiimote and adapter for each GC controller.

u/nthny · 3 pointsr/nintendo

There are a number of solutions that involve plugging the controller into the Wii Remote so that the Wii U will read them as a Classic Controller.

For GameCube, you've got a couple of options. You can go with this adapter, which lets you use your existing GameCube controller. There's also this controller from Hori, which is an actual Classic Controller in the exact shape of the GameCube controller. I have both, and they both work well, but I prefer the Hori controller.

For N64, there's this adapter. It's the same idea as the GameCube adapter linked above. I haven't used this one myself, so I can't tell you from experience how well it works.

Because all of these options register as Classic Controllers, they have the advantage of being compatible with any Wii or Wii U game that uses it, which is very many of them. For N64 games on the Wii U Virtual Console, you'll be able to adjust the button mapping in the options menu to make sure everything plays just the way you remember it.

I hope this is helpful. Enjoy your Wii U, and welcome to the club!

u/Gammapod · 3 pointsr/wiiu

There's only one game in Nintendo Land that requires a Nunchuk, but it's one of the most fun (it's the Metroid one). The rest only need Wii Remotes (be sure you buy ones with MotionPlus, though, as the Zelda game requires it).

For Brawl, you can use either a Wii Remote, Wii Remote + Nunchuk (my personal favorite), Wii Remote + Classic Controller, or a Gamecube controller. There are no Gamecube controller ports on the Wii U, though, so you'd have to use an adapter.

Mario Kart Wii can be controlled with a Wii Remote, Wii Remote + Nunchuk, or Wii Remote + Classic Controller. I wouldn't recommend buying any Classic Controllers unless you plan to play a lot of Wii games. The newer Pro Controllers are better, but are incompatible with Wii games.

edit: Linked to a gamecube adapter.

u/ArmyDude956 · 3 pointsr/smashbros

Get this third party adapter, I have it and it works perfectly.

It makes it register as a Classic Controller in the game, so the game would have to support Classic Controllers for it to work.

u/lorderk · 3 pointsr/SSBPM

There is a WiiU in the breakroom at my work, we use 4 of These to play Brawl, and Brawl Minus

u/PJRobinson · 3 pointsr/smashbros

[You could always buy third party adapters] ( They plug into the wiimote and trick the console into thinking you're using a classic controller

u/Zesso · 3 pointsr/smashbros
u/tacoyum6 · 3 pointsr/SSBPM

Mayflash Nintendo GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii/Wii U by Mayflash

I've been using this for the past couple months, works great

u/ScorchRaserik · 3 pointsr/wiiu

It plugs into the Wiimote and treats the GC controller like a Classic Controller.

u/Oshtoby · 3 pointsr/SSBPM

Project M on the Wii U will only support Wiimote, Wiimote and Nunchuk, Wii Classic Controller, and Wii Classic Controller Pro. It will NOT support the Wii U Pro controller, the Wii U Gamepad or the 4 port Gamecube Adapter that plugs directly into the Wii U's USB port.

Now, what you CAN do to play with a Gamecube controller is buy a Gamecube Controller to Wii Classic Controller converter. There are only two that I know of. They are these two links:

These will make your Gamecube controller plug into the bottom of your Wiimote and make it act like a Wii Classic Controller with all the functionality of a Gamecube Controller.

u/Bill_H_Cosby · 3 pointsr/smashbros
u/Neversoft · 3 pointsr/wiiu

You can get GCN to Wii Remote adapters (gives you a GCN connector on the Wii Remote and even works with the Wavebird) and I think they're programmable so you can map the buttons how you like. So hopefully, a dedicated Fightstick shouldn't be necessary for those of you who prefer the GCN controller... Personally I'm shit at Smash Bros regardless of the controller :D

Here you go

u/ZombieHousefly · 3 pointsr/wiiu

>except GameCube controllers

There are adapters that convert Gamecube controllers to classic controllers though.

edit: There is a lie on that product page - it is not compatible with all games supported by the Wii U Pro Controller.

u/rageaholic55 · 3 pointsr/smashbros

You can use a Gamecube Controller. Nintendo does have a problem with not patching/updating games. I hope, now that they're finally doing DLC, that maybe they've changed their tune on that (Probably not though).

u/ahockeyjock · 3 pointsr/cade

You can get a DolphinBar on Amazon for $20; it lets you use a USB Wii Bar modified to work on computer. It lets you use up to 4 Wiimote controllers. You can remove the Nunchuk and use Wii gun controllers and easily use Wii rifles too I guess. Here's some cheap ones:

All can be used with regular WiiMote using this Dolphinbar:

u/master0fdisaster1 · 3 pointsr/DolphinEmulator
  1. Mostly No. But you need a Bluetooth dongle
    The only thing the sensor bar is used for is the pointer. All that the wii sensor bar is are a couple of infra red LEDs that you can replace with 2 candles. You will need a Bluetooth Adapter to connect the wiimote to your PC. A bluetooth-dongle/sensorbar in one for Dolphin specifically is also a thing. Here's a blog post about it from the Dolphin Developers

  2. Yes. Although 3rd party controllers/peripherals are not guaranteed to work (usually they do though)

  3. Nothing in Gameplay but the stability of the connection, range and audio quality (of the wiiimote speakers) can vary depending on the bluetooth dongle you use.

    You also might want to know about Bluetooth passthrough which gives you some major advatages over default bluetooth drivers, which can be a hassle to set up. Here's a guide
u/IdeaPowered · 3 pointsr/patientgamers

You get a dolphin bar and you are set to go with a Wiimote :]

u/Shaggy_One · 3 pointsr/patientgamers

Yeah they're pretty sweet. I bought one and didn't know it was till I opened it. This is the one I bought.

u/iCeCoCaCoLa64tv · 3 pointsr/CloneHero

You actually can use a Wii guitar on PC using a program called GlovePIE, if you manage to connect it (which I recommend doing with this). Just do some Googling.

But if you want an Xbox guitar, you can either get an Xplorer, which is wired, or a Les Paul, which is wireless so you'll need a 360 receiver.

u/Kered13 · 3 pointsr/Games

Mayflash sells a Dolphin bar for use with PCs.

u/KingdaToro · 3 pointsr/emulation

> But for a lot of Wii games you're just gonna have to bite the bullet and buy a Wiimote and a Bluetooth dongle.

This is much better and works with the Wii Remote Plus. It's a USB sensor bar with Bluetooth built in.

u/Niglurion · 3 pointsr/emulation

No need a Bluetooth dongle, just the dolphin bar. It's plug and play, no driver needed, and native in Dolphin. Don't bother yourself with a dongle. ;) you can read a review on it on dolphin blog if you want.
Amazon link:

u/UltimateD0ge · 3 pointsr/wiiu

You would need a classic controller to play them. Unfortunately, the only game that the GCN controller is compatible with is SSB4. But if you want a GameCube styled classic controller then you could get one of these

u/Sandfall · 3 pointsr/smashbros

The Mayflash adapters lag a little too much for my tastes (it's slight, but noticeable)
Personally, I'd just go with this option if you can't find an adapter:

u/jwlacy · 3 pointsr/wiiu

I think it will be hit and miss since Nintendo no longer has them in production. PDP may be a route, but also take a look at the HORI Battlepad as well.

u/ParusiMizuhashi · 3 pointsr/Games

Those PDP controllers are horrible. I couldn't recommend AGAINST them more. Hori's version on the other hand, is very good.

u/angie0924 · 3 pointsr/wiiu

You're talking about these right? That's cool! so they are confirmed to work with N64 games in Wii Mode?

u/Sassafrass238 · 3 pointsr/smashbros

Here you go:

It registers as a classic controller, but has the layout of a gamecube controller, so it can be used with a lot more games than the gamecube adaptor.

u/PanicOnFunkotron · 3 pointsr/wiiu

I've got one of these coming with my copy. It plugs into the wii remote like a classic controller. Actually works as one on other games, too, which beats the compatibility of the adapter. Plus, if I wind up at a friend's house who doesn't have an adapter, I can still play on a GC controller.

u/ngs428 · 3 pointsr/WiiHacks

You can’t use that usb to plug in controllers.

If your Wii does not have GC controller ports you will have to see if you can find a GC to wiimote adapter.

I have never tried the item at the above link. Just an example.

u/Ninja_looter_Deluxe · 3 pointsr/smashbros

Well in that case you're looking for the PM3.6dev packet, or one of the external fan mods of project M like legacy xp.

Or something like project M infinity.

Installation of hackless Wii mods on a Wii u works basically the same as installing it on a original wii. All that's required is a 6gb(depending on the modpack) sd card.

However be warned, gamecube controllers do not work in this scenario, and if you want you to use one you'll need to buy a wiimote to gcc converter such as
Mayflash GameCube Controller
Adapter for Wii & Wii U (Dual Pack), White

Or a gcc that plugs into a wiimote

Another warning: The characters mentioned above are not cut characters, and therefore are in the game via isp mods, not through salvaging data found on disk. Therefore these characters are of a significantly lower quality then the ones found in the base roster, just a warning.

Installing PM into a wii is little more then putting the correct files on the sd card and loading into your wii and running the boot loader.

For PM specifically, all you need to do is load up the stage builder menu and the boot loader will auto run.

u/TheWalrusIsChad · 3 pointsr/wiiu

No, but these work. They plug into your Wii Remote and make the system think your GameCube controllers are Classic controllers. No rumble, but everything else works fine.

If you look you can usually find them on eBay for about $17 a pair. Also good if you have a lot of N64 games on the Wii U you want to play.

u/GAGMR7 · 3 pointsr/wiiu

You could get an 8bitdo controller & wireless receiver. It would be cheaper than getting a classic or classic pro controller. Dunno how good they are tho.

If you do get an adapter, mayflash is the best choice. They make quality products from what I've seen & heard. I bought 2 of their products so far & both work perfectly

u/TheHerosBane · 3 pointsr/WiiHacks

Personally what I have done is use this mayflash adapter that’s plugs into the wiimote, (link below) through Nintendont, it reads it like a classic controller but I’m pretty sure all the buttons line up.

u/juicyjames · 3 pointsr/wiiu

I have these adapters myself which do work with motion plus:

u/KareemMyJeans · 3 pointsr/gamecollecting
u/Lord_Burrito666 · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I don't have an arcade stick for the Switch, BUT... I've hard the Hori Mini arcade stick gets uncomfortable for those with big hands and it's less stable during use, slipping and sliding, than the RAPV one. I'd recommend saving up for the RAPV one if you're interested in a quality stick. The only downside is you can only use these sticks in docked mode, UNLESS you buy this:

I have no first hand knowledge of how the playstand stands up but it does have really good reviews on Amazon:

u/nathantheprofit · 3 pointsr/smashbros

The PG adapters aren’t available yet, but the Hori Multiport USB Playstand is a great option if you already own a GameCube adapter (or you could just buy a USB Type A to Type C adapter)

u/suitupalex · 3 pointsr/smashbros

HORI Nintendo Switch Stand:

Had it for a couple weeks now to play DBFZ with my stick without a TV. Only downside is apparently it's slow charging compared to the full dock.

u/TemptedTemplar · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

There is a portable playstand with two usb ports.

there is also a wireless adapter for OG gamecube controllers.

And there are straight up wireless gamecube pro controllers.

If you meant "portable dock that i can take over to friends house", then no. No third party dock option is totally safe for use. Youre better off just taking the normal dock.

u/CustomFighter2 · 3 pointsr/smashbros

Here is the Amazon link if you didn't already find it.

u/Climax0 · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Simple just either get a USB C adapter like [this one for ex.] ( (Doesn't have to be specifically this obv, any USB C adapter should be fine).

You could also use this USB Hub charging stand from Hori.

Both solutions will work for any USB devices that can be used on the Switch including the GC adapter.

u/rubias84 · 3 pointsr/pokemongo
u/Charak-V · 3 pointsr/AmiiboCanada

They aren't that hard to come by anymore, these have been up for two weeks, mostly because half their playerbase have dropped the game now.

u/lbabinz · 3 pointsr/AmiiboCanada
u/ReneOv · 2 pointsr/wiiu

The reply below is misleading, and in fact those controllers do exist and are official Nintendo products. They function as Classic Controllers. Here are some Amazon links:

Hori Battle Pad (I personally like this one better.)

PDP Fight Pad

u/billybobiswatching · 2 pointsr/wii

I believe the Wii Family Edition isn't compatible with GCN controllers. For a Wii that has GCN compatibility the Wii would have ports on the top of the console (along with 2 memory card slots) you just have to open up the top. The best I can suggest you to do is to get another Wii Remote on a site like eBay (around the 10 dollar price range for an official one) and a PDP Fight Pad or a Hori Battle Pad (which are basically Classic Controllers that are like Nintendo GameCube controllers, you plug them up to the Wii Remote like the Nun-Chuck or a regular Wii Classic Controller.)

u/auraofjason · 2 pointsr/smashbros

Hori makes one that is actually highly reviewed and praised, unlike this PDP one that gets bad reviews.

u/_stevenjus_ · 2 pointsr/Gamecube

I was thinking about getting that and this Mayflash GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii & Wii U (Dual Pack), White

u/REVENAUT13 · 2 pointsr/smashbros

I have a GCN to Wii Classic Controller Adapter and I used it so I could play Project M when I had a Wii U and not a Wii. It also is a good way to make your gcn controller wireless and useable on the home screen. Check the amazon link below:

u/Shnazzyone · 2 pointsr/wiiu
u/beaujade · 2 pointsr/wiiu

Mayflash GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii & Wii U (Dual Pack), White

This will convert GC to Wii nub to act like Classic Controller

u/sceptios · 2 pointsr/WiiUHacks

Currently there isn't. I believe there are people working on getting the GC adapter working in Mario Kart and Smash, so maybe there will be a way for other Wii games in the future.

Your best bet right now is to buy a Wiimote adapter to use your GC controller like a classic controller. This is the adapter I use:

u/pixlraptor · 2 pointsr/PokkenGame

There is an entire single player campaign which can last you a good few hours (if you rush through it). And there is also modes which let you play locally and with CPU offline. There is also offline training which includes combo training. The game supports Wii U Gamepad, the Pro Controller, and theres a special controller which only works on Pokken: link here. I'd say the game is definitely worth the money, despite not being able to play online. Sorry about your parents though, hope things work out for you soon! :)

u/vagrantwade · 2 pointsr/PokkenGame

> I tried to reserve one that the hori pokken controllers REQUIRED for local multiplayer

What? You don't need the pokken gamepad for local multiplayer.

And you can just buy it right now on Amazon

u/DeinonychusL · 2 pointsr/PokkenGame

You might wanna say specifically what area you're talking about in the title. I know for a fact that Amazon UK is currently sold out of the Pokken controllers and there seems to be no where else in the UK to preorder it, which is a shame... Evidence

Also just a warning, the UK Amazon said the same thing up until the release date. Then a bunch of emails go out saying 'sorry we've gotta wait on the supplier for another estimate' or something. So you may not get anything out of Amazon US either.

u/Jonarobin · 2 pointsr/PokkenGame You can still order it (On U.S. Amazon) they're just waiting for more stock I think. See how it says as the seller and it's 25$? It's just the scalpers are showing priority on the main part of the page for some reason.

u/smokeyjoey8 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch


plus a Joy-Con charging grip or one of those little Joy-Con charging stands.

u/snakecorp · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Do you know how USB charging stands like the Hori Multiport USB Playstand with no video output would affect the Switch? Is it safe to use?

It has an extra USB port (compared to the Nintendo dock) so I wonder when 4 devices are plugged in, would that would draw too much power? Or would it go through the stand and not the Switch itself? Maybe I should've paid more attention in my Intro to Circuits course...

u/whatifwewereburritos · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch
u/Cryptosporidium_ · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Hey guys so with smash coming out it got me thinking about a portable setup. I have one of the hori playstands and love it and was thinking of getting a usb c to usb a adapter to plug a gamecube adapter into it in tabletop. Then I found a new hori playstand that has 2 usb ports and a charging passthrough.

I don't want to spend more on a new playstand and i like the height that i get from the one i have and started to search for a dongle that does the same thing. I found this that essentially does the same thing (usb a ports and a charging passthrough) and was wondering if it would work and not damage the switch. Understanding that switches have bricked in the past from using third party products through the usb c port would this be safe to use.

TL;DR I want to play smash in handheld and want to know if this dongle (no hdmi) would damage my switch

u/TechSupportFTW · 2 pointsr/SwitchHacks

Found an answer to my own question. This product is 100% what I need. I can break it open and redesign the stand so that it cradles the hard drive.


u/binaryclash · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

It's totally worth it for a tabletop mode. I mostly play Switch on tabletop mode.

HORI playstand

u/PathAdder · 2 pointsr/smashbros

This Hori dock has a usb-c port for charging and 4 USB ports. So if you really wanted to, you could charge your switch in tabletop mode while playing 8-player smash with two adapters plugged in (along with 8 gc controllers), and you wouldn’t even have to sacrifice rumble.

u/0cci · 2 pointsr/smashbros

HORI USB Switch stand

This does not have the GCC-Adapter integrated, but it costs like half of the PG adapter. You can also charge your Switch through it and it has 4 USB ports. The only downside is, that you can't plug this stand directly into a tv, as it has no HDMI output. Most people have a GCC adapter anyway, so this one is a really good option and I already use one. Hope this helps.

u/qwertylerqw · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Something like this would be what you want

u/Geteos · 2 pointsr/PokemonGOToronto

I managed to snag one off on Monday for $44.99 with free prime shipping.

Still in Stock

u/pelicanflip · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

Except that preorders have already sold out via Amazon and Gamestop.

u/Maie13 · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

What? Pokemon Go Plus? Yeah, it's the little vibrating accessory. It's available for preorder but is currently sold out at many retailers. It's due to release later this month.

u/tachycardicIVu · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

It allows you to catch pokemon without opening the app. It's a bracelet with a plastic device on top with a button that links to your game.

u/kelderan · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

Wouldn't hurt to get an external battery since the game can suck it down pretty fast. Other than that, be smart. Bring water and shade. The Pokemon Go+ comes out later this month.

u/TazzM90 · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus - Not Machine Specific

Amazon has preorder option

u/JizzyTshirt · 2 pointsr/TheSilphRoad

hey whats the difference between these go plus's?

u/throwd_away8675309 · 2 pointsr/TheSilphRoad

They have them on Amazon too. Doubly good for Prime members.


u/Eddi8 · 2 pointsr/PokemonGOToronto

If you want to level up faster without having to do much work, you can invest in a Go Plus. You'd be able to drive and Go Plus at the same time if you drive slow enough.

A number of other retails including ebgames, toyrus, walmart sells them too.

u/Arovien · 2 pointsr/GooglePixel
u/Pudinx · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

Description in Amazon

A Bluetooth device that notifies you when an opportunity is near and with a button to trigger certain actions without needing to get your phone out.

Not necessary for playing the game, it's just a Plus

u/TheFirstRecordKeeper · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

They are available for preorder maybe I haven't checked in a week. Amazon definitely will have them and another place I think best buy? 100% certain on the amazon though and they will be going for $34.99. Only thing you'd have to do is press the button when a pokemon shows up and press it again to have it throw the ball for him. Is he totally paralyzed or does he have some kind of function in any of his fingers? If so the watch would be an amazing investment is he's adamant about wanting to play.

Edit : here's the amazon link if you're interested

u/projectwaveform · 2 pointsr/pokemongo
u/tentaclefish · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

4th picture on the Amazon page shows you can clip it onto a pocket

u/CacheAwayAB · 2 pointsr/pokemongoyeg

Looks like Amazon has the GO+ listed now for pre-order based on US pricing

u/Buzzfa · 2 pointsr/TheSilphRoad

In stock on Amazon but act quickly. Saturday delivery available too.

u/bloodypython · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

Sorry to hear that. Walmart had sold out by this morning but I found that Amazon has them in stock. Unsure if amazon works where you live but heres the link just in case:

Good luck!

u/kyron54 · 2 pointsr/TheSilphRoad

Where I got mine. It ships rather quickly. Hope that helps.

u/chimpfunkz · 2 pointsr/UIUC

Why not just get one off amazon? It might take a bit longer, but there isn't any hassle and you are backed by amazon.

u/WoobidyWoo · 2 pointsr/gaming

If you've got the cables and controllers and everything, someone's selling a console on its own for less than $40 on Amazon. Sounds like some superficial damage, but if you want a cheap working console, might be worth a try?

u/GamePriceBot · 2 pointsr/multiplayers

Hello! I am a bot designed to help you find prices for games on some popular sites.
I'm in super beta, so expect bugs.

Searching prices for: Smash Bros

u/unerds · 2 pointsr/nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Brawl! - the Subspace Emissary mode is an awesome platform-ish adventure campaign.

u/VidyaDiscourse · 2 pointsr/patientgamers

Currently flipping through Amazon, Brawl is $29, Mario Kart Wii is $39, Galaxy is $44, Skyward Sword is $40, Wii Sports Resort is $34... where are you buying your games? I mean, yeah, they aren't a hard $60 anymore, but these games are old. All of these should be well under $20 by now.

u/adragonisnoslave · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I am not good at fighting. So:

I'm going to get incredibly drunk and make a ton of margaritas and put them in these glasses and have plenty to spare. I will don a swimsuit or a low-cut shirt and this lipstick, and invite the soldiers over to drink margaritas and play Brawl.

Yeah, I'm dead. Oh well. You'll never take our FREEDOM!


u/poopstixPS2 · 2 pointsr/SSBM

CRT monitors are actually great for console use. If you have a Wii, get one of these bad boys to connect it to your console without any conversion/lag (assuming the CRT monitor has a VGA port). Nothing looks better than progressive scan Melee on a CRT monitor. It's buttery smooth.

Note: for audio you will need to plug those white/red coax cables into a portable speaker of some kind, since CRT monitors generally don't have speakers. For a 1/8" jack, you could use this.

u/NorthernDen · 2 pointsr/nintendo

Better to pick up something like this. However you may need to plug it into an analog signal at the same time once, to get the video to switch over.

u/hasnopants · 2 pointsr/wii

It looks like you can get a VGA cable for the Wii here, made by hyperkin. I don't know if it is an added benefit to you that it has PS3 connectivity too but it seems like that would get the job done for you. 480 progressive would be the highest resolution for your Wii.

u/thethor1231 · 2 pointsr/3DS

a quick google search turned this up

u/jakpuch · 2 pointsr/3DS

You need either a US 110v 3ds charger or you could buy a usb to 3ds cable to use in any country.

u/StillUsesWindowsXP · 2 pointsr/3DS

BTW one of my favorite accessories for the 3DS is a USB charger if you can get one. Don't have to lug around the extra charger if you already carry around a USB charger, and obviously you can charge it from any powered USB port (like a computer). This is an example.

u/elementalcode · 2 pointsr/3dshacks

possible? maybe yes.

a good idea? not quite. Just find yourself a charger to usb cable on the webz.

u/Xylobe · 2 pointsr/3DS

I would guess he means something like this.

u/PettaFile · 2 pointsr/preppers

Yea the Kindle has a rather tough screen and with tons of capacity. Coupled with the insane battery life and ease of charging it's really a no brainer. On sale they can go for like 50 bucks and everyone in the family gets books they like along with the essentials young ones won't really care about....but redundancy...

On the subject we have an Anker PowerPort 21w Solar Charger and Anker PowerCore 20100. These two items will charge the Kindle (paper white and fire variety), Nintendo DS, Galaxy 7 Edge, tablets etc. The PowerCore will charge the Galaxy 7 almost 6 times before needing recharged.

u/BlindWolf8 · 2 pointsr/3DS

Anything by NewTrent (their products are also over on Amazon) and this cable. Been using this stuff for awhile and it works out great!

Edit: Links should work. AFAIK I didn't post an affiliate link.

u/Gr8NonSequitur · 2 pointsr/gaming

> Some soft-ass Millennials are gonna get arthritis for Christmas.

Fortunately they used the same plugs as the [Wii Classic controller] ( or Wii Classic controller Pro so you can use that instead of gouging your hands.

u/Rasii · 2 pointsr/SSBPM

I usually just play on my Wii U, but I bought an adapter for the wii classic pro controller, it's my favorite controller for all my games.

This is the adapter I bought

Most other people prefer the gamecube controller for smash though. See /u/baldbutt 's comment for that though c:

u/maximumzero · 2 pointsr/wiiu

Keep in mind that everything lacking a "Wii" logo in the top center of the controller is a knockoff and is probably garbage.

If you want a Classic Controller, you want to buy one of these two:



u/montrayjak · 2 pointsr/nintendo

They're just referring to these:

Classic Controller

Classic Controller Pro

They're just controllers made for the Wii's Virtual Console, but they plugged into the Wii remote itself to make it wireless.

u/Edmang · 2 pointsr/smashbros

The ones that plug into the wiimotes are called wii classic controller pro. The ones that are wireless/usb are pro controllers

u/duswatts · 2 pointsr/emulation

I use this & this for all my gaming needs, both retro and non....

...and the only issue i've ever had with it is that the driver can cause a BSOD if you constantly plug and unplug the device. Also, you have to have the controller plugged in before you plug in the device itself...

...maybe that's just issues with this device, but it's something to keep in mind...

u/smasher32 · 2 pointsr/Games

Most people probably won't agree (or didn't even know it was possible), but Wii Classic Controller/Classic Controller Pro with the Mayflash converter is another option. If you get the Classic Controller Pro with Mayflash, it actually comes out a little cheaper than the 360 controller.

That being said, there are some conversion issues which require some other programs to work with. Still, it's a nice controller.

u/Tasgall · 2 pointsr/smashbros

> Is there a good controller with the layout of a pro but the joystick of a GC?

The Wii Classic Pro controller is the best controller design ever IMO. It has GC joysticks on the bottom, a good D-pad, and the face buttons feel great.

Unfortunately, it's one of the ones that awkwardly plugs into the Wii remote. If it was a standalone like the Wii U Pro controller it would be amazing.

u/compacta_d · 2 pointsr/NintendoNX

what was said about being interpreted literally, but for the shape as well.

What I think a more realistic version of this would look like is a cell phone, in the shape of a classic controller pro, with 2 thumb pads similar to the 3ds's. I personally think it's an awesome idea.

Add these together then put the zelda pic on it.:

u/RangersCrusader · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I would argue Nintendo made an even better controller than the gamecube that gets overlooked far too often.

Wii Classic Controller Pro

u/field_retro · 2 pointsr/Xenoblade_Chronicles

I played XBC1 on the Wii using one of these controllers. It was a pleasant experience.

Buying XBC1 on the WiiU eShop and playing it with the GamePad would be a less expensive option.

u/floflo81 · 2 pointsr/wiiu

Nope it's a bit more complex than that.

List of "Classic" controllers:

u/OZONE_TempuS · 2 pointsr/zelda
u/Schamballa · 2 pointsr/gaming

well, it's not COMPLETELY nonmotion but this is as close as I think you'll get.

EDIT: there are some things you cannot do with this remote (like browse wii store, message boards etc) and I really shouldn't have mentioned it not having 'all the facts' I just know it's worked for me and it might work for you.

u/Rahlii · 2 pointsr/smashbros

why does everyone always forget this has existed since Brawl and is a pretty damn good controller too

u/natergonnanate · 2 pointsr/wiiu

Make sure you have both a wiimote AND a Wii Classic Controller (this or this)

  1. go in Wii Mode
  2. go on the VC shop
  3. Find/Buy/Download TLoZ MM

    You're Welcome
u/Fenix_Phox · 2 pointsr/gaming

You do realise you can get an actual controller got the Wii right?

u/wigglethebutt · 2 pointsr/splatoon

I caved and bought an ethernet cable and LAN adaptor for the Spongebob v Patrick Splatfest. Best $28.47 I've ever spent! I get additional value from it since I love playing MK8 online.

u/LiteTheIronMan · 2 pointsr/wiiu

the Wii LAN Adapter and similar third-party USB peripherals are compatible with the Wii U. it's a USB LAN adapter with an Ethernet port. you plug the Ethernet cable into the adapter, plug the Adapter into the Wii U, plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into your router/modem/etc., set up Wired Connections on your Wii U options, and if everything works you should be good to go.

this is what I own. I don't know where to find a first-party version. here's a cheaper alternative but I can't speak for its reliability.

u/yourwifeandkids · 2 pointsr/smashbros

Not sure there's that much variety. This ( is the best selling highest rated one on amazon, but I'm pretty sure this is the one officially endorsed by Nintendo (

I doubt you could go wrong wither way, they both seem pretty solid.

u/FSSimon · 2 pointsr/StreetFighter
u/DrWeeGee · 2 pointsr/smashbros

This is what I did to ensure excellent online experience

  1. Check that your TV has GAME MODE "on"

  2. Use a WiiU Lan Adapter

  3. Call your internet provider to ensure that your speed is infact, what it should be - also using an internet speed test (try CNET's)

  4. Check your modem/router. I bought a new router which was vastly superior to my old Belkin POS

  5. test your connection with other devices (maybe WiiU hardware issue)

  6. ensure your family/SO isn't hogging the bandwidth while you play.
u/1337U53rR_PLZH4CKZM3 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I wouldn't know what to recommend, I haven't used any 10/100/1000Mbps USB3.0 ethernet adapters.

The adapter I've been using with my wii u for the past 2+ years is a HPE-branded 10/100Mbps USB2.0 model (this one - I assume it will work with the switch (can't think of any reason why it wouldn't), and plan to give it a try, but I can't guarantee compatibility 100%. I'm not planning to game online with the switch, so even if it doesn't work, eh, I'm not too concerned about it. I have good 5Ghz AC wifi to fall back on.

u/sboles66 · 2 pointsr/smashbros

I use this one.

u/Snoopyalien24 · 2 pointsr/wiiu



It will work even if its 3rd party. Its a pretty basic/common adapter

u/ErionHashimoto · 2 pointsr/nintendo

I tried the one from DHE and it only worked for about two weeks. Luckily, when I contacted them about it the response was quick and I was refunded the purchase without having to send the faulty unit back.

After that, I ended up going with the official Nintendo adapter on (currently only $24). It's been working for over a year now without any problems. I think it's worth the extra money. It's from Japan but it works on my NA Wii U.

u/Eliterubberduck · 2 pointsr/speedrun

That already exists officially from Nintendo if you're interested.

u/remembertosmilebot · 2 pointsr/miniSNES

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:


^^i'm ^^a ^^friendly bot

u/tockets · 2 pointsr/wiiu

If you're down to spend the money, nothing beats this imho.

u/King_Of_The_Squirrel · 2 pointsr/gaming

If you think this is bad, check out the used price of Xenoblade: Chronicles.

u/Kherza · 2 pointsr/Xenoblade_Chronicles

If you're looking for a fairly priced copy to use in the US, then check out Amazon. They actually have the international version in stock almost all the time. The sticker on the cover says UAE, Malaysia, etc but it apparently works for NA consoles. In case you don't trust my comment, feel free to do some Google research you'll find many people (including in the Amazon comments themselves) testifying that it works for NA consoles.

u/Battletick · 2 pointsr/Xenoblade_Chronicles

Don't count on finding it much cheaper, it used to cost a lot more actually. The cheapest I ever saw it was between 45-50 dollars. It's actually 55 dollars new on amazon, of course this is for the reprint. (but that only matters if you're a picky collector)

If you really don't care about having a physical copy, it's on the Wii U eshop for 19.99 I believe.

u/Ondai · 2 pointsr/WiiUHacks

Thanks for your input, this is what I expected. If I knew more about Wii U hacking & homebrew, I might just have the software chops to accomplish this.

In the meantime, I'm glad to here there's a reasonable alternative. I'm at work so unfortunately I cannot view your link. Would [this] ( work on the Wii U?

u/ringomo9 · 2 pointsr/nesclassicmods

I've been looking into this the last few days. It seems the Japanese Famicom controllers are at least 60 bucks on ebay. While it would be cool to have, that is little pricy. Plus if i wanted 2 it would be $120 or more. On top of that you have to wait for them to ship from japan. I think the prices may go up if more people are looking for them.

I may just end up getting this adapter and finding 2 OEM SNES controllers cheap on ebay.

My other option is buying the 8Bitdo NES30 with retro receiver and getting the SNES30 as well ( I've wanted wireless controllers and RetroArch may just push me to bite the bullet. I'm kinda waiting to hear how RetroArch goes and if there are issues using a SNES controller with Sega Games.

u/jumpshot22 · 2 pointsr/wiiu

To expand upon this, you can also use a SNES controller using this adapter connected to a Wiimote.

u/ineffiable · 2 pointsr/miniSNES

I actually found the item on Amazon, from when I ordered them:

The connector it uses means it can work on NES/SNES classic too! (well not that you need more controllers for the snes classic)

u/gamegirlpocket · 2 pointsr/WiiHacks

Amazon sells the Mayflash version, it just reads the GC as a Classic Controller:

Not an 'official' product but you definitely don't need to mod a controller.

u/ss4444gogeta · 2 pointsr/wiiu

I've heard people have had success with this one.

u/erwan · 2 pointsr/nintendo

If you don't want to get a classic controller, you can get this:

But it may be better to wait for the official Gamecube controller adapter that will be released for Super Smash Bros.

u/Spockrocket · 2 pointsr/wiiu

They also work if you buy an adapter to have them recognized as Classic controllers, e.g. this

u/minizanz · 2 pointsr/wiiu

all n64 vc games on the virtual wii need the classic controller pro. you can use the official ones, hori battle pads, or the pdp ones. if you install nintendont on the vwii you can use wiiU pro controllers, ps3, or ps4 controllers or the usb game cube adapters. all of them on the wiiu require a full pro controller of any gen (so non wiimote)


you can also inject roms so long as you own one game with that emulator. so if a game is not on the wiiU but you have it you can use caffeine on the current firmware to hack any rom into virtual console.


edit- there is also this guy from mayflash that will make your gamecube controllers plug into a wiimote and work as classic controller pro , mayflash also sells this guy that is better than the nintendo smash game cube adapter

edit2- if you plan on playing online you need the lan adapter as well, there are lots of 3rd party for that as well since you only need the same chipset (ASIX AX88772)

u/yankees27th · 2 pointsr/wiiu

This adapter says it works for both Wii and Wii U. So I can use gamecube controllers to play both Brawl and Smash 4? Buy two of these and two gcn controllers and I'm good to go for multiplayer?

u/Yokuo · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I would love to win this adapter

Cheesecake is AMAZING, for real. SO GOOD.

cheesecake all day everyday

u/AnonTheTerrible · 2 pointsr/gaming
u/kentonbomb84 · 2 pointsr/gaming

Here you go, works suprisingly well after some tinkering. You can thank me later in a match when it comes out lol

u/Neskuaxa · 2 pointsr/gaming
Yes is says boobs, big whoop wanna fight about it?

u/al3xtec · 2 pointsr/wiiu

I just ordered GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii & Wii U and the [Dual GC Controller Adapter for PC] ( I should get them today and I will let you know if they work on the Wii U.

u/urahonky · 2 pointsr/gaming

There is an adapter on Amazon that allows you to connect a GameCube controller to the wiiu. I'm on mobile so I don't have a link handy but give it a search. I'm not sure if it entirely works but may be worth it for you.

Here you go:

u/danzaku79 · 2 pointsr/gaming
u/darkwareddit · 2 pointsr/WiiUHacks
u/Vrekk · 2 pointsr/smashbros

They will come out there. It is released world wide, there are just far more people who want them then adapters. And like i said, this this should work, I just haven't personally tested it.The game will see it as a classic controller but the game supports classic controllers. This Should work too. Its not really a gamecube controller, but should feel like one.
Or you could play the game with a great Pro controller, or gamepad. The game cube controller isn't the only way to do it.

u/doorknob60 · 2 pointsr/wiiu
u/yonkomother · 2 pointsr/smashbros

I'd consider this as well. I have one and it's great. It should do all the things you want, but with actual GC controllers.

I also know a lot of people really like this guy as well, but I've never used it. Same deal, just different brand.

u/markymawk · 2 pointsr/SSBPM

wii games do work with GC controllers, you just need a wii that has Gamecube pluggy holes. USB adapters won't work outside of Nintendont.

you can either get a new Wii, or get an adapter to plug into your Wii remote. This probably won't be allowed at tourneys but if you're playing on your own it's a cheaper option

u/Hambone321 · 2 pointsr/SSBPM

You always use this one

While not ideal I've been using it with little issue for about a year now.

u/Jaws12 · 2 pointsr/wiiu

From what I can gather, the Wii DDR game supports classic controllers. You can hook GameCube port peripherals to WiiMotes with this adapter (Warning!: These adapters only seem to work with original WiiMotes, not MotionPlus WiiMotes, so be warned!).

I own three of these adapters myself and they work quite well for using GameCube controllers as classic controllers in other games, so they might work for this as well! Good luck!

u/aunaste · 2 pointsr/nintendo

I have a one of these,
It works just fine, the tricky part is remembering to press the start button multiple times for + and - on the classic controller.

u/wuzup11 · 2 pointsr/SSBPM

Ok so this question does get asked (and answered) a lot. I know Reddit's search sucks, but given the number of other posts about this topic, I'm sure it'll come up with something.

But to answer your question: you can use a GameCube controller for PM on the Wii U, but you can't use the Nintendo adapter (or any USB adapter that plugs into the system). You have to use an adapter that plugs into a Wiimote to emulate a Classic Controller, like this one, because the Wii's operating system was never designed to take GameCube controller inputs from any USB ports, and neither was Brawl, and neither was PM.

u/Bent_00 · 2 pointsr/BrawlMinus

This adapter will let you use a GC controller, but only 1 per adapter.

It connects to a Wii Remote, and the GC controller registers as a Classic Controller.

u/SlibIsSandwich · 2 pointsr/gaming

Yeah. I believe they have them. Its the only way so far you'll get the feel of a GC controller on the WiiU. While looking for it I found this as well but personally I don't like the looks of it:

Info on the other version and more:

u/KallyWally · 2 pointsr/smashbros


What I meant by "not natively supported" is that the Wii U doesn't support GC controllers, hence the need for an adapter.

u/reg_pfj · 2 pointsr/wiiu

Here are some good pictures of the wii u mobo. Maybe one will show you the area you're interested in and you can look for traces and pads.

Make sure you take pics and share your results on this project.

Our you could maybe get one of these:

u/StudlySquirtle · 2 pointsr/nintendo

I'm about to blow your mind op.

17 dollars well spent. It works excellently. Only downside is the amount of cords. If you have any questions about it let me know.

u/MegaHaxorus · 2 pointsr/nintendo

That won't work on Wii U, as that adapter replicates a GameCube controller. GameCube controllers are only compatible with Smash 4 and certain vWii homebrew titles.

You could use one of these to use a GameCube controller.

Edit: This was supposed to be a comment on a comments. Oops. Oh well.

u/Norviskor · 2 pointsr/nintendo

Don't forget that Mayflash sells an adapter that plugs into a Wiimote and ports to a GC controller. This way is not effective for SM4SH because it uses two controllers per person, but for single player games, it's great.

u/hichewsu · 2 pointsr/smashbros

You could try a mayflash adapter here, but weird stuff can happen

u/Dacvak · 2 pointsr/SSBPM

I have two of these, and they work flawlessly. No lag.

u/H0B0onDRUGS2 · 2 pointsr/smashbros

For Wii U I use these (Mayflash Nintendo GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii/Wii U)

Also to help fix the aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 use this through Homebrew Channel if you are using Homebrew Channel: (

link of where I found that zip file: (

u/porygon21 · 2 pointsr/smashbros

Just going to leave this here:

u/ThisDudeIsRad · 2 pointsr/nintendo

I have an adapter that basically tricks a Wiimote into thinking a Gamecube controller is a classic controller and I love it for Virtual Consol games. There's a TINY bit of lag, so it wouldn't be really useful for Smash Bros or Street Fighter ir other fast paced games, but it works great for Star Fox and Zelda, etc...

Here's a link!

u/hisagishi · 2 pointsr/gaming

> Dolphinbar

That is what I meant yes. I am unsure if mayflash makes any other sensorbars but to specific this is the one I mean:

u/bubar_babbler · 2 pointsr/SteamController

I tried this, but since I had a newer Wiimote I would have to install the Toshiba bluetooth stack and it was just too sketchy. Dolphin bar will work fine for this, though it is still a little hacky.
Amazon link:

u/DerpStation · 2 pointsr/cemu

I use a Dolphinbar, works without any config on mode 4. You can find them here.

u/JacobTheButtonMasher · 2 pointsr/DolphinEmulator

Generic Bluetooth dongles are kinda terrible compared to the dolphin bar. You should consider it even if your setup works. The Bluetooth seems to be the most stable

u/LavosYT · 2 pointsr/gaming

you could try this, I've got one that works great (if you don't have bluetooth)

u/HydrogenxPi · 2 pointsr/oculus

I had this problem too. It's odd, but what worked for me was putting on the headset first so that you were in the steam environment and then peeking out to the screen and hitting the run button. Honestly though, I found the touch implementation lacking. You have to point the touch controller down rather than at the screen for the pointer to work and the pointer was very jittery. I just ordered one of these and am looking forward to it arriving.

u/SundownKid · 2 pointsr/ShouldIbuythisgame

You need a Sensor Bar for the Wiimote to work. You also need a bluetooth adapter, although there is one called the DolphinBar that has one built in.

u/Yonrak · 2 pointsr/emulation

Looks great! As for success level of other devices, Dolphin Bar does the same thing and works really well in my experience, but could be cool if you could get the size down - though I'm not sure how small it can go whilst keeping the IR pointer functionality?

Edit: Looks like I may have missed the point. What benefit would native passthrough bring?

u/BaGamman · 2 pointsr/CrackWatch

A Dolphin ToolBar :

This thing can take on precisely the inputs of a Wiimote, Wii motion+ and Nunchuck for Dophin Emulator and other applications.

Before I was rather desapointed that Dolphin couldn't precisely take in Wiimote inputs via Bluetooth dungles, so I decided to check a bit if there was another solution and it turn out this one works really well.

It cost $20 but it's quality.

u/Net_Bastard · 2 pointsr/SRSGaming

Mayflash just came out with the DolphinBar. It's a USB sensor bar with built-in bluetooth, and it was actually made with assistance from the Dolphin developers.

u/EllipsisBreak · 2 pointsr/nintendo

Dolphinbar is made for this purpose.

u/michaelthefurrycat · 2 pointsr/SomeOrdinaryGmrs

I'm playing resident evil 4 on the Samsung S9

And to my surprise it runs really well 😀 I'm at the part I got the eye too open up the door to the next area!

And I'm really happy!

Hey, um, mudahar if you're reading this can you do a wii sport on android?!?!

Because I have wii sport running on the exact same phone to run resident evil 4!

But it says that I need dolfin sensor bar for this too work so can you make a video about that please here is the link for the dolfin sensor bar!

u/DolphinUser · 2 pointsr/emulators

Yes you don't need any additional Bluetooth dongles to use it. I'm not sure if they sell them from their own site but you can get one on Amazon.

u/Jespy · 2 pointsr/pcgaming

Wireless sensor bars are cheap, what exactly is expensive to you? A regular USB one is about $10 and I got my wireless one for $20

u/Thanatos- · 2 pointsr/zelda

You will need Motion+ to play the game so you will need an adapter or even better a Wiimote with Motion+ built in, you will also need a nunchuck. Most importantly you will need Bluetooth to connect to the controller, and a sensor bar. I recommend the Mayflash DolphinBar it combines both bluetooth and a sensor bar in one and it lets you effortlessly connect your wiimotes to your computer. I always had issues using regular bluetooth with it disconnecting, having the wrong software, etc, but with the DolphinBar ive never had an issue after roughly 20-30 hours playtime.

u/KVLTSmash · 2 pointsr/ssbb
u/lostmau5 · 2 pointsr/zelda

If you can afford it, get the MayFlash Dolphin.

It comes with a disk containing appropriate drivers, and is less of an overall headache.

u/thewallsbledlust · 2 pointsr/amiibo

If you have homebrew on your wii (or are comfortable modding it in order to do so) and a fairly good gaming pc, you can make this game go from great to masterpiece. Using cleanrip, rip a copy of the game onto a usb drive, and play it with the latest developer version of Dolphin emulator.

You can buy a Dolphin Bar from Mayflash on amazon for $17 to use original wii controllers, or map controls in Dolphin for a regular gamepad (use classic controller setup).

There is an HD texture pack for Xenoblade that makes the visuals in this game absolutely amazing. If you are at all capable, this is the way to play the game.

u/dizzyzane_ · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

>Well, we'd need an adapter for the GameCube controller. The Wii controllers are wireless aren't they? Isn't the WiiU Gamepad it's own little system?

Yes, Yes (dolphin-emu has a help topic) and yes.

They all work with Linux, and 2/3 work perfectly and almost at the point of natively with Windows.

I'd not recommend the GameCube for any FPShooter game though. I'd take the ps4 or even xbone over that for that purpose.

u/Svardskampe · 2 pointsr/nds

They use BT as well indeed, so you can "easily" connect them to your PC as well for example as a normal controller :)

(with the necessary driver - which exists, just as the PS3 controller needs a driver).

What is "harder" about it, is that an integral part of the controller is that it uses positioning via infrared (the wii bar on top of your TV). - So you would need an appliance that has these infrared lights at the same distance so the mote can position itself.

Now, in reality all of this has actually been made in a single handy package. This DolphinBar:

Which is 1 USB appliance for your PC with a BT connector built in as well, and they deliver the necessary drivers as well, so you can just play the Wii via an emulator (named Dolphin, which is why it's called the DolphinBar).

You can also connect the wiimote to any android device (with the correct driver-'app'), but again, the infrared positioning is "harder". However you can just use it sideways as a conventional controller though for the button input.

u/Isaac_Schneider · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

$16 to Use Wii remotes on PC for dolphin emulator and doubles as a Bluetooth adapter.

As for what you are asking, I don't think it's possible without some kind of advanced software. Also there fact you would be adding an extra piece of hardware between the Bluetooth devices, it would increase the latency. So it would be bad for Bluetooth input devices.

u/Binary_Omlet · 2 pointsr/gaming
u/tobyvg1 · 2 pointsr/DolphinEmulator ships to the Netherlands. It even has a Dutch site. I ordered my dolphin bar there about a month ago. Shipping took about 3 days.

Edit: does not support Ideal, so you could use this site to buy gift cards for through Ideal:

u/Prompt01 · 2 pointsr/NintendoNX

Just a PDP Fighting Pad variation.

u/IndomitableBanana · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Have you ever used either the Hori Battlepad or similar PDP Fight Pad? If so, can you compare this controller to either of those?

The Hori Gamepad is the best third party controller I've ever used, though still not up to the original. I'd love to know if this is as good as the Hori controller or better before buying one.

u/skymcgowin · 2 pointsr/WiiUHacks

I have used Wii classic controllers, Mario fight pads, and gamecube controllers for Nintendont. This is my favorite for the gamecube games, because it's wireless due to plugging into a wiimote.

u/itsmine91 · 2 pointsr/mariokart

If you do want a gamecube controller which works with other games you could get one of these and hori makes a similar controller that you could try out as well.

I have one of the pdp controllers and the only difference between it and an authentic controller is that the c stick is a normal classic controller stick, and that it plugs into a wiimote making it wireless.

u/IAmTehDave · 2 pointsr/smashbros


It's a Classic Controller (Plugs into the nunchuck slot of the WiiMote)

Edit: I'm using two of them myself and it's not bad. Can't compare to a WiiUPRo controller or a GC controller right now. Of note: I always used a Wavebird for Melee/Brawl. (Yeah, super-casual I know.)

u/shortchangehero · 2 pointsr/smashbros

ALSO dude by the way I don't know if you saw some of the other responses to my comment, but there are other alternatives that may work better. Somebody just linked me this fightpad that I'd actually never even seen before, which appears to be a duplicate of the gamecube controller. It plugs into your wiimote.

I've never used one so I can't really comment on whether or not this better, but definitely check this out if you haven't already ordered a pro controller :D

u/andraes · 2 pointsr/wiiu

You're getting the classic confused with the GameCube controller here. GameCube Controllers with the adapter can only be used for Smash. Classic Controllers (also 3rd party ones like PDP Fight Pad) plug into the bottom of wii remotes (in place of the nunchuck) and can be used with most Wii and Wii U games.

Also, check out the Controller Infographic link on the side bar.

u/MBCnerdcore · 2 pointsr/wiiu

You know how the Nunchucks plug into the Wii Remotes? Well there's also Classic controllers and Gamecube controllers that also plug into the Wii Remotes.

Here's a couple of examples. The Gamecube one is a third party controller but for Mario Kart and Smash it feels great, and it's also compatible with any games that use the Wii U Pro controller.

The Nintendo-made Classic Controller was originally for the Wii, but it still works on the Wii U for most games.

Smash Brothers purists are going to crap all over this advice because they only accept the Official Nintendo GameCube Controller & Adapter as a viable device, but you guys aren't playing tournaments, it's just some kids and family coming over to play Nintendo.

These controllers are much easier for a new player to understand than the Nunchuck/Wii Remote combo, and they are relatively cheap. Certainly much cheaper than the official Nintendo GameCube controllers and adapter, and cheaper (although not as perfect) as the Wii U Pro controller.

u/thecheesefinder · 2 pointsr/nintendo

This could kind of fit your need of a "wireless" "Gamecube" controller HORI Battle Pad for Wii U (Mario Version) with Turbo - Nintendo Wii U by HORI

u/atllauren · 2 pointsr/wiiu

I purchased OOT on my Wii U as well and while the Pro Controller does work fine, I struggled with it because I am so familiar with that game on the N64 controller. I purchased this controller that's modeled after the GameCube controller and it has been MUCH better for OOT. You need a Wii Remote to plug it in to.

I think it is better for a couple reasons, namely:

  • The C Stick is a better substitute for the C Buttons than the right joystick on the Pro Controller. It has notches built into it so it reduces error when using a specific directional button. The N64's C buttons are where you put items like your bow, slingshot, boomerang, etc so you'll be using them quite a bit.
  • The location of the C Stick is also more comfortable.
  • The N64 controller didn't have X and Y buttons, so it is nice that the X/Y buttons on the Hori Battle Pad are out of the way.

    That's just my preference -- I'm new to the Wii U and still more comfortable with the retro games, so I tend to gravitate towards items that are similar to old controllers. The Pro Controllers is certainly fine with OOT, but if you find yourself struggling with the R Stick as the C Buttons maybe check out the controller I recommended.

u/JoshuaJSlone · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Hori's good, and I was pretty happy with the quality of the equivalent Wii / Wii U controller they made a few years back.


Though as the other responder suggests, going with official GameCube controllers isn't a bad option, either. 100% accurate and not TOO much more expensive to get four of those plus adapter than four of something else. Extra bonus: rumble. Extra negative: less versatile since it doesn't have all the buttons another Switch game might need.

u/nellymac87 · 2 pointsr/smashbros

I don't see this posted anywhere so I thought I'd mention it...

I was too late in pre-ordering the Smash controller bundle from Amazon and I saw this controller recently. The shoulder buttons probably don't click in the same way as the classic GC controller. But, since I have been playing sm4sh 3DS, I've gotten a bit used to grabbing with my left hand instead of my right hand. That extra Z button on the left is really appealing to me right now. Is there anything "off" about this one?

u/BloodyJonesy · 2 pointsr/nintendo

Hori do make some, but these are not the ones. These ones are made by PDP.

These are the Hori ones and they are a shit tonne nicer!

u/batmandan6 · 2 pointsr/nintendo

There's also the Hori fight pad. Same concept, but it looks and feels exactly like a GameCube controller (with the exception of springy shoulder triggers) and works with anything that uses a classic controller.

u/Kirby5588 · 2 pointsr/smashbros

The best controller as a makeshift Gamecube is this

I have tried it out and it works well.

Edit: I didnt know the gamecube adapter worked! I never bothered to test. But since thats a thing, just use that instead.

u/spinjump · 2 pointsr/SSBPM

I've heard from some that the Hori versions of this solution are made better. Can't speak from experience though. (and they appear to be sold out atm, so theres that.)

u/hanson933 · 2 pointsr/smashbros

Yeah I have one.

Used it to play Brawl once on my Wii U in Wii mode since the USB adapters only work with Sm4sh.

I mainly use it for VC games on Wii U now since it just makes a GC controller detect as a classic controller, I was using one of these which is pretty good but the left stick felt a little twitchy compared to the GC stick

u/PressXToShaun · 2 pointsr/SSBPM
u/divided_by_0 · 2 pointsr/mariokart

I've used the Gamepad, Wii Remote and Nunchuck, tilt controls, and now the Hori Battle Pad. I was really good with tilt controls on Mario Kart Wii but couldn't get into them now. Between Remote/Nunchuck and Gamepad it's really a tossup for me, but the Gamepad can be a little more comfortable/ergonomic. I'm really enjoying the Hori controller, as it is extremely similar to a Gamecube controller, just acts as a classic controller that plugs into the Wiimote.

u/LittleHelperRobot · 2 pointsr/smashbros

Non-mobile: Hori Battle Pad

^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/danielsahr528 · 2 pointsr/wiiu

The HORI pads are great! Not quite official gamecube controllers, but they work with lots of games!

u/TheSchadow · 2 pointsr/wiiu

Really? Never knew about that. So the controller here: Is totally first-party parts?

u/AlphonseAngel · 2 pointsr/smashbros

Isn't Hori releasing a Mario and Luigi themed GC controller that connects I the wiimote? It's supposed to work with all games that support the classic pro remote.
Here they are on Amazon

u/peru_el_campeon · 2 pointsr/smashbros

I use this:

Just got it in yesterday and it feels GREAT. I haven't gotten my bundle in yet :/ but this is a great substitute for the moment

u/Mackiller123 · 1 pointr/smashbros

Are they not coming out with adapters to support the gamecube controller such as this? why not use these?

u/Joker1980 · 1 pointr/gaming
u/TallestSkil · 1 pointr/smashbros


And there's already a WiiU controller. This will never happen.

u/EpilepticWaffle · 1 pointr/gaming

yes, but it is not the same. I still love my gamecube controllers, and I was able to find an adapter that connects to the Wii U remote, and makes the gamecube
controller technically wireless.

u/TheManDudeGuy · 1 pointr/smashbros

There's a Gamecube adapter cable for the Wii U... I'm not sure if it works or not, but if it does, it would be amazing.

u/Alchy919 · 1 pointr/gaming

Alternatively if you still wanna use your Gamecube controller for the new Smash Brothers there's this

u/Greatjob18 · 1 pointr/gaming

might be quite expensive, but it's probably your only option if you want to use a GC controller.

u/LadyDraconian · 1 pointr/gaming

Okay as I posted this before.. Those who do NOT know this... If you downloaded any game cube games on your wii. I.e. from the store.. You can transfer them to your wii u as long as they are digital... And about that game cube controller issue and not being able to use it... There is an adapter, for cheap I migh add, you can buy for your wii controllers to turn it into a gamecube controller or rather plug your gc controller into the wii u.. :) Bout the only thing you can't do is put a gc disc in it..

In a nutshell: Buy on the old wii for dirt cheap transfer over.. Buy adapter for gc controller use with wii-mote enjoy. Annnd for the lazy. Adapter :

u/brobroma · 1 pointr/smashbros

As of right now, nothing official. You could buy a GC to Wii Classic Controller adapter. There is an official GC controller adapter coming later this year that will work with Smash 4, but there is no confirmation that it will work with Wii games however. I think it's pretty likely to happen, however.

u/Kasen_Ibara · 1 pointr/touhou

if you've got a GC controller you can use an adapter IIRC both sticks are octagonal gates.

u/mdunlap59 · 1 pointr/gaming

I bought this adapter that connects the game cube controller to wii stick for like 13 bucks. It's great, it makes it wireless too.

Mayflash Nintendo GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii/Wii U by Mayflash

u/Mvance30 · 1 pointr/gaming

i have an old gamecube that doesn't read discs anymore. I wonder with some USB cables if I can rewire it to work on the wiiu.

fyi amazon has 2 left for $115 lol

but there is this. I just ordered one.

u/Fuzzy_Socrates · 1 pointr/smashbros

They are very scarce at the moment, but I played (and a blast tonight) with two of these:

This does require you to have wii-motes, but I can confirm that it work just fine. I will be getting the official nintendo one, but for now this shall do.

u/anothershittyalt · 1 pointr/smashbros

They offer an adapter for the Wii U, but paying 30 dollars for 1 controller port as opposed to what should be 20 dollars for 4 ports doesn't sound particularly enticing...

Other than that, I got nothing. Hunting for the official adapter is gonna be hard as shit for a while.

u/SmileyyFML · 1 pointr/SSBPM

This one will though.

I just ordered 2 and I'm itching to try them myself.

u/L_Caret_Two · 1 pointr/SSBPM

Melee runs with the adapter through Nintendont, which is a Gamecube loader. It doesn't load Wii games. The reason it works with Nintendont is because that program supports USB controllers.

That said, I run PM on my Wii U using my Brawl disc and an SD card. I use the PM launcher. I use this to connect a Gamecube controller. But yeah, a wired solution would be preferable.

u/___Preek · 1 pointr/wiiu

No. I don't use a gamecube shaped classic controller. I use a original gamecube controller with an adapter into my Wiimotes. Don't say stuff like that if you don't know what I own, my friend.

Take a look at this it's German but you might understand what it is.

u/Prof_garyoak · 1 pointr/wiiu

You can always get a wiimote adaptor to use whatever controller you want (since these will be read as a classic controller.

Wiimote to Gamecube Controller:

Wiimote to N64 Controller adapter:

I haven't used the N64 but my friend has a gamecube one and I used it to clear through most of DK64

u/killer4u77 · 1 pointr/nintendo
u/esm8m · 1 pointr/wiiu

The USB adapter only works with Smash 4. However, I have one of these, which essentially makes the Gamecube controller into a classic controller, and it seems to work pretty well.

u/russiangn · 1 pointr/Connecticut

I don't own any consoles so I don't know what kind of an adapter you're looking for. But, I see that amazon is selling various types of adapters. The ones which are Prime eligible like this one can be shipped overnight for a few bucks extra.

edit: looks like they're not shipping over the weekend. Sorry :(

u/CompC · 1 pointr/wiiu

I bought one of these adapters…

I've been using my new Smash Bros. GameCube controller to play Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, and Super Mario Sunshine in HD in Dolphin on my computer. But it also works in Virtual Console games and stuff too. It's pretty nice.

u/TQQ · 1 pointr/Games

i know this is late, but there are 3rd party adapters in stock on amazon

u/andysaurus_rex · 1 pointr/wiiu

This one does not work (I know from experience). This is the one I was thinking of, but I was wrong. It plugs into the wii remote.

u/voidFunction · 1 pointr/smashbros

I'm talking about this. If you are trying to use this, then you are using the wrong tool entirely.

u/watwait · 1 pointr/wiiu

There's also some addional options you can choose the wii classic pro and classic contollers connect to the wii remote like a nunchuck and are much cheaper. I've found them at pawn shops for around 5 bucks.

There is also the Hori Battlepad which looks like a gamecube controller but plugs in like a classic and a Mayflash Gamecube to Wii remote adapter

u/Archnation · 1 pointr/wiiu

Pretty sure you can do that already by using the wii menu on your wiiu. Also you guys should know about this. It's a little buggy but works really well for most games.

u/OG-Mudbone · 1 pointr/wiiu

Wait, if I softmod my wii mode on my wii u, I can use the gamecube adapter with wii?

OP: I'd suggest getting a mayflash gamecube controller adapter. They're $17 on amazon and it allows you to plug in your gc controllers straight into the wiimote and it reads it as a classic controller.

u/PurePsykosis · 1 pointr/wii

Try this then. Kind of expensive for what it is though.

u/fifosexapel · 1 pointr/nintendo

I have both the Mayflash Adapter and the PDP Fight Pad

If you already have the GCN controller, the adapter works well enough, specially if you want it for VC games. Every once on a while, The adapter disconnects mid gameplay for a few secs, so that can be bothersome, I used it with a pc like you intend to, works just fine. The downside is you have less buttons than the classic controller (no select/- and only 3 shoulder buttons) and the L and R are recognized as such instead of ZL/ZR which can be confusing in some instances.

The PDP Fight pad works beautifully, has all the buttons and the right analog stick is actually a stick as opposed to the shorter c-stick. The one downside is the controller feels kinda empty, which makes it feel cheap (kinda like the classic controller or those awful gamestop branded GNN controllers), but it only feels cheap cos they are very responsive.

I would recommend the fight pad over the gcn adapter, unless you absolutely positively need the original gcn controller. Havnet used the hori pads, they have turbo built in but as far as i know are pretty similar to the pdp pads.

u/nemeth88 · 1 pointr/wiiu

If the Wii game is Classic Controller compatible, you can still use a Gamecube pad using one of these Wiimote-to-GC adapters: I have one and it works well for SSBB.

However, this only works on Wii games that have the Classic Controller/Classic Controller Pro icon on the box.

The good news is that RE4: Wii supports classic controllers:

u/dr_wario_PHD · 1 pointr/wiiu

There are some adapters that allow you to plug your Gamecube controller into a Wii Remote, which should be compatible with games that support the Classic Controller. I had one so I could play Brawl on the Wii U before Smash 4 came out.

Amazon Link to the one I have

u/BanetheKira · 1 pointr/gaming

>The only problem is that it can't have Gamecube controllers


u/iRacist · 1 pointr/gaming


Plugs right into your Wiimote.

u/MrBanjankri · 1 pointr/gaming

There's hope for the gamecube controller yet. Wii U gamecube controller adapter on amazon

u/bluntsncuntss · 1 pointr/smashbros

Mayflash sells gamecube adapters that plug into a wiimote. That's what I use. I really don't see a difference in lag at all. They only work for the official nintendo gamecube controllers (not wavebirds) though. Here's the link.

u/_wytOut · 1 pointr/smashbros

maybe he's talking about this

u/itsJimboFresh · 1 pointr/gamecollecting

Works with this controller, my wavebirds, and my other nintendo GC controllers. Some 3rd party controllers may not work.

u/Socksfelloff · 1 pointr/wiiu
u/AlexD336 · 1 pointr/nintendo

I just pre ordered one at best after reading this post. Id rather get it late than not get one at all.

Will this one work instead?

u/Dark_Shroud · 1 pointr/gaming

I have the Mayflash adapter and its good enough. What I want are a few more official Game Cube controllers in black.

Edit, here a link for the curious.

u/p0rtugalvii · 1 pointr/smashbros
u/Xuralei · 1 pointr/smashbros

On the topic of controllers, does anyone use this adapter? Also, does anyone use a 3rd Party controller?

u/dreauxx · 1 pointr/smashbros

Facepalm. I was thinking of a different mayflash adapter.

u/Dancthetank · 1 pointr/nintendo
u/blindpone · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I didn't know the official worked on PC though, that's cool. I'd probably go with the cheaper more available option.

u/dukentre · 1 pointr/DolphinEmulator

It doesn't. You'll need either to have it connected to a running Wii or a USB or battery powered sensor bar. The DolphinBar acts as both a USB sensor bar and a bluetooth adapter.

u/MotivatedMage · 1 pointr/Brawlhalla

i have a flightpad too :), ive played with other Bluetooth adapters to make it work but its always been so finicky. but after I bought a mayflash Dolphin bar (which is mainly used for the dolphin emulator but has a option to use wii remotes as a pc controller) and as I said joypad, it was really easy to configure.

I got a dolphin bar from here

u/charliefuckstick · 1 pointr/Gamecube

Just gotta grab one of these and do a small bit of configuring. They even make one for wiimotes. I've got both, and they're pretty awesome.

u/VoomPeng · 1 pointr/DolphinEmulator

Yes, buy a DolphinBar

It's, in my experience, an absolutely flawless implementation of Wiimote (+) connection for the PC. Built in recognition from Dolphin and it's basically plug and play, it even auto configures the wiimote in the settings. It's more than worth the $20 because it basically makes Dolphin into a full fledged Wii. It also supports any accessory for the Wii that Dolphin does. I also might be wrong but I think that most non DolphinBar interfaces don't handle Wiimote Pluses, which are, in my opinion, one of the more fun parts of the Wii.

u/NedSc · 1 pointr/AndroidTV

I had to look this up, but it appears so:

It's both an IR emitter and a blueooth "translator"/converter of sorts. You pair the wii remote to the bar, then the bar pairs to the PC/Shield. The bar can be set up in various modes so that it looks like one of many standard HID to the computer (PC or Shield or whatever).

u/0x1f415 · 1 pointr/buildapc

this might interest you:

I have one and it works well.

u/kcxd9 · 1 pointr/gaming

I'd suggest buying the dolphinbar. I don't have one yet (should arrive soon), but when dolphin 5.0 released I looked into the sensor bars and everyone and their mother recommended it. I guess some of the other ones have bad lag while this one is seamless.

u/SwinkyMalinky · 1 pointr/Games

I imagine most people would buy something like [this] ( which connects the wiimotes through bluetooth, and emulates the sensor bar.

Other than that, there's configurations for using standard controllers with games like [Super Mario Galaxy] ( Hope that kinda answers that for you...

u/Daveed84 · 1 pointr/DolphinEmulator

This guy?

Just a few minutes ago I discovered my issue, it turns out that it was actually a problem with the bluetooth range on my motherboard's bluetooth adapter... If I had the Wiimote resting on my case, it would work, but as soon as I picked it up to use it, it disconnected. So I found an old bluetooth adapter that was kicking around in a drawer and it seems to be working fine now

u/zgillet · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

You can get the games, cheap wiimote and nunchuck and a Mayflash bar and play them on Dolphin. It works really well and they look fantastic.

Also, while I don't condone stealing, Nintendo doesn't sell them new anymore (except ONLY Wii U digital), so you're only option is buying used - or downloading the games. So either way you aren't paying Nintendo.

u/MrPerson0 · 1 pointr/Metroid

If you already have a Wii Remote + Nunchuck, you could buy Mayflash's DolphinBar as well. Makes it very easy to connect your Wii Remotes to your PC, especially if your bluetooth adapter isn't compatible with Dolphin.

u/GameStunts · 1 pointr/videos

I'm using Dolphin Emulator there's tutorials on there, but honestly it's pretty much install and go, it's really easy.

I already had a Wiimote from my Nintendo Wii, I bought a secondhand Motion Plus add on so that I could play some of the newer games that need it and also bought the Mayflash Dolphin Bar which connects to PC, acts as a Bluetooth adapter and also works as a sensor bar for the Wiimote. It interfaces perfectly with Dolphin and has various modes.

u/rofl_rob · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace
u/Ultrameyda · 1 pointr/emulation

Easiest method is to use Dolphin in conjunction with the Mayflash Dolphin Bar

u/Raquefel · 1 pointr/Metroid

I'd actually strongly suggest ordering a usb sensor bar/wiimote adapter and using an actual wiimote/nunchuk. It's the way the game was designed to be played, and it really does play best that way. They're not too expensive, about 20 bucks on amazon, and IMO they're totally worth it.

u/CoffeetipM8 · 1 pointr/DolphinEmulator

For PC? The Mayflash W010 Dolphin Bar.

(It's available on the US Amazon store too. Search for it there if needed.)

u/RippyZ · 1 pointr/Games

For motion+ games you really need a sensor bar. The bar itself doesn't transfer any data so if you have a wii hooked up near your pc you can just turn the wii on to power the bar and use bluetooth on your pc to sync the wiimote.

I actually use this because I don't want to move my wii u into my room

u/05eNu01xaZxJR2cCo7NE · 1 pointr/emulation

Works just fine. Now, if you have like $40 lying around (roughly the cost of a wired 360 controller), you can buy a used wiimote/nunchuck combo for like $15 on Ebay, and then get a "DolphinBar" for $18 on Amazon. With that, you can have that genuine Wii experience :)

u/double_a_ron · 1 pointr/wii

Not sure if you solved your problem but this is honestly your best bet:


u/marcfletcher · 1 pointr/DolphinEmulator

Think you have to download some drivers for it to work but this would be good for all of the motion sensor stuff

u/cyberfrog777 · 1 pointr/DolphinEmulator

Yeah this is the one you want.

Mayflash W010 Wireless Sensor DolphinBar for Wii

There are specific bt stacks that can work with thw controllers, but my recollection when I looked I to it way back in the day is that they can be quite temperamental and wonky

u/menschi9 · 1 pointr/DolphinEmulator

you can definitely use just any bluetooth adapter to connect wiimotes to dolphin (I did that in the past with some logitech dongle) but then you might be in need to manually tell your pc to connect to the wiimote every time you try to turn the wiimote on. Apart from that if you use the dolphin bar (I am using this now) wiimotes will automatically connect to them and get recognized by dolphin. works like a charm.

So as described i think the 8bitdodo (as any other bluetooth dongle) is definetely gonna work with wiimotes but im not sure if there is a similar seamless auto connection funtionality

u/wiiiiii999 · 1 pointr/DolphinEmulator

Is this ok?

I hear these have increased input delay as they don't have bluetooth pass-through, what is the alternative?

u/DukeRamswell · 1 pointr/battlestations
u/darksaviorx · 1 pointr/RetroPie

You'll want the dolphinbar since it makes it easier to setup. It has its own bt and the wiimote connects to that. If you get that wii sensor bar you linked to then you'll have to connect the wiimote to the pi's bt but good luck getting that all set up.

u/Jceggbert5 · 1 pointr/DolphinEmulator
u/Redarmy1917 · 1 pointr/GameDeals

I go to Mayflash for all my console to pc accessories, but I never bothered getting a dolphin bar because I don't care for a good majority of wii games.

Their Gamecube adapter is top notch though and Dolphin natively supports it which is sweet, no config changes or anything. The N64 adapter is solid.

u/The_Duke_Leto · 1 pointr/DolphinEmulator

2 candles would do the trick, but yeah, you more or less need a sensor bar, and for that; allow me to recommend the DolphinBar

I just got one and it's the coolest thing ever.

u/chrisl23 · 1 pointr/DolphinEmulator

I picked up one of these

It works great on my Windows 10 machine. It was basically plug and play and dolphin recognises the wiimote no problem.

u/ajr30 · 1 pointr/xbmc

You could get something like this. Support four working modes: Keyboard and Mouse Mode , Keyboard and Mouse Game Mode, Game Controller Mode , and Wii Remote Controller Emulator Mode . So if you put the Wiimote into mode 1 or 2, it should be able to control Kodi (disclaimer: I haven't tried. I can try later and report back).

Edit: Just tried it. It works. It seems to work best on mode 2 (keyboard/mouse game mode) without any configurations but with a little effort, you could map the keys to whatever you want.

u/MrMontgomery · 1 pointr/Aliexpress

The mayflash sensor works perfectly, I got mine from Amazon
Mayflash W010 Dolphin Bar - Wireless Wii Remote Sensor for USB (PC CD)

u/Sellular · 1 pointr/CloneHero

A dolphin bar like this? And does my pc need bluetooth functionality ithout this or does this have bluetooth on it?

Also, would third party wiimotes work?

u/daphatty · 1 pointr/intelnuc

I can confirm that the 6i5 will indeed work for your purposes. I have one myself which runs hyperspin, rocketlauncher, and a SHIT ton of emulators including Dolphin, MAME, Saturn... I f'ing love this thing.

One piece of advice - Since the NUCs use an onboard GPU, you will need to configure most of your emulators to use Direct 3D instead of Open GL. Also, with regards to Dolphin, each game has specific graphics settings that you'll need to tweak. Mario Kart Wii was one game that I had to spend some time troubleshooting and tweaking to get working just right. But it runs great now!

Speaking of Dolphin - If you need a sensor bar, get this one. It works perfectly with the official Wiimote controllers.

u/Senisty · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace
u/dxkvvwgr · 1 pointr/emulation

On this page one of the reviewers made this comment:

> NOTE: IF YOUR DOLPHINBAR HAS AN ON-OFF SWITCH THEN IT COMES WITH THE LATEST FIRMWARE. Newer models of the DolphinBar have a dedicated on-off switch whereas older ones didn't. As a result, if you try and update the firmware on it you'll get an error that it's the "wrong product". This is because it's a newer model of the Dolphinbar which actually ships with the latest firmware (This is what I was told after contacting Mayflash)

So it may be a normal response that just happens to have very poor phrasing. On google I saw a lot of people with the same error you had, so I don't think it's a counterfeit or anything.

As for why it doesn't work, do you have the latest dev build of Dolphin? Is your wiimote set to "Real Wiimote" and not to "Emulated Wiimote"? Is "Continuous Scanning" selected in the controller settings menu?

If your computer already has built-in bluetooth, I've read disabling that can sometimes work, since DolphinBar has its own bluetooth adapter.

u/rockdahouse1337 · 1 pointr/emulation

If you are going to be emulating wii I will suggest that you get a wireless dolphin bar, as it hasn't been mention in this thread yet heres the link

u/Forgd · 1 pointr/zelda

This was the one I bought.

u/sans_the_skullerman · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

They're called "[Wired Fight Pads] (", apparently.

u/Foushi · 1 pointr/WiiHacks

Do you know if I can play gamecube game with this controller and nintendont ?

u/chrisisme · 1 pointr/nintendo

I'm honestly pretty content with the Wii U Fight Pad (not a referral link). The differences in feel are pretty minor and it's a nice responsive controller that doesn't require any new hardware.

u/RicoD · 1 pointr/Games

But what about these?

They have the +/- and home buttons as well as 4 shoulder buttons and different sticks... ?

All in all, I can't see why this particular example wouldn't work like a Wii U Pro.

If it's still no good, then that's really disappointing.

u/hothraka · 1 pointr/wiiu

It's not really meant to be a recreation of the gamecube controller, it's moreso just the same shape and button layout. The sticks are more like the classic controller's. I haven't personally used one of these, but I think they look pretty nice. One of the common complaints about the gamecube controller is that the c-stick is so different from the main analogue stick, and this fixes that.

u/hipnotyq · 1 pointr/nintendo

He's talking about about this:

It's a classic controller, not a GC controller. It just looks like a GC controller. You don't need the GC Controller adapter, you just need a Wiimote to plug it into.

u/Beltbuckle_at_work · 1 pointr/smashbros

He might mean the hori battle pad or the pdp fight pad

u/Rynelan · 1 pointr/zelda

A remade verion of the game will never happen on the Wii U.. but there is an option for you ;)

  • On your Wii U go to into Wii mode.

  • Visit the Shopping Channel

  • Search Virtual Console games filtered on N64 games

  • Find Majora's Mask (it's there, I know for 100% sure)

  • Buy it (need credit card or you need to buy a $/€10 eShop card (or equal value depending on your location) which will count as 1000 points in the Wii Shopping Channel, unfortunately you can't tranfer money from the eShop to Shopping Channel)

  • Now you can play MM on your Wii U in Wii mode :)

    Please note though: Because this is a Wii VC title you can only play with controllers made for the regular Wii, so you'll need a Wii Classic (Pro = black one) controller like this to be able to play the game.

    These controllers can be plugged into the Wii mote.

    Recently Nintendo also released GameCube controllers that can be connected to the Wii-mote. They are officially licenced products so they will work :)

u/LegatoSkyheart · 1 pointr/wii

Also Know that Owning a Wii U means you have access to those Wii games as well and the Wii U comes with an HDMI Cable so it's much more useful then a Wii since most new TVs don't have a Composite out or even a Component out.

Also Know that to play any of these games on either Wii or Wii U (which ever one you get) you're gonna need a Wiimote + one of these:

The PDP Fight Pad

The Classic Controller

or The Classic Controller Pro

u/Thranth · 1 pointr/smashbros

You cannot use gamecube controllers, however you can plug PDP fightpads into your wii-mote and use those, they feel almost identical

u/Nyror · 1 pointr/smashbros

no one has them yet

Also, you may want to consider these, as they're still usable as WiiU pro controllers. As far as I know there are no other controllers like this.

u/Questorium · 1 pointr/smashbros

You could get a HORI Battle Pad. I have one of my own, and I love it.

u/rittzler · 1 pointr/smashbros

Maybe you were thinking of these or these?

u/MarsMakars · 1 pointr/smashbros

I seriously doubt it. Maybe look for one of these?

u/2smashed4u · 1 pointr/smashbros

Oh yeah I also have these coming as well:

They seem to be the most accurate reproduction of the original.

u/AmadeusOrSo · 1 pointr/wiiu

Pro controller works for everything that the gamepad does. Dude, trust /u/nuclearOptimist and DrDroop on this: the PDP pad sucks.

If you absolutely have to get a pad on the cheap then get the HORI ones.

u/deshayzilla · 1 pointr/nintendo

Well you can always get this to use a gamecube controller. It will work with Wii U games that support the classic controller and classic controller pro, as well as Wii games that support the classic controller and classic controller pro.

u/Bigfork24 · 1 pointr/smashbros If this is what you are talking about, Does it function as a pro controller? or does it plug into a wii mote?

u/Mesmetron · 1 pointr/wiiu

He means those.

They act as classic controllers that plug into wiimotes.

u/Watergrip · 1 pointr/smashbros

Link is broken.

Actually, just googled it based on the name in the link. Found it here. It looks identical to the GameCube controller! Thanks.

u/Stacko · 1 pointr/smashbros

I was pretty mad that I couldn't get a GameCube adapter, but holy shit I bought a HORI Battle Pad and fell in love. If you want a Wireless experience with a GameCube controller without forking over big bucks on a WaveBird, or, like me, couldn't find a cheap adapter, this controller is the one for you.

u/Soaprman · 1 pointr/smashbros

I haven't tried it myself, but the HORI battle pad may be worth looking into. It's a classic controller (plugs into wiimote) shaped like a GC controller.

u/Zalozis · 1 pointr/smashbros

Classic Controller Pros are going to be very hard to find because they aren't produced anymore. If you can't find one, the Hori Pad is also an option since that plugs into Wiimotes as well.

u/Genghis_Tron187 · 1 pointr/wiiu

If you don't mind having to connect it to a wiimote, I'd suggest a Hori Battlepad. I picked one up last week and it works great. The best part is that you can use it with the Wiiv. I still plan on getting the adapter since I have 4 GC controllers from back in the day, but this definitely will help until they get stocked.

u/coknballs · 1 pointr/smashbros

Havent ever used them.

Here are some reviews on amazon

u/fissionxmailed · 1 pointr/smashbros

I know this might not be what you were hoping, but have you considered getting one of the pads in the GameCube layout?

Specifically the HORI Battle Pad for Wii U?

It's like PDP's pads that are GameCube layout, but has digital buttons for the Triggers (L & R) and the Shoulder buttons (ZL & ZR) are similar to a PlayStation's R1 and L1 (Soft press and not hard click).

I ordered both the Mario and Luigi one off Amazon and I personally love them and use them for a lot of my Wii and Wii U games that support the Classic controller.

Cons from my use during the week:

  • Wireless (I haven't noticed any lag, but I haven't done any actual lag input testing.)
  • No rumble (Controller is also on the lighter side because of no rumble motor. But for me this was a niche thing since I never noticed it in Melee and beyond.)
  • Wii-mote will consume batteries (If you don't have rechargeable ones for your Wii-motes.)
  • Menu buttons are made from mushy rubber material (These are prone to sticking due to the material, but you shouldn't be using those buttons much while playing.)

    Other than that it's essentially the same as a Gamecube with a few extras.

    EDIT: Forgot to add Walmart has them for cheapest ATM. ($25 MSRP) Amazon's has it a bit above MSRP due to demand since Nintendo underestimated the Adaptors and Amazon warehouses are sold out.
u/Ph4st · 1 pointr/gaming

Got the exact same feel, only the R and L buttons are now "normal buttons" instead of the deep triggers GameCube has, I got myself this and I love it!

u/ComparisonsToHitler · 1 pointr/SSBPM

I have the Mario and Luigi versions of the HORI battle pad controller, and they feel surprisingly similar to a gamecube controller, if a little light.

u/JohnyCalzone · 1 pointr/nintendo

Don't get the PDP fight pad. Those controllers aren't really made well. Get the HORI Battle Pad. This is what I used when I played Xenoblade Chronicles. The controller connects to your Wiimote like the classic controller does. That and it's made by HORI. They are THE third party accessory makers for Nintendo due to their high quality products.

u/XXXCheckmate · 1 pointr/smashbros
u/88MilesPrower · 1 pointr/wii

Worst case scenario, there's this out there. Plays like a GC controller but is recognized by the hardware as a classic controller. Less elegant and more expensive than software, though.

u/NathanMcQuaid · 1 pointr/smashbros

not particularly, tbh. Try a hori battle pad if you can get your hands on one

They're usually on amazon:

u/FlyingRock · 1 pointr/smashbros

The Hori Battle Pad may work, it plugs into the wiimote its self.. Provided you all have enough wiimotes to go around at least.

u/OutlawFMA · 1 pointr/smashbros

The Hori battle pad controllers look to be better made then the PDP and only need to be plugged into a Wii Mote for it to work.

u/Jedi_Pacman · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Hello. I have this controller that is also from HORI and the turbo button basically very quickly presses a button over and over again when you just hold it.

For example, I turn on turbo and hold the A button on the controller and the controller registers the A button over and over again. So I guess if there was a part in a game where I had to mash A to get out of something I could just turn on turbo and hold the A button and let it mash the button for me. I personally never use the turbo feature. Basically auto rapid fire.

It's called turbo because it registers the pressed button at "turbo" speeds, I guess.

It wasn't in the original trailer because the controller you have linked is from HORI, and they make third party accessories. All the accessories leaked today are from HORI and not from Nintendo, so of course this controller wouldn't be in the trailer. The controller in the trailer was an official controller from Nintendo where this one that you have linked is a third party one made by HORI.

u/Volerikan · 1 pointr/casualnintendo

You’re talking about these ones? Those are developed by Nintendo.

Then there are some Nintendo licensed third party controllers. Which look a lot like a GC controller.

u/poopnuts · 1 pointr/wiiu

As pigcheddars said, the Wii U Gamecube controller is only usable in Smash but you can use the Hori Battle Pad as a Wii Pro Controller.

u/Jakesta7 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Yeah, that was exactly the controller I was thinking about. I got the Luigi one for the Wii U. The A button just felt so clicky and cheap, which entirely ruined it for me. But this controller intrigues me since it's wireless and has all the buttons a pro controller has.

u/RakuenPrime · 1 pointr/wiiu

Keep in mind some alternatives exist. For example, the HORI Battle Pad plugs into a Wiimote and is similar to the GC controller. It can give you a GC feel without an adapter, with less wires strewn everywhere, and with a nice character-based paint job.

u/Jinstor · 1 pointr/wiiu

I got myself two of these, recently:

It's Gamecube controller-shaped Wii classic controller that plugs into Wii remotes. Great substitute for the gamecube adapter for Smash. I'm loving them so far.

u/Tito312 · 1 pointr/emulation

This, coupled with a Wiimote, which is Bluetooth and is possible to use on a pc, would be your best solution. Hori is known for quality third-party peripherals.

u/b_q · 1 pointr/wiiu

These are the ones you want. They lock into the bottoms of the wiimotes with a switch, have a turbo and LZ button on the adaptor, also have an indicator light, and you get two for $11 each. The other wired one is really only better if you want to use it for the NES classic as I'm sure these wont fit on well.

u/theRadiantLight · 1 pointr/smashbros

Kinda. In addition to what the others said, you can use the gc to wiimote adapters by mayflash to play MK8 with gc controllers (link: The Wii u thinks the controllers are wii classic pro controllers. It's what I do when I have friends over.

u/mydogisarobot · 1 pointr/wiiu

Yes! I got these:

We've used them with Mario Kart and Majora's Mask (through the Wii Virtual Console). The controller is recognized as a classic controller.

u/AlbertoTyp · 1 pointr/ssbb

I know Nintendont allows you to use GC controllers in virtualWii mode for Gamecube games. I haven't looked into it but maybe one of the USB loaders available for virtualWii would allow you to load Brawl through it and use the GC controller adapter?

If that doesn't work you could buy something like this, your GC controllers will get recognized as Classic Controllers which will work fine for Brawl. Not sure how well these kind of adapters work though.

u/Yes_I_Fuck_Foxes · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Well, if you want to compete in an arcade setting ever, you'll need to get used to this.

Which can be bought for the Wii U here.

u/partofthecreed · 1 pointr/Brawlhalla
u/sageredwood · 1 pointr/Switch

Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade 2, and Stardew Valley. I don't think you need a pro controller for these. I would suggest the pro controller for games that require more subtle input. Pick one up for doom or your first FPS that isn't using Gyro aiming; I also wouldn't play Dark Souls without a pro controller.

If you want to play any of the SNK fighting games or street fighter on switch I would forgot the pro controller and suggest one of two option.

  1. Budget: Get the Hori Pokken fight pad or a USB fight pad with an upgraded Dpad: Between 15 to 45$ depending on features and limited editions.

  2. $$$ Get Hori's Rap 5 fight stick for the switch. : About 150 without modification (I can see myself upgrading the buttons and adding my own artwork before too long).

    I purchased both and I have to tell you the fight stick wins hands down, even for Pokken. However the pokken fight pad is supreme for sonic mania & wonder-boy in monster world, and any 2D plat-former with limited button commands.

    Both controllers will need to be used when the switch is docked. I would personally rate the Hori gamepad with an 9/10 (10/10 if it had triggers on the side) and the Hori fight stick a 9/10 (upgrade to proper sawa buttons like the madcats sfv controller and I would change this to 11/10 any day)
u/xelonakias · 1 pointr/nesclassicmods

There is a HW repair (solder) by cluster. Seek it in this sub or on his site. The issue with 3d party lies in the signal quality. So you have to solder a diod if I recall correctly.
I think you can go for hori controllers. They work great with the nes mini unmodded. Check youtube.

those rock on the Nes mini.

u/SleepyIcarus · 1 pointr/PokkenGame

It's the controller specially made for Pokken, but compatible with Wii U. It's very similar to the control that they use in the arcade versions of the game.

u/Dadasas · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Looks like this one.

u/fulluphigh · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I'm not sure we're looking at the same thing, or maybe this just became available again since you posted that, but yo:

16 pounds. Kinda high but go go. That ships via Amazon Global, but it's still shipped and sold by Amazon, from one of their US warehouses, with a delivery guarantee. Have you tried calling around some local game stores?

u/AreJay25 · 1 pointr/smashbros
u/VidPower · 1 pointr/patientgamers

Believe it or not, the official Pokken Tournament controller is really really nice for a classic SNES controller feel. Best of all, no pesky analog stick to get in the way that many modern controllers have. I absolutely love the soft d-pad on it too. And if you're running modern Windows (especially 10), it will recognize the controller without much hassle.

u/martinwolfe686 · 1 pointr/Kappa

>Has nintendo ever been big on arcade sticks though?

No. By the time at home arcade sticks were a thing tournaments all around had a ps2 set standard (except for Melee brackets) due to the popularity of the console and the fact that more fighters came out for it. In turn, madcatz, mayflash, etc. didn't really produce fightsticks for the Gamecube.

This is really the first time Nintendo has had any sort of involvement with traditional fighting games, and I feel they just don't get the importance of fightsticks to certain players. And even after all the complaints they're releasing the 'HORI Pokken Tournament Pro Pad', aka the same fucking controller. It sort of seems they don't want the game to do well (like some other games they've made), but they obviously had to pay some bills to get Pokken, a game coming out 3 months prior with literally no player base or fan base, into EVO above many other games with guaranteed players/viewers.

u/bezem220 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Google and the search bar of this subreddit are your friend....

This is what you want.

u/RainbowScissors · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

>Main advantage against the first party thing is that you still get all your USB ports. And for me personally that you can pull out the brain of the box and use it as a dongle for your laptop/phone.

If people are just concerned about tabletop mode while charging and USB ports,there's a solution for that as well. Current pricing $28, and folds really slim. I LOVE it, but for me the jumpgate is a different solution entirely (we want another dock and also something to run Samsung dex). I'm sure I'll find other uses for the core drive as well.

u/spalding1250 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitchDeals

Also on Amazon.

I don't have the charging stand in the OP but I have the HORI Multiport USB Playstand (also NOT a mini dock) : $27.99. If you don't mind something bigger, it might be worth it for the extra USB ports, more stable stand, and multiple viewing angles.

u/PriceKnight · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitchDeals

Price History

  • HORI Nintendo Switch Multiport USB Playstand Nintendo Switch   ^PureLink
    CamelCamelCamel - [Info]Keepa - [Info]
  • Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand Switch   ^PureLink
    ReviewMeta: ★★★★✮ 4.4/5 from 54 valid reviews
    CamelCamelCamel - [Info]Keepa - [Info]

    Rook no further, PriceKnight is here!
    ^(Info) ^| ^(Developer) ^| ^(Inquiries) ^| ^(Support Me!) ^| **[^(Report Bug)](/message/compose?to=The_White_Light&subject=Bug+Report&message=%2Fr%2FNintendoSwitchDeals%2Fcomments%2Fcrl5mq%2Fwalmartus_adjustable_charging_stand_forthe%2Fex87mi8%2F%0D%0A%0D%0A
u/Mesad1996 · 1 pointr/SwitchHacks

A bit late to answer but there is a USB hub made by HORI and is officially licensed by Nintendo. You can get it here. I own one myself but have only tested it by using controllers with it and it worked fine and charged my switch at full speed. Check it out if you want.

u/Faptain_Calcon_ · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I saw this officially licensed tabletop mode usb hub and I was wondering if there was simply an accessory to charge my switch and use one usb accessory at the same time in handheld mode?

u/Nico_is_not_a_god · 1 pointr/smashbros
u/ThatOnePerson · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Hori's USB Stand works if you wanna spend the money on that.

u/ProSandBag · 1 pointr/smashbros

The dock that comes with the switch can do that..
If you need tabletop mode and charging + controllers then hori makes one that works. Be warned it charges slowly though. Amazon Link

u/CXurox · 1 pointr/smashbros

Both the pro controller have their strength as weaknesses, so it really depends on what you value more

GameCube controller:

  • Comfortable to hold
  • Really well built
  • Near universally used for tournaments
  • No lag because it's wired
  • Don't have to worry about battery life
  • Analog shoulder buttons
  • Notches for the C stick and Analog stick so your directional inputs will be more precise

  • Only one trigger button
  • No Home, Capture, or second pause button
  • Requires an adapter to use
  • Can't use in handheld mode unless you get a portable dock
  • No motion control/HD rumble/Amiibo comparability
  • Lack of buttons and features makes it hard to use for other games
  • There will likely be supply shortages when the new Smash Ultimate GameCube controllers come out

    Misc/Personal Preference:
  • Analog triggers
  • Different button layout

    Pro controller:
  • Very comfortable to hold
  • Really well built
  • Has an extra trigger button
  • Has a home button, capture button, and a second pause button
  • Has motion controls, NFC/Amiibo capabilities, HD rumble
  • You can use it in handheld mode without having to buy additional accessories
  • Fully compatible with other switch games
  • Convenience (you're not always going to have access to a GameCube controller, but you're always going to have access to something with a similar button layout to the Pro controller)

  • Digital triggers
  • Lag (you can also use it wired but that can actually make the controller more laggy than playing it wirelessly)
  • Battery life
  • No notches

    Misc/Personal Preference
  • Digital Triggers
  • Traditional diamond shaped button layout

    Like I said, both controllers feel amazing to use and are comfortable in your hands, so it all comes down to your own preference.

    A lot of the GameCube controller's problems (like needing a wired connection and the lack of buttons) can be solved by buying third party controllers. I know PowerA has a wireless GameCube controller with all the extra buttons and features coming out soon. It is important to note that third party GameCube controllers have a history of bring poorly made and breaking after a few weeks. Hori also has a portable stand for the Switch with a bunch of usb docks that you could use (I don't know how to put links into text because I don't really use Reddit that much so I'll link it below). I would be careful if you're going to use it because third party docks can brick your Switch.

    Hori Switch Dock:
    HORI Nintendo Switch Multiport USB Playstand - Nintendo Switch

    tl;dr GameCube controllers are great if you want to get really competitive with Smash but have a lot of issues regarding flexibility, while Pro controllers are great for adaptability but lag could become a problem.

    Edit: Some formatting stuff and moved the different trigger types under a new miscellaneous category
u/TheMagicPie · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

If you're willing to drop the money, you can get this stand from Hori.

u/Lutarisco · 1 pointr/casualnintendo

One option is the HORI Nintendo Switch Multiport USB Playstand, but I think (though I'm not really sure) that any USB hub will suffice.

u/Adobz · 1 pointr/pokemongo

If you live in Canada, Amazon has had them in stock since yesterday.

u/SpicyThunder335 · 1 pointr/pokemongo

No, that's what the $35 accessory is for.

u/Tagruato_Corporation · 1 pointr/pokemongo


Looks like the preorders are all sold out. There's eBay listings up to 700 dollars for a preorder spot.

u/IphoneMiniUser · 1 pointr/Seattle

You can walk around without staring at your phone, it has a vibrate function and you can also buy the companion watch.

u/AutoModerator · 1 pointr/GameDeals

Charity links:

u/HuntersTalon · 1 pointr/fortwayne

Pre-orders for the bluetooth bracelet is live on Amazon:

u/DetachableMonkey · 1 pointr/pokemongo

If you have the Pokémon Go Plus accessory, both it and your smartphone will vibrate when a pokemon is nearby.

Edit: Not sure why the down votes, but from the amazon order page, it says "When the smart phone with Pokemon GO and the paired Pokemon GO Plus accessory are within range of each other, both will begin to vibrate when a Pokemon is close by."

u/Desimated · 1 pointr/pokemongo

I quite literally check these two sites right before writing the above reply:

u/Tetroy64 · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Considering they are sold out everywhere...... and the only place I have called that will have them in 100% confirmed is Gamestop! Just make sure to be at Gamestop a little bit before it opens and then that should secure your chance of getting one! That is what I will be trying to do tomorrow!

u/ThirdJewel · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Heads up, it's actually in stock at Walmart and it isn't actually that expensive to get it though Amazon. Got links if you still want them. Good luck

u/TunerSteve · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Im pretty sure amazon wouldnt sell this saying its by Nintendo..


u/Vissarionn · 1 pointr/pokemongo

It's called "Pokemon Go Plus" and costs around 35$ (it is official item).

u/TH3SCARFATH3R · 1 pointr/pokemongo

If you're using dollars, as I'm assuming because of your use of the dollar sign, then you got jipped.

Nintendo Pokemon GO Plus Bluetooth Bracelet

u/KNightweb · 1 pointr/PokemonGoSpoofing

I imagine the reason is there are two "Poke-Pals". the official one from Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus (1) then theres another one from Datel that actually spins and catches for you called a "Go-tcha" (2). there is technically a third with is the Pokeball controll that comes/goes with the Let's Go Games (3) anyway just thought I'd chip in while looking for a way to sign uncovered \^\^,

u/Coochiemold · 1 pointr/Flipping

I was able to get a Pokémon Go Plus device/watch yesterday, and I'm really trying to get rid of it for the holiday season. I've listed it on eBay with a 3 day auction and BIN at $89.99 (paid $35). I've seen similar BINs around the same price point, so I don't think it's listed too high. Also, I started my auction $52.

This is the product if you're unfamiliar:

u/Pirate_King_Kuroashi · 1 pointr/TheSilphRoad

The difference depends on where you live. I've paid 44€ for the gotcha while I've paid 39€ for the go plus. Here as sample [amazon]
( has the gotcha for 49$ and [amazon] ( has the go plus for 34,99$. Not saying this is the cheapest though, its very likely both cheaper on ebay maybe theres even an offer that ships somewhat in the beginning of the event.

u/LitigatedLaureate · 1 pointr/PokemonGoPittsburgh

I'm not sure that's a question I can answer for you. At first I planned on waiting. However after 2 months I had had no luck getting it for $30. They were just being sold out too fast. However, prices have gone down. I got mine for $80 in decemeber. Last week, I saw them on amazon for $35 and now they are out there for under $50.

So it really depends on how willing you are to spend money and how much of a help you think this Go+ will be to you specifically after reading everything that's been posted in this thread.

For me, the Go+ works brilliantly and I couldn't imagine playing without it. I would definitely buy now instead of waiting. However, I don't mind spending the money and your situation might be different. I will say that personally I'm glad to have spent $80 over a month ago and had it this past month instead of spending $35 five days ago and just be getting it now. But that's me.

u/DpwnShift · 1 pointr/TheSilphRoad

You can't even buy this $34.99 device on amazon for less than $100.

u/theblackxranger · 1 pointr/TheSilphRoad

looks like its not on sale by amazon anymore, only third party. I pre-ordered mine back in june

u/RedxEyez · 1 pointr/TheSilphRoad
u/retlaf · 1 pointr/truegaming

219$? That's nothing. I found a Nintendo Wii for 55$!

In another year I'm sure it'll drop even more. Spending 800$+ on a PC is laughable.

u/TruckJitsu · 1 pointr/smashbros

Yeah no shit. And 2ms is nothing dude. You gain widescreen with progressive output. And it does matter if you could use a working 144hz display because you have to take in account frame transmission.

For every 60hz display, you'll have 16.67ms frame transmission to display that frame. If you have a 144hz display, you will have only 7ms of frame transmission. So even if you add the lag of 2ms from input processing, it's still less than 10ms overall to display each full frame. By the way, CRTs do have input lag and it's not 0ms. The input lag from a CRT is like 670 nanoseconds or 0.00067ms (which is super negligible, but it's worth mentioning for sake of discussion).

How do you think other games are played dude? You think everyone uses a CRT? No, because 2ms is negligible - especially considering the GameCube's native send rate is 6ms. Obviously, for 60hz displays, CRT is the best for input lag, but 2ms is not going to matter. Human reaction time averages around 200ms. And there is not usually scenarios that come up that rely on a direct reaction. Even with a powershield, you're visually watching the projectile coming at you and can time when you're going to press the button.

The future will probably be on Dolphin with 144hz displays with adapters that have 1ms refresh rate/polling rates. It's possible there to have full RGB 4:4:4 widescreen progressive output with the ability to scale to HD resolutions with anti-aliasing. If the way the Raphnet adapter syncs it's polling rate to it's refresh/send rate holds true, then it's possible to have 1ms of adapter lag only instead of 6ms if you overclock your USB ports polling rate to 1000hz. That already beats a GameCube + CRT (22.67ms vs 9.95ms). Now if you take into account the graphics cards getting better and better, the GPU time will diminish as well. Also Dolphin efficiency will keep improving as well.

But that's all theoretical. Right now, the best way to play IMO (if you make considerations for progressive and widescreen output), is to get a Wii with GameCube inputs, a Sewell Wii to HDMI Converter, and a BenQ Gaming Monitor with Nintendont and the 20XX pack. If you only care about Input Lag, yeah "technically" a CRT + GameCube/Wii is better by 2ms because 144hz displays aren't working correctly with consoles. So like I said, for 60hz displays, CRTs win by a very negligible amount but you give up having progressive widescreen output. And yes I know they have made a few progressive 16:9 CRTs but they are extremely rare and it's not full RGB 4:4:4 (HDMI > VGA or Component).

Overall, my point is that Melee HD with a Gaming Monitor is completely competitively viable and you claimed above "display lag is a downside" - as if it is not a viable option. The problem isn't the 2ms of display lag - the problem was the adapters/converters. Before the Wii, to convert 480p progressive component analog, it took too much time. Like over a frame in a lot of cases. It just so happened that with the Wii, people were able to create an HDMI output. Nearly all communities stopped using CRTs a long time ago. (Although Speedrunners use CRTs for the same issue. Because it's more cost effective and consoles don't support 144hz output). But again, how do you think other gamers (who aren't limited from old-analog-only-consoles) are playing?

They're playing on Gaming Monitors.


u/Aegisth · 1 pointr/smashbros

I know you said that you don't want to buy a console but think of this:

  • Nintendo Wii - $60
  • Melee - $50
  • GC Controller - $30
  • GC Memory Card - $10

    You'll get started with Melle for $150. Less if you can buy locally and find things on CL.

    Otherwise, if you want to do Melee. Dolphin and Melee with a GC controller and Adapter will be the best for you.
u/Gecko99 · 1 pointr/Games

Looks like it's more expensive to get it if you don't get the bundle. You can always buy used, too.

u/skwigger · 1 pointr/gaming

while his prices are a bit steep, there does seem to be a wii shortage right now, even on amazon.

u/youreabuttface · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

1.21 gigawatts

You're amazing for this contest, seriously. A used wii if there is one less than $50 at the ending of the contest there usually is. Or a surprise! (:

u/PikaPikaChick · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Question 1: Way behind on the times here, but I'd really like a Wii.

Question 2: I'd like to get Wii Fit and I really think my daughter would enjoy a lot of the games. She has trouble working a PS3 controller on the rare occasions we let her play her PooYoo games.

Reddit Raffle Phrase: Saving Private Ryan

u/chocolatekeith · 1 pointr/SSBPM

Please just use the tried in true method of using an SD Card + Brawl. Nintendo is still distributing Brawl at a reasonable price, so you really have no excuse.

u/Knoxisawesome · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Not sure if I'm doing this right.
8. (A lot of people seem to hate it.)

u/Beefmagigins · 1 pointr/gaming
u/wintersleep13 · 1 pointr/Edmonton


Brawl for 35 bucks

u/coilerr · 1 pointr/SSBM

You can connect a Wii to a CRt monitor and it looks great, via this cable . And its the perfect netplay monitor as It has virtually no lag. Definitely go for it.

u/quanganhdo · 1 pointr/WiiHacks

I don't think there's a way to make it work.

This is what I'm using for my Wii-to-VGA-monitor setup: Wii/PS3 VGA HDTV AV Cable and it works surprisingly well.

u/StabbyMcKniferson · 1 pointr/SSBM

I have a wii, would it be acceptable to go with something like this?

u/AlexCL · 1 pointr/PS3

This might work...VGA doesn't carry audio so you'll need headphones or external speakers.

u/mestisnewfound · 1 pointr/buildapc

i cant find the specifications on the monitor but based on the history ive seen with similar monitors it wouldnt have dvi so some component to vga is what youll have to use but i found this for you to use with the ps3

u/psijazz135 · 1 pointr/SSBM

Would using a wii to VGA cable like this be a better option (than wii to hdmi) for playing on a monitor as the signal doesnt have to be converted to digital?

u/TheTechMonkey · 1 pointr/techsupport
u/rawesome32 · 1 pointr/crtgaming

I got the Mayflash VGA cable for Wii and it works fine with my VGA CRT.

Does this cable actually convert a non RGB signal? It seems to output pretty good quality.

u/SeriouslyLaughing · 1 pointr/PS3

Crap you're right. I think the only limitation is what your monitor can support, but I could be wrong. OP might be interested in this.

u/Timnaaatjeuh · 1 pointr/wii

I use a “wii/ps3 to vga cable” i bought on amazon de. Works great!

Edit: link

u/fgutz · 1 pointr/wii

make sure you look for one that's shielded well.

I bought this one and kept having issues where the screen would go blank once in a while randomly and also when my window a/c unit (4 feet away) would turn on from fan to cool.

u/mrhomiec · 1 pointr/nintendo

here's an example:

Gen USB Charge Cable for Nintendo 3DS/DSI/DSIXL

u/jerf · 1 pointr/3DS

You can grab something like this if you want be cheaper about it. It works fine for my 3DS original; I've charged it on nothing but USB for over a year now. Then you just use any USB wall wart you may have lying around, though you should use a name-brand quality one if you like your electronics.

u/phatmaster · 1 pointr/3DS

check your power port, make sure you don't have metal shavings or something in there. The only way to kill these adapters is to short them out. I have also heard bad things about the bulk adapters on amazon, some of them are fakes and give inconsistent voltages when checked with a multimeter. If you can't find one in a local store you can order a new one from nintendo's website.

Also, you may want to try a USB adapter. You will be able to try multiple chargers this way which should help you troubleshoot.

u/Zeretha · 1 pointr/3DS

Pretty much any starter kit is just cheap crap. I'd advise you to just spend a little extra and buy quality.

Styli. Basically the only spare bulk pack available at the moment, hence the long shipping wait.

Car charger I would instead buy either a portable power bank and 3DS USB cable or a USB car charger like this and a 3DS USB cable. A power bank would be a good bit more expensive but is really nice to have if you have a lot of electronics you bring with you. Here's a pretty good one.

Great card case holder.

Budget but good carrying cases: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Yes, its more expensive to go this route. But I promise you that you will be happy you did. I bought those crappy starter kits for my GBC, GBA, and DS. The stuff was low quality and generally just doesn't last. I bought stuff for my 3DS similar to what I've linked here and have been much happier with the quality and make

u/delecti · 1 pointr/3DS

My suggestion would be to get a USB power cable (something like this) and an external USB battery (something like this). I've personally used that cable with that battery and my 3DS while on the go.

u/Carole4815 · 1 pointr/3DS

I have been using this one from Amazon constantly since January 20th as the only power source for my original 3DSXL at first, and for my N3DSXL after I received that one on February 17th. It works just fine, and charges both in sleep mode and normal mode just like the original Nintendo charger did AFAIK except that it plugs into my computer's USB port. I haven't timed them both to see if one is faster than the other but I have no complaints.

It's $6.10 now, although it was about a buck cheaper back then. It seems fine to me.

u/Olgaar · 1 pointr/wiiu

Looks like Metroid Prime Trilogy is available for $90 used on Amazon? Yikes.

u/zaqufant · 1 pointr/gaming

It's now all motion control like the third one, but it looks better.

u/mista0sparkle · 1 pointr/Games

You're lucky you could even get it a month ago; It's out of print. Look how much it is on amazon.

u/flowwolfx · 1 pointr/Games

I get taken here. I can probably hunt down a copy on local shelves as well .

It is a limited edition it turns out so yeah it's out of print. There were only so many made in the first place. There are still many copies available.

u/Antiform3 · 1 pointr/wiiu



They aren't realistic prices, some games are just inflated out the wazzoo on Amazon.

u/Malorajan · 1 pointr/wiiu

New official Wii Classic Controller Pros go for around $50 online and since they're out of production it's very unlikely you'll find one in a store.

u/MotchoIV · 1 pointr/PokkenGame

I was talking about this one
thx for the answer tho forgot to say pro controller my bad

u/hypermog · 1 pointr/Games

The pro controller doesn't use sockets -- unless you mean USB in which case it is a different socket. The classic controller pro does use the Wiimote socket.

u/LegendReborn · 1 pointr/Games

Ahhh, I see. What you're referring to as the classic controller others are saying is the pro controller.

Apparently, this is the classic controller and the one you are showing is called the classic controller pro.

u/ungoogleable · 1 pointr/Android

Ah, for a second I thought it worked without the Wiimote. If it still has to be plugged in, how is it any different than the Wii Classic Controller Pro? Amazon has them for $15.

Edit: In retrospect, I see you have the Wii Wireless Retro Controller, which does work like I thought, but you linked to the wired version, presumably because the wireless version is out of stock.

u/Klisk · 1 pointr/gaming

This looks like all the fan mock-ups of the controllers....

So either the fans just guessed right, or it's faked... It seems hard to believe they would make it look that way.

Then again, same shape as the Pro, huh?

u/Z-Ninja · 1 pointr/wiiu

>Where is the cheapest I can find a classic controller pro?

Amazon is your best bet.

They aren't being manufactured anymore.

These fight pads work exactly like classic controllers.

>Does sonic all stars racing support a pro controller?


>Are there still people online on Injustice Gods Among Us or Mass Effect 3?

Pretty dead compared to any other console, but you'll occassionally get lucky.

> Does Injustice and Mass Effect have any of the dlc released

Some Injustice DLC.

Mass Effect comes with some, but not all is available (particularly the Omega DLC).

>Are all the lego games (lego marvel, batman 2 and 3) lacking dlc on wii u?

Correct, no DLC.

u/Pilcrow182 · 1 pointr/gamecollecting

My friend has that and loves it. Personally though, a GC controller feels much more awkward to use than a PS2 controller. When I'm emulating an N64 on my computer, I usually use a 360 controller or a Logitech Gamepad (which is styled after the PS2 controller). So on the physical system, the PS2->N64 adapter here seems like it would be much nicer (and more familiar) for me than using a GC controller...

That said, the original Wii Pro controller is a fantastic middle-ground between GC and PS2, better than either one really; I'd love to find an adapter for using one of those instead!

u/MoneyForNothin · 1 pointr/patientgamers

I actually just borrowed melee from a friend! And I've been playing smash bros since the n64 version, but I've never actually owned a nintendo console until now. Now my problem is that I don't have any gamecube controllers. Is the Classic Controller Pro any good for smash bros? I also see some used gamecube controllers for $14, so I might just go with that.

u/Dynablade_Savior · 1 pointr/wii

You can use the Wii Classic Controller (, but that's all I know about the VWii. Even with the adapter, GCN controllers won't work on the VWii. If you want more controller options, see if the game is available on the Wii U EShop. Good luck.

u/ez617 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/JonyclP · 1 pointr/WiiHacks

It's a "Wii Classic Controller Pro".
Sorry for not being specific enough xD
Do you think it will work?

u/kevin24lg · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

Go to target and/or gamestop etc and buy the Classic Wiimote Controller. It plugs into the standard wiimote, but give you all that same buttons as the PS3 remote. This is what I use

When you have it, just plug it up to the wiimote, then turn on the Wii Remote control app. It should find it no problem, it will say "Classic Controller detected!" Hit a couple of button and you should see that it's registering.

Edit: Make sure its the official Nintendo Wii Classic controller, it will have the Wii logo on the front. I bought a cheap one off of Amazon and it didn't work at all.

u/QueenMeteor · 1 pointr/smashbros

My controller of choice is the Wii Classic Controller Pro. The face buttons can take a bit of getting used to, but the sticks are really nice and have the same octagon gates, it feels good to hold, and the shoulder buttons are worlds better than the GC's shoulder buttons. The GC's shoulder buttons are the sole reason I can never use that controller

edit: this thing Not the wii u pro controller

u/neogohan · 1 pointr/wiiu

The "Classic Controller Pro", right? Not the WiiU "Pro Controller"?

u/enzothelorenzo · 1 pointr/smashbros

Wii U Pro Controller,
Wii Classic Pro Controller, or the
Wii U Smash Wireless GC Controllers

I highly recommend these three if you can't find the adapter and if you want to be comfortable to play SSB then the three that I mention will do but if you want to use the controllers with other games then I highly recommend the Wii U Pro since the controller is mostly compatible with other games.

u/KogaHarine · 1 pointr/wiiu
u/letransient · 1 pointr/gaming

Unless I'm mistaken, my all-time favourite controller isn't pictured: The Wii Classic Pro

I honestly would have thought it impossible to improve on the SNES controller for playing SNES games, but they managed it.

u/souffle-etc · 1 pointr/wiiu

If you want a good aftermarket controller, get the generic brand Classic Pro Controller. If you want to make sure you get the official Nintendo version, that one's Here..

The Classic Pro is fantastic for what you want to do, since GC controllers are not yet compatible. Personally, at this stage I'd rather just wait two months so I can play using a GC controller, but keep in mind that it has not been announced whether the GC adapter will work in the Wii menu through the Wii U.

u/NekoMajutsu · 1 pointr/gaming

There are a number of controller made by Nintendo for both systems.


Wiimote + Nunchuk

Wii Classic Controller

Wii Classic Controller Pro

Wii U:

Wii U Gamepad

Wii U Pro Controller

All are made by Nintendo. Just what I could think of off the top of my head, I may be missing some for either system.

u/DigitalChocobo · 1 pointr/Android

On Amazon you can get a Wii Remote and a Wii Classic Controller Pro for about $35. It's a little clunky to have two things connected together, but it works well and the controller is nice.

u/netinept · 1 pointr/anime

I'm guessing they wanted to draw the Wii with the Classic Controller.

u/ToasterToasts · 1 pointr/Tetris99

8bitdo bluetooth controller adapter + Wii Classic Controller Pro

The only way to play. best d-pad I've used out of any controller.

u/chiefsucker · 1 pointr/wii

It really depends on how much quality you demand. I for myself was never happy with knockoffs and always bought (and still buy) original controllers, no matter for which platform. Especially for the Wii there are sometimes promotions in local stores, i.e. I got a Wii Classic Controller Pro for 18 € in a local store. That’s pretty decent and I also use it to play games in DeSmuME.

u/ThreeTwenty320 · 1 pointr/nintendo

You'll need the Wii Remote anyway (the Wii U's Pro controller doesn't work for Wii games either). This is the controller I was talking about that you'd need for the VC games.

Personally, I'd recommend you get all 3 (Wiimote, Nunchuck, and Classic Controller), but if you can't then the one you get will depend on which games you'd rather play.

u/Demented_Jester · 1 pointr/smashbros

How about this? Unless you meant the actual gamecube controller, in which case best bet would be to try off ebay, or go to Amazon and get them used. You could try this used, but idk if it's guaranteed to be a Nintendo brand and not off brand. Regardless, the chance is only about $15.

u/Goldfisho · 1 pointr/3DS

I tried using the Wii classic controller to play brawl the other day so I could get used to the feel of what a 3DS would be like. I was just using the default controls, so X was jump, A was attack and B was special. I need to rebind I think because I just couldn't get my head around jump, I would move my thumb right and just press A to jump.

So someone hits me off a platform and then my guy just goes punch as he glides to his doom. So the tiniest change of keys messed up my play pretty bad.

That same day I tried Super smash flash for the first time, with the awkward as heck U I O P keys. I picked it up almost instantly. What the heck brain. I guess muscle memory was really screwing me over xD

u/SirRuto · 1 pointr/gamingnews

This newer model of the classic controller is a lot easier on the hands. I know my Smash Bros.-playing friends love it to death.

u/flotador7 · 1 pointr/nintendo

If you were a virgin on both consoles, I would say 3DS just for simplicity sake; but since you already own a 3DS, I think the wii is a good choice.

Just like Dominic4523 said, make sure it is one of the backwards compatible models if you plan to play gamecube games.

Also, you need to know that you will need a lot of stuff to fully enjoy what the wii has to offer.

You need a wiimote + nunchuck for most wii games. Some will only need the wiimote, but most will need you to have both, for every player too.

If you plan to play gamecube games, you'll need a gamecube controller and a gamecube memory card to save your progress. Those games are not playable with the wiimote.

Last, if you plan to get virtual console games, you'll need a classic controller model 1 or model 2; and also, the wii shop channel will not be selling points starting next Monday March 26th, so you'll have to check the store asap for potential purchases.

If after knowing all that you still want a wii, go for it, but it is definitely way easier to just got a new 3DS.

u/baruch_shahi · 1 pointr/gaming

Are you talking about the Wiimote + nunchuk, specifically?

Wii also supported Gamecube controllers and the Classic Controllers

u/chompythebeast · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Well apparently Nintendo doesn't sell its own version anymore, but you can get fully functional 3rd party adapters for around $10 on Amazon. Just search for 'Wii Lan Adapter' - you'll find models like this one.

u/Zorpix · 1 pointr/wiiu

I have one. It's pretty cool. It works. It's super fast. You can probably go for a third party one though. Nintendo claims only theirs works, but this one is the one I have, and it works just dandy

u/Yvendous · 1 pointr/Splatoon_2

I bought a knockoff for about $8 USD made for the Wii. Mine looks like this but mine's not even name brand and this one is on sale.. Typically you use this when your wireless router doesn't give a strong enough signal. I hear a lot of people doing absolutely fine with modern routers.

u/moodyssbm · 1 pointr/wiiu

I've heard that 3rd party network adapters like that one work with both PC and Wii/U/Switch. Is this true? I'd love to have the option for the consoles and my MacBook since the newer models don't have a CATV port.

Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. :)

u/theGalaxyBird · 1 pointr/wiiu


With smash impending, I want to pick up a wifi adapter for my wii u. I've looked on

but it doesn't list any, and Amazon has a ton of options:

this one is well reviewed

but I don't have any experience with HDE. Could anyone offer any input?


u/TheStoppingLine3 · 1 pointr/smashbros

I bought this one a couple of months ago, and it's been fantastic for me.

u/picano · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Dunno, but apparently I I still have the amazon links to the ones I've used:



u/Loyotaemi · 1 pointr/wiiu

I actually bought a generic wii lan adapter similar to this. However, the brand I got was HDE . I was lucky that people were asking questions about it because it was there i figured out it worked for the Wii U. In my case, there was no issue with this one. It worked right out of the box bag. I can't say anything about the one you currently have, but I can say that not all the offbrand ones have this issue.

u/M-Tiger · 1 pointr/wiiu

The number one thing I recommend is to get a wired network adapter. I grabbed one of them off Amazon for like $10 and haven't regretted it.

With ZombiU, you'll have to go into the game settings and tell it to pump the sound out of the controller. You will have to use both the controller and monitor to play the game though.

With MH3U, after you update the game, you can go into the settings and enable Type 2 for the controller for off-screen play. This will make all the audio for the game come out of the controller, and the controller will mirror the monitor. You can turn off the monitor and just use the controller, or you can use the monitor and not look at the controller, whichever is more convenient for you. (With Type 1, the monitor will show the game and the controller will show some touchscreen options, sorta like you're playing a giant 3DS. I forget if audio comes out of the controller in this case or not.)

Btw, I recommend using some nice headphones with the gamepad, as well as setting the sound output for the gamepad to surround.

u/Tainysi · 1 pointr/wiiu

I personally have one. It's definitely way more comforting to use than wireless. I believe most people have this one

I have this one

u/aranyx · 1 pointr/Games

I was also getting some really awful network speeds on my Wii U. I ended up picking up a USB Wired Network adapter and that seems to have fixed the problem entirely.

u/tensaibaka · 1 pointr/gadgets

IIRC they were only made for Club Nintendo Platinum members in Japan?

u/daguil68367 · 1 pointr/retrogaming
u/onlylikeHALFthetime · 1 pointr/gaming

I use this one to play mario maker on my wiiu and I love it, I have never had a problem with it.

u/FunkyBoost · 1 pointr/miniSNES

It's going to be cool using the SNES controllers on the NES Classic. I do feel bad for the people who dropped $70+ on the Club Nintendo Super Famicom controller.

u/OneBagTravel · 1 pointr/snes

Looks like they're using similar (slightly smaller) packaging as the Japanese exclusive Nintendo Club controller.

u/5-s · 1 pointr/miniSNES

There was even an official SNES controller that was available as part of club nintendo: It's kind of expensive now, but it certainly was possible to use real controllers.

u/RansomIblis · 1 pointr/miniSNES

And right now on my WiiU I'm able to play NES, SNES, N64, GC, Wii, and WiiU games with homebrew. You can also head to eBay to pick up a SNES controller that plugs into Wii remotes (or Amazon, apparently... wow) to play SNES games the way they were meant to be played. It's a golden age.

u/Shifted4 · 1 pointr/miniSNES

It fits the controllers fine. I have the club nintendo super famicom wii controller ( and use it as a second controller for my nes classic and it fits in the case. The foam sort of molds around the sides of the controller since it is slightly wider than an nes controller. I would imagine the snes would fit as well though the cutout may not be exactly perfect. That foam kind of molds around stuff though so it would probably work fine if they don't release a new one and the snes classic is the same size or slightly larger. If it was smaller it might flop around but I doubt it is smaller.

u/ShallowGrvy · 1 pointr/nesclassicmods

amazon used section, first listing says "Back-ordered. Due in stock February 11 " they had 3 two days ago

u/TheZetastar · 1 pointr/JRPG

You could get the Wii physical version if you have that. It's not nearly as expensive as it used to be because of the ports, and Amazon has it for $35 right now.

u/grandpaseth18 · 1 pointr/Xenoblade_Chronicles

You can get the original for $50 now. If you enjoyed XCX even in the slightest, you should definitely play it.

u/Fronteror · 1 pointr/Xenoblade_Chronicles

Cheapest on Amazon is still way overpriced for a game that's 6 years old now, even if it's rare.

My credit/debit card doesn't work with German Paypal, regardless of how much I yell at it.

u/isaxus · 1 pointr/Xenoblade_Chronicles
This is a bit expensive but would solve all problems except the nunchuck one :c

u/SafetyPotato123 · 1 pointr/nintendo

The game is not available on the eshop in NA but you can find it here

u/OreoCupcakes · 1 pointr/nintendo

Uh what are you talking about? It's $60 on Amazon as well and there were reprints of the game recently being passed around.

u/bobitsch · 1 pointr/GameDeals

I just had a look at

As great as this game is, WTF is wrong with the pricing there?!

Used prices start at $136, new at $175...

edit: Apparently the release for the west was an exclusive to Gamestop, and still is it seems. And there are not going to be more supplies.

That is crazy..

u/scrndude · 1 pointr/Games

I think that's because the UK had a much larger print run than the NA run. I don't know if you can see this from the UK, but here's the NA page for Xenoblade:

The cheapest used copy costs $94.99 + $3.99 shipping. Lowest brand new price is $194.99 + $3.99 shipping.

u/FuzzyMcLumkins · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This c:

It's a 200 dollar game. Cmon XD

u/GENOCIDEGeorge · 1 pointr/gaming

I'm surprised it's so expensive in America... it's $50 standard at EB Games, and EB is generally considered the most expensive of all our game retailers.



u/altbecausedownvotes · 1 pointr/gaming
u/cybrian · 1 pointr/gamecollecting

The Japanese ones with a box that looks like OP's are not knockoffs. I have three of them, and I paid between $35-50 for all three new in box. Unlike the one OP shows in the picture none of the three I bought came shrink-wrapped, oddly enough, but the controller had sticky protective plastic over it and blue plastic and a twist tie over the wire in a very Nintendo-trademark sort of way. I personally wouldn't be afraid of ordering a Japanese one. Just ensure that the one you're ordering says "Nintendo Super Famicom" on it, and you can be reasonably sure it's legit. Bootleggers usually leave out the logos.

As far as making your own goes, the circuit board in the Wii version is the only major difference between the two (hence why you can swap it into an American controller shell for purple Freedom Buttons) but it makes it impossible to make your own — the standard Classic Controller uses a completely different circuit board that would never fit. Simply replacing the wire wouldn't make it work, because it'd still be "speaking SNES," when the real board is "speaking Wii Classic Controller."

The only way you'd be able to make one yourself would be with a microcontroller between the SNES controller's board and the Wii Remote, translating all the button presses from SNES to Wii. Building one yourself and especially installing it inside the controller's shell would be very impractical, but this exists:

u/TokyoSamus · 1 pointr/nesclassicmods

Hyperkin cheaped out by not up-volting. What a shame. But you may be onto something. This adapter could be upvolting to 5. The old version w-005 worked with the NES advantage and capcom power stick. People are saying this in the reviews on amazon:

u/facetiousfag · 1 pointr/WiiHacks

Classic controller is your best bet if you're looking at OEM hardware.

Mayflash make an adapter however that lets you connect classic/original controllers to the Wii remote,

All third party controllers I have seen are absolute aids otherwise.

u/desktop_version_bot · 1 pointr/wii
u/Radium99 · 1 pointr/minines

Thanks for the info. I just ordered one of these this morning to use my NES Advantage on the classic but it sounds like my plan isn't going to work. At least I can still use it with the original controllers.

I wonder why the NES Advantage doesn't work? I thought it used the same controller signals as the standard controllers so I figured it would just work. Maybe it needs more power for the extra features (turbo, slow)?

I wonder if these would work with the Advantage?

Retro Fighter


u/TempusCavus · 1 pointr/RetroPie

this one has worked fine for me, but try other stuff before spending more money.

u/strainComment · 1 pointr/retrogaming

I personally purchased a mayflash adapter, .

I've read some conflicting reviews on this product, but at $10 I think it's worth a shot. Still waiting on the adapter, but let you know how it performs later this week.

Also, those raphnet chips looks interesting and a fun little project to undertake, but didn't really know the quality of it so I opted out going that route (though still interested).