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u/thatJainaGirl · 167 pointsr/smashbros

As of right now, it's just the Mayflash Wii U/PC adapter, and it currently only supports one controller (all four ports act as P1), but it's a start!

u/evilcheerio · 105 pointsr/Games

I use the wii u pro controller as well as the wii u gamepad and it has a similar button layout. It seem to work out just fine for me and I find it less awkward then the playstation layout on the dual shock controllers.

u/Psyonix_Corey · 53 pointsr/nintendo

Hi kevcorky,

While Rocket League does require a higher connection quality than some other titles, we do have a lot of players with solid wireless connections that play just fine. In terms of our internal testing of Switch, it's running great over wifi.

That said, we do know some players have run into issues with their home wireless networks and online play, and there are a few things to discuss on that front.

  1. There is an officially licensed Ethernet adapter for the Switch available if you experience connection quality issues over wifi.
  2. We are implementing additional network options in a future update to let users control the rate of network updates sent to/from the game client. This may improve reliability on some networks where our frequent update rate can cause problems.
u/fredisawesome · 50 pointsr/gaming

You could use a Wii U Pro Controller!

Not confirmed, this is my personal speculation

u/MrPerson0 · 43 pointsr/smashbros

Please note that the official Nintendo Switch LAN uses the ASIX AX88179 chipset, which is basically the best one for the Switch to use and the one you should recommend. I would completely ignore the first LAN adapter you linked to, and primarily suggest the second one you linked to, or this one which is a few cents cheaper.

u/nahcabmA · 29 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/Trainkid9 · 26 pointsr/videos

To play this game you need to get a Wii U. You can play any Wii U game ^^(obviously) and you can play any Wii game. It also has Virtual Console which is older games from the NES to the Gamecube you can download and play on your Wii U.

u/tapetum_lucidum · 25 pointsr/wiiu

I saw a post a few days back about GameStop having Wii U for $99 USD. New Wii Us are very expensive.

u/editorgolden · 24 pointsr/GameDeals

yes but you have to get the adapter

u/athros · 22 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Not sure if you're being sarcastic, but if you're not - Link

u/joshoheman · 20 pointsr/wiiu

Or save everyone the grief and link directly to Amazon US for $42

u/TydeQuake · 19 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Well that did make my frontal lobe hurt. My whole brain, rather.

>A graphics card costs more than a Wii U, PS4 or Xbox One.

No. A Wii U costs $320, a PS4 costs $390 and an Xbox One costs $300.

My video card, an AMD Radeon HD 7850, costs $170. It runs everything on highest settings (that includes Skyrim with lots of (graphical) mods, and more).

(I don't have a VisionTek video card, but it's basically the same thing.)

Edit: some words.

u/RandomPandah · 19 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Just tried using the mayflash gamecube adapter, it works if you use pc mode! There isn't any noticeable delay.

Link to adapter:

EDIT: You need to have the black cable plugged into the dock (The white one isn't needed for only 1 controller, don't know about multiple controllers) and have your controller in the player 2 port.

EDIT 2: Thanks to /u/IcyAthene we know that the C-stick is not properly mapped and the analog stick is basically a DPad and that multiple controllers behave as one. I only tested it in mario kart so i didn't realize it :(

u/JacobRaser · 18 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

TL;DR: eSports

r/smashbros is buzzing over rumors of a smash bros wii u port and Smash Bros Melee on the rumored GameCube Virtual Console. They are hopeful that the Wii U gamecube adapter will work with these titles on Switch, or that a similar device will be made for Switch. The dock has the USB ports to use with this. The smash community works (for the most part) on the basis of people bringing their TV and console, and (in the wii u community) their GC adapter, to events to set-up. The bag has space for the dock which would brought to these events. Excluding the GC adapter, and that smash is all players on a single large screen, look at the end of the original Switch video for a similar scenario.

u/PM_UR_ITTIE_BITTIES · 17 pointsr/AskMen
u/Deathrayer · 17 pointsr/NintendoSwitch If you don’t want to wait until 2019 to play smash with GCC you can get this adapter, which works just as well as the official Nintendo one, and even works for pc. I’ve owned it for almost 2 years now and haven’t had a single issue

u/Polarthief · 16 pointsr/smashbros

Same here, haven't tested mine on switch, but it is in fact Mayflash and works perfectly on Wii U.

(anyone reading this in the UK for the record, I live in the US, but the picture is the same and the company is also the same. Here's the link to the US one that I currently own)

u/jzorbino · 15 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

>f. I heard a brief mention on a reddit thread about game cube controllers working with the switch? Is this accurate? I happen to have a cube in another room with 3 controllers. They are wired of course.

OP, it looks like your other questions were answered, but for this one here's what you need to know. The Switch dock has a USB port that will recognize various headsets/controllers. Not sure what all will work but one of the accessories that does is the wired Gamecube controller adapter that Nintendo made for Wii U. You just need to get one of these to use your old ones:

u/Uebeltank · 15 pointsr/smashbros

If you have 7 friends just kidding no one has, you would need an extra $1680 for 7 3DS + Sm3D4sh to enjoy 'ya stuff, totalling $3226!

Oh yeah don't forget if all eight of you want an amiibo of each, you will need a total of $7958!

But to prevent arguing who has the Wii U let's buy 7 wii u's plus a GameCube Controller adaptor for $20 each.

And of course you would need 7 games of $60

Putting you at a grand total of $10618 That's a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan*

This is, of course without the unknown price off the "new" 3DS and 3DS amiibo adaptor.

u/Marzz · 14 pointsr/3DS

On the e-shop, sure. You could say the same about Call of Duty Black Ops 2 being $60 still on the xbox 360 marketplace. But physically, it can be significantly lower.

Here's Mario Kart for $48.99 at three different retailers.

Also, the game HAS gone on sale on the eshop, again, for $48.99.

Nintendo ALWAYS prices their games like this. This is literally the first generation where they have a digital presence. Previously, all sales were up to the physical retailers.

Nintendo is also not the only company that does this. Activision's CoD series ALWAYS stays at $60 for a long time. Modern Warfare 3 is $50, Black Ops (1) is $40, and those came out a LONG time ago. Hell, buying Black Ops 3 on Xbox 360 is only $10 more than buying its first predecessor. And that's for a console that isn't even current generation!

Basically, if the company knows that people will buy it at that price, it will stay at that price for as long as it can stay profitable. If sales start to drop, then they'll start to drop the price, too.

u/FOcast · 14 pointsr/wiiu

I don't know if you're specifically talking about UK, but this bundle definitely exists in NA:

u/HirokiProtagonist · 14 pointsr/smashbros

more info for /u/chickengrande:

Melee and Brawl (and mods for both) are emulated using [Dolphin] (, an open-source emulator that's available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. If your computer can run a modern game at a good fps, then it can most likely emulate smash.

For a controller, I'd recommend using a gamecube controller and a [gamecube->USB adapter] ( Of course, if you're just trying it out, you could use a PS4/xbox controller or even keyboard&mouse.

As for getting the game itself, the proper, legal way to do it is to buy the game disc and rip the ISO (the game file) using a modified wii. That said, if you use your creativity, it's not hard to find the files online (no asking for links!).

u/Turbulentclusterhunk · 13 pointsr/smashbros

I'm assuming that your controller already connects just fine to your pc. If you need an adapter, i'd recommend the [mayflash] (

Once that's done, you should follow the guide on anther's ladder to properly set up melee for online practice. Instead of the basic 5.0 Dolphin, anther's requires 5.9 Faster Melee build of dolphin. Anyway the guide can be found here:

As for online resources, ssbm tutorials has great videos detailing character specific tech (falco lasers, fox practice drills, marth chaingrab guide, etc.), universal tech (wavedashing, dashdancing, directional influence), and just general pieces of advice to newcomers.

I'd also recommend Uncle Punch training mode. This is a mod of melee's event mode designed to help practice universal tech such as L cancelling, smash di, or ledgedashing.

u/thrillhouse42 · 11 pointsr/wiiu

I'm not hating, it's just a concern I had. The ones available for preorder have SSB labeling on them.

u/andtheZero · 11 pointsr/SSBM

Dolphin is free. Go to and follow their guide for downloading Faster Melee's most recent version. Faster Melee is a version of Dolphin that runs smoother for online play, and is pretty much required for playing people online using smashladder.

You're gonna need to download an ISO file of melee, which is basically the game ripped from the disc. You can try googling it and it shouldnt be too hard. Careful of sketch websites.

If you've been watching for a while you might know the basic terminology already but the SSBMTutorials youtube channel has a lot of good info about the tech. Basic things like L cancelling and Wavedashing can be a little awkward to understand without being shown.

It's a little tough to get rolling if you don't have a friend to play with all the time that's at your level, but the "Friendlies" tab in smashladder should work ok.

You're gonna need a gamecube adapter. You can buy the official nintendo one, or you can get the Mayflash 4 port. They're basically identical.

u/AgentFortyHands · 11 pointsr/gaming

Twilight Princess HD for Wii U exists...

When can I expect your first born child?

u/browb3aten · 11 pointsr/Games

The standard box also looks like it includes the amiibo too.

u/ConfusedTapeworm · 11 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Can someone explain to me why the hell Nintendo games are so fucking expensive?

Discount price: $48

You save: $0.03

Discount price: $33.58

Discount price: $44

Other developers' games for the same platform are much much cheaper than Nintendo's own games. Why?

u/e39 · 11 pointsr/RetroPie

Nintendo Wii U Pro

  • Pro: Connect (4 or more, but not sure why you'd ever need more) via Bluetooth without additional drivers, menus, tricks, special guides or hacks. Pair and play.
  • Pro: Seemingly infinite battery life (I'm not kidding, I haven't charged mine in weeks).
  • Pro: Magnificent d-pad construction and feel.
  • Pro: Button response and layout.
  • Neutral: Price is around $40 and these controllers are discontinued
  • Con: Size - it's a bit beefy (larger than an Xbox One or PS4 controller)
  • Con: Piano finish - don't toss these into a backpack without covering it

    If you're super lucky, and near a Walmart (in the US), most stores have these on clearance for $12. If you can't find one, it's worth every penny. These controllers are discontinued and will be only going up in price. Search your zipcode here

    Note: The Switch Pro is just as glorious and actually feels better in your hand. It's a bit smaller too and will work with any Xbox One / PS4 controller case. Unfortunately, at $70, I just can't recommend the controller unless it pulls double-duty with the RetroPie and Nintendo Switch.

    Edit: After further testing with the Switch Pro, there's a few bugs involving the left stick. It works fine upon first pairing, anytime after ... not so great.
u/VerticalEvent · 10 pointsr/Games

Interesting, and yet, is selling them as a retailer. However, all the entries I found were indeed from other merchants.

u/nidyz · 10 pointsr/smashbros

This is not true.

There isn't any best controller as it is pure preference, the older controllers generally have a stickbox that feels less resistant than the newer ones.
The coating on the new WiiU controllers is different aswell.

Also the official WiiU adapter has a great 3rd party equivalent from mayflash found here.

u/SageWaterDragon · 10 pointsr/zelda
u/Iniquitus · 10 pointsr/NintendoSwitch
u/Pseudogenesis · 9 pointsr/smashbros

Netplay is amazing now, and fairly easy to set up. Only thing you really need is a USB-GCC adapter which you can get for less than $20

u/Jakesta7 · 9 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I have the Mayflash one and it works excellent. It was too difficult to find an official one back in the Wii U days. I'm assuming it works for Switch too. No issues whatsoever personally and it has nearly 5 stars on Amazon.


Figured I should clarify my comments here:

I do not own a Switch yet (plan to get one Black Friday), but I use it all the time on my Wii U and it works flawlessly. Based on reviews, it looks like it works flawlessly on the Switch as well. I can't imagine it would be any different.

u/about_that_crazy · 9 pointsr/gaming

I don't have a wii u. Is there a difference in performance to this one on Amazon for $45 (fulfilled by AMZN).

u/mbbird · 9 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

True, $10

I hadn't shopped around because it wasn't my Switch, and Splatoon is gonna be a bit janky anyway because nobody else is using Ethernet, but the Nintendo one is $25 for some reason lmao

u/4RealzReddit · 9 pointsr/gadgets
u/Gr8NonSequitur · 9 pointsr/wiiu

> I'm currently working a minimum wage job with limited hours so I don't have much spending money. But I can afford 1 new wii u game ... looking for the best wii u game that $60 can buy.

You're best game value for $60 is Mario Kart 8. Get it at Target this week, have them Price match Amazon's price of ~$48 then [pre-order any game for $1 for a $15 discount on Mario Kart 8]
(, bringing that total to $35. and then register your game for a free game before the end of the month... so there's 2 retail games for $35.

Then if you really want to spend the extra ~$25 Target has Monster Hunter 3 for $30 or Wonderful 101 for $23 or you can grab a White pro controller from Best Buy for $30 this week (or Target as they'll price match) so you can play multiplayer Mario Kart.

THEN If you get Pikmin 3 as your free game you'll get $5 in eShop credit and there's a fair number of games in the $5 range. Have fun!

EDIT: NES games are $5 and there's a few Indie games in that range too:

EDIT 2: If you were to get 1 game, any game and it would be your only game (regardless of price) I would still go with Mario Kart 8 or [Super Mario 3D World]
( but MK8 gets the leg up due to the free game download, and they're good ones!

u/ImWhist · 9 pointsr/gaming

Same, turns out the little thing on the bottom side is actually showing the game box with the disc sticking out and not a wiiu with the disc going in.

u/AuthorOB · 9 pointsr/Games

Didn't they announce a bundle with the game and the adapter? I don't know if there's one with the console. Nintendo does like their console bundles though...

Bundle on Amazon listed by Nintendo

u/Shaneisonfire · 9 pointsr/Edmonton

You should just order it from Amazon, looks like the controller is on sale right now and doesn't the WiiU use HDMI?

u/AWeepingAngelsThesis · 8 pointsr/GamerGhazi
u/blundermine · 8 pointsr/Games
u/Sages · 8 pointsr/smashbros

They stopped printing them and they've been sold out for a while, hence scalping.

u/pieface42 · 8 pointsr/smashbros

They already are releasing it separately.

The Controller


u/largepanda · 8 pointsr/pcmasterrace

OP used the official Wii U adapter, which is bloody expensive. I'd recommend the Mayflash adapter instead, which can behave either as the official adapter or can rewrite the inputs to a standard controller for use in things that aren't Dolphin.

u/never-say_die · 8 pointsr/zelda

The product link is dead:

My pre-order still exists but the shipping date changed from "March 3rd" to:

"Delivery estimate: We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate. We'll notify you via e-mail as soon as we have an estimated delivery date."

I'm hoping this is just a temporary glitch and not indicative of a cancellation.

EDIT: Also looks like the Switch physical version is missing as well. Maybe the physical stock is delayed and they're assessing release date delivery availability. I'm curious if anyone with pre-ordered Switch copies got an email about this.

u/tahubob · 8 pointsr/smashbros

The US is getting that bundle, with the controller, adapter and game

u/tyjo99 · 8 pointsr/SSBM

Intel 530 HD will run melee at any resolution under 1080p. This one will probably work or this ebay filter. Any intel gen 6 laptop processor will work for the most part. You only need a graphics card that has a passmark score of about that can match or beat this if you want to run Project M a much more graphically intensive game on 2 monitors.


  • Buy a laptop that has 2 USB ports on the same side if you want to use rumble
  • Buy a laptop that has a low lag display, (aka most gaming laptops)
  • Buy a laptop that comes from a reasonably reputable source.
  • Dedicated GPU's are nice but not required
  • Use a Mayflash or Wii U adapter, most others will break very fast

    Other places to look:


u/ItsKipz · 8 pointsr/smashbros

PSA: Mayflash makes a clone adapter that works on Wii U, PC, and Switch just as perfectly as the official one and can be found easily on Amazon for under $20.

EDIT SECONDARY PSA: 8BitDo also makes a wireless 1-port adapter for switch and PC that allows you to connect a single controller to your Switch wirelessly, in tabletop, handheld, or docked mode.

u/dygeron92 · 8 pointsr/TwoBestFriendsPlay

I also remember that this Mayflash adapter can be used to play Nintendo Switch games with the GameCube controller. Apparently it's more compatible with that system than the official Wii U GameCube Adapter, but that was from a few months ago so I don't know how compatible it is now. The adapter is also $18.

u/Broseph_McTatertots · 8 pointsr/Games

If you can find the official Gamecube adapter and don't decide to flip it on ebay for 5x the MSRP, there's that. It needs a special driver but that's not a big deal.

A better choice might be the recently re-released Mayflash GC adapter. This is it here. There are other models but this is the newest and best third-party one.

u/FenrirW0lf · 8 pointsr/smashbros

People shouldn't buy that particular adapter anymore. It's old, has input delay, and has bad drivers on top of it. Mayflash makes a better version these days that's compatible with both Smash 4 and native input in Dolphin.

u/shath32 · 7 pointsr/amiibo

I believe somebody posted this before, but you can get them from Amazon Germany

I'm not sure the total cost, but OP of the original thread ( said it cost him $30. Only other option is eBay, and I see them selling for $80 right now :/

EDIT: Added thread for the person who found this

u/RDDanna · 7 pointsr/SSBM

if you want to play on your computer, I'll recommend the most recent dolphin netplay build, that and complete instructions can be found here.

Of course, you will need a ROM of melee which you should definitely obtain legally and not through a download of it somewhere on the internet.

You will need a controller. I recommend looking at your nearest thrift store, or joining the facebook group for your local melee scene and asking if anyone would be willing to sell one to you. Or you can buy a new smash 4 controller.. Also you'll need an adapter to play on your computer, the mayflash 4 port is the best and cheapest option, but if you already have a wii u with gamecube adapter you can make that work too. Either way follow this guide to set it up. (make sure it's on wii u mode if you end up with the mayflash adapter)

All this being said, this is not the best way to play melee. The best way will always be to play on a wii or gamecube with a CRT TV (long story short, they have way less lag than HD TVs). If you really end up getting into melee you'll end up going this route eventually anyways, so for that I'd recomend agin your local scene for a gamecube/wii and a copy of melee, though copys of melee can be a bit expensive. For a CRT, check craigslist in your area, or just like streetcorners, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding one. Worst case, your local thrift store will probably only overcharge you a little for a decent CRT.

If you don't want to deal with buying a copy of melee. Then you can mod your wii to play a rom of melee. I recommend the 20xx hack pack that is made for melee training. It has a bunch of stuff you can learn to use, but you can also just play regular games on it, so it's good for everything outside of serious tournament use. Here's the official step by step guide for getting 20xx onto your wii.

Outside of that I think your best option is to see if there's any smash fests or tournaments going on around you and just go, hang out with people and play as much as you can.

Also, just some friendly advice, as great of a resource this reddit, or smashboards, or people in general can be, not everything everyone says is accurate, so do your research.

Have fun, and welcome!

PS, no hate for CS:GO from me. Plus I don't think you'll find too much hate for it here in general since mango plays it.

EDIT: I forgt my biggest piece of advice for new players. Spacing is as important, if not more important than tech skill. Make sure you're movement has a purpose. Good luck Dude/Dudette

u/JBridge · 7 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Or you could use one of these third-party adapters.

u/Saibot117 · 7 pointsr/SSBPM
This one works as well, but I haven't use it and its a little less money
people say its good. look for a review or read the comments for it and decide :)

u/Sheecacaa3 · 7 pointsr/SSBPM

There's a bunch of guides and stuff as soon as you first enter the site.

>I want to do anther's ladder but I don't know exactly what it is

It's a match-making website where you can find matches, and chat with people in real time. The matches can be anything from Bo3 to Bo5 'ranked' ladder matches, to endless friendlies, to doubles matches. Basically, anything you could do at your local tourney, you can do on Anther's. (except money matchs afaik)

>Can I access it on my wii?

I mean.. maybe? You'd want to use your computer/mobile device if possible.

>Do I have to use an emulator on my laptop?

For Project M, most likely. You'd be hard pressed to find other people that still use the Wiimfi servers and play on their Wiis. The official way to play PM on Anther's is Dolphin Emulator, and there are plenty of guides to set it up, as well as optimize it if you have a slower computer.

>Can my laptop even run project m smoothly?

Well I play it on my laptop, and it runs fine (I even record while playing most of the time). Most modern computers can run it pretty well. It really depends on your specs though. You could get a lot of advice about that, but nothing beats just trying it out on your own and seeing if it works or not.

>If it is on my pc, than how am I supposed to use a gamecube controller?

There are multiple ways to get a Gamecube controller working on a computer, but the easiest/best ways are the official WiiU adapter or the Mayflash 4 Port adapter. They're both the best you can get in terms of lag reduction, but the mayflash is cheaper.

>Either way, how much lag is usually on it? I don't want to throw my timing off.

That really depends on your connection, your opponent's connection, and your own computer. It's usually anywhere between 10ms and 100ms of lag. I usually don't even play with people if the ping is over 60ms. (EC privilege lol) Many top players use netplay for a variety of reasons. Yes, the timing can throw you off if you're jumping from netplay to a tournament set, but if you take the time to adjust properly, then it really shouldn't be a problem. The MU experience and massive variety of playstyles you'll learn is something that Smashers have only dreamed of until recently.

I highly recommend netplay if you can get it working. Almost everyone has troubles setting it up at first, including myself, so don't get upset if it takes a couple days to get it working. I've probably clocked in over 1000-2000 hours on Netplay. It's great!

Hope this helps. Good luck!

u/Smilotron · 7 pointsr/SSBM

What sort of information did you need? What you heard is correct. Using any digital TV will require signal conversion from the Gamecube's analog output to a digital input for the TV, which takes a non-trivial amount of time to process. When going from a CRT to a digital TV, there is a noticeable delay between when you press a button and when you can see the move on the screen. It is best to try and find a CRT to practice on. They can be easily found on Craigslist, and people in your region's Melee Facebook group will probably post about available CRTs frequently.

If you don't have a CRT to practice on, then it might be best to get Faster Melee (An optimization of the Dolphin emulator to better emulate Melee) and an adapter and practice on your computer. This should have less lag than plugging your console in to a digital TV.

u/ColdRamen · 7 pointsr/Games

Yeah, but if you're buying a physical copy of the game you get the Amiibo. As far as I know all physical copies of the game come with the wolf link Amiibo.

EDIT: fixed link..

u/ArgenAstra · 7 pointsr/Kappa

I'm not talking about a LAN adapter you can buy that works. I'm talking about the official one on Amazon that i'm sure plenty of people will buy cause they don't know better. Also it's more like $30 bucks than 20 lmao

u/braxford · 7 pointsr/wiiu

It comes with the following...
Included in the set:

Wii U console (Black/32GB Internal Storage*)
Wii U GamePad (Black)
Nintendo Land game disc
Wii U AC Adapter
Wii U GamePad AC Adapter
High Speed HDMI Cable
Sensor Bar
Eligible for Deluxe Digital Promotion.

But I don't know what a new one comes with ;( I bought refurbished and the only thing I bought was a gamepad charging stand via amazon, which is a must-buy IMO. It's only around $5

u/Namco51 · 7 pointsr/GameDeals

Pick one of these up too. The refurb doesn't have one.

u/cowbell77 · 7 pointsr/wiiu

I think for now, people shouldn't be worried. Amazon shipping is pretty solid. If you're worried about your shipments not getting sent out yet, it might be because you're in an area closer to a fulfillment center, where they can afford to hold off on your shipment, and instead focus on getting out the packages that are farther away. I wouldn't even worry if by midnight tonight they're not shipped yet. (An example: I recently ordered something for next day shipment. I live in the Los Angeles area and we have a fulfillment center in a city over. The package didn't actually ship out until 1:30PM and made it to me by the 9PM deadline (only 8 hours!))

Also, it also seems like all Vlad did was look up the Adapter on the actual website (not like any employee backend or something-- he says, "I looked on the site..."), where it is indeed out of stock. BUT It's probably listed as out of stock because they've all been pre-ordered (I mean, it's not like they were giving them out before release day, so how could they otherwise run out? The other possibility is that they never had them at all... which is pretty unlikely). I'd say if you got your preorder in before they went out of stock, you're probably fine.

I just wanted to say this before people cancel their orders when it might not be necessary to. I'm ready to eat crow if wrong, but yeah. Relax.

u/deleted_away · 7 pointsr/smashbros
  1. That's out of date. Look into Faster melee. Here's a good guide for that.

  2. That one would work, but the preferred option is the wii u adapter.

  3. Those are not the best controllers. Smash 4 controllers in my experience have significant problems with dash back. Their triggers tend to stick and are clunky when you're using them. If you were to buy that controller I'd highly recommend switching the triggers out for older ones (typically have metal bars in the triggers). Shield dropping is ok and pivots works well enough. I'd look for an older controller model tbh. Controllers vary widely and many are simply bad

u/CoryBoehm · 7 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Some recommended Switch accessories:

  • A tempered glass screen protector such as ORLZY, Spigen or AMFilm. All are excellent only reason AMFilm gets more recommendations as it was first to market.

  • A protective case like Hori Tough Pouch

  • Hori LAN Adapter if you play online lots as the Switch has very weak WiFi service. Also other lan adapters may work but only the Hori one is officially supported.

  • Hori Play Stand if you frequently play in table top mode or need to charge while in table top mode.

  • Pro Controller

  • The [Google Pixel USB C-C charger] ( as it is easy to find locally, even on sale, and more compact than the Nintendo one but it won't power the dock.

  • Nintendo A-C cable (comes with the Pro Controller)

  • Your choice of headphones

  • A larger bag such as Butterfox Carry All case to hold your EDC (every day carry).

  • PowerA Cartridge Cases if you need extra game storage on the go (comes in several designs).

  • RAVPower 26800 PD a battery pack with both Type C in and out such as this one. Type C is means quicker charging and Type C out to safely power the Switch while using it.

  • PowerA Hybrid Cover might also be of interest to some people. I have not used it though as it is not my style. There are a few different colour/designs.
u/vgskid · 6 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

If anyone is interested, Amazon has the HORI officially licensed LAN adapter up for preorder.

u/AdamManHello · 6 pointsr/amiibo
u/DavidL1112 · 6 pointsr/SSBM

nah you want to buy one of the adapters Nintendo made when Smash Wii U or Smash Ultimate came out, or one of the Mayflash offbrand ones. Then you can practice with your real controller which will lag less in the emulator.

Here's a link:

u/sliverbaer · 6 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

yeah, not really sure this is all that great because of that. Having the wired usb thingamambob might be the better route.

u/StaffandHalf · 6 pointsr/smashbros

If you are looking for a 3rd party alternative might I recommend the Mayflash adapter? I have been using it for going on 4 years now, and it works great on the Switch/Wii U/PC.

Not sure if amazon link are ok but here ya go

u/Vikings230 · 6 pointsr/SSBM

This is the USB adapter most people recommend. Also if you want to share an eBay listing for a controller here I'd be happy to check it out and let you know if it's a good deal or not!

u/Apollo748 · 6 pointsr/Games

If you're using an emulated wiimote, you need nothing.

If you are using a real, physical wiimote, you will need a sensor bar and a bluetooth dongle.

Most of us recommend the Mayflash Dolphinbar as it combines both into one device.

Update that to the latest firmware to alleviate a burn out problem.

We also support official GC controller adapters (From nintendo) and can emulate those for the most accurate GC controller input (surprisingly enough, we get better analog stick input).

This is also effectively the same as the official GC adapter.

We also support pretty much any GC -> USB adapter as long as it gives some sort of controller interface, but for obvious reasons we try to recommend one or two.

u/nerplicks · 6 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I think he's talking about a wired connection with the $30 ethernet to usb things. The switch would need to be docked to connect an ethernet to it, so you'd need a monitor for each person as far as i can tell. This is such a niche thing though, just order that go pro tape and it'll pretty much be fused on. The switches can be connected wirelessly without docks though, so this wouldn't really be useful unless you were in a tournament.

u/insertsnideremarks · 6 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Nintendo Switch Wired Internet LAN Adapter by HORI Officially Licensed by Nintendo

u/PrinceHotbodIsHere · 6 pointsr/nintendo
u/Dr_Salvitor · 6 pointsr/wiiu
u/chronus13 · 6 pointsr/wiiu

Oh my gosh, guys! I hope no one else jumps on the Mario Kart 8 collectible before I can earn enough from an extra job to get the funds to buy it.

Currently listed at $10,000.00 + $3.99 shipping

u/Tuxedohousecat · 5 pointsr/wiiu

Amazon doesn't carry Nintendo console stock anymore. The only way to get Nintendo consoles through Amazon are to buy them through other merchants. If you look here at the Wii U you can see it's sold by Scott's Stuff Inc, not directly by Amazon. This is different from say an Xbox, which is sold directly through Amazon. You are right on one thing, though. There are other Wii U sellers on Amazon. If one runs out of stock another probably has some.

u/jdgarcia · 5 pointsr/wiiu

Though it's only $6 on Amazon for those that don't have. I think it's worth it just for the charging cradle. A lot more convenient to just drop the gamepad in instead of plugging the cable in everytime.

u/3migo · 5 pointsr/gaming

The 32gb Deluxe set Wii U costs $368.95 on Amazon. Even the nice ZombiiU Deluxe Set only costs $399.99 on Newegg. Nowhere near $500.

u/dagbiker · 5 pointsr/Games

Just imagine being able to take the tablet on the go.

Modular console:

u/DickThirsty · 5 pointsr/wiiu

Neither does Smash Bros but of course Online exists for it.

There's still hope.

u/WalterSobczak · 5 pointsr/halo

I recommend getting the Nintendo GameCube-Wii U adapter, I bought two over the holidays.

I've been playing Sunshine on PC for the past few days, and lordy lordy does it look gud on 4K downsampled to 720p.

u/Kooreth · 5 pointsr/wiiu

I noticed that my game still hadn't shipped this morning, and was incorrectly linking tracking information to another shipment which had already been delivered. This was my second contact with Amazon support since I hadn't received notice that it was shipped or shipping soon. The first guy just told me it would ship soon. This guy looked into and told me that the gamecube adapters were out of stock and holding up the entire order.

Just for clarification, this was not the game+controller+adapter bundle, but the stand alone adapters.

u/baste5 · 5 pointsr/wiiu

Yes. Amazon has the adapter listed for 20$, however the date is still TBA.

u/Flare-Vortex · 5 pointsr/wiiu

On a related note: Amazon updated the picture for the Smash Bros. 4 Wii U GC+GC Adapter bundle. It shows an actual box now, with not only the amiibo logo, but the E10+ rating too.

u/Drwam-MLB · 5 pointsr/StreetFighter

There are ethernet adapters available, but hardly anyone will bother with those.

u/CynDoS · 5 pointsr/SmashBrosUltimate

Try this if you have problems while on wifi

u/jellyw00t · 5 pointsr/KState

Nintendo Switch Wired Internet LAN Adapter by HORI Officially Licensed by Nintendo

u/shortchangehero · 5 pointsr/smashbros

The nintendo ones will probably be back in stock by the end of this month I'd say, hopefully with some amount to back up the demand. Last time they were available they were sold out almost instantly!

I will tell you this much: the jump from 3ds to wiiu is MUCH larger than the jump from WiiU Pro controller to GC controller, speaking from personal experience. Just getting an actual controller with actual joysticks (no offense, circle pad) will make a world of difference for you in terms of character control and responsiveness. I've seen a lot of people on this sub comment saying they felt like they got worse at the game when they got to the wiiu version; I think that's because control with the 3ds can be a little forgiving in comparison, which in the end just takes away a bit of the precision that you'll really need (and that, in my opinion, you can only really accomplish with the GC controller).

So I would say get Sm4sh for wiiu and pick up one of those controllers if you can, though I know they're a little bit pricey. It's hard to say when you'll have the opportunity to get the wiiu adapter, and this controller will be useful for other wiiu games outside of sm4sh (it's also my favorite controller for Mario Kart, for what that's worth) in the meantime, if that makes you feel any better. I've actually gotten very used to the pro controller and it works great as a substitute for the gamecube controller. let me know if you have questions about it!

u/JagGentlemann · 5 pointsr/smashbros
u/SavageHerbivore · 5 pointsr/amiibo

If you really need SSB Dedede, he goes for about $15, or a little over retail, on Amazon. I even hear Japanese Samurai Seller is reputable.

u/voneahhh · 5 pointsr/nintendo

Mayflash GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U and PC USB, 4 Port

u/JayZesus · 5 pointsr/smashbros

For a controller I'd check at a game exchange near you. One that sells games from previous generations, the one near me has OG gamecube controllers for $25.

For the adapter I'd recommend the mayflash adapter, it's only $15 and works on Wii U too if you're gonna be using it for Smash 4.

u/absolute-black · 5 pointsr/RivalsOfAether

am I being trolled

it's like the first thing on every page about them man

u/Sheikachu · 5 pointsr/SSBM

I have this one and I love it. If it has any input lag, I haven't noticed. It is PC native so it's easy to get it going, and you can use it for Smash 4 if you play that game too.

u/ericericerice · 5 pointsr/megalinks

you will need to download the Dolphin Emulator. it is compatible with most controllers, such as xbox, keyboard, etc. if you would like to use a gamecube controller, you would need to buy an adapter such as this one.

u/moleman_dgaf · 5 pointsr/SSBPM

Yep, just about everyone uses a GC controller for PM. If you want to play on PC, you'll need an adapter. This one works pretty well from what I've heard. I use an older Mayflash one and it works well too.

u/oniony · 5 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

This stuff is pretty obvious. Look at your friends, people you know. How many people use wired ethernet nowadays? It's a vanishingly small number I'm sure.

So why put a port that is niche onto a device and make it more expensive for everyone? When it comes to maximising profits on hardware then every penny counts. Putting an ethernet port on adds to the Bill of Materials (BoM: the amount it costs to manufacture the device), it increases the number of faulty devices coming back for repairs under warranty and increases the amount of testing required. So you're adding costs and risks to your device when only, what, 5% of your customers will ever use it.

That barely used ethernet port could be the different between a $299 and $310 device, and that leading digit could have a huge psychological effect on customers' perception.

So what's the alternative? Well, manufacture a separate dongle. Because it's a niche product you can jack up the price to cover its design, manufacture and testing costs and warranty returns. Because it's separate to the main device it doesn't matter so much if there are issues with it. In fact, you could tender it out to a third-party to manufacture and not have to stress about it much at all. It's off your critical path, it's out of your books. Your risky, expensive port has been transformed into pure profit.

u/TheRealEpoch · 4 pointsr/SSBM

Go onto smash ladder and play some friendlies! A lot of people there are nice (but don't be surprised if you encounter some salty people).

Next step is to get this and a GC controller (either from eBay or GameStop, just not 3rd party always official)

u/master0fdisaster1 · 4 pointsr/DolphinEmulator

Either the offical GamecubeContoller adapter for WiiU by Nintendo


the Gamecube controller adapter for Wii U & PC by MayFlash.

Both have native support with dolphin and function pretty much identical.

Mayflashs has a pc mode where you can use the gamecube controller as a generic input device. So if you plan on using your gamecube controller for anything else besides dolphin/smash than you should get that one.

If you plan on using gamecube controllers in dolphin those two adapters are the only ones you should consider. Buttons are mapped automatically by dolphin(with these two adapters) so things like deadzones are exactly identical to the console. The native support also has the nice benefit of having no additional input lag.

u/JohnsBonesJones · 4 pointsr/RivalsOfAether

I assume you're talking about a Gamecube controller, in which case this is what you're looking for.

u/pnpbios · 4 pointsr/raspberry_pi

I would have tried to find a way to reuse the original ports.

u/Kered13 · 4 pointsr/starcraft

It's originally a Gamecube game obviously, and can be played on Wii as well, but these days most people play on PC netplay. The netplay ladder for both Melee and PM. It has guides to get everything set up, but here is the guide you will want for Melee. You will need to find an NTSC v1.02 Melee ISO, I'm sure you can figure out how to do that ;)

To start off with you can use any PC controller or even a keyboard (it sounds crazy but some people have done it successfully). If you get more serious or you want to play in offline tournaments you will need a Gamecube controller and adapter. Adapters are pretty cheap, just make sure it's a WiiU compatible adapter like this one, Dolphin can detect it in WiiU mode and this will work best. New GC controllers are unfortunately much more expensive, and probably will be until the next Smash game comes out and they make a new batch. This is probably the biggest barrier to entry. You can find lightly used ones for more reasonable prices. It is also possible to repair more damaged controllers (there are guides for this and people who make a business out of it). Third party controllers are generally pretty trash, I would avoid those.

As for actually playing, this guide is the classic for advanced techniques, though it's a lot to take in at once. There are a ton of other guides on Youtube as well if you feel like you need a different explanation or just want something more modern.

u/zqwefty · 4 pointsr/SSBM

You should get the mayflash one; it supports direct input and can be more easily used outside of dolphin.

u/_wytOut · 4 pointsr/smashbros

You don't have to order Mayflash from China. I just ordered [this one]( and it's supposed to be here Monday. Guess I'll report back to confirm.

edit: Confirmed. Ordered on Thursday with Prime 2-day shipping. Arrived Monday and works perfectly. <3

u/Naraima · 4 pointsr/wiiu

Is the amiibo not bundled with the game in EU?

u/Max-s_Dad · 4 pointsr/RocketLeague

You can most certainly hardwire a Switch. You just need an adapter.

[ Nintendo Switch Wired Internet LAN Adapter by HORI Officially Licensed by Nintendo ]

u/immanewb · 4 pointsr/GameDeals

Looks like OP got the 3DS ones updated. Here's some for the Wii U:

Splatoon - $35 -

Super Smash Bros. - $35 -

Pokken Tournament - $35 -

u/DietCokeTin · 4 pointsr/gaming

Currently going for $118.

u/TathagataDM · 4 pointsr/emulation

I kinda doubt it, but I'm no expert. You could use the Wii U GameCube adapter though, I imagine.

u/No_Pepper · 4 pointsr/wiiu

First of all, that would be the only reason to use 2 USB ports. One will handle the data from the controllers, and one will power the four controllers. USB 2.0 can't transfer data and power simultaneously.

Second of all, if you look at a photo of the adapter, the plugs are differentiated. Gray is power, and black is data.

u/much_treats · 4 pointsr/smashbros

Refurbished Wii Us from Nintendo are $200 last I remember, but it looks like they're currently out of stock:

As for the game + GC adapater + controller, it might be best to get the bundle ($100). Looks like Amazon is currently out of stock too, but other places might have it available:

You could keep an eye on /r/GameDeals/ and /r/wiiu/ as well, or wait for black Friday deals. Maybe a Smash bros wii u bundle will be announced. I would expect that at some point Nintendo will have refurbished consoles back in stock. Maybe that helps.

u/ChibiSheep · 4 pointsr/smashbros

We get black with a gray symbol as seen here in the controller bundle.

u/sboles66 · 4 pointsr/smashbros




Note the latter isn't being released until the wii u version releases, and the latter is also availble with the Bundle

u/amnon333 · 4 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Here's another one for you

Edit: also this one

Edit 2: Here

*Edit 3: Also it took me all of 30 seconds to find these three, I'm sure there are more.

u/ShokoFlow · 4 pointsr/smashbros

I think /u/8drawr means the pro controller but the actual pro pad is a tool for the 3DS

u/heyredridinghood · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Wow, you both are just, wow! You two look amazing. I just can't even stand how good you look today! The way the light hits your eyes and wind hits your hair, you both are just stunning.

I would love a ps3 controller charger cable! as I don't actually have one for my controller and have been using my cd drive usb that uses two ports. XD

Thing under 20 are these micron pens or these Microsoft points. You pick! I know, both teams! Ahh!

C'mon...gimme ! However, I have been gifted by you both before so put me at the end of your priority list.


Edit: if we are dreaming big, I'd say this big set of copic markers or...if we're dreaming bigger the wiiu :-X

u/BoobsMadeMeDoIt · 3 pointsr/gaming

I wouldn't call a ~$100 difference "around the same price"

Wii U


u/divampire · 3 pointsr/wiiu

Any specific reason why you want a basic Wii U? Amazon has them but for that price you're better off just getting a Wind Waker Deluxe bundle or a MK8 Bundle.

Also, this thread is great for questions like this. You'll get a lot of help there.

u/leadnpotatoes · 3 pointsr/Games

Don't forget this isn't 'dozy 8 we're talking about either. We're talking about the beloved Nintendo, the very company that might as well be the gaming world's Catholic Church. A company that, in the minds of the devout, can do no wrong, reguardless of if they release the approximately very same 4 flagship games a year since the Bush Senior administration.

To make matters worse its coming from someone who might as well look like a representative of the Devil himself, EA. Had this come from Gabe, or Sony, or Activision, who in this analogy are the Protestants, we'd might listen to this critism.

But no this came from "EA" who obviously "hates Nintendo" and therefore "hates fun" as well, which means we have to burn the heretic's house down right?

Lets be real here, yes the Wii was a good idea. Instead of a step forwards they took one sideways, it clearly worked well for them, but for the WiiU to work in today's market, they needed to leap two steps forward to retake their lost preformance ground. Which they didn't, they made hardware that was competitive five years ago.

Also, don't you believe that Nintendo doesn't want to directly compete with the new generation, because if not this wouldn't exist.

Nintendo dropped the ball, sure hardware development is "hard" and "it takes a while to figure everything out", but if your shit is competing with last year's ipod touch, you fucked up.

u/Metaphex · 3 pointsr/wiiu

You can get one off Amazon for $5. Definitely worth the convenience.

u/scurvebeard · 3 pointsr/consoledeals

You might try keeping an eye out for an official refurbished model directly from Nintendo. They're currently out of stock but are very reliable and include almost all the essential features for just $200 (NA region only.)

One-year warranty, 32GB hard drive, Deluxe Digital Promotion (closes Dec. 31 but still,) a copy of Nintendo Land... all the basic stuff. The only things you're missing are the 160 Club Nintendo coins for registering a new console (although anecdotally, some people are getting these coins anyway) and the surprisingly useful stand + charging dock combo which almost always sells for $4-$6.

Overall a great deal, although that DKC:TF + SM3DW + Nintendo Land bundle that was floating around for a while is also pretty good... if you already want all of those games, at full price.

u/travisd05 · 3 pointsr/wiiu

I got the $200 refurbished deluxe system right after E3 and I have loved every minute of it. The system looked brand new and it works perfectly. The only thing it doesn't have is the gamepad stand/cradle set, but you can get it really cheap on Amazon now.

u/TheWolfKin · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Damn, something I want. Well, the things I want the most at this moment are definitely not reasonable in value (eg: a few hundred dollars, damn consoles), so I guess I link one of the things I'd really love that falls into semi-reasonable levels:

because I'm trying to complete my Epic Collection set and the older sets (including this one) are getting hard to find.

If I'm dreaming big, a giftcard towards saving for this would be amazing!

As for the gift two . . . C'mon...gimmie.

Anyways, I wish the best of luck to everybody. I've heard so many good things about the both of you in just the few days that I've been here. Whoever wins will be really lucky people.

Oops, and forgot to mention how lovely you both look today!

u/viper689 · 3 pointsr/wiiu

I have this Energizer dock, but unfortunately it forces you to change the battery covers to black varieties. When you have a WiiMote condom on the remote, however, you can't really tell they're there.

u/stvemp · 3 pointsr/wiiu

It's not a charger cord per se, but the convenience of just setting the Gamepad on the cradle at the end of the day is awesome. Plus, comes with 2 rechargable batteries for your wiimotes. Overall worth the $12.

u/Butter_Is_Life · 3 pointsr/wiiu

You can get it used on Amazon for about $50 if that option interest you at all!

u/BlarioBros · 3 pointsr/GameDeals

I think what you'd have to do is do the Wii u separately to be picked up in store. Then you get $10 off of that and then you get the gift card. Then, you order Mario Kart 8 to be picked up in store. You get $10 off of that and you can use the gift card. You MIGHT also be able to price match to amazon? It's $10 cheaper on amazon. I don't know...that's really stacking a lot of things up.

Edit: Can't grammar so hopefully this makes it more clear

  1. Order Wii U for in store pickup
  2. Get Wii U, $10 off of it, and a $25 giftcard
  3. Order Mario Kart 8 for in store pickup
  4. Get $10 off, try to price match to amazon , use giftcard
  5. (Optional) Use redcard to save 5% on Wii U and Mario Kart 8

    I feel as if the price match may not work, unless you could somehow price match it before the $10 is taken off for having it be picked up in store.
u/jamesjoyce1882 · 3 pointsr/GameDeals

Somebody mentioned it in another thread, and then I googled for the promo code, which led me to the Amazon landing page. Worked absolutely flawlessly for me.

In case you cannot see it on mobile, the promo code to use is: TYS25ARC

Works for these games:

and a bunch of other stuff.

u/Arsalan85 · 3 pointsr/Games

One thing that I think hurts this comparison is that the price on TLOU launched high, but if you didn't want to pay that much you could simply wait a little while and get it cheaper. With a little patience you'd be all set to get it at a price you deem fair. That strategy doesn't work with many Nintendo games. Actually, TLOU: Remastered and MK8 both launched near each other. I wonder what their price history looks like...

TLOU: Remastered Amazon price history

MK8 Amazon price history

You can see a pretty stark difference. TLOU got as low as $10 and MK8 only ever got down to $42. TLOU was also frequently at $30 or less. That doesn't even cover the much more frequent Playstation digital sales.

And I remember paying $50 for TLOU Remastered at launch.

u/Kenaf · 3 pointsr/wiiu

Probably gonna want to buy two extension cables. Looking at this it looks like it uses two USB ports.

Not sure if each USB controls two controllers or if its a power thing.

u/prefernoname · 3 pointsr/wiiu

As long as the controllers work for the game itself, you can use them in any combination. Note, however, that you'll need the GameCube Controller Adapter for the GC controllers. If you have a lot of GC controllers or friends who have them, you can technically have 8 GC controllers for 8-player mode assuming that you have two GC controller adapters.

u/Bill_H_Cosby · 3 pointsr/smashbros
u/_thousandisland · 3 pointsr/wiiu


BUT I tried to "add to cart" and it didn't actually add anything.... Anyone else have luck?

EDIT: out of stock

u/eddrix · 3 pointsr/wiiu

got one just now, I was refreshing the page that lists all new available, as the main page didnt seem to be getting it.

u/canitoy · 3 pointsr/wiiu
  • The digital download is going to be about 15 GB. If you buy a Deluxe edition of the Wii U you'll be just fine. But there is no real difference in load times between digital or disc.

  • You don't need internet during play. Just for updates and online games.

  • The adaptor is coming with the bundle. It will be available later, but right now is the only way to get it.
u/hoshkebosh · 3 pointsr/nfl

They've already announced a bundle that includes the game, a Gamecube controller, and an adapter that lets you plug in 4 Gamecube controllers. It'd be sensible for them to bundle it with a system as well.

u/mrmunkey · 3 pointsr/Games

There's even a bundle for it.

u/BetaSprite · 3 pointsr/smashbros

This already exists, and has been available for pre-order as long as the game has.

u/infrared_hologram · 3 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

All WiiU games and any Virtual Console games that are in the WiiU's eShop can be default be played 100% with the gamepad. If you want to play old Wii games you will most likely (99% of games) need a Wiimote and nunchuck. Based on personal preferences you can then opt for a Pro Controller to use with certain games if you want. For example, I played Hyrule Warriors exclusively with the Pro Controller even though I didn't have to, just 'cause.

u/Eponine05 · 3 pointsr/amiibo

Basically, you're gonna have to import at the minimum.

You can get one there through Amazon Germany, but of course will have to pay international shipping.

u/Kilron · 3 pointsr/smashbros

Thing is, even if he really did buy 100+ Rosalinas, the only people he's going to hurt are parents looking for them for their kids, and collectors who insist on US packaging, because amiibo are region free. He's not going to be making as much money off the fans of these characters as he thinks he is. Hell Rosalina is like 20 bucks with shipping on's listing for her.

u/TemptedTemplar · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Mayflash would be your next best bet.

u/Captainjim17 · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

You can even get a Dreamcast to USB adapter and play it how it was originally meant to be played.

EDIT: sorry didn't notice you said Gamecube but you get the gist.

u/86themayo · 3 pointsr/wiiu

It really bugs me to play with a remote. Even the tablet is annoying to play with. If you and your friends are used to Melee, I would buy a GameCube adaptor (this one is only $15 on Amazon and a couple of controllers.

u/darderp · 3 pointsr/smashbros

The mayflash adapter and the official Nintendo one work with Windows 10.

I use the Mayflash one.

u/sniglom · 3 pointsr/raspberry_pi

There are commercial adapters availble as well, but I don't know which one is best. Here is an example:

Good luck!

u/qwertylerqw · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

They’re expensive because they’re out of stock and scalpers sell them at the increased price. Nintendo hasn’t been great at restocking them, but there are a ton of alternatives such as the Mayflash adapter

u/DaMattman · 3 pointsr/SSBM

Pick up one of the Mayflash adaptors. They work natively with Switches and are extremely easy to set up with Dolphin. I would also recommend an official gamecube controller instead of a 3rd party. They will generally be much higher quality and you should be able to pick one up at a decent price at a retro game store. It will save you a lot of future headaches I swear.

u/Silverhand7 · 3 pointsr/patientgamers

If you want to use your gamecube controllers this adapter works pretty well. However, it works as DirectInput, so you'll need to run an additional program to get it working with games that only support XInput. Since you mentioned using it for fighting games though, I wouldn't recommend using the GC controller for most of those. The dpad on it is pretty awful, and very few people play fighting games on analog stick (with the exception of stuff that's designed around actual analog input, but that's not most 2D fighting games). If you're not too used to playing them with controller and don't mind learning something new I'd highly recommend just playing on keyboard. It sounds weird to a lot of people for some reason, but it's much closer to an arcade stick than a controller is (and is almost identical to a Hitbox if you know what that is). If you're interested in playing on keyboard and want more info on that I'd be glad to share more.

u/Luk101 · 3 pointsr/SSBPM

You can find a mayflash for 14.29 on amazon here:

And as for a good GC controller, yeah it's gonna cost around 25 bucks for a new smash one. Plus 35+22 is 57 not 77 soooo yeah math is hard. Also you can't play pm on a 2ds or a 3ds so I'm not exactly sure why you're posting to this subreddit.

u/herogerik · 3 pointsr/gaming

You need this. Plug and play, works great. No input lag. 4 controllers at once. LINK

Unfortunately, I don't know of any USB based controllers that have the same build quality as the original GCN controllers.

u/Froq · 3 pointsr/SSBM

Raphnet used to be the bees knees before the Wii U Adapter and Native Control support came out. All the ones saying that the Raphnet is better are probably just the older posts. The current best adapter is the Wii U Official USB Adapter. Inputs should be basically identical to console. You can try and get it from Gamestop. If not the mayflash one works fine you can get it from Amazon, Make sure you set it up using the guide that Smashladder provides, using Wii U mode.

u/Kast72 · 3 pointsr/Guiltygear

???? You don’t even need to get their official one so you could probably find another cheaper one for less

u/nermal543 · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

It's a bit pricey at $30, but the Hori Adapter is officially licensed, so it's guaranteed to work.

u/squidnow_amiibo · 3 pointsr/smashbros

I was planning on getting the official nintendo one

What advantages does the one you link to in the post have over it?

u/JackSparrowUSA · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

There is an officially licensed USB 2.0 adapter made by Hori, but it’s $30, so it’s quite a bit more expensive with no extra functionality.

Unfortunately no for the patch. I have no clue why they won’t activate the USB 3.0. I wish they would though. My WiFi speed is faster than the USB 2.0, but obviously stability is better with the LAN adapter. With USB 3.0, we could have best of both worlds.

u/SmashPandora99 · 3 pointsr/smashbros

Official Nintendo Adapter you should probably get this one. It's sold by Nintendo, so I'm sure it works great and won't have any problems

u/jthead · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Yes I have the adapter by HORI I am sure other adapters could work well, but I am always hesitant to get non-licenced stuff. Though I am not sure that is really the issue. My SO usually plays rocket league with me in handheld mode, and she isn't getting any rubberbanding either.

There might be two things you want to look into with your router. Do you know if it is 802.11ac or 802.11n? Also when you run an internet test what NAT Type do you get?

u/RikaMX · 2 pointsr/Brawlout

Ger yourself a LAN adapter

It's pretty easy to set up.

With Smash ultimate coming might as well be ready for the best online experience you can get on a switch, will be bad because nintendo but still.

u/lugi6 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

If you buy something like this, it'll be guaranteed to work. But if you dig around a bit, you'll likely find much cheaper ones. Also you could buy an access point an get your own little wirless Network started.

u/MooX_0 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I'm using the HORI official adapter, it's even written Nintendo Switch on it, I let the switch docked in sleep mode for two hours and it was hot when I picked it up.

EDIT: This one:

u/ewzzy · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I have xfinity 150mb and my download speeds aren't nearly that bad on Switch. You can buy an ethernet adapter ( and see if that helps, but obviously this shouldn't be a problem even on wifi.

u/Blubbey · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

> I mean nintendo seems to be the only one that knows how to make a console.

Eh? Didn't they have an initial update out of the box? Bricked some consoles iirc (pbkac) and it contained many of the online functions - internet connection (couldn't access the internet without it), NNID, eshop etc that took about 90-120 minutes. Not what you want from your new console that "works out of the box". Few noteworthy games in 2013 (I definitely remember TB going on about his Wii U collecting dust because he had nothing to play) which included cancelled multiplats like Metro, BF and Crysis. Then you get to the hardware - $335 for the 32GB version and $300 for the 8GB. The 360's 20GB release almost 9 years ago sucked then, yet Nintendo's only giving out 32GB max? What is this shit? Ffs phones have more than that. 512MB memory in 2005 wasn't that good then, 2GB was not good in 2012. 1GB of memory (DDR3 1600!) available for the devs. This isn't 2006, that is not good enough. Then you have the GPU which is worse than 2007 cards.

If that's "knowing how to make a console" then fuck me, they should give up now.

u/DioTheory · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


I will have it before Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD comes out! I WILL!!!

EDIT: Oh right, vacations!

In a few weeks, I'm finally flying back to the mainland to visit my family in Ohio and get in some much needed Cedar Point action, and then I'm going down to Tennessee to see all my friends. Can't wait! <3

u/FredWampy · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

The price dropped on this by $1.04 since I added it. What a deal!

u/Cutsman4057 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I love Kevin

i like this item best on your wishlist. im playing mine right now! :)

theres a hoodie on my wishlist that i really want, but its from an external site. if i win and you can do that, great, but if not just surprise me buddy :)

u/Stripeless · 2 pointsr/wiiu

Amazon isn't even distributing them. The only orders on there are by people selling their preorders at unreasonable prices.

u/MutekiGamer · 2 pointsr/wiiu
u/piclemaniscool · 2 pointsr/gaming

There's always the Wii U Pro Controller. But any lower than tournament level, who the hell is willing to buy 4?

u/floflo81 · 2 pointsr/wiiu

Nope it's a bit more complex than that.

List of "Classic" controllers:

u/Katalyst81 · 2 pointsr/wiiu

as a refurb it comes in a box that says refurbished that's it, and it doesn't come with Gamepad Charging base and cradle, or the little clips to hold the Wii U Verticle, other than that, not a scratch or anything.

u/Yhdiste · 2 pointsr/wiiu

> I bought it for my family only a few days ago and we've already had to charge 3 controllers which is 1 too many for the Wii u to do

The Wii U has 2x USB ports in front of the console and 2x USB ports at the back. So you should be able to recharge four Wii U Pro Controllers at the same time.

If you didn't buy a bundle, then I can happily recommend the official Wii U cradle + stand to function as the GamePad's charging station. The other stand is nice too when you need to put the GamePad upright.

In Europe, the GamePad adapter specs:

  • Input: 230 V ~50 Hz, 140mA

  • Output: 4.75 V, 1.6 A

    Hope this helped.
u/insmek · 2 pointsr/wiiu

Have you tried a docking station? The charging port on mine went out years ago, but it charges via the dock just fine.

This one: Wii U GamePad Stand/Cradle Set - Black

u/Nirnhoned · 2 pointsr/wiiu

Link for the lazy

I picked one of these up 2 weeks ago when they were in stock, and I love the system so much! I got MK8 refurbished too and it works great, and came with the case. I now have DKC:TF and SSB4 also, but still trying to find the elusive Pikmin 3 hard copy.

For everyone who got the refurbished Wii U: Buy this cradle and holder on Amazon for $5! It doesn't come with the refurbished model, and it's currently 75% off!

Also, refurbished Mario Kart 8 is back in stock, and this time it comes with a Wii Remote Plus and a Wii Wheel!

u/SereneWisdom · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. Wii U - 32GB Black Deluxe Edition

  2. My boys have been wanting one since they found out it existed (which was like before I knew about it). And I won't deny that the Wii U has some games I'd love to play.

  3. I'd like to think I would.

    "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
u/FuzzyMcLumkins · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

A Wii-U

I want it so I can play more games cuz I love games.

and I probably wouldn't be okay with that cuz it's my Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.


u/drowgirl · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

1 -- The Wii U Bundle

2 -- Because I love Nintendo and I skipped getting a regular Wii. I enjoy playing it at my parents' when I'm there. Also, Zelda. And Mariokart. And Smash Bros.

3 -- Probably... there are many games I have in my backlog to play, so I'd survive without it.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is actually a song I'm not as fond of as everyone else seems to be. Dunno why.

u/Owy2001 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. A wii u.

  2. I bought one the week they were released, and had a ton of fun with it. It was great for parties, and there were a ton of games coming out I was looking forward to. However, one night I left my apartment for a couple hours and came back to find that it, along with all of my other electronics, had gotten stolen. I haven't been able to afford replacing it, so that's why it's wound up on my wishlist.

  3. Oh, yeah, of course. It's definitely a luxury item, and my life will go on without it. It's just hard having something you saved up your money for being taken from you suddenly.

    Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
u/supermonkeyball64 · 2 pointsr/livesound

I am a streamer who is looking to improve my set-up over this summer. One of the things I am looking to do is separate the audio from my game system to a USB mixer I am looking to pick-up. My big tradeoff would be that no longer I'd have separate tracks on OBS Studio (where it records the audio) but with easily being able to adjust audio live better through a mixer I think it's worth it.

So my set-up would be Game System HDMI Out -> Capture Card HDMI-In -> Capture Card HDMI-Out -> HDMI Splitter -> HDMI Audio Converter Extractor -> USB Audio Mixer.

Essentially after the audio converter, I'd plug this in (RCA Cables) into here (L and R Tape In on the board.) Sorry if I'm not technical enough...still learning a lot. Is this correct and would it work well?

How would I be able to send the sound out to a venue's sound system and then be able to control what they can hear on it while maintaining the stream on my computer captures a different sound?

For example: When an actual match is being played I do NOT want the commentators being heard on the live PA system as it would disrupt the at that point I'd want the sound going to the venue system to be turned off...but once the game ends I'd want them to speak to the venue about any deals showing on screen, in general getting the crowd hype, etc. How would that be possible?

Thanks for any help you can give!

u/Efriim · 2 pointsr/RetroPie

I haven't used any handheld pi. I guess there are some good alternatives though.



NDS with charger. $25 - $40 (I would get the DSi) (DSlite bumpers and things tend to wearout)

A flash cart for NDS. $15 - $20 (DSTT I hear is best) (Acekard2i is great) (R4 is hard to tell the model) (DSTWO flashcart drains battery life, is overpriced, but has built in cpu and emulators for gba snes and genesis) All are compatible with 3ds, NDS, DSi.

MicroSD. $10. Samsung EVO 32gb on amazon is a good deal

The DS has a lot of great games, snes and genesis emulators work okay but not the best. GBA emulation only works with dstwo or ez-flash.

Total $50 - $70.



PSVITA w/ charger $110 - $150. Never used one, cfw is available for firmware up to 3.68. The firmware 3.69 is not hackable.

Vita Memory Card + microsd $20. Since the proprietary memory card are so expensive.

PSVITA & TV are cfw compatible up to 3.67 - 3.68, however there may be some homebrew incompatibility on these firmwares. 3.69 is not compatible yet. CFW can load PSP homebrew as well as play PS1.

Total $130 - $170



Wii U complete console $140. Used - Very good

SD card. $15 Sandisk 64gb Extreme SDXC

DS Virtual Console Game $10 From E-shop, needed to play DS on Console/Gamepad screens.

Emulates Nintendo up to DS, has an abandoned PSX emulator from the wii. Portable and Console for TV.

Total $165


The consoles and handhelds fluctuate in price. PSvita TV was low as $40 at one time, they are a bit inflated right now but collectors items will hold value. Finding one second hand or used for half-price is probable a used PSP is easy to find for $40 but not online.



RPI $25 - $40 RPI3b+ is what I have connected to my TV. The RPI2 is similar to RPI0 and emulates PSX but not all, as per the RPI3B+. There are many SBCs, I think the OdroidC2 and Tinkerboard and NanoPI M4 are all interesting but I have not used them.

Case + Heatsink and fan $25 - $30 There are other cases Argon One, SuperPI Retroflag, many others, some bundles heatsink and fan are necessary for the rpi3b+. The retroflag controllers are not preferred.

Power Supply $15 or official raspberry pi power supply.

MicroSD $10

Controllers $15 - $35 There are a lot of options here, recycle your PS3 or XBOX360 controller, Buy a corded Ibuffalo Snes, 8bitdo SF30, logitech, retro-bit/retrolink n64. I think only the RPI3B+ and RPI Zero W have bluetooth, else an adapter is needed.

Total $75 - $130




$50 (zero W + microsd + psu) + all the parts for building a gameboy zero

battery ~15

powerblock ~20

usb teensy ~15

controllermodule ~10

lcd and shield ~30

case ~20?

main buttons ~10?

audio amp and speaker ~10?

extra buttons and switches, wheels ~15?

Total ~$195

u/Sageypie · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Probably either this PS3 Bundle, this 3DS XL preferably with Monster Hunter Ultimate and Etrian Odyssey IV. Or this Wii U.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Probably this! It seems really material, but my family has been really depressed and distant lately after our loving grandmother had a stroke and I really want something to piece us together again. I love just sitting down and playing video game with them!

u/jatatcdc · 2 pointsr/truezelda

Sounds like the relevant titles for you are:

  • Zelda U (when it comes)
  • Twilight Princess HD (when it comes)
  • Wind Waker HD
  • Hyrule Warriors
  • and possibly Sm4sh

    If you don't have a Wii, that means you'd now be able to play Skyward Sword as well, and the non-HD version of Twilight Princess.

    It's as low as $222 on Amazon for a used (in "good" condition) Wii U console. If that sounds worth it to you go right ahead.

    Personally I'm going to hold out and see what they announce in regards to the NX. If they're launching a new console that will also support Zelda U and the HD remakes, then no way am I splurging money on a dead console. Though, from what was said back in March, it sounds like the NX, the 3DS, and the Wii U will coexist.
u/gloveraran · 2 pointsr/wiiu

Yikes. Good that Nyko's stepping up, but sorry to hear about your experience.

I was on the fence between the Power Pak and the UBoost, but opted for the latter because I could just walk into a store and pick it up instead of waiting for it to be shipped from someplace online. Guess I might have dodged a bullet with that choice, although I'll probably get a Power Pak when they resume production anyway - the UBoost doesn't fit in the Energizer charging cradle so I've got two outlets taken up by that and the standard cradle, right now.

u/SaebraK · 2 pointsr/wiiu

Actually I have an engerizer station, but this is a brand I trust.

u/Neversoft · 2 pointsr/wiiu

I've never used one but the Charging Dock you linked to has one review... It's 1 out of 5 and the guy states that the contacts are near non-existent. However, this Youtube review seems to give it the thumbs-up. Although it doesn't accommodate the Motion+ addon for standard remotes or the rubberised sleeves.

Personally I'd stick with rechargeable AA batteries for the Wiimotes. At least you can change them when they degrade instead of having to buy replacement battery packs (assuming Nyko sells them separately).

::EDIT:: Just had a quick look around and the Energizer Wii U Dock gets much better reviews if you still want to go that route: not only is it cheaper but if Energizer can't make a decent rechargable battery, nobody can :)

u/NeoPhoneix · 2 pointsr/wiiu

We got an enegizer charging station ( that does 2 wii-motes + gamepad. It's okay but not the best.

Firstly, you need to take the wrist straps off so they can sit properly in the cradle. This also means you can't charge them with the rubber sleeves on them.

Secondly, the lights are REALLY big and bright. We have our wiiU in our room and the lights from it are so bright it's like having a nighlight.

u/CatSand · 2 pointsr/wiiu

Well a charge kit for a gamepad and two WiiMotes is $12 on Amazon right now...with prime. I suggest buying that.


u/timrbrady · 2 pointsr/wiiu

I just bought this and I love it. As cheap as most wiimote only docks, comes with wiimote batteries, and eliminates the need for multiple docks. Also, having had the original Wii since launch day, I've aways found Wiimotes to be fucking battery monster. Not even being in use, they seem to drain batteries fast enough that I'm constantly having to recharge them every time I want to play.

u/Mindflizzle · 2 pointsr/MonsterHunter

No no no no dudes, that's a placeholder date.

You're right that it's the last day of Q1, but that's the exact reason why Amazon gives that date because the official date hasn't been announced yet.

Look at Story of Seasons, Bayonetta 2 or Xenoblade X. The year they'll be released is known but since they don't have an official date, they are listed as December 31. This is the case with MH4U. They know that it'll be released Q1, 2015 hence they set the date on the final day of Q1 just to be safe.

u/landonrobinson · 2 pointsr/smashbros



Wondering if I should get this through Amazon (and hope for same day delivery) or just give Gamestop my money and be able to definitely get it on release day...

u/Crabgot_Cakes · 2 pointsr/smashbros

Does a bundle make everything cheaper overall? I was thinking of getting a refurbished Wii U for $200 and the controller/adapter/game combo for a $100. So that's $300+tax. Would the bundle be around that price if they did do a bundle?

u/GamePriceBot · 2 pointsr/multiplayers

Hello! I am a bot designed to help you find prices for games on some popular sites.
I'm in super beta, so expect bugs.

Searching prices for: Smash Bros

u/HortonHearsAGenocide · 2 pointsr/SSBM

On 20xx vs normal Melee: it doesn't matter. 20xx has L-cancel lights and random music if you're interested.

On stage zoom: there might be something out there but you'll get used to the camera pretty quickly, it's fairly good and intuitive

On Xbox controller: other people have you advice on how to set it up but if you're ever planning on going to an actual tournament you'll want a real GameCube controller. To pick one up for Dolphin you can get an adapter here:

and a controller here:

If you have any interest in playing Smash Wii U these will work for that too. A guide on how to set it up for Dolphin is here:

u/SteppingSplash · 2 pointsr/gaming
u/chazwhiz · 2 pointsr/macgaming

The adapter that came out with SSB? This thing?

u/Spi3000 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

In short, you need one of these.

There will be 3rd party versions but I've heard stories that some don't always work out on Switch but regardless you do need the Adapter that was designed generally for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. However, along the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, there will be a Switch model of the Adapter being released along side either separate or bundled with the game.

u/zgh5002 · 2 pointsr/wiiu

Yes. No release date, but I would wager the day smash hits.

u/KurriZSS · 2 pointsr/sm4sh

Typically no. Especially for larger tournies, wireless controllers pose as a logistical issue. You may be able to get away with one at a local with below 50 attendees, but once you go larger than that, you'll have a hard time finding TOs that'll allow them.

IMO, you're better off with a GameCube Controller:

White GC Controller

Black GC Controller

GC Adapter

(Note: There's no difference between the colors, just take your pick)


Course, if for some reason you still want wireless:

Classic Pro Controller

Classic Controller

Wii U Pro Controller

u/amardas · 2 pointsr/smashbros

Your link didn't work.

I also found this one, which was listed under Frequently Bought Together:

That looks like the official adapter.

I did see the Smash edition before this, but it is not branded with Nintendo, so I thought it was a third party generic brand.

Thank you for your help.

u/DazednEnthused · 2 pointsr/wiiu

Is it this one? If so then it only works with Smash Bros. Nintendo released it because so many smash players still prefer the gamecube controllers.

u/_im_that_guy_ · 2 pointsr/smashbros

Anybody buy a new gc adapter recently? People don't trust mayflash in my region for some reason, but it looks like the official one is up to $45. Is there any hope of that going down?

u/royrules22 · 2 pointsr/wiiu

Is this the only place I can order the GCN adapter for the WiiU (for Smash)? Amazon has a placeholder date which concerns me. Does anyone know where I can get the controllers at launch so that I can download the game in peace?

u/Regular_Erik · 2 pointsr/zelda

You sure? I've been following this for the last few days (Mine still says delivering on Friday, March 3), and now you can even pre-order the Wii U physical version for delivery on March 3 again:

u/bob1001 · 2 pointsr/nintendo

It's fine right now

Let's you buy digital and says their out of stock for physical.

u/CanadianHo · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

this game better be worth it nintendo.... december 29 2017!!!!!! LOZ :BOW

u/illiriya · 2 pointsr/smashbros
u/parion · 2 pointsr/smashbros

Will this ever be available again?

Smash Bros Bundle Wii U

u/NRFC1198 · 2 pointsr/smashbros

I'm in Ontario and an employee at EB Games said there will be a bundle of sorts for Smash. I don't know if he knew what he was talking about but we can hope for that. Also on Amazon there is currently the $100 bundle (GC Controller, Wii U adapter, and Smash 4). Here is the link.

u/The1Abstract · 2 pointsr/smashbros

I don't know. You can find the game with the adapter with it though:

u/Edmang · 2 pointsr/smashbros

The ones that plug into the wiimotes are called wii classic controller pro. The ones that are wireless/usb are pro controllers

u/wajyi · 2 pointsr/wiiu
  1. All the most hyped games accept 4 players including NSMBU, Smash Bros 4, Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World and all those party games. All very kid and parent friendly, some a little bit more difficult than other.

  2. The base console only comes with a gamepad, controllers are a big price changer (for me at least). I suggest buying the Wii Remote Plus controllers as most of the games use them. Alternatively there is the Pro Controller, it's very praised, with a huge battery life and basically it's a gamepad without the screen.

  3. It's not as unpopular as expected, it depends mostly on the country, there's a huge fan base and at least I see a great future for it. You can check some of the Black Friday deals on this sub. Also Nintendo is getting it extremely right with it's exclusives, MK8 and Smash are awesome and for some "mature" games Bayonneta 2 have been very acclaimed. Next generation console is pretty far as they have just begin to launch all the main games for it.

    edit: Oh and for the ps4 and xbone games that aren't available for the Wii U, Ubisoft is avoiding it and said that Watch Dogs may be the last one, you can only have a cinematic experience in Assassins Creed Unity with other consoles. We also won't have Call of Duty any more.No minecraft and something that I actually miss is the last FIFA we had is 13. So a bunch of games are available for ps4 and xbone but not for the Wii U, I would go even further and say most of these consoles games aren't on the Wii U. But hey almost all of the best games of the Wii U are exclusives too.
u/sgspace321 · 2 pointsr/nintendo

You can only use one gamepad with the Wii U. The pro controller's are excellent though. 80 hour battery life off of a USB charger.

u/tockets · 2 pointsr/wiiu

The cheapest option will be a Wii Mote Plus, it's identical in function to the Wii mote with motion plus adapter attached. You can get them used or refurbished for 15 dollars or less.

The Wii Pro Controller is my personal favorite, it's similar to an xbox 360 controller and has really great battery life. These go for about 50, but sometimes are on sale for 40ish. Here is a link.

u/TrevNick · 2 pointsr/amiibo

That should answer you question. Thanks to BotW EVERY Zelda amiibo is uncommon to unicorn, mostly unicorn.

u/squirrelyscout · 2 pointsr/ACTrade

I used the one that came out with Super Smash Bros 4, here!
And Amazon here. :p

u/Oscarcedeno21 · 2 pointsr/amiibo

that's villager. and the 14 shipping is for one, but it's also the same amount if you combine the 3. so total shipping for 3 is 14 euros.

u/DuctToast · 2 pointsr/amiibo

Some of the international Amazon sites have them for a reasonably close price. (Germany) has been my best bet. Villager is about $18 USD give or take.

International shipping can be hefty, though. If you're going that route, I suggesting buying multiple at a time.

u/eDOTiQ · 2 pointsr/amiibo

14.99€ in Germany

amiibo Smash Marth Figur von Nintendo

u/qlaxx · 2 pointsr/amiibo
u/chzrm3 · 2 pointsr/amiibo

Ahh yeah, that'd be the difference. If you look on Ike's page:

It says "In Stock.
Ships from and sold by Amazon . Gift-wrap available.
Delivery in the United States until Monday, February 2 : if you order in the next 8 Stunden und 36 Minuten and choose Amazon Global Express delivery at checkout."

So that can make it to you. But if you check Marth's page:

It says "Only 20 in stock
Ships from and sold by conrad_electronic ."

A good indication is usually the little prime symbol. If they have that, it usually means amazon themselves is fulfilling the order.

So unfortunately, for your list Captain Falcon and Marth are being sold by third parties, and Shulk isn't available at all yet. You ~could~ get an Ike, and I think it'd cost you about $30.

Another good option for Marth might be But I'm not familiar with that site, and you do need to somehow secure a shipping option to ship internationally from them, even though that stock of Marths is from amazon.

u/smg3 · 2 pointsr/amiibo

You might wanna try proofreading. This threads about scalpers correct? The only Amiibo scalping problem in NA. It's not hard to find an overseas Marth for MSRP. Here's a Marth for MSRP.

u/railerswim · 2 pointsr/amiibo

Try Amazon Germany

As long as you are buying from Amazon (not an amazon seller but actually Amazon EU then you should be ok).

u/Oceandove45 · 2 pointsr/amiibo still has her for pre-order if you don't mind importing her:

She came to around $24 and to me it's not a bad price since it's unknown how rare or hard she'll be to find at Target.

u/clay_cauley · 2 pointsr/amiibo

No they are not. There are multiple threads on here where we (US) collectors are importing from Play-Asia,,, etc...

I pre-ordered Rosalina from

After adding her to cart and going through to the final step, she showed as EUR 10,98

u/qchto · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

For the GC Controllers I use an unofficial adapter for WiiU which is directly recognized by Dolphin (I have never need to change it from WiiU mode, so an official one should work too). But of course, this is PC, so as long as there is a way to recognize the input from a port, you can get it working eventually (as has been the case since time immemorial).

For the Wiimotes, a USB bluetooth 4.0 dongle is more than enough as long as you let it interface directly with the emulator through continual scanning (once synced everything works, speaker included). Also, for the sensor bar I use an old wireless baterry powered one with rechargable AAA batteries, but if I were looking for one now I'd get a USB powered one.

Oh, and btw, that same bt dongle can also support DS4 / DS3 / Ouya / generic controllers connected to it at the same time as the Wiimotes, so it's definitelly worth the $10 (I didn't include newer Xbox controllers for the simple fact I've never tried them over bluetooth, but they should work too).

u/1ock · 2 pointsr/smashbros
  • adapter (the most commonly used one)

  • controller

    alternatively you can check your local facebook marketplace or craigslist listings for cheaper controllers. max I'd pay for an indigo / black / platinum is $20, $25 if it looks brand new.
u/minizanz · 2 pointsr/wiiu

all n64 vc games on the virtual wii need the classic controller pro. you can use the official ones, hori battle pads, or the pdp ones. if you install nintendont on the vwii you can use wiiU pro controllers, ps3, or ps4 controllers or the usb game cube adapters. all of them on the wiiu require a full pro controller of any gen (so non wiimote)


you can also inject roms so long as you own one game with that emulator. so if a game is not on the wiiU but you have it you can use caffeine on the current firmware to hack any rom into virtual console.


edit- there is also this guy from mayflash that will make your gamecube controllers plug into a wiimote and work as classic controller pro , mayflash also sells this guy that is better than the nintendo smash game cube adapter

edit2- if you plan on playing online you need the lan adapter as well, there are lots of 3rd party for that as well since you only need the same chipset (ASIX AX88772)

u/Nofriendsofmine · 2 pointsr/smashbros

This is cheaper and works great it’s all you need

u/the_noodle · 2 pointsr/SSBM

> A big life philosophy of mine is rhat people are too accepting of being okay with saying incorrect things.

I responded to the statement "2 port is cheaper and has direct." When I search "mayflash 4/2 port wii u adapter", they are both listed at $15.99: 4 port, 2 port

Ususally when people say "2 port" without any further clarification, they are referring to this piece of garbage. If you find a listing for this, it probably would be cheaper, because it's obsolete. But it doesn't "have direct", because at the time there was no official Wii U adapter to copy.

u/NScyte · 2 pointsr/smashbros

Here's the adapter:

Just a heads up also, when you do the setup for it (it involves a program called zadig, it's a very simple setup) you'll want to set it to Wii U mode, even though it has a PC setting on the switch.

u/DaFees · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

While it may be slightly over your budget, I would recommend this adapter,

Works perfectly with Dolphin and should work with everything else as well. I would recommend the official adapter that Nintendo created for the Wii U but that is even more out of your budget and Amazon currently does not directly carry it.

u/gamecmdr · 2 pointsr/gamingsuggestions

Yeah Ima second the top comment here, if the melee Doc inspired you why not play melee? If you have any questions about getting into the scene feel free to ask, all it really takes is a gamecube controller and an adapter

u/terryaki510 · 2 pointsr/smashbros

I've absolutely found melee to be a much more rewarding experience than any of the other games in the series. The 3rd party online through smashladder is ironically much better than online for any of the other games. As others have said, it's cheaper and more useful to get Faster Melee and a Mayflash adapter rather than getting a gamecube. This will allow you to play online. Check out SSBM Tutorials to learn more of the basics and figure out what character to play. Good luck, I hope you end up picking up the game. I'd also be down to teach you some of the basics if you're in the US and have decent internet, just dm me if you're interested.

u/NbAlIvEr100 · 2 pointsr/SwitchPirates

I haven't put Android on my Switch, but I do have Dolphin on my Galaxy Tab S4......which Gamecube adapter do you have? I ordered one on Amazon a while back and it did not do anything, never worked. I ended up returning it and getting the MayFlash adapter which I was told worked much better-- and it did, it works perfect and my Galaxy actually recognizes it. It may work on the Switch, but I'm not sure if the Switch even recognizes any of the adapters.

u/KorovasId · 2 pointsr/SSBM

AFAIK this is the mayflash adapter you want. It supports native inputs which basically means little to no input lag. The 2 port adapters work, but they add a noticeable amount of input lag.

u/yungpuff · 2 pointsr/SSBM

If you're gonna get an adapter make sure you get the 4 port mayflash one. Others will lag.

u/mrlolz · 2 pointsr/SSBM

You should buy either the 4 port mayflash or the official wii u gamecube to usb adapter. Both of these make dolphin feel just like the gamecube in terms of controller inputs.

4 port mayflash:

Official Wii U:

I have the 4 port mayflash and it works flawlessly. A guide to setting them up in dolphin is found here:

u/_bigb · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Buy a Mayflash adapter, the Amazon page says it is supported by the Switch. I've used one on my PC and Wii U with no issue.

u/tinklefairy6 · 2 pointsr/AmazonUnder5

Where can i get a car for under $200? lolz

if your playing smash 4, you dont need a gc adapter to get started anyways. just use w/e wiiu controller you have, and if you like it enough, $18 dollars will be no big deal.

also ebay and craigslist are perfectly fine.

u/sendblink23 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I do have the GC Mayfash adapter(which is not the same as that one you posted, the mayflash version has text on the top + at the bottom its label has the mayflash logo: ) and it works perfectly fine playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.. as in "L" throws items, "R" and "Z" both jump

Pic of bottom with label:

If you want a video of how mine works with MK, I'll record it at your request

u/Sp00ks- · 2 pointsr/smashbros

Been using the Mayflash for a few years now, and It hasn't given me any issues at all. Highly recommend.

amazon link

u/portalsammy · 2 pointsr/SmashBrosUltimate

I'm not sure, but if there aren't you should check out the Mayflash 4 port adapter. It is known for having no input delay and works the same as the official one. I use one and can vouch for it, check it out here

u/cam1170 · 2 pointsr/emulation

I don't know much about how to get Bluetooth information from an adapter that doesn't give you that information, but if you like there are USB adapters for GameCube controllers like the Mayflash adapter ( or Nintendo's official one ( Though I don't know about the compatibility with your controller if it doesn't function exactly like a real one.

u/BATH_SALTS_MAN · 2 pointsr/smashbros

Sorry for the confusion! It's this one. Wow the price doubled from what it was yesterday when I ordered one!

u/Likesanick · 2 pointsr/smashbros

Have you considered the mayflash for pc and wiiu? its about 35 dollars and people who got it said that there's no input lag. I'd check it out.

u/TheBwarch · 2 pointsr/Brawlhalla

Mayflash adapter + newly manufactured GCN controller is a godlike combo imo.

Fairly cheap, compared to modern controller prices at least, and supported out of the box by the devs. The octagon gate on the analog stick in particular is really great for throws. (Unfortunately I feel Brawlhalla tries to use the analog triggers as digital, but I fixed that by changing my dodge button to the x button personally, ymmv)

u/personofblah · 2 pointsr/SSBM

wait are they really $55 on amazon?

Mayflashes are good too right? Link

u/Big_Poo_MaGrew · 2 pointsr/Games

I play keyboard but I've spent years playing on emulators so maybe not :p

A healthy portion of the community uses Gamecube Controllers but since the supports most controllers and the game is available for Xbone, I wouldn't be shocked if most people just used an Xbox controller.


u/pauperofthepen · 2 pointsr/SSBM

Yeah, the 4 port -

I've seen that other people play on OSX so it def should be fine. A few months ago as a test I got dolphin and melee ran fine on it, so I know the program itself is fine, just need to know about the controller. Thanks!

u/HighRi12 · 2 pointsr/gaming

I'd rather get this, and if you don't already have a controller you can buy the new Smash GC controllers.

u/sapperRichter · 2 pointsr/WiiUHacks

I ordered this one and it works great, much cheaper as well.

u/AllAboutTheKnee · 2 pointsr/SSBM

You can just grab this, and then follow instructions on smashladder (first guide here)

u/RepeatingMistake · 2 pointsr/zelda

When you get a hard copy make sure you do it at Walmart. Amazon has been selling it at a nice discount lately and Walmart iwll price match it. I got it for $41 with tax. The game is also not really an HD remaster like TWW was but an upscale so I would highly suggest that you do NOT ever pay full price for this unless you have never played it before. Right now Amazon has this for $38.45 (36% off) princess hd&qid=1464478042&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1

u/81toog · 2 pointsr/wiiu

You will still like Ocarina of Time. The virtual console version is a direct emulation of the original version, however the best version of this game is the 3DS version which has updated graphics and makes use of the touch screen for inventory and map. Twilight Princess HD and Wind Waker HD are also great re-makes for the Wii U. Twilight Princess is currently $40 at Amazon and includes an Amiibo. You could also buy the SNES Link to the Past game on the virtual console for the Wii U. All of these games are timeless classics and you can't really go wrong with any of them.

u/GeneReyva · 2 pointsr/Games

The US also get the amiibo with the standard edition too. From what I can tell the UK one is just the game case, so no amiibo. Could be wrong though.

u/OakesZ992 · 2 pointsr/amiibo

Well, you essentially have four options:

  1. Import it

  2. Buy TP:HD (you can price match and save $1) and sell your GCN version on eBay, (average looks about $40 for game+box+manual) so you effectively pay $28 for the amiibo.

  3. Buy TP:HD (you can price match and save $1) then sell the game to GameStop for a minimum of $20 or maximum of $41.25 and you effectively pay max. $39 or min. $17.75 for the amiibo.

  4. Buy TP:HD (you can price match and save $1) and sell it on eBay (average looks about $35) and effectively pay $31 for the amiibo.


    If you don't have to have it right now, just wait for LoZ:BotW to come out and if Nintendo doesn't release it separately then just buy TP:HD (which you can expect large sales on Wii U games because the NX just came out) and sell it to GameStop for whatever crappy price they give you then.

    If you do "have" to have it now, then I would recommend #3, especially if you are a Pro member at GameStop.

    Edit: Formatting sucks on mobile. Hope it helps!
u/MaceZilla · 2 pointsr/zelda

This also applies to Twilight Princess HD which has been sold out at BB for awhile. The discount will appear once it is in your cart if you're a Prime member.

u/sikachu_ · 2 pointsr/wiiu

It's actually up right as I'm writing this.

u/bizcocho1305 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

it should work... this one works as well and its a little cheaper..... also for 10 USD more you get the original nintendo adapter

u/QueenofNorms · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

It does, but you need to buy an extra accessory which converts ethernet USB. That setup is (apparently) far superior to wireless LAN.

u/humble_squid · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch
u/thenewstampede · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Is there any difference between a generic USB 3.0 to Ethernet adapter like this and the Hori product that is made specifically for the switch?

I want to get an ethernet adapter because I'm experiencing horrific lag on Street Fighter II. I'm hoping that the adapter will clean some of that up.

u/Gomabwyn · 2 pointsr/CrazyHand

Is it known what chipset the Nintendo recommended adapter uses?

u/AngeloTheS · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I bought the same deal as you and I'm not having that problem. Maybe it's a software issue and a factory reset should do the trick.

Here's the item

Nintendo Switch Wired Internet LAN Adapter by HORI Officially Licensed by Nintendo

u/Siegfoult · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

The switch has an accessory ethernet adaptor:

The dock also has two USB ports on the side.

u/GarikTheFaceLoran · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch


Tempered-glass screen protector

Pro Controller

Deluxe Carrying case

Carrying case

Portable charger

Pro controller + joy-con charging dock

Game card case (for physical games)

Gamecube controller (for Smash) and adapter

Poké ball plus (for Pokémon Let's Go) and charging stand

LAN adapter


These are all accessories that I have and love.

u/lilsoccakid74 · 1 pointr/wiiu
u/Icystorm9 · 1 pointr/wiiu

Yeah, there is a Wii Pro Controller that works. But you plug it into the Wii Remote for it to work. After that it's a normal controller. It's very similar to a PS2 controller but it doesn't have clicky sticks. It comes in 3 colors, so it's up to you which one to pick. If you want a white one, buy it here. If you want a black one, buy it here. If you want a golden one, buy it here. There is always the Wii U Pro Controller which comes in both white and black, but that only works on Wii U games and not Wii games.

u/activestorm · 1 pointr/gaming

Are you asking if there are any other controller options? If so, they make something called a pro controller (Amazon Link). If you're looking for an alternative gamepad, I don't think they make any.

u/Kirbachu_ · 1 pointr/amiibo

Amazon is a reliable source, unless you are an In the box collector because usually the boxes come banged up. If you have prime it comes quick like in 2 to 3 days. Think you said link or kink not sure.

u/shy_ghost_guy · 1 pointr/smashbros

You can already pre-order them on Amazon.

u/Maeno-san · 1 pointr/amiibo

Smash link is used on amazon for $11 from three sellers right now

edit: had to fix the Link

u/invaderzz · 1 pointr/smashbros

Amiibos would be very good. If you don't know what they are,

u/video_descriptionbot · 1 pointr/Breath_of_the_Wild

Title | Leaving Beast Ganon MID-FIGHT! ..too epic for the internet to watch.. in Zelda Breath of the Wild
Description | -WARNING! This video may break the internet!- ------------------------- TP Link leaves Beast Ganon mid-fight and goes to explore Hyrule! will he decide to save Zelda in the end? Get the Twilight Tunic from the Link amiibo on Amazon: ---------- Thanks to one of my viewers, MrSpikey123, who brought up the fact you can escape Beast Ganon mid-fight using the horse trick in Zelda Breath of the Wild and showed me the video. I then found out that a user on reddit named Laharls...
Length | 0:17:04


^(I am a bot, this is an auto-generated reply | )^Info ^| ^Feedback ^| ^(Reply STOP to opt out permanently)

u/unshaken · 1 pointr/amiibo

If you don't mind the packaging difference, has The Trinity right now. You'll end up paying a bit more than US retail, but not scalper prices.




u/Dillan86 · 1 pointr/amiibo

Bowser, Toon Link, King DeDeDe, Sheik & Lucario are all available on Amazon UK

u/kylezajew · 1 pointr/AmiiboCanada

I just looked at and its the same as when i ordered 2 days ago, if you put villager in your cart it should be able to be send to canada, Here it is

u/tytygh1010 · 1 pointr/amiibo

That's what we're all wondering. You can get them for regular price here but with shipping and everything it'll be $20+ per amiibo.

u/Huuums · 1 pointr/amiiboSwap

The german amazon shop has the villager as well as marth in stock for 15€ each. +shipping fee to america i guess.

u/solo12330 · 1 pointr/amiibo

I dont think it's msrp buts it's not much higher

u/solariszero · 1 pointr/amiibo

Cheapest I could find for you, amiibro. It's the first listing that's there.

u/Dee9922 · 1 pointr/amiibo
u/The_Beebat · 1 pointr/amiibo

May not be cheap but it's currently the only way to get one under $50

u/jmlakin74 · 1 pointr/amiibo

I got mine from a seller on Amazon UK. It seems like that seller has run out, but here is a link to Amazon De. I don't know how much shipping will be, but the figure is $18.14 US.

u/Crafty-Deano · 1 pointr/amiibo

I've just purchased one from (Italian Amazon). Although I am in the UK so I'm not sure what shipping is like for you. (Price 20€ / £16)

u/Ahgd374 · 1 pointr/nintendo

Amazon has a Japanese one for $17. Im sure you can probably fond cheaper.

King Dedede amiibo - Japan Import (Super Smash Bros Series)

u/AmazingMirror · 1 pointr/amiibo

I probably wasn't gonna use, just listings like this or this with Prime shipping to get the ones I want at just a slight markup (or in the latter case, a slight discount compared to MSRP). Thanks for showing me amiami!

u/winterofyuki · 1 pointr/amiibo
u/NightmareMMZero · 1 pointr/amiibo

If you want it bad enough and your brother is an out of box collector, you can get an import for as cheap as ~$16 which is plenty reasonable for a rare amiibo.

Amiibo aren't region locked so it shouldn't matter that it's Japanese if he's gonna open it and use it. If it has to have the US box however then he's hard to find cheaper than $35.

Good luck in your search and Merry Christmas.

u/thattheatredude · 1 pointr/amiibo
u/fifosexapel · 1 pointr/nintendo

King Dedede is on amazon (assuming you are in the US) for a decent price with prime shipping

King Dedede - Kirby Series 11.99

King Dedede - Smash Series 16.82

DK will probably be a bit pricier

Play Asia - DK Mario Series 19.99 + shipping

I would suggest trying your luck on ebay (That's how I got mine after my original one got damaged), or on facebook marketplace and see if someone is selling their collection cheap near you. Be wary of googling amiibo, if you something that looks to be like a great deal [like finding a DK amiibo for 9.99 in stock where everywhere else it's over $25] it could be a scam site!

u/clapb · 1 pointr/amiibo

Dedede is on Amazon for $25 free two day shipping.

u/Hummpert · 1 pointr/amiibo

17 bucks. Save the time and worrying and get it before Christmas. Waiting for that pre-order to be honored does not seem worth it

u/Cloud_Nine987 · 1 pointr/amiibo

King Dedede is a very rare amiibo. He hasn't been restocked yet. If you look on Amazon, however, they have some King Dedede amiibo that are close to MSRP. They aren't covered by Amazon Prime, but they're relatively cheap.

u/ghostkid825 · 1 pointr/amiibo

Just in case you don't know, Japanese imports have been getting cheaper recently. King Dedede is selling for almost MSRP, and I've seen Meta Knight as low as $16 before. And if you aren't gunning for a NiB collection, GameStop gets some restocks of pre-owned Kirby amiibo from time to time.

u/BucketOfPineapples · 1 pointr/amiibo

If you're interested, you can pre-order Rosalina and Lucario from Amazon France. That's what I'm doing.



Comes out to about $32

EDIT: I figure I'll post this here as well. Pre-ordering the store exclusives is hell, so I would definitely try to buy internationally. If you're only looking for U.S. amiibos I can't really help, but if you're just trying to get you're hands on the figures:

Meta Knight:


u/Happypumkin · 1 pointr/gaming

Could try ordering from

u/C0mput3rs · 1 pointr/AmiiboCanada

Just a heads up if anyone still looking for Rosalina has them up for pre-order. Probably the best way to secure one now since it looks grim in the Target department.

u/Teraman3 · 1 pointr/amiibo

I think it might be a mobile link. Try this

u/Poit_Narf · 1 pointr/amiibo is still taking pre-orders for Rosalina:

And, for Lucario as well, so you can get both in one shipment.

u/waylandprod · 1 pointr/amiibo

Looks like she's available for pre-order from : --- But of course at a higher cost if ordering from US.

u/PinkishPhoenix · 1 pointr/amiibo

If you want her, just get her here.
When you take into account the shipping and tax she'll come out to about $17 anyway on Targets site, so an extra $6 is nothing compared to eBay prices.

u/SilentlyFreezing · 1 pointr/amiibo I found her page from my order. It looks like her pre-orders are out of stock, but you can sign up to be notified if she comes back.

u/Rogway · 1 pointr/amiibo

I would just import Rosalina if you are going to open her anyway. still has her in stock.

She costs a bit more there, but if you really want her I would do it to ensure you get it.


Also, Newegg still has King Dedede for preorder if you want him.

u/Antinull · 1 pointr/amiibo
u/n8bitgaming · 1 pointr/gaming
u/Treypopj · 1 pointr/Gamecube

I know a few methods to do this

  1. If you have a Wii U (which supports HDMI) you can soft mod (link on how to do it) it to play GameCube games with a cheap capture card.
  2. You could buy Wii component cables (they work on the GameCube) and record it with this capture card.
  3. Emulate it on the pc with dolphin and use a GameCube controller adapter to play them with real GameCube controllers.
u/Lionirdeadman · 1 pointr/RetroPie

No, not multiple adapters. Multiple controllers from the same adapter. I would be using the 4 controller supported adapter shown here which would have multiple controllers from the same USB port, basically.

u/Trazac · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

This controller on Amazon is probably a little bit nicer, and it doesn't ship from Hong Kong.

If you already have a gamecube controller, or a few of them laying around, your best bet is something like this adapter.

I have one of these controllers that works very well with dolphin.

u/BigMac1017 · 1 pointr/Winnipeg

hey man, check this one out:

this is the most used gc to switch/pc adapter next to the nintendo official ones. very cheap and work great, i have bought two.

u/charliefuckstick · 1 pointr/Gamecube

Just gotta grab one of these and do a small bit of configuring. They even make one for wiimotes. I've got both, and they're pretty awesome.

u/MoreMarMar · 1 pointr/RivalsOfAether

Hello, I just bought RoA and I've got the same results as this using the Mayflash adapter and this controller, but when I'm on any character select screen (versus mode, practice mode, etc..), the cursor slowly moves up automatically. Yet, when I use THIS controller, everything is perfectly fine. This leads me to believe the problem is with that first specific controller. Any thoughts or comments? I could keep using the black one, but I want to use the white one perfectly as well.

u/rotanagol · 1 pointr/Vive

I use a Mayflash adapter to play with a GameCube controller, so the controls are identical to the original game.

u/SwallowRP · 1 pointr/SSBPM

As they probably will be. You live in US? I just buy 'em off amazon

The third party mayflash WiiU one works just as well:

u/kipahlord13 · 1 pointr/smashbros

Unfortunately, no.

The Nintendo adapter is only meant to be compatible with the WiiU, and it is a godsend that Dolphin supports it natively. Unless you are using the Mayflash adapter which can switch to PC mode instead of WiiU mode, there is no other use for such an adapter.

I would strongly recommend getting the Mayflash adapter, here

u/TheRealLT · 1 pointr/DolphinEmulator

Dolphin 7840

Mayflash 4 port as seen here

When I say it did not work, it simply produced the same results as when I have the PC mode enabled.

u/oxidius · 1 pointr/GCNintendontLoader

Yeah, it looks like the mayflash with 4 ports works too.

I ordered this one, I'll let you know when I'll have every thing set up (probably end of next week).

u/TheRealMaynard · 1 pointr/Rainbow6

Then what is this sherlock?

What you probably have is the new wireless ones they made for switch, which are not actual GC controllers. Go to any tournament and you'll see a ton of people using adapters like the above.

Otherwise please show me the GC controller port on your Wii U / switch lmao

u/SpazAmericanYT · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

I have a few GameCube controllers each for 15 shipped.

I also would highly recommend the mayflash 4 port adapter:

This adapter allows for a great feature on dolphin where there is no input lag going from the controller to the pc. You can also find these on ebay as well for about the same price

u/RashAttack · 1 pointr/SSBM

Yeah sure man, either get the Mayflash adapter (which I'd recommend because it has "native" mode, and PC mode, so you can freely use it with other games besides dolphin):

Or you can get the official Nintendo adapter, which looks better and also works (and you've got the official Nintendo quality):

u/Imkyu · 1 pointr/SSBM

What about this adapter ? It comes with 4 ports and it's cheaper.

u/TheRealLasagna · 1 pointr/gangbeasts

I've used 4 Gamecube controllers with the Mayflash Gamecube adapter that has the PC/Wii U switch along with 4 Wii U Pro controllers with the Mayflash PC adapter and gotten 8-player to successfully work. I haven't needed to use any programs like x360ce so it seems as though it'll at least accept PC controllers (as opposed to Xbox controllers which likely work too). You just have to get used to how the buttons are placed, which is generally well-done on the Gamecube controller.

So, to more specifically answer your question, you can definitely use a basic Gamecube to USB adapter if it's the Mayflash one. The Nintendo one likely works with a bit more effort, here is an article that hopefully will help. Disclaimer: I haven't tested this method since I have the Mayflash adapter; also the article is from 2014, however the website seems trustworthy on the subject.

Also, I haven't tried PS4, Xbox 360, or Xbox 1 controllers, however I have had success mixing two different types of controllers (mentioned above) with success, so I would imagine it'd still work (as long as the PC recognizes the controllers).

Good luck!

u/shrubii · 1 pointr/Melee

Yeahhhh that might be the problem. I suggest you buy an official adapter or mayflash one.

u/Ringosis · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch
u/tepidstringysemen · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Assuming you mean this adapter, it 100% works with multiple controllers on the Switch, just like on Wii U. You just have to set the toggle to Wii U mode, not PC. I just tested it in Mario Kart 8 with 3 different GC controllers and 1 set of Joy-Cons (because I don't have a 4th GameCube controller). Each one worked separately and I was able to control 4 separate karts at the same time.

u/pjunk · 1 pointr/iconsgg

You need an adapter to make it work. I use the $20 Mayflash adapter, it works for PC, Wii U and Switch, and Dolphin emulator.

u/ombranox · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch
u/SundownKid · 1 pointr/AskGames

You can, even on PC:

On the BC Wii it has 4 Gamecube ports.

u/rustinhieber42 · 1 pointr/SSBM

I'm probably just echoing what everyone else said, but here we go.

Fox is technically the best character in the game, but I wouldn't recommend him for a beginner personally. The tier list assumes that all players play as perfectly as possible, and the things that make Fox good require you to press a lot of buttons very quickly at very specific timings, which is more difficult for newer players. To find out which character (I'd recommend just one to start) you want to main, I'd recommend watching some professionals play matches and see if any of them catch your eye. The easiest characters for beginners to pick up are probably Marth or Sheik, but the most important thing by FAR is to main the character YOU want to main. If you want to main Fox, do it! If you find that you really have your heart set on Kirby, don't let anyone stop you! Hell, I'm from Minnesota, and our 3rd ranked player is a Kirby main. You have to play with whoever YOU find the most fun to play with, otherwise practicing won't be fun, and you'll never get anywhere.

Oh, and get a gamecube controller. Get a gamecube controller. Get a gamecube controller. They're practically designed for Smash Bros, and they're the only controllers you'll be able to use in tournaments if you decide to go to any in the future. Don't get a cheap knock-off either, they're not nearly as good and they break easily. Get this one, or a different color of this one. It's by far the best for a beginner. If you happen to get really into Melee, you might want to get one of the older editions of the GC controllers, as they're considered to be slightly better, but they're way more expensive. If you're using Dolphin, you'll also need an adapter. It might be a little annoying to get set up, but Dolphin Emulator's site has troubleshooting for every possible issue.

Welcome to the community!

TL;DR Play whoever you want but I'd personally recommend not Fox for a beginner, Marth or Sheik would be "easiest". Get a real GC controller and an adapter to use on Dolphin.

u/tiglionabbit · 1 pointr/MarioMaker

The Wii U is great. Can you get it cheap anymore though? They've ceased production, so the price is only going to go up, right?

At first I was going to say, yeah, totally, get a Wii U! But then I remembered the console is only part of the investment.

Downloading Games: If you're like me and hate discs, you'll want to get a hard drive like this one. The Wii U only has 32GB of internal storage and some games take a lot of space. For example, Smash Bros is 15.6GB. And yes, you need a weird external USB hard drive with its own wall plug since the console won't provide enough power on its own.

Multi-Player: If you want to play with other people, you'll need some more controllers. Got any WiiMotes laying around? Those work, though many games like Nintendo Land require the Wii Motion Plus ones specifically.

Playing Smash Properly: If you really want the authentic Smash Bros experience, you'll also need a GameCube adaptor or two and a bunch of GameCube controllers. You can use up to 8 controllers in this way.

The costs start to add up a bit. Though, maybe just for me because I like Smash Bros. There's a lot of other good games on there though. Definitely check out Mario 3D World.

u/lu3mm3l · 1 pointr/TrialsGames

There's an official adapter for up to four gamecube controllers (or eight with two of those but without rumble support) on the switch (since a lot of smb fans love it):

Mayflash offers the same for a quarter of the price:

And they even brought a smb special edition gc controller:


If you already own a gc controller this might be the best option. It's a shame they didn't include some analog triggers in the first place.

u/josh6499 · 1 pointr/EmulationOnAndroid

Phone or tablet with SD835 or SD845 (855 soon)

This thing

This thing

A phone camera tripod mount.

And a 17 year old Wavebird.

u/deep_333 · 1 pointr/fightsticks

You do not need to carry both of them around. You can use the button re-mapper function on the included smashbox's software to mimic the hitbox layout. It will support all fighting games that offer legacy controller support, if you have a mayflash adaptor (

I have the following re-mapped profile saved and simply load it up if i want to use it as a hitbox. You won't have a PS button, but you will have start/options.

This would be the button reassignment (compare with PS4 controller)


X= X; Y= Y; A= A; B= B; Z= RB/R2; L = LT/L1; R= R1/RT; A+B = LB/L2

Left = X1; Down = X2; Right = Y2; Up = Y1

- Set Mayflash adapter switch to “PC” for use on PS4.

I never use my right thumb for up, only the left thumb. So, it works for me. You can also dual mod the smashbox by installing a ps4+ brook board or Brook UFB in it and switch back and forth between the PCBs if you want your PS button, touchpad button, etc. It may be your ALL-BOX!! : )


u/uhDark · 1 pointr/pcgaming

Sure do! You can use the one that accompanies a Wii U, but I use this one. If you are looking for a place to do some matchmaking, check out Anther's Ladder. I can normally find a match in under a minute, and Project M is much less popular than melee. There are guides for setting up Netplay on that website, and that whole community is super friendly.

u/NotAloneInMyBasement · 1 pointr/DolphinEmulator

I own this adapter and it works well.

u/rhinoflipper · 1 pointr/RivalsOfAether

Although Xbox controllers are certainly 'plug-and-play' (as you might expect, since Microsoft owns both Xbox and Windows), if you get the Mayflash 4-port Gamecube adapter, Gamecube controllers will also require no setup. The official Wii U adapter also works, but I think you have to install some drivers first (which is still really easy).

u/MemeTroubadour · 1 pointr/wiiu

You need an adapter. The official one is hard to get because Smash players buy fuck tonnes of them, but you have other options such as the Mayflash adapter which is cheaper and compatible with PC, but apparently not without issues.

What game do you wanna play, by the way ? 'cause I should warn you that GameCube controllers are not compatible with most games on Wii U. Only Smash and apparently some Virtual Console titles.

u/Stuart98 · 1 pointr/smashbros

The mayflash adapter should work fine. Also, I flaired your post this time, but please remember to flair all of your posts from now on. If you're on mobile, you can flair your post by replying to it with an all lowercase comment containing "flair: X" without quotes where X is the appropriate flair: | meta | all | 64 | ssb4 | melee | brawl | projectm | ultimate |
For example: flair: ssb4

u/cgroi · 1 pointr/smashbros

It wasn't being detected by my PC when I had it set to Wii U mode.

u/Dbash56 · 1 pointr/smashbros

I personally use a mayflash adapter and it works great on the Switch for Ultimate and as a bonus you can use it on PC.

u/cowsareverywhere · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Some people like hooking up other controllers, another great thing about gaming on PC. The Steam Controller works amazingly well for Wii motion games for example. Or you could hook up a GameCube controller using this to play Melee or Brawl.

u/aregularwhitekid · 1 pointr/oneplus

I use this [GameCube adapter] ( with a white USB type c OTG I found in the audio section at Walmart.

u/Aperture_Kubi · 1 pointr/gaming

If you already own the WiiU, the Mayflash GCN conroller adapter works with both PC and the WiiU.

u/I_Object_Your_Honour · 1 pointr/RivalsOfAether

I start it before, then load the game. Try both modes of input if you can't get it working.
I personally use a Mayflash adapter, so I have a dedicated PC Mode on the adapter. I'd suggest using that if you can't get it working at all.

u/lolzerker · 1 pointr/wiiu

Are you talking about this one?

u/UNSC_John-117 · 1 pointr/DolphinEmulator

Honestly, I tried a USB controller and I never could get it to work. I’ve been using Mayflash’s USB GC hub for years and it’s worked perfectly even with my Wavebird.

Really easy to setup for Dolphin too.
This tutorial says you can use the official adapter but the same method works for this too

u/mjike · 1 pointr/emulation

I have a couple of controller questions. I'm currently trying to assemble a collection of platform specific controllers to give a bit more authentic feel.

First I'm wanting to go wireless Gamecube and I currently own a trio of Wii-U Battle Pads, 2 are PDP one is Hori. I'm debating between picking up the Mayflash wireless Wii adapter or a pair of Wavebirds and a Mayflash USB adapter. Will the Battle Pads get the job done in Dolphin and if so would they be recognized properly(I'm assuming the Wavebirds will)? The former route is definitely has the financial advantage as would look much better next to my Mario and Luigi Wiimotes(provided I can ever get Win10 to connect to them).

My second question is regarding Colecovision and Intellivision controllers. A while back I stumbled on a site that offered an adapter bundle that would do Coleco, Intellivision, Atari, and a few other old controllers. Unfortunately I didn't bookmark it and haven't yet been able to find it again. I do remember the bundle was very pricey but to me seemed to be worth it. Does anyone have a clue what I might be looking for?

u/Scrambled209 · 1 pointr/smashbros

Have heard only bad things about the 2 port, not sure if it actually has any issues but still probably best to avoid it. Get the 4 port instead. amazon link

edit: Here's the official smashladder controller guide. Definitely read this if you haven't already.

u/someroastedbeef · 1 pointr/smashbros

Just play on your PC, it's super easy to use and theres virtually no input lag. Much more convenient because you can load up PM instantly rather than waiting forever on the Wii, plus you can play vs others online

u/dragon-mom · 1 pointr/wiiu

Haven't used that one, but this one is generally considered the best AAIK. Longer cable than Nintendo's and works easy on PC.

u/Jedi_Pacman · 1 pointr/GameSale

[This] ( is what I've been using for the past 3 years and it works great.

u/flipmyfedora4msenora · 1 pointr/nintendo

ive heard people saying that about this adapter but this one shouldnt have any input lag afaik

u/clown_balls · 1 pointr/RivalsOfAether
u/NoStopImDone · 1 pointr/SSBPM

Not sure of model, but I bought this one:

I just noticed that it says that the adapter works with mac under the PC mode. Does this mean I have to run my mac through bootcamp? It works fine with one controller, just nothing more than that.

u/Apeirohaon · 1 pointr/smashbros

The wii u GC controllers work, yeah

There isn't a universal adapter, but they're only two main choices

  1. the official GC/Wii U adapter, from Nintendo

  2. the four-port Mayflash adapter. This has the advantage of potentially being able to work with non-smash things but I'm iffy if the details here.
    This is what I use, so I can vouch for it personally
u/legacyblade · 1 pointr/RetroPie

Ah, that's a shame. I'm pretty sure only the mayflash one works.

It's not particularly expensive, so if you really want to play with gamecube controllers, you should get it.

(By cheap one that works on the wiiU, do you mean the official nintendo one? I'm unaware of any that work on the wiiU aside from the mayflash one and nintendo's official one)

u/RyanFromQA · 1 pointr/DIY

This: and don't skimp. Get the rPi 3, get one of these, disassemble it, and wire it up to the controller ports on the game cube, use the power supply to power one of these internally, and get one of these and wire it up to the power switch. Then figure a way to reuse one of the back ports with an HDMI extender.

... or whatever.

u/zero_space · 1 pointr/SmashBrosUltimate

I just use the PDP GC controller. $20-$25 bucks, it feels like a GC controller and his digital shoulder buttons. Its USB so you don't need a GC adapter. Looks sweet too.

These are the ones on Amazon every seems to like

u/IAmMTheGamer · 1 pointr/RandomActsOfGaming

Could I ask for two small things that go together?

A Mayflash GameCube Adapter, because the GC controller is the easiest for me to use w/ a disability

And a mic stand that I can't find the link to right now, I'm in a class.

Thanks for doing this, really appreciate it!

u/dmckean44 · 1 pointr/AlienwareAlpha

As far as controllers go I think most people would be better off buying one of these three adapters:

and real Nintendo branded Gamecube controllers like these:

The reason I recommend this is because the latest development builds of Dolphin have native controller support built in. This means you can just setup the adapter to work with Dolphin and then plug in your Gamecube controllers and you're ready to go with no additional setup. The controllers auto calibrate just like on a real console and you can even unplug controllers and plug them back in during gameplay and everything will still work. It's works really awesome.

u/andraes · 1 pointr/wiiu

Go get a mayflash one, or any other knock off. They work just a well (if not better: PC mode).

u/l5555l · 1 pointr/smashbros

The one with 2 ports is not natively supported by dolphin, and that's most likely what is causing the input lag. I had this adapter a while ago and it lagged pretty bad (I'm assuming this is the one you have?). I recently bought this adapter and have almost zero noticeable lag on my 2 ms response time monitor.

u/poopstixPS2 · 1 pointr/smashbros

> does this make the official wii u adapter better than the raphnet one now input lag wise ?

Yes. The new builds have native GC adapter support. This means the adapter will be lagless. AFAIK, the only two adapters that work natively with Dolphin are the official Wii U GC adapter, and the new Mayflash adapter.

As for the monitors, I have yet to actually try the new build with a native GC adapter. I'm anxious to see if the input lag is indeed indistinguishable from a CRT. According to the numbers I've seen in my hours upon hours of reading on this matter, a CRT will start displaying the next frame sooner than an LCD; but the LCD will finish the entire frame before the CRT. This is of course, assuming a gaming grade LCD monitor with low lag.

I think the only thing that's been holding back LCDs is the fact that most people have been using them with consoles instead of an emulator. Using a PC+emulator circumvents the issue of turning an analog signal into a digital one (console to LCD), since the PC's video card outputs a digital signal natively.

u/Rhonder · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I assume this is the mayflash adapter you're referring to?

I bought this in December and it works great, I've absolutely used multiple gamecube controllers at once with it. A lot of the time set up is a little fussy though. It wont always automatically detect the controllers, you have to like manually go to "Controller Set Up" and like "Search For Controllers" first. Then all of the gamecube controllers show up as USB controllers. I've used them to play Mario Kart and Nine Parchments with people~

u/nuggster69 · 1 pointr/smashbros

Mayflash or Official Nintendo adapters are the only ones that give console-like performance with ZERO input lag. Others will not offer the same experience, usually with a few more milliseconds of input lag.

u/Senzu · 1 pointr/DolphinEmulator

It was this model

And yes, I am using the native wiiu mode for the dolphin 5.0 version.

u/ThatGuy_There · 1 pointr/smashbros

There's some two-for packs at that price I came across on, but apparently, I need an adapter to plug them into the Switch?

Plugging these into this ... am I doing that right?

u/silent_blizzard · 1 pointr/smashbros

Well it is true that most 3rd party adapters suck, but specifically the Mayflash 4 Port is really good. It was pretty much the standard like 4 years ago when official adapters were out of stock for months. I mean just look at the amazon reviews. It has almost 2 thousand reviews, at 4.5 stars. Trust me, it's more than legit.

u/THE_GREAT_PICKLE · 1 pointr/smashbros

Agreed. I bought this one when the game first came out and it has worked perfectly.

u/Pyr0Byt3 · 1 pointr/emulation

This one also works natively in Dolphin. When switched to Wii U mode, it's functionally identical to the official adapter, as far as I can tell.

u/Unit789 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

If you have a GameCube controller using one of these can get you set without too much trouble.

You do have to install some kind of driver in a roundabout way that I don't remember right now but a quick Google search should give you what you need.

I've been enjoying sunshine and Luigi's mansion for a year or two now with mine on both my laptop and desktop

u/carsonkaranian · 1 pointr/smashbros

You'll have to get an adapter too, I reccomend the mayflash 4 port:

Just follow this guide to set up, it's very quick:

Make sure to read the whole guide, USE WII U MODE NOT PC MODE FOR DOLPHIN

u/MoonMax · 1 pointr/teenagers

I'd buy:

u/1-800-948-8488 · 1 pointr/wiiu

I've been searching for it on Amazon for hours (on and off) and so far I've come up dry.


u/TheAntiTrouser · 1 pointr/tales

I actually just got the game last night as well, and I'm liking it a lot. Much nostalgia.

If you want to spend a few bucks, you can get this gamecube-to-PC controller adapter. Personally I'm playing with a 360 controller (until my custom xbone controller comes in Sept) and it works great.

u/sx2015to · 1 pointr/AmiiboCanada

▲ March 01 - TRU EXCLUSIVE: Clip N Carry Pokeball - Celebi (Pokemon 20) || TRU
▲ March 01 - Nintendo Network: 20th Anniversary Celebi Distribution (Pokemon 20)
▲ March 01 - TRU EXCLUSIVE: 20th Anniversary Celebi Plush (Pokemon 20) || TRU
▲ March 01 - Mythical Pokemon Collection - Celebi (Pokemon 20) || BB, TRU
March 03 - Pilotwings (New 3DS VC) || VC
March 03 - Super Mario World (New 3DS VC) || VC
March 03 - F-Zero (New 3DS VC) || VC
March 04 - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (Wii U) || AM, BB, EB, SO, TRU, WM
March 07 - Bravely Second: End Layer, Early Access Demo (3DS eShop)
March 08 - Splatoon, Update (Wii U)
March 09 - Super Mario Maker, Update (Wii U)
March 10 - Fire Emblem Revelations, DLC (3DS eShop)
March 10 - Bravely Second: End Layer, Demo (3DS eShop)
March 11 - Nintendo Selects: Yoshi's New Island (3DS) || AM, BB, EB, TRU, WM
March 11 - Nintendo Selects: Mario Party: Island Tour (3DS) || AM, BB, EB, TRU, WM
March 11 - Nintendo Selects: Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (3DS) || AM, BB, EB, TRU, WM
March 11 - Nintendo Selects: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS) || AM, BB, EB, TRU, WM
March 11 - Nintendo Selects: NES Remix Pack (Wii U) || AM, BB, EB, TRU, WM
March 11 - Nintendo Selects: Pikmin 3 (Wii U) || AM, BB, EB, TRU, WM
March 11 - Nintendo Selects: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Wii U) || AM, BB, EB, TRU, WM
March 11 - Nintendo Selects: Super Mario 3D World (Wii U) || AM, BB, EB, TRU, WM
March 11 - Nintendo Selects: Super Mario All Stars (Wii) || AM, BB, EB, TRU, WM
March 11 - Nintendo Selects: Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii) || AM, BB, EB, TRU, WM
March 11 - Nintendo Selects: Animal Crossing: City Folk (Wii) || AM, BB, WM
March 11 - Nintendo Selects: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii) || AM, BB, EB, TRU, WM
March 15 - Terraria (3DS) || AM, BB, EB
▲ March 16 - Red & Blue Collection—Charizard-EX (Pokemon 20) || BB, TRU

u/AutoModerator · 1 pointr/GameDeals

Charity links:

u/LuckyFoam · 1 pointr/nintendo

I don't know how any company comes up with the price for their product. I agree they should be cutting the price on the Wii U shop games. And I want to believe they will someday.

You also have the option to buy the physical copy of the game.

With that you also get the amiibo. That's half the cost right there.

u/nintendo_SS · 1 pointr/SubredditSimulator

I don't know, something about the way it's meant to be fun," though I personally don't think it had red. fixed it! The TP sound was alright, and I can't remember the last time Nintendo released a Wii U for a while now! If it doesn't work, replace Ohhh's with zeros.

u/Austneal · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Well, I suppose I'll give it a shot. Is this adapter confirmed to work with the Switch, or should I get an officially licensed one?

u/Spellbound_banjo2 · 1 pointr/SmashBrosUltimate

This or this unofficial one can get you connected through an Ethernet connection.

u/microgab · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

That would be worth a shot! (and free too)
For sure it would fix your issue (and wired is always better for gaming). I'm not sure if they are all compatible with the Switch, but here is the official version on Amazon:

And one of the suggested items showed a cheaper version as well:

Hope this helps :)

u/picano · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I'm not 100% confident on this, but it might just be that the adapter is slow --- you are using a LAN adapter made for a console 2 generations ago.

Official Wii LAN adapter specs : 10BaseT

Official Switch LAN apdapter specs : 10BaseT, 100BaseTX, 1000BaseT

And finally, explanation of base stuff

u/adraffy · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I just swapped in Astral Chain after getting home from work and noticed my Switch was warm in the dock.

I use a third-party (Ugreen) network adapter.

I recall reading about this months/years ago and assumed the issue was fixed but I guess it's not as-of firmware 8.1.0.

Does the official Nintendo Switch Wired Internet LAN Adapter work any better? Or are all network adapters still broken?

u/Doensje · 1 pointr/crashteamracing

firstly ,

wired IS an option on the switch

and second of all im playing wireless on a fibre network (200mbps down 20 up ) on EU servers i dont have any issues with lag so i think its your switch/network

u/snack_page · 1 pointr/SmashBrosUltimate

That one does not work. I bought that for my switch and you need to upload the firmware from the CD for it to work, and there is no way to do that on the Switch. I’d recommend you just get the Nintendo licensed one

u/mlvisby · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Will the Wii U USB LAN adapter work for the switch, since they basically look the same? I don't want to buy a new one if the one I have works.

u/MYLESOFMUSIC · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

You can buy an Ethernet to USB converter to play online. It doesn't cost all that much. Here's a link to Amazon:

Nintendo Switch Wired Internet LAN Adapter by HORI Officially Licensed by Nintendo

I mean, they have 3rd party ones too, but how reliable are they?

u/AngryBarista · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Nintendo Switch Wired Internet LAN Adapter by HORI Officially Licensed by Nintendo

u/kingnebwsu · 1 pointr/smashbros

Which network adapter should I buy? The Hori one or the one on Nintendo's website?

Links for reference:

Nintendo Switch Wired Internet LAN Adapter by HORI Officially Licensed by Nintendo

u/wwintering · 1 pointr/smashbros

Thanks /u/hankydysplasia. Two questions.

1. Since I already got the HORI adapter which I believe is USB 2.0... Do you believe it is worth it for me to go and buy a USB 3.0 adapter as a replacement? Will it have any noticeable affect on my experience? I like to think I would notice the difference but I'm not sure and you seem like an expert... What say you?

2. HORI says it supports 1000BASE-T... which I was led to believe that means it can support Gigabit... yet since it is USB 2.0 and not 3.0 does this mean that HORI is simply being misleading?

Appreciate you.

u/CrazySteve88 · 1 pointr/nintendo

Also available from Amazon UK:

I seen this posted on a few sites however I didn't see it here so I figured I'd let everyone know. They haven't sold out yet but you never know. I might pick one up for myself just in case.

u/i_noah_guy98 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Repost due to me not realizing the link I submitted was an affiliate link. This one isn't

You'll have to purchase a USB to ethernet adapter in order to have a wired connection. The official adapter can be found here.

u/cauchy-euler · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch
Would definitely get the official adapter even if there are cheaper ones out there, since the recent update has been reported to have caused some issues with the third party adapters like ugreen (from what I've seen).

u/erasethenoise · 1 pointr/RocketLeague

Yeah I’m probably gonna get one and hope it helps mine from lagging. Played a game the other night where it just showed me a view from outside the field at the center until after the tip off and actually cost us a goal because I was in the position to be rushing the ball.

u/whiteyjps · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

I must be crazy

You can use any USB nic tbh, but just in case you wanted that official support.

It's one of those things of why not just practice on the go and hop online at home?

Why degrade the experience for everyone involved?

u/E404_User_Not_Found · 1 pointr/SmashBrosUltimate

> Fact remains that Nintendo released a game that cannot perform well on a wifi connection without offering players a way to hardwire their ethernet

Except they did. Would I have rather them have it built in? Hell yes. Nintendo really fucked up, in my opinion, and doesn’t seem to view online play as a real priority. But that’s also why it costs like two BigMacs a year. And I got to say, you must not play many games if you truly believe that they should all perform perfectly on WiFi.

> I like this game but you fanboys are insufferable.

I’m not sure what one has to do with the other nor why one would impact the other. You go out of your way to express your opinion on the internet and then blame “fanboys” and whine when people have opposing views. Also, having to explain why a game sucks on WiFi does not make me a fanboy but the fact that you had to put it out there solely as a backhanded insult is hilarious.

u/dd_dpa · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I bought the one made by Hori which is officially licensed by Nintendo simply because I purchased a less expensive one and it was not compatible

Nintendo Switch Wired Internet LAN Adapter by HORI Officially Licensed by Nintendo

u/bkifft · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Small tip: You can cut off anything after the ASIN ( Amazon Standard Identification Number), resulting in

This way you can be sure of not passing along any unneeded or unwanted information.

u/SockPuppetDinosaur · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Sounds like an expensive fix since the LAN adapter is $26. I'd call Nintendork. Their support is stellar.

u/bluaki · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I guess it's easier to understand if I link some stuff.

You can get something like this cable, this adapter, this hub, or anything else that looks similar. They all do the same thing so it doesn't really matter which. Any of them can connect to the bottom of the Switch to let you plug USB stuff in. Switch has the same kind of port (it's called USB-C) as the recent Macbooks so a lot of these things say they're for Macbook but they work with Switch too.

Only some USB LAN adapters work with Switch. Here's a few examples: HORI, Plugable, Cable Matters, AmazonBasics. Any of these work the same so get whichever one you can. They all work with the dock too.

If you don't care about using a LAN adapter with your dock at all, you could also get this LAN adapter instead which plugs directly into the Switch without needing another adapter, but you cannot use it when the Switch is docked.

u/hatgineer · 1 pointr/gaming

If it's next to the modem you might as well use LAN. Nintendo makes an adapter but I am using one made by Trendnet and it works just as well on the Switch as it did on my Wii U, and costs $10 less.

The Insignia one I got from Best Buy didn't work though. You might have to scour the forums to see which one works if you don't want to buy the official overpriced one.

u/gyroknight · 1 pointr/NEU

All online Nintendo games for Wii U and the Switch do not work on NURes-device due to the way the firewall is configured. They should work over Ethernet; I can confirm that the Wii U works over Ethernet, it should be the same on the Switch, but no guarantees.

You'll just need an adapter like this one:

u/GarageBattle · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

you know, you are right. bretty good, 5/5.

but tell me -y u do dis

u/AirPhforce · 1 pointr/emulation

you can just buy them, if you don't want used or third party, then buy one actually sold by Nintendo with a first-party guarantee.

Again I know it's tempting to cherry-pick information to make yourself seem right and the opposition utterly unreasonable but it's bad form.

u/xMostlyHarmless · 1 pointr/smashbros

I'm just going off the boxes and how they are listed on Amazon.

And I agree, they should release and all inclusive bundle with the game, adapter, and controller. Not that it would help me out, but I'm sure they'd sell like hotcakes.

u/peachescake · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Gaming and art are sorta my life right now, but I almost always put art first. I have been wanting a wii u for a while now to complete my Nintendo collection, but I always find something more practical and affordable to buy. It is much too Fancy for me! Awesome contest by the way!

u/Pilcrow182 · 1 pointr/patientgamers

I haven't given in to temptation for the Switch yet, but the system already has more games I want than the Wii U did (the only games I really want for Wii U are Wind Waker HD and Xenoblade Chronicles X, and I already own the non-HD version of Wind Waker)... I usually don't buy a system until I can get it for under $100 USD, and while the Wii U is nearing that ($145.17 used on Amazon right now), I think I may skip the Wii U entirely... :P

EDIT: And yeah, I know I could buy a Wii U for BOTW instead of paying a ton for the Switch, but I'm more of a portable gamer anyway (I usually don't sit down at a home console unless it's for local multiplayer, and would probably play BOTW far more if I can take it with me on the go, so I want the Switch version)...

u/snooklet · 1 pointr/gaming

I found some basic Wii U's new on amazon for a smidge over $200
The first one after "featured venders" is $209 before shipping.

u/NekoMajutsu · 1 pointr/gaming

There are a number of controller made by Nintendo for both systems.


Wiimote + Nunchuk

Wii Classic Controller

Wii Classic Controller Pro

Wii U:

Wii U Gamepad

Wii U Pro Controller

All are made by Nintendo. Just what I could think of off the top of my head, I may be missing some for either system.

u/Tricky_e · 1 pointr/wii

It depends on what games you want to play.
The old school Wii Remote and Nunchuck will work on many multiplayer games and are also necessary for playing any Wii games

However, if you want to play Wii U games, you can also choose the Wii U Pro Controller. (which can NOT be used when playing original Wii games. Only for Wii U titles)

I have found that owning one of these isnt necessary, I have been able to get by with 4 players on my Wii U using only the supplied gamepad and 4 old Wii motes (nintendo land, mario kart, mario bros can all work with the old wii motes).

It's also probably worth mentioning that this is a Wii subreddit, and your question relates to a Wii U.
I don't mind one bit...but you know what people can be like :)

the old Wii remotes were upgraded towards the end of the life of the original Wii, so if you plan on getting Wii remotes, make sure you get the Wii Remote Plus models, to ensure you can use them on everything (some games require the added "Plus" functionality to work)

u/Drelochz · 1 pointr/wiiu
u/rockincellist · 1 pointr/smashbros

Do you mean this thing?

Because yes, those don't work in Brawl (or any Wii games for that matter)

u/Boba2007 · 1 pointr/gaming
u/dreas_yo · 1 pointr/wiiu

the usb cable that comes with the wii u is meant to be plugged into the wall outlet. not in the box. and there are stands where you can put your controllers. like this one. and you get a with the wii u so use that. better tthan pluggin in the usb cable all the time

u/MzTredecim · 1 pointr/vita

You can find Wii U gamepad stand kits for pretty cheap now. The non-charging stand works well for my XL and OG Vita. It might work for the 2000.

More helpful UK site.

u/AWayOut · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

How about....a WiiU?

I have one myself and I love it. I just need to get some more games for it

Dang girl

u/thestickofbluth · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I don't have any gift cards yet, but I am saving money, and hoping for the price drop soon. I want the wiiu and some games.

I freakin love nintendo stuff and I just got a new job and the SO moved out so I have more time to play now, but it's been too expensive for me to justify buying.

oh yea, Saving Private Ryan

u/doomddo · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This or This or This


1 Wii U - well I collect video games and LOVE nintendo and I have been wanting to play one for a long time now.

2 Barbell - Im getting in to working out and I have dumbbells and a bench so I would like to add this to stuff I can do

3 drawing desk - I love to draw and I would like a place to do it. I have always wanted one of these. (the glass one)

Saving Private Ryan

u/skaterforsale · 1 pointr/wiiu
u/CaptainStr00del22 · 1 pointr/smashbros
u/movieguy2121 · 1 pointr/wiiu

I'm assuming you are looking at the one for $193.92 here
I would suggest paying a little bit more and getting a $200 'refurbished' unit direct from Nintendo.
The console comes in better condition (most of these are probably new units that Nintendo took back from retailers when the Wii U went off the shelves), with all necessary cords and cables, and also includes a one year warranty from Nintendo.
In my opinion, Nintendo's refurbished consoles are the best way to buy a Wii U right now because you know exactly what you're getting and you get a great warranty package with it. If you would rather order from Amazon, the only way you can find more about what you're buying is if you contact the seller or actually order it. Amazon has a pretty good return policy so if you are missing something, I'm sure you could just send it back.

u/Boreras · 1 pointr/wiiu

All these stories have the same source: they are completely based on the Amazon UK numbers. Hence they all have the same problem in the price drop. Only one article mentions it

> And for the people who are saying it was because of the price drop and not the Xbox One reveal, that’s not necessarily the case. There have been multiple price drops in the UK and sales never spiked on Amazon like this. So it can’t be just because of the price drop. If anything, it’s a nice combination of both.

But it hasn't happened on the American Wii U set. Or the Canadian, German, French, Japanese Amazon, etc.

(I've now done more research than all those sites combined, which is pretty pathetic.)

u/beautifulbouquet · 1 pointr/wiiu

Energizer made one:

I own it, but it honestly doesn’t work super well.

u/CurbStomp64 · 1 pointr/wiiu

I'm pretty happy with this setup.
Also, don't buy into the lithium disaster hype, I'll take lithium over NI-MH any day, especially when it comes to heavily regulated devices like we use.

u/FlyingOctopussy · 1 pointr/wiiu

This one is 12 dollars and works great. It charges the gamepad and 2 wii motes.

u/NO_TOUCHING__lol · 1 pointr/gaming

I got the Energizer charging station for mine. Converts two of your Wiimotes into rechargables, it's fantastic.

u/Houdin13 · 1 pointr/wiiu

I had the nyko dual for the Wii and it lasted over a year when the batteries died.

I just bought this and it is great so far.

u/Dopey32 · 1 pointr/wiiu
This one works great. I own it and the batteries last sooo long... Also it seems to keep going on sale for 11.99 from time to time so I would wait but it's the best bang for your buck when it's at that price.

Also sorry I can't hyperlink.. On a mobile version so yea

u/OneSchott · 1 pointr/wiiu

No, I ment this

u/topplehat · 1 pointr/wiiu

This is very cheap but I would recommend something like this:

So you can charge Wiimotes too.

u/Kopwnicus · 1 pointr/wiiu
u/mshdptato · 1 pointr/wiiu

I think it's great that not only is it just coming out for the Wii U which could potentially draw in Bayonetta fans to Nintendo. Also, if you look on amazon, I just noticed: it comes with a free copy of the original game! That's friggin awesome!

u/TeaIsForMugs · 1 pointr/wiiu

According to Amazon ( the standard edition comes with the first one as well. :)

(Sorry I can't link properly, on mobile)

Edit: See product image

u/Jamdestroyer · 1 pointr/wiiu

I don't know if it changed recently but I'm seeing the normal version of B2 on Amazon including the 1st.


edit: I see that's why they upgraded them, apparently there was some confusion involved with B1 being advertised in the original edition. I found an explanation in this article.

u/Jess_Starfire · 1 pointr/gaming

For console you can get it for pretty cheap on ps3 - brand new it's less than $20

You can also get it for the wii u with bayonetta 2 but that is way more expensive it looks like - amazon link

u/stenbough · 1 pointr/wiiu

I purchased used from Amazon: Bayonetta 2 - Nintendo Wii U

I got both discs in perfect condition. A bit pricey at $42 but it's two games.

u/josh95mx · 1 pointr/nintendo
u/sqrtoftwo · 1 pointr/gameswap

What is the condition? Bayonetta 2 is going for nearly $70 used on Amazon at the moment. Fire Emblem: Awakening goes for around $23 used, or $38 new. I want to do as even a trade as possible.

u/Fools_Requiem · 1 pointr/Gamewinners

Bayonetta 1 isn't going for 100 bucks.

Bayonetta 2 with the Bayonetta 1 disk included is. It was a limited release. At some point, they stopped including Bayonetta 1 with #2.

New copy for the two disks (both games):

Single disk (just #2):

u/LinFTW · 1 pointr/Games

So why didn't Mario Kart 8 get a price cut? It's still $50 USD:

In addition the only games that got price cuts to Nintendo Selects were Donkey Kong, Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, and Super Mario 3D world which were first party titles that weren't compilations. If we exclude Wind Waker HD since it's not really a new title, there are only 3 Nintendo Select games. So there were 3 games worth buying a console for?

u/twentytoo · 1 pointr/wiiu
u/PicturesOfPot · 1 pointr/wiiu
u/voidFunction · 1 pointr/smashbros

> Amazon:
> Gamestop:

This is what your post should have linked to. Polygon's article is literally saying "This thing is for sale. Please give us some money."

u/CourtingEvil · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

When I get Super Smash Bros I'm gonna smash so many people with HAMMERS. It will be epic!

I swear to puppies I'm going to throw a psychotic fit.

u/NinjaCoachZ · 1 pointr/Games

> Battle it out as Nintendo’s greatest heroes on the Wii U console
> Face off against the biggest roster of Nintendo all-stars ever assembled! Send your rivals flying with powerful attacks to earn all-new customizations and equipment that trick out your fighter’s moves and stats. Then power-up and train intelligent amiibo figures* to take on your friends!
> The multiplayer showdown you know and love is now on the Wii U console! Take on all comers as Mario, Mega Man, Sonic, and more gaming greats. Or tap an amiibo to the Wii U GamePad controller to train it up by battling with or against it. You can even pit your amiibo against a friends’ to see how your training methods stack up. Whether you’re creating stages on the GamePad, competing in challenges crafted by Master Hand and Crazy Hand, or outwitting your opponents in a brand new board game mode, there’s no doubt that the ultimate Smash Bros. game has arrived.
amiibo figures sold separately
Broadband Internet access required for online play. Learn more at

u/galloots · 1 pointr/nintendo

Here you go

It seems as though Amazon has beaten Nintendo to the punch as its revealed that Super Smash Bros Wii U will feature a Game Board mode and Stage Builder mode. The information was listed on the product description and was presumably supposed to be announced by the Kyoto based company first. Here’s the description.

“The multiplayer showdown you know and love is now on the Wii U console! Take on all comers as Mario, Mega Man, Sonic, and more gaming greats. Or tap an amiibo to the Wii U GamePad controller to train it up by battling with or against it. You can even pit your amiibo against a friends’ to see how your training methods stack up. Whether you’re creating stages on the GamePad, competing in challenges crafted by Master Hand and Crazy Hand, or outwitting your opponents in a brand new board game mode, there’s no doubt that the ultimate Smash Bros. game has arrived.”

u/Israfela · 1 pointr/gaming

Amazon, maybe? Not sure if the Release Date Delivery is extra cost though.

u/Xauric · 1 pointr/smashbros

Newegg also lists the Wii U version as having a December 31st, 2014 release date, which I'm hesitant to believe, but here's the link anyways.

Amazon also has both products listed for preorder. Wii U and 3DS. While it doesn't have a release date, if memory serves me right, Amazon will not allow pre-orders unless it knows a release date of some sort.

Also putting a picture here to show the release date, in case Nintendo finds it and takes it down.

u/Poet1959 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. Amazon Fire TV Stick cause cable is too expensive and it's nice having all your streaming apps/games/music in one place especially for entertaining. Plus, if you have prime, you can back up all your pictures to the amazon cloud for extra protection from getting lost in a computer crash and whatnot but this little thing will also display them on your tv. How cool! $39.99 (my Electronics wl)

  2. This album/binder that could be used with scrapbooking, journaling, memorabilia, photos, and even recipes. It's very cute, versatile and I currently use it as a journal/planner. $10.15 (Be creative WL)

  3. This dress because even though I don't like to dress up often, it is nice to have something comfortable, casual, but that can be dressed up to rely on when a professional event, meeting, or party where you may need to dress up a little but feel comfortable doing so. $16.81 (may vary with size options) (clothing wl)

  4. Inside Out because this movie is full of awesome. I personally can use it as a therapy tool, as well. Great entertainment with a powerful message and understanding your emotions and how they interact together. $22.99 (Movies WL)

  5. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U because I have yet to own this for the Wii U and want it so bad. I also know a couple people who would play with me if I were to get this particular game so it would be great for entertaining as well. I'm not sure if you own a wii u or not but figure I put it up here anyway since it is an item I want but wouldn't normally put on a contest here because of its price point. $50.55 (Gaming WL)

    I hope this array of interests have sparked some interest with you. If not, thanks for hosting the contest anyway and happy shopping. :) :)
u/ripread · 1 pointr/leagueoflegends

SmashBros is not only great, it's also still super grassroots, not run by a company, and completely free besides the initial cost. This documentary is a great intro to the scene.

How to get started

Melee - big combo style, very advanced metagame, total start cost $40
Install Dolphin
Install the 20XX Melee ISO
Buy a Gamecube Controller and a Gamecube/USB Adapter
Start practicing


Smash 4 - small combo style, infant metagame, total start cost $450
Buy Wii U, Smash 4, and a Controller + Adapter
Start Practicing (wii u has online play built in)

And don't forget to hit up /r/smashbros

u/sendingsignal · 1 pointr/3DSdeals

Note, the Wii U version is also 10 bucks off right now:

u/hypermog · 1 pointr/consoledeals
u/jmoneygreen · 1 pointr/speedrun

i think he uses this thing, it's like 20 bucks or so elsewhere, ignore the price that's just what it looks like

u/FlamingNinjaCat · 1 pointr/zelda

Well, Nintendo is releasing a port for the Wii U althought we don't know if we can use it on other games, and if we can, then you'll probably need the Wii version because the Wii U doesn't read GCN games.

u/Madlollipop · 1 pointr/buildapcforme

>You want to place this adapter inside it? That's possible when you use an internal USB adapter cable like that one.
I was thinking of something like this
Im thinking of removing the cables at the end(usb) to plug them into a usb on the computer, and simply solder the cables onto the original backside of the front. Im actually not 100% sure that would work, but without trying I would never know.

u/BadPenguin810 · 1 pointr/AskGames

I've used 360 controllers without issue. I set up a PS4 controller for my friend yesterday and that also worked without issue. You'll be fine with either one, though the PS4 controller needed DS4Windows running to make it work properly. The 360 will just work with windows.

The best solution, however, is to buy a Super Smash Bros. Gamecube Adapter and a Gamecube controller.

u/ghoka · 1 pointr/wiiu

I mean I see it on amazon right now or is this a fake?


u/cglo · 1 pointr/wiiu

SSB Gamecube controller connects to the separate Gamecube controller adapater.

The PDP ones(OP link) connect to the Wii Mote and are "wireless." So if you are looking for the zero input lag route you'd want to get the adapter I linked and the Smash Gamecube controller which is essentially a regular Gamecube controller.

u/joeygm77 · 1 pointr/smashbros

Under the product name "Wired Fight Pad", you can clearly see the manufacturer is PDP, NOT NINTENDO. Here is the North American Amazon listing for the Smash branded Controllers. That image is not a placeholder and has been confirmed to be the final product image by several other North American retailers as well as numerous videogame news outlets. Here is another listing from BestBuy. I searched for these on AmazonUK (I assume you are not from North America) and was not able to find this controller which leads me to believe Nintendo has not officially announced the global availability of the GameCube adapter as well as the reissued controllers. As for North America, both the adapter and original model GameCube controller will be made available the day of Smash 4's release. I even have this here Bundle pre-ordered. Older model controllers circa 2001 will work with that adapter as well. Here is the listing for the stand-alone adapter.

u/m2224 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

This is all I need.

u/Substracted · 1 pointr/Winnipeg

That was my thought too. Unfortunately amazon has experienced the same under-stock. Amazon Canada currently has 1 adapter in stock for $170

Amazon US is not much better, with 8 in stock going for almost $90 each.

u/m0d3r4t3m4th · 1 pointr/gaming

Hurry! If you act now you can get one for 5x the original price!

u/bigs1 · 1 pointr/gaming
u/sparksterz · 1 pointr/gamecollecting

I don't think the controller itself will run out. [Amazon sells them here and is in stock] (

You can also buy the adapter separate, but it's hard to find

Honestly most gamecube controllers have been out of production for a while, but it wouldn't make sense for them to release an adapter for a peripheral that's no longer produced. I doubt this controller will end up being rare. If the first bundle run of the game is the only print, it may end up being valuable but in terms of rarity, I'm sure a lot were produced. It'll be more of scarcity due to demand but I doubt it will be too rare.

u/anothershittyalt · 1 pointr/smashbros

2 new from 119 dollars, holy crap

people just tryina scam people and shit

u/TheDotEater · 1 pointr/darksouls3

You could use one of these to make the Gamecube controller work.

If you were interested in picking one up don't pay mind to the price gougers. It will be back down to $19.99 when it comes back in stock.

u/theHazardMan · 1 pointr/gaming

You are thinking of the actual new Gamecube controllers which Nintendo is making.

They will also be usable on a Gamecube, but to use them for Smash on Wii U you will need a $20 adapter.

u/CaryKokujin · 1 pointr/nintendo

Both Gamestop and Amazon have the adapter listed as a standalone item.

u/tqhoang84 · 1 pointr/wiiu

Find the 3rd party version or possibly the Switch branded one of these.

Super Smash Bros. GameCube Adapter for Wii U

u/Noiblade · 1 pointr/smashbros


But they sold out in the short time they were there.

u/fndskjfjn · 1 pointr/smashbros

>it have some for $30 something.

What? Also, try $99 at least:

u/mostexcellentben · 1 pointr/smashbros

Amazon's page says: "Enjoy your favorite titles, including Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with the familiar GameCube controls you know and love", are they lying to me?

u/FictitiousForce · 1 pointr/wiiu

They already have the official Gamecube Wii U adapters.

u/chaotoroboto · 1 pointr/patientgamers

Seems to me there's three reasons to buy Wii U Smash when you already have it on 3DS:

  • You have a crew that comes over and games and Smash would get played.
  • You want to start going to tournaments, you should be practicing on the right hardware and the most recent software updates.
  • You are certain you'd play online and you want the bigger screen when you do.

    I bought it when we got the Wii U over Christmas because of the first bullet point; Fighting games aren't my jam, but if we have 5+ people over then odds are 3 or more will be up for Smash. I rarely play it by myself, but it sees as much play as anything we own because of people coming over.

    If you decide to get it, you'll need the right set up too. Fighting game tournaments require wired controllers, and on the Wii U that requires an adapter.

    If you buy a new console, look for the Smash/Splatoon Bundle:

    I think it was a holiday special, but you may be able to find a local walmart, target, or something that still has it for $300. If you can't, the Mario Kart bundle is less than $300 on Amazon, and Smash is usually right at $50 new on there.

    In addition to the gamepad (default controller), there's two options for Smash-compatible controllers, the "Fight Pad" that plugs into the back of the WiiMote, and the "Smash Bros Gamecube Controller" that plugs into a Gamecube adapter. At tournaments, they'll make you use Gamecube controllers wired through an adapter, otherwise there's too much interference.

    If you have old Wii accessories, you can use wiimote/nunchuk combos from that, and if you have the gamecube adapter you can use old gamecube controllers.

    Lots of the Smash DLC is discounted if you buy it for the 3DS and Wii U at the same time.

    Don't forget, there's lots of other solid games for the Wii U that aren't on any other console - you can find lists in other places on this or the Wii U sub - that may make the math look a little better.
u/duperman01 · 1 pointr/SSBM

I'd go for the nintendo brand wii-u adapter, less risk of messing something up with the drivers and whatnot. My mayflash adapter broke and I had to get a new adapter anyways.

u/msouth · 1 pointr/wiiu

To save you a little time, you can go straight to the section on controllers in the faq:

To give you an idea of a specific case, Mario Kart 8 has a flying (gliding, actually) part where you steer with motion control even if you've been using the thumbsticks for steering. I've read people saying that the motion control for MK8 works exactly the same with the Motion Plus as with the classic wiimote, but I don't know for sure.

My guess is that friends are going to prefer to have a pro controller for driving, unless they are already used to tilt control for steering the car. Although, if someone's really good relative to other people, it might be fun to have them handicapped by having to use tilt control to steer.

Also there's a bridge for Smash for the hardcore that want to use GameCube controllers on it. Just to let you know some of the options.

u/juaquin · 1 pointr/wiiu

> adapter that allows you to use wired Gamecube controllers...I've heard it's hard to find

Amazon has them for $20 or third party ones are selling for ~$15.

u/Zax90 · 1 pointr/smashbros

I saw one today. It's probably because of Black Friday, but they also aren't abundant regularly. I only ever see one or two at any store

You get still get them on Amazon easily enough though.

u/ftwin · 1 pointr/gaming

Can someone explain to me why these are so popular? Aren't they on sale right here?

u/ComputerFreak99 · 1 pointr/smashbros
u/Khalku · 1 pointr/smashbros

Oh wow, I got my order in at 40 on friday, but now look at the price for canada:

u/CommandoSpaceBastard · 1 pointr/smashbros

Yeah, normal price. Made by Nintendo. I just clicked on 'Available from these seller' the just F5'd until I got one. It says it'll arrive on 1/28 (with Prime 2-day). I had a chance to buy at least 4 before that, but was too slow.

u/00SHADOW000 · 1 pointr/amiibo

Amazon keeps having GameCube adapters go in stock, to grab one you have to have one click buy set up and keep clicking refresh until you get one! Just got the alert from now in stock so hurry up guys!

u/CrumplePants · 1 pointr/wiiu

Her'es my order:

Here's a better link to refresh:

Edit: mine is 5-6 bucks more because I am in Canada.

u/splatter64 · 1 pointr/smashbros
u/Abrum · 1 pointr/gaming

Or just get the official Nintendo adapter which has native support in Dolphin now.

u/Giekorock · 1 pointr/amazon

Haha well I'm not sure if it does during the free trial actually. But check this add it to your cart and get to the final checkout part and see what the price is.

u/alicia2468 · 1 pointr/AmiiboCanada

Be careful. They are tricky that it is on the "list price". For instance, breath of the wild is LISTED at $79.99 but is currently priced at $69.96.

u/faits · 1 pointr/ffxiv

It's buried deep, but it's there in the "special offers and product promotions" section:

That said, amazon support is usually really good, and this guy seemed to be going off a script pretty hard. Hopefully it'll get sorted after the escalation.

edit: I looked again, and that's a wii u LP I linked. /u/Shini-tan is right. You're probably out of luck.

u/jessej421 · 1 pointr/wiiu

I don't know but Amazon has it brand new for $42 right now, which I think is how much GameStop charges for it used:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Wii U

u/c-rain · 1 pointr/smashbros

I know you want the bundle today, but amazon has it in stock at the moment and if you have prime you will get it in 2 days. Hope that helps!

u/Marioysikax · 1 pointr/wiiu

I remember Amazon had US version which had controller:

BUT EU version only reads "GameCube controller adapter included" and no image of controller or info of controller at front.

Reverse Google image search got me larger version of image and if you look close enough to right side it says "Nintendo GameCube Controller (sold seperately)"

I just hope they don't just do that and be like "it's 99€" :\

u/ArielVer18 · 1 pointr/smashbros

You better hurry. Amazon is also sold out

u/finaldestination__ · 1 pointr/smashbros
u/BubbleWrapGenocide · 1 pointr/wiiu

If you are in the United States, your best bet for a Pro Controller will be from Amazon:

I have one and it is fantastic, especially for Mario Krt 8.

Wii U Games you should consider getting that are out now:

u/ThatTomHall · 1 pointr/MarioMaker

Yeah, understandable. There is a Pro Controller that might feel more comfortable:

u/devosion · 1 pointr/wiiu

No. The only legit Pro Controllers have the Wii U logo on them. For example...

I know you might be inclined to purchase one of these knock-offs but I would highly recommend investing in a Nintendo Pro Controller. First of all it will be covered under Nintendo warranty, and you can always send it in if it needs to be fixed. And the authentic Pro Controller has an 80 hour battery life when fully charged. They are completely worth purchasing. Save your money and buy the real deal.

u/rabbiferret · 1 pointr/rva

ISO: Wii U Pro controller.

If you've got a (wireless) Wii U pro controller that's just gathering dust, I'd love to buy it and put it to good use with the new Zelda game I picked up over the weekend.

u/n0t_5hure · 1 pointr/RetroPie

FYI, the wireless Wii-U pro controllers will work with a Mayflash usb adapter. I mention this because I was all set to buy a USB controller when I learned that I could use wireless controllers that I already had.

u/Depsilon42 · 1 pointr/GameSale

I am looking to spend $25 for one, so a little too much for me.

Also Amazon sells these new for $40

u/MonochromeTyrant · 1 pointr/wiiu

They're "by Nintendo", which means Nintendo is the manufacturer. The controllers I'm seeing are either sold by Amazon or a third party vendor. This, for instance, is sold by a third party vendor, but it's an official Pro controller.

u/AliveThrouDeath · 0 pointsr/wiiu

This Energizer 3x Charge Station is pretty much amazing. I've had it as long as I've had my Wii U and haven't had any issues. It's also super convenient having one place to dock my Gamepad and Wiimotes.

u/Sureiyaa · 0 pointsr/xboxone

Oh yeah, because nobody liked Bayonetta. It was so horribly received. I mean, can you imagine if a major game reviewer gave the game only one of eight perfect scores in the entire history of the publication? What a travesty that would have been, huh?

u/anchelus · 0 pointsr/wiiu

Should get one of the Pro Controller

I have an external HDD for game that consumed a lot of storage such as Xenoblade Chronicles X

Also have USB to ethernet adapter if your wi-fi doesn't live up to expectation

You'll need GameCube Adapter if you want to play SSB4 with a bunch of people.

For games I think you should check the wiki

u/trendings · 0 pointsr/smashbros

They're selling the gamecube adapter for 22 bucks on canadian amazon:

u/iamphillip123 · 0 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I'd recommend buying the one made by Nintendo

u/SegataSanshiro · 0 pointsr/Games

Sounds like you paid in US dollars, which are not the world's only dollars.

u/p0rtugalvii · 0 pointsr/nintendo

While neither look optimal, and I'm getting neither, each version has their strengths and weaknesses.

In the HORI one, the turbo switch and button is an immediate turn off. Any controller with turbo is usually third-party trash and it makes less good players, better through manipulation and I don't like that. The overall build seems like it's a cheaper plastic that the standard ones.

In the PDP one, it is super glossy which looks strange. The C-stick is replaced with a second analog stick, which may be an improvement in some cases, so I don't know how I feel about that. The D-pad looks pretty terrible as well. It is a licensed third party manufacturer on these so, I don't know if that is good or bad.

Personally, I'm getting the Smash Bros WiiU bundle with a GC controller and 4 port adapter and I can use my GC controllers I still have or a Wavebird.

If you want a GC controller spoof for the classic controller like the HORI and PDP essentially are, you can get a Mayflash adapter and just plug any old GC controller into it. I have one and it works really well. Wouldn't recommend it for frame perfect reaction games like Smash, just like I wouldn't recommend a Wavebird either, but it works well.

u/IncognitoCactus · 0 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I personally use a USB to gamecube adapter like this one to play gamecube games, rather than just one controller.

u/AmadeusOrSo · 0 pointsr/smashbros

Absolutely nothing wrong with the Mayflash one, and it's five dollars cheaper.

u/Nickolaus · 0 pointsr/gaming

You can get unofficial ones. This one for example has pretty good reviews online.

u/Activehannes · 0 pointsr/nintendo

where is your "dollars"?

because it isnt a fullprice game in america as well.

60$ with a (15$) Amiiboo

u/AlternateButtonsShow · 0 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Use this: //

The Nintendo Switch ethernet Adapter. Plug it in and you'll be good to go.

u/nukeclears · -1 pointsr/pcmasterrace

It says no price.

Lowest current discounted price for the 32GB model is $299

Lowest price not discounted is $350

If you can link me better deals on a console with specs beaten by tablets, go ahead.

edit: here comes the nintendo fanboy downvote brigade.

u/grampipon · -1 pointsr/Games

How are they going to sell physical versions of the DLC without making you install content?

And no, it is 8GB. I am pretty sure I know how much memory I got on my bloody console, considering I bought it on launch. Why say wrong facts?

u/insidethesun · -1 pointsr/gaming

it is not $300, the cheapest is $459

u/iceman99393 · -1 pointsr/wiiu

Bayonetta 2 - Nintendo Wii U

Amazon will have this back in stock January 11th if you can stomach the price.

u/sn34kypete · -1 pointsr/Games
u/IdeaPowered · -1 pointsr/Games

It's a horrible practice and a stain on the Nintendo name.

It's like you can't criticize Nintendo, ever, for anything.

The figurines aren't worth the money alone to a lot of us. We don't want them. We don't want to decorate our houses with figurines.

They are junk that is tied to digital content and their games.

As I said to someone else:

Imagine Battlefront 3 doing the same thing. EA would get roasted alive. Good luck getting Han, Luke, or Vader figurines.

In the case of BoTW, it's armor sets and weapons. One of my biggest gripes for that game is the limited amount of "cool" weapons and armor sets.

The cost to get the digital content is pretty outrageous.

But, it's Nintendo, so it's OK.

That's right, $26 for one figure.

That's worth it? For the actual figurine? $26?

u/DanceDark · -1 pointsr/leagueoflegends

Not necessarily. It's hard to determine from just a single picture of a single item, but look at the symmetry and consistency of the item. It's more expensive than it seems for small plastic figures to have precision with really small amounts of error in placement and proportion. The plastic also seems at least decent quality; compare that to Nintendo's amiibos. The plastic, painting, the small shape chiseling, and consistency all look cheap, and this is almost $30. Granted it's more than just a figure, but you get the idea. Just because a figure is simple in design doesn't mean it's cheap. Nendoroids are really high quality figures with good consistency, detail, and plastic, but they're $30-50 bucks for a reason.

Bootlegs seem close at first glance, but their plastic quality, precision, and QA suffer because they're cheaper. It's really easy to tell a bootleg apart from the real thing, and they break quickly because of the plastic.

u/Caseyfam · -1 pointsr/nintendo

If you do end up ordering online, I suggest getting this Mayflash adapter instead since it works on both Wii U and PC (there's a little switch on the back that sets the mode).

I own both the Nintendo adapter and the Mayflash adapter. Literally the exact same thing (build quality is very similar as well) except the Mayflash adapter is typically cheaper and also works on PC. You can finagle with software to get the Nintendo one to work on PC, but the Mayflash one is recognized as native D-Input.

u/BookEight · -1 pointsr/splatoon

Wired connection can prevent this from happening, as much as is possible.

Amazon link .. Costs $27

u/bigbangtheoryfaceswa · -3 pointsr/wiiu


Up for pre-sale. 12.99 USD each. Tentative release date of end of 2014.

u/Robotick1 · -5 pointsr/smashbros
u/BlurtedNonsense · -6 pointsr/NintendoSwitch
u/KingAbsol · -15 pointsr/smashbros

If you wanna play optimally for when the game comes out, you should buy a Gamecube Controller adapter (this is a third party one, but it works better than the first party one.), and ofc a Gamecube controller to go with it . There are cheaper controllers, but they're all third party and not very good at all. The Gamecube controller is actually considered the only actual good controller to use for competitive , so you should buy these.