10-Pack Real Blue Weevil Beetle Eupholus linnei

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I am de-stashing some of the unmounted insects that i don’t think I’ll use anytime soon. If you’d be interested in them for modeling, parts, or to try to mount yourself, here’s your chance! “Unmounted” means that they are coming straight from my supplier. They have not been opened by me, so i have not done anything to spread out their legs, wings, or other parts. They are very fragile, so open these little individual packages with great care. This package includes ten specimens of Eupholus linnei from Indonesia. They are a member of the Weevil beetle family. Their natural color is a lovely turquoise-blue and black. They measure just under an inch tall. They are a2 Quality, which means that there could be small defects. This often means a foot or a leg has broken off, but the parts are usually in the package and can often be fixed with a little glue. However, these particular beetles look pretty good to me; all i see are a few broken toes. Get these at a great price for “second quality”. Easy to mount, and they look really cool with their wings spread out. To see how to open the wings yourself, see my beetle spreading tutorial here:

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