10 plus cups Loose dried LAVENDER Wedding flowers BULK

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Free shipping First Class!! 10 plus cups bulk dried lavender flowers bulk Lavender buds, lavander blooms buds Potpourri 10 plus cups of dried fragrant french Lavender blooms…this is a great sale Price!!! About 11 oz of wonderful dried lavender in bulk Don’t miss out! Lots of wonderful things you can do with these Fragrant lavender flowers…. This is top quality dried lavender buds grown in France. It smells wonderful (very fragrant)and is a lavender/blue color. This lavender would be perfect on display in a pretty bowl,or you can make your own lavender sachets or your own potpourri. Wonderful for the skin so you can use it to make your own lavender soap! You can also use it to make your own lavender dream pillows(great to help with insomnia) ,lavender eye pillows, lavender potpourri or your own lavender wedding favors, lavender sachets or for many other arts & crafts! Lavender is also listed many times in any of the Feng Shui books! Great as a bug repellent Lavender is the herb of love …Use it for a wonderful wedding toss (your guests will be impressed) or for making wedding favors/sachets …Get your handmade items done now!!!! Mix it with dried roses for a wonderful vintage romantic look! Great fragrance……..

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