100% cedar Handcraft furniture

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Hi guys!! I’m raising funds to expand my talent of making cedar furniture because talent that is not nurtured an perfected is a waste of talents and blessing with you guys help I would be able to purchase more cedar trees, purchase more sanding equipment, employ a few more people as well as get a building for making an storing of furniture, it would also be a great help because everything you see here is done by me, I have made a hand saw mill to get started and I also make my own rails for the beds as well, so everything is perfectly made from my hands,which requires a great deal of time an energy and money, with you guys help it would be a total blessing to me an a big burden off my shoulder to  be able to share my talents with others.all the furniture is lifetime furniture which means it can be passed down to many generations of your family without the ware an tare. I also have many copyright  headboard an footboard design to choose from i make,king,queen,Twin,chest,dressers, the more trees I can buy the more furniture I can produce for the world with you guys help.

Rite now I have no were to actually make the furniture, at this very present moment I’m making it in my very own back yard, with no help, with a sawmill I made by hand and a few tools that’s worn out. As you look at this video you will see some of the steps I’m taken at this present moment to make my dream a reality. Thanks an may the Lord through Jesus Christ bless you all as well, as we are being  a blessing to others.

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