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100% Natural Bamboo Knife Holder

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The elegant Moso Bamboo design adds a touch of natural beauty to your kitchen, while offering the strength and durability to safely store everything from bread to steak knives. Simply slide the blades into the specially designed knife organizer and they will be ready for use whenever you open the drawer!

Created with safety in mind, the knife block ensures that there are no protruding edges or pointed tips that could injure anybody when opening a drawer. All the blades can fit securely into the grooves, keeping them steady in place no matter how hard the drawer is closed.

The durable Moso Bamboo is specially used for the knife block as it is strong enough to last, while not dulling the edges of the blades. Its antibacterial and odor free properties help keep your knives clean and fresh for the next cut! Also eco- friendly and organic, the Bamboo is a great choice for those concerned about the environment.

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