100 Things to Do After Quarantine Scratch Poster

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Over the last few months we’ve all made solemn promises to ourselves – “I’ll never take my life for granted again, never waste a moment, once this is all over I’m going to really get out there and make the most of every single day.” But… We know that after a few weeks of “normality” we’ll slowly drift back into our old habits: getting up late, binge-watching Netflix shows, farting about on our phones for hours on end. We need something to keep up the momentum, keep us inspired – we all need… the 100 Things to Do After Quarantine Scratch Poster. Stick this up on your wall as a visual reminder, a checklist of fun and fulfilling activities for you to scratch your way through. Featuring 100 activities big and small – visit a film festival, take an art class, do something for a neighbour, go on a road trip. Just think how good you’ll feel when you’ve finished the lot!

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