1000% Bearbrick – 2001: A Space Odyssey Space Suit (Yellow)

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This is the 1000% Bearbrick -2001: a Space Odyssey Space Suit (Yellow)The 2001: a Space Odyssey Space Suit (Yellow) is the 2nd release of the Stanley Kubrick classic movie with Medicom Toys. This Bearbrick is based on Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi cult classic film, 2001: a Space Odyssey, comes this new 400% sized 11-inch tall (28 cm) Bearbrick set featuring the yellow space suit found in the film.the 1000% Bearbrick – 2001: a Space Odyssey Space Suit (Yellow)is a limited edition.specificationsartist Stanley KubrickSize 28″ – 70 cmproduced Limited EditionReleased 2019Label Medicom ToysMedium abs Plastic

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