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1027 AIRY Natural Air Purifier Pot

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AIRY´s contemporary design makes it not only a trendy accessory for your home or office, but also a healthy one.
What most of us don’t know is, that indoor air is frequently more polluted than outside. This is called the Toxic Home Syndrome. The air we breathe inside can contain up to 900 harmful chemicals (volatile organic compounds) or particles. The average person spends 90% of her time inside. Indoor air quality matters! This is where AIRY helps in a natural way. A NASA study published in 1989 identified the roots as the key to cleaner air. This is what AIRY does. Our patented pot increases the air flow past the roots of the plants by a factor of 8.

AIRY-System can neutralize about 75% of the most dangerous environmental toxins in a room of 200 sqf (roughly 50 cbm) in only 24 hours. What this means for you: a lot of fresh air!
At the same time, AIRY provides the plant with ideal conditions to grow. With AIRY, ANY plant will grow magnificently through ideal care. Compared to plants in ordinary pots, AIRY plants grow bigger and are much healthier.
AIRY is not a plant pot. AIRY is an air-cleaning system based on plants.
AIRY has a diameter of 11 inches and a height of 10.6 inches

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