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14 oz Hammered Stainless Steel Mug

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Alchemade is the premier manufacturer of the copper Moscow Mule cup, and due to popular demand, we are now making stainless steel mugs for the infamous Moscow Mule.

Although there is debate about the beginnings of the Moscow Mule, there is no debate about its lasting legacy. Some say the inventors
had a stroke of genius, while others claim it was simply created in an effort to go through a plentiful stash of both vodka and ginger beer
Whether it was a marketing effort or a stroke of luck, we’re convinced it was the mug that made the mule

• Measures 3.25″ high x 3.25″ wide, excluding the handle
• Handle is welded to the mug – NO tacky rivets!
• Seamless hygienic interior
• Uses 304 grade, 18/8″ stainless steel

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