1Y SHABBY LUSH MAUVE Pink Velvet Ribbon 1.5 Antique

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Sold by the yard, lovely top quality velvet ribbon, Made in France, all rayon with nice lower pile but melty feel with soft falle taffeta backside. There may be natural age patina to the yardage that varies from yard to yard so this one isn’t for everyone. The outer layer is especially faded so if you prefer that, let me know. Otherwise, the velvet under the top layers is more consistent with color but still with some patina. It’s warehouse aged over 75 years but it’s perfect for shabby cottage creations and projects. My velvets are 50 to 100 plus years old so they’re not perfect but may have crushing, fold lines, creases, patina or color fading from age and warehouse storage so please use the zoom and look at the photos to see if this ribbon is right for your project.

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