gopro performance stabilizer

2-in-1 Performance Image Stabilizer for Gopro Hero 3/4 & 5

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Ultra-high Stability
VILTA adopts the most advanced efficient motor control algorithm and servo control algorithms in the industry. It has extremely fast response speed and high control precision, which achieves an image stability exponentially higher than competitive products.

Two in One
Through the quick-release structure, the handheld gimbal can easily be transformed into a wear-type head. The bottom of the dome is equipped with a quick folding connection port, suitable for GoPro original accessories.

Auto calibration
Without complicated calibration procedures, VILTA applies its own patented adaptive sensor algorithm and intelligent calibration system.

Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS)
The gimbal base battery and handle battery are independent intelligent battery management systems. The Smart Battery System (SBS), can accurately manage the battery power and extend the battery life. This highly efficient dual battery system provides a long battery life of up to 8-9 hours.

User-Friendly APP-experience
The new interactive experience of the smart APP covers all the features from GoPro App. Through the App, users can pair GoPro with VILTA, preview the real-time footage, control and setting for camera and VILTA, download and share videos and photos, etc.

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