2 CHICKEN SADDLE APRONS hen feather protection from mating

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Please read before purchasing. this listing is for standard, bantam or silkie size hens, not large fowl. If you have large fowl you would want the wide and long “see my other items for sale. there are no returns so if you are unsure of the size you need please contact first. When you purchase just let me know if you need silkie or bantam or the standard size will be shipped. Welcome to Our Shop: Feather Fashion Diva’s Here’s our story: We started with a flock of 9 hens and 1 rooster. When our hens started losing feathers on their backs we investigated what we should/could do for our poor hen’s. We are two sisters that started with an idea in the kitchen and started sewing & selling from the kitchen counter. We now have a sewing room and over 200 hens with beautiful feathers. After 30,000 plus sales on other sites, our feedback speaks for our customer service and products. We have been making and selling this item since 2012. We recently have a patent pending for our unique design. We have an angled wing so that your hens are still able to fly and get air to their bodies during hot days where they still stay cool. These are two times the material with one side denim & the other side is a colorful pattern. You can even reverse them. Easy to put on by pulling elastic to one side to put a wing through and then do the same on the other side. Directions are included with your shipment. This listing is for 2 saddles for 11.50 total cost for both. They will be a random color/design. (if you give us some color choices, we will do our best for you to receive that color) We normally cannot do certain patterns because our stock fabric changes daily. This listing is for standard size hens or you can request to receive Bantam or Silkie (can even mix/match these sizes). if you are unsure of size, please contact before purchase. This product is to help protect your hen from your rooster mating with them and pulling out the feathers on her back. We also have other styles which you will be able to see in our shop. We carry: -Standard (covers back) -Deluxe (covers wings, shoulders and back) -Tail (covers back and tail pecking protection) -Ultra (covers shoulders, wings, back & tail) -Wide & Long (covers back for large/xl hens that need wider and longer coverage) -Heritage Turkey Saddles (covers back) -Heritage Turkey with Tail (covers back and tail feathers) -Rooster (for molting protection) We the “Sissys” appreciate you looking today and look forward to helping you protect your hens.

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