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3 Hammer Bastaaa Coat Hooks

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This set includes 3 hammer-shaped coat hangers. Designed by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba for Mogg, this set of 3 Bastaaa hangers offers a decidely unconventional dcor option. Fun anf playful, they will impress your guests as soon as they get through the front door. These coat hooks are made of ash wood with brass cast tips. These hammers are perfect to enrich a home where nothing is given for granted. Use them in any room of the house for a truly unexpected final effect! They can be positioned in your entrance area by the front door, in the living room as a decorative piece, in the kids’ room as an alternative to traditional decor pieces. In the corridor they will liven up your way to other rooms.

Mogg always creates unusual items for modern, young homes. The Bastaaa Hammers are one of the most successful Mogg creations. Very effective, they will add an industrial feel to any interior. With the Hammers Bastaaa any home will be enhanced in style and elegance. Fixed to the wall, these hammers appear to be floating in the air as a symbol of an industrial civilization. Use these hammers to decorate your home in a way that will stand out for its unprecedented style. This dcor solution is especially suited for all those who like to think out of the box and love to express their personality in everything they do, wear or say. Let your home speak for you about your style and character – and if you are a true carpenter at heart, let this show even from your coat hooks! Your friends and family will be in awe of your interior dcor. You can also browse other items by Mogg online on LOVEThESIGN.

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